Game Theory: The TRUTH About Minecraft's World!

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4 år siden

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The PLANET is NOT FLAT, and neither is Minecraft's! That's right, this world of cubes, is not actually a cube itself. And we theorists are proving it the only way we know how, with the use of science. But how can I be so sure without the ability to zoom out and see the planet as a whole? Well, the answer is as simple as taking a leap. No, not a leap of faith! - just a really high jump.
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Philipp Eamon
Philipp Eamon 18 timer siden
Play-dough and Ari's Toddler
Zach Burkhart
Zach Burkhart 2 dager siden
old yt videos are the best time capsules
Falkon Boy
Falkon Boy 2 dager siden
Haha he thout 2016 was hard bit he was not prepared for 2020
XINYI FANG 3 dager siden
Hold on earth can be a cube because well the core would be a cube as well
JoJo Ro
JoJo Ro 3 dager siden
Okay I believe you but what about the flat plain of void under the bedrock?
Huslenbayar Gaming
Huslenbayar Gaming 3 dager siden
Im the smart guy
Huslenbayar Gaming
Huslenbayar Gaming 3 dager siden
Imagine watching this at 2020 but im doing this right now at 2020 lol if you do that like me your a legend
Ahmed Elazazy
Ahmed Elazazy 3 dager siden
but if u went creative and broke bedrock it will be flat explain this or u cant
Nicolas Inguanti
Nicolas Inguanti 4 dager siden
9:37 Me: there’s nothing funny here, he’s just talking about gasses and stuff My brain: Minecraft’s world... PA PO PE PO PABADO PA PA PA PA PABADI PA PO PE PO
Lovekittys123 5 dager siden
bro Minecraft's world has a world border and it's only one side of the world
VASTNINJA_BG 5 dager siden
This is a fake I think because in minecraft only sand and gravel workes as gravity but not all blocks so I think this is fake and a player has gravity sooo I think his is wrong .
M Anderson
M Anderson 5 dager siden
2016 Zika virus: I am so powerful 2020 Covid 19: Zika, ha, week
poperaymond 5 dager siden
Oh you thought 2016 was bad?
Luis Petersen
Luis Petersen 6 dager siden
Now, I'm not saying that Minecraft is flat. Heck, I don't even care if it's round. I just like to play the game don't bother with those questions. I only watch this video because it's interesting. But I think you just created a paradox. The math and science may say, that the Minecraft world is round, but still, the Bedrock is consistently going in a flat line. Meaning that while the Science says round, the game says flat.
Luis Petersen
Luis Petersen 6 dager siden
1:40 can someone gice me the name of the lady?
crezy dmitri studios
crezy dmitri studios 6 dager siden
The earth is roud
Techno Rulez
Techno Rulez 6 dager siden
Well what is the centre of the cuboid is actually a cube instead of a point?
Flory Kraper
Flory Kraper 7 dager siden
Finally someone not blaming Minecraft for it being blocks! Thank you! What a beautiful Saying and Explains for Minecraft!
the icecream spy
the icecream spy 8 dager siden
Jaxon Skaggs Home
Jaxon Skaggs Home 9 dager siden
MatPat: 2016 is a rough year Me: the heck do you mean
Brian's Studio
Brian's Studio 9 dager siden
haha what an ameatur 2016 was
Lily Hartle
Lily Hartle 9 dager siden
Flat does not mean cube... just saying
Autumn Rhodes
Autumn Rhodes 9 dager siden
Hearing this intro when you decide to binge watch all the minecraft episodes in quarantine pt. 2 in 2020 😬
gaming cat
gaming cat 10 dager siden
it’s a fictional Blockygame
Nothing Important
Nothing Important 11 dager siden
They haven’t meet 2020 yet
Ender!Sans Recentes
Ender!Sans Recentes 12 dager siden
Matpat: BOX - BLOCKS Me: *laughing to death*
Stelios_Gaming 12 dager siden
Minecraft is not flat
Luke Mest
Luke Mest 12 dager siden
"Its not only the force, it's also the angle"
Talking Adurb
Talking Adurb 12 dager siden
what if the atmoshere is a square too
Josh McClung
Josh McClung 12 dager siden
If you go to creative mode and dig all the way through the earth you will come out the bottom which could only happen on a flat earth also the fact that you see the world from afar and see that the Minecraft world is flat without the clouds blocking your way
random person
random person 13 dager siden
Why people make this corona meme its in the past
I love to eat chaddy cheddars
I love to eat chaddy cheddars 14 dager siden
Ha u think 2016 is hard Y don't u come visit 2020
Channel Malakai
Channel Malakai 14 dager siden
1:03 oh matpat... *IT ONLY JUST BEGUN*
SJ278 14 dager siden
11:32 i acualy air high fived him as a sarcastic joke there.
Silver 15 dager siden
“Old issues come back worse than ever” Coronavirus: you know the rules and so do I
JAN MARC PAUYA 15 dager siden
2016: worst year evaaaaa 2020: lmao
zavico Yes
zavico Yes 15 dager siden
me watchimg this in 2020 hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Sue Oliveri
Sue Oliveri 16 dager siden
Matpat:2016 was a bad year..... 2020:allow me to introduce myself
Mark Minmin
Mark Minmin 16 dager siden
Who else remembers the farlands tho 👀
Wolfa 16 dager siden
But there's no core when we dig straight down...
Rei Caixa
Rei Caixa 16 dager siden
Second time this month I hear you say Gravity is a Force..
BigJMC9 17 dager siden
But gravity doesn’t work properly in Minecraft
Red Whines
Red Whines 17 dager siden
1:03 oh no Mat pat no you don’t even know pain yet
Kirby Star
Kirby Star 18 dager siden
in the end credits of minecraft it says that the world is flat so this theory get disproved by the devs i guess
Mildly Infuriated
Mildly Infuriated 18 dager siden
but at the same time, normal gravity and physics isn't the same as Minecraft gravity and physics, for example how most blocks can levitate, how water can be infinitely generated, etc
Randumb Master
Randumb Master 18 dager siden
what if you fall out of the world? You can see that it's flat, not a cube, just a flat world. But it's weird how you can fall out of the world when your out of the world already and that even under the world it will still be day/night, depends on when you fall. Or maybe it's just a game, anything is possible ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Random thought: *Is it possible for somebody who plays among us a lot to always to be able to get it first try swiping cards in admin..* Correction, almost anything is possible in games.
TheEnder 18 dager siden
Matpat: “I’m gonna be single for life” Matpat in 2020: “Has a child.”
Bingus Bongus
Bingus Bongus 19 dager siden
"This year has been a rough one" *_Oh boy! you just wait_*
Jeffrey Stone
Jeffrey Stone 19 dager siden
Look at this guy in 2016 complaining about the state of the world 😂😂😂
656 oisk
656 oisk 20 dager siden
you are awsome
Adam Wiest
Adam Wiest 20 dager siden
What about a dodecahedron
Adam Wiest
Adam Wiest 20 dager siden
No circles in Minecraft🤣
leonardo seepaulsingh
leonardo seepaulsingh 20 dager siden
imagine mojang really sees this and updates it to suit a squared planet cuz I would like to see a red sky in the day
Muhammad Faaiz
Muhammad Faaiz 21 dag siden
Jaisk 21 dag siden
Matpat: 2016 has admittedly been a rough one Me watching this in 2020: 0_0
Lubby Culs
Lubby Culs 21 dag siden
5:31 *Matpat was an Imposter*
skaryzgik 22 dager siden
These gravity equations, and the implications we're deriving from them, would still depend on distance working the same way as in our world. But does it? For example, does light brightness taper off the same in all directions, in a circle, from its source? If not, then we already have signs that distance doesn't quite behave the same way as we might expect. If the equation for light brightness is different, things like gravity might also work differently. And I'm not sure there's a straightforward coordinate remapping between them either, since I don't think running speed works in the kind of squarish way we might expect from the light brightness. I don't know what equations *would* be right, but I think there is enough evidence to show that we cannot rely on equations from our world transferring so easily to the minecraft world. I suspect that in order to account for all of the observations we could make, we would find that the physics works substantially differently, and not just the distances.
Ragib mahfuz
Ragib mahfuz 22 dager siden
you do realize that flat earthers wont pay attentions to gravity right?
adam naples
adam naples 22 dager siden
Did you know that Minecraft was Flat
Andor Mák
Andor Mák 22 dager siden
Game Theory talking about diseases and being torn apart: Me: Sorry, for a moment. CAN YOU SEE THE FUTURE???
Hritik Agarwal
Hritik Agarwal 22 dager siden
i stopped watching cosmos after watching this
Amber Simpson
Amber Simpson 22 dager siden
Poor pastpat we had no idea 🤣
Loic Lejeune
Loic Lejeune 22 dager siden
"2016 has been a rough year" me in 2020: oh, just wait...
Jessica Stevenson
Jessica Stevenson 22 dager siden
Comment from 2020, the opening about 2016 being rough makes me laugh more than any joke in the whole video
Andrew S
Andrew S 22 dager siden
the minecraft world doesn't necessarily take place on earth, or in the same universe as this one, so it doesn't need to use standard gravtiational rules, it could easily be one face of the cube accelerating through space or something.
DemHamster 23 dager siden
Minecraft isnt infinite
Ayuzawa Yukina
Ayuzawa Yukina 23 dager siden
He Actually Studied good.
Ayuzawa Yukina
Ayuzawa Yukina 23 dager siden
Oooooohhh Zika Virus Meet Corona Virus
sakurafan771 23 dager siden
Meanwhile in another universe: "The Earth is Flat." Oh, wait...
JakeyDude 23 dager siden
Dude it's a game
Johan Herrera
Johan Herrera 23 dager siden
alex wolf
alex wolf 24 dager siden
The Minecraft World is the center of the Universe.. We are out there everywhere
Colton Mims
Colton Mims 24 dager siden
If you think about it. A “cubed” world is just a sphere with really specific mountains
Oams 24 dager siden
Dude there is no scıence or phısıcs ın mınecraft there ıs flyıng ıslands on mınecraft stop usıng scıence for explaın the mınecrafts world
Oams 24 dager siden
yumy cake28
yumy cake28 24 dager siden
People in 2016 this year is broken People 2020 yeah you're troling
Toy Devastation
Toy Devastation 24 dager siden
Who’s watching this in the doom year 2020
Emmet Shaner
Emmet Shaner 25 dager siden
We Out
Gamer Vanguard Party
Gamer Vanguard Party 25 dager siden
If you consider that the nether exist below the surface, and that 1 block in the nether = 8 blocks in the overworld, you come to two theories: either the surface below exists in a compacted spatial dimension or (more likely) the world is round and this is the result of being significantly closer to the core of the planet. Side note: the world appears flat because it is infinitely large. An infinitely large curve seems flat at any position on the surface
Gamer Vanguard Party
Gamer Vanguard Party 25 dager siden
Specifically, if you do the trivial calculation, you'll find that the nether is located 1/8 the total radius to the surface. Ie you're 8 times closer to the planet core. Keep in mind this is 1/8 of an infinite radius, but you get the idea
Doggo Playz
Doggo Playz 26 dager siden
i legit clicked out cuz i can,t support all the dum flat earthers
The Nerd of Things
The Nerd of Things 26 dager siden
Is nobody gonna mention how on a sphere you can walk back around to where you started, but you can't do so in minecraft????
Yandie Dawkins
Yandie Dawkins 26 dager siden
The earth is circle and the earth spins if it was flat it would not spin this the centetice the earth is creating by spinning then it if the earth was flat there will be no centric energy to save us
Gremlin Minion
Gremlin Minion 27 dager siden
youtube should have a setting where you can see both how many subs they have now and how many subs they have when the video is posted
Ndniably Vast
Ndniably Vast 28 dager siden
They had no idea what 2020 would bring
Luca Ferriolo
Luca Ferriolo 29 dager siden
Lol past matpat you should see 2020
Hurricane 29 dager siden
Going back and watching these videos I have one question, if the Earth is round in Minecraft cus of gravitation, why isn’t the sun and moon a sphere then?
Hurricane 29 dager siden
(In Minecraft they are)
Devon Adamson
Devon Adamson Måned siden
Hollow planet? why is there a giant void under Planet Minecraft?
isra shpuza
isra shpuza Måned siden
People who are watching this in 2020👁️👄👁️🤳
D&D Lover
D&D Lover Måned siden
2016: I was really bad! 2020: hah that’s cute
Super Mario
Super Mario Måned siden
I will send all Americans to equilibrium
hoshana nasir
hoshana nasir Måned siden
ElectroGamer732 Måned siden
Uh, MatPat, every single Minecrafter knows that the thing you call “gravity” is just the wither pulling our feet ever closer to his domain. Look it up. Please don’t hurt me this is joke ;-; it’s obviously the zombie piglins
jevil boi
jevil boi Måned siden
Dude why u say badwords its 2021 not 2020.oh wait this was a long time ago well nvm about that
باران امانی
باران امانی Måned siden
If the world is round, why do you fall into the void if you dig too far down?
MasterPigg Måned siden
2016 "well this has been a rough year..."
Mr.H_A Måned siden
“2016 was a rough year” Me: laughs in 2020
90Legos Måned siden
So basically the sun and moon in Minecraft are like planets IRL
WHAMEL Channel
WHAMEL Channel Måned siden
My favorite flat earther video is when the guy tries to prove the Earth is flat and accidentally proves that it's round.
Roderick Pixler
Roderick Pixler Måned siden
If you want to prove to a flat earther that the earth is round you have up simplify it a lot, the fleet earth theory stems from people thinking that intelligent people wanting to keep their knowledge exclusive
Ambrose Killpack
Ambrose Killpack Måned siden
The sphere is the only shape where it is possible for you to be roughly the same distance away from the earth's core you say. Actually not so, look up the reuleaux triangle dude. It is another shape where the distance from it's core would be the same no matter where you are on it's surface. We know this because it rolls perfectly. Not saying the earth is the shape of a reuleaux triange, just saying that a sphere is infact NOT the only shape where the distance to it's core is the same no matter where you are on it's surface.
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