Game Theory: Is Link the STRONGEST Video Game Character? (Legend of Zelda)

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It's been a while since I talked about Legend of Zelda, and since Nintendo released a teaser trailer for Breath of The Wild 2, I figured it was about time we revisited the franchise. I've talked a LOT about this world, its timelines, and pretty much every version of Link there is - so what's left? Well Theorists, today we are doing some heavy lifting and figuring out just how strong our hero Link REALLY is!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Josh Langman, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Tyler Mascola, and Marc Schneider
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Bermam

玩游戏的峰胜 2 timer siden
Erm... didnt your partner concluded that steve/alex can carry like a lot of universes(and he forgot to add the armor)?
Reaper O War
Reaper O War Dag siden
Tortoise200 3 dager siden
01:56 is cursed
Azur break
Azur break 4 dager siden
shield was never made full of metal, look at artworks...
Rory Aitken
Rory Aitken 4 dager siden
I think another impressive feat with Link is in breath of the wild. My guy can swing that Hylian shield (and other ones that are more likely solid metal) fast enough and strong enough to perfectly re-direct laser blasts, Talos rocks, Hinox arm slams, and Lynel everything's!
Jairo Peña
Jairo Peña 4 dager siden
King of Games
King of Games 5 dager siden
The Shield could be titanium not iron What do you think?
Dylan Sims
Dylan Sims 5 dager siden
i saw a video about how strong link is in breath of the wild and the calculations were INSANE
Zaqisback h
Zaqisback h 6 dager siden
My therapist: Muscled Keebler elf isn’t real he can’t hurt you. Muscled Keebler elf: 1:53
PowerBoy Plays
PowerBoy Plays 6 dager siden
Ima Zelda nerd out for a sec: Not all the Links are the same Link they ARE all incarnations of the hero
Juan Sanchis C
Juan Sanchis C 6 dager siden
*Kirby* All im gonna say
Kermit the dictator
Kermit the dictator 7 dager siden
He also throws the pillar way up into the air
Nathan Leasure
Nathan Leasure 7 dager siden
Game theory starts talking medieval weapons: Angry Shadversity noises.
Ben Anderson
Ben Anderson 8 dager siden
Did he say Jerudo
Arief TM Parhusip
Arief TM Parhusip 8 dager siden
Link: I can carry 9 space shutels. Steve: I can carry the whole universe
CompNerd2160 8 dager siden
Steve go brrrrrrr
MARX 85 9 dager siden
Kirby is strong. Look into the lore
Thiago Delou
Thiago Delou 9 dager siden
Dear Game Theory, Hey! it's me! Me... Please update the video with AoC's Link parrying a huge building debris without power glove. or make an "Ideas that do not make a GT episode" episode.
bob da esquina
bob da esquina 9 dager siden
you should measure donkey kong´s strength,appearently he punched the moon to earth
young Link
young Link 9 dager siden
Sorry but 252 pounds, how many kilos are them? Sry for English
Dr. Monty
Dr. Monty 10 dager siden
Wait, but a deadlift is a lower back exercise. Link has probably developed a super back for having to carry everyone and their problems 😂 so he does pull ups and curls, but not cardio or squats (soooo slow on the iron boots!)🧐 the Hero needs a better rounded exercise routine 😂
Circle Gaming
Circle Gaming 10 dager siden
goku is >:)
David Stowers
David Stowers 11 dager siden
Now in case you're not able to calculate pounds into stones, then I'll help you out. 252 pounds is exactly 18 stone and considering that I'm just over 17 stone, are you effing kidding me.
Vlad VR
Vlad VR 11 dager siden
You screemed like a goat at this intro
Tobidas Kerschbaumer
Tobidas Kerschbaumer 11 dager siden
No one gona point out that 77.677 arent 85.6 tons?
Kyaw Latt
Kyaw Latt 12 dager siden
The Zeltik lynel video said that link's arm is exerting a force equal to a rocket. And thats without any gauntlets or power bracelets
tamooz br
tamooz br 12 dager siden
He was created by a goddess as a love interest and a plan B, of course he is!
Logan Smith
Logan Smith 12 dager siden
do a thaery on the hunted zelda majerazs mask
Juan Salazar-ceja
Juan Salazar-ceja 15 dager siden
Steves greatest weapon is creative mode
The iron Destroyer
The iron Destroyer 16 dager siden
Hyrule warriors is a feat of strength
Hamsterold 16 dager siden
You forgot about Steve.
Hamsterold 16 dager siden
And anvils
Hamsterold 16 dager siden
I mean shulkerboxes
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna 17 dager siden
you use your left arm while he is using right arm ok.
Jacob Thakore
Jacob Thakore 17 dager siden
I would like to see a theory on how much force would be needed to wrestle the Gorons in twilight princess
Azell Zettai
Azell Zettai 17 dager siden
any disgaea character can win against Zelda(Link) lmao
Evelina Murt
Evelina Murt 18 dager siden
The most perfect intro
Just Some girl with a Mustache
Just Some girl with a Mustache 18 dager siden
He can carry an infinite amount of diamond ores in his bag
khean paul Carmelo
khean paul Carmelo 19 dager siden
steve can varry a bunch of emerald blocks he is the strogest video game man alivr
Aurora Bassani
Aurora Bassani 19 dager siden
Very impressive-
ato hagan
ato hagan 19 dager siden
Does anyone else know that hyrule's gravity is 3x the earth's or at least in botw also link parries lynels charging at him with nothing more than a flick of his arms
IAmAWeeb 19 dager siden
In swedish armwrestlung is armbrytning but it kinda sounds like your about to break your arm
Nixodian 2002
Nixodian 2002 19 dager siden
Still, less than the weight of the amount gold blocks you need to make a full powered beacon in Minecraft
sharpfang 20 dager siden
Meanwhile, when Steve picks up a full inventory of shulkerboxs of gold blocks, he exerts about the same surface gravity as Triton, the moon of Neptune. Link can't even lift 2 blocks of gold.
Willie Q
Willie Q 21 dag siden
Hyrule warriors really makes link over powered
Armir Suvarija
Armir Suvarija 21 dag siden
5:54 Jerudo!? WTF MATPAT it's gerudo not Jerudo!
Samuel Goykhman
Samuel Goykhman 22 dager siden
Not to mention he has the triforce of courage
B P 22 dager siden
I thought he would talk about parrying full force lynel attacks
Jaden Washburn
Jaden Washburn 22 dager siden
I can't stop laughing at the image in my head where link just breaks his at in the intro cinematic followed by that scream... It just fits so well!
potato 23 dager siden
The game theory rennisance
PaPa DaPooPoo Man
PaPa DaPooPoo Man 23 dager siden
No. Kirby is
lööpiishere 24 dager siden
he has much more stamina when it comes to entering hyrule castle ;)
shivalowr 26 dager siden
You know what's annoying is that your terraria character can carry three inventory's worth of gold with each stack at 999 blocks. (if your using the piggy bank and safe items)
Mario Gamer12345
Mario Gamer12345 26 dager siden
There might be comments on this, but technically, the gold deadlift is even harder because Link not only has to lift it, but he chucks the thing more than it's own height into the air. At least he has good form while doing it.
Caleb Taten
Caleb Taten 26 dager siden
Take that Steve
Aiden Gonzales
Aiden Gonzales 26 dager siden
as a game creator im just going to make a game with no sense/story to it and let people that like analyzing stuff like this so my job for me.
Cjdoestuff_ _
Cjdoestuff_ _ 27 dager siden
we all know steve is the strongest
Fantastic Flies
Fantastic Flies 27 dager siden
Never heard of the hook shot before
Renzo Chan
Renzo Chan 27 dager siden
Kirby is the strongest video game character. According to one of his games, kirby has infinite power.
jazzsquad stuff
jazzsquad stuff 28 dager siden
its like 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 not lying and its in kgs
jazzsquad stuff
jazzsquad stuff 28 dager siden
vs that video of how strong steve is hahahahahahahahahahahahah no
Mew2is 2good4u2YT
Mew2is 2good4u2YT 28 dager siden
I miss the good ole days where we didn’t know what the yellow ring in the intro means
Terrence Hanratty
Terrence Hanratty 28 dager siden
Jayden’s pikachu
Jayden’s pikachu 28 dager siden
Did kirby not exist when making this video
CT Vault
CT Vault 28 dager siden
Links hight is more concrete then Mario... Who knew
Anish Stevens
Anish Stevens 29 dager siden
Title; Link is the strongest video game character? Minecraft Steve; hold my beer
Roel Måned siden
Steve be like: “Don’t mind me just carrying the volume of the sun”
Liam Ryan Triñanes
Liam Ryan Triñanes 9 dager siden
@Roel nice one
tamooz br
tamooz br 12 dager siden
Link can do that while slowing down time, wheight is just another property if things for him
ege kahraman
ege kahraman 15 dager siden
*volume of endless universes*
jay quickblade
jay quickblade Måned siden
You know... I feel link isn't all that strong but rather, has high amounts of endurance
Titouan Metzler
Titouan Metzler Måned siden
ummmmmmmmm steve is still the strongest
abigail Pineda
abigail Pineda Måned siden
Am i the only one that caught him saying 1. Instead of 1,
a dazed monkey
a dazed monkey Måned siden
Lol did you say the "Juroodough" symbol?
Luke B
Luke B Måned siden
Matt... ever seen Alex Mercer?... prototype?... no?...
Salty Toast
Salty Toast Måned siden
Mat pat in the next episode “you know how I said link could own up to Steve, yea well scrap that”
The Nifty Guy
The Nifty Guy Måned siden
How about BOTW, where link can stop a lynel's full charge completely with a shield parry?
C0IN_FLIP Måned siden
BOTW confirms that that the Hero of the Wild, has abs. A gerudo says to link, "I could barely see your abs." BOTW link has not been doing situps... he could parry a charging lynel but that is about it. He can still glide with all his stuff in his pocket, which is not as impressive as Steve being able to fly with wings and a bundle of fireworks with bundles of gold inside of him.
Anita Hailey
Anita Hailey Måned siden
Well link can also parry a full charging lynel with that 200ish pounds hylian shield 😂
Josiah Randecker
Josiah Randecker Måned siden
I was waiting for you to say something about link using the parry in botw, that is using a lot of strength to stop even a Lynel!
CodytheNerd Måned siden
Just saying this was just a “the science of” with extra steps
Broke Ank
Broke Ank Måned siden
not to mention the fact that he can stop a lynel's charge instantly with his shield
Frederick Bader
Frederick Bader Måned siden
matpat,can u just tell us the weight without showing us how 2 measure it?
hugo Rodrigues
hugo Rodrigues Måned siden
In hyrule warriors age of calamity, link parries a falling piece of concrete from the caste with one arm
Joshadow Måned siden
stave can hold like 7 eiffel towers
ABZ famjam
ABZ famjam Måned siden
Umm... Steve can hold more than 1 SEPTILLION universes worth of gold without help or hesitation and your saying LINK is strong.
Da Moose
Da Moose Måned siden
Mario carries big ba bomb. That thing must weigh multiple litteral tons
Michael Lusk
Michael Lusk Måned siden
I don’t think that kratos Ripping someone’s chest in half is that impressive of a feat.
Cal Wizzarak
Cal Wizzarak Måned siden
🌸🌸💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎✅✅✅✅🍀🍀🍀🍀🌸🌸 *Jesus Christ is the only true God!* *The one God who rose from the dead and lives forever.* *Jesus Christ is the only one qualified to give us eternal life.* *also heal their bodies.* (look up and ask HIM)
Kshitiz Plays
Kshitiz Plays Måned siden
Its over 9000!!
Pengine Måned siden
*Laughs in parrying 150 ton chunk of stone in AoC
TitanicTNT Måned siden
Mat didn’t see Austin’s video on Steve, did he?
RULES OF NATURE 29 dager siden
Well blocks in minecraft float in the air so maybe they’re weightless.
Jeffrey Brill
Jeffrey Brill Måned siden
Not jerudo gerudo
Alanki Larkos Flava
Alanki Larkos Flava Måned siden
It exists One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows so Saitama is the strongest.
RULES OF NATURE 29 dager siden
I think he more means characters that originated from video games.
Charles Zellmer
Charles Zellmer 2 måneder siden
So last months/Octuber 2020 I saw a border as in the one you see when your on 290 well 1 of then had your channel on it and it had your merch and I know this because I live near 290 on hope and trobrigde the light blue and white house and i'm a subscriber so yay and I just got tested.
Skylar Ro'meave
Skylar Ro'meave 2 måneder siden
You forgot to measure gravity. How the walls rub against the blocks. I mean dude. Seriously. Would you be able to move it fast while there are walls keeping it from going fast? Or even how much effort he needs. Minecraft doesn't have its gravity. You can literally build a wall in the sky without anything holding it there.
THE ARBITER 2 måneder siden
Age of calamity link video when
B Combs
B Combs 2 måneder siden
Wait till he sees BOTW link deflect a piece of the castle in Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity
M Tucker
M Tucker 2 måneder siden
11:20 And that’s more weight than one of the heaviest, the most powerful steam locomotive that there are still 2 examples of in the world. The Lima Locomotive Works 2-6-6-6 Allegheny/Blue Ridge locomotive.
derek 2 måneder siden
i dont feel like that shield would weigh anywhere near 250 when a olympic 45 pound weight is around the same size
Lee Ward
Lee Ward 2 måneder siden
Really went short on this one, Thats the str required to lift it. Is that also the str required to yeet it?
The Silent Shadow
The Silent Shadow 2 måneder siden
Hey, hear me out, BOTW Link *is the fastest* video game character too And possibly one of if not the most powerful JUST HEAR ME OUT, or comment if you disagree
RULES OF NATURE 28 dager siden
@The Silent Shadow Alright gotcha.
The Silent Shadow
The Silent Shadow 28 dager siden
@RULES OF NATURE I am not talking about running speed/ travel speed, I’m talking about combat speed (aka how fast they are when they fight) and Sonic would be in slow motion. No Link even comes close to BOTW Link’s speed, agility, strength of power and I have researched that.
RULES OF NATURE 29 dager siden
I would say other versions of link would be stronger. Also about speed, links running speed in botw may be fast but I think sonic is faster.
OOF BOI 2 måneder siden
5:53 Ah, yes, Jurudo
Zakkun 2 måneder siden
Yeah well it's not surprising Link can parry a charging gold lynel with his mere left hand
Clev Magyk
Clev Magyk 2 måneder siden
please reconsider this, minecraft shulker boxes make steves inventory 27 times larger, meaning that steve can carry way more than he is given credit for in this video.
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