Game Theory: Bowser's BROKEN HOME in Super Mario

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5 år siden

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We've all fought Bowser through every Mario world and universe since the very beginning of the Mushroom Kingdom. We know his penchant for kidnapping princesses and running over us in Mario Kart, but how well do we REALLY know everyone's favorite Nintendo villain? Turns out, Bowser has a soft side left over from a lonely and sad past that will make you feel guilty every time you chop that bridge out from under him!
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Tamara Hackley
Tamara Hackley 8 timer siden
This has to be in a top ten most sentimental Episodes of game theory.😔
Jennyfer Velasquez Guillen
Jennyfer Velasquez Guillen 2 dager siden
We need to know who is the mother of Bowsers son Bowser Jr. lol
Andrey D
Andrey D 2 dager siden
Matpat:it all makes sense! Also matpat:Bowser was a junior wizard on a desert island!!!!
beesul 3 dager siden
I got this in my recommended thinking it was new, I was so wrong
Erased Lein
Erased Lein 4 dager siden
I don't see what's wrong with showing a transgender character in a game?
Erased Lein
Erased Lein 4 dager siden
Mr potato also mooman728
Mr potato also mooman728 4 dager siden
Yup someone thats a clown can't be pure evil (joker laughsin the background) yup no one (explosions in the background with more joker laughter )
Harmony Melody
Harmony Melody 6 dager siden
ok but.. who's juniors real mom?
RatQueen 7 dager siden
You would make a great lawyer
Lila Blackie
Lila Blackie 8 dager siden
Who did bowser go out with to get bowser jr
RubRub and coco Stuff
RubRub and coco Stuff 9 dager siden
Super Mario Time
Super Mario Time 9 dager siden
D: poor bowser
gaming ben
gaming ben 9 dager siden
This made me tear up
Rudy Rutherford
Rudy Rutherford 9 dager siden
Wait wait wait wait wait he knew the minute it’s OK to first thinking Siri Siri how old about to turn flapper to self you can’t just have time for the pouch is like make a paper Mario one well what did you get microphone to Mr.
Phineas Flynn
Phineas Flynn 10 dager siden
If peach was not the biological mum to bowser jr, then who was?
TheDawntraveler 11 dager siden
Game theory please do a video on Bowser Junior mother.
Bryna Law
Bryna Law 11 dager siden
Do a whole video of acting micky mouse’s voice
Anthem Lwin
Anthem Lwin 11 dager siden
Next time I play SMO I will jest get stars and coin to buy that skins
Evil owl Chapman
Evil owl Chapman 11 dager siden
MMD abbwbah a
Kameryn Tapp
Kameryn Tapp 12 dager siden
Man this is so sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭
E X O T I C B U T T E R S 13 dager siden
I was about to cry till he said stuff about his new channel
Rita S
Rita S 13 dager siden
0:19 0:49
TheLapisYoshi 13 dager siden
furby bodacious
furby bodacious 13 dager siden
you don't know how much i'd pay to see this man's search history
Anthony William Ces
Anthony William Ces 13 dager siden
Explanation of Kamek kidnapping children to Bowser's castle: Kamek realizes Bowser seems sad alone and "borrowed" children, and if Yoshi didn't stop Kamek and Bowser, it may come in two ways 1. The children are with Bowser FOREVER 2. Bowser liked having accompany and kamek soon let the kids home
XxBellaxX 13 dager siden
vildan çam
vildan çam 13 dager siden
the meeper
the meeper 14 dager siden
3:08 hun.... Connor the waffle did something like this.
Geonia 83
Geonia 83 14 dager siden
Willy -Dilly
Willy -Dilly 14 dager siden
😢😰😓 this just made me cry
Jason Sadler
Jason Sadler 14 dager siden
“Do you want to feel bad about every time you dumped him into that lava?” I’m good with it.
Jacob Casa-Grande
Jacob Casa-Grande 15 dager siden
Petty dael Santiago
Petty dael Santiago 16 dager siden
*••Coco Flute••*
*••Coco Flute••* 17 dager siden
Music And More
Music And More 17 dager siden
0:57 CLICK RIGHT HERE!!!!!! Me clicks: v i d e o p a u s e s
Sip Urh2o
Sip Urh2o 19 dager siden
Sometimes I forget these are just theories
Lux Luther
Lux Luther 23 dager siden
And this further confirms your theory (more like observation at this point) of Mario being a psychopath, he’s killing an orphan that’s acting out due to his traumatic childhood and he’s also killing a father of 8 children. Instead of putting Bowser in jail, Mario straight-up kills Bowser, a father.
Nicole Nintendo
Nicole Nintendo 23 dager siden
Pls talk more about kirby
Nicole Nintendo
Nicole Nintendo 23 dager siden
I Love your vids
Darkheart animations
Darkheart animations 24 dager siden
Poor bowser
Helen R. Dispo
Helen R. Dispo 24 dager siden
maybe the kids are adopted????
Helen R. Dispo
Helen R. Dispo 24 dager siden
me: well I guess their mom looked like bowser?
Tiago Gamer
Tiago Gamer 24 dager siden
Aren't the koopalings bowser's nephews ?
Tiago Gamer
Tiago Gamer 24 dager siden
Aren't the koopalings bowser's nephews ?
A9ollo 24 dager siden
"...and feel bad for every time you dumped the Koopa King into lava" So.....once or twice not including Mario Maker
Toad made of soda
Toad made of soda 24 dager siden
I'm just waiting for a game that's not bowsers inside story where bowser is the main character/hero.
EDBlank 26 dager siden
can you do a theory on what the bullies from mario are? wuts under du helmets
kagee kao
kagee kao 26 dager siden
Im waiting for someone to make a theory on the hidden messages in these videos
Sadie 26 dager siden
Now i feel bad for killing him so many times, but this storyline makes so much sense it might as well be canon.
Mario Boy W
Mario Boy W 27 dager siden
To make maters worse bowser was banished from the mushroom kingdom
•Mixie• 27 dager siden
**me watching the ‘super Mario’ playlist**
Mini Films
Mini Films 27 dager siden
Gt live? More like g live
Mini Films
Mini Films 27 dager siden
Like literally your not doing any theory
Tiger Films
Tiger Films 27 dager siden
❄︎☟︎✋︎💧︎ 🕈︎✋︎☹︎☹︎ 👌︎☜︎ ✞︎☜︎☼︎✡︎ ✞︎☜︎☼︎✡︎ ✋︎☠︎❄︎☜︎☼︎☜︎💧︎❄︎✋︎☠︎☝︎
Bloomie Crossing
Bloomie Crossing 28 dager siden
Wait a second... Bowsette. Is the reason why she is there because Bowser wanted to try using her to replace peach because she keeps on escaping?
Jaime Alfredo Castillo
Jaime Alfredo Castillo 28 dager siden
4:01 the real question is: who was brave enough to meet bowser in the castle basement?
Rocky goddog
Rocky goddog Måned siden
Who is bowser jrs mother
Isabelle Janezic
Isabelle Janezic Måned siden
This kinda made me cry a little ☹︎
Delta Aoily
Delta Aoily 26 dager siden
same here
Paul Hauser
Paul Hauser Måned siden
Mario is a monster
SHADOW1⃣9⃣9⃣3⃣3⃣7⃣ THE INK ANGEL Måned siden
They’re his Niece and nephew’s
Gamergirl_FNAF_undertale Måned siden
NightSky Måned siden
Was that intro song actually the song back then...?
JM - 04ST 830468 Kindree PS
JM - 04ST 830468 Kindree PS Måned siden
morton is my favorite koopaling
Michelle Wells
Michelle Wells Måned siden
Wait... Then... Where did Jr. Bowser come from? 😳
Jeremy Cunningham
Jeremy Cunningham Måned siden
Now I’m sad for bowser
A.T. Trujillo
A.T. Trujillo Måned siden
Dear game theory if you remembered the super Mario cartoon that's like really old that you can still watch on Netflix Bowser and he does have a mother well maybe doesn't have a father but he doesn't matter and that's my point.
seeck Måned siden
Thats sad
Ayden Winebar
Ayden Winebar Måned siden
I love bowser
Blitzen Villan
Blitzen Villan Måned siden
Hi matpat it’s a fan from the future
Ellie Nugent
Ellie Nugent Måned siden
Damn. Poor Bowser. Just...Damn.
Well especially in Odissey even Mario could kill him or banish him when he defeated him But Peach knows, and probably told Mario, about Bowser problems, and Mario feels bad for bowser how shown in Mario Odissey ending
be brave stay wild!
be brave stay wild! Måned siden
5:01 Ur welcome 😂
Anita Sutton
Anita Sutton Måned siden
You should do a video on how Bowser gets the money for all of this Such as, multiple weddings, a snazzy car and , castles
I want a laptop
I want a laptop Måned siden
So kringe
Mason Padgett
Mason Padgett Måned siden
This is so sad MAT😂
GachaNya-RagDoll Måned siden
oww how cute- my gosh
to hell with Mattel Productions
to hell with Mattel Productions Måned siden
3:37 6out aren't the father
Noob Vlogs And Gamez
Noob Vlogs And Gamez Måned siden
How are the characters are: Mario the simper Bowser the lonely wifeless coward Peach the beautiful monster Toad the fungus monster Luigi the ghost hunter that is a coward Yoshi the kind dinosaur
PN YT Måned siden
Why does it sound like Matt patt would make a good lawyer lol
Carlo James Morales
Carlo James Morales Måned siden
I can't believe peach chose Luigi but mario always save him
Thanos Playz
Thanos Playz Måned siden
so sad ;-;
Super Mario_kid
Super Mario_kid Måned siden
This made me cry🥺🥺🥺🥺
Eri Chan
Eri Chan Måned siden
Bowser deserves so much more than what he's given.
jacksan1 Måned siden
Bowser says once the red one all are red one
Shannon Obriensheldon
Shannon Obriensheldon Måned siden
dats sad
phylls corman
phylls corman Måned siden
The vague desert rhetorically approve because odometer dolly melt excluding a far-flung building. giant, nebulous beat
AlexanderMost the gamer
AlexanderMost the gamer Måned siden
Bruh this was so long ago.
Sans undertale
Sans undertale Måned siden
i actually have the mario comic and i didnt know it
ACDynamite Måned siden
Umm was third place for villains a... marshmallow?
Dab Monstr
Dab Monstr Måned siden
Jack Cooper
Jack Cooper Måned siden
That’s a bit sad....
Milad Torfi
Milad Torfi Måned siden
I fill guilty bcz i fighting mr.b agian and again
KrayKaru Måned siden
Chubby bunny or stuffy bunny ;)
Avrello Måned siden
Ok, but wo is Bowser Jr s mother??
John Goheen
John Goheen Måned siden
That was so sad😔
Shaggy the Undying meme
Shaggy the Undying meme Måned siden
My only question: why I morton's body brown instead of yellow?
Jenni Davila
Jenni Davila Måned siden
Bowser wants to be a good dad *Everyone liked that.*
The legendery XL
The legendery XL Måned siden
Beautiful😢 👏
Gabriel lok
Gabriel lok Måned siden
njp texer
njp texer Måned siden
BOWSER THEORY!! Bowser is a orphin and got kids and a wife but then bowser got a kid and peach and bowser had a divorce and then peach found mario and bowser was mad and telling his kids a bad man stole there mom that it.
Tygo Karsdorp
Tygo Karsdorp Måned siden
peach is bowser jr s mother that is in one of the supermariogames sayd i promise find it out
Lídia Castro
Lídia Castro Måned siden
How Did bowser Make childs?
Dog boy E
Dog boy E Måned siden
So if the creator of Nintendo was the wife does that mean they’re both gay? Game theory be like interesting bowser is made of Bowser
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