Game Theory: The LOST History of Minecraft's Enderman

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Minecraft is a GIANT game full of many mysteries. So many that I could do a CRAZY amount of theories on it. Today we're going to focus on one of my favorites - the Minecraft Enderman. What are they? I want to get into the nitty gritty of these Slenderman-like creatures, so get your scalpels ready Theorists! We're cutting into the secrets of the Endermen!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert , and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Vozird År siden
This is a possibly pointless detail, but when you look from the enderman's eyes in spectator mode, the colors are reversed. So end stone looks like cobblestone.
Among Us Expert
Among Us Expert 4 dager siden
@shawted Well the end was originally the home of the ender dragon and ONLY the ender dragon, the dragon probably saw the humans as a threat so it attacks them. The humans are left to become enderman and stuck with the dragon.
Amber Mahone
Amber Mahone 6 dager siden
Same I did that This is not Pointless this is a THEORY a GAME THEORY~
Mehmet Deniz YILMAZ
Mehmet Deniz YILMAZ 2 måneder siden
So the ancient ones bringed cobblestone to the end to make the end better... or I think
Insert Username Here
Insert Username Here 3 måneder siden
MIND BLOW: What if... end stone was somehow made of, or in some way connected to cobblestone???
B man
B man 5 måneder siden
Nice almost last coments
Aayud Harrison
Aayud Harrison Time siden
if this is true I am a local menise
Midnight Studios
Midnight Studios 3 timer siden
Enderman are that one weird/"getto" kid in class who *freak out if you look at them for 1.5 seconds*
Dan Chen
Dan Chen 13 timer siden
i enjoy looking at your beautiful facial hair.
James the cool kid Jackson
James the cool kid Jackson 16 timer siden
u us
Liverius日本の竜 Dag siden
Also if you think about it. "The end". It could also refer to the "end" of those builders. Like, the last place they ever went to, as builders.
menacing kitty2
menacing kitty2 Dag siden
You can craft a end portal you just have to copy all of the stronghold like a map
Miles Pitts
Miles Pitts Dag siden
Where can I find the name of this background music?
Emilia Clapp
Emilia Clapp Dag siden
Btw I think the reason the endermen attack the player when you look into their eyes is because the player is the remnant of their species. They are trapped in another dimension but you survive. But if you wear a pumpkin, they can't see your face. You seem to just be a zombie, or other creature.
ღYOMIKO& TIFNNYღ Dag siden
Waht about alex ? She is a human too & the end city there purpl & yellow & they look different in the endrmen eyes & not the friendly golom the pumpkin pie they ete
Ravioli 2374
Ravioli 2374 Dag siden
12:46 They can’t see you see them.
Ravioli 2374
Ravioli 2374 Dag siden
Stop comparing Minecraft to fortnite. They are two different games, with different mechanics.
yeet Dag siden
Ngl, the enderman's 'speech' spooked me
banditboisplay!! Dag siden
They learnt building portals and teleportion so they built the ender pearls then the harnessed the power of there teleportion and used them to make a portal which is why they still cary them today
T Roar
T Roar Dag siden
The ancient builders must have defeated a LOT of dragons, as end cities often contain end ships, which have a DRAGON HEAD on the front. So, they defeated the vast majority of the ender dragons, but they transformed before they could finish the job? And that is why the ender dragon oppresses them - they killed her kind?
Kit Old-Orchard
Kit Old-Orchard Dag siden
F for fortnite XD
Wayne Whalez
Wayne Whalez Dag siden
So the builders go to the end and their only food is chorus fruit and turned into enderman able to teleport because of the chorus fruit.. So.... If we only eat chorus fruit all the time we will be able to teleport B)
Madame Bookworm
Madame Bookworm Dag siden
Matpat needs his own Netflix show
Brandon Mcquillan
Brandon Mcquillan Dag siden
I have seen an enderman pick up oak wood
S S 2 dager siden
And if we die in end we are endermans
Briana Medina
Briana Medina 2 dager siden
matpat: tell me ur thoughts fangirls be like: o me gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwd yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaass
Muhammed Fadi
Muhammed Fadi 2 dager siden
So why do they still hurt us after we free them if wedontwear pumpkin head I mean we are their hero
Julian Soto
Julian Soto 2 dager siden
The voice thing doesn't make sense
I think that when you look a enderman in the eyes they get sad and angry that they lost everything you have and want to get those thoughts out of their mind thus taking it out on you jeez they need to go to anger management class
Loribeth Barden
Loribeth Barden 2 dager siden
They did not know that they were going to be trapped
David Konevky
David Konevky 3 dager siden
I know Minecraft lore was made to be vague and mysterious on purpose, but my deepest wish would be for Minecraft to make a "story mode" where we go through the entirety of the lore. Letting us play as different characters at different times. At some point we could become a zombie chasing all of the humans at our sight. But this is just me day dreaming, they will never do this stuff.
Playing Racoon
Playing Racoon 3 dager siden
Now I won't to hug a enderman
Amethyst Hurricane
Amethyst Hurricane 3 dager siden
If the ancient builders were not related to the villagers, then they could have traded wit them to get the ender pearls, but how did the villagers get the ender pearls?
Bton1233 3 dager siden
More like game hypothesis than theories but love it!
LLMeh 3 dager siden
No wonder the ancient civilization failed, they relied on BEETROOT as food...
DinoX Studios
DinoX Studios 3 dager siden
That explains why the enderman is now 2 blocks tall in smash
FBI 3 dager siden
You know to much come with us
Knobble 3 dager siden
6:50 pupil endermen is so creepy
Source_x 4 dager siden
Here’s a contradiction: The wither skeletons are just as tall as the endermen (3 blocks), and in another theory you link them together as the race of ancient builders, and here you say that the endermen only got taller to adapt to the end, but in another theory you claim that the race of ancient builders went to the nether first, then the end. So how could the wither skeletons be 3 blocks tall as well?
Mr_ Undertale22
Mr_ Undertale22 4 dager siden
For "what's up" I heard "help us"
Super Mario
Super Mario 4 dager siden
I will send all Americans to other dimension
Liam McMahon
Liam McMahon 4 dager siden
But HOW do some make their way to the overworld or nether.
Meena Mathew
Meena Mathew 4 dager siden
mat mat mat people like dream dont even need any armour to beat it look at his speedruns so it is very hard for me to believe that a full sets of diamond armour is not enough
A Person
A Person 4 dager siden
Me watching this a year after it was published haveing never played minecraft on my own laptop and booping my cap at the same time: NOw I have a sirese by matpat i haven't binged yet! isn't that right, muffins?
A Person
A Person 4 dager siden
also i thought there were sevral civalisations such as the drowned and zombies and creapers all decended from humans, all having their own god that were really the same (like the romans and greeks) that had all suffer a huge disas†er turning them into what they are today edit i forgot to mention piglins and wither sceletons who hate each other is that important? edit too i came back after wacthing ur other videos on this you had the same thoughts as me
Pi Owl
Pi Owl 4 dager siden
If all the humans either died or evolved into Endermen or Villagers, how does Steve even exist?
Jack Jack
Jack Jack 4 dager siden
I don’t know if you’ll see this but I have an idea about how the get to the overworld and the neather you said that they could craft the Ender pearls and you said that they would eat the course fruit and that they got the ability to teleport from eating the course fruit and I think that that is correct but I have an idea here it is that when they start eating the course fruit they still remember how to craft Ender pearls so when the start getting there teleportation powers there brains make an Ender pearl inside there body’s and here is when this theory gets a little bit hypothetical with the power of the Ender pearls and the course fruit they get the power to teleport infinity and here is my theory of how the Endermen go back to the overworld and the neather here it is the people that had extra Ender pearls keep them a secret that they still had them and kept them with them and like the theory that I already stated they get there teleportation powers but Sense they have an Ender pearl on them they morph into a powerful Endermen that can teleport through dimensions and get to the overworld and after that some find the portals that they built and they go to the nether but they don’t remember to go back and the portals eventually brake apart and those nether portals that they travel in now become the abandoned portals that we find in the nether update and the idea that gave me all the ideas above all came from the end city portal after you beat the dragon and how do you get through the end city portal is with an Ender pearl and that’s my theory alright if you see this than maybe give it a thought.
Braedon Francyk
Braedon Francyk 4 dager siden
Hey, remember minecon live? Apparently the structure that was shown with the warden is called the warden’s den. I wonder if that structure was built by our builders or the warden.
Among Us Expert
Among Us Expert 4 dager siden
R.I.P to all the enderman I’ve killed-
Ana Carvalho
Ana Carvalho 5 dager siden
0:46 Getúlio Vargas of games
MALIK 5 dager siden
Matpat, you didn't mention how endermen get hurt by water and also how zombies are like dead Steve so that means we weren't always the only of our kind
Tallot 24
Tallot 24 5 dager siden
Matpat: Says that we get mad over when he says that he's solved the lore if something. Me: I don't.
Isabelle Borja
Isabelle Borja 5 dager siden
The enderman will not pick up just any block but will choose only clay,dirt and sand,flowers and other plants What about sheep?
ธนวรรธน์ เจริญดี
ธนวรรธน์ เจริญดี 5 dager siden
so group of people cant defeat the dragon but one people can defeat te dragon#this is a question#make no sense at all
The ballistic Tree
The ballistic Tree 5 dager siden
I’ve always thought that endermen could move ended chests since once I made a world of Minecraft at school and was exploring caves in creative (I had just begun playing and was learning the controls) and I came out of one and found an ended chest at the entrance that I didn’t place and heck, the world might have even been in peaceful mode and it creeped me out so much that I deleted the world and made sure that it couldn’t be dug back up.
Heidi Shuttleworth
Heidi Shuttleworth 5 dager siden
Uhhhh wow 😳
Atomic Orange
Atomic Orange 5 dager siden
Where did they get Ender eyes :D
ancient meck
ancient meck 5 dager siden
there needs to be a video were u figure out the lore of the guardians
Alex Fierro
Alex Fierro 6 dager siden
5:10. Now that you say it, I hear it.
dark skull
dark skull 6 dager siden
Imagine being in water *this post was made by enderman gang*
Adam Link
Adam Link 6 dager siden
I scatter-brained inferred all this while playing the game but it is another thing seeing all the dots explicitly told and shown to me.
WHAMEL Channel
WHAMEL Channel 6 dager siden
I have a theory that the builders in the end built the Ender Dragon to defend the end that is why it can recharge its Health with end crystals what other mob in the world shoots disco lights when it dies it has to be a machine.
Antonio Emilio
Antonio Emilio 6 dager siden
there is no way this video came out last year wtf I thought it came out this year
Roderick Pixler
Roderick Pixler 6 dager siden
There used to be many ender dragons
Roderick Pixler
Roderick Pixler 6 dager siden
You know you could also call villagers Testificates. The name for their species
Platinium Zero
Platinium Zero 6 dager siden
New theory they are memen
ZayedRoblox 7 dager siden
Amelia Pietersen
Amelia Pietersen 7 dager siden
wow I play minecraft and I did not notice that.
lol girl 2000
lol girl 2000 7 dager siden
i tink da ''find the eye '' represents their long- ing to see the other builders and exit da end
Bruno Ferreira
Bruno Ferreira 7 dager siden
The heads of dragons indicates that they probably killed some dragons
Xenosyx 7 dager siden
Are you saying that if I diet eat only chorus fruit, I can teleport/straight up become an enderman? *CLICKING INTENSIFIES*
qie2iqee 7 dager siden
What or who are the skeletons?
이강희 7 dager siden
what about peaceful mods
lancito01 8 dager siden
And what about the fact that when you complete the game, the credits have a conversation with what could be endermen, or these ancient builders, and there are parts that you can't understand
LL Vieira
LL Vieira 8 dager siden
I think,that if you eat enough chorus fruit,in the game,You become an enderman.
LL Vieira
LL Vieira 8 dager siden
The gecko man
The gecko man 8 dager siden
Julian Mulian
Julian Mulian 8 dager siden
This theroy would be correct... but you can respawn
AG Pink Panda
AG Pink Panda 8 dager siden
Long, tan and handsome 😍
Mujtaba Chaudheri
Mujtaba Chaudheri 8 dager siden
They also pretty sure attack the wither when its spawns without it attack ing the enderman also they say look for the eye so u can save their friends stuck in the end
Anatoly Stepanovich Dyatlov
Anatoly Stepanovich Dyatlov 8 dager siden
Enderman are not neutral, they enter, steal and destroy your property.
Benlex 8 dager siden
Have to love how Minecraft just got turned from a pre-history game into a post-apocalypse game.
Gacha Jane
Gacha Jane 8 dager siden
Then why are there some endermen on earth
Mr. how to
Mr. how to 8 dager siden
I think there three group of builders and then they run away from the zombie from each biome, dessert is husk, the mineshaft is regular zombie and the monument is drowned
Jordan Rocha
Jordan Rocha 8 dager siden
is Enderman were once people then how come Iron Golems are so aggressive to them
Makayla Edits
Makayla Edits 8 dager siden
The scariest thing in this video was..... He he..! Broke dirt with a Minecraft axe.
michael martinez
michael martinez 8 dager siden
So sad
Andrej Čuchran
Andrej Čuchran 8 dager siden
Little Log
Little Log 8 dager siden
How is this a year old
The Logical Ending
The Logical Ending 8 dager siden
I have a theory on why you spawn as a adult in Minecraft in the middle of nowhere I think it’s because you a ancient builder could have been possessed by something or someone and when you spawn It shows you broke a curse or stopped being controlled since you were possessed you did not go to the end with the rest of the people which is why you are by yourself
Alfonso Tejeda
Alfonso Tejeda 8 dager siden
Alfonso Tejeda
Alfonso Tejeda 8 dager siden
Why did you use a axe to break a dirt
Nanoawesome 9 dager siden
I was thinking that they got ender pearls from building them and they had technology to put it inside of them and only a select amount of endearment can have them and each time an ended man is born, they put an ender pearl in them for teleportation ability until they mature and don’t need it so they take it out. Steve doesn’t have the technology to put it in him so he throws it. Long story shorter, the ender man created ender pearls when they were human, used it to teleport, found out they can put it inside them to teleport, they ate the teleport plant things, changed into ender men, they weren’t able to teleport until mature, so they put ender pearls in them to get teleportation abilities until they gain them.
joalvin2007 9 dager siden
if mojang sees this will he make an uptade where the endermen spawn more frequently in other dimention besides the end when you finally beat the game? I mean they should
Isaac Frand
Isaac Frand 9 dager siden
maybe endermen were modeled off of SCP - 096?
Dito Duck
Dito Duck 9 dager siden
Minecraft was always the king of games
Hannah Dam
Hannah Dam 9 dager siden
anyone else that is getting sad that there triyng to speak to us, but we are ignoring it :(
90Legos 9 dager siden
I think they made the Ender Dragon like they created the golems since now Ender Dragon heads are items that you can't obtain probably so you don't summon it like the ancient builders did and the Dragon didn't like them and oppressed them after it's creation and they didn't account for betrayel so they could do nothing they had a way back but the dragon closed the portal making most of them stuck there. Some Endermen managed to escape but they had already transformed into endermen and the transformation can't be reversed
LukeTV 9 dager siden
wait, in the minecraft live 2020 live stream, they have a new update that has remnants of an ancient civilization like blocks of gold, blocks of diamonds, and you can piece together pottery built by the civilization
CrazyDemonz 7 dager siden
@LukeTV ok
LukeTV 8 dager siden
@CrazyDemonz no in minecraft live the teaser for 1.17 cave update
CrazyDemonz 8 dager siden
You mean Bastion Remnants?
Muhammad Aminul Mustaffa Kamal
Muhammad Aminul Mustaffa Kamal 9 dager siden
Everybody:omg I don't even think about it Me:all that u say have only one answer... ...mojang do it
Burned MarshmallowZ
Burned MarshmallowZ 9 dager siden
Oop the iron gollum is forgotten or he is just not considered nice xDD
ZankTheCreator 9 dager siden
My theory: i think that our world in minecraft is the past and the end world is the future the ender dragon destroyed our world and it became the end world but there is a survivor he challenge the ender dragon but he didnt survived but he build a time travel machine that went to the pass and that time travel machine is the end portal then the pieces was scattered threw out the world so one person in the pass who finds all of them then go to the future or the end world to fight the enderdragon.......i think this is minecrafts whole story
Min Banyar Maw
Min Banyar Maw 9 dager siden
when I watch this video i think is name is the end because the end of builder discovouring end
crystalgalvin 9 dager siden
One theory to do "what the heck is the cave noises and where are they from"
The Traveler
The Traveler 9 dager siden
Finally! Somebody gets it!
Big Man
Big Man 9 dager siden
The “look for the eye” thing is so scary and sad at the same time. Are they just saying it because they used to look for the eyes? Do they want you to look for the eyes to defeat the dragon? Why? Do they think it will free them from the strange physical state they’re in? I don’t know. It’s just weird imo
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