Game Theory: Who is Mega Man's TRUE Villain?

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7 år siden

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Mega Man, clearly a cut-and-dry story of good vs. evil...or is it? This story of super fighting robots actually serves as a dire warning for us and our futures. I fact, the Mega Man series may not be as black and white as you think.
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Reladaf Majes
Reladaf Majes 23 dager siden
1:25 Oktoberfeste is so fun though how could you insult them
UnOrdinaryGamers !
UnOrdinaryGamers ! 24 dager siden
Lexie Victor
Lexie Victor 24 dager siden
I love waching the intros changs as time gos on dont you
Itz Deku
Itz Deku Måned siden
So basically Dr. Light has the stupidity of Thanos.
Chloee Catherine Maki
Chloee Catherine Maki Måned siden
I personally disagree matpat - Although i do see where you are coming from and i do agree that maybe giving the robots weapons was a bit too much but in the end of the day - that's what free will is - When you give then their freedom is their choice what to do with such freedom and sadly some take advantage of that but not all - megaman and protoman both use it to save countless of innocent lifes - Plus like you said in the next megaman theory - willy started creating his own robots - which puts this theory on its own head sadly :/ Anyway that just my opinion .-. MY GAME OPINION! Takes for reading :D
Epic Potato
Epic Potato Måned siden
This is still confusing me 10:47
Bluewolfboy1 Romero
Bluewolfboy1 Romero Måned siden
2020 someone
I’m obsessed with K.A.T :b
I’m obsessed with K.A.T :b Måned siden
I love me some blue bomber. -mat pat 2013
Alison Megan Braak
Alison Megan Braak Måned siden
Perhaps mega man could be part human and Willy could be Mega man,s father
Knight Self Defence and Reeve's MMA
Knight Self Defence and Reeve's MMA Måned siden
I would love to see a battle network theory
new videod Lopez
new videod Lopez Måned siden
i like your inchro can i get a shour out
Igiem Måned siden
Asimov created the laws and then wrote about why NOT to put our faith in them. (ex. An android is running for president even though androids are not allowed. Someone accuses them of being an android, so to disprove them, the android turns and punches a person behind them. "If I were an android, I could not do that as stated by the 1st law," the android might say. Unbeknownst to everyone else, the person he punched may also be a robot.
NAGA VERSE Måned siden
Dr. Willy looks like JIM CARREY
Mario Galindo
Mario Galindo Måned siden
So what’s up with the 2020’s at 0:53? 😳
Gabriel Wolffe
Gabriel Wolffe Måned siden
I think that Dr. Light's real mistake/crime here is not that he gave robots free will, but that he gave them free will and designed them to be servants to humanity at the same time.
nobody gaming
nobody gaming Måned siden
light is a careless but wily is not innocent he was the one that used light’s robots
nobody gaming
nobody gaming Måned siden
avantaemorrison 67
avantaemorrison 67 Måned siden
No matter what humanity will reach to that stage any i mean technology like that is being developed
MILES JARVIS 2 måneder siden
pause here 0:12 mario's flipping the bird
Warfusplayz123 -_-
Warfusplayz123 -_- 2 måneder siden
9:09 at 2x speed
Allendale Manangan
Allendale Manangan 2 måneder siden
first megaman i play is MegaMan 8.
Something's Wrong
Something's Wrong 2 måneder siden
1. Chrono Trigger 2. Super Mario 3. Illusion of Gaea 4. Mortal Kombat 5. Sonic the Hedgehog 6. Frogger 7. Batman: Arkham Asylum 8. Kirby's Epic Yarn 9. Duke Nukem 10. The Comments 11. Adventure Island 12. Halo 13. Bioshock 14. Final Fantasy VII 15. Deus Ex: Human Revolution 16. Dig Dug 17. Pokemon 18. Pokemon 19. Castlevania 20. League of Legends 21. Pokemon 22. Star Fox 23. Final Fantasy 7 24. Pokemon 25. Skyrim 26. Call of Duty Warfare 3 27. La Noire 28: err..... 29: Mass Effect 2 30. Legend of Zelda 31. Fallout 32. Punch Out! 33. Donkey Kong 34. Super Mario 35. Pokemon 36. Let's make a Deal 37. Polybius 38. Several Games 39. Legend of Zelda 40. Walking Dead 41. Sonic the Hedgehog 42. Minecraft 43. Final Fantasy 44. Completionists 45. Metroid 46. Assassin's Creed 47. TF2 48. Portal 49. Wario Land 50. Bioshock 51. Super Mario 52.Pewdiepie 53. Chrono Trigger 54. Assassin's Creed 55. Many Games 56. Game Theory 57. Pokemon 58. Mario 59. Mario 60. Legend of Zelda 61. Majora's Mask 62. Mega Man
Something's Wrong
Something's Wrong 2 måneder siden
This is a list of every theory Matpat made up to this point.
Warfusplayz123 -_-
Warfusplayz123 -_- 2 måneder siden
Look at My Nose
Look at My Nose 2 måneder siden
Sir Aim
Sir Aim 2 måneder siden
Show of the year 2020 lol, the only show
Jinsoo Kim
Jinsoo Kim 2 måneder siden
Mat pat didn’t realize in 2020 Gaming wasn’t it’s golden age
Forte Kosakku
Forte Kosakku 2 måneder siden
Zekromite Metalworks
Zekromite Metalworks 2 måneder siden
Well, in the end, Light is on blame because he turned a cold shoulder upon Wily so, yeah, KARMA.
???????????????? 2 måneder siden
He literally didn't actually play the games
NeoReploids Xzero
NeoReploids Xzero 2 måneder siden
Game theory...... But Dr.Wily created bass and zero..... What do you think
Lane Whitford
Lane Whitford 2 måneder siden
Hey uh Old matpat Rochester institute of tech
Tilon Plays
Tilon Plays 3 måneder siden
I gonna
Tilon Plays
Tilon Plays 3 måneder siden
But now 11 lol
Tilon Plays
Tilon Plays 3 måneder siden
Only ten
Araf Ezaz
Araf Ezaz 3 måneder siden
the willy is innocent thumbnail is misleading... he''s still gulity of his crimes, just that he was able to come close to them(or actually do them according to mat's other theory) cause someone else was reckless
apfelninja 3 måneder siden
I think the laws of robotics calls for more discussion within the mega man universe when you include the zeroth law, especially when thinking about the master in the mega man legends series.
Megaman Zero
Megaman Zero 3 måneder siden
One word HACKING
Lillian Nardella
Lillian Nardella 3 måneder siden
*When you make a funny comment but you can’t find it any more*
Justin Ramirez
Justin Ramirez 3 måneder siden
You should be scared because you said the SH word!😡
Choco Yoshi
Choco Yoshi 3 måneder siden
A ro bat should not hurt a human...... Me: looks at overwatch
Artur Wachowski
Artur Wachowski 3 måneder siden
8:50 just imagine the spy trying to sap it but it somehow manages to find him
EternalRoman 3 måneder siden
The end warning is very true, then the humans would revolt creating a Jihad against the robots and banning A.I. and then leading to the creation of Human Mind developing schools like the Bene Geserits, the Bene Thlailax and the Spacing guild, to eventually discover the Geriatric Spice Melange in the Planet Arrakis also known as DUNE and the humans would live in a Galactic Feudal Regime in the year 10,991... :P LOL
8-bit Friends
8-bit Friends 3 måneder siden
*He got a award in 2020 and 20XX is Roman numerals for 2020 hMmMmMmMMmMm*
Jayson R
Jayson R 3 måneder siden
I mean, I know this vid is old af but...if wily reprogramed the robot masters to be evil...wouldn't he literally just reprogram them to NOT follow the laws of robot ethics?
MegaKingzilla30 _
MegaKingzilla30 _ 3 måneder siden
Who else is here from the megaman episode that matpat made like a month ago?
Tyrell Liddell
Tyrell Liddell 3 måneder siden
Hey wait a second through robots can’t let humans come to harm through inaction Dr.Wily is harming humans
Jeanette Lopez-Kremmidas
Jeanette Lopez-Kremmidas 3 måneder siden
M.M 1 is my favorite.
haley faillace
haley faillace 3 måneder siden
Guys German culture
haley faillace
haley faillace 3 måneder siden
Not cool. Joke about Germans hairstyle
coco jacob
coco jacob 3 måneder siden
Mystrest for life
Shannon Wilson
Shannon Wilson 3 måneder siden
This... is true nostalgia.
Gabriel Dzik
Gabriel Dzik 3 måneder siden
Mega man 8
• Mistymoor •
• Mistymoor • 3 måneder siden
Roomba have feelings too.
AstroSteve111 4 måneder siden
This is still the best GT Intro
Studio Nomad
Studio Nomad 4 måneder siden
The time has come to discuss Dr.Light's out of control pottery experiments, the real evil of 20XX
trash content
trash content 4 måneder siden
just a boy
just a boy 4 måneder siden
Im here cuz i watch the mashed one
Roaring Thunder115
Roaring Thunder115 4 måneder siden
So Wily is German, and only tried to destroy everything because he didn’t get accepted at school....oh god.
Roaring Thunder115
Roaring Thunder115 4 måneder siden
Yeah Wily is innocent, it’s the virus and robots HE made that killed everyone.
Sathish K
Sathish K 4 måneder siden
You should let rock to chase him
Sathish K
Sathish K 4 måneder siden
When fricking protyoman escaped
Jorjeeta Panda
Jorjeeta Panda 4 måneder siden
9:19 What normal people think: That’s deadly What I think: WhAt Is WiTh ThAt KiD oN tHe LeFt
Naruto1810 4 måneder siden
Is it just me or does this 6yr vid along with all of his old vids feel like they've been watched just a week ago still
Ultrawindow 4 måneder siden
this was the first game theory video I ever watched.
sonic the gamer
sonic the gamer 4 måneder siden
Mat I can't even make a full can make 3D models.
Yohan Ye
Yohan Ye 4 måneder siden
mega man 7 vs rockman 7 Rockman: "..................." Mega Man: "I am more than a robot die wily"
I like stuff
I like stuff 4 måneder siden
Man, I can't believe this was 6 years ago
Hippyhop OhSkippyDop
Hippyhop OhSkippyDop 4 måneder siden
USDA add an honestly it was hilarious to watch these two people wash dishes and seeing about germs and suffer it was hilarious and it was worth it
Joshiej921 4 måneder siden
I miss the old intro
Noah Bright
Noah Bright 4 måneder siden
I haven’t played any of the games, so can someone tell me what happened to roll after rock became megaman?
GorPack RHQ
GorPack RHQ 4 måneder siden
8:22 - 9:51 now i'm scared that judgment day is ACTUALLY inevitable
Joseph Wilson
Joseph Wilson 4 måneder siden
MM4 was my favorite
GorPack RHQ
GorPack RHQ 4 måneder siden
Kruker Studios
Kruker Studios 4 måneder siden
That thumbnail did not age well
unrelenting awesomeness
unrelenting awesomeness 4 måneder siden
So wily is evil but lights ignorance caused the uprising of wily
Sub-to-me-guys • 9999 years ago
Sub-to-me-guys • 9999 years ago 4 måneder siden
Not yet Ferb. It's not time.
Ethan Buxton
Ethan Buxton 4 måneder siden
Tin Can
Tin Can 4 måneder siden
the problem is, all laws of robotics which do exist, CAN and WILL be broken by many once viable.... its a simple fact. and it will happen, and theyre anonymous acts will only further extend the technological integration. people take advantage when oppertunity is ample. using a robot to carry out your will is much easier than convincing a person and keeping it secret. just like the whole mine bitcoin while its hot craze, it WAS profitable when it was new. a man could have saved his 2 weeks of mining in the first month of it... traded it now for millions. i was a child then, and im still bitter that my family never trusted me to invest in that back then. i was looking to get about 15 bitcoins in a week at that block rate when it was new.... id be a rich man if id just had 30 more dollars to buy a mining machine.
Bedict el sandwich
Bedict el sandwich 4 måneder siden
Game theorist: dr llight is like **** (IT'S GUTSMAN
Bedict el sandwich
Bedict el sandwich 4 måneder siden
5:36 specificly
Danielle Greenfield
Danielle Greenfield 4 måneder siden
Me watching this in 2020 NEIN MATPAT NEIN
Danielle Greenfield
Danielle Greenfield 4 måneder siden
How dare u not all Germans are nazis I’m Jewish how dare u that’s racist
Gem JUWEL 4 måneder siden
Its a Joke you know?
unrelenting awesomeness
unrelenting awesomeness 4 måneder siden
Ok Mr butthurt he refuted that claim literally 2 seconds after saying it
nathan thebe
nathan thebe 4 måneder siden
Who's here from the how dr Wiley wins video
Mad Hatter
Mad Hatter 4 måneder siden
Anyone else here from his most recent mega man video
Sumbody 69
Sumbody 69 4 måneder siden
Wily is innocent hmmmmm.......... HMMMMMMMMM really now hmmmm......hhmmm
Conrad Smight
Conrad Smight 4 måneder siden
Paladin4Hire Z
Paladin4Hire Z 4 måneder siden
Mega man 6 is the best.
The Frozen Shadow King
The Frozen Shadow King 4 måneder siden
I see what nayrman was talking about
Trevorgg5 4 måneder siden
Natan Mayb Machado gomes da silva
Natan Mayb Machado gomes da silva 4 måneder siden
well, he could make the robots :v and it was not about programming and more about robotics, constructing a learning brain :v which he learned with time from Light's creations, then he makes his own robots :0 also he enhances the other robots, so he had the intellect :v he probably could program really well since he learned it all that fast, after 2(or 3 idr) games :0
Shadowkiller 420
Shadowkiller 420 4 måneder siden
When Game Theory was good
Carlos_A_M 4 måneder siden
Claymore roombas break the first law.
Max Saldana
Max Saldana 4 måneder siden
Mega man 2 is my favorite
Yea I did dat
Yea I did dat 4 måneder siden
Holy crap his intro was different back then
Chewy Mew
Chewy Mew 4 måneder siden
Heck yeah, good ol' Game Theory
Starianne Eridani
Starianne Eridani 4 måneder siden
I find it kinda funny how 2013 MatPat thought that "RIT" refered specifically to MIT when the Rochester Institute of Technology is a real university that real people attend. In fact, it's where basically EVERYONE at my school wants to go to college
Лин ’Элекьянта Дарсарти
Лин ’Элекьянта Дарсарти 4 måneder siden
3:35 But um... Neuronets... N' stuff...
The Offensive Lemon
The Offensive Lemon 4 måneder siden
"Give this thing the ability to walk..." *_draws tank treads on the gun_*
Ytp Sir Meows A Lot
Ytp Sir Meows A Lot 4 måneder siden
the true villain is him self just kidding it was a joke ok mega man is a good guy
LMAO Doopy
LMAO Doopy 4 måneder siden
6 years ago gotdam
Sun Burst 27
Sun Burst 27 4 måneder siden
I saw the north korean robot and i went SUPER FIGHTING ROBOT... NORTH KOREA!
Flame Lord
Flame Lord 4 måneder siden
Coming from the newest mega man theory, God Mata sounds like a robot
Mr. Mirage 2
Mr. Mirage 2 4 måneder siden
It shall be RIoT not RIT.
Papa_Squat_ 4 måneder siden
watchin in 2020. i forgot how much i missed the old intro
Luke Dickenson
Luke Dickenson 4 måneder siden
This is a very old vid
Ian graff
Ian graff 4 måneder siden
im the first comment fror this video in 2020! Edit: nevermind
Claude Du Gers
Claude Du Gers 3 måneder siden
Carlos_A_M 4 måneder siden
I Can't Think Of A Cool Name
I Can't Think Of A Cool Name 4 måneder siden
Bing 4 måneder siden
Yes the guy that killed the world is innocent.
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