Game Theory: Bendy's Tragic Ending EXPLAINED (Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 5)

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2 år siden

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Bendy and the Ink Machine has come to an end and it left us with even MORE questions. What does it all mean? What happened to Joey Drew? Today Theorists, we reveal the sad truth hidden in the final chapter of Bendy.
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Purple Bandana Studios
Purple Bandana Studios 2 år siden
Tell me another theory uncle matpat
Hello Pizza
Hello Pizza 7 dager siden
Tell me another one PLEASE IM BEGGING YOU!
Master killerdaki
Master killerdaki 24 dager siden
Tell me another theory uncle Matty Patty
banana ateloiv
banana ateloiv 26 dager siden
i am a big bendy fan
Eva Pavlicu
Eva Pavlicu Måned siden
XxAiko-Neko-xX Måned siden
Thomas Li
Thomas Li 5 timer siden
Then: Matpat is raped by Bendy and his friends for doing a "negative" theory on them.
Kylee Bolten
Kylee Bolten 2 dager siden
lol "scetchy" ha drawing lol he tried
Lil Uzi Vert Aka Doctor Vr
Lil Uzi Vert Aka Doctor Vr 3 dager siden
Lil Uzi Vert Aka Doctor Vr
Lil Uzi Vert Aka Doctor Vr 3 dager siden
The Follower
The Follower 7 dager siden
The Bendy the Devil is Joseph "Joey" Drew theory is just straight up sad
EyeSeeYou! 7 dager siden
I interpreted bendy as being a representation of Joey instead of being him.
Miwa Hizashi Aizawa
Miwa Hizashi Aizawa 7 dager siden
I high fived the computer hahah
TheBANKO1 8 dager siden
i have to say i prefer this theory to the darker one.
Luan Vilacorta
Luan Vilacorta 8 dager siden
Shinyoung Park
Shinyoung Park 8 dager siden
8:35-8:39 I love how this all makes more sense now since it's definitely Audrey that's done all the writing...or at least that's what the new Bendy game trailers hinted at.
Jennifer Brannigan
Jennifer Brannigan 10 dager siden
Me: looks at title for next theory... We WErE TOTAllY WrONG!!! Me: Come on!
tuukkanen games and gacha
tuukkanen games and gacha 12 dager siden
Little did matpat know yhere is a new game soon
Mike SCP Site-19 The Foundation
Mike SCP Site-19 The Foundation 12 dager siden
Bendy And The Dark Revival And Little Nightmares 2
Orij 13 dager siden
Dupri Gilbert
Dupri Gilbert 14 dager siden
it shows his name in chapter one as inky bendy in dantdm video
Dupri Gilbert
Dupri Gilbert 14 dager siden
inky bendy is sammy
FOE1CLIPS シ 15 dager siden
Ppl in 2021
Green_guardian 15 dager siden
It’s more like a sad theory
Youssef star123
Youssef star123 18 dager siden
I’m just gonna say that the bendy cartoon was before the Mickey Mouse cartoon in fact it’s on of the oldest cartoons in the world
Abinator 19 dager siden
Mat Pat didn’t say “The show where..” this episode! Kinda surprised.
malachy perez gamer
malachy perez gamer 22 dager siden
im still a kid i wish i got the stuff on the honey ad
malachy perez gamer
malachy perez gamer 22 dager siden
no wonder all characters are afraid of bendy its the CREATOR THAT LIED TO THEM
Szymon Wróbel
Szymon Wróbel 22 dager siden
David Codling
David Codling 23 dager siden
what about bendy and the dark revival.
SonicBALL 39
SonicBALL 39 23 dager siden
If Joey is real does that mean bendy is real???????
Tomas HB
Tomas HB 25 dager siden
The whole thing is made of inkkkkkkkkk
Billy Blüd-Bat
Billy Blüd-Bat 26 dager siden
So you mean to tell me, that the ENTIRE Game and it's creatures and events never happened?! Awwwwwe, that sucks!!! TwT
Griffin Wade
Griffin Wade 26 dager siden
I thought this game was a simple as bacon soup!
Jonathan Duffy
Jonathan Duffy 26 dager siden
Do we need a regret counter
Ara Saeed
Ara Saeed 28 dager siden
Can you tell us us other secrets?
Snorkykid123 A.k.A Aiden
Snorkykid123 A.k.A Aiden Måned siden
I have a theory that Henry is going insane and this story is his insanity dream
Landon Adams
Landon Adams Måned siden
Ha bendy and the dark retail
Szymon Kk
Szymon Kk Måned siden
Matpat: this is the end of bendy and the ink machine Themeatly: haha bendy and the dark revival go brrrrrrrrrr
Hunter-God 16
Hunter-God 16 Måned siden
Bendy and the dark revival intensifies
Jade fox
Jade fox Måned siden
• miamations •
• miamations • Måned siden
This is random but before I was able to watch the video I had an ad with never gonna give you up as there background music.Tell me I'm not the only one that got this ad
Commen Cat
Commen Cat Måned siden
Those pianos they sound like a dirt bag
Charm Is Charlie
Charm Is Charlie Måned siden
Mat Pat: "THE END OF BENDY AND THE INK MACHINE THEORY!" The rest of us from the future:"You really don't know the definition of "The End" do ya???"
Classic SonicPlays
Classic SonicPlays Måned siden
Hmm... I love how you called this the end even though there is a new game called Boris and the Dark Survival. *OH YEAH AND THERE’S A NOVEL AND SERIES OF COMICS TOO*
Eduardo Castelao
Eduardo Castelao Måned siden
Seviyi 000
Seviyi 000 Måned siden
E E Måned siden
Plot twist: MatPat is just making the plot for bendy and the ink machine, the developers had nothing in mind until MatPat came along
Messiah_yeet Måned siden
I feel bad for bendy 😢
Messiah_yeet Måned siden
I feel bad😢
sims Måned siden
its a cartoon it restarts over and over the game starts over and over the ink machine is a projector
rornoa Måned siden
GatorCam Måned siden
Henry's going to hell again basically over and over again like in the death to disny video
Barb Slovernick
Barb Slovernick Måned siden
what is bendys begining/////
YuYu Tube
YuYu Tube Måned siden
The Joey drew need/want got me too
Samsung Smart Fridges
Samsung Smart Fridges Måned siden
The cycle is broken... This reminfs me of COD zombies.
Carena Martinez
Carena Martinez Måned siden
The theory is amazing, I'm kinda sad that it's over T^T, the last thing is Joey maybe doesn't have a family but a niece and can you do a theory if Joey and Henry if there related to see if they are to confirm if Joey is an uncle?
PotatoFoxPlays _ The devil
PotatoFoxPlays _ The devil Måned siden
Bendy:*Dancing in his tutu* Cuphead:*walks into his room and gets a dress* Cup head:*Walks to bendy and dacning with bendy* me:YASSSSSS
Nice Goo
Nice Goo Måned siden
😮 wow
Rutilante Måned siden
I don't know if it's me thinking too deep, but I don't think that the typo of Joey Drew saying "I NEED to show you something" is an accident. "I WANT to show you something" could have a different meaning since WANT and NEED are different. Could it be possible that Joey knows of the loop he's sending Henry and he wants him to continue it? Could it be that Joey knows and he wants to see Henry get them out of the loop? Or is he doing it on purpose to, I don't know, make more creations come to life so he can get his notoriety and fame back?
assassinsrequiem Måned siden
This game is like Purgatory for Henry. The save stations are where Henry's soul is linked & his ink body is reformed if he gets killed. And the beginning of the game is really the end of the game, where Joey Drew created Henry's new body, wiped his memory of the sacrifice, & Joey has something to "show" Henry so he can continue to create for his studio.
LemonBoyWasTaken Måned siden
haha i love how he put old game consoles at the background of the beggining
Jake Edd
Jake Edd Måned siden
Honestly, I prefer this ending Explaination to the other one, it's more satisfying with Joey being consumed by regret and reaching out in the end rather than him not changing and staying a villian for me.
G Rafi
G Rafi Måned siden
Uhmm i have question for you. If bendy was joey then,who is the guy we're talking to in the ending?? Huh answer me now!!
Ner0 Dragn33L
Ner0 Dragn33L Måned siden
just when he said incredible. an ad about incredible investment came up
Ethan Riojas
Ethan Riojas 2 måneder siden
I like y’all’s content keep up the good work I watch y’all everyday
Just a random guy
Just a random guy 2 måneder siden
Mat this is stupid
Lisa Herron
Lisa Herron 2 måneder siden
Can u do who is audrey from bendy and the dark reveal
Cookie Ramen
Cookie Ramen 2 måneder siden
I love the intro, but the songgg! I love it but because it’s pitch is slightly off to make the “bendy atmosphere” I just get pretty triggered with the pitch. XD still love it though!
Dolma bhujel
Dolma bhujel 2 måneder siden
when you enter the house you will see a weel chair on the left side of the screeen
MeDoctor Remix
MeDoctor Remix 2 måneder siden
This is deeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
Raven Zombie
Raven Zombie 2 måneder siden
It's funny that you started the video with all the theories that you thought you got right. Just to make this video waaaaay wrong.
Xauri 2 måneder siden
Matpat in hardest theory
Crys_Cross 2 måneder siden
MatPat: "...It's finally over." Me two years after this video, with MORE FNaF games coming out and BATIM fans waiting for BATDR and BATDS released earlier this year, chillin' with my Bendy merch I got yesterday: "Ha lol- Yeah, no."
ArtyPaws Studio
ArtyPaws Studio 2 måneder siden
So, I'm watching all the Bendy theory videos for the first time and I'm over here like, "aw wholesome ending!" Then I look at the playlist and it says "4 out of 6 videos" *Internal Screeching*
Grace Adams
Grace Adams 2 måneder siden
Can we talk about the giant hand I chapter 5 And how in the remade chapter one bendy reaches for Henry like a kid to his dad when scared
Meredisu 2 måneder siden
Tell me another duck story please.
Ross Hoover
Ross Hoover 2 måneder siden
2 people opening a franchise where people die in the olden days
Ross Hoover
Ross Hoover 2 måneder siden
fnaf its fnaf
Ross Hoover
Ross Hoover 2 måneder siden
sounding familiar?
Brandan -
Brandan - 2 måneder siden
Brandan -
Brandan - 2 måneder siden
He already ruined it but it was worth it 😂
Andres Zuniga - Osborne
Andres Zuniga - Osborne 2 måneder siden
That's such a happy-sad ending
ToadsReignSupreme 2 måneder siden
plot twist the look see appears and attacks joey drew
Diler Mohammad 8A Celsiusskolan 7-9
Diler Mohammad 8A Celsiusskolan 7-9 2 måneder siden
Before you end this, there is a wheelchair on the left side, just like we see in chapter 1 when henry lost consciousness.
Luciano 2 måneder siden
Bendy and the Ink Machine went from being a horror game to an action game
Carlos Cabrera
Carlos Cabrera 2 måneder siden
1:00 laughs in boris
Dominik Ďurkovský
Dominik Ďurkovský 2 måneder siden
Crazy Pie
Crazy Pie 2 måneder siden
So... Joey the whole game was Bendy... and we were playing a story that Joey told to little girl?😅😅
David Castellon
David Castellon 2 måneder siden
Is it just me or the name Henry is everywhere in the horror lore games and is always the good guy 🧐
Betty-Alexandria Pride
Betty-Alexandria Pride 2 måneder siden
Out of all the Bendy theories so far, this is the scariest. ☹
iifrxitzii -0-
iifrxitzii -0- 2 måneder siden
What is the scariest JUMPSCARE in BATIM you ask? Matpat
Avalon Soldan
Avalon Soldan 2 måneder siden
umm Mat pat, I know this is in 2020 but i think the miss subtitle `` theres something i WANT to show you``, i dont think it was a mishap but a highlight of the truth. that while he said i need to show you but in all actuality it was want. so maybe your theory that you thought was endless murders. It might be right or maybe there is more depth to it. i am just saying, you don´t need to take my word to it.
Largy Lotts
Largy Lotts 2 måneder siden
This is depressing
ImaginarySapphire 2 måneder siden
he is raising henry's daughter, because of henry's mysterious "dead at desk" unfortunate end
Emma J
Emma J 2 måneder siden
Wow dadpat! You have the best theory’s!!
Emma J
Emma J 2 måneder siden
Get is? Matpat? Dadpat? Sorry
Allee Delmez
Allee Delmez 2 måneder siden
I know this video was made 2 years ago but there's going to be another bendy it also says it when the girls says "tell me another one uncle joey'
Elizabeth Afton :D
Elizabeth Afton :D 2 måneder siden
I have no idea why, but this makes me kinda sad that the events you play through weren’t real
Jammie Robinson
Jammie Robinson 2 måneder siden
Did anyone catch Joey has a wheelchair in his house facing him
axolotl gamer
axolotl gamer 2 måneder siden
intro starts me MY EARS
Amber Ward
Amber Ward 2 måneder siden
FNAF and batim both have two main characters that created a way to spread joy to children and each one has a man named Henry who left their work due to the stress and both have men who became obsessed with bringing their creations to life and realized they made a big mistake using souls to bring said creation to life therefore trying to "seal" them away both Henry's come back to help fix the problem but both end up dying at their desks and the issue is not resolved 🤔
Austin Bautista
Austin Bautista 2 måneder siden
Tyler Burroughs
Tyler Burroughs 2 måneder siden
Did you see the weelchair
hi how are ya
hi how are ya 2 måneder siden
It's not the end
no 2 måneder siden
10:14 arrrgh! What is that music?! I totally recognise it from another game! 😠
Cosmic Aidan
Cosmic Aidan 2 måneder siden
I just thought maybe when Joey drew says I need to show you and the text says I want to show you he lied he did not need to show Henry anything it was a trap
Aiden Davis
Aiden Davis 2 måneder siden
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