Game Theory: We Were Right ALL ALONG! (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)

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2 år siden

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FNAF Ultimate Custom Night confirmed what we've said since the beginning. Today Theorists, it all comes full circle. Who is Golden Freddy? What is the POINT of Ultimate Custom Night? This is what the story has been leading to ALL ALONG and I am here to explain it all!
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AWESOME SAUCE YT 38 minutter siden
4:45 if you value capitalization than why is that e capitalized 🤔 🧐 🤨 😂
drachma 10 timer siden
BAALOFFICIAL 20 timer siden
I think that it’s more purgatory than hell
Rad Reggie
Rad Reggie 20 timer siden
Hmmm does it end though???
Amber Dolence
Amber Dolence 20 timer siden
Mike is not the crying chiled Chris is rember the bite of 87
Blocky Productions
Blocky Productions 3 timer siden
It’s the bite of 83.
Bubbly Bubbly
Bubbly Bubbly Dag siden
U r a Yandere at the beginning lol
elomahnemisjaff jeeef
elomahnemisjaff jeeef Dag siden
Ummm if purple guy is burning in heck in ucn. Why is springtrap and scraptrap attacking purple guy
super freddy adventures
super freddy adventures Dag siden
Your matpatt?
luis iscool
luis iscool Dag siden
4:56 he said the he double heck word.
luis iscool
luis iscool Dag siden
good intro
Agent Boudi
Agent Boudi Dag siden
Then why can we beat the game and survive ????
Silent Gaming
Silent Gaming Dag siden
who else new it automatically as soon as you heard "The one u should not have killed"
Once upon a time I was playing UCN and when I put down my tablet cam thing I see the hair of the one u shouldn't have killed P.S. it freaked me out
Joseph Pomele
Joseph Pomele Dag siden
The Last 8 min is very deep and Depressing.
Joseph Pomele
Joseph Pomele Dag siden
@Elodie Philips That's my Line Buddy
Elodie Philips
Elodie Philips Dag siden
That's rough buddy.
Mars2TheMoon Dag siden
cant believe this theory was two years ago lmao
Spycrab Dag siden
screaming to a fan version 2.0
Minty Fresh
Minty Fresh Dag siden
William Afton: Put in an Infinite death loop Diavolo: X Same
Gaming ninja Games
Gaming ninja Games 2 dager siden
Matpat:the end of fanf SCOT:Lol here’s a new fanf game Find the lour but here’s a new game
Warrick Nolan
Warrick Nolan 2 dager siden
RNG jumpscares scotty go rosted.
commpi stoned
commpi stoned 2 dager siden
To be honest, "you wanted to let me in" sounds a bit... kinky...
ultimate gamer 3000
ultimate gamer 3000 2 dager siden
i am the storm that is approaching!
Jacob Ponce
Jacob Ponce 2 dager siden
Final game? Heh heh
Misc. exe
Misc. exe 2 dager siden
Mat: Ucn is the final fnaf game Scott *laughs in vr and security breach development*
Your Mom
Your Mom 3 dager siden
I remember this coming out, HOW IS THIS 2 YEARS OLD
Asher Mckinley
Asher Mckinley 3 dager siden
Everybody gangsta until Matpat uses the merch as clues
Willie Andino
Willie Andino 3 dager siden
No its Michael he is the one in sister location the one that got robotic parts put inside of him making hes skin purple also he tries to undo all the things William did but sense he’s skin is purple the animatronics think he is William and William is angry Michael is trying to undo everything there for William is killing hes son in UCN for eternity PS it makes no sense because if William Afton the one dying over and over agin then why is springtrap in the game because springtrap is William sorry if I went a little over the top there
The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer
The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer 3 dager siden
9:41 Lmfao
The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer
The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer 3 dager siden
"FNaF's last game." ~MatPat 2014... 2015. Erm... 2016, 2017 and 2018.
scout the meme
scout the meme 3 dager siden
Lol finale game...
scout the meme
scout the meme Dag siden
@tEMMIE its a joke you uneducated donkey
scout the meme
scout the meme Dag siden
@tEMMIE I know
tEMMIE 2 dager siden
check the release date -_-
Ronan Halliday
Ronan Halliday 3 dager siden
wait, why does mangle have a death line? if matpat is to be belived, hes a dog!
AngelClxuds 4 dager siden
Matpat: thinking he solved fnaf.. again.. Matpat now: wow great NOW WE HAVE SECURITY BREACH THANKS A LOT SCOTT
Brave Hero
Brave Hero 4 dager siden
I watch video of FNAF character voice lines (don't judge me) were Chica said that she was there when William killed the child he should not have but the only kid who is "important" is the William's older son.(if he is killed at that time I am not sure:/)
Big Solid Jay
Big Solid Jay 4 dager siden
"Well you can't. Because you're dead" I laughed wayyyy to hard at that...
Why did you ask me to change the Name
Why did you ask me to change the Name 5 dager siden
0:25 before 0:50 after
Mona Ludvigsen
Mona Ludvigsen 5 dager siden
You Ken se after hours
Mona Ludvigsen
Mona Ludvigsen 5 dager siden
De kid
Kevin Vd Boogaard
Kevin Vd Boogaard 5 dager siden
nobody going to mention waluigi saying wah in the roster. Me: WAH
Agastya kathad
Agastya kathad 5 dager siden
MAT get the score of 9800 and something *SPECIAL* will happen
multi_beast #137
multi_beast #137 5 dager siden
scott waching this entry scoot : EXUSE ME
Rande Emil Hinampas
Rande Emil Hinampas 5 dager siden
do you remember that female laugh when Golden Freddy tries to jumpscare you in FNAF 1? that laugh was from Cassidy/TheOneYouShoudn'tHaveKilled/GoldenFreddy.
Demora King
Demora King 5 dager siden
If we were the Afton getting tormented then why springtrap co-exist with us? Afton in the springtrap and getting killed by springtrap? Ehhh?
sügãr wølf
sügãr wølf 5 dager siden
I know who golden Freddy is possessed by a girl named Cassidy
BigBeeGaming Official
BigBeeGaming Official 5 dager siden
17:24 That Is Just Spine Chilling No Really It Is OMG What Did You Use To Get This Effect?
BobDaBanana132 6 dager siden
So many jumpscares. So. Many. Jumpscares.
Retardo Renoldo
Retardo Renoldo 6 dager siden
0:13 NO
Kat Markus
Kat Markus 6 dager siden
Me: fnaf is scary, i'm never going to watch any videos on it me now: *LORELORELORELORELORELORELORE*
henri Beni
henri Beni 6 dager siden
The puppet!
COYPRISM0 XBOX 0 6 dager siden
Golden fredy. No escape from 8
COYPRISM0 XBOX 0 6 dager siden
Brianna Dooley
Brianna Dooley 6 dager siden
What if FNAF is just a big big dream, since he dies and just keeps dying. Theres a lot of things that talks about dreams, so he could just be trapped in his dream for eternity.
lucasss 6 dager siden
help wanted: **laughs in glichtrap**
xXFire_DemonXx 6 dager siden
You mean she must burn
xXFire_DemonXx 6 dager siden
Max Johnson
Max Johnson 6 dager siden
Eli Torres
Eli Torres 6 dager siden
"you should have some- well you cant because you're dead"
Vap0r 6 dager siden
I'm just here rewatching the whole fnaf theory made by matpat :p
Blitzkrieg C11
Blitzkrieg C11 6 dager siden
It's like cod zombies cycle
The Sour Lemon Goober
The Sour Lemon Goober 6 dager siden
I remember when we all thought Salvage/Hybrid would create a Hybrid Animatronic, Now we have a Piece of William Afton Controlling a vr game and getting followers
Sapphirewingthefurrycritic 6 dager siden
With the release of Bunny call, the line about a nightmare that you can't exist is literal.
Cameron Shank
Cameron Shank 7 dager siden
Matpat the toy you is messed up as Bonnie says in Bonnie in a nutshell go to church
A dog that can Somehow use a Device
A dog that can Somehow use a Device 7 dager siden
this was the end yep the end
•L i a m•
•L i a m• 7 dager siden
I actually theorize ultimate custom night is the foxy bully’s purgatory and its the crying child keeping him there and im pretty sure Cassidy is a genderfluid name so the crying child could be Cassidy
Nugget is present
Nugget is present 7 dager siden
The game theriost : this is the last fnaf game Scott : are you sure about that?
Ren Neri
Ren Neri 7 dager siden
Not me wheezing at the intro and whispering "THE FAN! THE FAAAAAAAAAN!!!!"
0K4Y corn-lord
0K4Y corn-lord 7 dager siden
kehz repollo
kehz repollo 7 dager siden
And puppet is a girl
kehz repollo
kehz repollo 7 dager siden
And the green puppet is a boy
kehz repollo
kehz repollo 7 dager siden
But nightmare puppet is a boy
joel rosique florido
joel rosique florido 7 dager siden
PineFilms OwO
PineFilms OwO 7 dager siden
I think that Golden Freddy is the first victim of William Afton because on the animation of the bite of '87 we see The man behind the slaughter stuffing a child into a suit, that is similar to Fred Bear and Golden Freddy in the back room. What do you think?
Mike playZ stuff
Mike playZ stuff 7 dager siden
If Scott took a selfie of himself Mat would start brightening the image
Lubna Khan
Lubna Khan 7 dager siden
But if we are playing as william afton, then how come springtrap and scraptrap are characters we can choose in ucn?
Lemon Girl
Lemon Girl 7 dager siden
The video sound: ■■■ Me eating chips: ■■■■■■
Max Johnson
Max Johnson 6 dager siden
Joaquin Picazo
Joaquin Picazo 7 dager siden
“The last game” Scott: *laughs in FNAF VR FNAF AR FNAF Into Madness FNAF Security Breach and FNAF Curse Of Dreadbear*
L Moore
L Moore 7 dager siden
I’ve watched so many of these theories back to back, the last one I remember was the one where Mangle wasn’t supposed to talk because he was the remnant of a dog. 😭
Max Johnson
Max Johnson 6 dager siden
Confusing simpler times
Mr. Egg
Mr. Egg 8 dager siden
Make a theory on old man consequences
I don’t really Have a name for this channel
I don’t really Have a name for this channel 8 dager siden
Nightmareon sounds like the name of an eeveelution
Zixuan Yang
Zixuan Yang 8 dager siden
Matpat: Getting burned by hippos Me: they can't burn you they can't even burn themself becuase of there special tan.
LegendaryBlack 8 dager siden
were making scotts son look bad stop it
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 8 dager siden
Back when Ultimate Custom Night was said to be the last game and we aren’t waiting for Security Breach
Roman Connelly
Roman Connelly 8 dager siden
This was 2 years ago,he still hasn't stopped
Tommy Gourley
Tommy Gourley 8 dager siden
There's actually 8 five nights at Freddy's games the 8th that's coming out is five nights at Freddy's containment breach
Kaden Noel
Kaden Noel 8 dager siden
you guys all do know it's H-E double ice pops right?
Its Cloudy
Its Cloudy 8 dager siden
Are You going to Watch the fnaf movie
Jewell Tubianosa
Jewell Tubianosa 8 dager siden
"With both the release of the final fnaf book the fourth closet" *cries in broke after buying the 6th book (bunny call) and preparing for 2 more books upcoming in 2021* ahh the pain
Nirmal658 8 dager siden
Michael afton is foxy robot...
Imad Alberakdar
Imad Alberakdar 8 dager siden
Cristian Garcia
Cristian Garcia 8 dager siden
How can we be playing as William Afton if springtrap is a character??
Cameron Buitrago
Cameron Buitrago 8 dager siden
Why is Afton a character in ultimate custome night killing William Afton.
HenryThe2ndAnimator !
HenryThe2ndAnimator ! 9 dager siden
I'm here because I got the kid on my monitor. I put it down and sadly, I wasn't recording but when i put down my monitor I saw the kid but he faded away quickly.
Rex DDog
Rex DDog 9 dager siden
I saw this and want to say, "Thank you for ruining my favorite game."
Simple Jungkook
Simple Jungkook 9 dager siden
The intro traumatizes me worse than the game
Human Person
Human Person 9 dager siden
I still feel bad for Golden Freddy. He could never move like the others. He had life, but could never move. Stuck, forever. An innocent that has anger building and building.
Boobymcsmity 9 dager siden
Michael afton isnt the crying child because why was he a nigjt guard in night guard and it says he died and the crying child is his brother and his name is unknown
The FlameThrower
The FlameThrower 9 dager siden
8:02 to 8:16
You Never Saw Me Here
You Never Saw Me Here 9 dager siden
Wait... is Happy Frog's voice actor Mabel? Oh wait no. Hm. Okay.
TheRatBehind TheSlaughter
TheRatBehind TheSlaughter 9 dager siden
Matpat:No more books and games yay Scott:im about to end this man whole coree
Jet Haensel
Jet Haensel 9 dager siden
9:05 with captions on
Łīłý'š Łāķę ÙwÚ
Łīłý'š Łāķę ÙwÚ 9 dager siden
Scott watchin this be like: •_•
Pants are leg shirts
Pants are leg shirts 9 dager siden
Nobody: Literally nobody: ppl that might have seen purple guy lurking: *Emergency button* Purple sus
B627 ??
B627 ?? 9 dager siden
Me who watch it in 2020
valleyree 9 dager siden
weird, but even mangle can talk now
Freelance 414
Freelance 414 9 dager siden
2 years ago, Jesus
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