We Visit St. Jude to Help Cancel Cancer!

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10 måneder siden

Tune in to our BIG #CancelCancer livestream with St. Jude happening on Dec. 3rd, 10:00 AM PST here on Game Theory! There will be games, prizes, special guests and more! Use the blue DONATE BUTTON to start donating NOW!
Special thanks to St. Jude and everyone at the Memphis campus for having us!
When we began our journey to the #CancelCancer campaign with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital earlier this year, we were invited to visit their main campus in Memphis. We decided to record our adventure so you all could see the amazing, groundbreaking work they are doing for children battling cancer and other serious diseases. St. Jude not only provides treatment for these children at NO COST to their families, but they share all of their research with the world in the name of curing cancer once and for all. They're committed to providing everything kids and families need so they can focus on the thing that matters most: getting better and living a healthy life.
For more information, check out their official website. ► www.stjude.org/
And visit their official channel! ► nopost.info
Don't forget to tune in Tuesday Dec. 3rd. at 10:00 AM PST for our big livestream event!
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SimpleCaster Måned siden
Who would dislike this?
Purple girl Sakai Anime fan
Purple girl Sakai Anime fan Måned siden
Is that the bite of 87!
Le Rouge Panda
Le Rouge Panda Måned siden
This is pretty great. I'm way late on seeing this because of my own personal life struggles but i'm so happy seeing that you guys did this. To think good ole matpat and steph came to my hometown to visit one of the greatest known hospitals and raise money for them. Such a wholesome pair, as well as everyone helping in the charity event I can't wait to watch.
Anthony Derouen
Anthony Derouen Måned siden
Hey I been there
Terry Lee
Terry Lee Måned siden
Please let me know when they have major breakthroughs for the peripheral nervous system. Anything related to neuropathy matters to me. I have a rare type of muscular dystrophy similar to Charcot-Marie-Tooth type 3 and I feel like I'm struggling to stay alive long enough for medical research to have that breakthrough I'm looking for! I still have hope!
Payton Taylor
Payton Taylor Måned siden
I just now am seeing this and this makes me almost cry. I had an accident when I was 2 and I almost died. This was the hospital I went to.
• Lewi_Kun •
• Lewi_Kun • 2 måneder siden
Why are people disliking? Is it because (I have no reason ;w;)? They have no idea what video they have disliked. NO. THEY MISCLICKED.
PhoenixZe ClumsyWolf
PhoenixZe ClumsyWolf 2 måneder siden
I know I’m late but this hurts my heart, my 6 year old brother was a cancer patient at Saint Jude, he got his liver transplant and then it was revealed he had lung cancer, and then a brain tumor which is what killed him, thank you so much for doing this. So many cancers are looked at but childhood cancer is usually looked over cause we want to think it would never happen to us, but it can. Thank you again for doing this for childhood cancer and for cancer in general, I love your channel and it makes me so happy someone is helping what not many people think needs help. It’s been two-three years since he passed. I can’t donate but my family runs a non profit and we give earning to Saint Jude. This story is true and I posted this so people become aware just how deadly childhood cancer can be.
Anthony Not Funny
Anthony Not Funny 2 måneder siden
You guys are important
Anthony Not Funny
Anthony Not Funny 2 måneder siden
Keep the good work guys
Revivedparty 724
Revivedparty 724 2 måneder siden
9:06 Sup badger
Revivedparty 724
Revivedparty 724 2 måneder siden
Just watching video now wish i watched it sooooo sooner
ginger Something
ginger Something 3 måneder siden
The 300 dislikes have no life
Arwen Miah
Arwen Miah 4 måneder siden
This melted my heart.....
S u s h I B I r b
S u s h I B I r b 5 måneder siden
Who the h*ll dislikes this!? Not me at least.
cool spy
cool spy 5 måneder siden
the video made me cry because my grandma died from cancer
Lvcifer Moonchild
Lvcifer Moonchild 5 måneder siden
Donated twice now: once the day after the livestream (at the time I couldn’t afford to donate during), and once more today when I could afford so again. And I will keep coming back to donate, whenever I am able. Thank you, everyone who made the livestream possible. Thank you everyone who donated. Thank you to everyone who works to help the patients and their families, during their fight, and beyond. And thank you most of all to those who continue to show courage, strength, and hope, even when you might feel scared, or exhausted, or unsure of what’s to come. You are loved.
BojoBees 5 måneder siden
I like how they weren’t talking loud because that would’ve made some kids uncomfortable
Joe Black
Joe Black 6 måneder siden
I don’t know why but there is something wrong there I just feel it in my guts 🧐🤨🧐
Tula Cot
Tula Cot 6 måneder siden
But you two are one in the same...
Josie :p
Josie :p 6 måneder siden
When he dabbed by the great year blimp I lost it 😂😂
Nightmare Edits
Nightmare Edits 6 måneder siden
*Enough to Make a grown Man Cry*
Liggliluff 7 måneder siden
From the European perspective, you being so exciting about it being free is kinda sad. Health care should be a human right, and should be free for everyone. It is absolutely amazing that St. Jude are able to give free care in USA, but it should really be the norm, not the exception.
UwU Zizzy x Pony
UwU Zizzy x Pony 7 måneder siden
Omg i was crying so early in the vid
SCP: Immortal
SCP: Immortal 7 måneder siden
I saw the thumbnail and had to do a double take. He looks exactly like me, brunette, just a little chubby, exact same shirt, around the same age, maybe a bit younger, the EXACT same way I do my hair. I am surprised someone looks THAT similar to me.
Crystal sf
Crystal sf 7 måneder siden
I love you Mat.
Zerberus _MS
Zerberus _MS 7 måneder siden
RussianBadger in the background was the most surprising thing in the whole video
gbuko2391 7 måneder siden
Watched Badgers St Jude live stream today and couldn’t help but laugh at the smash bros clip after he told his story about Matpat destroying the kids at it. But really, doing some great things, this is amazing.
Sheev Hernandez
Sheev Hernandez 7 måneder siden
Matpat: Helps out the least helped people. Me: This does put a smile on my face!😊
Noobmaster69 7 måneder siden
MrBeast donated over $100,000 to st. Jude. You can see that in some vids, like once he donated $70,000 to st. Jude when he comes to shroud
Sunflwr -_-
Sunflwr -_- 8 måneder siden
“Lost in translation” lmao that guy is a mood.
Sebas Animations
Sebas Animations 8 måneder siden
The dislikes are from Satan
Daina Harris
Daina Harris 8 måneder siden
I feel guilty everytime I see some video that lets you donate and I have the money so I get excited to contribute and go to the button and see my wretched old foe “You can’t donate in this country or region yet.” And thus remember that I live on a fire ball made of God’s snake macaroni art from when he was five that has eons of spidery cobwebs all over it.
Sophia Allen
Sophia Allen 8 måneder siden
9:09 i see u TheRussianBadger
Allie Gacha and Reacts
Allie Gacha and Reacts 8 måneder siden
You were in Memphis?! I live like 2 hours away from there!!!!!
A Saint Fellow
A Saint Fellow 8 måneder siden
Badger should not be allowed in a children's hospital
Softie 9 måneder siden
Yall are making me cry. You all are good people
Linkuru 9 måneder siden
Zachary Barrera
Zachary Barrera 9 måneder siden
I know how these children are going through they are having help from st juds getting treatments done going through cancer is rough I know they feel they have in the hospital praying to get better but anyways in my prospective is that I have epilepsy I was diagnosed with it when I was just a baby epilepsy is caused seizures I had epilepsy my whole life so I'm praying that my seizures will go away I'm a survivor so I'm getting help my mom has always told me think positive think about happy thoughts to me in my own words to those children and parents I would what my mom says think positive be a fighter and pray to god I'm an epilepsy survivor and all those children who've had cancer in the past their all cancer survivors so to me I would say to children at st juds research hospital be a fighter you can beat this think of happy thoughts like what do you want when you grow up so I'm praying for those children
friedicecream 9 måneder siden
The world needs more people like Mat
Reg Joe
Reg Joe 9 måneder siden
MatPat i know im late but Ive been around with your channel for years, And this is the greatest thing you could have done for anyone.
Hinrik Torfi
Hinrik Torfi 9 måneder siden
when thay said all over the world *me where is iceland?
lray 07
lray 07 9 måneder siden
Who disliked this you monster
Kennan Mashon
Kennan Mashon 9 måneder siden
it makes me so happy to see what you guys are doing for st jude. i’ve been a patient there for almost 4 years and it is definitely a home away from home for me. another patient friend of mine says that st jude is the best place you never want to be and i think that her statement is so true because while you never want your child to have cancer, st jude is such a wonderful place for those families that do have to deal with childhood cancer. thanks again for supporting such an amazing cause :)
Soft_Box 9 måneder siden
I hope I dont get cancer even thoe I know nobody with cancer and my parents or their parents or their parents had no cancer
Meryem Altintas
Meryem Altintas 9 måneder siden
I donated today, but stupid youtube sistem does not allow me to select my country! I'm from Russia but on a trip in Germany right now, but youtube puts in Germany automatically, even though I didn't allow it to in the app settings. So I had to google the postal code of the place that I'm staying in and the donation look like it came from here. Lots of love from a sad russian supporter.
dopntkod 9 måneder siden
jayce morde
jayce morde 9 måneder siden
Look at this, video views and compare them with other this vid doesn't even reach a million views
jayce morde
jayce morde 9 måneder siden
Which is sad
Chino 10 måneder siden
This...this puts a smile on my face. ❤
Cherry Bomb
Cherry Bomb 10 måneder siden
is this in Canada? because that is a very good/nice hospital
Iana Shkarupa
Iana Shkarupa 10 måneder siden
I loved how u were in fnaf 5 the random encounters I LOVeD it!
Family Critchfield
Family Critchfield 10 måneder siden
This is amazing, thank you to Matt, Steph, and everyone on the GTlive team for all they do. I hope my comment, like, and subscription helps you guys keep doing such amazing things as this.
Kenneth Mclachlan
Kenneth Mclachlan 10 måneder siden
L.O.L.Z.H.A.X? no. not him.
noregrets92 10 måneder siden
The only cancel culture I want anything to do with.
digital 101
digital 101 10 måneder siden
I cried
Jorddin Rood
Jorddin Rood 10 måneder siden
Thank you for making this. It needed to be made.
Colozone x
Colozone x 10 måneder siden
yay u did it :D
Karel Hnedkovsky
Karel Hnedkovsky 10 måneder siden
This is so nice!
Maks Wojcinowicz
Maks Wojcinowicz 10 måneder siden
hey that was russian badger? was it some youtube event?
Stinger913 10 måneder siden
Sharing information for the sake of sharing it is very utopian to the point of being very like Star Trek’s Federation.
xOceavn RBLX
xOceavn RBLX 10 måneder siden
I'm going to St Jude this week.
RosaliaGaming 10 måneder siden
@xOceavn RBLX Merry Christmas my dude 🎄
xOceavn RBLX
xOceavn RBLX 10 måneder siden
@RosaliaGaming Thank you! Also, Merry Christmas! :’)
RosaliaGaming 10 måneder siden
@xOceavn RBLX alright, I hope the treatments continue to be successful. Good luck my dude.
xOceavn RBLX
xOceavn RBLX 10 måneder siden
@RosaliaGaming Thank you; everything went okay!
RosaliaGaming 10 måneder siden
That's... That's honestly... Really bad. I hope everything turns out well. I'll pray for you.
Amazing Games
Amazing Games 10 måneder siden
The fact that some of those patients didn't know if they would be fully healed and that they met someone as amazing as you MatPat is just tear breaking.
Adri 10 måneder siden
Filip 76uk
Filip 76uk 10 måneder siden
Hey jude dont make it bad take a sad song and make it better Remember to let her into your heart then you can start to make it netter
Love Na
Love Na 10 måneder siden
MatPat=Wholesome life saver and absolute hero
Tessa Trayner
Tessa Trayner 10 måneder siden
No matter how cringeworthy and dorky Steph and Matt might be on camera, this video is incredibly heartwarming. You're doing something special.
Angel Hernandez
Angel Hernandez 10 måneder siden
Wow absolutely broke the donate button 1,000,000 out of 500,000 lol good job
AlextheRobloxian 10 måneder siden
UNDERTALE Game: Donate appeared! Players with money: You're filled with HAPPINESS Broke players: You're filled with SADNESS
AlextheRobloxian 10 måneder siden
MatPat: *Kicks open doors of St. Jude's* LOOK OUT, CANCER! Cancer: Pffftt! there's just one of you! MatPat: AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! Everybody who donated: *Comes behind Mat* Cancer: ... YOU'LL NEVER CATCH ME ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MatPat: We got $1,346,180! Cancer: .......WELP. SEE YA!
AlextheRobloxian 10 måneder siden
Kid: *Waves* Me: *Dies* (At 4:19 a kid waves at the camera)
ToonTown BHH HQ
ToonTown BHH HQ 10 måneder siden
The reason why I watched this is because Memphis was my Hometown. I'm really surprised that they went into Memphis and I didn't know about this. Not much NOpostrs were in Memphis until now.
Ellise Hernandez
Ellise Hernandez 10 måneder siden
I am literally going to cry I can’t believe that my favorite NOpostr walked on the floor that I walk on everyday to go to my appointments and procedures it’s so cool and I can’t believe it
TH3Derpy Donut
TH3Derpy Donut 10 måneder siden
Colby Schafer
Colby Schafer 10 måneder siden
Matpat went from theorizing that cupheads a moonshiner to helping cure cancer
Lead_Marie 10 måneder siden
I just had a bad day, and watching this really made me feel better. Because it’s amazing to know that children with way worse lives than me are getting what they need in such an amazing way.
Azula 10 måneder siden
Awe this is too cute
GAMER500 NL 10 måneder siden
1.341.453 usd is donated the goal is 500.00 usd good job everyone who donated
Gracie Lopez
Gracie Lopez 10 måneder siden
This video made my heart warm 🥰
milk yes
milk yes 10 måneder siden
Hmmmm sounds familiar
Jillig 2002
Jillig 2002 10 måneder siden
9:08 is that therussianbadger?
Kevin Musial
Kevin Musial 10 måneder siden
This truly was one of the most touching videos I have seen I have no one in my family that has cancer and I am thankful for that but this really makes me feel good that these kids even though they are going through treatments they have stuff to keep the kids happy
Pamni Rodz
Pamni Rodz 10 måneder siden
This is better than any St. Jude’s comercials
Tense Bug
Tense Bug 10 måneder siden
This is a good theory😋
TAKING 10 måneder siden
Diet coke isn't good I PREFER ZERO
vrep baron
vrep baron 10 måneder siden
Cancer: *exists* *But thats just a theory! A game theory!*
NightFly 10 måneder siden
Jessica Davis
Jessica Davis 10 måneder siden
$1,000,000 This is beautiful❤️😭
Noxer 10 måneder siden
Can we get the FTC to sue cancer for targeting children
Henry D'Antignac
Henry D'Antignac 10 måneder siden
honestly who the heck dislikes this video?
Brian Walker
Brian Walker 10 måneder siden
Did anyone see the Russian badger in the video
TruePerception 10 måneder siden
Memphis? Don't you live in CA?
Will Herzog
Will Herzog 10 måneder siden
Has NOBODY noticed that was TheRussianBadger on the right at 9:07?
No Way
No Way 10 måneder siden
Aww man I missed it
A human Being
A human Being 10 måneder siden
Cancer:you can’t stop me. Everyone:I know, but he can! *boss music plays *game theory enters the chat
Alexis Hinse
Alexis Hinse 10 måneder siden
I swear to god if COPPA remove Game Theory from NOpost..
Silver Animations
Silver Animations 10 måneder siden
Literally 300 years in the future from now- Teacher: there possibly used to be a very lethal disease known as cancer. Other teacher: But hey that’s just a theory a real theory!
Lucky 10 måneder siden
I literally mowed my grandma's lawn just to save up money for this, now all I have to do I put it in my account to donate it
Sad artist
Sad artist 10 måneder siden
April M
April M 10 måneder siden
I saw the NOpost LiveStream yesterday of this. Great job, Game Theory. Your one of my favorite youtube channels.
HadesIsHere 10 måneder siden
Yooooo, that's like actually my friend, thats sick dude
Constance Hjort
Constance Hjort 10 måneder siden
It's crazy for me as a dane, with free healthcare, to understand how amazing this hospital is. I am så lucky for my position. Thank you for letting me realize that
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