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The release of Pokemon: Sword and Shield has brought on a plethora of new Pokemon. Specifically, a lot of sweet, dessert themed Pokemon. Cakes, ice cream, milk - oh my! Today, Austin is focusing on one that may be the most DANGEROUS Pokemon the games have ever had.- Alcremie. What makes this cute pocket monster so dangerous? Let's find out!
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Josh The Shark
Josh The Shark Dag siden
lampent follows people who are about to die so if a random one starts following you better brace for death
c0dex Dag siden
Maaaaaaaybe they want access to icecream and pastries? IE: A bakery would want an alcremie as a helper/mascot due to its look, in turn giving it access to all of the delicious cakes inside the shop
Sandra Sandra
Sandra Sandra Dag siden
Austin: I haven’t slept, I was afraid of those Pokemon... that aren’t real. Me: That’s what they want you to think.
Wolffang1996Hyano 3 dager siden
Why do you guys hate cake?? XD
Sven Hidde Mebus
Sven Hidde Mebus 9 dager siden
This is NOT gamethoery I remember
A Person
A Person 12 dager siden
Agent Ranpo
Agent Ranpo 12 dager siden
Jason: I KNEW IT :D
M F 14 dager siden
Maybe it’s not just for predation. Maybe it could be for defense, camouflage, domestication, etc.
RaNd0mSTuFf e
RaNd0mSTuFf e 21 dag siden
hoo dis austin? this game...
Zoey Lindbloom
Zoey Lindbloom 25 dager siden
* me now realizing im in trouble in pokemon sword and shield because i have an entire box full of vannilites* and no im not joking it was snowing in an area of the wild area and i all i could see was vannilites s o i caught them
impostor Minecraft pe beta
impostor Minecraft pe beta 28 dager siden
Why silveon is dangerous?
Ethan Jose Tagala
Ethan Jose Tagala Måned siden
Where is matpat
Screaming Cat
Screaming Cat Måned siden
Is the dot on Alcremie's face a mouth or nose T h e M o s t T e r r i f y i n g Q u e s t i o n
the ultimate sayinen Rex raptor
the ultimate sayinen Rex raptor Måned siden
I like how he said that ditto could be a new Apex prediter but there's also the thing you can be the end of the world cuz if he looks at the Sun he will actually turn into the Sun and just end us
Staceface45 Måned siden
General Codsworth
General Codsworth Måned siden
And don't forget Palossand and Drifloon, which specificaly say in some of their pokedex entries that they attract small children who then go missing. How do people go around in this world without fear? You can't even take your kids to the beach or else sentient sand mounds will try to *suck away their vitality and burrry their bones underground*
Ash M
Ash M Måned siden
who else was expecting an alcremie to appear as he was sleeping
Dontae Castillo-Velez
Dontae Castillo-Velez Måned siden
Did you just put *THE CAKE IS A LIE* from Portal onto the video thumbnail? PS: I don't know if it's called that for the picture of the videos showing...
Grimm the gacha Reaper
Grimm the gacha Reaper Måned siden
So would my diet be carnivorous or vegan if I straight up bite off a vanilluxe head
Tommy Winata
Tommy Winata Måned siden
Hey uh.. is there something about the left side of the screen that show the pokedex? 001 Bulbasaur 046 Paras 037 Vulpix 054 Psyduck 035 Clefairy 129 Magikarp 043 Oddish 081 Magnemite (is it 081 or 061?) 094 Gengar 025 Pikachu 015 Beedrill 102 Exeggcute 127 Pinsir 007 Squirtle 074 Geodude 039 Jigglypuff 123 Scyther 104 Cubone 063 Abra 137 Porygon 113 Chansey And back to 001 Bulbasaur And then 121 Starmie 016 Pidgey And back to 037 Vulpix And then 058 Growlithe And.. that's it What's with these pokedex list? Is there some kind of puzzle? .-. Or maybe I'm just looking too much into this episode of "The Science!!"
Screeching toad
Screeching toad Måned siden
10:55 A Sailor moon eye mask? really?
MASKETASK Måned siden
U just ruined my intire childhood...
Pokefan #1
Pokefan #1 Måned siden
I have a question regarding Sword and Shield. Its about the Wild Area. Its the only area in the game where you can see other people. Not only that, you're the ONLY ONE who actually notices. The other characters simply interact with them in there world, but yours do not act as if anyone but you, and you alone is there. I came up with multiple dimensions colliding, as a multi-verse exists, but why is it that you are the only being transported by it as well. When Sword and Shield reintroduced following Pokémon, you can only see your own. Pretty strange, wouldn't you say?
Hazed Mouse
Hazed Mouse Måned siden
Unless every human in the Pokemon world is a vegetarian, what else would they eat? So Pokemon evolving to eat and/or just kill humans is something I can really see happening. I'm sure the Pokemon that kidnap children aren't taking them to McDonald's like they were promised.
Alex Shi
Alex Shi 2 måneder siden
austin: pokemon hunt humans me: hello nightmares my old friend
Random Dude
Random Dude 2 måneder siden
In Soviet Russia, Pokemon hunt YOU!
Glitch Gaming
Glitch Gaming 2 måneder siden
and you are light stay....L..lll.ll...... DARK YOU ARE THE DARK..Yo..u.. light protect l..ll..DAR.light!
E 2 måneder siden
The game contradicted you Alcremie cant be found in the wild
Tuku Rhishi
Tuku Rhishi 2 måneder siden
It’s ability attracts its pray
Lyokoheros 2 måneder siden
I wonder... will You (or have You?) ever make theory about this whole "Pokemon War" You mentioned in few videos? This, and history if the universe in general seems very interesting...
Jordi W
Jordi W 2 måneder siden
I like austin
Sir andrew
Sir andrew 2 måneder siden
welp he's lost it
Cookie. co
Cookie. co 2 måneder siden
The rant at the end made me imagine him as like a ranting pokemon professor or a scientist that just discovered something horrible
Robert Caldwell
Robert Caldwell 2 måneder siden
6:22 or mabye it’s just a haunted poke ball that a halter could not escape from.
We will stand together
We will stand together 2 måneder siden
Austin be looking like every kid learning algebra
Magical Marauder
Magical Marauder 2 måneder siden
austin is the reason i dont watch game theory
DJ Chameleon
DJ Chameleon 3 måneder siden
Unless their goal is to be caught which may allow them to spread their genes further and become stronger and more fit to find more mates with there being other benefits
Gabriel Pinta
Gabriel Pinta 3 måneder siden
You are no a game teoris
Zachariah Johnson
Zachariah Johnson 3 måneder siden
Litwick line: *Nervous Staring*
Christopher Koll
Christopher Koll 3 måneder siden
add ant-spiders to my list of phobias, thanks Austin
Hosne Ara
Hosne Ara 3 måneder siden
I get the joke
Matthew Collins
Matthew Collins 3 måneder siden
that "ditto" on the counter that you said was "disguised as a pastry"?That was a pokemon named Milcery that evolves into alcremie.
Anime Queen
Anime Queen 3 måneder siden
Austin this is nothing new Pokedex entities have been confirming this for years take a look at Hypno phantump ect
Lily Boo
Lily Boo 3 måneder siden
I mean there’s that one Pokémon that looks like a balloon so kids will grab it and then it flies off with it and then the kids vanish and are never seen again. It’s mentioned in so many Pokédex entries straight out and one says it “drags them away into the afterlife” so yeah
EnderLordSkull 3 måneder siden
Pokémon: I can undergo drastic genetic mutations in just a few generations! The Zerg: Hold my beer.
Nauman Aman
Nauman Aman 3 måneder siden
Vann DellGrottaglia
Vann DellGrottaglia 4 måneder siden
its possible that a haunter possessed a pokeball and became a vultorb I mean look the eyes are the same on both. just look.
Fox Bitch
Fox Bitch 4 måneder siden
Hmm well watching the end of this video I got a weird feeling to subscribe, but then I realized oh I already did that like a year ago
rainbow alpaca
rainbow alpaca 4 måneder siden
I shouldn't have watched this now i feel like im being hunted by a spider I have arachnophobia
Kyel Perkins
Kyel Perkins 4 måneder siden
I love cake
Seamus Quain
Seamus Quain 4 måneder siden
Oh noes. A harmless pokemon is a murderer. Ah.
Waddle boy advance
Waddle boy advance 4 måneder siden
I have 15 of them
Rea Kirk
Rea Kirk 4 måneder siden
I can tell you, Jigglypuff gets annoyed if their audience falls asleep, and tries to embarrass them by whatever means they can. Usually something harmless like drawing on their face with a marker.
Waffle gaming
Waffle gaming 4 måneder siden
Pretty sure that the image of a chest with a tongue is fan art from terraria's mimics; which is a good choice, they are a great example.
timmychangayt dolphin
timmychangayt dolphin 4 måneder siden
shut up haora no one asks
timmychangayt dolphin
timmychangayt dolphin 4 måneder siden
the minut i herd voltorb i was like i understang
Nicholas Simmons
Nicholas Simmons 4 måneder siden
How does he not edit out the dandruff in his hair 😂😂
Nintendo 4 måneder siden
The way he said Alcremie with a Russian-ish accent made think: "Here in mother Russia, we do not eat the cake, the cake eat us."
samurai yousef
samurai yousef 4 måneder siden
3:48 get stickbugged
original 4 måneder siden
ruh roh raggy justin has gone insane.....
Star 4 måneder siden
When you need captions because you have an unhealthy sleep schedule but there's not any so you just gotta sync Austin's unmoving lips with your memory
Furret Animations
Furret Animations 4 måneder siden
Shadow Souls
Shadow Souls 4 måneder siden
Now we just have to worry about cats suffocating us in our sleep
saltyseadragon 4 måneder siden
I have shield on my swich
boringbigbilledduck27 4 måneder siden
0:59 almost a minute. Is this a theory video or a goddanm puppet show.
Sam Baroglio
Sam Baroglio 4 måneder siden
I might be Pikachu, but that's just a theory. A game theory. I'm not sure, but I'm definitely NOT PINK anymore.
Marlon Blair
Marlon Blair 4 måneder siden
Does anyone know the music selection at 1:50 ?
Engine Itano
Engine Itano 4 måneder siden
BUT AUSTIN, you hear me saying, isn't it comparable to a dog that evolved over thousands of years from the vicious species wolf to a cute little puppie to PLAY with us and GET FOOD from us in our SAFE homes and that all just because they are so little puppies as sweet as.. let me think... CAKE?! Maybe they look like cake because they only want our attention. You know. Like dogs.
RexTubeHD 5 måneder siden
Btw it’s pronounced alcreemy not alcremy and mega salamance cuts people with its wings and mimikyue kills people if anyone looks at its true self not to mention that execute are seeds not eggs a common mistake
Lady royale
Lady royale 5 måneder siden
Love this video!!!
Lady royale
Lady royale 5 måneder siden
Aston is loosing his mine lol
Lady royale
Lady royale 5 måneder siden
Gigi Bootik
Gigi Bootik 5 måneder siden
Maybe Pokémon do exist in part of the world
Cheese Burger
Cheese Burger 5 måneder siden
5:28 Some where in there is 696969
Hulax 5 måneder siden
Just throw a koffing at it and it will faint
Hairyurinal 5 måneder siden
Took 3.5 minutes just to hint at an actual answer... you really wanted to reach that 10 minute mark huh
Brandon Ogle
Brandon Ogle 5 måneder siden
Austin is busy babbling bout pokemon I'm here enjoying swanlake playing in the background 5:40
AldenLouis Mbanfu
AldenLouis Mbanfu 5 måneder siden
man always calling us the dumb one but hes exposing a FAKE game meaningless games
Walter unknown
Walter unknown 5 måneder siden
Not the children
Max Worland
Max Worland 5 måneder siden
So, your telling me that I could get killed by a... CUPCAKE? 🤯
megaguy2222 5 måneder siden
So Austin escapes Silhouette Mewtwo and ends up in Link VRAI- wait, wrong series.
Shinra.K . exe
Shinra.K . exe 5 måneder siden
Jigglypuff draws on people's faces. You can see this in the unova region series (I think)
Derpy 2nz
Derpy 2nz 5 måneder siden
Patrat oh no Pamat
I’m a Female frog
I’m a Female frog 5 måneder siden
Oml lol this is amazing in a horrifying at the same time as well as adorable uwu xD
Anonymous Cause Why Not
Anonymous Cause Why Not 5 måneder siden
Austin? I knew it!!
Nova Glacrr
Nova Glacrr 5 måneder siden
Honestly I would try to catch it, MWEHEHE, NO ONE CAN TOUCH ME!
OwoAngel64 5 måneder siden
Luis Hartmann
Luis Hartmann 5 måneder siden
!!!!!!❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗‼‼‼‼‼‼VERY IMPORTENT THEORY I FOUND!!!!!!!‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼
Jacen 1
Jacen 1 5 måneder siden
You missed an opportunity; the sleep mask should have blinked......
Ian Ryan
Ian Ryan 5 måneder siden
dude the smell of a venus fly trap attracts the bugs bruh
Tess Mabadl
Tess Mabadl 5 måneder siden
Hi Virgil!
facefa 5 måneder siden
Hey mat, might wanna check your facts cuz, alcremie aint a cake
Ashleyloveslink 5 måneder siden
Austin! You should do a video on what would happen to the Pokemon world if Maxie Or Archie succeeded in their plans to extend the landmass/sea.
Savysmarty 5 måneder siden
Yes, sticks are very harmful.
plot hole detective
plot hole detective 6 måneder siden
That caterpillar was a butthead
Dennis Cool
Dennis Cool 6 måneder siden
dude i lov half life!!!🤮
Cameron J. Wallace
Cameron J. Wallace 6 måneder siden
Austin gets it. True #NinjaLife
Tuckhong Choi
Tuckhong Choi 6 måneder siden
rei 6 måneder siden
Legit got an ad about pokemon-
Lustrous Paradox
Lustrous Paradox 6 måneder siden
I want his sleep mask thing for eyes
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