Game Theory: The Forgotten History of Minecraft Villagers

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4 måneder siden

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It's time for another installment of our in depth look at the lore of Minecraft. I've done episodes on the Endermen, the Evokers, the undersea cities, etc.. So many episodes that you have to wonder what else there is I could possibly talk about. Well, Loyal Theorists, wonder no more! Today we are figuring out why the Minecraft Villagers no longer build, how that relates to the Iron Golems, and what it means about the Minecraft world at large. Get your pickaxe and get ready to do some digging!
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Dani 4 måneder siden
Villager talking nonsense kinda sus
chickenseason1 Måned siden
StormKnight Måned siden
Hi dani
The Randoms Randomness
The Randoms Randomness Måned siden
Michael Paez
Michael Paez 2 måneder siden
Voidshard43 yeetlad
Voidshard43 yeetlad 2 måneder siden
dani: watches game theory: Me: A, that's kinda sum, B, HE'S LEARNING
noice 2 timer siden
The official minecraft glog?
Achillis Marangos
Achillis Marangos 4 timer siden
Iron farms: ima end this mans whole theory
Jimmy Mariano
Jimmy Mariano 6 timer siden
9:05 dont mind me
Unbeatable Stuff
Unbeatable Stuff 7 timer siden
What if the villagers needed ten of them for one of them to decide to go to the woodland mansion and ask the vindicators to betray their group and make them iron golems. After all, why else would they have maps to the woodland mansion.
Bean Chef
Bean Chef 8 timer siden
You mention that the villagers became villagers and endermen, but what about piglins pillagers?
SDD 10 timer siden
I built a iron golem
Random Doge
Random Doge 11 timer siden
Wait who are Steve's Parents???
j. Soboll
j. Soboll 15 timer siden
I want to know how the ancient builders looked
hurze 16 timer siden
Meat loops.
Earthling Kid
Earthling Kid 17 timer siden
What if the villagers were like you but there hands got glued together as a punishment for doing something bad
Valerio Charles Beidrielle
Valerio Charles Beidrielle 21 time siden
This is not a theory it's a fact that somehow villagers summon iron golems when they scared. And people litteraly use this in making iron arms.
Joe Blake
Joe Blake Dag siden
If you build an iron golem then it will not attack you even if you attack them.
Ida Paul
Ida Paul Dag siden
Ive heard this movie
Gabrielle Engle
Gabrielle Engle Dag siden
Me, coming back after 6 months of trying to figure out where minecraft story mode got their ideas from: FINALLY! IVE FOUND IT!
Casey Plays 3000
Casey Plays 3000 Dag siden
i got a reason why endermen are mad when they see the player: cause they get are mad that they want to be like the player and start to rage and kills the player
Ryan John Hernandez
Ryan John Hernandez Dag siden
FileNotFound__ Dag siden
Check out one of theese iron farms, you will ses where iron golems come from...
Jaqueline Landaverde
Jaqueline Landaverde Dag siden
now we know why zombies look like steve
erika zaliaduonyte
erika zaliaduonyte Dag siden
Do theory about bloons tower defence games
Nioc games
Nioc games Dag siden
What happens with the first wither the one create by the ancient builders?
Vijaya Lakshmi
Vijaya Lakshmi Dag siden
Does anyone have an idea about what exactly happened to the wither that the ancient civilians created? Did it despawn or did someone managed to defeat it?
Allen Su
Allen Su Dag siden
This is even more interesting when you realize the illagers were just trying to bring back their long lost cousins
Kaz Pike
Kaz Pike Dag siden
The player is a villager was made by villagers the player tour themself how to fight and bild and mine and that is why you just hapier out of nower
Adek Nanta
Adek Nanta 2 dager siden
The builders, if you watch the the video cave sounds 1-19 it explains or is something not true that some of the builders were left and are still there but we can't see or find them.
Giovanny Lebolo
Giovanny Lebolo 2 dager siden
Ah yes.... a classic tale of hubris.
Danielle Kwon
Danielle Kwon 2 dager siden
Philza Fan
Philza Fan 2 dager siden
I'm one of the people who helped make Minecraft and I thought of that before not gonna lie haha
FluteForD4Ys 2 dager siden
The Theory About Enderman: Him: You the player is very different from the villager Here: very much the same as you
Taxing 2 dager siden
1. When you build iron golems they are loyal to you, 2. Maybe Skeletons are from those ancestors
Dog Days
Dog Days 2 dager siden
Did you catch that
Dog Days
Dog Days 2 dager siden
Also Steve is a desensitized if a master builder and the girl is the same
E A 2 dager siden
“cube shaped blocks” - matpat 2020
Motiejus Radzevicius
Motiejus Radzevicius 3 dager siden
villagers evolved from the proboscis monkey
Ty Reid
Ty Reid 3 dager siden
Villagers not being able to fight really puts a damper in the whole “Take Back The Night” storyline 😳
Seth Andrew Ming Xiang YU
Seth Andrew Ming Xiang YU 3 dager siden
There is a glitch where sometimes their arms become unstuck
Leah Chen
Leah Chen 3 dager siden
Yeah I think that Mojave will have to pay mat he’s practically writing the lore for them
Ali Rashid
Ali Rashid 3 dager siden
I Watched castle of the sky and I enjoyed it
Zelda 3 dager siden
6 iron golems win a fight against a wither.
Tomp23 CZ
Tomp23 CZ 3 dager siden
there shal be update where player will can send endermans back in(by evolucion) to make the anicient builders angain and use them to teach the viligers how to build etc. or just the player can do it him/her self
Jezderbunny1 3 dager siden
Another interesting thing is that there are abandoned villages which might have been what the wither boss left behind
Villager 4 dager siden
Hayden Chan
Hayden Chan 4 dager siden
Castle in the sky is my favourite movie
Bitwik 4 dager siden
jeez man, I just wanted to enslave them and make them provide me with enchants for the rest of their lives. calm down
3NKRYPT0R 4 dager siden
Fun Fact: Iron GOLEM completely confirms this theory. In the book Golem, a monster to protect is made out of mud and other things. Then, after serving its purpose, they put the Golem to rest "But will rise again when desprately needed."
multiplier 4 dager siden
This is a jojo referance. "AWAKEN MY MASTERS"
Quinn� Lucas-Mullen
Quinn� Lucas-Mullen 4 dager siden
if they have no arms explain how they can trade you weapons which means they made the weapons
Division 5 dager siden
What if there was a huge cold weather outbreak... Maybe the villagers were survivors that were connecting their arms. And the reason why the disc exists is because that was when they were in the cave to have shelter. The ancient builders may have tried to create portals to other dimensions, it would make sense why the nether exists. Its a stupid theory but idk
TheLyric 27
TheLyric 27 5 dager siden
If we assume Castle in the Sky influenced the game for more than just iron golems, then that could also explain the zombie virus too. The ancient builders were physically weak from depending on redstone tech too much, so when the virus broke out, most died, some fled to the end, and the ones that didn't catch it became villagers. They may or may not be able to build (it'd be a burden on performance and gameplay for villagers to build houses on their own, which is why it isn't in the game), but it would make sense for them to not have lots of machines around. They gave up most of their tech when they went back to working physical jobs and improving their immune system.
Mar_da_Dinosaur 5 dager siden
Piza Cat Wallis
Piza Cat Wallis 5 dager siden
6:36 "cube shaped blocks" cuz we all know and love blocks that aren't cube shaped
Dr s-fon-s
Dr s-fon-s 5 dager siden
When this entire series is complete it would be grate to make a video summing up everything discovered.
SnowManYT 5 dager siden
The chests tho about the ability to MINE CRAFT and make WEAPONS
Lucas Stowe
Lucas Stowe 5 dager siden
The villagers build the iron golem #SOLVED
The CoolGamer8o
The CoolGamer8o 5 dager siden
Hmmm... then is herobrine a builder
Raven 5 dager siden
Then how can the farmers farm?
Minecraft Gacha Holly
Minecraft Gacha Holly 5 dager siden
-Loud Clap- very good theory!
A_B742 PLAYS ROBLOX AND GAMES 6 dager siden
I mean- the meat arms theory is interesting I would like to know more......
Enis Korbay
Enis Korbay 6 dager siden
You think when u killed one red stone Aswell as iron should drop to show its a machine
Lizkoe 6 dager siden
Villagers probably can build but when we are not near them. They hide their hands like this because they are probably some kind of monk culture. Like Shaolin monks or something, they always hide their hands like this. Pillagers are not monks anymore so they don't hide their hands and they obviously are able to build and fight because of their lifestyle
Kian Lauder
Kian Lauder 6 dager siden
Maybe the villages that got kicked out of the village designed the Iron golemI and then overnight when the villages are asleep the villages that got kicked out put the iron golem in the village to protect them and the villages who got kicked out maybe try to get accepted back into the village
Fusion TCB
Fusion TCB 5 dager siden
What about the raids and when u get the bad omen effect
Fusion TCB
Fusion TCB 5 dager siden
That’s what I said but longer
alex liu
alex liu 6 dager siden
What is those ancient builders decided to exile the ones who are too stupid (because they can't use weapons, talk, or pick up blocks, a.k.a the villagers) because that way they would enhance natural selection? They however didn't want to leave those stupid ones to die so created houses and iron golems for them. That explains why there are stuff the villagers can't use in the chests: the ancient builders left them there either by accident, or for when the day the villagers become smart again, they would still be able to use those tools. The others would go on and explore and "add everything in all the other videos". edit: OMG I WROTE THIS WHEN I WAS WATCHING THE VIDEO AND NOW I REALIZED MY THEORY IS ALMOST THE SAME AS YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!
Silas Jong
Silas Jong 6 dager siden
What about the Pillager Outposts?
UKN 1974
UKN 1974 6 dager siden
that kinda explains the mossy texture too the igs, they laid dorment so moss built up on them
Deo Lakshmana
Deo Lakshmana 7 dager siden
Theory: After the builders conquered the 2nd dimension (Nether) they started building and suddenly a virus that is resistance to heat infected all the people in the nether, This is a virus that accidentally got created in the "bastion" while trying to create a material harder than diamond which is Ancient debris, The lab is underneath the bastion and that's why most debris is located in the 16-17 level, They desperately look for cure until they found an idea to create a portal that may work to lead them to another dimension and here comes the 3rd dimension (The End) They went in the portal without knowing a dragon is waiting for them then they just died by the dragon, The cure to the disease might be the golden apple used to cure villagers when getting infected by the virus. The other builders believed that the dragon's breath is a cure to the disease but since no one defeated the dragon to go back to the world their only option is to flee the place they live in, Villagers keep their hands shut because they think the disease sticks to items they touch so that's why almost all villagers keep hands shut and some uses gloves.
Wolfegumbear D
Wolfegumbear D 6 dager siden
That's good.
Stephen Freel
Stephen Freel 7 dager siden
So you talked about a race of people being dependent on technology so that those people become weak physically. So I guess that could mean that the villagers at once could build and everything but became physically weak? I’m not finished watching the video yet but it’s just a thought
Juan Li
Juan Li 7 dager siden
The iron golem: fren and humble The iron golem when you hit a villager: enem and deadly
Frost The Doctor
Frost The Doctor 7 dager siden
Hey game theory, to support your theory, villagers do get ahold of some rare technology, Wandering traders have glow stone. Some Villages have iron pickaxes and obsidian in their chests. And there is a brewing stand which is crafted from a BLAZE ROD from the NETHER in some Villages
Niall Murray
Niall Murray 7 dager siden
How do the villagers appear
Silver Star
Silver Star 7 dager siden
Or maybe Jeb and overall Mojang don't have a conon or lore in mind.
my guy2787
my guy2787 7 dager siden
Who are Steve's parents? LOL
Shisoka The Thinker
Shisoka The Thinker 21 time siden
How steve is the only survivor is still open ended, there is literally nothing to work with, it could be anything ranging from he is like avatar, who awakened after centuries, or he could be something even greater than the builders, a force sent from above. (Not the only survivor if you are in multiplayer i guess but that is a whole different realm)
Siamese apex
Siamese apex 7 dager siden
could it also be the abandoned villages?
CrazyWildEggs 7 dager siden
You know what year it is? There are no such thing as jokes Mat. But hey, thats a joke, A REAL JOKE!
Logan Le
Logan Le 7 dager siden
Minecraft is a lucid dream the credits explains it
Logan Le
Logan Le 7 dager siden
Saadhana Nagaraj
Saadhana Nagaraj 7 dager siden
hey u should do this for story modeee
Lucas Narvaez
Lucas Narvaez 7 dager siden
Yuna Shin
Yuna Shin 7 dager siden
so non=one is gonna talk about the smooth traditions?
GhostSalted 7 dager siden
Do a theory about the ender-dragon.
SAID LIMA 8 dager siden
The lost Villeges.
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones 8 dager siden
would the unlimited power thing explain why you are the last of the builder species
Davis Bros
Davis Bros 8 dager siden
Want about the in banded villages
Father and Son Games
Father and Son Games 8 dager siden
Here’s an interesting question...why are skeletons overly hostile words the golems?
Liam Perez
Liam Perez 8 dager siden
after all its just A COMMENTARY DUN DUN DUN
Jammin Lexi
Jammin Lexi 8 dager siden
Jdxnudc Eundgxugxgu
Jdxnudc Eundgxugxgu 8 dager siden
OMGGGGG chicken wing chicken wing hotdog pepperoni
juan alvarez
juan alvarez 8 dager siden
Janelle Cooper
Janelle Cooper 8 dager siden
I don't care if literally nobody is going to see this, most likely MatPat but who cares, I think I've seen castle in the sky though.
Salve Jane Consultado
Salve Jane Consultado 9 dager siden
Hey there is pewdipie hit the golem
Christopher Kershaw
Christopher Kershaw 9 dager siden
what about the crafting tables and the brewing stands in the villagers houses?
Rafael SC
Rafael SC 9 dager siden
so you say that somewhere in the world there is a wither wobbling arround
Mary Applebee
Mary Applebee 10 dager siden
So you know I killed a creeper with just my bare hands in Minecraft it’s OK lotta hits to kill that thing not jumping heads that does more damage for some reason
russian pooch
russian pooch 10 dager siden
wait aren’t pillagers villagers?
Maxime Sergeef
Maxime Sergeef 10 dager siden
now i feel sad when i destroy a village :(
Ephraim Luck
Ephraim Luck 11 dager siden
But why are there blacksmiths if you can't use weapons why should you build weapons?
Liu Gigi
Liu Gigi 11 dager siden
HEY PAL * pal bump* Oh- Oh n-
just a bean in a nutshell
just a bean in a nutshell 11 dager siden
Heres my theory herobrine
Graham Hernandez
Graham Hernandez 11 dager siden
@ 3:23 literally like all of the types of villagers show up. On, the hill you can even see a SWAMP villager
Amari Bashungwa
Amari Bashungwa 11 dager siden
Wait he is one of them one how would he no this stuff
Krysia Kokowski
Krysia Kokowski 11 dager siden
Go to 8:46
Pyronius 11 dager siden
Maybe they just had the ability to craft long ago and the golems were created then and when they forgot, the iron golems were now limited but still drawn to villages.
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