Game Theory: Bowser's BROKEN HOME in Super Mario

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5 år siden

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We've all fought Bowser through every Mario world and universe since the very beginning of the Mushroom Kingdom. We know his penchant for kidnapping princesses and running over us in Mario Kart, but how well do we REALLY know everyone's favorite Nintendo villain? Turns out, Bowser has a soft side left over from a lonely and sad past that will make you feel guilty every time you chop that bridge out from under him!
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Jaden Marie
Jaden Marie 2 timer siden
You: “ hi feelings of alienation when you’re an orphan” Me: “maybe I am orphan” Lol no jkjp it’s just raised by a pedo for 8 years of my life
Sonic pales And tails
Sonic pales And tails 5 timer siden
But the baby look like Junior so is it possible bowser is junior and junior is bower 🤔
Sarah Reason
Sarah Reason 23 timer siden
I feel bad for the man 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿
mr. gaming panda 123ABC
mr. gaming panda 123ABC Dag siden
U have a huge head
Trent Miller
Trent Miller Dag siden
Huh... I got recommend this video 5 years later.
Dyland Plays
Dyland Plays 2 dager siden
Snup Soup
Snup Soup 2 dager siden
This was posted 5 years ago Wow
Juan Guillen
Juan Guillen 3 dager siden
Have you heard of D N A 👶👦👧
Kris Pederson
Kris Pederson 3 dager siden
the theroy is half true bowers does have a mom
Kris Pederson
Kris Pederson 3 dager siden
well in the show
Luna Moon
Luna Moon 3 dager siden own Each game is retailed to around 60 to 20 dollars US so Rich alert
AniBros Rosi
AniBros Rosi 6 dager siden
I actually cried at the end
swanson2830 6 dager siden
2:30 one word rebuttal. Joker. Your move, MatPat (edit: I did enjoy the video, just noticed the clown car comment)
Demonz Raid
Demonz Raid 7 dager siden
Titus Divelbiss
Titus Divelbiss 9 dager siden
How Sad 😢
Henry Ballew
Henry Ballew 9 dager siden
mu mu mu mummu!
Daniel Knapp
Daniel Knapp 9 dager siden
14:13 I clicked on a video about bowser because i like bowser.
Doctor Abe
Doctor Abe 9 dager siden
What if bowser and his people, the Koopas, have lived here for almost forever and then peach, Mario, Luigi, and the Toads came and started taking over and killing everyone, and so bowser tried to stop them by kidnapping their leader...
IDHF 9 dager siden
Wait I just realized, if you drop bowser in to a pit of lava whos gonna take care of Jr and the koopalings?? Bowser is dead so there all alone in a huge castle.
Pegazeus 10 dager siden
i just realized i played as a villain the whole time XD
Serperior Chaos
Serperior Chaos 10 dager siden
We already figured it out :) Not all villians that appear mostly in a franchise doesn't mean they are that bad.
Josie Tallents
Josie Tallents 11 dager siden
Ayyyy I had a diet coke ad during this video
Stella and Rose.
Stella and Rose. 12 dager siden
I almost cried watching this...
Ultimate Warriors
Ultimate Warriors 13 dager siden
o my
Thermo Beats
Thermo Beats 13 dager siden
3:58 What if the koopalings are Bowser's sibling's children and Princess Peach's parents killed their parents before Bowser ever met them?
Sam 14 dager siden
MatPat really said adopted family is real family, huh?
Noerbegood 15 dager siden
God that last part nearly made me cry
Nora Hadley
Nora Hadley 15 dager siden
what did MARIO do to him?
Nora Hadley
Nora Hadley 15 dager siden
but why on Mario?
Nora Hadley
Nora Hadley 15 dager siden
you are right who ARE Bowser's parents?
I wanna kill myself
I wanna kill myself 16 dager siden
So that explains Super Mario Odyssey!
gamebot g
gamebot g 16 dager siden
Bowser I'm sorry for stomping on you 😭😭
Xboy Dubose
Xboy Dubose 17 dager siden
So basically he's just stating what any Mario fan already knows
Switch Chan
Switch Chan 17 dager siden
Cypriana Stiffler
Cypriana Stiffler 17 dager siden
That got dark
Red Robins
Red Robins 17 dager siden
"Cheeks firmly in hand"-matpat 2015
Smessina81 17 dager siden
Rigoge Gaming
Rigoge Gaming 18 dager siden
i thought that everyone knew that the koopilings were adopted
Brandon Govreau
Brandon Govreau 19 dager siden
Kamik momentum Cooper could simply be Bowser's creator Bowser jr. Could be Bowser and peaches son and the Koopalings could be Bowser creations
Akäri Chän
Akäri Chän 19 dager siden
Nice shining refinance
elaine chen
elaine chen 19 dager siden
I thought he was gonna say something like, “Peach and bowser got divorced! But hey, that’s just a theory, A GAME THEORY!!!” But hey, that’s just a theory. A VIDEO THEORY!!!
Piper W
Piper W 19 dager siden
Further evidence is that the entire reason he kidnaps Peach in Odyssey is to marry her.
Nnamdi Okwudire
Nnamdi Okwudire 19 dager siden
Tabitha Hand
Tabitha Hand 19 dager siden
Who else misses the old intro?
Code Fog
Code Fog 20 dager siden
Mattpatt: “Imprisoned fairies in bottles” Link: silently shuffling away
Margaret Klimon
Margaret Klimon 9 dager siden
This made me laugh way more than it should have lol
Lovely Lauren
Lovely Lauren 20 dager siden
I was literally tearing up during this video
Veberlie Monsendo
Veberlie Monsendo 21 dag siden
6:25 you dang right I think its pretty weird I was giving this type of face ಠ_ಠ
anime knight
anime knight 22 dager siden
You know I searched it up and I found out that Bowser's dad is named Morton Koopa senior who knows maybe the Koopalings are his real kids
Niño Johan Li Mojares
Niño Johan Li Mojares 22 dager siden
bowser's reason for kidnapping peach before dis vid : to stop da infection bowser's reason for kidnapping peach after dis vid : to be his wife
78h 23 dager siden
Sela Legato
Sela Legato 23 dager siden
So deep so sad
d3adshotwahid 23 dager siden
the end made me cried
Monster Slut
Monster Slut 23 dager siden
He protecc He attacc He smacc But most importantly.... He a smexy snacc
Thatguy 23 dager siden
Poor Bowser :(
WakemeupOUTSIDE 24 dager siden
And some end up as treasurers
WakemeupOUTSIDE 24 dager siden
How does a bowser, orphan, son of a something and a something, dropped in a forgotten spot in brooklyn..
Sophia See
Sophia See 24 dager siden
i never hd hsrd feelimgs for bowser but now... i actualy feel bad
Sophia See
Sophia See 24 dager siden
i diddnt have hard feelings for bowser until now
Ian Stanley
Ian Stanley 24 dager siden
I saw on a Mario tv show that Wendy searched up if she was bosses son but it said she was adopted
Ian Stanley
Ian Stanley 24 dager siden
I meant bowser
Owen C
Owen C 24 dager siden
MatPat 3rd enemy is marshmallows.😂
Magdalene Meyer
Magdalene Meyer 26 dager siden
I always hated Bowser but when I watched this I almost cried because he was trying to help his kids and he has been through a lot of tough times
Moe - youtube stream
Moe - youtube stream 26 dager siden
bruh why do u think jimmy kimmel evil
thesuperlazer king of werides
thesuperlazer king of werides 28 dager siden
Feat Goose
Feat Goose 28 dager siden
I've always felt like bowser had a past and I always felt bad for him after sunshine
ljscott84 28 dager siden
The user below is true
I'm a dog named Luna
I'm a dog named Luna 29 dager siden
Why did this givee so much nostalgia
Viztrixo Animations
Viztrixo Animations 29 dager siden
After this i physically couldn't bring myself to hurt bowser playing a game
Julito Leon
Julito Leon 29 dager siden
•the cookie cat•
•the cookie cat• Måned siden
MatPat: HMHMHMHMHMHM! Me: ( ╹▽╹ )
Natalie Romero
Natalie Romero Måned siden
I feel sad now
I like Henry Stickmin
I like Henry Stickmin Måned siden
Aw poor guy 🥺
Courtney Buckman
Courtney Buckman Måned siden
make fanf
Willywinwins Animations
Willywinwins Animations Måned siden
This is so deep
Madrag Madragoa
Madrag Madragoa Måned siden
I hateeeee then i got a jump scare by fnaf footage.
Tuskilollydub Måned siden
Sad story
drnegaverse Måned siden
When it was announced that Bowser wasn't the father of the koopalings, I wasn't able to accept it at first since I was so used to the idea that he was. But what changed my opinion on this was a video series right here on NOpost. If you wanna see MatPat's suggestion of them being adopted explored further, check out A Day With Bowser Jr. Two Koopas for a Throne by dannywaving. It is my new headcanon!
Renae Norris
Renae Norris Måned siden
This is so sad!
XproZsolt 010
XproZsolt 010 Måned siden
Dis is sad
Kevin Spud
Kevin Spud Måned siden
Me: **watches video about Bowser's history and motivations** Zangief: You are bad guy, but this does not mean you are bad guy
umay 19 dager siden
PoyStudios Måned siden
he might be part frog where he can change gender
Thommyboi 3177
Thommyboi 3177 Måned siden
Kamic is best dad
shingikun tv
shingikun tv Måned siden
I can't believe... I cried to this episode....
Logan Smith
Logan Smith Måned siden
Why am I like actually tearing up rn
Francisco Martinez
Francisco Martinez Måned siden
Theres a diet coke ad
Aazaan Gamer
Aazaan Gamer Måned siden
# forever alone 7:27
sebongie Måned siden
the maury clip is the funniest thing i've seen today
Tyler Citizen
Tyler Citizen Måned siden
Hello internet welcome to game and film theory where your favorite heroes are being exposed to the sycophants they are and the villains are the HEROS? 3:38
It'sThatOneChickAgain CallThePoPo
It'sThatOneChickAgain CallThePoPo Måned siden
Yeah, but having a bad childhood doesn't excuse kidnapping...
ligriv nimsag
ligriv nimsag Måned siden
mario: focuses on intro bowser: (capturing peach)
cory burdge
cory burdge Måned siden
this video is good I like it
RevniX Måned siden
Eat Bread Watch NOpost Enjoy MatPat
Whiplash `
Whiplash ` Måned siden
What happened to a clap and a half
Play Penguin-Go
Play Penguin-Go Måned siden
What if peach isn’t bowser jr’s biological mom but bowser married peach later on and adopted the koopalings together so bowser trys to take peach home but Mario kidnapps her back to the mushroom kingdom so he can say he’s dating a princess and get more business with his brother as plumbers. just a thought
Pyotr Jan R. Torres
Pyotr Jan R. Torres Måned siden
F for Bowser
Coco Alpes
Coco Alpes Måned siden
i'm crying
Luigi the Octoling
Luigi the Octoling Måned siden
I already felt bad enough for throwing bowser into lava and now I feel more bad
Luigi the Octoling
Luigi the Octoling 19 dager siden
@umay it’s still the same
umay 19 dager siden
@Luigi the Octoling i meant before vs after how much diffrence
Luigi the Octoling
Luigi the Octoling 19 dager siden
@umay 999999999999
umay 19 dager siden
how much bad feelings out of 10
Lee Everett
Lee Everett Måned siden
Matpat I could call anyone my children and they don’t have to be my kids (biological or not) they could be younger than me that I trained well or just young/kids that look up to me as a father figure
RedTROC _fan
RedTROC _fan Måned siden
it kinda remind me of something because he said alot orphan hint petscop
X_Båkügø_X Måned siden
Theory since Mario is a psychopath he sees events strangely, Bowser and everyone are just regular Humans and Bowser is a mob boss (or has some type of following that are willing to fight for him) and Mario goes around beating up his goons who are keeping him away from the Koopa family because he is a home wrecker and has caused family issues.
Kirbo the dood
Kirbo the dood Måned siden
The music at the end got me
Junicorn 27
Junicorn 27 Måned siden
Wait that means that Mario and Luigi are kind of arseholes
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