Game Theory: Dear Fall Guys, I Fixed Your Game!

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4 måneder siden

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Fall Guys is a game that can make me RAGE like no other! Seriously, for a game with so much potential, I feel like there is a way for the creators of the game to make it SO MUCH better! With the help of you Loyal Theorists who took part in my Fall Guys survey, I was able to come up with a plan to FIX Fall Guys! From seeing what mini-games you all love and hate most, to seeing how your preferences can SHAPE the game itself - together we can ALL make Fall Guys better!
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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! ►►
FNAF This Theory Changes Everything ►
FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
FNAF 6, No More Secrets ►
Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Pedro Freitas and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Heroman Plays
Heroman Plays 19 timer siden
Who many ENTP's have voted?
Purpaniac 2 dager siden
I like every stille of games multiplayer open World and the acomplisment
Stephanie Delmeire
Stephanie Delmeire 2 dager siden
Joshua Castellon
Joshua Castellon 2 dager siden
"I forgot what a country is" Me: me too
Dorielle Brashears
Dorielle Brashears 3 dager siden
And now, this game is dead.
Scar Rosa
Scar Rosa 4 dager siden
Did I see all mights arms
Yzabelle Gonzales
Yzabelle Gonzales 4 dager siden
Who else is here watching this in 2021
XD_WONDER 123 3 dager siden
Jake.64 4 dager siden
NOpost is getting real cozy with the double unskipppable ads.
Braden Thatcher
Braden Thatcher 5 dager siden
1:57 "Fall PEOPLE, fall women can be fall guys too..." A few seconds later... "We asked you GUYS, the players..."
박지윤 5 dager siden
MatPat's good old intro
marshall w
marshall w 6 dager siden
Note porcupines and hedgehog aren’t in the same family, I revolve the sticker “never made a mistake”
Hurricone 6 dager siden
Hahaahahahahahahaha fall guys ded
Angelina Vald
Angelina Vald 6 dager siden
Hello matpat, probably won't see this but there's a game nobody can figure out! It has an incredible life even I can't understand, and Im wishing you could figure out! It's in roblox called : de pride isle sanitarium, if you want to see if it's actually good here's a video of the trailer!:
Game show animates And Games
Game show animates And Games 7 dager siden
R or a of car for me
Garett Johnson
Garett Johnson 8 dager siden
Myredyoshi 1232
Myredyoshi 1232 8 dager siden
Among us: hold my beer
Ebot Films
Ebot Films 8 dager siden
I like tail tag
Neena Sanjay
Neena Sanjay 9 dager siden
Aaaahhh...... remember when this was relevant.
The smol brain hooman.
The smol brain hooman. 9 dager siden
Mat pat: where u live????? My oc's: eh just hell its kinda boring here Me: he's talking to me idiots and mat pat i used to live in middle town ohio now I live in Tennessee in Murfreesboro owo
Monozhrome 9 dager siden
the hexagon game is just spleef from hypixel
Monozhrome 9 dager siden
@Katie oh yeaahhhh. tnt run. figured hypixel probably didn't invent it. well I mean now it's hexagons instead of explosives so points for that?
Katie 9 dager siden
Nah you're thinking of tnt run but they're kinda similar so I see why you thought that. Also tnt run wasn't created by hypixel or any minecraft server. Idk where it originated but it's been copied multiple times so it's not like fall guys is out to steal hypixel's games 😅
Monozhrome 9 dager siden
or atleast that's what I think it's called
Knight_Watcher Gaming
Knight_Watcher Gaming 9 dager siden
"Stumblin and Bumblin" FlightReacts
Sebastian Rodriguez
Sebastian Rodriguez 10 dager siden
Matpat saying all this stuff about how fall guys could be the best game in the world 2 months later it’s basically been erased from the internet
joe momma
joe momma 10 dager siden
Fall guys pe
Silas the gamer 3000
Silas the gamer 3000 11 dager siden
u will do music theory
Mister Micah
Mister Micah 11 dager siden
I mean not
Mister Micah
Mister Micah 11 dager siden
I have won in fall guys ever
Bowser Jr Games
Bowser Jr Games 12 dager siden
Mostly nintendo players huh,. Okay Matpat you need to further explian why mostly Nintendo players. Maybe because of Mario
Pasaules Pavelnieki
Pasaules Pavelnieki 12 dager siden
Realms- 64
Realms- 64 12 dager siden
Dam he's ugly 0:04
Megan Gil
Megan Gil 13 dager siden
Even though we haven't played this game before icing I mean I think Among Us is better.
T Rex
T Rex 13 dager siden
Remember this it was like a day a go
Lim95 13 dager siden
So... Door Dash is equal to Mario Party’s Chance Time.
The Tutorialist
The Tutorialist 13 dager siden
hex-a-gone is liked cuz mc players relate
CHUNKY Boi 13 dager siden
O soo r rated games are rated r for relatsdness good to know
CHUNKY Boi 13 dager siden
We are all big giant BEANS
Sam Bigfatstupididiothead
Sam Bigfatstupididiothead 14 dager siden
It's sad to see a seemingly interesting and fun game just die and fall to a mobile game
Turtles Games
Turtles Games 14 dager siden
Now it only among us fall guys are died no one plays it no one
Scott Bergeron
Scott Bergeron 14 dager siden
layne reynolds
layne reynolds 14 dager siden
No I would say tigers because I have a hedgehog and they are DEMONS
Tristen Bailey
Tristen Bailey 14 dager siden
So, basically the conclusion I'm getting here is that if the tail tag games along with the team based minigames were removed, Fall Guys probably would have been a lot better and, considering Among Us, would possibly have not died because of the success of Among Us (hackers are a different story, though).
IcyCliff 1
IcyCliff 1 14 dager siden
That was exactly my recommended
fatima novak
fatima novak 15 dager siden
hexagons are the bestagons
HollowKnight Fan
HollowKnight Fan 16 dager siden
MatPat: says Latvia Everybody: k Me: OH MY, PEOPLE KNOW MY COUNTRY EXISTS
Starfall Entertainment
Starfall Entertainment 16 dager siden
This game died fast
JP Covell
JP Covell 17 dager siden
Among us
Cayden Thompson
Cayden Thompson 17 dager siden
I like tale tag
micael c. c
micael c. c 18 dager siden
Tim T Rex
Tim T Rex 18 dager siden
I would've voted for slime clime because I am very competitive and it is challenging. Fight me
ٰ 18 dager siden
what I love tail tag
Harry Mulligan
Harry Mulligan 19 dager siden
The intro at the start with the one from like 2014 and 2015. Bro the nostalgia
Ducky! !
Ducky! ! 19 dager siden
Hey you alright there bud? Your injuries won’t heal the self 0-0
Ariden Coates
Ariden Coates 19 dager siden
CANADA CANADA CANADA WOOOOOOOOOOOOO Im Canadian if you couldn’t guess
cringy cringe
cringy cringe 19 dager siden
Poor fall guys among us took over
Chestercat1511 19 dager siden
I’m still waiting for that theory
Narwhal Da Doge
Narwhal Da Doge 19 dager siden
I’m watching it 3 months from when this came out
pop add 7
pop add 7 20 dager siden
Pless make a lower aposoed ov what are FALL guyse
Adam Cacaj
Adam Cacaj 21 dag siden
3 months later and fall guys mostly died..
blaze burner
blaze burner 21 dag siden
The old intro
Devilfurytiger lambert smith
Devilfurytiger lambert smith 21 dag siden
Fall guys rules its so fun and infurating
Mr gamer
Mr gamer 22 dager siden
Yeah it died
Shikido San
Shikido San 22 dager siden
Daniel Lynch
Daniel Lynch 22 dager siden
wot is a hoglin from 1.16 minecraft now netherit
gatis ramanis
gatis ramanis 23 dager siden
Kyngjai 24 dager siden
whats among us gonna think of this?
reyalsnomeD 24 dager siden
R.I.P Fall Guys.. you won't be missed
Ruby Caybra
Ruby Caybra 25 dager siden
Like I know you said the main 3 reasons are CAR but I personally agree with the guy who said they’re fun.
Me Me
Me Me 25 dager siden
The Second To Last Unicorn
The Second To Last Unicorn 25 dager siden
I like tail tag, I just don't like 3 different games being the same game. Don't need a single player, team version, AND final version of the same thing. TOO much tail tag.
MoonL13 26 dager siden
I'm the C in CAR
Arie Lugassy
Arie Lugassy 28 dager siden
Lucy Kill
Lucy Kill 28 dager siden
Preston Padilla
Preston Padilla Måned siden
OK just because I watch anime I literally love that you put all might
Fiona Meador
Fiona Meador Måned siden
Honestly I’ve had a fantasy about moving to Finland recently. I even starting learning Finnish lol. I live in Georgia ;-;
Zane Ezeriņa
Zane Ezeriņa Måned siden
Im in Latvija
shirothefloof Måned siden
I like that I was watching this in December of 2020
ash games
ash games Måned siden
4th quad should be like world theory or something
deMAXgamer Måned siden
You have more subs than the entire population of Belgium. Which is a lot
camila restrepo
camila restrepo Måned siden
The modern grass fortunately print because parrot coronally choke a a innocent camp. brash, aquatic broccoli
justin Morris
justin Morris Måned siden
My favorite Fall guys round is hexagon
Nathan Wanlass
Nathan Wanlass Måned siden
15:39 this didn’t age well
Todd Goodrich
Todd Goodrich Måned siden
hey hey hey like this vide
Ashley LoTempio
Ashley LoTempio Måned siden
All might
BenG420 lil bro
BenG420 lil bro Måned siden
the hell how you know i started gaming on nintendo and i play fortnite human fall flat also plz make theory about human fall flat
Doomguy Faz3recon
Doomguy Faz3recon Måned siden
And scout bean at 11:25
Doomguy Faz3recon
Doomguy Faz3recon Måned siden
7:37 I love the bean freeman with a headcrab on him
Rafael Basniak
Rafael Basniak Måned siden
See Saw is my favorite!!!
Starwarrior 0012
Starwarrior 0012 Måned siden
Well it doesn’t matter because no one is playing fall guys anymore
Batman. Wade
Batman. Wade Måned siden
Comrade welcome to Ze Russia ⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️ 🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦 🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥
Batman. Wade
Batman. Wade Måned siden
I don’t know why the Russian flag is weird
Foxhead L
Foxhead L Måned siden
[1:55] "Guy" or "Guys" is a typically gender neutral term, often used to indicate a group of people, or if you are unsure of the individual's gender. "Fall Guys" already includes male and female players, by switching it to "people" you are the one bringing gender into it. You are the issue here.
Cris P. Bacon
Cris P. Bacon Måned siden
He said that this appeals to Nintendo players, fall guys isn’t available on Nintendo
eitan yehoshua
eitan yehoshua Måned siden
I miss the old intro, it was great, and the old outro too
Jonathan tan 7s
Jonathan tan 7s Måned siden
myth:Fall guys is a roblox game Someone:myth confirmed
Allison Thompson
Allison Thompson Måned siden
Can you do a theory on roblox? I would love that please?
dude gaming productions
dude gaming productions Måned siden
Same i also want it
Izabela Donohue
Izabela Donohue Måned siden
Game:Is nice and relaxing Game theory:are you sure about that?
Marco Garcia
Marco Garcia Måned siden
“Do you still see yourself playing fall guys three months from now?” Me: Yes Among us: *Appears* Me: No
yunus koektas
yunus koektas Måned siden
i am from turky
Ahmed tube HD
Ahmed tube HD Måned siden
Who is whatching when FGUK in 2021
Zach Adams
Zach Adams Måned siden
My least favorite is definitely slime climb
Emil Bajramov
Emil Bajramov Måned siden
Ferrous Ruler
Ferrous Ruler Måned siden
Cool homage to avgn!
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