How Sonic Beat Gravity! | The Science of... Sonic the Hedgehog

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4 måneder siden

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There is no end to the things we can about in the Sonic universe. Today, Austin is taking the reins on calling out the insane things that happen in the franchise... like the loop-de-loops he runs! How does Sonic run upside down? Is it safe? Does he actually run fast enough that this would work? Make sure your shoelaces are tied Theorists, because we've gotta go fast!
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Jithin Jacob
Jithin Jacob 11 timer siden
Whatever calculations he does is why I hated physics as a kid. But I love science.
Jessica Evans
Jessica Evans 23 timer siden
15:58 WAIT! I just got back. Can you repeat all that?
Markus Phoenix
Markus Phoenix Dag siden
Eggman:"Our time has passed Sonic"
aquajet21 3 dager siden
Am I the only one how released that this video is in the Nintendo video section
Terence Cluttey
Terence Cluttey 3 dager siden
What if our perspective of the game is slowed down to so that we can actually manage to see what's going on, and while we see him running slowly, it's only because it's slowed down to make the game playable?
ThatEcchiLolicon 4 dager siden
2:45 what song is it?
Tracker Alias
Tracker Alias 4 dager siden
wonder if when we play the sonic games, the whole thing is done through some sort of time dilation~ hence why all those rocket cars and robots and swinging ball chains and this super sonic hedgehog are even remotely controllable/avoidable given how fast he moves outside of most playable media. though this would mess up the gravity even more than it has already.. so probably would balance it out, or make it worse.
Maksiks 4 dager siden
Wait but isn't our gravity 10 not 1 g?
Liam 4 dager siden
sonic actually slows down so that kids don't get seizures
Farhan Mahmud
Farhan Mahmud 10 dager siden
Jonathan Matheny
Jonathan Matheny 11 dager siden
Hey, why did you take out the rant?!
Blue Rogue
Blue Rogue 13 dager siden
11:32 180 - 44 = 135? maybe it's different for ° but i'd have thought the answer would be 136
SmellTheL 13 dager siden
Why is this in Nintendo theories lol
Idon'tknowwhattoputhere 10
Idon'tknowwhattoputhere 10 15 dager siden
I love how one of my favorite things to listen to while doing my math homework to remind me there is always something more annoying than it.
interdimensional Nerd
interdimensional Nerd 18 dager siden
I recently started rewatching Sonic X, and I am now incredibly curious at how strong Knuckles is (he punched through trees and broke a metal robot in half), and how tough do Sonic and Knuckles have to be in order to withstand the force of falling out of an airplane and landing on ground with no slowing? Could you please do 1 or 2 videos over these?
Sam Fish
Sam Fish 18 dager siden
Gravity as a topic got me thinking about something.... Warhammer 40k titans. Witch could stand, wich could move, and wich would have their legs crumple like a soda can on a jocks forehead in a 80's flick.
Shikido San
Shikido San 21 dag siden
Kevin Gagne
Kevin Gagne 22 dager siden
Holy crap! Someone actually remembers Lufia! Its still my favorite nostalgia game.
Shandee Theresa Castro
Shandee Theresa Castro 23 dager siden
we want matpat austin matpat not you your stupid stupid! give us matpat
macnof 25 dager siden
Hey Austin, you made a error in your potential energy calculation at around 13.:40. You used the full diameter of the loop for how heigh he had lifted his weight, that is incorrect, unless the soles of his feet are the only thing weighing anything. Instead you should have used how much he moves his Center Of Mass up. Assuming that he have a COM at 60% height (like a human) he only raises his COM 2,86 meters, not 4,06 meters. Given his weird shape, it wouldn't be surprising if the COM where even higher, giving a even lower potential energy. Edit: At a COM of 60%, he would "only" have to run 12,9 m/s.
Jessica Burroughs
Jessica Burroughs 26 dager siden
Austin's little "Oh dear" when he was reading out the patron names is just my constant mood
df Santa
df Santa 27 dager siden
What if when playing the game you are seeing in a different frame of reference like time is speed up for him
Abel Aguilar-Acosta
Abel Aguilar-Acosta 29 dager siden
What's the song called at the end it's amazing.
GSS // Goofy Stuff Studios
GSS // Goofy Stuff Studios 29 dager siden
Why is this put in Nintendo theory’s?
Randy ChavezJr
Randy ChavezJr Måned siden
I only just became a Theorist, but I gotta say, I need more Austin 🤣
remmy100 Måned siden
Love the music. Cellos?
Fahimus Alimus
Fahimus Alimus Måned siden
Just starting my second year of Astronomy, Space Science and Astrophysics. This is fun and helpful.
Brian Romero
Brian Romero Måned siden
Is it just me being to stupid to understand this or do other peoples brain also shut off when listening to Austin doing math
Soundwave is life
Soundwave is life Måned siden
That breath before he started busting math doe
Evan Vandenberg
Evan Vandenberg Måned siden
Sonic: **exists** Theorists: *Why are you running?*
SAMOLARIS Måned siden
well sonic if he runs for you with his speed of light the game will not be playable for humans then
Salt Marie
Salt Marie Måned siden
I freaking ADORE THE CLASSICAL MUSIC Austin has in the background, play the music from Laputa Castle in the sky!
the emotional meadow friend.
the emotional meadow friend. Måned siden
1:20 gets flashbacks to the music that played
nicole b
nicole b Måned siden
Erica Corbert
Erica Corbert Måned siden
wait but what if the way we see sonic is slowed down but in reality he’s running the speed of light? that means we are looking at what sonic looks at when time is slowed down. that’s why he can run a full loop by only running the same speed a human can run
Chickenwang24 Måned siden
Good question Austin, why did you put nuggets? 14:02
Golden Boy Benny
Golden Boy Benny Måned siden
Classic sonic is shorter that modern sonic you completely forgot that in your theory making it useless because your using classics sonic sprites
Tom Platypus
Tom Platypus Måned siden
Senic teh hachhug
SomeRandomGuy Måned siden
I was half convinced for a moment that Austin did a plug for Frank’s Red Hot Because I got an ad at 7:38 just after he said the first everything.
Matthew Clifford
Matthew Clifford Måned siden
That's why sonic can do it cus his running motions of his legs going in circles. And because of how quickly sonic moves his legs it's like his legs are one gaint wheel
Salt Marie
Salt Marie Måned siden
Oh gee that’s scary
Dragon Elixion
Dragon Elixion Måned siden
Lufia II was the first brand new game I owned
Dylan Toth
Dylan Toth Måned siden
Where’s Matt pat
Marawan Elbalal
Marawan Elbalal Måned siden
Whenever a game theory video has austin and not matpat I just leave... At least I could stand this one
Lev Lev
Lev Lev Måned siden
sorry for spamming but come on i hate liers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lev Lev
Lev Lev Måned siden
5:27 he says got taken down what a azhole dude he is lying he said the video got tacken down but watch this, so he was just lazy to do the math
Lev Lev
Lev Lev Måned siden
now stop lying that it got tooken down and go do the phisics
Lev Lev
Lev Lev Måned siden
now mister if you stop lying and actualy do the math you'l seee that well calculate watch and compare sonic with this video
Salt Marie
Salt Marie Måned siden
Probs couldn’t find it
Salt Marie
Salt Marie Måned siden
triniti korneli
triniti korneli Måned siden
Don't waste your time with this video.
Paul Debaecker
Paul Debaecker Måned siden
Really like the music in Austin's videos
Roman Clarke
Roman Clarke Måned siden
Nobody play 11:08 at 2× speed
Otto Knabe
Otto Knabe Måned siden
What should be considered is the fact that the centripetal force increases the force Sonic is able to exert onto the ground which in turn increases the tractive capabilities of his shoes, which seem to be quite slippery at "ordinary" gravity (which is nice if you don't need much comfort and can use the reduced deformative losses to reach higher speeds)
Ruby [Leggy]
Ruby [Leggy] Måned siden
Why is this in the Nintendo theories Playlist lol
no go
no go Måned siden
dear Video makers, some sounds are AWFL, like voices.
John Michael Alayan
John Michael Alayan Måned siden
So that means im a elite gamer beacuse i play the games of 1992 and he play 1995 games?
Daniel Segarra Labrador
Daniel Segarra Labrador Måned siden
7:08 the equation to calculate the minimum velocity an object must be travelling at the top of a loop to not fall is v=sqrt(g*R), being g gravity and R the radio of the loop. This comes from the centripetal acceleration equation (in this case that acceleration is gravity): a= (v^2)/R
zorazora0 2 måneder siden
8:23 Are you sure about your gravity formula ? I didn't run the calculs but to me, falling 6.58m in 0.783s seems very close to our good old falling 9.807m in 1s, which is the gravity on Earth. How do we jump from here to 21.43m/s2 ?
PSPirate 2 måneder siden
Holy crap, we had echo on sega too.. forgot all about it o.o'
Mim F
Mim F 2 måneder siden
Marissa S.
Marissa S. 2 måneder siden
Lol i never realized how much math went into games lol i just always assumed game magic
Sandy Limon
Sandy Limon 2 måneder siden
Normal people: Sanic the Heghorg Me: *GOOOORG PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG !*
Stinker 182
Stinker 182 2 måneder siden
Hey we did this in physics!
jeramy vazquez
jeramy vazquez 2 måneder siden
What if they slowed time in the game so that we could see? The enemies do be kinda slow tho
Angel Dark
Angel Dark 2 måneder siden
I played judge dredd before I saw the movie... I actually, till now, thought the movie was a game tie-in.
Johnny Robinson
Johnny Robinson 2 måneder siden
The 4th theriost channel should be Book theory, body theory, tech theory, nature theory, fnaf theory "because you need an entire channel for fnaf lol", horror theory, nerd theory, NOpost theory, Disney theory, animal theory, furniture theory, human theory, politics theory, space theory, human emotions theory, economic theory, history theory, and my personal favorite conspiracy theory!
softice 2 måneder siden
Would the physics change if you would do a "wall run" and a flip afterwards?
Panzer Of the lake
Panzer Of the lake 2 måneder siden
Well Austin I didn’t play judge dred but I played cod 4 on the Nintendo ds
Pepper Productions
Pepper Productions 2 måneder siden
Patrick Sarmiento
Patrick Sarmiento 2 måneder siden
In other words, Sonic needs to go to 0 to 60 (kph) before he hits that loop. Also, assuming that you haven't seen this, I watched Kyle Hill analysis of this same topic here: Also, according to him, roller coaster loops are oblong or elliptical so that the passengers in the coaster won't faint from the centrifugal forces. Even Kyle taught about that.
psionx1 2 måneder siden
me: ah matpat released a new video (click) Video: (music plays) hi, it's me Austin. me: Noooooo.
Turbulence 2 måneder siden
I’m NOT a fan of Sonic but I love seeing the psychics of it
DrGamer 2 måneder siden
1:16 do I need a explanation
Gideon 72
Gideon 72 2 måneder siden
180 - 34= 146
Netser Ivry
Netser Ivry 2 måneder siden
7:10 you're using the wrong formula here; you can see that pretty clearly if you look at the units of each side of the equasion. The g should be multiplied by R, not divided by it
Romain Veyrand
Romain Veyrand 2 måneder siden
Look at Sonic 06 (the original one. not ChaosX remaster)...mhh...yes...the air is made of gravity.
Kris Pichardo
Kris Pichardo 2 måneder siden
Stroh_The Derrick Show
Stroh_The Derrick Show 2 måneder siden
But isn’t classic sonic able to move his feet in both circles like in sonic 1 2 or mania and in a figure eight such as in the comics and cd? I don’t know if that would change anything just thought I would ask because I feel like it would change how it would work.
frid gy
frid gy 2 måneder siden
Could anyone tell me what the first background theme is?
Kam Str
Kam Str 2 måneder siden
Con you do Dead by daylight killers?
Sans windings
Sans windings 2 måneder siden
Whats the music called 2:40
Quartz Cleff
Quartz Cleff 2 måneder siden
Me listening to the math, What?
TTDA Studios
TTDA Studios 2 måneder siden
Why Is This On The Nintendo Theories Playlist
M. Shilandar
M. Shilandar 2 måneder siden
Sonic doesn't feel vertigo because ...... Chaos Power.
Aem 2 måneder siden
Ooh sonic Oh Austin... No hate in Austin of course
Ryan Wilson
Ryan Wilson 2 måneder siden
I noticed a bit of an error in calculating Sonic’s minimum required velocity to pass through a loop-de-loop. Velocity is NOT measured correctly in terms of . You said v=sqrt(G/r). And while it is true that velocity is measured in “m/s”, if we ignore the actual numbers and focus on the units themselves, we find this. G (Gravitational acceleration) - measured in “m/s^2” r (Radius of loop) - measured in “m” v (Sonic’s minimum required velocity) - measured in “m/s” m/s = sqrt(m/s^2 / m) m/s = sqrt(1/s^2) “m” divides out (or cancels out) m/s ≠ 1/s v=sqrt(G*r) m/s = sqrt(m/s^2 * m) m/s = sqrt(m^2/s^2) m/s=m/s Therefore v=sqrt(21.43m/s^2*2.03m)≈6.596m/s (I rounded off the thousandths)
David Harley
David Harley 2 måneder siden
but his legs go in a circle
Brayden Darrell
Brayden Darrell 2 måneder siden
Why is this in the Nintendo theories category?
Forron 2 måneder siden
Sooooooo if he never "reaches" the top and skips it with technique and GRIP it could be "easier". Awesome video anyway. Love you and all the best for you and your familie.
pill shatner
pill shatner 2 måneder siden
I wonder what the gravity of castlevania is Simon falls like a rock in that game no wonder he walks the way he does to many g's
SweetieTim 2 måneder siden
this is classic sonic , just sayin
Candy Parker
Candy Parker 2 måneder siden
I used to watch this videos
JD S 2 måneder siden
He solved the problem I've been asking for a long time
amir ice king
amir ice king 2 måneder siden
Sonic on nintendo play list Wait that's ILLEGAL
The Eye Gal
The Eye Gal 2 måneder siden
Aalto LP
Aalto LP 2 måneder siden
Now... I don't want to shock anyone... but Sonic's shoes are the reason he is fast. So the real SCIENCE we need to worry about is how his shoes work.
Iron man is still alive
Iron man is still alive 2 måneder siden
Almost all of it
Izaiah Colwell
Izaiah Colwell 2 måneder siden
0:24 what? “A Nintendo family”?
Donovan Lawson
Donovan Lawson 2 måneder siden
I would like a sonic game where he can go faster than the speed of sound
Epik Hell Sword
Epik Hell Sword 2 måneder siden
What if we're just seeing a slower version of Sonic since he's so fast?
Atticus Miller
Atticus Miller 2 måneder siden
Austin: Easily recites an extremely complex math formula and solves it. Also Austin: Thinks that 180 - 44 is 135.
Cheemtaro Kujo
Cheemtaro Kujo 2 måneder siden
I jumped off my skateboard at the skate park and I ran a full loopdeloop on a bowl and jumped back on. Beat that sonic.
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