Game Theory: Is Link the STRONGEST Video Game Character? (Legend of Zelda)

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9 måneder siden

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It's been a while since I talked about Legend of Zelda, and since Nintendo released a teaser trailer for Breath of The Wild 2, I figured it was about time we revisited the franchise. I've talked a LOT about this world, its timelines, and pretty much every version of Link there is - so what's left? Well Theorists, today we are doing some heavy lifting and figuring out just how strong our hero Link REALLY is!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Josh Langman, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Tyler Mascola, and Marc Schneider
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Bermam

melaid535 Dag siden
I mean this makes a lot more sense than people’ll give it credit for- remember Link isn’t a human, he’s an elf... well a Hylian but same thing... We don’t know exact biology of Hylians but it’s not far fetched to say they’re magical or something like that 😁
gamezone Dag siden
Link is mute
Chill Shill
Chill Shill Dag siden
In past episodes you said link was 5' tall
Chill Shill
Chill Shill Dag siden
Does that mean the Breath Of the Wild Link is over a foot taller than any other link?
Keri McCaffrey
Keri McCaffrey 2 dager siden
Alright if link is THIS strong then how strong are the freaking gorons?????
Might_ Hunter3642
Might_ Hunter3642 3 dager siden
Austin use glitch for infinity gold block Link can use glitch to dup his weapon/shield/bow And he can hold 999 boat load of stuff like diamond Also weapon from gerudo is gold so he can fill his inventory With gerudo shield symitar and bow and just his weapon inventory is 25 With soooo many item that can stack until 999 and that is just zelda breath of the wild Master sword is a diffreent type cause the only one that can hold its the hero only Some people say link to strong cause the master sword only link can hold and use
Ieyez Decena
Ieyez Decena 3 dager siden
but steve can lift the universe austin said
Spectral Knight Gaming
Spectral Knight Gaming 3 dager siden
Minecraft steve and the terrarian: are we jokes to you
BaBaBoOm Entertainment
BaBaBoOm Entertainment 4 dager siden
Theory if the gerudeo is evil because they gave rise too Gannon
Remy Stanfill
Remy Stanfill 5 dager siden
MatPat, if you see this, what do the colors mean in the title screen.
Ethan Carlisle
Ethan Carlisle 5 dager siden
Problem I have th of oot on virtual console and it is wood and metal
UNACTIVE ACCOUNT Spiderkid324 7 dager siden
This is not true at all Minecrafts steve is the most strongest He can lift Over 6000 P0UNDS THATS OVER 2000KG And also He can carry So much more becuase of shulker boxes and inventory space Also He can sleep in 5 SECEONDS!! He can do all of that and jump of a volcano and survie by a boat So he can absaloutley destroy Link
Sai Teja
Sai Teja 7 dager siden
he will beat link into pulp see the game theory episode which could prove it
Sai Teja
Sai Teja 7 dager siden
the micraft person is the god of god of gods of gods
Fate 7 dager siden
Steve is the strongest
chryobyte 8 dager siden
Link has the stronk
DeAurdrick Reed
DeAurdrick Reed 8 dager siden
It’s Steve from mine craft
William Langdon
William Langdon 8 dager siden
matpat: link is the strongest videogame character Steve: *Laughs in unlimited power*
Joshua Demetrius
Joshua Demetrius 8 dager siden
What about notch from Minecraft since he can just change the game or the principles inside of it
BryanTDM10 8 dager siden
I‘m Inkognito
I‘m Inkognito 8 dager siden
You forgot to mention the „999 of every material“-inventory from Breath Of The Wild
Doug 9 dager siden
There is no way that Link is stronger than Kratos.
AirRun Games
AirRun Games 9 dager siden
Sigh 😧 sorry kratos I'm sure you'll be as strong as link one day. Spawn you need to work out a bit to be half as strong.
ryryman21 10 dager siden
does anyone notice that he didn't say how much stronger he has to be to throw that object that far behind him?
cool Pokemon
cool Pokemon 10 dager siden
Your videos are amazing
Rabbit Wolf
Rabbit Wolf 10 dager siden
hahha matpat belike matapat:zelda is the most powerful game character also matpat:steve is the most powerful game character steve:am i a joke too you!?
Caleb Hollis
Caleb Hollis 10 dager siden
I have at least a few hundred and possibly 1K minutes of watching this channel. Well worth my time by the way
Bulbasaur lover
Bulbasaur lover 11 dager siden
0:20 i wanna see a perfectly cut scream out of that
Abdul Rahman Ariff Riza
Abdul Rahman Ariff Riza 11 dager siden
Link can parry a sheild at a force harder than a rocket blast
Otto Schmitz
Otto Schmitz 11 dager siden
Wish he won the tournament mr beast
Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball 13 dager siden
Sure but that doesn’t make and stronger than Steve......... soooooooooo the video is kind of pointless isn’t it?
TRXlord 09
TRXlord 09 14 dager siden
Did you forget steve
Rebillion UF
Rebillion UF 15 dager siden
Ich have questions about your math. Look sandstone have a density like 2,711g/cm3 in your example and the cube have a dimensions of 306cm. That means we have 28.652,616 cm3 means the cube weight 77.677,241 grams.... in other words 7.767,724 kilograms. Other question did you mean short or long tons or german tonne ?
Soul Surviver
Soul Surviver 15 dager siden
Anyone notice the geurodo markings on the biggest one?
Bayardo Rugama
Bayardo Rugama 16 dager siden
AcidGamingYT 17 dager siden
Steve is actually the strongest proof?. He carries stacks of stone while running his normal speed.
Revenant Wolzart
Revenant Wolzart 17 dager siden
you are really illeterate
Elias Johansson
Elias Johansson 17 dager siden
Steve is still stronger and don,t tell Steve about the gold gauntlet
David Hernandez
David Hernandez 17 dager siden
Well in two days we will finally see the showdown between link and steve
Apex Catfish
Apex Catfish 17 dager siden
No. Meet Stevex
Emerald Gaming
Emerald Gaming 18 dager siden
First, Steve Then, Ridley AND NOW ZELDA?!
itspuk_ 18 dager siden
Today i learned that americans have their own ton
nived gned
nived gned 19 dager siden
minecraft steve can carry over 10^565 kg much more than link dude
Allen Samson
Allen Samson 19 dager siden
Link vs Steve is now possible
Ya boi Chazzers
Ya boi Chazzers 19 dager siden
Nah, Steve is the strongest
Charlie Goss 2
Charlie Goss 2 20 dager siden
but he forgot to mention that link in botw can block a charging lynel with a shield parry, which would require the force of a speeding car (some other you tuber did the calculations i forgot who)
John W
John W 20 dager siden
Na, Steve is still stronger. A 1 cubic meter block of gold weighs 42,549 pounds. Fill Steve’s 36 slot entirely with stacks of gold blocks makes 98,032,896 pounds of weight that he then can sprint around with. In a strength matchup between link and Steve, Steve wins every time.
Hunter Wilson
Hunter Wilson 20 dager siden
Some respect for my boy, finally
robinde67 21 dag siden
1 ton is 1000kg, so how did he end up with 77,677kg but 85,6 ton? Do you mean that americans not only have their imperial system that makes no sense and fahrenheit that's even worse, but they also have a different ton unit? Geesh, just start using the metric system and celsius like the majority of the rest of the world...
Brendan Wolff
Brendan Wolff 21 dag siden
Hey, Matpat! I know you'll probably never see this comment, but I have a couple of theory ideas about Half-Life: Alyx you could explore, such as: Could items like Alyx's multi-tool and Russell's Gravity Gloves exist in real life? Is it possible for a creature similar to Jeff to actually exist in the real world? How Half-Life: Alyx's ending doesn't match up with the rest of the games (G-Man's reason for replacing Gordon Freeman with Alyx Vance, Alyx's appearance in Half-Life 2 and its episodes, etc.) How could the Combine Suppression Field work? Could resin actually be used to upgrade guns in real life? Is gene-coding a possibility? How exactly does a headcrab change a person's physiology? And so many more... Please do some theories on the game, as I have a lot of questions. P.S., love your channel!
Jude Potvin
Jude Potvin 22 dager siden
Sorry to ruin the video, but I calculated that Minecraft Steve can carry 1200614.4 metric tonnes
B-01 Aleandre Joseph Abuy
B-01 Aleandre Joseph Abuy 22 dager siden
Is Link the STRONGEST Video Game Character? steve: "am I a joke to you?"
Beta Luigi
Beta Luigi 22 dager siden
XD that into though 84792790/10 b e a u t i f u l
Ryan Klutts
Ryan Klutts 23 dager siden
Luke Duffy
Luke Duffy 23 dager siden
how can he compare link to kratos who litterly punches through stone in god of war 2018 then pushes it onto the stranger?
Nohan Mohsin
Nohan Mohsin 24 dager siden
Maths go brrrr
Triggered Cheese
Triggered Cheese 24 dager siden
Back from the date October 12th 2020 Steve is announced for smash ultimate Time to make your decision of who would win Steve or Link
The FlamingSkullGamer
The FlamingSkullGamer 25 dager siden
Parrying a lynel anybody?
Dorothy Gale
Dorothy Gale 25 dager siden
Well MatPat, your poorly photoshopped arm was on backwards, anyways.
Jaden Kim
Jaden Kim 25 dager siden
How about the shield party in botw
cookkie crème
cookkie crème 26 dager siden
Can you please do an scp foundation theory
ACEAW 26 dager siden
Kenneth Ravenscroft
Kenneth Ravenscroft 27 dager siden
But but but, what about the force required to throw the pillar?
I’m A Gem υωυ
I’m A Gem υωυ 29 dager siden
Nobody: American metric system: “That weighs as much as 190 grand pianos!!” “That’s about the volume of 450 refrigerators!!” “It’s the equivalent of 6 1/2 blue whales!!”
Ashley Tamura
Ashley Tamura 6 dager siden
King Yoshi more like the roughly 1000x the length of 4 recently hatched caterpillars if you stacked them end to end!
King Yoshi
King Yoshi 6 dager siden
It's equivalent of 1/15th of the Eiffel Tower
I’m A Gem υωυ
I’m A Gem υωυ 6 dager siden
As an American I feel this *is* our metric system. But you’re not wrong about the ✨creative✨ part XD
Ashley Tamura
Ashley Tamura 7 dager siden
Naw that’s not the based on our system at all, it’s just that we are ✨super creative✨ Get on our level.
Hunter Dwyer
Hunter Dwyer 29 dager siden
When I saw link do the golden Gauntlet deadlift I pretty much didn't play the game of in shock for like a minute
vineet jain
vineet jain Måned siden
This is apart from all the equipment he is carrying including hookshot, bow and arrows, hammer and iron boots etc
Akkin Gonzalez
Akkin Gonzalez Måned siden
What If Steve had the golden gauntlets
Orion G.
Orion G. Måned siden
Link is simultaneously both Link and Zelda, as well as neither Link nor Zelda. He is everything and nothing.
Vengeance U
Vengeance U Måned siden
Also a great strength feat is the Lynel parry
Adam Fearnley
Adam Fearnley Måned siden
What about dk
Kurt Axl Peña
Kurt Axl Peña Måned siden
Im suprized that he used friges insted of lime stone squares
wild reptilia
wild reptilia Måned siden
In Ocarina of time if you were the Hylian Shield it has wood in the N64 version
Kevin Spirig
Kevin Spirig Måned siden
So, that's what it would take for him to lift that object, but what would it take for him to throw it so hard that it shatters against the forcefield gannondorf put inside the center of his castle? Sure tossing it around is one thing, but for it to actually shatter upon impact like we see him do inside the castle is another thing entirely.
DarnMan Måned siden
What about the fact that he can hold millions of items in breath of the wild
Jeremy Ng
Jeremy Ng Måned siden
the iron boots killed me... HAHAHAHAHA
Goaty Måned siden
Minecraft Steve: *A worthy opponent! This battle will be legendary!*
Jason Bell
Jason Bell Måned siden
BOTW link, using his non-dominant hand to SMACK with over one million pounds of force unaided: Am I a joke to you?
Steven Måned siden
The strongest videogame character is Darkdeath Evilman from Disgaea D2
AbyssCorpse Måned siden
Steve is still stronger lmao
Izaak Playz
Izaak Playz Måned siden
Food Theory
MATTHEW PRIM Måned siden
i recomend you watch this mat pat
qater dargon
qater dargon Måned siden
Mmmm strongest, do anime characters who are also in video game characters, count as video game character
しょうしょう Måned siden
ProductBasement Måned siden
Like Minecraft Steve, I also have something that weighs 128,000 lbs in my pant
Paolo Måned siden
Steve : I never met this man in my life
Kellie Allen
Kellie Allen Måned siden
oh but there's that one Kirby scene where Kirby splits popstar in half
gamer silke fun
gamer silke fun Måned siden
AlexCabral Lequinho
AlexCabral Lequinho Måned siden
vikinglimit Måned siden
The zelda kid is a doodoo compare to steve a gold block weight 21000 k and a appel weight 12k that mean a enchanted appel weaght 160013 k per enchantedppel and he can fill a shulker box with 28 stack of it and he can fill his inventory 28 shulker box so that mean he carry more 1 billion killogram and he can fill a shulker with 28 filled shulker so that mean steve can carry infinty amount of stuff he carry even the universe in his pocket crazy right?
vikinglimit Måned siden
The zelda kid is a doodoo compare to steve a gold block weight 21000 k and a appel weight 12k that mean a enchanted appel weaght 160013 k per enchantedppel and he can fill a shulker box with 28 stack of it and he can fill his inventory 28 shulker box so that mean he carry more 1 billion killogram and he can fill a shulker with 28 filled shulker so that mean steve can carry infinty amount of stuff he carry even the universe in his pocket crazy right?
Energy Falcon
Energy Falcon Måned siden
All those years of pot smashing finally paid off... Colorado: Am I a joke to you?
Linkie Måned siden
um mat the feats from link are from different links so um theory debunked still a great theory tho
LDragon2000 Måned siden
Funny. As soon as you started talking about the one feat of strength that surpasses all the rest, I knew exactly what you were talking about.
Shamzzz Måned siden
Legend of Zelda and Pokemon on PS5? 😳
Shamzzz Måned siden
Sony buying Nintendo? 😳
Astrobot Gaming PH
Astrobot Gaming PH Måned siden
nope someone is stronger steve is stronger he can carry 97941957.12 pounds
Andrew Pullins
Andrew Pullins Måned siden
8:15 some times he is only asserting the force of friction between the block and the floor. Here 4:47 you can see that the block is not only scraping against the floor but also the two walls.
Ricardobr14 Måned siden
Ma5tergamer1985 Måned siden
Still not even close to the strongest video game character
Bapp0 _74
Bapp0 _74 Måned siden
just an FYI, if you wanna use the Training stage squares for measurement, it's not exactly 1 meter, it's actually 1.1 meters. You can use Mario's canon height to find out that Mario is about 14 small blocks tall, and using some more math, we find a height of nearly 11cm per small square.
Lemi Dindar
Lemi Dindar Måned siden
I think hajun from kajiri kanji kagura is the strongest video game character
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