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There are MANY mysteries in the world of Pokemon, and one I've always wondered about is - "Why are Pokemon Starters so rare?" When you start your Pokemon journey and get to choose your travel buddy, we learn that starters are difficult to find in the wild. Today Austin is going to uncover the secrets of Pokemon starters and why they may be going EXTINCT!
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Dumvin 15 timer siden
Aha no poop
Sadia Hussain
Sadia Hussain Dag siden
I play pokemon games every day
Austine Ortega
Austine Ortega 2 dager siden
My name is also austine
Alex romero
Alex romero 2 dager siden
Why was the tepig shiny
Noel Rahlis7
Noel Rahlis7 3 dager siden
I breed my charizards a lot because i wanted a shiny so charmanders arent going anytime soon
Grayson 3 dager siden
Were is matpat
qie2iqee 4 dager siden
You all need to get charmanders fast.
Muzikality 4 dager siden
whats with the kumbia music in the background? lol
Oh Sir!
Oh Sir! 5 dager siden
2:35 why was the squirtle shiny
Ryan Bonaventure
Ryan Bonaventure 5 dager siden
8 year olds seeing this video: *they called me a madman*
Ryan Bonaventure
Ryan Bonaventure 5 dager siden
Also there is some funny stuff about this, so the pre evolution of that water bunny I forgot it’s name has a 50 50 chance of being male or female but it’s evolution has a 75 25 chance lol so that means your Pokémon can change gender it’s a 1 in 4 chance so every 4 Pokémon of that species is born, 1 of them is going to change gender when it evolves
Mr.Drowzee TSNP Clan leader
Mr.Drowzee TSNP Clan leader 5 dager siden
Hey austin, one problem with your theory..... one critical flaw.... my level 100 bulbasaur that knows surf with maxed speed stat can't die..... fear me charizard mains.
Ambrose Killpack
Ambrose Killpack 6 dager siden
Hey Austin, do you actually play baldur's gate? I love baldur's gate.
Angente ForestCore
Angente ForestCore 7 dager siden
Is it just me... Tepig and squirtle is a shiny in the opening...
Paper Productions
Paper Productions 7 dager siden
If I could mate with any Pokémon it would be a female lucario
Comic Sugar
Comic Sugar 8 dager siden
I always thought bulbasaur was a turtle
Surya Raman
Surya Raman 8 dager siden
Manny Galvan
Manny Galvan 8 dager siden
Shiny tepig ?
DizzyJump the Stone
DizzyJump the Stone 8 dager siden
shine tep
Speedoom Arias
Speedoom Arias 8 dager siden
Where Sword and shield at tho
Can you f*cm me riley
Can you f*cm me riley 9 dager siden
F*cm me
Eduard Surdeanu
Eduard Surdeanu 9 dager siden
I don t play pokmane but cool vid
Gengar Spooks
Gengar Spooks 10 dager siden
pokemon go: charmander community day lol
Robert Soares Jr
Robert Soares Jr 10 dager siden
Why no one wrote a paper about this? Starting in 5...4...
MC MINECRAFT NOOB 10 dager siden
If 2022 couldn’t get worsed..... Mickey mouse dies meteor killed Albert einstein Nintendo hq gets burned down 6g towers caused radiation........
Checkmate6659's Speedruns
Checkmate6659's Speedruns 11 dager siden
you can find every single Pokemon in Gen 1 games, but it has no link with Bill's house! You need to do these steps: 1: get a Pokemon that you want to do the glitch on (the thing that matters is its Special stat, it translates into different Pokemon, and even Trainers: for example, 31 is Missingno, 152 is Starmie, and 235 is Misty) 2: walk in sight of a max range trainer that doesn't face south and get out by any means necessary (fly, teleport, escape rope or even death) 3: go to fuschia by flying or wrong warping using the PC (or cinnabar in yellow) and encounter ditto. Lead/switch to your test subject, and let ditto transform, then just run away or fight the Ditto (bear in mind that the obtained Pokemon's level will be the opponent's attack modifier, so if you growl it, the result will be a level lower) 4: fly back to the glitch's location, and go back near the trainer that you escaped. Your start menu will pop up, so close it, and suddenly, THE FIGHT BEGINS! (and then just masterball the Pokemon you wanted and you're good)
Gold Silver
Gold Silver 11 dager siden
Bulbasaur for life
Savage Pikachu
Savage Pikachu 11 dager siden
Mudkip is the best stater hands down change my mind
Ice Bear
Ice Bear 11 dager siden
What about the Pokémon that can change genders when they evolve? How do they (mathematically) mess up their own species' ratio and continuity?
Ninja gaming Fletcher
Ninja gaming Fletcher 13 dager siden
Was that is Shiny Squirtle
James Gado
James Gado 14 dager siden
Pokemon's Area 51
child of magikarp
child of magikarp 14 dager siden
in the 10 year old's quest for that slightly different collared starter there has been conservational measurements taken for the prolonging of the species
ENDER BOY0725 14 dager siden
Why are the males are shiny
Scarlet Lord
Scarlet Lord 14 dager siden
Because of remakes and a final gen prob gen 10
Hikerman Cam
Hikerman Cam 16 dager siden
Pikachu was my 2 pokèmon
rodrigo vieira
rodrigo vieira 16 dager siden
Well, Pokémon LGPLGE and the anime breaks this theory
Jangmo o
Jangmo o 17 dager siden
Т1000 Youtube
Т1000 Youtube 18 dager siden
Tags: bulbasaur Me, a not pokemon proffecional: what
Т1000 Youtube
Т1000 Youtube 18 dager siden
Oh it's the turtle
Ploppy JR
Ploppy JR 18 dager siden
“And high schools”
Arsøn & Təa
Arsøn & Təa 18 dager siden
I feel like, over time the males would evolve to carry an egg so that it balances it out🤔 but maybe the scientists are preventing that in their labs🤷‍♂️ I'm probably overthinking this
Tepigie 19 dager siden
2 years left
A_random _YouTuber
A_random _YouTuber 19 dager siden
Austin: "From Gen 1 to Gen... Me: "Are Gens made by games, because I saw 25 games"
Rexxomation 19 dager siden
0:41 i like that there is a shiny tepig and squirtle in the box
Rsniper15 //
Rsniper15 // 20 dager siden
13:40 The male can hold a lux incense. This makes it so that instead of the female determining what pokemon will come from the egg, but instead in reverse.
Rsniper15 //
Rsniper15 // 20 dager siden
0:40 Nice shiny tepig sprite. The fact that you only presented tepig in its shiny variation, shows that research was minimal, since little research was done for the correct sprite image of a normal tepig!
leavex_93 20 dager siden
*well, for starters-*
Thunder Spark
Thunder Spark 20 dager siden
I am more intrested in that simulation code in Python. Any chance I can look at the code?
The 8bit- Enderman
The 8bit- Enderman 20 dager siden
All im hearing is ilmango lol
Lazy Tokoyami
Lazy Tokoyami 20 dager siden
when you forgot there was a pokemon named ditto
Clatus Haybautom
Clatus Haybautom 21 dag siden
me bouts exit da vic cuz of se /\
Gamoo Games
Gamoo Games 21 dag siden
Why did he use shiny as a different gender
YourNarrator 642
YourNarrator 642 22 dager siden
Who is this guy?
Suzanne Campbell
Suzanne Campbell 24 dager siden
0:44 Squirtle and Tepig are shiny
Smasher 2015
Smasher 2015 24 dager siden
so after all the first starters are the true legendary pokemon
Mr Moose
Mr Moose 24 dager siden
*cough ditto cough*
Tristan Creed
Tristan Creed 24 dager siden
4 years actually.
thexanderzone 25 dager siden
0:41 He used a shiny Tepig and Squirtle Sprite (Small brag I got a shiny Tepig)
Cristian Yanez
Cristian Yanez 25 dager siden
oh my god its so late
Sam Pankhurst
Sam Pankhurst 26 dager siden
0:40 Why was Tepig shiny?
Jared Smith
Jared Smith 26 dager siden
Jared Smith
Jared Smith 26 dager siden
Yeet skeet
Yeet skeet 24 dager siden
Me to we shall rise!
Hector S
Hector S 29 dager siden
it's a game dude -.-
neel chodankar
neel chodankar Måned siden
i like matpat more
Erika Pupišová
Erika Pupišová Måned siden
Again Austin😑
M J Måned siden
Background music is too loud.
anonymous Måned siden
Shut up there is no sexes boys and girls are the same
Corgi God
Corgi God Måned siden
How explain please let me hear something that’s not your feelings
Clint Parsons
Clint Parsons Måned siden
My genetics and ecology professors would have loved you.
Umakant Kulkarni
Umakant Kulkarni Måned siden
The Science Principle you used gone Out of my Brain I mean😱😱(ㆁωㆁ*)
Tadgh Gibson
Tadgh Gibson Måned siden
No there not
Jownadel Måned siden
At the beginning I was like Huh that wasn't that loud
LeEpic Boi
LeEpic Boi Måned siden
That one dude riley dennison on the comment section says bulbasaur a grass type is strong to grass but squirgle a water type is weak to water, that makes no sense?
vladímir con pelo
vladímir con pelo 25 dager siden
Bulbasaur is a grass/Poison pokemon and squirgle is only water pokemon. Poison is super effective to grass.
TheLineOfLoLs S
TheLineOfLoLs S Måned siden
Why is the squirtle and tepig shiny?
Mr. factz
Mr. factz Måned siden
I feel like charmander is actually going extinct in pokemon because I got 7 of them and they were all boys I wanted to become a charizard breeder but all I got were males
Mr. factz
Mr. factz Måned siden
Me laughing knowing if the gen 1 starters go extinct I dont need to worry about it be cause I have all 3 also sword and shield all starters and I just need rowlet to have all 3 alolan starters
William Miller
William Miller Måned siden
Can’t we just revive a Bulbasaur “fossil” the same way we did with the dome & helix fossil
Yahaira Montes
Yahaira Montes Måned siden
Wait i just realized that the music in the back ground of this video is like Mexican music XD
savingfoam Måned siden
That Wikipedia page is indeed gross.
Taksshiil Måned siden
Am I the only one who wants to see the python code
The Lizard
The Lizard Måned siden
End: Bulbasuars having date SUbtitles: Eggplant!
burning dino
burning dino Måned siden
what about alola the one regio that doesnt build huge citys but instead lets most of wildlife thrive
dinoman Måned siden
Austin is better than that that mat pat
Eleanor Herzog
Eleanor Herzog Måned siden
Why did he use the shinnys for the males?
Corgi God
Corgi God Måned siden
Probably to make it easier to differentiate them
dill cipher
dill cipher Måned siden
Did.. I just a PewDiePie ad in this video
Lava_ King 7
Lava_ King 7 Måned siden
Foul Mouth Gaming
Foul Mouth Gaming Måned siden
(Wondering if anyone else just traded themselves all the other starters using another game boy and the cable.)
Robbie Blochstein
Robbie Blochstein Måned siden
No one: Bulbasaurs fertility rates: NOT STONKS
Vincent Van Duhhh
Vincent Van Duhhh Måned siden
12:17 oof
Peri Uluırmak
Peri Uluırmak Måned siden
I wish I knew how to code . My dad promised me to teach but here I am 10 year old and I still don’t know how to code . YOU HAVE CHANCE ! a what I see is : egg
Anshu Singh
Anshu Singh Måned siden
I always wondered why the og starters came only one time and now I know why
Peri Uluırmak
Peri Uluırmak Måned siden
0:09 “Hi it’s me ! Austin !” Me : WHY WHY NOpost WHY (no hate but I’m for some reason disturbed when you do the videos . Maybe it’s your voice , I dunno no hate no hate :) )
Flipaclip Animation
Flipaclip Animation Måned siden
I'm waiting for 2023 so I can see if this is real
Harrison Seeber
Harrison Seeber Måned siden
0:41 why are there two shiny starters Squirtle and Tepig?
Paulina Wycz
Paulina Wycz Måned siden
George Papanikolaou
George Papanikolaou Måned siden
15:53 I highly dissagree, and here is why..... There is a rom hack for Pokemon Fire red which is called "Polemon team rocket edition" which basically makes it so that your character is a team rocket member while also revealing Pr. Oaks DARK BACKSTORY!!!!! Bassically it is ine of the most shocking but at the same time amazing backstories I have ever came across. I will let you to discover the rest of this game. If you don't feel like playing the games you can also watch playtroughs on NOpost. Pls reply to this comment.
George Papanikolaou
George Papanikolaou Måned siden
@Vincent Van Duhhh Thank u. :)
Vincent Van Duhhh
Vincent Van Duhhh Måned siden
He won’t reply sorry this videos really old I only found u cause I went to most recent I will like tho so u have a better chance of getting noticed
Mary Castro
Mary Castro Måned siden
Then let’s start bringing a bunch of starters and Releasing see themI heard that from mode that was so sweet is about when he was a kid and saw that… Lapus and she said that it was gone extinct
Ami Måned siden
bring back MATPAT
Rot Måned siden
ok but 2020 anybodyy
Rafael Figueras
Rafael Figueras Måned siden
Lucky bulbasaur
bradywinterblade Måned siden
Alice Sylveon
Alice Sylveon Måned siden
Turtle : THE MOON IS LITTERALLY EVERYWHERE Me : Dying because of laughing too hard then choking because of my own saliva *cough
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