Game Theory: How Bendy EXPOSES Disney's Cartoon CONSPIRACY (Bendy and the Ink Machine)

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3 år siden

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Bendy and the Ink Machine! I am SO excited about this game. The world of Bendy is a throwback to the earliest days of cartoon animation. I love the look and feel -- but most of all, I love the MYSTERY. You see, Bendy and the Ink Machine is a game with a lot under the surface. With only Chapter 2 out and Chapter 3 still a month or two away, I was afraid there wouldn't be enough to do a theory on Bendy. Buy, was I wrong. Because when you actually look at characters like Bendy, Boris, and Alice, you start to see parallels to some of the most famous cartoons in history, and you start to piece together a dark truth about the early days of animation. You learn about Disney's conspiracy theory to be the pioneer of a new age of the expense of perhaps some of the most innovative cartoonists of all time. THAT is the SECRET story of BENDY!
Watch me play Bendy and the Ink Machine LIVE!
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Bradley Walker
Bradley Walker 3 år siden
I like that the Fleischers are getting some credit. I, like most, had no clue about them or the company.
KATHRYNE POTTS 3 dager siden
yeah me nether.
Pokekid Challenges
Pokekid Challenges 9 dager siden
Every body dose not know the flesheirs me too
Louise 26 dager siden
Me too
A D G B 28 dager siden
One question hey spirit for me I like this
bendy plushie studios
bendy plushie studios 2 måneder siden
That's what happens when you weren't born in 1900
Speed SpeedyNightWingX
Speed SpeedyNightWingX Dag siden
Kei Tsukisima
Kei Tsukisima 2 dager siden
Alice angel
Aaleeya Benson
Aaleeya Benson 3 dager siden
Qelp time to change Disney world to flichers world
Wee Goh
Wee Goh 3 dager siden
Disney in the bimbo’s initiation cartoon,” We will just lock the evidence so we don’t get sued.
KATHRYNE POTTS 3 dager siden chapter five there are lots of ink monsters,except they are more HUMAN like, then ink monster like.Might be a good theory,huh mat pat?
Westley Caffeine
Westley Caffeine 3 dager siden
8:51 That’s not a halter top dress. There would be more covering on the top and something wrapped/ strapped around the neck. Alice Angel is wearing a straight (strapless) neckline dress. Betty Boop, meanwhile, is wearing a sweetheart dress. Also strapless, but the name implies the shape of the neckline.
Xxmiss_anti-socialxX 5 dager siden
max f: makes cartoon with sound walt d: i ca n m i l k y o u
GACHA E 5 dager siden
Wow Kinda sad about the story of Max Fleisher :|
Jeronimo Barros
Jeronimo Barros 5 dager siden
Next theory: Disney true identity of evilness
Hey mat pat, why don’t you do a gameplay of batdr after it comes out?
Pokken Slayer
Pokken Slayer 7 dager siden
Bimbo Feels like cuphead
Stanley Schlosser
Stanley Schlosser 7 dager siden
wanaby a member wanna bee a membar
Tinyturtlegaming 1922
Tinyturtlegaming 1922 8 dager siden
It’s funny that matpat connects the game to the real world and not solve the lore, first fnaf and now bendy
Ridlinrin 9 dager siden
Sad at the lack of mention of betty boop herself being a stolen idea
Pokekid Challenges
Pokekid Challenges 9 dager siden
Aaaaaand top news story Disney lost a lot of money after May pat posted his video about the past of disney
Vandaman 9 dager siden
Alice isn't Bendy's girlfriend she's just his friend.
Rebecca Day
Rebecca Day 9 dager siden
I think popi is nice
Wolfpack Potato
Wolfpack Potato 9 dager siden
A few years later we found out that boris is Wally
Minder The Fox
Minder The Fox 10 dager siden
Game Theory: But Hey Look On The Bright Side At Least There Was No Such Thing As Fnaf me: Sreams At The Top Of My Lungs
Alexis Walcher
Alexis Walcher 11 dager siden
When he said that he was very very dangerous the only thing I could think of was very very tall
the fairy godson
the fairy godson 11 dager siden
ok so, if disney is a protagonist, then fleischer is an antagonist, and universal is a villian. is this a good explanation?
Orie Hairston
Orie Hairston 11 dager siden
I meant this was 3 years ago and i'm still whaching it
Orie Hairston
Orie Hairston 11 dager siden
This was there year's ago and i'm still whaching it
SciFiBug 12 dager siden
Wait a second, ur real name is Matthew Patrick and not *Matpat* ??
Orie Hairston
Orie Hairston 12 dager siden
Huuuuuuu no spigitspiers
Hello mornin
Hello mornin 12 dager siden
I already knew Fleischer don't remember Popeye?
Prince Imrahil
Prince Imrahil 12 dager siden
Good theory but, uh, am I the only one that notices the Medieval II: Total War music?
Sergeant HELLIHOUND 12 dager siden
Like just because of Bimbo and the Fleischer Studios
FoxinaZgamer 13 dager siden
matpat: "the bendy series ends at chapter 5" me: *laughs in bendy and the dark revival *
Floral_ Bubbles
Floral_ Bubbles 13 dager siden
Is no one gunna talk bout his great Mickey Mouse impression 👌🏻
Emma Cruise 1376
Emma Cruise 1376 13 dager siden
When I saw ink bendy I laughed and said “haha, bird poop” and when I saw Sammy I laughed and said “haha, Scrawny dude”
Cason Jump
Cason Jump 13 dager siden
I love the baby show but they didn't put it on TVI was gonna be like wow so cool I love it
Neo Politan
Neo Politan 13 dager siden
Now I’m interested in this type of thing. Old TV shows and movies, not so much, old, old cartoons though, yes. Also, MatPat should make theories on Mothy’s Seven Deadly Sins videos. Technically, they’re NOpost videos
Ross Hoover
Ross Hoover 14 dager siden
there are three main things in bendy and the ink machine 1:rituals 2:ink 3:animation
Sponsored by Raid: Shadow Legends
Sponsored by Raid: Shadow Legends 15 dager siden
My mom raised me on Fleisher and not Disney. But I never knew who was making Betty Boop and Superman. I think Poor Cinderella needs to be seen by all.
Candice Duet
Candice Duet 16 dager siden
Almost every single episode they say the letters FNAF
Weeb_city 0990
Weeb_city 0990 17 dager siden
A good guy named Henry? And old friend who is the bad guy, obsessed with experiments over life and death? A story taking place in the ruins of something famous from many years ago? Seems kinda familiar eh MatPat? Never can escape FNAF
Grace Foo
Grace Foo 17 dager siden
Me waiting for new bendy theory 🙋🏻‍♀️
Ruth Coley
Ruth Coley 18 dager siden
This was 3 years ago, If you answer comments, I gotta know...There's more that proves this, isn't there?
A Blosch
A Blosch 18 dager siden
12:11 So? I've seen lots of children's cartoons where the antagonists were cultists, such as these! Ninjago: One of the seasons had the Ninjas getting antagonized by insane cultists who worshipped the Snake People and wanted to become like them. Secret Saturdays: One of the episodes had the crew fighting a cultist group who worshipped a giant owl monster and they would regularly sacrifice people to it in order to appease the said creature. Ben10: The later seasons had Ben and Gwen being tormented by a crazed Cult Group called the Estoerica, who's goal was to finish a ritual to summon Cthulhu. Digimon: One segment had a bunch of Cultist Digimon shown worshipping the Digimon equivalent of Cthulhu, Dagomon. Courage the Cowardly Dog: One episode had Courage, Eustace, and Muriel tangling with a cult group who disliked those who were vain and greedy, and would sacrifice people to a living statue. Mr Meaty: One episode had Parker getting a new job at another higher-quality restaurant, only to find out that his new employer was a cult leader who wanted to literally sacrifice then cannibalize Parker. Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy: There was this one episode where Mandy joins an after-school club but finds out they're more like a Cult than an after-school club, who's ultimate goal was to complete a ritual to call forth a massive snake monster they treated as if it were a god, and they also would react violently when Mandy attempted to leave their cult. What about those ones?
Owen Stanley
Owen Stanley 18 dager siden
Watch bendy songs for science reson.
mrrcuryruck 18 dager siden
Im mad at disney Disney, They tricked me Tricked me
Chill Shill
Chill Shill 19 dager siden
I see Bendy being more like Felix the Cat
Biscuit 666
Biscuit 666 19 dager siden
This is better than my history class Let’s make the Theory cult a thing I have an animal crossing cult, so
Isabella Prince
Isabella Prince 20 dager siden
Its sad how The fleicsher studios were minding their own business until Disney came along
DrBlox 20 dager siden
Mickey=bendy Goofy=boris Yeah idk why I made this comment
OnlyGlass 21 dag siden
Disney: Hippity Hoppity Your ideas are now my property.
Noah’s epic gaming And stuff
Noah’s epic gaming And stuff 21 dag siden
Theory: what if Joey drew studios was in the fray and fleischer ran Joey drew studios down What if that is cannon?
heel chosen
heel chosen 22 dager siden
Wasn't the o.g. b.b Melanted?
• ۷ıơƖɛɬ ɱơƈɧı •
• ۷ıơƖɛɬ ɱơƈɧı • 23 dager siden
I learn more from MatPat in 17 minutes then I do for 8 hours at school. Should I be worried?-
Jacob Grawitch
Jacob Grawitch 23 dager siden
Who else thought at 9:10 Mat was about to drop some mad bars to that beat
Kaneko Kun
Kaneko Kun 23 dager siden
Y’all can we not forget that rat who bought Oswald the lucky rabbit and copied bimbo and Felix.
1 tomuch
1 tomuch 24 dager siden
This guy should be in ace attorney
Andrew Don
Andrew Don 26 dager siden
I swear this guy could be a detective
Alex Putt
Alex Putt 26 dager siden
First thing you lear when you enter any animation classes: Disney stole everything and claim it theirs !
Rhiannon Diliberto
Rhiannon Diliberto 26 dager siden
It’s 2020
SNOW furry TM
SNOW furry TM 26 dager siden
¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯cool
hat menot
hat menot 26 dager siden
Safe and sound
Christina 27 dager siden
The first thing I said when I saw Alice was she reminds me of Betty Boop!!
hi • 67 years ago
hi • 67 years ago 28 dager siden
xX*Alexithymia_Bean*Xx 29 dager siden
Sammy Lawrence: notice me Bendy senpai 🥺
Nihilist Kraken
Nihilist Kraken 29 dager siden
Wanna be a member wanna be a member wanna be a member
Chokoloko 97
Chokoloko 97 Måned siden
I bet you one crisp dollar bill when you read this comment that it will be the newest comment on this video
Victor Swann
Victor Swann Måned siden
8:00 Bimbo lookin kinda thicc tho ngl
Darren Arcelio
Darren Arcelio Måned siden
Man, Disney is way evil than I thought
Amazed Waffle
Amazed Waffle Måned siden
This is why you don't ever try to bring things to life
Dark Side
Dark Side Måned siden
I am from 2020 RUN and move to the moon
Leonardy Måned siden
You got half the things right and you missed the other half but it was a great theory
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper Måned siden
Fleischer bros : *exists* Walt disney : and I took that personally
Anxiety Aaron
Anxiety Aaron Måned siden
I loved this game because it reminds my of the rubber-hose cartoons I and others love!😆🖤
Natalie Prockish
Natalie Prockish Måned siden
This series of videos is actually what got me into wanting to become an animator or a game designer! Your other videos is what got me into loving math and science as well!! Thank you for helping me through my darkest days and helping me find my dream jobs and life!!
Demon Floof
Demon Floof Måned siden
Also in 1930’s we had a war against emus
Demon Floof
Demon Floof Måned siden
Debar Othman
Debar Othman Måned siden
Dude, I don't usually comment, but let's just say I had to like and comment this video!
MajesticArtist 2035
MajesticArtist 2035 Måned siden
Everything except for the last one is right 😂😂😂
Emerson Vanhorn
Emerson Vanhorn Måned siden
DRAGONSLAYER Playz Måned siden
DRAGONSLAYER Playz Måned siden
@Emerson Vanhorn hype
Emerson Vanhorn
Emerson Vanhorn Måned siden
DRAGONSLAYER Playz Måned siden
@Emerson Vanhorn hype
Emerson Vanhorn
Emerson Vanhorn Måned siden
Generic_ User.mp3
Generic_ User.mp3 Måned siden
Remember when fidget spinners where a popular thing lol
Infinite Nico
Infinite Nico Måned siden
Who got reccomend this 3 years ago
Silverwolf XK
Silverwolf XK Måned siden
I can see why Disney won the battle of animators
PlayersUnited Måned siden
You son of a gun you did it... you roughly predicted the plot of chapter 3. I'm so proud.
Luis Cossio
Luis Cossio Måned siden
Ah 2017 simpler times
Welliott 123
Welliott 123 Måned siden
Love his intros
Eguzky Måned siden
I am years late but I bet the army of Betty Boops was ALSO a dig at Disney. Mickey Mouse locks Bimbo in the sewer with a cult. That cult turns out to be an army of Boops. WHY would Mickey lock Bimbo in with an army of Boops? My theory is that it's a big at Disney's marketing. Making everything uniform and plain to mass-market it.
That one Person who Waits for Redd to come
That one Person who Waits for Redd to come Måned siden
Ima be honest the first cartoon character I knew about WASNT Mickey,it was Betty Boop.
Marauder_ Frenzy
Marauder_ Frenzy Måned siden
Is this in order?
BobTheFishy Måned siden
Just finished the game and I can finally watch these bendy theories! I finished it 5 minutes ago
Zoe Lulu
Zoe Lulu Måned siden
This man actually freaking predicted the next chapters.
Spycrab Måned siden
Sammy says: Notice me bendy senpai!
The cool kid five Nights at freddys
The cool kid five Nights at freddys Måned siden
Kelly Zillner
Kelly Zillner Måned siden
2020 perhaps
gacha nino
gacha nino Måned siden
I feel bad for him 😞
No Pity
No Pity Måned siden
Max Fleischer: *gets forgotten from history even though he paved the way for animations* Disney: *mass produces animations after Max Fleischer and make him forgotten* Bendy and the Ink Machine = the return of Max Fleischer to history?
Adam Stolar
Adam Stolar Måned siden
11:07 *loads shotgun*
Adam Stolar
Adam Stolar Måned siden
9:00 whoaaaaaa Matpat predicting simps back in 2017
Adam Stolar
Adam Stolar Måned siden
Anyone else cringing at old pop culture references?
Connie Clary
Connie Clary Måned siden
i like betty boop :p
Zachary Daniel Uy
Zachary Daniel Uy Måned siden
Apple vs Android in a nutshell
deadly melody27
deadly melody27 Måned siden
The dresses shown are strapless... not halter top. Halter top is something that ties up by the neck. Or just gathers up by the neck. Not strapless.
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