Game Theory: Spiderman's Next Villain Is NOT Who You Think! (Spider-Man: Miles Morales)

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One of the major titles released to promote the PS5 was Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. It is a sequel / DLC of the 2018 Spider-Man game - so of course, we have to cover it! Theorists, I think Marvel is using their games to test the waters for the MCU and I think Miles is giving us a hint to something BIG in it's next villain. No, I don't mean Green Goblin or Venom, I mean the SECRET villain that will be the big twist of the next Spider-Man game. That's right, ANOTHER big bad is about to enter the ring and I know who it is!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Koen Verhagen, Forrest Lee, and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Comic Drake
Comic Drake 29 dager siden
Honestly, I am very much on board with this. Very well researched. 👌
Adrienne Newlands
Adrienne Newlands 10 dager siden
They should make it 2 player. Peter Parker and Miles morales
Rashed kilani
Rashed kilani 10 dager siden
i disagree, a lot of this is smart and well thought and researched i still feel like its a lil to farfetched and might be concidense. but there are a few clues that r true
Slasher0315 10 dager siden
I think you mean very over reasearched
Tony Acosta
Tony Acosta 11 dager siden
This bs how did you not see dr conors aka the lizard at the end of miles morales
Dane Klein
Dane Klein 11 dager siden
Fake news
ZL3E 5 timer siden
What if the next game isn't a Spiderman game, and instead, is a Venom game. Hear me out, clearly you're right about this formula, and Harry Osborn as Venom is in a much better place for this than Peter or Miles. As the Goblin is his father, and Doom is a Tech Billionaire. What if you swing through the Symkarian streets, not as Spiderman, but as Venom, and you have to work to take down your father and his rival before they destroy the country. Maybe this is just me being crazy, but think about it.
DarkRavenWolf50 7 timer siden
5:38 wth? Is that the Omnitrix!?
Ben3uk 11 timer siden
Theory man the greatest hero
The galactic gaming Repuplic
The galactic gaming Repuplic 11 timer siden
the confusing thing is that Venom is the good guy in the movie ??? Whats goin on?
Help me Killer
Help me Killer 12 timer siden
Dr doom isnt just a fantastic 4 villain lol and if you base your knowledge on those movies I feel bad because those movies do doom terribly
K Doherty
K Doherty 18 timer siden
I also want mysteryo in it
Le Pie
Le Pie 18 timer siden
I want an Insomniac Ghost Rider gane
Le Pie
Le Pie 19 timer siden
Game Theory is a great channel. Great video, man!
Liljugg 20 timer siden
You get to play as venom dum dum daaaaaaaaa
Jakeroni Dag siden
I thought it was taskmaster lmao
Daniel Nikolaev
Daniel Nikolaev Dag siden
You are forgetting about lizard and mysterio, they were teased multiple times
Santiago Carmona
Santiago Carmona 2 dager siden
the lizard could be there too
Josiah Valdez
Josiah Valdez 2 dager siden
Here’s my theory about Harry becoming venom and Norman becoming green goblin. Norman is looking for a cure for Harry but they couldn’t find a cure until oscorp developed a goblin serum cure. Norman wanted Harry to be safe so he wanted to test on him first. The serum didn’t work and it turn him into the green goblin instead. Since they was no cure for Harry he became venom.
Luicidhimself 2 dager siden
The first half of the game should be played by peter until he tragic,y dies and then you play as miles.Thats the only possible way it could top 6 villains
Entah 2 dager siden
5:54 I feel like you're underestimating the power-set a little
Entah 2 dager siden
Ik as soon as I saw the silhouette
Havok Gameing
Havok Gameing 3 dager siden
I think that there should be a venom fight and after Peter wins the symbiote bonds to Peter or Harry helps Peter fight both sides
Doodly Dude
Doodly Dude 3 dager siden
dude this game dev reacted to game theory
Jelly Gamer
Jelly Gamer 3 dager siden
i knew it was doctor doom since you put up that shadow of him
Xander chomakos
Xander chomakos 3 dager siden
But curt Conners is mentioned at the end of miles Morales, so I'm gonna say the lizard is one of them as well
Miguel 3 dager siden
Theory man helped me discovered a lot of things
Andrew Bass
Andrew Bass 3 dager siden
The only way I can see reed and venom is that spider man ask reed to help osborn control the suit and have venom as a playable character
Andrew Bass
Andrew Bass 3 dager siden
Imagine reed richards helps harry osborn control the suit and u get to have venom as a playable character
Anmol 540
Anmol 540 3 dager siden
How bout 2 player one as pete and another as miles
Eroz Ernesto Villalpando Muñoz
Eroz Ernesto Villalpando Muñoz 3 dager siden
It seems Insomniac really likes wars between 2 armies and a hero in between, it started with Sunset Overdrive and now Spiderman.
Everett Beadling
Everett Beadling 3 dager siden
But actually the lizard is gonna be the third villain
Abr3u413 3 dager siden
If MatPat is right then Venom can be the starting Villain that you beat like Kingpin and Rhino and then you fight against the 2 armies
ZeezRawesomE 3 dager siden
9:16 they seriously have a halo warthog?
የኛ መዝሙር OUR SONG OFFICIAL 3 dager siden
Kristie Stuart
Kristie Stuart 3 dager siden
I don't know why but those minions are kinda sus
Paul Vignon
Paul Vignon 3 dager siden
9:17 Is... Is that Doctor Doom on a Halo Warthog ???
DJ Aguinaga
DJ Aguinaga 4 dager siden
Hey does anybody else remember carnage from the comics
Justin Benson
Justin Benson 3 dager siden
YES and I can’t wait for his involvement 😌🤝😌
XOTIC_SC 4 dager siden
What’s your favorite line in game theory? Me: Converting Miles Morales to Meters Morales
Nerd Theory
Nerd Theory 4 dager siden
miles is the best spiderman obviously well before cosmic spider duh
Shannon Hund
Shannon Hund 4 dager siden
writers be like: uhg great we got to write all over again
LiziLLusioN 4 dager siden
Watching these Spiderman game theories is making me really want to play them.
ItsKb 4 dager siden
This only holds up is the next game isn't a prequel.
yoshua asante
yoshua asante 4 dager siden
And there is going to be Spider-Verse in the third game
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer 4 dager siden
I believe there are 4 villains because in miles morals at the end you could see the scientist work with Osborn on Harry is actually the lizard as you can see he has one arm while the other arm is gone for some reason therefore I think the lizard is going to make an appearance like In the old Spider-Man 2 game
Jeremiah Dawson
Jeremiah Dawson 4 dager siden
2:50 Remember Pog Man on Twitch? :(
Azriel Angel
Azriel Angel 4 dager siden
ik it from the outline u can make out his hood.
Nieta mucunabitu
Nieta mucunabitu 4 dager siden
Nieta mucunabitu
Nieta mucunabitu 4 dager siden
What about jhalo
Zaymaxs 4 dager siden
I have a role to fill for venom he could be a side villain like the taskmaster in the first game and kinda like prowler in the second game. After you complete certain missions he will catch you and you fight with him just like taskmaster.
vep rol
vep rol 4 dager siden
Why dont you say that venom gona be the good guy? With the other 2
Vytaras Arnašius
Vytaras Arnašius 4 dager siden
What if there was 4 and not 3 in the Next game ?
Sheev 4 dager siden
ThE gUY fRoM fOOrTniTe
Daniel Lewis
Daniel Lewis 4 dager siden
The first spiderman game hinted at the Avengers game
LordSaviorElmo 667
LordSaviorElmo 667 4 dager siden
You forgot about the Dr.Connors aka The Lizard cameo
hey how are ya
hey how are ya 4 dager siden
I thought he was gonna say the lizard since spiderman miles morales ending
Pouliot Louis-Félix
Pouliot Louis-Félix 4 dager siden
I really hope this is actually the direction that the story’s gonna take.
Ciaran Gale
Ciaran Gale 2 dager siden
hasnt the game been released? would we not know already?
Jayden_plushtown 126
Jayden_plushtown 126 4 dager siden
I think it will be wraith venom and goblin
Nate Huffmaster
Nate Huffmaster 5 dager siden
Idk it’d be cool but I don’t feel like it’d be very good story wise
Cozy Chomps YT FORTNITE 5 dager siden
I’m lesbian a little
Sarah Allen
Sarah Allen 5 dager siden
I would happily watch theory on as a show.
Danjustice 5 dager siden
I know for sure the lizard will be in the game
Govindharj R
Govindharj R 5 dager siden
Please make biology of ben 10 aliens
Camilo Andrés Méndez Gutiérrez
Camilo Andrés Méndez Gutiérrez 5 dager siden
i love this, but how did you miss Curt Connors in that Miles Morales Post credit scene? * In Dark Knight voice *: WHERE IS HE?!
Makaramus 5 dager siden
You keep assuming venom but I expect it to be black suit. Even if he is experinced with it allready(not sure) spider man was never shy of wearing it as second time. If he feel like he is overwhelmed aganist doom and goblin he will be willing to use black suit
Atlas 135
Atlas 135 6 dager siden
Dude, i swear i called dr doom b4 he said it
Jeffrey Johnson AKA ShadoWolf
Jeffrey Johnson AKA ShadoWolf 6 dager siden
Green Goblin infused with powers of Venom is a perfect Team-up to face off against Dr. Doom
Claudio Corral
Claudio Corral 6 dager siden
Aw man I thought Miles Morales was gonna be the villian
Julie Staples
Julie Staples 6 dager siden
insomniac watching this: WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN!!
pugwold 3456
pugwold 3456 6 dager siden
Nobody gonna talk about curt connors being in the post credit sequence? No? Ok
FL4M3Z EXE 7 dager siden
Sorry man but ima disagree with you this time
PROSIGNITE 7 dager siden
I mean it’s not that guy’s purse anyway so why does it matter
Jovie love
Jovie love 7 dager siden
theory man should be canon in the mcu.
Lukas Reimer
Lukas Reimer 7 dager siden
The jolls 089
The jolls 089 7 dager siden
So the real question is who paid taskmaster to hunt spidey
The Canadian Wonder
The Canadian Wonder 7 dager siden
I'd hope you would be able to play multiplayer local and online as spidey and miles
skull body
skull body 7 dager siden
So we are going to forget about dr.Connors at the end? Sad lizard be forgotten
Drex lord
Drex lord 7 dager siden
Bit of a stretch
Zodiac Witch Gacha
Zodiac Witch Gacha 7 dager siden
Me being a spider Gwen fan I feel like Ghost spider will be a either a villain or help Miles fight
Reed Webb
Reed Webb 7 dager siden
this is amazing work!
Its Monke
Its Monke 7 dager siden
venom goblin
Ty Gandy
Ty Gandy 8 dager siden
Your looking so far ahead Pat that your are missing something big. Remember the scientist Osborn was yelling at in the Miles Morales post credit scene? That’s the guy who is supposed to be the Lizard Man.
MysteryMan 1226
MysteryMan 1226 8 dager siden
Venom could be like the prowler in miles morales
FintyFlow 8 dager siden
Mat Pat: mentions Dr. Doom *Fortnite has entered the chat*
TheMemes123 8 dager siden
It would be cool if we had to fight in a war zone in a spidey game.
Silber Woot
Silber Woot 8 dager siden
It’s Most Likely Gonna Be The Lizard. Aka Curt conners. Because he is the scientist working on Harry/Venom and he is mentioned throughout the game but only as Easter eggs, also in some comics the lizard actually bonds with venom while in others he CREATED venom. Sound familiar? He’s the one working on Harry While he is in the green chamber and the only way that they would put green goblin in the game is most likely as a post credit Scene OR as what is in the miles morales comic, the goblin is a giant creature created by his own family member who dunked him in a vast pool of waste. Edit: Dr doom has been hinted at but only as someone that was defeated by a group of heroes (the fantastic four) so it’s most likely impossible that they do it cuz the ONE comic that has doctor doom vs Spider-Man is set in another reality and it’s been established that this isn’t that reality/ Universe. Plus Ultron is the one pulling the strings not doctor doom because this has been established as a reality where Spider-Man is with miles and there is venom who is Harry and the prowler becomes good , and ganke makes an app for miles and Spider-Man is working for Otto not j Jonah or at high school and he’s already beat the sand man (who will most likely make a return) and the tinkerer is a female who is miles friend AND aunt may works at a homeless shelter and dies when hit by a plague! The only other universe or Spidey-Verse to have all these things and more I didn’t mention Is one where Ultron Fights Spider-Man to test how strong he is and he only does this AFTER he beat the sinister six who was exactly all those members but mister negative was replaced by The Chameleon!! If u don’t know what reality this is by now then u haven’t read the comics as it is hinted at in even more comics even in both u mentioned with Harry and where he becomes green goblin.
CallmeCorrin 8 dager siden
I mean it could also be sand man
ooga booga man
ooga booga man 8 dager siden
I feel like Venom is going to act like the Prowler/uncle Aaron in Miles Morales
kieran gamez
kieran gamez 8 dager siden
Bruh. Phin is the replacement for Martin Li. And Simon Krieger is the replacement for Silver Sable. Not the other way around.
Corbin Cain
Corbin Cain 8 dager siden
Ha ha ha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahabahaha
TravelledChain1 8 dager siden
dont forget the possibility of lizard because at the end of miles Osborne talks to curt conners who becomes the lizard
Jack Picciano
Jack Picciano 8 dager siden
I have not seen anything but the thumbnail yet, and I (based off of that) am guessing that it is the ARROW or green arrow.
Zazy Mendez
Zazy Mendez 8 dager siden
Live action into the spider verse let's make it happen people
olamiposi Akande
olamiposi Akande 9 dager siden
This guy is brilliant, looking what he's doing with it. Nonetheless great video
Greg johnson
Greg johnson 9 dager siden
Don't forget "Spiderman and his amazing friends" Dr. Doom was there the main villain.
Greg johnson
Greg johnson 7 dager siden
@Mista Ahmed "OF COURSE!"
Mista Ahmed
Mista Ahmed 7 dager siden
U watched that too
Nook 9 dager siden
MF DOOM returns
IPwnISmakkEgos _
IPwnISmakkEgos _ 9 dager siden
Demon souls theory please.
big clover
big clover 9 dager siden
TheeTaken 9 dager siden
MatPat hasn’t even mentioned that Curt Connors was in Spider- Man Miles Morales...
TheeTaken 8 dager siden
@IPwnISmakkEgos _ In the post credits scene. If you had subtitles on then it said “Curt Connors” and if you didn’t know, Curt is the lizard, or something like that. If you don’t understand what i mean its the villain from “The Amazing Spider- Man 2”
IPwnISmakkEgos _
IPwnISmakkEgos _ 9 dager siden
Claude Oliver
Claude Oliver 9 dager siden
If the next game still takes place in New York, this is gonna be Meh.
EJP VIZZ 9 dager siden
Lol didn’t stop till it was to late spoiled miles spider man game
Mr. Noodlemin
Mr. Noodlemin 9 dager siden
This is honestly one of MatPat's most solid and well thought out theories in a while!! I'd love to see all of this!
Just A person
Just A person 9 dager siden
My name is Parker and I kept getting confused because I kept hearing you say Parker did this and Parker did that
BRZ-RAD Spider
BRZ-RAD Spider 9 dager siden
So basically this game is going to have some similarities too Spider-Man web of shadows If u played it and watched the video u would know why
Mr. Marble
Mr. Marble 9 dager siden
Maybe it will be like miles deals with the goblin in new York and spider man deals with doctor doom in what ever it was called and venom is just there and you you get to switch between the city making the game Evan BIGGER
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