Game Theory: Among Us, This ELITE 500 IQ Impostor Strategy Will NEVER Lose!

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The Game Theorists

3 måneder siden

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So, you think you mastered my 300 IQ Impostor strategy and now you are the best Among Us player ever? WRONG! I've gone bigger and smarter! Loyal Theorists, it's time to unpack the advanced Among Us strategies. The ones that not even the best players are trying yet. Get ready to watch, take notes, and never lose another game of Among Us again!
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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►,
The Monster We MISSED! ►►
This Theory Changes Everything ►
FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
FNAF 6, No More Secrets ►
Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Tyler Mascola, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

The Game Theorists
The Game Theorists 3 måneder siden
Just dropping a note here regarding our Among Us-inspired Theory Wear...since we know no one actually reads the description of videos ;) We've removed the items and are refunding all purchases. My goal with both items was to play off of fun memes from our community, and at no point did I or anyone else working on the shirts consider the possibility that it could cannibalize sales from InnerSloth's own official merch, but I definitely see now how that could be the case. As such, we're scrapping the designs and are reaching out to InnerSloth to see if we can partner on an official basis. (Also, I unfortunately can't remove the promo from the video...but rest assured, none of the items are available any more. If you DO want official Among Us merch, here's the site to check out: )
Rad Ranger
Rad Ranger Dag siden
Evidence Ha! That’s not how our court system works
Raphael Coll
Raphael Coll 15 dager siden
RoboPuffin 20 dager siden
Here before 500, pog
pokemon andrew
pokemon andrew 25 dager siden
is your name mat or is it pat?
Alexus Harrison
Alexus Harrison Måned siden
Yeah I was about to comment on that too. Not cool
mrpvz101 5 timer siden
anyone notice at the start oranges name is freddyinspace? thats a fnaf world refrence i think
Villager_XD Rblx
Villager_XD Rblx 10 timer siden
10:40 stop stealing minecraft textures
StuffAnd Nonsense
StuffAnd Nonsense 10 timer siden
The among us characters are related to veggie tales, that's why they dont have arms.
GrantMoonFire Studios!
GrantMoonFire Studios! 14 timer siden
One tactic is if you some one vent or something like that say wen it’s not me it’s black or who evere you saw
Tracy Haselow
Tracy Haselow 21 time siden
I don’t understand “don’t vote on seven” If the impostors only need 3 more people, you should probably get one of them off.
Mégane Gélinas
Mégane Gélinas 4 timer siden
as a crewmate, voting on 7 can end up voting out an other crewmate. that makes it two imposter and four crewmates. the imposters would only need to kill one person each, without needing to wait for their kill cooldown, and win the game. not voting on seven makes it that even if imposters kill 2 people, there is still gonna be 3 crewmates left. the imposters cant kill immedialty because of kill cooldown, which gives it a better chance for the bodies to be found, and leaves a 20% chance for the crewmates to vote out an imposter next. this technic is mostly safer for crewmates, and problamatic for imposters, unless they succed into voting out a crewmate, and win the game.
Timberwolfe Dag siden
Ya!!! Bear Grills!!!!
Rad Ranger
Rad Ranger Dag siden
6:33 my boy I tried that and it was like I was red and this is what happened Red: OMG Purple fake tasked cyan: proof? Red: when he faked task The task meter did not go up Green: that sounds very sus, red you might make us think he faked it Purple: yeah I was in admin Red: what the heck why are you guys using no evidence that makes no sense All except me: SUS RED: gets voted out
Mr. Depth Leviathan
Mr. Depth Leviathan Dag siden
Me, who found like 10 impostors by now by comparing their actions to what MatPat said they should do in the vids: *I AM FOUR PARALLEL UNIVERSES AHEAD OF YOU*
Xasanjamal Maxamuud
Xasanjamal Maxamuud Dag siden
I did it then I won
Sasha Martinez
Sasha Martinez 2 dager siden
i could of lived without seeing the fall guys characters skeletons-
zach cambria
zach cambria 2 dager siden
Osvaldo R
Osvaldo R 2 dager siden
What if the owner of the server chooses to not have task bar to make the game harder
Brett R
Brett R 2 dager siden
The thing that is worse than being seen killing is when you get voted out for killing someone that your teammate killed. Or when you never vented in meday but everyone thinks you did.
It’s mylife
It’s mylife 2 dager siden
Actually I have lost a game by killing on cameras
Coyote Games
Coyote Games 2 dager siden
I hope game theorists knows he is a noob at among us. THE TASK BAR GOES UP EVERY OTHER TASK. Mainly to avoid this easy win. SO STOP SPREADING LIES! I actually don’t know if it goes up every other one it just goes up every other task I do.
Legia Long
Legia Long 2 dager siden
Galaxy -
Galaxy - 2 dager siden
One round I made my friend literally turn against everyone, it was a 2 impo game, I was one. My team Mate just left, which was really stupid, so it was a game with 8 crewmates and me. I stood pretty silent all the time, killed everyone who made a visual task, until me, her and her new friend were left. She never suspected me even once, while suspecting everyone else who wasn't reporting. She was really surprised
Marggie crosbie
Marggie crosbie 2 dager siden
6:15 mattpat you know there is an update in the game were you can put task bar updates at meetings. edit: just some commentairy
Lekhanh Loc
Lekhanh Loc 3 dager siden
Likhith Ramisetty
Likhith Ramisetty 3 dager siden
I win all the time because of u man Thank u I am 10
corny pops
corny pops 3 dager siden
Did he say sus pride
TRo0per64 1.0
TRo0per64 1.0 3 dager siden
I usually play dumb
sean Grimes
sean Grimes 3 dager siden
Another decent idea is while you are an impostor, keep track of who used their emergency buttons and prioritize killing those who still have some left while leaving those who used them up alive as they will need to find a body to do anything. Plus if they are the only people in the late game, you can guarantee victory sooner.
shielmay gomez
shielmay gomez 4 dager siden
hellhound Wolf
hellhound Wolf 4 dager siden
Well the wires is 3 part task, your task bar won't go up until you complete all three wires. What you need to make sure of its that your wire pathing is impeccable so that someone that knows how the wires task work won't call you out on it
Pokeman4evr 4 dager siden
Blue was innocent at 6:30 the task bar doesn’t go up until you complete both parts of the task. 🤣
Albert Cao
Albert Cao 4 dager siden
Blue: does trash Yellow: ITS BLUE THE TASKBAR DIDINT GO UP Blue knowing that trash is a 2 part task:
shielmay gomez
shielmay gomez 5 dager siden
Mai Bui
Mai Bui 5 dager siden
You can use admin to sabotage.
The_Void 5 dager siden
I have my own special way to play it fools people 50%-75% of all players
Dahani Deovan
Dahani Deovan 5 dager siden
but i dont play on skeld-
KrisDoesStupidThingys 5 dager siden
Why is this channel so underrated?
Zulhadeef Zulhisham
Zulhadeef Zulhisham 5 dager siden
6:14 this doesn’t work anymore cause sometimes the settings change it to task bar updates during meetings
Wan Hassan
Wan Hassan 5 dager siden
Extra tip: make sure that the player is doing the final part of a task.
Natalie Diane Ang
Natalie Diane Ang 6 dager siden
Also specimen room doesn’t have a vent
gaming unknow
gaming unknow 6 dager siden
the settings of the task bar on meetings or never
Simbach Vazo
Simbach Vazo 6 dager siden
Thank God for the hidden task bar, that is such a stupid meta game garbage strat, dear Lord
G Y 6 dager siden
06:20 Remember that the bar will only go up once the task is complete, so if you're doing a two-step task (such as wires) the bar will only go up when the last step is completed and you get the "Task Completed" message.
Carlo Hiponia
Carlo Hiponia 7 dager siden
Big tip some people dont know that The task in sheilds is a visual task try to find it hint you will see out side ship ON THE SHIP
Alexi Bush
Alexi Bush 7 dager siden
200IQ is not possible. If you can do 200IQ, you aren't human
Music Only
Music Only 7 dager siden
in the more recent updates (which i know wasnt there when this video came out or when i first watched it) anonymous voting is an option in game settings now
Music Only
Music Only 7 dager siden
its always the worst when you're impostor and get medbay or trash when visuals are turned on
SuperGibaLogan 7 dager siden
the anatomy question answer is: *they have 1 bone*
An Ja
An Ja 7 dager siden
Red still sus
hman0987 7 dager siden
Do a yume nikki theory
EpicCartoonGamer and Artist
EpicCartoonGamer and Artist 7 dager siden
I would Like a nothor amang us video
Abigail Topliss
Abigail Topliss 7 dager siden
May pay said that if the task bar didn’t go up, the person faked it. The example on screen was the first part of a long task tho...
user 7 dager siden
1:29 they do have hands but their only shown in the kill animation
Natanel [REDACTED]
Natanel [REDACTED] 8 dager siden
Not gonna lie this video is kinda sus...
Dr Sus
Dr Sus 8 dager siden
Me after this video it’s big brain time
Elleanore 8 dager siden
Here is a tip always kill were a vent is super helpful 👌
Jordan Claridge
Jordan Claridge 8 dager siden
I did find a imposter fake task and nobody blevad me
Albert Lemieszko
Albert Lemieszko 8 dager siden
No arms? oK *airship*
Megan Capispisan - Gentleness
Megan Capispisan - Gentleness 9 dager siden
Storytime! I was watching Sykunno with my aunt and he was playing Among Us with Corpse and James, I forgot the 3rd person but the other two are more important Sykunno was the imposter and Corpse was sussing James, an innocent. Sykunno could have taken that advantage and kill corpse, it would look like James killed Corpse because he knew too much, getting James ejected and leaving Sykunno to win. But that didn't happen, Sykunno killed James and then got ejected, which got him to lose. I just told the scenario to my aunt and then she laughed saying I knew how to manipulate social situations
Clément HUGÉ
Clément HUGÉ 9 dager siden
At 6:15 it’s important to remember that if it’s a multi task or a non common task that you don’t have then there inpostor
Ellen Kauffman
Ellen Kauffman 9 dager siden
i like your vite
among_pl_us_h 9 dager siden
Crewmates : yeah haha i have arms... but they are not seen and 8 have hand u can see... wait... am I a creeper?
Christopher TheGamer
Christopher TheGamer 10 dager siden
mat pat this video is what made me good at among us
Alexander Koch
Alexander Koch 10 dager siden
anatomy of a crewmate Outside: O2 tank, space suit Inside: b o n e
Bleta Ymeri
Bleta Ymeri 10 dager siden
Also the only thing good about killing someone for crewmates is that the other crewmates know that the victim was an crewmate
Bleta Ymeri
Bleta Ymeri 10 dager siden
*fool's on u! We now know the strat fool!*
Toppers 11 dager siden
The Thing is Among Us
Asher Mckinley
Asher Mckinley 11 dager siden
You wanna know what happened in two games? The first one, I was the imposter and some random guy said I was the imposter and then let's just say I lost. The second one there was two imposters. I killed near my other imposter. He was not doing any of what you said you should do, so I don't think he watched this video. He reported the body and said that I was the imposter. I exposed him too but nobody believed me. I got tossed out. Next report he told everyone and the crewmates won.
Nicole Roman
Nicole Roman 11 dager siden
this is why i keep my 7 only people to troll everybody 🆘🆎
Nicole Roman
Nicole Roman 11 dager siden
Nicole Roman
Nicole Roman 11 dager siden
Sridatri Tagore
Sridatri Tagore 11 dager siden
The real truth behind among us impostors... The among us race is a peace loving race but due to some small parasite which infects and takes over the minds of the crewmates, controlling them and using them to take over all among us bases. These infected crewmates have been termed as "Impostors" by the others because they don't know who is infected as they all look alike. While it isn't contagious, the parasite controls the crewmates it fancies the most. That's why some people get impostor countless times in a row while others do not. When the parasite gets bored of the crewmate it has infected, it simply moves on to another victim. The crewmates have to try their best to save their ships or their planet outposts from being wiped out or taken over and the impostors, under possession by said parasite, have no choice but to kill and sabotage. In the games we play, we are either the crewmate or the impostor, and we are obliged to help in the downfall of the among us people or save it from oblivion. This all began when a scout ship was exploring a planet which was unfortunately the home of the parasite and they simply hitched a ride to planet Polus, slowly infecting all the other ships as well. The parasite makes the impostors think differently so that they achieve their goal of destroying planet Polus. I feel that the home of the parasites is the planet MiraHQ is orbiting around and that's why we have decontamination hallways there. And on Polus to prevent any other ships from being contaminated. After the parasitic possession wave, the among us people aggressively began searching for other planets to live on. The ships are supposed to be with normal crewmates but a few parasites snuck on board and those are the games we play.
Iacob Costel
Iacob Costel 12 dager siden
What the fall guys look like that.. ew
Melody Luthi
Melody Luthi 12 dager siden
What’s a alibi?
Kwam Eteif
Kwam Eteif 12 dager siden
You should only vote out your imposter buddy when everyone else does
countdewalker 12 dager siden
6:17 that was the first part of a two part task 😡
Cora Gacha Vlogs
Cora Gacha Vlogs 12 dager siden
I have a tip,if you're an imposter and someone is accusing an innocent you kill the person that accused them, it will look like they did it.
Lim95 13 dager siden
Who’s that guy that always appears and MatPat just s edits his face?
Reetu Garg
Reetu Garg 13 dager siden
matpat: dont self report corpse: hold my beer
Dake Long
Dake Long 14 dager siden
So you tell 13.6 million people lol
Ezekiel Gragera
Ezekiel Gragera 14 dager siden
They think i am sus
bmb blastmariobros
bmb blastmariobros 14 dager siden
Imposter boi
The galactic gaming Repuplic
The galactic gaming Repuplic 14 dager siden
Also i havnt finished the video so u might mention this But dont kill people who are sussing u out in meetings People will see that and might (emphasis on the might) think its u
JoAnne Mahoney Vasil
JoAnne Mahoney Vasil 14 dager siden
Omg orange is me omg
Moto C
Moto C 15 dager siden
Moto C
Moto C 15 dager siden
Short K1d
Short K1d 15 dager siden
Theres this weird “glitch” where, as an impostor and your kill cooldown is 0, if the other impostor kills, there’s a fraction of a second where the cooldown goes to 1 and then back to 0. This “glitch” is crucial for 2 singular kills or if there are 6 players and the other impostor kills separately. This might be patched in the future but I’m using it to my advantage when I’m impostor. I noticed this when I was watching Toast and his cooldown randomly changed from 0 to 1 then back to 0.
Landon Storey
Landon Storey 15 dager siden
I prefer the good ol orang' strat. Works everytime.
foxy 15 dager siden
i did a big play where i was on admin able body reported I said where is everyone someone said com I said no i was on admin and didn't see someone is coms
foxy 14 dager siden
RandommChainn 15 dager siden
At 7:06, idk if MatPat knows this but at the tips of each pair of matching wires, there's shapes, so you can match the wires even if you're colorblind.
Lehle Qwebani
Lehle Qwebani 15 dager siden
Why in among us people are ressis
Yuri 0030
Yuri 0030 15 dager siden
once when I was playing with strangers J did weapons in front of 2 people and scan in front of 5 people and still got voted out. then its not my fault anymore.
Z00MIE 15 dager siden
And also i dont KILL the person WHO suses me cause than i Will get voted out i KILL the people WHO is cleared. Well i wrote THIS forment before i watched the part where You Said it.
Z00MIE 15 dager siden
Also i vote often last as a crewmate because i have much to discuss and say all the time.
Z00MIE 15 dager siden
BRUH You cant even start 4 players and 2 imposters. If You want 2 imposters the game forces You to BE atleast 7.
Z00MIE 15 dager siden
That stragedy IN the start i use that as a crewmate.
K.O.G.Fanstarks1610 16 dager siden
Could you do a video on The True overarching antagonist of Astonishia Story?
Beth Williams
Beth Williams 16 dager siden
I actually was one of the stragglers who didnt get among us until later. I'm the type of person who researches the most popular game before buying, and I like games like this. So I was watching tip videos and saw the blinking red cameras, and I came up with the "kill the innocent" tactic.
Lindsey Schulte
Lindsey Schulte 16 dager siden
the task bar isnt always accurate so relying on that is a bad strategy ngl
Carlos Yt
Carlos Yt 16 dager siden
charvik pathivada
charvik pathivada 16 dager siden
i did the distraction dance...
HollowKnight Fan
HollowKnight Fan 16 dager siden
MatPat: makes a tactic. Me as a red: wants to use the tactics when I am imposter. That one guy: red sus vote him
It’s mylife
It’s mylife 16 dager siden
Brush stop milking this ;)
Cool Pillow fighter
Cool Pillow fighter 16 dager siden
6:34 game theory bad example cause trash is a two part task...
T 6 G
T 6 G 16 dager siden
THE TASK BAR PART IS WRONG. If you do a task that has multiple steps, the task bar will only go up if you do the final Step.
CreeperCrafter10 gamez
CreeperCrafter10 gamez 17 dager siden
One time I was a impostor on cams and I saw someone go into medbay so I vented into medbay, killed whoever that person was and vented back to security and the second impostor was still on cams so the cams were still doing the red blinking. #500 IQ
《 • R Ø X X A N E __ S T X R • 》
《 • R Ø X X A N E __ S T X R • 》 17 dager siden
I’m good at lying I keep a straight face and not stutter a lot *BUT* *I* *NEVER* *GET* *IMPOSTOR*
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