Game Theory: The Forgotten History of Minecraft Villagers

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It's time for another installment of our in depth look at the lore of Minecraft. I've done episodes on the Endermen, the Evokers, the undersea cities, etc.. So many episodes that you have to wonder what else there is I could possibly talk about. Well, Loyal Theorists, wonder no more! Today we are figuring out why the Minecraft Villagers no longer build, how that relates to the Iron Golems, and what it means about the Minecraft world at large. Get your pickaxe and get ready to do some digging!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Pedro Freitas, Tyler Mascola, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Dani Måned siden
Villager talking nonsense kinda sus
Paul Bamba
Paul Bamba 10 dager siden
Oh my god its the milkmen's leader
Thommyboi 3177
Thommyboi 3177 12 dager siden
Oh its you hi!
K.O The all club
K.O The all club 17 dager siden
Robert Maftei
Robert Maftei Måned siden
Sprite Måned siden
Never have I ever expected to see dani in the comments section of a game theory video
Scocty Awencome
Scocty Awencome Time siden
[Frost - Beams]
[Frost - Beams] 3 timer siden
This is more interesting than world history
AK-47 9 timer siden
I love how he said magical blue crystals in such a casual way
Shawn Paredes
Shawn Paredes 10 timer siden
bro i never forgot my name in minecraft even if im not playing minecraft M!N3CR4F7_N00B and that's just who i am
Dan Chen
Dan Chen 12 timer siden
I like your facial hair.
Rudolph Bittle
Rudolph Bittle 15 timer siden
In the enderman theory you said their different but now you’re saying that their the same MAKE UP YOUR MIND MATPAT
Weegee 19 timer siden
also one emerged with noses one did not
Weegee 19 timer siden
now i wanna watch castle in the sky
Nikoloz Parulava
Nikoloz Parulava 19 timer siden
Meat hoop. Meat hoop You guessed it. *Meat Hoop*
Brianna Petty
Brianna Petty 19 timer siden
You should make a video on where iron golems go to after a village gets abandoned
Jackson Harvey
Jackson Harvey 20 timer siden
I can’t wait for the (one meat loop) game theory
Li0nPlays 22 timer siden
could you make a video about the Ghasts
Glitter Gacha
Glitter Gacha 22 timer siden
Welcome to the only channel that overthinks my fav games
lily skomski
lily skomski Dag siden
I got a question : how did ghasts come to existence ??????
Snake searchlight Studios
Snake searchlight Studios Dag siden
There is actually a file of a villager Steve buried in the abyss known as Minecraft’s file system.
Shawn Pierson Jr
Shawn Pierson Jr Dag siden
Imagine being less ambitious is the reason why you thrive
Aisha mohamed
Aisha mohamed Dag siden
Why do using pictures of nitwit villagers
PhayFox Dag siden
theory: the abandand villages are villages that were attacked by the wither, or fled by the ancient builders when attacked by the mobs to powerful to fight, but probably attacked by the wither because you see zombie villagers in them.
Bugay Dag siden
After your videos about how race of ancient builders got to the End Dimention I started thinking about role that ender dragon takes in this history. And acctualy it may be that it is last defence line against withers. My arguments are that endermen are not being attacked by ender dragon and becoming hostile to him only after his "fireball" hits on of them. And we ourselves can spawn ender dragon after we defeat him. It may be possible, that its programmed to attack anything, that enters end portal. So my theory is that ender dragon is acctualy a big magic golem.
Apple Sauce
Apple Sauce Dag siden
Yo MatPat. When are you going to do a blaze theory. I can't think of anything in the Minecraft world except for the fact they are in strongholds from spawners. I would like to know what you come up with.
Apple Sauce
Apple Sauce Dag siden
This may not relate to the video but I'm just using your last Minecraft theory from when this comment was made.
Hari Utami
Hari Utami Dag siden
Please continue
Prantosh Naha
Prantosh Naha Dag siden
Matpat, make a new theory with the coming up warden and the new update of 1.17.
Andrew Forester
Andrew Forester Dag siden
WAS THAT A KNOCK KNOCK JOKE? because it actually made me laugh
Monster7Arena Dag siden
I have more passxords than ants exist in this world and are written down somewhere far far away 😈
Royal Eagle
Royal Eagle Dag siden
Bruh.what about when villagers where young they mined emeralds and when they got what they want they built iron golem and live the simple life that's why they got them emeralds
Fernando Miranda
Fernando Miranda Dag siden
Guess that explains why the iron gloem has some moss on it
The Harp
The Harp Dag siden
I think the iron golems and totems of undying were gifts from the ancient builders or at least taught villagers how to make them
vivian lol
vivian lol Dag siden
Dear matpat, I hope you see this I need answers I was in my minecraft and i found an ABANDONED portal. Not all the pieces were there. Some were broken, and some where not damaged. And it was next to a village. But it seemed off to me.... Oh it also had a chest with really good stuff like, a golden helmet with respiration, Thorns, and blast Protection, also had, gold plate, and fire charge. Oh and it had some stairs on top with a gold block in the middle and stairs around. I dont know why thats next to a village and not in a strong hold or something but i have a weird feeling....
Tobin Bones
Tobin Bones Dag siden
flam-melon 120915
flam-melon 120915 Dag siden
Well I guess I have to watch the whole series of Minecraft theories now...
spongeo Dag siden
I mean, you could spawn a steve npc in 2009 (by pressing E I think) but it was removed in alpha
Ali Moshirfar
Ali Moshirfar 2 dager siden
Yea but why the golem s attack you(the player)
Jacobthemanjdq 2 dager siden
It can two hit you if u have neither rit armor
Jacobthemanjdq 2 dager siden
And the mini boss there going to make at the deep dark boss
Jacobthemanjdq 2 dager siden
What about snow golems
EG_Animates 2 dager siden
I have a potential theory mat pat, about the credits. ask me if you want to know my theory. edit: its been six hours should I just write it? edit 2: ok I will say it: its about something in the credits. if I remember correctly it said something about the player (Steve) um turn into like basically dust collecting in the air, water stuff like that and then a woman (possibly Alex) created the player with these dust thingy's I think I dont really remember. so basically my theory is Alex is Steves mom I guess?
Cherry 2 dager siden
But if the theory says that enderman are the ancient builders. Why would the iron golems attack them?
Emma Davies
Emma Davies 2 dager siden
I don't personally have another better explanation for the illagers. And this is just me pointing something out, but I may have noticed a problem (sorry matpat)! So, it's established villagers do not build. So let's assume that the houses were built centuries ago as mentioned in this video. But what about the other illagers? As stated in another theory, they were kicked out the villages and such and basically started their own civilization. How can they build and the villagers can't? How can they attempt to copy maps, or portals and maybe their own steve.
BLITZROHAN 2 dager siden
nordvpn: wear protection kids
iEnvy GalactoYTツ
iEnvy GalactoYTツ 2 dager siden
"They don't have weapons." Blacksmith chests: Am i a joke to you
TheLonelyKid 2 dager siden
Let me ask you this question why does the enderman doesn't want you to look at him? Because that's weird
AlexTheDefault 2 dager siden
Anyone watched Laputa (castle in the sky) in japanese
InPuISe YT 2 dager siden
I have seen something like what if in disc 11 was running from the warfare maybe or not
Mr Claymore
Mr Claymore 2 dager siden
Izeeni Music
Izeeni Music 2 dager siden
*MATPAT YOU MUST SEE THIS PLEASE YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!* Let me tell you about how the Ancient Builders of Minecraft are based off the ancient Maya civilisation. Let me explain. The Mayans were a great civilisation of great intelligence and were master builders, building out of the materials wood, stone, and shell. The shell material can be compared to the Prismarine material used by the ancient builders to construct the grand Ocean Monuments. Speaking of Ocean Monuments, The Mayans built large pyramids that instead of being smooth like Egyptian pyramids, they curved up in a staircase like formation, and had a square top. Sound familiar? If that’s not enough these temples where used to honour gods. In the Minecraft world we know that the ocean monuments where religious structures used to honour gods. And remember how you talked about the ocean monuments built so priests could escape from rising tides? Well the temples where also used by the Mayans to allow priests to commence ceremonies at the top of them, the reason of the square top. If this isn’t the ocean monuments Mojang is using to refer to the Mayan temples then it very well may just be the Desert Temples seen throughout the game. Here’s another connection. The Mayans were a civilisation that was great of knowledge and built impressive structures in ancient times and mysteriously disappeared. Sound familiar? If you are really seeing this, Mat, thanks a lot for reading it, and I’m very glad you’ve seen my opinion. PS: Maybe also try reading up on the Inca civilisation, it seems they could relate to Minecraft’s villages, because apparently they were expert farmers and built statues resembling humans with big, long noses. Once again, thanks!
3EpicBroz 2 dager siden
Ok u and your thumbnail send me mixed messages
SSensable Gaming
SSensable Gaming 2 dager siden
If wandering traders can use potions with their hands and they are villagers, than why can't normal villigars use potions and/or weaponry
Spidey Matt
Spidey Matt 2 dager siden
The real question is why do you need a pumpkin to craft an iron golem?
Naima C
Naima C 2 dager siden
Game theory, but not game facts? Well, maybe they are more like game hypothesis since sometimes they are proven wrong later. A theory is a hypothesis that was put to a test and proven true under some conditions. After continued research, if the theory continues proving true it becomes law. I still remember that from high school, oh so many years later.
Unboxing Unicorns
Unboxing Unicorns 3 dager siden
I think maybe the oGlems could have been a gift from the Evokers, since in other theories you've talked about their use of magic, but this would have happened before they got the boot from villages. Or, the builders could have done the same thing, but on a pit stop for a new area after trading with villagers.
Jack Aprill
Jack Aprill 3 dager siden
Have you ever wondered why its called "Minecraft" when the lore is mostly about building and crafting?
The Duck Games
The Duck Games Dag siden
The mineshafts and how do you get diamonds and emeralds and ore? Caves where you mine and where the builders went in a shaft at a end portal
sisi7304 3 dager siden
this theory makes hardly any sense when the 1.14/1.15 villager mechanics are updated so that villagers *do* have to use their special crafting bench like block, which we can also use
King Malabanan
King Malabanan 3 dager siden
Game Exist: MatPat: there is a theory behind that
Max Roth
Max Roth 3 dager siden
1:30 Can you just say before say theory the difference between the scientific and the colloquial definition of theory.
Meme Lord
Meme Lord 3 dager siden
That's my cannon. I agree with your theories.
Colin Robinson
Colin Robinson 3 dager siden
The golems don’t spawn because of the number of beds and population or villagers anymore. Now they spawn in if villagers witness a hostile mob or are attacked by a hostile mob. It does help the theory that they are called to actions when the villagers are in trouble!
TheSaltMustFlow 3 dager siden
I feel like it's more likely that the ancient Builders realize the Villager couldn't protect themselves, and they built the golems in the villagers image.
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith 3 dager siden
matt. think about that old theory you had about the world war 2 thing where the advanced technology came to the village. maybe the villagers are the village and the ancient builders are the advanced technology
Helen Crawford
Helen Crawford 3 dager siden
Does anyone know what song is played around 9:12?
Heckrum 3 dager siden
reusing thumbnails is TIGHT
Aatrixz 259
Aatrixz 259 3 dager siden
Hi but there's one thing kind of confusing me what about you know what's it called Minecraft story mode you know where you play as Jessie there's a ton of people it just doesn't rap around me
Aart Marsman
Aart Marsman 3 dager siden
They spawn earlier than 10+ villagers right?
Tripping Hobo
Tripping Hobo 3 dager siden
Iron golems attack enderman
Hüseyin Tanır
Hüseyin Tanır 3 dager siden
Wait, I was watching old minecraft theories. And I thought, We can't craft or build ender portals. Then how did ancient builders built that? Maybe we just don't know how to build that. Then I will say this, we need ender eyes for opening portals, and endermans are ancient builders, than how did they opened portal? There is no enderman?
Godswill Otonye
Godswill Otonye 3 dager siden
they somehow made enderpearls.
Joshua Zephaniah
Joshua Zephaniah 4 dager siden
This is wow nice job
Brittany Miller
Brittany Miller 4 dager siden
Dude endermen and Steve’s are the same
fox pack 16
fox pack 16 4 dager siden
Meh beain hurts 0.0
Shawn Elijah
Shawn Elijah 4 dager siden
why are endermen allergic to water?
BlueBrine Gaming
BlueBrine Gaming 4 dager siden
Well if that's what it is then maybe .. just maybe if we stay in the end for longer... We might be ab- wait a sec if we eat the chorus fruit, we teleport... Maybe if we live in the end for a while and eat that fruit for food... Can we become an enderman? Do we mutate????
Hussian Raza
Hussian Raza 4 dager siden
Maybe when builders went to the nether some refused to go back and evolved to have fire resistance and turned into the pigmen
Godswill Otonye
Godswill Otonye 3 dager siden
or they were trapped in nether becuase the wither must have destroyed all the portlas and now there trapped ther with nothing to eat but pork.
crunchy blanket
crunchy blanket 4 dager siden
10:53 How would they discover a beacon without a nether star which was from the Wither? Did they (the builders) make the Wither using a nether star?
Godswill Otonye
Godswill Otonye 3 dager siden
he never said they discovered a beacon he was just putting random blocks.
AmirMahdi Tanbodfara
AmirMahdi Tanbodfara 4 dager siden
If villagers are ancient people then where did illagers come from ?
Melody 0713
Melody 0713 4 dager siden
How does the illiger theory hold up when the ancient builders and the villagers are the same
Wich World
Wich World 4 dager siden
Once my brother found what seems a hostile wild golum in the forest but he may have accidentally attacked it. I have seen crafting tables in village houses, too. Explain please.
Whyouhere_ 4 dager siden
Mat pat theorys be like :and yeah bunny and fhjfndndidndbdkdbfbfnfnf f fnaf f f f f. f f f f h d anekrnf bear and I agree to be with my son in the day and I agree that you are not going for the truth and I agree that the word is not for me and hailie who are you a woman of a man who are not as good with a man who will not even be home to be a woman in my mind for a few days so yeah but hey that's just a theory a game theory
Axel 4 dager siden
minecraft should add yetis so mat wil make a video about it
BURNFIR3 4 dager siden
The golem also has some green algae-moss kinda thing on him, which means he's been around for a long time
Jago Sutherland
Jago Sutherland 4 dager siden
So uuhhh... why don’t the golems attack creepers?
Jessica Harper
Jessica Harper 4 dager siden
And that’s a fact A GAME FACT thanks for watching
andrew montaño
andrew montaño 4 dager siden
Make a theory of witches
Linley Goot
Linley Goot 4 dager siden
Hello MatPat your theories are awesome! I just wanted to tell you that I've noticed something interesting about the iron golems- they don't attack creepers. Little weird considering they attack every other monster
Linley Goot
Linley Goot 4 dager siden
I tested it out a bit more, and it seems like they don't attack Hoglins either
X.Glitch_xemi.X 4 dager siden
The leaves and vines growing on iron golems are there coz they old ?! 🤯 😳
NiNinja II
NiNinja II 4 dager siden
The minecraft lore will be more complete for the 1.17, they will add fossil and relics! 😊
Saad Naeem
Saad Naeem 4 dager siden
I’m just saying there is going to be a minecraft movie next year. We can see if you’re right
SilverThorne333 4 dager siden
I... Honestly kinda doubt this one. Most of the other Minecraft theories work perfectly well without the Villagers being unable to craft and it feels like this is a scenario where you can apply Occam's Razor. Does Jeb describe the Iron Golems as being created by the villagers because ages ago villagers and builders were a single species and the iron golems were iron giant style hidden soldiers that awaken after enough descendants gather, or is it because the villagers pooled enough resources to craft an iron golem with the crafting tables in libraries and the furnaces in blacksmiths?
Pahoua Yang
Pahoua Yang 4 dager siden
How fast are trains are moving in over the moon
Corey Donnelly
Corey Donnelly 5 dager siden
Villagers have chests in ther homes
Sharkslayer Lego Productions
Sharkslayer Lego Productions 5 dager siden
Hey matpat can you do the lore or story of herobrine weather real or not
Kake Milksheikh
Kake Milksheikh 5 dager siden
That animated film is like botw
Smart gamer 123
Smart gamer 123 5 dager siden
What about zombie pigmen?
rendersan 5 dager siden
Then why do Iron golems attack endermen
Illuminati 5 dager siden
What happened to the wither tho
B.J. Hubbard
B.J. Hubbard 5 dager siden
that intro made me giggle like matpat did in said intro
Melis Scholten
Melis Scholten 5 dager siden
Why do villagers talk like this? ''HUNK'' they have a nose in the front of their mouths
Axtive 5 dager siden
I want matpat to do genshin impact theories
Rishi Singh 6D SN
Rishi Singh 6D SN 5 dager siden
wow u are genius
Melody 0713
Melody 0713 5 dager siden
Just to give more evidence for the wither theory, caves with dead ends and craters in the grounds(I don’t know if this is good but 😐)
Diavond 5 dager siden
matpat can U tell Austin Do part 2 of why Steve is the strongest game character and we have shulker box now Andy. Can make enchanted golden apple
Manuj Sharma
Manuj Sharma 5 dager siden
It's not a theory, its a overthinking a simple game and creating a canon which doesnt even need to depend on the game. half of the theories just depend on previous "theories", if you take an individual theory and try to fit it in it makes little to no sense, its simply ovethinking a simple game which doesnt even need the canon that is being made.
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