Game Theory: Super Smash Bros Ultimate Ending EXPLAINED | World of Light True Ending

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2 år siden

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I promised to explain the new Super Smash Bros Ultimate story mode to you and guess what? I'm keeping that promise! Today I am here to tell you what the story of World of Light is REALLY about. It is DEEP! So deep I am surprised this made it past all the executives!
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The Completionist
The Completionist 2 år siden
Glad to see this video come through! It's never too late for Battle Toads :D
jotaro kujo
jotaro kujo 20 dager siden
Dude game theory like your coment
freshtale sans
freshtale sans 29 dager siden
@Master Assassin are u FLEXING??
Master Assassin
Master Assassin 29 dager siden
I’m so Famous On You I’m a 💪🏽JOCK 🏈
Garreth Evans
Garreth Evans Måned siden
Holy crap battle toaddddsss
freshtale sans
freshtale sans Måned siden
Real talk matpat ur stop u give me FUNKING nightmares
N-N YT 3 timer siden
Or Geleam and darkon Where just little kids fightng for there toys
Robo Mix
Robo Mix 10 timer siden
If master hand is the right hand and crazy hand is left than all right armed people know that right hand is for drawing and left for cntrl+z (undo). Boom! Theory solved!
SamsStuffYT 11 timer siden
18:34 Mat about to cry Also mat: 18:48
R.C.W W.K Dag siden
I want shadow
Walker Lapinski
Walker Lapinski Dag siden
My problem with Super Smash bros is that Galeem made Kirby clones without ever actually getting his hands on Kirby.
Walker Lapinski
Walker Lapinski Dag siden
Oh my gosh lmao I got an ad for another nintendo game while watching this
Albert Poshley / Tudorbigbrain101 YT
Albert Poshley / Tudorbigbrain101 YT Dag siden
No there not trophy’s of them there amiibos
Tracey Gonzalez
Tracey Gonzalez Dag siden
Where can I find Sakurai I want to give him a break and kick every fan of Smash bros and Nintendo. Seriously, even without the probably intentional parallels in the story, the man needs a LONG break.(Good job Matpat for revealing the probably pains of Sakurai) Edit:Sorry if I sound crazy, but the Smash community is very volatile and Nintendo haven't been the greatest this year:2020.
Haufanhazza Syazani Adi
Haufanhazza Syazani Adi 2 dager siden
So I'm is the main antagonist of super smash bros, COOL
Average Films
Average Films 2 dager siden
I love that no matter what, Sakurai will still always give the fans what they want. No matter how much pain it causes him, he always wants to pull through and show his dedication to us and his games. Time and time again during Ultimate's lifespan, he's always been giving everyone characters that were highly requested. Ridley. Daisy. King K.Rool. Chrom. Hero. Banjo. Steve. Terry. I guarantee you no matter what Sakurai adds its going to make someone happy, even if that someone is one person. And I think he knows that.
Toygar Yılmaz
Toygar Yılmaz 2 dager siden
after 18:50 most people oh ok by by
Lionel Christian Wijaya 1205051
Lionel Christian Wijaya 1205051 2 dager siden
I got all characters in 5 days I'm smash bros ultimate
Gacha_gaming T
Gacha_gaming T 3 dager siden
Yeah mat I do that and I'm 12
John Rourke (student)
John Rourke (student) 3 dager siden
me: clicks on vid. vid: SPOILERS me: finishes game ok time to watch it
John Rourke (student)
John Rourke (student) 2 dager siden
@Rick Forrestor eh kind of the point
Rick Forrestor
Rick Forrestor 2 dager siden
@John Rourke (student) you're comment is actual cringe
Fordo Is commanding
Fordo Is commanding 3 dager siden
I am super late to this but dang I’m crying over this game again, and actually thank you for doing this video really has changed my perspective of everything that was put in this game
that challenger guy YT
that challenger guy YT 3 dager siden
i can name a company, car companies
Party Giraffe
Party Giraffe 3 dager siden
Sakurai:finally done with the game Matt pat:I wiLL FiND tHiS loRe
AgentJP10 4 dager siden
Also if Dharkon's world is made by toxic fans, of course the bosses are all from older fan favorite games, with fan related areas, complete with Zelda puzzles for fan service. And of course Galeem's world involves two smash-originating bosses and a newer game boss, as well as more original areas.
Nicolas Perez
Nicolas Perez 4 dager siden
Who else is sad that the story mode for smash ultimate is only single player
Ann-young Maharaj
Ann-young Maharaj 5 dager siden
Every time I freaking click on the game theory video I always think how can that make sense that’s the one I was for sure how can that make sense but no no he freaking did it again made itMakes sense
Mush microwave Man 14 years ago •
Mush microwave Man 14 years ago • 6 dager siden
The captions just say “ “
Charles Calvin
Charles Calvin 6 dager siden
Stephan Nelson
Stephan Nelson 7 dager siden
Darkon is just made of Super Smash Bros haters
slapping shrimp
slapping shrimp 8 dager siden
It's almost as if a certain demon slaying fps representative was in the story none of this would've happened
Sakshi Sawant
Sakshi Sawant 8 dager siden
Love to sakurai 😄😊💓💓💓💖💖💖
Dyland Plays
Dyland Plays 8 dager siden
It's ok you spoiled it I just want to be able to beat it myself so idc if its spoiled
Dyland Plays
Dyland Plays 6 dager siden
I beat it yesterday and got the good ending😀
10 Dice
10 Dice 9 dager siden
2:48 Did he just say.......WHAT
Gentleman 9 dager siden
Rest in peace, Mr. Sakurai. It's almost 2021 btw
DIAMOND MEMER 9 dager siden
I think my childhood toys are still having Nightmares about the invincibility of my left hand😂
Kim Huyền Bùi
Kim Huyền Bùi 9 dager siden
Tactical#Poyo [B]
Tactical#Poyo [B] 10 dager siden
Sakurai made Kirby the only one who survived galeem because Kirby is his homie
Justin Evans
Justin Evans 10 dager siden
Someone should make a movie based off this game
Shudeepta Rahman
Shudeepta Rahman 10 dager siden
15:20 Nintendo: are u sure about that
Disguis8d Un1verse
Disguis8d Un1verse 10 dager siden
Soo um has he agreed to play a match to you???
Fiana Farrington
Fiana Farrington 11 dager siden
Not gonna lie, I teared up a bit.
Natnat 24
Natnat 24 11 dager siden
3:25 the first time I saw that i got completely BLOWN AWAY by that static dude idk why it was so creepy but lol
FF_ DarkWriter
FF_ DarkWriter 12 dager siden
Can u just shut up and stop ruining games and good stuff
I don't know
I don't know 12 dager siden
You were right all along Nintendo is galeem and dharkon is us
Arwin Cipher
Arwin Cipher 12 dager siden
Mario *Does the Oh-a No-a* Matpat: Bad ending Me who just watched all his "Mario is bad guy" theories: Bruh.
Lyam Bee
Lyam Bee 12 dager siden
Smash bro’s has an ending?
Chris 12 dager siden
this made me lose faith in humanity EVEN MORE
I Want To Create A New Super Smash Bros And Make Sakurai Proud! So He Doesn't Have To Deal With His Toxic Fandom!
CommonAmmo 13 dager siden
imagine if he actually decided to abandon smash bros from the wii u version. haha you fool you thought this would be bad but kumazaki could buy the rights to smash and put bandana dee in it HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA
suzana sabu
suzana sabu 13 dager siden
Every time i watch this it makes ne cries
Siana Hika
Siana Hika 14 dager siden
I tried to use nordvpn. It said it wasnt available in mg country
Gordie Stigars
Gordie Stigars 16 dager siden
Dendiesel Gaming
Dendiesel Gaming 16 dager siden
This makes so much sense, I will not be playing Smash Bros the same again.
Lisa Mayton
Lisa Mayton 16 dager siden
JC VidZ 16 dager siden
Wait... You can beat galeem and darkod at the same time?
Yes Did You Beat It Yet
JC VidZ 16 dager siden
I beat Galeem... SO NOW THE DARK WORLD!? And GOSH I love your intro!
The TV
The TV 17 dager siden
and I know why kirby suvired because he's sakarai's creation *poor Kirby*
The TV
The TV 17 dager siden
why can't there be a hunter for mhw in smash ultimate like rathalos
Fortflexis Is 1
Fortflexis Is 1 17 dager siden
So basically master hand is epic and crazy hand is the toxic 9 year olds?
LuigiXGamer 17 dager siden
Holy crap, this changes about everything for me. MatPat, you are the Masahiro Sakurai of theories.
Wren's reviews!
Wren's reviews! 17 dager siden
2:05 me too
Kat Per
Kat Per 17 dager siden
... Is it weird this video gave me the feels?
Benny Fair
Benny Fair 18 dager siden
soory i really liked this video
Benny Fair
Benny Fair 18 dager siden
just do a theory on why the king of bountyful harvests horse likes both types of carrots in the book but you can only get mounts that like one type of carrot.
Erben Rekswinkel
Erben Rekswinkel 18 dager siden
Woo i cried.
Gypsiee Shelby
Gypsiee Shelby 18 dager siden
Ending huh Steve:wait I still need to defeat the ender dragon
thearchereverything 19 dager siden
probaly one of the top 3 game theory videos with the fnaf ones
hicup the inkling
hicup the inkling 19 dager siden
You are right mat pat we fans did get crazy demanding things its about time we let sakuria let his creations go
Geo Chameleon
Geo Chameleon 19 dager siden
Matt: This is an ending about the consumers and creators, the characters being free. OH WELL NOW A SPONSOR
matthewnour97 20 dager siden
this was all such bs lol
Diamond_The _Cat
Diamond_The _Cat 20 dager siden
Christine Yarberry
Christine Yarberry 21 dag siden
Smash ultimate is technically a bad ending until the final fight
Funtime gaming Channel
Funtime gaming Channel 21 dag siden
Good game so amazing love it
Juan Barrios
Juan Barrios 22 dager siden
I've been a fan since nintendo 64 i will miss him he was a great creator.
Kristy Warden
Kristy Warden 23 dager siden
Josmar 100
Josmar 100 24 dager siden
Holy Jesus this video almost got me crying 😢 It’s complicated when u think about it The community it’s what’s makes the game fun but at the same time also bad Thank you game theory for telling the true meaning of Smash Ultimate.
BrenTrend Show
BrenTrend Show 24 dager siden
Hearing matpat explain the lore between the corporation Nintendo itself versus the toxic fandom made me realize that the lyrics of the main theme song have so much more meaning to them. " here we all stand hand clenched in hand, everyone caught in the struggle " .
dixon s
dixon s 24 dager siden
Sakureye really exposed the haters
Tristan Andre The Fox Pie
Tristan Andre The Fox Pie 26 dager siden
Nice i watched that video trailer
Tori Bird
Tori Bird 26 dager siden
This brings back memories it feels like yesterday when it came out, this got to me bad 😭 thank you game theory I need that emotional moment ty.
Lei Lopez
Lei Lopez 26 dager siden
Light again Dark one time Both :D finish
master ugly
master ugly 27 dager siden
So I'm writing this after watching the start of the video, the angel thing looks like a seraphim from tanakh jewish bible that is depicted to looking exactly like the angel thing in the first part and they are called gods throne care taker, i just wanted people to know this. And oh yeah seraphims have 6 wings 2 covers the body 2 covers the face and 2 wings for flying
Kostas Ntoufas
Kostas Ntoufas 27 dager siden
Jared McKenzie
Jared McKenzie 27 dager siden
What was that beat @09:15?
Lupso 28 dager siden
Candy robot Candy candy candy
Candy robot Candy candy candy 28 dager siden
OMGGGG this is amazing I didn’t get the game for Christmas and I showed my dad the endings then this and he got me the game thank you
John Neldner
John Neldner 28 dager siden
You are so amazing how you can make any single subject interesting and engaging
TTVDundun 29 dager siden
I-I don't wanna play smash anymore...
you're dad
you're dad 26 dager siden
Joseph Buck
Joseph Buck 29 dager siden
matpat: this is sakuris final game. sakuri: ohh by the way ive decided to make 782478 more caracters and stages.
Joshua Suh
Joshua Suh 19 dager siden
Yeah, it's his final game not a new one.
DoP3 29 dager siden
i am 16 and thid is deep
Master Assassin
Master Assassin Måned siden
IM A ELITE GODLY JOCK OF 2020 🏈🐉🍻💪🏽💯🍻🐉🏈
SpiderT16 Måned siden
My body, it hurts, what is this feeling inside me.
BabyPig Måned siden
What is the song at 10 mins
Tam Hicks
Tam Hicks Måned siden
Tam Hicks
Tam Hicks Måned siden
Nintendo please do Splatoon 3
Vlanson Måned siden
I feel really bad for Sakurai. Despite all he did, greedy nintendo went and released DLC for this game, and for what? To use Solid Snake to capitalize on another series who's creator left due to corporate greed? Joker from Persona 5, the only game they still have going for them that actually has a good ongoing story? Nintendo needs to to get off their throne, and make some thing original. Mario is going strong simply cause it's a fun platformer, and Zelda is about multiple time lines with the same character reborn, along with new ones. Mario has basically reached it's end, but Zelda can keep going strong. But they need a new original series, cause we haven't seen a massively liked game form them with a deeper story that was good in a while (Excluding Splatoon for it's overall fun). Most of their titles are either reboots or carbon copies of existing games. I mean, look at splatoon, and tell me Ninjala isn't just some carbon copy of splatoon but with Ninja moves and gun weapons.
Joshua Suh
Joshua Suh 19 dager siden
In case you forgot: Kojima himself wanted Snake to come back in Smash as he personally made it public to ask Sakurai to put Snake back in. You also failed to mention how Persona 5 was Sakurai's personal Game of the Year. Sakurai also used Persona 5's own UI system as an influence to the menu design of Smash Ultimate.
Joshua Suh
Joshua Suh 19 dager siden
Also, did you seriously forget how Solid Snake was featured in Brawl? Snake's return was due to popular demand by the fans. Persona is owned by Atlus who is owned by Sega. Atlus as a company has been far more deserving of a character as they have been supporting Nintendo since the NES era.
Joshua Suh
Joshua Suh 19 dager siden
You do realize Nintendo DIDN'T MAKE Ninjala right? Are you also oblivious to the other franchises Nintendo has made? I guess Arms, Ring Fit, and Xenoblade Mean nothing then? I could go and name more, but I doubt you'll listen.
Cas DJ
Cas DJ Måned siden
Because he's the creation of Sakari
Jonathan Salas
Jonathan Salas Måned siden
its sad it seems like we also forget that these games are for fun and how we love them and then take it to the extreme and ruin it along with the creators
Josh Louden
Josh Louden Måned siden
Wow. That went really deep. I know Sakurai will never see this, but seriously dude, Take A Break, please. You deserve it. As much as it would be amazing to see all the characters together in the end, Sakurai deserves the story the way he wants it, and if this is how he wants it, then he should get it that way. Thank goodness he did.
ASH Måned siden
Aaron McDaniel
Aaron McDaniel Måned siden
Ceili Patrick
Ceili Patrick Måned siden
im not crying you are
ree Måned siden
How tf is galeem symbolic to nintendo if nintendo never started a genocidal massacre?
ree Måned siden
The captions are a prank, there are no words
Raye Brinson
Raye Brinson Måned siden
I play the new Super Mario 64 on switch and when the camera is too far his face turns triangular
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