Game Theory: Dear Fall Guys, I Fixed Your Game!

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Fall Guys is a game that can make me RAGE like no other! Seriously, for a game with so much potential, I feel like there is a way for the creators of the game to make it SO MUCH better! With the help of you Loyal Theorists who took part in my Fall Guys survey, I was able to come up with a plan to FIX Fall Guys! From seeing what mini-games you all love and hate most, to seeing how your preferences can SHAPE the game itself - together we can ALL make Fall Guys better!
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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! ►►
FNAF This Theory Changes Everything ►
FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Pedro Freitas and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

pokemon boiz
pokemon boiz 11 timer siden
I like tail tag and team games
Beatboxer King
Beatboxer King 15 timer siden
I did not know fall guys was broken🤨
GJSelect Dag siden
can we talk about how world of warcraft fits your triforce perfectly?
Deamonscape Dag siden
*sets out to fix a game* .... *prove the game effectively requires no skill at all*
Darkened Obsidian
Darkened Obsidian Dag siden
Eva Castro
Eva Castro Dag siden
I love fornite
No One
No One Dag siden
"everyone loves murdered children" y e a
Exilious 2 dager siden
I am sad they don’t have fall guys on the switch they only have clumsy rush
Draggons4 2 dager siden
*Everyone loves murdered children!* - MatPat
Jaken Colvin
Jaken Colvin 2 dager siden
the yellow teem suckes
SincereCorby 2 dager siden
Fall Guys will probably keep most players *Among Us has entered the chat*
LUCAS MARTINEZ 2 dager siden
Cool vid!
Hhh Pestock
Hhh Pestock 2 dager siden
EVERYBODY loves murdered children
Lunar Eclipse255
Lunar Eclipse255 3 dager siden
I’m watching this cause I’m bored and I missed the upload sadly and I just noticed it’s like he wants a new fnaf to find out cause he is asking for lore in a game that shouldn’t have any or of anything not very much.
speedyfireball 3 dager siden
And then there was Among Us
MADDY17 3 dager siden
I guess I don't like Royal Fumble then
HenyBett Camacho
HenyBett Camacho 3 dager siden
Fall guys might stay. Among us: uhh no I will
balloony gamerz
balloony gamerz 3 dager siden
To beat sonic, use water balloons
How many numbers of your country? 47. 47 CLONES?!
ashycoconut 4 dager siden
4:50 other 70%? meh.
Cody H
Cody H 4 dager siden
I've never even played the game, and I already knew right away that Tail Tag would be the least favorite. :P
Sean McKimmey
Sean McKimmey 4 dager siden
wirly gig is the best (like if you agree)
Yael Camacho
Yael Camacho 4 dager siden
When he said the people who took the survey were more than some countries I imagined a country full of theorists it would be a country full of dad puns and math equations
Davey Splits
Davey Splits 4 dager siden
MatPat LampPat CrampPat CampPat TrampPat BanPat No
Isabella Gunshna
Isabella Gunshna 4 dager siden
Am I the only one who watches these videos while playing the game they're theorizing about?
Eburu The Awesome
Eburu The Awesome 5 dager siden
my favorite is door dash
ember is an idiot
ember is an idiot 5 dager siden
NOW HERES WHAT I THINK: they are fighting to live, and if they dont make it they get sacrificed. THE END
ThatRandomCat 5 dager siden
Well game theory, you sure have fallen into my heart
Jessica Totino
Jessica Totino 5 dager siden
i love tail tag
Christopher Roberts
Christopher Roberts 5 dager siden
Seriously MattPat, everybody who has a brain knows "guys" is equal to "y'all" and is inclusive to "females" and not exclusively "male". Don't pander to the crazy people
R a n d o m S o f t i e ビバー
R a n d o m S o f t i e ビバー 5 dager siden
alina vikele
alina vikele 5 dager siden
I'm from Latvia and was really suprised to see my country here on my fav youtube channel. I seriusly screeched so much and almost had a stroke upon hearing my countrys name.... I guess we aren't as unknown as I thought we were XD To MatPat if he reads it: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVER NOTICING OUR SMALL GERMLIN COUNTRY!!!! AND LOVE YOUR CHANNEL AND THE CONTENT YOU MAKE!!!! LAI DZĪVO MATPATS!!! XD
alina vikele
alina vikele 5 dager siden
Ja jūs šo varat izlasīt, tad parakstieties uz spēles teoriju.
soggy dog yeetman
soggy dog yeetman 6 dager siden
fall guys isn’t popular anymore
GamerBoi 6 dager siden
I swear the intos are the best things about these videos
Gacha Police
Gacha Police 6 dager siden
To the person that is moving to Russia be careful and don’t let the government get you on the blacklist before you go listen to TRRRST here is the link
Ali Mohamed
Ali Mohamed 7 dager siden
i feel attacked tail tag is honestly good but team tail tag can die
darren orellana
darren orellana 8 dager siden
They actually listend in season 2
Carlos Benedito
Carlos Benedito 8 dager siden
Video starts at 4:00
Ostap_deadpool gaming and vlogs
Ostap_deadpool gaming and vlogs 8 dager siden
Game theory be like. So it is called car
tarso filho
tarso filho 8 dager siden
i love your edits lmao
Anna Krolla
Anna Krolla 8 dager siden
Wait you mentioned latvia that’s insane
Jackaroo Dragon
Jackaroo Dragon 9 dager siden
I changed my mind about tail tag I hate it
Generic_Name 9 dager siden
Why did I hear jackeryz?
Yohan Ye
Yohan Ye 9 dager siden
who knew people hated each other?
J Martin
J Martin 9 dager siden
Whoa, whoa! There are only French Subtitles for this video! Could someone please get some English in here? Thanks!
The Living Liver
The Living Liver 9 dager siden
that awkward moment when you like tail tag even though you never win it i see why people dont like it, but i still like it cuz it makes me laugh most also people dont like seesaw either dont understand how seesaws work or they hate people who dont understand how seesaws work. i for one love see saw
Anubhav Rana
Anubhav Rana 9 dager siden
delete tail tag and add something related to a *maze*
Tony Zhu
Tony Zhu 10 dager siden
MatPat's Maximum Flex. I got an enormous Data Set. All For Free. (And We Get a Video in Return) Excellent Deal.
EVERYDAY solid3 10 dager siden
My bad I didn’t take the survey because I don’t like fall guys
Incorp 23
Incorp 23 10 dager siden
Tbh cod and Minecraft are the best friend games
William Ahsoak
William Ahsoak 10 dager siden
I have played so much fall guys i stopped playing bc i have never gotten hexagone once
This is a false account
This is a false account 10 dager siden
I feel like there should be a game mode where you’re just playing all the mini games over and over, you don’t get kicked out you just have to wait for the next round and it’s like that forever until you leave, and the amount of times you win, depends on how many crowns or coins you get, it would allow for practice, less of try hardyness, and no risk of losing the whole because of team mini games.
Gaebel Maples
Gaebel Maples 11 dager siden
MatPat, it’s r e s p o n s e s. Not respones. 😤😑😂 lol.
Mythicalives 11 dager siden
bluepirate78 11 dager siden
Mat pat you havnot putt the other theorems that you seid you would
MyGuitarTwerks 11 dager siden
The Jinx game mode is the worst actually. Because you end up with one survivor of a team every time. And its almost impossible not to get jinxed because the number of jinxed players grows overtime.
Petya Pevko
Petya Pevko 11 dager siden
Somedy wishes to live Russia lol lmao пиздец
Orion Chapman-Lund
Orion Chapman-Lund 11 dager siden
m m
m m 11 dager siden
I actually like tail tag
CosmicDrift 11 dager siden
Hmm, i really don't mind tail tag aside from it being kind of inconsistent tail grab mechanics. Now TIP TOE, that is a round i truly despise. i actually really like the team rounds, i feel like there actually IS a lot you can do to carry if you play well.
Random Guy In A GasMask
Random Guy In A GasMask 11 dager siden
Sorry for missing the survey
Yeetlord60 60
Yeetlord60 60 11 dager siden
hey im happy to say that you changed the game with the gauntlet mode
Eamon Mulholland
Eamon Mulholland 12 dager siden
Maybe you should add “Discovery” to that triad and make it “CARD”. Lots of people play games to just see something they haven’t seen before or find out what happens in a story. There are whole categories of games that are single player, low skill, extremely linear, but high on narrative/mystery/visual appeal.
Hayden Heffernan
Hayden Heffernan 12 dager siden
Hex-a-gone is just TNT Run, change my mind
Justin Bombach
Justin Bombach 12 dager siden
Another fix: At 2:48 you put "Respones" instead of "Responses"
egg 12 dager siden
Matpat- mentions Latvia. Every Latvian on NOpost - "I've been summoned to leave a like & comment." (I say that, as if it's not exactly what I'm doing now)
egg 12 dager siden
Notice how many Latvians are in the comments. If you mention a small country -- especially, if it's more than one sentence, people from there will come in droves, leaving likes & comments. It's nice to be noticed when you're tiny☺️🥰
Rohit D Bali
Rohit D Bali 12 dager siden
2:47 Respones is incorrect
PalCal 13 dager siden
0:16 The A should've been a Fall Guys character.
Googie Gress
Googie Gress 13 dager siden
People responding to your survey don't make games. Being able to tell good food from bad food absolutely doesn't make you good at cooking. So there's a hole in your logic so big it leaves very little logic left over. The "Fall Guys" are non-gendered. The name of the game is a joke that refers to an existing colloquialism. Like your other suggestions, changing it to "Fall People" would be horrible. So people don't like team minigames, and they don't like tail tag, but they sure keep playing. Simply put, you and your 200k responders think you can improve a game that's apparently good enough for ridiculous numbers of people to play as it is. The reality is, you have ideas, but the chance they make the good game worse is greater than the chance it would make a good game better. That said, I personally think Fall Guys was sort of charming because I was a fan of MXC, but it's not interesting enough to play for long. But at least you get some content out of it.
DanganEdits 13 dager siden
Why Danganronpa is good: Completeness: Everyone loves filling out those student report cards and getting As on the trials Autonomy: A visual novel where you can move in 3D? An entire school/island to explore? Eh, good enough for me. Relatedness: We can all cry together and sob in a corner when our favorites die.....
Henry Allen
Henry Allen 13 dager siden
Hexagon is like minecraft spleef theory most fall people players secretly like minecraft
UltimateHalG 13 dager siden
I guess I fall into the C and A of the lame triforce then.
Anthony Mazzella
Anthony Mazzella 13 dager siden
christian ford
christian ford 13 dager siden
Slowly waiting for banjo kazooie theory
Lulu Does ASMR
Lulu Does ASMR 13 dager siden
Oh hey! I was in that survey!
Zip Zop
Zip Zop 13 dager siden
Hey LOOK its mister bagger
Althea Osborn
Althea Osborn 13 dager siden
Apparently I'm the only person in the world that likes Tail Tag 😂🤦 I thought least favorite was gonna be TipToe for sure
Borek Hanzl
Borek Hanzl 13 dager siden
Just by the way: There is a way to tell the good door in door dash on the last 3 rows and since the time i know this fact i enjoy the level much more knowing that it helps me catch up sometimes.
Flowey The flower
Flowey The flower 14 dager siden
Amani 325
Amani 325 14 dager siden
I got a Diet Coke ad sooo... drink what yo mama gave you
Robin Halvarsson
Robin Halvarsson 14 dager siden
Funny. After numerous playthroughs, I've only seen Tail Tag once, Football once, and Hex-A-Gone zero times.
Caleb Sartain
Caleb Sartain 14 dager siden
I don't mind tail tag to much, I rly just hate fruit shuit
Christina Otto
Christina Otto 14 dager siden
More videos on fall guys plz
Christina Otto
Christina Otto 13 dager siden
The Imposter
The Imposter 14 dager siden
among us has taken over fall guys
15 Elora Karaissa Maheswari
15 Elora Karaissa Maheswari 14 dager siden
Im A Indoensia Person And My Reactions of indoensia flag Is Here Is "...." Yup Shock xD
MATTHEW STUCKY 14 dager siden
Its all true but if you want it dumb down, its just cause there annoyed by it.. its extra hard for them sense they cant do very much, and they can handle loosing.
immjpowergames 14 dager siden
You dont say latvie in English you say letvia in English
Mark Paul Rabe
Mark Paul Rabe 14 dager siden
Tip for tail tag: 1. Litterally do nothing 2. Wait until it is 15 seconds left 3. JUST WIN!! Btw i like slime climb ok? And Whirlygig beacause they are both obstacle course
rionomlop 09
rionomlop 09 14 dager siden
bruh ive nver heard a popular youtuber say latvia or somwone from latvua i wanted to hear bc im from there
mariam abdhullah
mariam abdhullah 15 dager siden
Among us has ended fall guys
Original Sabahan Gamer
Original Sabahan Gamer 13 dager siden
Yup, Among Us is just f***ing old game that released at 2018! Meanwhile, Fall Guys is little jellybeans that released at this year! I wonder,why people want this f***ing mobile games!? This what expert says, "Human are evolving, just backward" Why people won't march to future? To front?
Original Sabahan Gamer
Original Sabahan Gamer 13 dager siden
Yup, Among us is just f***ing old games that released at 2018! Meanwhile,Fall guys is little jelly beans that released at this f***ing year!
brandon Kokichi
brandon Kokichi 15 dager siden
idk, i just cant get myself to keep playing fall guys, it oddly felt kinda like fortnite, played it twice, dropped the game, never picked it back up.but hey, what do i know.
YouTube User
YouTube User 15 dager siden
Idk why i always thought this game always belonged on the switch not the ps4
Remember When I Was Cool?
Remember When I Was Cool? 15 dager siden
I have no idea where or how to fill out the surveys but lemme just say that for future reference, I live in the good old country of the Pacific Ocean. Shout out to my fish bois Gill and Bubbles
Krishanan Merdono
Krishanan Merdono 15 dager siden
Basically, get rid of team games
Joseph Frain
Joseph Frain 15 dager siden
Fortnite fortnite fortnite
The Malcah TwinZ
The Malcah TwinZ 13 dager siden
Jeremy Officer
Jeremy Officer 15 dager siden
I have a friend that is on the team that developed the game. Benevolent chaos is their general vibe
Miles Johnson
Miles Johnson 16 dager siden
Can you link the full results of the survey in the description? I am interested to see what they look like.
Sergio Regalado
Sergio Regalado 16 dager siden
You guys are going to dissagre but i actualy LIKE tail tag
Sofia Martin
Sofia Martin 16 dager siden
"cause right now I hate every other humen" ... Sure you can say that, but can you back that up, can you hate the whole humen kind. I do.
SuperEpicDude 16 dager siden
Where it actually starts: 4:05 *Time stamps:* *Introduction* - 1:37 *Least Favorite Game* - 4:11 *Favorite & Least Favorite Game Type* - 6:58 *Most Favorite Game* - 12:16 *Survey Results* - 15:10 Thank me later
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