Game Theory: Animal Crossing's Scary Bunny unZIPPED! (Animal Crossing New Horizons)

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5 måneder siden

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Animal Crossing has BOOMED and appears to be the biggest it's ever been with its latest release, Animal Crossing: New Horizons. We are all building islands, finding and growing every fruit we can, and making sure we get the best villagers as our residents. Speaking of villagers, there is one that seems to be universally disliked more than others, Zipper T Bunny. Not only are they kind of creepy with the GIANT ZIPPER down their back, but they say the weirdest things! I believe that there is someone hiding in that bunny suit and, today, we are unmasking this weird character once and for all!
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Writers: Stephanie Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Forrest Lee, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

jonni-lea jenkins
jonni-lea jenkins 9 timer siden
Gacha Turtle
Gacha Turtle 14 timer siden
The Dino Gamer
The Dino Gamer 17 timer siden
Is that a pokemon egg? 4:03
Ollie James
Ollie James 19 timer siden
It can’t be Tom nook because he won’t tell Timmy or tommy he is in a costume as a bunny so how can he be it and I don’t think it’s that mayor I forgot the name so it’s the blue bunny or the pink brid
Jean F. Colomine Franco
Jean F. Colomine Franco 20 timer siden
My birthday is on April 12th!
Margaux Harris Rodgers
Margaux Harris Rodgers 21 time siden
more animal crossing pls
Pugs360_YT 23 timer siden
Dylan Joyce
Dylan Joyce Dag siden
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Eat your Cereal
Eat your Cereal Dag siden
Alex0005 SFM
Alex0005 SFM Dag siden
3:11 mhm that remembers me to some kinda sus golden rabbit animatronic costume with purple bowtie child murderer and for that im 3:48
Connie Combs
Connie Combs Dag siden
Connie Combs
Connie Combs Dag siden
irit penkar
irit penkar 2 dager siden
Guille Gamarra
Guille Gamarra 2 dager siden
I thought this was gonna be a scary episode, but it ended being really wholesome :(
Kathryn's Vania
Kathryn's Vania 2 dager siden
Kathryn's Vania
Kathryn's Vania 2 dager siden
Awwwwwwww that is cute
Ella-Lou Brooks
Ella-Lou Brooks 2 dager siden
You: *shows glitch trap and springtrap* You: if his name is William Afton I AM OUT Me: *finally FNAF*
Ana Martín
Ana Martín 2 dager siden
Oooh ooh I know it! Zippy bub is a spider animal like spida ki.
AHMED RAKIN 3 dager siden
I love the intro
Grace Anderson
Grace Anderson 3 dager siden
why did I think glitchtrap-
Albert Poshley / Tudorbigbrain101 YT
Albert Poshley / Tudorbigbrain101 YT 3 dager siden
Extended theory: In new leaf and city folk (I think that’s what it’s called I forgot) he snook into the town and was put in debt and exiled by Tom Nook, so he hide in a bunny costume so he could talk to you and hide from To
maximum blood fire playz
maximum blood fire playz 3 dager siden
Zipper the rabbit is his full name
TheNintendoFanatic 3 dager siden
Or, it could be Both, your father who is a creepy killer that is now forced to keep the egg illusion up in order to stop his child finding out he's a killer
gavin games360
gavin games360 3 dager siden
First all zipper I was like *glitchtr@p*
Michael The Russian
Michael The Russian 3 dager siden
The Hillbilly is Toss Boy anima l Crossing in Jackseptickeye
TheAbsoluteNerds 3 dager siden
Hi I’m TossBoy
Thomas Sage
Thomas Sage 3 dager siden
That's why games always have prominent mother roles, and often have absent father's
CatShope 3 dager siden
What if your dad’s name in the game is William afton?
Jonathan Miller
Jonathan Miller 3 dager siden
More fnaf now
Jonathan Miller
Jonathan Miller 3 dager siden
ッGachaMasonッ 4 dager siden
But what if Zipper isn't wearing a costume- What if it's just an accessory. But if it isn't, My number one guess for his identity is Blanca, who appears on April Fools.
neo Tiger
neo Tiger 4 dager siden
Ohs- der Hase is a german word game that leads to Osterhase wich means easterbunny.
patricia Alma
patricia Alma 4 dager siden
I hate covid-19😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬
Darren Russell
Darren Russell 4 dager siden
Anyone else notice that when there’s loads of pictures of bunnies glichtrap is there
Felipe Arce
Felipe Arce 4 dager siden
Oh please dont show me does scary images
Ollie James
Ollie James 4 dager siden
When I saw his zipper I thought it was it was his overalls
atom prime
atom prime 4 dager siden
Purple guy Ugleh bunny Throwup bunnie Weird bunny SPOODER BUNNY
Miles Morales
Miles Morales 4 dager siden
Bruh the people you hire for voice acting r amazing and I mean it
Roman Smith
Roman Smith 4 dager siden
Zipper is scare we should leave are island
B Roybal
B Roybal 4 dager siden
Zipper is probably the devil the star is like a pentagram...or not?
Maria is stupid
Maria is stupid 4 dager siden
Yo its william afton
Titanus Mothra
Titanus Mothra 5 dager siden
Gets animal crossing ad Me suprised pickahu face
Lightning 5 dager siden
What if our father is named purple guy 🤣
Ademwolf gaming
Ademwolf gaming 5 dager siden
Well its simple zipper is aftons old suit
Casey Russell
Casey Russell 5 dager siden
I think it's the blue bunny but also I think it's Mr hot going to have peopleno one thing this on speaker cuz I don't know how to spell but I know but a little bit of people like my comments and I hope you like this one too I don't hear the most famous NOpostrs in all of them you're my favorite game Siri but I never told him before see that character pretty weird but nice turn to this video kind of creepy
Cómic Child
Cómic Child 5 dager siden
Recognize that voice 4:29
Parveen Abdullah
Parveen Abdullah 6 dager siden
The mask
The mask 6 dager siden
Do an theory on SCP CB the guy you play as as some good lore behind him
Lumberjack king the great
Lumberjack king the great 6 dager siden
Lumberjack king the great
Lumberjack king the great 6 dager siden
The criminally furry lol wtf
Amiel Daguman
Amiel Daguman 6 dager siden
8:11 That flag is from zackscottgames
Robo Mix
Robo Mix 6 dager siden
Video: about Animal Crossing* Ad i got: about Animal Crossing* Coicidance? I think not!
MyLifeIsAWaste TwT
MyLifeIsAWaste TwT 6 dager siden
Joshua Mena
Joshua Mena 6 dager siden
SCP Productions
SCP Productions 6 dager siden
Plot twist : your name is micheal afton
Wyatt B.
Wyatt B. 6 dager siden
Well matpat looks like glitch trap is trapped again after he escaped but in a new game
Lyra 6 dager siden
Dang I feel special now. I’m still going to harass him when bunny day comes around tho
ElectricPlays 6 dager siden
I heard that zipper’s real (still not really sure if it’s his real one) name is Will. But his last name starts with a T. Hence the T in zipper’s name.
Chris has a crush on Teruteru
Chris has a crush on Teruteru 7 dager siden
I think it's the Old Mayor from that one Animal Crossing Game
NuclearSunrise 7 dager siden
Matpat: son who goes out into the world to help his father me: *micheal..... HOW DID YOU GET HERE*
Trinity Riordan
Trinity Riordan 7 dager siden
I don't want to be a stick in the mud but the korean word for bunny is pronounced toe-key not tokki I grew up singing a korean song about rabbits. Sorry but it was killing me.
OmegaPlayz - ROBLOX
OmegaPlayz - ROBLOX 7 dager siden
Ryder ur weird
Astxrism 8 dager siden
I think it’s a stalker
Nania Unruh
Nania Unruh 8 dager siden
I feel like it could be one of tom nooks relatives since tanukis have magical powers in japanese folklore so it would make sense how zipper would be able to hide those eggs in completely impossible locations. Or maybe resetti because i love the idea of the angry mole guy stuck in a silly bunny costume. And it would explain why he’s clearly not enthusiastic about his job
Mirjana Jezdimirovic
Mirjana Jezdimirovic 8 dager siden
Stupid that ziper is for the shirt or whatever he is wearing my sister has that same one like him on back there is ziper to be whit your body just like his(bdw he pufing when yoi are not near him becuse thats his job somone is making him cheer pepole up on easter but he dont whant too BUT he has to he bunny who whanted this job and he loves making pepole happy but this is too hard for him)
Annieplayz 8 dager siden
Wonder when Matpat realizes that William Afton is a FATHER
Tuney 8 dager siden
I mean if zipper was just trying to entertain his son he wouldn’t be dreading this as much
Meow meow Snacky artz
Meow meow Snacky artz 8 dager siden
It’s a bit hard to subscribe your accounts
William Afton
William Afton 8 dager siden
I instantly assumed it was Tom nook cause he’s always felt off to me
Hubble.-. _
Hubble.-. _ 8 dager siden
Zipper is so cute, his awkwardness makes it even more cute for me! The eggs are overwhelming, but he is so cute
Rosieglow 8 dager siden
to be true the intro scared me out of my wits
Gabriel Plays
Gabriel Plays 8 dager siden
Wait mr. hopp was a person in a bunny suit? Huh, weird.
h •••••
h ••••• 9 dager siden
Jessica Gaming.
Jessica Gaming. 9 dager siden
I think zipper could be Stevie t Zippe T Terry Berry LOL
Artorias And siffo
Artorias And siffo 9 dager siden
My God, i didn't thought my italy had such an Interesting name for Zipper. Gg per l'Italia
brookne 9 dager siden
Thank god that the fathers name isn't William A.
SNOW GAMER 9 dager siden
I think zepper is sans
Skelly animation
Skelly animation 9 dager siden
10:50 italiani fatevi sentire!!
D arcy love
D arcy love 9 dager siden
But my name has T ok Darzella Elise T Zaragoza
Ørëø _Crēø
Ørëø _Crēø 9 dager siden
I do agree, I mean when I did play the game they gave me some debt for no reason?????? So I'll trust u ( Throws switch in dumpster)
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna 9 dager siden
the furries are gonna get us
Grace 9 dager siden
Okay but it could still be Phyllis or Tortimer bc neither have been seen in new horizons yet
childhooddestroyer 10 dager siden
No I know who's in the costume... It's the man behind the slaughter
Octo-sailor 10 dager siden
Hey game theory what if the zipper is just to his blue clothing thing?
Memeysauce Lol
Memeysauce Lol 10 dager siden
Boing boi :D
fahrettin ürgün
fahrettin ürgün 10 dager siden
I think that is not a costume Thats just a zipper for his clothes
pink_unicorniscool. Plays
pink_unicorniscool. Plays 10 dager siden
The thing at the back of zipper is just the zip for his clothes
NatureDreamZGacha_27 10 dager siden
Me: just watching the video (in the dark) Also me: 3:16 welp guess I'm not sleeping tonight
Gentry Fields
Gentry Fields 10 dager siden
how old are you?
Gay Vodka
Gay Vodka 10 dager siden
The zipper impression reminds me of Micheal Keaton’s Beetlejuice and I love it (this is why I subscribed)
Thắng Troller
Thắng Troller 10 dager siden
Wait, he uses his German, Japanese and Italian names to solve the mystery. Coincidence?
Isaiah Herrera
Isaiah Herrera 10 dager siden
Is this Writer
Bryson Haggart
Bryson Haggart 10 dager siden
hay i fowd owt ho is in the sot it is willeam aftn frun fnaf thes how ziper t bunny
TrippyTurnip z
TrippyTurnip z 11 dager siden
5 nights at Zippers
The dimond Wolf
The dimond Wolf 11 dager siden
Me: *watches this video* Also me: *names self Chris afton*
ana aquino
ana aquino 11 dager siden
I think that’s a little crazy
Weirdly ghostly
Weirdly ghostly 11 dager siden
WAIT A FLUFING SECOND glitchtrap glitched into animal crossing
Odel b
Odel b 11 dager siden
Ouvo is pronounced we-v-oh
HdawgDragon 11 dager siden
Mathew pathew
The Jester Spade
The Jester Spade 11 dager siden
This is an actually really wholesome theory ngl
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