Dissecting Monsters! Could Giant Beasts ACTUALLY Exist? | The SCIENCE of... Dauntless

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Dauntless is a free to play game about hunting giant monsters and believe me when I say that these monsters are EPIC! Can you imagine living in a world where giant Behemoths are casually strolling by on the regular? Think about it! Today, Austin is doing just that. He is going to figure out if these crazy monsters could actually exist and survive in our world! Get your monster hunting gear ready Theorists!
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Twilight Dragon
Twilight Dragon 8 dager siden
I love the science of games subject videos mainly because Austin is great and it helps me figure out what can exist in my fantasy world and what the planet would need to provide for the creatures survival.
Lewis Williamson
Lewis Williamson 8 dager siden
Dauntless just ripoff of monster hunter world
AstraLethality MasterKnight
AstraLethality MasterKnight 8 dager siden
I feel bad. For the behemoths. Ar3naDominatR my ign btw
King Katura
King Katura 9 dager siden
Yeah dauntless was a rip off of monster hunter, and was terrible but has gotten a bit better. And was alright only because we were lacking a modern monster hunter game for those that couldn't afford it, but you know thats not a problem anymore. but you know since i love monster hunter i still play it every now and then. But uh its alot different i guess from monster hunter but only because they couldn't figure out how to replicate MH's detailed skill and monster system but hey they did a alright job for their first real game.
-AsP1RePT- 9 dager siden
are we an outside species?
chinesedragon89 11 dager siden
dauntless is a clear knock off of monster hunter world
gretchen mccann
gretchen mccann 12 dager siden
LOKI WILLETTS 13 dager siden
monster hunter world same thing
MusicalWriter2 15 dager siden
I still play dauntless lol
Brody Leffler
Brody Leffler 16 dager siden
What if it’s just cold tho :/
Lagg_CoreYT 18 dager siden
Fun fact humans are actually considered megafauna because they are drastically larger than some of their relatives, and based on their size versus other species in the world currently.
Shrimp Sufette
Shrimp Sufette 24 dager siden
But Where is Monster Hunter? Why not Monster Hunter the father of beating up giant monsters for the name of science, i'm dissapointed :( Edit: Why do some of the Behemoths and weapons have similar Attack patterns as Monster Hunter
Robert Machado
Robert Machado 28 dager siden
I've watched this after the release of agarus. I wonder how much of this science applies to what is essentially a sentient fungus.
Scp 049
Scp 049 26 dager siden
Based of the hunt pass might be Na experiment gone wrong Like a pair of mushrooms mixed with terra aether
December Sfy
December Sfy Måned siden
I wonder if he's playing classical music to help integrate these facts into our brains!
Diogo :D
Diogo :D Måned siden
Dauntless:A beast slaying game for people who want to enjoy an average in terms of difficulty, simple, free,cartoon graphics game Monster Hunter:A beast slayer game for people who want a more complex, challenging, paid, and realistic graphics game.
Alonso Elizondro
Alonso Elizondro Måned siden
I cant believe you did a theory about dauntless but not monster hunter
MyChemicalKlance Måned siden
Hello there! I don't know if this will be seen because youtubers don't tend to look at comments on older videos, but I digress. I was wondering if you would ever be obligated to make a theory on the Monster Hunter franchise? Mainly the newer game World since it's more accessible to newer players. As the name suggests, you hunt monsters, and there isn't much to be theorized on for the story, but I am more focused on the ethics and science of it. Would it be possible for the monster populations to remain at a decent number even while plenty of people are slaughtering monsters left and right? Again, I don't know if you'll see this, but I hope you do because I love Game Theory and this is something that has been bothering me for years and I wanted to know if you had a theory about it
Thomas Cantwell
Thomas Cantwell Måned siden
Do the same thing but with the real monster hunter.
Nathan Estes
Nathan Estes Måned siden
I would like to think he actually wrights and sends those emails. I really hope he does. Who else?
RJ's view
RJ's view Måned siden
I play kerbal space program I landed on the mun
Joey Shadeslayer
Joey Shadeslayer Måned siden
So.... you gonna come back to Dauntless to try and explain the Escalation bosses?
Truest Blue
Truest Blue Måned siden
Probably a bit late to come to any video like this but.. aren't Behemoths confirmed to be manufactured by humans as weapons of war-
Canadian Rocketman
Canadian Rocketman Måned siden
lol I was playing ksp while he was talking about ksp
Matthew Writer
Matthew Writer Måned siden
3:20 An owl is not a mammal, it is a bird.
Eddie0312 Måned siden
You Austin what's your username
Slußhi One
Slußhi One Måned siden
Monster hunter is still better
Slußhi One
Slußhi One 28 dager siden
Kannan Kumaran I guess? That’s like comparing fortnite to Minecraft but okie
6E VISHWESHVARAN 28 dager siden
In your opinion
H0WDY_YALL Måned siden
Ok, its been a bit, explain the walking building torgadoro
The Black dragon Gamer
The Black dragon Gamer Måned siden
Ok Austin I thought I trusted you but doing a video on a rip off instead of the actual game even when the original is 30 times better(monster hunter)
6E VISHWESHVARAN 28 dager siden
He made this video because dauntless sponsored him
Jonny g Cashing.
Jonny g Cashing. Måned siden
* *Looks at dinosaurs* * I have questions... 🤚
Jonathan Merriman
Jonathan Merriman Måned siden
Austin:oxygen is the core ingredient is all organisms that move with any degree of speed. I don't think I'm made of oxygen.
Cheaz Zila
Cheaz Zila Måned siden
Right before he said resperation I got an add saying "dont smoke"
Nathaniel L.
Nathaniel L. Måned siden
What causes the development to lean towards either island gigantism or island dwarfism?
aemama88 Måned siden
Did anyone else understand this, just this 6th grader
aemama88 Måned siden
Edewor Abraham
Edewor Abraham Måned siden
Austin sounded like deadpool in 16:56
mike williams
mike williams Måned siden
Try living in the south. The humidity dosnt help. USA
Marshmallow Boy
Marshmallow Boy Måned siden
i started playing dauntless when it came out
Morgan Taylor
Morgan Taylor Måned siden
Austin:the most important key to all of this… re- Ads:Well hello there! Lemme just interrupt this very interesting video you got there.
Justcallme Robb
Justcallme Robb Måned siden
Something big, the most important key to all of this....(advert)
Leopold Salzbrenner
Leopold Salzbrenner Måned siden
so basically dauntless is a fortnite comic ish copy of monster hunter with animals living of some magig fart in the air.... yeah Ill stay with monster hunter
Irish EnderMan
Irish EnderMan Måned siden
You pronounced aether wrong it's AY-THER
Cousins Gaming
Cousins Gaming Måned siden
I only just found this video and I have already completed the entire main story of dauntless I’m only missing 1 exotic
zomdiehunter 115
zomdiehunter 115 Måned siden
Im 6ft 7in not the tallest person by far but if i go to inner city i have a harder time breathing ( yay air pollution), and i lived in a inner city then i moved to some where in Michigan on one of the lakes. I literally tested somthing. I ran and in the inner city i could only a 1/4 a mile while where im at now i can run up to 1/2 a mile
Dragon Pride
Dragon Pride Måned siden
Phuck yehhhhhjhhhhhhhhhhfjfhgjfnf he did daurntless
stuff and things
stuff and things Måned siden
Dauntless Or as my freind calls it Boneless monsterhunter
anthony huckaby
anthony huckaby 2 måneder siden
Two things. One: Ive learned way more things of value to help navigate life and other skills outside of school than the 23 years within school. which is why life is not a subject because you cant teach life nope no possible way to be taught. Number two: When explaining the bone makeup in larger animals such as the elephant and how brittle the bones can be and gave a statement about how no one is going around smacking the elephant in the head my mind immediately went to the Bible's David and Goliath and why the slingshot to the head worked
Robojeff 1
Robojeff 1 2 måneder siden
you think you played this for two long I played for 7 hours straight beat that.
Mewtuber55 2 måneder siden
Well aren’t they on floating island so they would be closer to space making it colder so wound it not need to them to breath more so they stay warm?
Fallen Sun
Fallen Sun 2 måneder siden
Me: Yessssss YESSSS I BELIEVE, I BELIEVE!!!!! Gravity: Yea keep dreaming pal
PlexiDepressi 2 måneder siden
Pheonix Labs: Hey, wanna sponsorship? Austin: So you have chosen, death.
Erkko 2 måneder siden
So we keep shrinking because theres not enough air to breath..... Slowly but surely Man how did we became a species that just devours everything and leave nothing behind
THE GOLDFISH 2 måneder siden
Goodbye channel I once lover you've turned into useless spoutings or just fanf vids :(
Bruno Brekalo
Bruno Brekalo 2 måneder siden
When a big animal eats your snacks so you hunt them and brutaly murder their species to extinction chaa chaa real smooth
111Rosko 2 måneder siden
Pfff memezar, why include content from that simp account xD
PLAYZONE 2 måneder siden
Me *Have been playing Dauntless since it officially released* Also me, seeing this video *intrigued laughter*
x0 Anmebal 0x
x0 Anmebal 0x 2 måneder siden
The pronunciation of Aether (Aye-ther) hurts me.
Spooky Watto
Spooky Watto 2 måneder siden
Dauntless more like shameless Monster hunter ripoff am I right?
Deadly 2 måneder siden
Just discuss this with dr priyani
Viper 2 måneder siden
Aether is the key to how these behemoths exist You figured that out huh?
Khoa 2 måneder siden
Simple just call yourself AUSTIN THE SCIENCE!!!!
The_Best_Fish_ 2 måneder siden
I would say that the Nayzaga is closer to a komodo dragon than the Drask
Plasmancer 2 måneder siden
He does this video but doesn't do one explaining the science behind Pleasioth's hit boxes
Spudz 2 måneder siden
Most Favorite youtube video of all time, i love dauntless, and i love science, And i LOVE thi video.
DR VIBECHECK 2 måneder siden
Why do people pronounce it EH-THER!?!?! IT'S AY-THER NOT EH-THER
MrFullphat 2 måneder siden
American accent perhaps?
i 2 måneder siden
13:55 anyone else notice the Diplodocus?
morgan priest
morgan priest 2 måneder siden
So we finally got some lore on the behemoths! THEY WERE CREATED AS WEAPONS. Or at least some of them were theorized to be. The charrog is a good example of this, the thing is a living tank!
CatGirl Nya
CatGirl Nya 2 måneder siden
Hey hey hey, Explain why a giant chocky dino has telekenisis.
morgan priest
morgan priest 2 måneder siden
Aether magic
Tarzy Mmos
Tarzy Mmos 2 måneder siden
Can you pronounce Aether properly please
Blue Diamond
Blue Diamond 2 måneder siden
wait wait wait, did he say geometry instead on biology or what
Bruce Grubb
Bruce Grubb 2 måneder siden
The one issue with all this is is it fails to explain the largest dinosaurs the sauropods which tower over the largest elephant.
itsGuy 3 måneder siden
sooo is this game a rip off of Monster Hunter? or is it within the same universe?
MrFullphat 2 måneder siden
Its own universe. But loads of the devs worked on numerous monster hunter games so I guess it's kinda a ripoff...homage???
the dirt hill
the dirt hill 3 måneder siden
Who said i was breathing
Nani 3 måneder siden
ok, i started playing the game after whatching this video (in 2020, i have a reason ok?)
Zoltan Vamosi
Zoltan Vamosi 3 måneder siden
Isn't the Gnasher more like a Beaver?
fotzoc! cravings
fotzoc! cravings 3 måneder siden
Elephants shouldn't exsist.
Dendé Hehr
Dendé Hehr 3 måneder siden
A friend of mine would not approve of this game
Snap-Crackle Popp
Snap-Crackle Popp 3 måneder siden
There is a megafauna Komodo dragon right?
Nathanael Tjahjanegar
Nathanael Tjahjanegar 3 måneder siden
Snap-Crackle Popp yes it’s called megalainia it went extinct
monster hunter kampf meister
monster hunter kampf meister 3 måneder siden
Dountless vs monster hunter
6E VISHWESHVARAN 28 dager siden
Nathanael Tjahjanegar
Nathanael Tjahjanegar 3 måneder siden
monster hunter
Sean Mills
Sean Mills 3 måneder siden
Normal people when they hear Austin: *sighs* Me: *sighs in theorist*
Mr TheCrafter 748
Mr TheCrafter 748 3 måneder siden
由奈 3 måneder siden
Shara Ishvalda is dissappinted
Jacob Underhay
Jacob Underhay 3 måneder siden
"Behemoths, move, FAST" Nargacuga: Am I a joke to you?
Linus Nadler
Linus Nadler 3 måneder siden
7:30 This triangle isn't symmetrical...
Christina Hennessy
Christina Hennessy 3 måneder siden
I want more dauntless stuff
Christina Hennessy
Christina Hennessy 3 måneder siden
Wow aether carries a lot of energy and aether basically regenerates infinitely
Sladey 3 måneder siden
Javier Acevedo
Javier Acevedo 3 måneder siden
ok i got to clear the air cause i cannot let important scientific research be discredited due to ignorance. this could cause a war if not corrected. the gnasher is a beaver/ t-rex, quilshot is a boar/porcupine and the Shrike is an owl/bear. Charrog is a ..... tortoise/salamander....?
Tony995 3 måneder siden
“Lots of slayers still think the lesser gnasher is the easiest to hunt, until they get crushed by their lesser tail”
Dynamic Destroyer
Dynamic Destroyer 3 måneder siden
*So what about kharabak and rezakri?*
CmmandrBitesaw Of the prelands
CmmandrBitesaw Of the prelands 3 måneder siden
you do know that the behemoths are EATING THE PLANET!!! right?
Isaac L.
Isaac L. 3 måneder siden
Bruh knock off mhw are you joking me
KZD103 3 måneder siden
Nice video. You should do a video on monster hunter.
6E VISHWESHVARAN 28 dager siden
If they sponsor
Sazaro Agaski
Sazaro Agaski 3 måneder siden
Angry unga bunga
Alexander Coletti
Alexander Coletti 3 måneder siden
"sponsered by dauntless" sad monster hunter noises
K2's Lab
K2's Lab 4 måneder siden
What about thrax and malkarion ?
Tracie Kopsa
Tracie Kopsa 4 måneder siden
Epic games helped make this
Synderth MC
Synderth MC 4 måneder siden
When you forget about beavers:
TexasLou327 4 måneder siden
Jebadaiah1 4 måneder siden
The game looked cool, but then I saw it was not on steam so I lost interest.
Luke thegamingkiwi
Luke thegamingkiwi 4 måneder siden
I'm suprised this isn't a Monster Hunter video which did the monster hunting genre first and better
John Jacob Delos Reyes
John Jacob Delos Reyes 4 måneder siden
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