Game Theory: How Zelda Breath of the Wild SOLVES The Zelda Timeline!

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The Game Theorists

3 år siden

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THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: BREATH OF THE WILD is a stellar addition to the series. But ever since its release, Breath of the Wild has plagued fans with one big question - where does this fit into the Zelda Timeline? Well, after hours of gameplay (followed by even more hours of research), I have solved the puzzle! And Breath of the Wild may reveal more about Nintendo's Zelda timeline than we could ever imagine.
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The Game Theorists
The Game Theorists 3 år siden
Ladies and gentlemen, you may have to adjust the color of your is definitely a yellow strap! Haha...I didn't realize it would be so controversial. Pull up the Wiki shot of it and it's pretty obvious. (You can also judge based on the brown underpieces that Link wears as a part of that outfit as well, plus the little laces in front at his neck...the hat to me was the most obvious, though) Also, just to clarify: A lot of people are saying "It's obvious it's Fallen Hero because Link wakes up in a Reincarnation Chamber." Technically, you can't use that as evidence here because the "Hero is Defeated" division is specifically related to Link losing at the end of Ocarina of Time against Ganon, NOT the battles described in BOTW. Lastly, a lot of people are mentioning the appearance of the "Mirror of Twilight" in the form of the "Fragmented Monument." And that's a really good point, however, if you look at the "Fragmented Monument" in BOTW, its design is pretty strongly different from the Mirror, in particular the writing in an ancient language around the rim of the circle. Could the timelines have united and this is at the end of them? That's actually what I was hoping for as I researched! Sadly, I just didn't feel like there was enough evidence to support that. When I stopped to look at all the evidence together as well as how Eiji Aonuma was talking about this game leading up to its launch, it felt like the team INTENDED this to be a return to that first timeline while making nods to the other games.
Dantendo 16 dager siden
Marco Alvarez
Marco Alvarez Måned siden
Nic Aleman
Nic Aleman 2 måneder siden
I PLAY AND WILL 100% IT ON THE WII U! and the get it on switch and do the same thing
Mastered Ultra Instinct Lucario
Mastered Ultra Instinct Lucario 2 måneder siden
Why did you use a map from Termina, a completely separate location.
Ragemuffin 2 måneder siden
I love the theory, the strap is so not yellow, it’s incredibly green, theory is probably right regardless, great theory.
Floyd Brown
Floyd Brown 6 timer siden
I was taken aback by the sexual innuendo immediately followed by child Zelda winking... das a lil weird
Keegan The Vegan
Keegan The Vegan 2 dager siden
Wait until he sees that ganondorf is in botw 2
zaney 21
zaney 21 4 dager siden
2021 info Gannons human I guess so I think it's in the child timeline
doggodiggin 6 dager siden
he lost again
Isaac McConeghey
Isaac McConeghey 7 dager siden
Haha the trailer for botw2! “No gerudo form” he said “he won’t reincarnate “ he said.
Nether Queen
Nether Queen 9 dager siden
I hate how a fifth of this video is obsolete because of a singe trailer
Lucian Coclea
Lucian Coclea 12 dager siden
dude its talking about syward sword bc thats when they floded hyrule
Lucian Coclea
Lucian Coclea 12 dager siden
why just why is that at 0:11 ?
William Roberts
William Roberts 13 dager siden
TruBluLew 15 dager siden
This is super late but it also makes sense that BotW is at the end of the Failed Hero Timeline due to the events of LoZ II: The Adventure of Link. In that game, Zelda is the one who is slumbering and needed to be awoken. It makes sense that "Zelda" wanted to help and call on "Link" all that much more this time when he was the one that was put into a deep slumber.
יהונתן קליינר
יהונתן קליינר 16 dager siden
for some reason I hadn't played BOTW yet even though I have a switch for a year and a half and I think it will be a very fun game. I think it's because I thought that BOTW 2 will be almost the same as BOTW but better for some reason and because every time I'm planning to buy a new game for the switch I want to buy a game that I am planning to buy for a pretty long time and it's never BOTW, but I think I'm going to buy BOTW this week and I'm very excited🙂
Timothy steyn
Timothy steyn 16 dager siden
It’s linked
Timothy steyn
Timothy steyn 16 dager siden
I’ve got a theory Link + future + bunnies + ganon reincarnation + demons = Doom
Ultra Zombie 501
Ultra Zombie 501 19 dager siden
13:08 u do realise the hero of legend (the link from tloz lttp) is the same person as the link from the oracle games and links awakening
carminesantini 20 dager siden
wha wha wha wha wah wha wah wha wha
luis ivan fuentes martinez
luis ivan fuentes martinez 21 dag siden
I swear if Nintendo doesn't make an ending for each timeline I'm sueing them
gxne 22 dager siden
"Take a look at hyrule's map throughout the games" *shows majora's mask*
Amber lovelace
Amber lovelace 23 dager siden
i am playing botw right now and waching this
KataSwing 25 dager siden
love the old spice reference lol
Eli Richards
Eli Richards 28 dager siden
but since link died in legend of zelda breath of the wild and had to be ressurected isnt it obvious that it falls in the fallen hero timeline???
꧁As᭄link꧂ link
꧁As᭄link꧂ link Måned siden
Link never die probly
Sam Gamer
Sam Gamer Måned siden
Also in the defeated hero timeline you get the master sword from the lost woods and there is no other timeline with getting master sword from lost woods
Da Funnybros
Da Funnybros Måned siden
Plot twist: Age of calamity comes out
31IJ4H J053PH
31IJ4H J053PH Måned siden
the campions tunic is a lot like the tunic from tp just blue
Echt0 Måned siden
Isn’t BOTW Link a failed attempt to seal Ganon tho? That on its own puts it at the defeated timeline.
ModelsAtWar Måned siden
The ocarina of time map actually lines up really well, the shrine of resurrection and the great plateau were somehow dropped where lake hylia used to be. And flooded all around. (Just even studying the geology and water flows around great plateau, you can tell it didn’t belong there originally)
The Yiga Gamer
The Yiga Gamer Måned siden
Zelda 2 Adventure of Link Game over 2:52
DiamondNose Måned siden
link is not dead tho
Kurt Heinen
Kurt Heinen Måned siden
11:40 ganon was actually revived twice in the child timeline, after Majora's mask, ganondorf was executed. So how do you appear in twilight princesses without reviving if you're already dead?
Ariel Diaz
Ariel Diaz Måned siden
that is not yellow that is bright green
Midnight Productions
Midnight Productions Måned siden
That goddamn bootleg old spice commercial floored me. Well done MatPat. Well done.
TD Måned siden
Everything I have to say its clap clap.
Henrik Rossow
Henrik Rossow Måned siden
Matpat is wrong its in the child era because hyrule warriors is in the child era witch was before breath of the wild
Wolf_ Thing
Wolf_ Thing Måned siden
insanity gaming
insanity gaming Måned siden
Uuuhhhh hey matpat urbosa said that ganon turned into a gerudo so theres a problem.
Anonymous Listener
Anonymous Listener Måned siden
Me who played botw on a wii u:💀
Ethan Brean
Ethan Brean Måned siden
1:13 or get it on wii u
Aiden the gamen
Aiden the gamen Måned siden
So, what? Link got “killed” in ocarina for 100 years?
Eliu Sosa
Eliu Sosa Måned siden
If I was link I would be like 5 more minutes
oisin golden
oisin golden Måned siden
you are wrong breath of the wild reconnects the three time lines to one
Mentendo Power
Mentendo Power Måned siden
Pretty sure BoTW is a convergence of all the timelines, and this ignores the shattered mirror of twilight you can find in the game... but I'm sure people have already said as much.
Lana Måned siden
so the hero was defated not once but TWICE
Jeremy_Gacha Måned siden
what if botw is at the end of all timelines
JoJo Reference
JoJo Reference Måned siden
Possibly but then they could MADE IN HEAVENO everything and the universe restarts
Mediocre weeb
Mediocre weeb Måned siden
he was talking about the stripes and I was looking at the sleeves
Jorge Loy
Jorge Loy Måned siden
What about the Darmanis statue in Gordon city ?? That's from child timeline and not even hyrule so how does that tie down to this timeline ??
Ilhan Khasimuddin
Ilhan Khasimuddin Måned siden
I have switch but this game
Mo Måned siden
5:30 can someone tell me what that song is. I can’t find it.
Kiri Anne
Kiri Anne Måned siden
9:07 Spectacle Rock is also in Windwaker.
Jim Bothy
Jim Bothy 2 måneder siden
give me the sequel matpat
Naruto 2 måneder siden
But in one of the missions it mentions skyward sword and it wasn't zelda that said it
Logan M
Logan M 2 måneder siden
Skyward is consistent across all timelines.
Naruto 2 måneder siden
It was a little girl
PlayMakerVey 2 måneder siden
Man this video did not age well
The Snatcher
The Snatcher Måned siden
It was a horrible theory even before Botw2 came out.
Jason Wang
Jason Wang 2 måneder siden
i finished everything in BOTW except all the 900 korok seeds :/ (yes i did all shrines + sidequests + quests and more)
Jason Wang
Jason Wang 2 måneder siden
@Logan M ty, it took me a long long time though lol
Logan M
Logan M 2 måneder siden
@Jason Wang 👏👏👏👏👏
Jason Wang
Jason Wang 2 måneder siden
@Logan M and all pictures and all DLC stuff
Jason Wang
Jason Wang 2 måneder siden
@Logan M yes, and the amiibo armor to
Logan M
Logan M 2 måneder siden
Did you upgrade all the armor.
Alyssa 2 måneder siden
Why is link smiling
chelmsford 2016
chelmsford 2016 2 måneder siden
Many fans believe that evolution in the Zelda world works of balance rather than function (like Darwinian Evolution). Those the Zora evolved because the flooded world offered too much advantage and power to them.
Isaiah Dahler
Isaiah Dahler 2 måneder siden
Theory now: A) It is so far in the future the games repeat themselves. B) At some point when they seal the calamity away, it happens across all timelines. C) An unknown game where they all merge before the calamity even exists.
ジョルノジョバーナ 2 måneder siden
Matpat: and what color is the hat in botw? Me:gre- Matpat: that’s right yellow Me: am I colorblind
JamesGranolaBar Is Here!
JamesGranolaBar Is Here! 2 måneder siden
The King Of Smash
The King Of Smash 2 måneder siden
14:26 dont worry the CDI games arent canon. plus those games were very poorly developed. But also consider that breath of the wild could take place after the child timeline and the fallen hero timeline at the same time.
just your local anime waifu
just your local anime waifu 2 måneder siden
This video came out to exactly 15 minutes. Beautiful
just your local anime waifu
just your local anime waifu 2 måneder siden
Go go hyrule champions
Origami Ahsoka
Origami Ahsoka 2 måneder siden
“Go go hyrule champions!” I’m dying lmao, it fits Age of calamity so well
The Phoenix 3000
The Phoenix 3000 2 måneder siden
Though it looks like a yellow stripe, it has a lot of green in it too(i mean the stripe, not the hat) and i think it looks pretty similar to the one from twilight, though that could also just result of the animation being at a similar level, so i dunno
Mo 2 måneder siden
5:33 what is that song
Draco Dragon
Draco Dragon 2 måneder siden
To avoid predators that’s why
yu gi oh fan
yu gi oh fan 2 måneder siden
jhoan melo
jhoan melo 2 måneder siden
WTF i didnt play BOTW and i hace a switch
Nerd 2 måneder siden
matpat realizing there was another timeline created in age of calamity
Teddybear Games
Teddybear Games 2 måneder siden
That strap is more green than yellow
the hero of rhyme
the hero of rhyme 2 måneder siden
I truly believe after watching this that it could be that breath of the wild is a paradox between all the timelines coming back to one after ocarina of time. There's places scattered all across hyrule in breath of the wild that resemble from past games from all three timeliness. But its just a theory...a game theory. Thanks for reading
Franklin Falco
Franklin Falco 2 måneder siden
Link gets a magic smartphone in breath of the wild.
Franklin Falco
Franklin Falco 2 måneder siden
While it may seem like every zelda game takes place in a different universe, they actually take place in the same universe in different timelines.* Except for the CDI games and cartoon, of course, which obviously took place in link's dreams when he was in the rebirth chamber and can be safely ignored.
Joanna Chittock
Joanna Chittock 2 måneder siden
zelda is undertale
Zachary McBride
Zachary McBride 2 måneder siden
I know this is but one comment in the sea but.... HEAR ME IF YOU WILL! There is another theory suitable to unify all the evidence involved. After Nintendo milks botw as much as it can, to revitalize the franchise they are keeping what I think of as 'the inverse ocarina of time'. They have a proven concept with the 'inverse link to the past' with link between worlds... They even used the same devices in the title! They will one day make a Zelda in which all three of those timelines will become unified.
Travis Yang
Travis Yang 2 måneder siden
um botw 2 trailer sorta showed ganondorf but this was before that so whatever
Franklin Falco
Franklin Falco 3 måneder siden
Lamp oil? Rope? Bombs? You want it? It's yours, my friend. As long as you have enough theories.
Franklin Falco
Franklin Falco 3 måneder siden
Sorry, matpat. I can't give credit. Come back when you're a little...mmm...smarter.
Franklin Falco
Franklin Falco 3 måneder siden
Ordering soup or salad at a restaurant can mean the difference between a peaceful timeline and a robot apocalypse. Hpwever, it does give me an idea for both a real life venture and a rick and morty episode: multiverse mining. Think about it. If a new universe is created every time a choice is made, then we can keep copying the universe and then mine the extra resources.
Franklin Falco
Franklin Falco 3 måneder siden
Seriously, though. I don't know if a new universe being created after every choice is really a thing. It might violate the laws of thermodynamics for a universe to appear out of nowhere.
Ethan Hashman
Ethan Hashman 3 måneder siden
You may have helped me figure my suspension about which timeline this game belongs to
Jadduck 3 måneder siden
The irony of this video is that with the reveal trailer of BOTW 2 this video deconstructs the hypothesis that BOTW takes place in the "failed hero" time line, since we know that all along Calamity Ganon was just Ganondorf's puppet, proving that it's impossible for it to take place in the "failed hero" timeline since Ganon abandoned his Gerudo form forever. It can only fit in the "Hero disappeared" or "Hero succeeded" timeline, and there's more evidence (simply because of the Koroks) that it takes place in the "Hero disappeared" timeline.
Dana Miller
Dana Miller 3 måneder siden
So if he’s in the failed timeline then are the 6 sages are kinda like mipha and Daruk and urbosea and revali
REANU KEEVES 3 måneder siden
Well not wrong but still wrong
Anthony Wright
Anthony Wright 3 måneder siden
He forgot about the hylian bridge only found in twilight princess and botw. As well as the master sword beam ability found in the original LOZ. However in DLC (which is tough to justify cause dlc) the majoras mask. Could very well be a nod i know. But it is indeed now in the game
bombek bomba
bombek bomba 3 måneder siden
In my language fokka is a seel but with one k
Van Garnham
Van Garnham 3 måneder siden
I’m watching this while finishing a shrine
Samwise Fieri
Samwise Fieri 3 måneder siden
I always believed it was the great convergence of the three timelines. Idk, could be completely wrong.
Jamie C
Jamie C 3 måneder siden
12:57 I thought you were talking about the brown sleeves
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki 3 måneder siden
The answer is that botw is the end when everything comes together
Spab Family
Spab Family 3 måneder siden
The sleepover joke didn’t she well in 2020/2021
Declan Kradel
Declan Kradel 3 måneder siden
until... BOTW 2 :0
Roy The DestRoyer
Roy The DestRoyer 3 måneder siden
That gerudo matpat clothes looking hot tho
Jonathan Taylor
Jonathan Taylor 3 måneder siden
is it just me or is his hat just a lighter shade of green and not yellow... 13:19
John Violette
John Violette 3 måneder siden
I had 2 save files of breath of the wild and couldn’t find dungeon 3. Which means no paraglider. And no game.
Robbie 3 måneder siden
This aged poorly
3Dpyro 3 måneder siden
Its a grean strype tho
kirroyal32 3 måneder siden
I still want to know why he mentioned john titor. it makes no sense!!!!
Pika Jr.
Pika Jr. 3 måneder siden
Everyone: BOTW2 has Gannondorf so u wrong haha Me: He was Gannondorf once in the fallen timeline so possible he could be him again.
Nicole Torres
Nicole Torres 3 måneder siden
1:25 I always knew you were a time traveler
TelephotoDoor 3 måneder siden
well thanks to the sequel trailer we know that ganondorf exists, and as we also know ganondorf does not exist in the fallen timeline so
Floating F
Floating F 3 måneder siden
1:24 Game Theory had an anti-pirarcy screen before it was cool.
Zev Feitelson
Zev Feitelson 3 måneder siden
Why does he use the shitty Europe box art for the game? Link is supposed to be looking out to the great beyond not looking back to the camera
Franklin Falco
Franklin Falco 3 måneder siden
Link, you must find the matriarch of the Fokka tribe: the Mother Fokka.
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