Game Theory: Why You Can't Save Aerith With a Phoenix Down! (Final Fantasy 7)

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9 måneder siden

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One of the most memorable, and heartbreaking, moments of the original Final Fantasy 7 game was the death of Aerith. No matter what you do, how many saves you load, there is no way to save her. Not even the Phoenix Down works! It's always bugged me that this resource made to save people from death, couldn't save this beloved character. Why IS that? Today, it's time to pluck some feathers and see if we can find an answer to this fowl question!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Alan Baker
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Forrest Lee, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Jackson Steen
Jackson Steen 12 timer siden
I think it’s because the phoenix down is something you find so using it isn’t cannon because it isn’t always given to you
Singing Seal
Singing Seal 13 timer siden
now i know im late but i do want ff8 theories its my favourite in the series
Jk Leopoldo
Jk Leopoldo 18 timer siden
If the Phoenix is dead, what was the Phoenix that hatched during the fight at Fort Condor? So technically the party can find a high value feather and offer it to that Phoenix that was hatched.
Koriander Yander
Koriander Yander 19 timer siden
They better make part two before the devs die of corona
charles vincent malinao
charles vincent malinao 20 timer siden
seph is smash
Pumkin Spice
Pumkin Spice 2 dager siden
Hey, check out this random link for all the answers for this video:
Ștefan ionut Staicu
Ștefan ionut Staicu 3 dager siden
you guys do realize Aerith can be revived right?
Shadowstriker 3 dager siden
*look nervously at 9 year old FFVII video* I guess if a Phoenix down just wakes you up it’ll be hard to actually *GET* up if your paralyzed...
Drakera 5 dager siden
After FF Remake, it looks like she doesnt HAVE to die :)
Sephiroth 3 dager siden
Who knows really?
Jk47 6 dager siden
What about dmc5 in 2019
Roaring Thunder115
Roaring Thunder115 6 dager siden
It’s brink of death, not death. That’s what I believe.
Austin D
Austin D 6 dager siden
Ff8 theories would be great
Hunter62554 6 dager siden
Well the Phoenix down is used to bring back people that have fallen unconscious, cause I think thats what its called. But that's just what I think.
Bone_knapper 6 dager siden
omg, thats funny, "i remember the ps3 sound" i do too because i played it 2 days ago. thats what happen when your short on cash, you still play ps3 on world at war and modern warfare 3.
UltraEpicLeader100 2.0
UltraEpicLeader100 2.0 8 dager siden
FF7 Remake: With a little Time travel this will be a problem of the past.
DatBoi Reb
DatBoi Reb 9 dager siden
Oddheader brought her back
That one Guy
That one Guy 9 dager siden
SpadeGhostVampire7777 10 dager siden
The White Materia is her soul. Her mother had one too. When she died, all the power of her mothers went to her soul as a failsafe. So what you are actually seeing when the White Materia is jumping down the jumping stones is her soul falling into the water. Nobody can revive her because that would require having Ancients around to preform an magical autopsy where the white materia is re-inserted into her solar plexus, then have 4 other Centra's focus all their lifeforce into healing it and her lifeforce to restore the electrical spark of life back into her while she slips into a coma for a long time as you sit by her bedside hoping she recovers sending your lifeforce into her through your hearts love for her till she awakes up, the whole sleeping beauty, love will save your soul through love soul resonation, true love saves the day to recovery thing. They all instinctively knew once she died, considering there were no Centras around to help her, she was just dead as there was nothing they could do or they would of grabbed the white materia before plunging into the abyss of the water.
Sephiroth 3 dager siden
That's not how the white materia works.
Cheeseburger Pizza
Cheeseburger Pizza 13 dager siden
Even though if she was revived she will still be killed because of sephiroth's Sword
Anthony Baker
Anthony Baker 15 dager siden
There’s this ee in the game where you can get “ghost” aerith and she’ll join your party.
Eclipse Highroller
Eclipse Highroller 16 dager siden
Random fact: Cloud killed Aerith, not Sephiroth. She was still alive after being stabbed as his sword missed any vital organ. But it did clip her spine, making her paralyzed. Meaning she couldn’t move. So when cloud set her in the water, she was still alive, until she sank and drowned. Cloud killed Aerith
Shadowstriker 3 dager siden
Wasn’t that a different game theory episode?
DuckChild Studios
DuckChild Studios 13 dager siden
Potato Beyblade
Potato Beyblade 20 dager siden
Not even half way done I know why.... BECAUSE ITS SEPHIROTH
NTGAMES23 21 dag siden
Micro Waved Rice Cake
Micro Waved Rice Cake 23 dager siden
Watching this after happiness and cyanides mini shorts
rize sama
rize sama 24 dager siden
i loved playing this game very much. 🤯
Matthew Cheung
Matthew Cheung 28 dager siden
Game theory: *Takes 15 minutes to explain* Cyanide and Happiness: Haha funny ded girl
Abudieru Hegemon
Abudieru Hegemon 29 dager siden
I believe the reason Aerith had to die is because she is the only who became life itself. Aka "The Mother" who takes those who die. I don't understand why Sephiroth killed her because it's been years I haven't played the game but I'm pretty sure if Aerith didn't die, then "The Mother" who heals both the living and the dead wouldn't exist
Justin Jacobsen
Justin Jacobsen Måned siden
Well odd header finally discovered the 20-year long rumored erith revival Easter egg so there's no point watching this video p.s game theory sucks lol
Jeremy Hamrick
Jeremy Hamrick Måned siden
The Phoenix probably just isn’t trying to go against the will of Sephiroth.
Joseph Newsome
Joseph Newsome Måned siden
Ask my this how to bullets not kill them instally
Joseph Newsome
Joseph Newsome Måned siden
They shouldn't of even added in down if they kill off characters
Dragon Lord
Dragon Lord Måned siden
Wait. You're planning FF8 theories? Dude yes I need that! FF8 is my personal favorite Final Fantasy game I need theories on it now!
Derren E
Derren E Måned siden
Wasnt there a materia called revive or life? And Life 2?
Isabel Polanco
Isabel Polanco Måned siden
Yess Final Fantasy 8 theory!!
KingYote Gaming
KingYote Gaming Måned siden
Well now Sepiroth is in smash.
Bizare Player
Bizare Player Måned siden
I never understood why people are talking about only Phoenix Downs, when there is also Revive materia with Life1 and Life2. Working just like PD but also added effect to heal HP fully if on high enough level. Now it makes more sense if defeat does not equal death but more like a KO.
Chipinator Måned siden
Wasn't there a "Easter egg" that oddheader reviewed, in which Aertith says "silly didn anyone tell you yhis is hades" and joins your party again
Siethys Måned siden
Why does phoenix down kill undead enemies?
E.J. Jones
E.J. Jones Måned siden
It's a lost cause,if they brought her back to life,sephrioth would just keep rekilling her.🤔
Alex Crazy
Alex Crazy Måned siden
Me when I hear the PS3 sound what cause I jawed one like literally last year all the time
spectre 1atv
spectre 1atv Måned siden
Phoenix Downs are used to "Revive" a person from an unconscious state Aerith is dead she was killed she didn't just fall unconscious after being impaled by an approximately 7 foot long blade.
Michael Pettinari
Michael Pettinari Måned siden
Sorry I am late to this party for some reason I missed this episode, and 2 you made a mistake in this Theory Matt, you can actually kill an undead monster with a Phoenix Down, not to mention a boss in FF 8, just by using it it raises them from the dead.
Manuel Nunez
Manuel Nunez Måned siden
BigDaddySama 2 måneder siden
I just finished FF7R and I have a theory regarding this. One of the major themes in FF7R was whether to accept or defy fate. Iirc, that was not really touched on in the original (I may be wrong, it's been a while). I think the major twist at the end of part 2 is Aerith does NOT die at the end. This will somehow set in motion the activation of the Black Materia and part 3 will be about cleaning up that mess (and Aerith most likely dying at the end of part 3)
Shadow Fright 13
Shadow Fright 13 2 måneder siden
Ok, I have never played Final Fantasy nor had I heard about it before like 2018. If my brothers didn't play it or know about it it did not exist.
Ibui Shinka
Ibui Shinka 2 måneder siden
MatPat: *Is ready to upload FF8 theories* FNAF 8: "Thanks for another theory MatPat, always a pleasure to do business. Keep up the good work!
THE MEGA KNIGHT 2 måneder siden
You miss the ps3 come to my world and you will see a world full of updates
jasminejo2424 2 måneder siden
nvm saving Aerith i want general Leo back :(
WILLIAM HOLCOMB 2 måneder siden
I have a PS3 ... I enjoy it, but MatPat? I'd be happy to trade it for a 4. (Or 5, if you feel generous)
kyle dubreuil
kyle dubreuil 2 måneder siden
FF8 theory please???????
Hollie Ginoza
Hollie Ginoza 2 måneder siden
I'd love some FF8 theories. I think u was the only one in my friend group who really liked the game.
doomoftheend 2 måneder siden
Is it 22 or 23 year old? The debatte.
Shini gami
Shini gami 2 måneder siden
Business Clank
Business Clank 2 måneder siden
Is anyone else just binge watching all of mat pats theories
Athlynne 3 måneder siden
...what about Life? Life2?
Tristan Clarke
Tristan Clarke 3 måneder siden
Guys go watch odd headers video about aerith, she can be revived at the church
Tristan Clarke
Tristan Clarke 3 måneder siden
5 months later you can find a video on NOpost that proved that she could be revived
Mobile Gaming World
Mobile Gaming World 3 måneder siden
I still use a PS3 I don't have anything else😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Komla Apely
Komla Apely 3 måneder siden
As we say in borderlands, "Death isn't permanent unless its in a cutscene."
Ghoul 3 måneder siden
But they can use cure, cura, curaja and curaga after she got impaled. Right?
Connor Greenslade
Connor Greenslade 3 måneder siden
Also minecraft cave update and steve in smash
Fisch Aventine
Fisch Aventine 3 måneder siden
Sorry to burst your bubble....
Makhyusni Makhyusni
Makhyusni Makhyusni 3 måneder siden
Play FFV and their a part where Galuf is death where everyone use Curaga, Elixir and of course Raise and Phoenix down but he is dead
Mr Plimbles
Mr Plimbles 3 måneder siden
In FF7 Crisis core, Angeals wing gives Zack Phoenix downs - I theorise that Angeal and his "Copies" are where the Phoenix downs first come from in the FF7 series, and they are mass produced after the fact of this accidental by-product. The tear-jurking end of FF7 Crisis Core shows Zack laying on the floor, defeated and dieing with cloud next to him recorvering from his Mako Poisoning. I theorise that Zack may have burnt through his entire stack of Phoenix downs to get to this point, as he has defeated an entire army of shinra troops, 2nd class soldiers and helecopters, bar 4-5 troops who finally take him down & seen as though Zack and Cloud have been on the run for 2-4 years (depending on which games lore you believe) then they will have burnt through quite a lot of their resources. There is no way for cloud to save Zack because their are no resources left to save zack with, also zack being so close to death and cloud still being so weak means that there was little chance of anything being salvaged of a dead enemy. I'd love to see some crisis core theories in the future!
Chilly_Philly 3 måneder siden
c'mon atleast give me back my materia
CrossBone 3 måneder siden
I'm not crying
WALN Zell 3 måneder siden
If the phoenix is dead then how does it do literally anything? Phoenix downs wouldn't work at all.
WALN Zell 3 måneder siden
6:58 You mean IV, V, and VI?
Bad Lime
Bad Lime 3 måneder siden
Yo Aerith can be revived
Jethro Jacinto
Jethro Jacinto 3 måneder siden
Nikhil R Byrapuram
Nikhil R Byrapuram 3 måneder siden
where is game theroy i,ii,iii,iv,v, and vi?
Michael Montalvo
Michael Montalvo 3 måneder siden
React to oddheaders are it’s revival vid
It's Irvin Time
It's Irvin Time 3 måneder siden
Definitely down for some FF8 theories!
skyactive 3 måneder siden
Phoenix down is for unconsious and only use for battle, not cutscene
Zhello 4 måneder siden
Also you can't save Rachel in Final Fantasy. She does regardless if you do the quest or not. The Treasure Hunter will always feel broken by that.
ryan hoffman
ryan hoffman 4 måneder siden
Lol sory . I thought it was a 9 foot blade. ? how knows.? 9 feet can't be right.? 6 feet like mat pat sad . Must be right.
Double_O_0wen 4 måneder siden
FFVIII please
Taiylor Wallace
Taiylor Wallace 4 måneder siden
Honestly, one of the best theories I've seen in terms of research. Also I love FF anyway.
vogonp 42
vogonp 42 4 måneder siden
The interesting thing about the Aerith not being dead theory is that we actually see Cloud survive a similar Sephiroth sword incident.
Michael Ellis
Michael Ellis 4 måneder siden
0:28 ok I've only played kingdom hearts but from the little I've heard of isn't this like 90% of the plot in final fantasy
turtlerr r
turtlerr r 4 måneder siden
me: steve is a girl matpat 23 years later: uhh NO
AsmoJay 4 måneder siden
How long did it take before you realized that the "down" in Phoenix down was referring to down feathers?
Mikael Olsson
Mikael Olsson 4 måneder siden
Life, life2 or full-life?
Munchie Litten
Munchie Litten 4 måneder siden
Oof he killed her ? !! Wow cloud wth smh
Video game god Video game god
Video game god Video game god 4 måneder siden
3:16:everyones`s favorite flower girl me:I don`t like aries.......[actually true]
Joshua Anderson
Joshua Anderson 4 måneder siden
Wow Well done. This was awesome
sweet-rain Jewel
sweet-rain Jewel 4 måneder siden
I would love game theories of all Final Fantasy games its my favourite game series and the reason i subscribed to this channel (stayed subbed because i loved film theroy,and now food theory)
Max Hatch
Max Hatch 4 måneder siden
Revived in all forms at the time during aerith’s death might not be canon
The Smash Dancers
The Smash Dancers 4 måneder siden
I do hope he covers what's up with the Final Fantasy 7 remake. Especially how Aerith even came back or seemed to know what was happening in this timeline..
iron cheese
iron cheese 4 måneder siden
I would like to point out that in FFXV theres a state of “Danger” when you run out of health, and if you take MORE damage, THEN you’re dead and are actually able to use a Phoenix Down. That’s what contradicts this theory for me.
BHGraphics82 4 måneder siden
I'll save you the 15 minutes..a phoenix down isn't for curing death, it's for curing being incapacitated. Problem solved
Fabledkill 4 måneder siden
Okay hear me out Phoenix down revive the dead because if you use one on a undead what happens? It gives the opposite effect of death life meaning killing the undead. So it should be able to raise the dead.
Joe B
Joe B 4 måneder siden
You forgot that Cloud finds a Phoenix on the railroad track hidden area. After killing it, he gets 30 Phoenix Downs. Also, “Death” the magic refers to HP 0 as dead.
Joe B
Joe B 4 måneder siden
What about throwing a soft on Red X dad
khanda fareedon
khanda fareedon 4 måneder siden
Even though this show is amazing I don't watch SOME of them so it is kept beautiful in my brain like final fantasy " my favourite game" shrek and star wars
Fernel Curameng
Fernel Curameng 4 måneder siden
I know this is old but xxii is 22 xxiii is 23.
Vladimir Boevers
Vladimir Boevers 4 måneder siden
But there was that one easter egg in the game where if u give the harp and the other things( forget what they where), if. Go back to where she died she comes back and a CREEPY WEIRD cutacenes starts The youtuber oddheader covered this and it worked.
rayne hayes
rayne hayes 4 måneder siden
Me:*only played pt1 of the remake and practically fell in love with aerith* Ogff7:AERITH DIES Me:NOOOOO AERITH
Why Idontwant2
Why Idontwant2 4 måneder siden
Final Fantasy 7 remake is crap.
R. J.
R. J. 4 måneder siden
I miss beard pat
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