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It's crazy to think about how the world of the Fallout games came to be. People had to survive a nuclear apocalypse! How did they do that?! What resources and skills would YOU need to be able to survive in a wasteland? Today Austin is diving back into the Fallout universe to find out! Let's see if we can show YOU how to survive a nuclear apocalypse - or die trying!
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DaZebraffe 4 timer siden
Solar stills in general just can't ever hope to beat building a filter. For one, they're nowhere near as fast or efficient. For another, there's actually things in non-distilled water that our bodies actually rely on, which won't be present in the distilled stuff because it's left behind by the evaporation. So, even if you manage to get a sufficiently solid distillery up and running that it provides you with all the water you need; the lack of the trace minerals your body expects from its water, means that you'll still eventually die from drinking nothing but distilled water. A charcoal, sand, gravel filter is much better for purifying your water. It won't kill off microbes, but for that, you just go back to that process of bringing your water to a boil, that you mentioned early in the episode.
shivalowr 5 timer siden
Austin where is your next two to survive video
phillip magallanes
phillip magallanes 19 timer siden
Skgra Dag siden
Anyone know the name of the opera song that he use on the begging of every video?
ShadowTwili89 Dag siden
Anychance you're ever going to to any vids of THE SCIENCE! of Stargate? I couldn't think a better choice to do it ♥
Chrono Dag siden
January 17. 2021: still waiting for the sequel of this video.....
soundspark 2 dager siden
How to start a fire? What about all the flip lighters scattered throughout the Commonwealth?
Marcos Medina
Marcos Medina 3 dager siden
This man really just solved Africa’s need of watah
Pop-Phys 3 dager siden
but disease is mostly microorganisms and there are not all too many bacteria that can withstand radioactivity, let alone a neuclear fallout.
Arkansan 3 dager siden
The second awkward stage wouldn’t look that bad if the covid weight didn’t hit
Rebecca Mumford
Rebecca Mumford 3 dager siden
Oh don't worry Austin, I create whole backstories for each of my characters in all the rpgs I play too.
Piper Hayze
Piper Hayze 3 dager siden
You could just make a water filter...just use gravel, sand, and charcoal you boil the water then pour it through the filter that’s how life straws work
StapleCactus 4 dager siden
Yeah, you spent a lot of time on essentially, "Build a distilling rig." You can do it with a big pot and a small pot inside the big one. Make a lid with a slope to center, keep small pot off bottom of big pot, boil water in big pot gently to avoid splashes getting into small pot. Heck, there's pressure cookers lying around. Use those!
Kyle Bray
Kyle Bray 4 dager siden
It's fallout just build a traditional still
jacob hernandez
jacob hernandez 5 dager siden
still waiting for part 2
ItachixUchiha419 7 dager siden
uhhh i think Austin forgot to mention the whole nuclear winter that gives off if this nuclear apocalypse happens. unless he’s just talking about a basic apocalypse from... something else? basically if an apocalypse of any type really were to happen, we’ll likely die from any number of things. i mean if 7 billonish people get whipped out then just imagine the animal population and plant life. we be screwed pretty much regardless once bomb shelters run out of food
Mubarak Zain
Mubarak Zain 7 dager siden
He has got a Parker square cup on his deak.
Dakota Brown
Dakota Brown 9 dager siden
Wait what about the survivalist teachings?
Jonathan Williams
Jonathan Williams 9 dager siden
“Unless those days be cut short no one would survive”
Longpotter 9 dager siden
11:00 that's Not a Virus. That's a bakteriofage.
Jan Witkowsky
Jan Witkowsky 9 dager siden
0:38 Couldn have warned ya. But you didn't ask. (Sporting a 1½ feet ponytail here)
Global.Occult.Coalition 10 dager siden
Matpat: Welcome to game thory. Austen: I HATE YOU!!!!!!
O O 12 dager siden
Apparently you forgot how hard food is to find like water in venezuela people had money even video games couldn't go the store and make the shelf have edible material manufactured on it.
Holly Hartwick
Holly Hartwick 14 dager siden
I learned a more efficient way to produce clean water. You boil the water with a sheet plastic tent over it to catch and condense the steam.
Holly Hartwick
Holly Hartwick 14 dager siden
That “rule of thumb” needs a better name. When most people think of “The Rule of Three(s)”, the entertainment trope comes to mind. It’s so pervasive, especially in video games.
Karrtar-KRAFT 14 dager siden
It just works
Paxton Dionne
Paxton Dionne 14 dager siden
Lol, two awkward stages? It's more like one every two months
ghostfifth 14 dager siden
I want to listen but dudes do insufferable...
Dreamcatcher Ben
Dreamcatcher Ben 14 dager siden
I want please
Andrew Farley
Andrew Farley 15 dager siden
Do the clay episode and the soap
The Game Dimension Channel
The Game Dimension Channel 15 dager siden
I like fallout new Vegas
Darthmufin 16 dager siden
wow this video was the most useless one yet lmao
Susq 16 dager siden
felt real good when he said "what year is it? ... *still 2020*" and u watch it in 2021
DEATH 777 18 dager siden
I mean as long as you have enough water in your system technically you can just purify your own P and drink it and you pee it back out and then purify it again
DEATH 777 18 dager siden
8:11 so you can just boil the water for like four weeks now saying hypothetically the fire didn’t last that long which I know it’s impossible unless you keep relying it or keep giving it some sort of fuel but hypothetically would it cure the water Plus you could also collect your own sweat and purify that since about 90 to 80% of our body is made out of water
Lucifer 18 dager siden
Don't worry, 2021 will be worst than 2020.
Shrapnel 2 dager siden
Do I survive?
yotam delayahu
yotam delayahu 18 dager siden
Well?? Were waiting???
Anthony Valli
Anthony Valli 18 dager siden
you should do a half-life video
I KurkiriPlays
I KurkiriPlays 18 dager siden
Has anyone tried to do a naruto build a charismatic trigger happy character
Anna Taymond
Anna Taymond 19 dager siden
Did we get the clay and soap video? Is that a thing? Can I see those?
jasper rice
jasper rice 19 dager siden
still 2020 . . . not for long, thank god and jesus and everyone else!
Gabriel Mueller
Gabriel Mueller 20 dager siden
but what if i was shot in the head
aqua_bro 21 dag siden
Game Theory Idea: What would a woman need to become a real life Lara Croft Tomb Raider. I mean education, estimated amount of money, physical training, actual places to discover and explore, would be a good archeologist while shooting everything and everyone while running through ancient ruins?
banshee46 22 dager siden
Hmm. This video makes me think of one of the Fallout games. Can't quite put my finger on which one, though.
Your Daily Dose Of Pineapple Facts
Your Daily Dose Of Pineapple Facts 24 dager siden
Or, you could just go to settings and turn off hardcore mode, then you don't need to worry about water
adrian sonic
adrian sonic 25 dager siden
But Fallout New Vegas is one of the best Fallout games
Aidan Bonacorso
Aidan Bonacorso 25 dager siden
Hey Austin, if you like survival games then try the game "On My Own"
James Suhr
James Suhr 26 dager siden
You should play the mod 'Tale of two wastelands', so simply it effectively combines both Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, plus bug fixes for both games that should've but weren't implemented in the games. It's great!
tokino uno
tokino uno 26 dager siden
William Sams
William Sams 26 dager siden
Fallout new vegas?
I'm NotCracked
I'm NotCracked 12 dager siden
@William Sams what?
William Sams
William Sams 12 dager siden
mind a own stuff
I'm NotCracked
I'm NotCracked 26 dager siden
What purpose does your question serve?
Sie-Fi 27 dager siden
Who else thinks we're not going to see part 2 of this 😔
Alejandro Flores
Alejandro Flores 27 dager siden
It just works
Felipe Måned siden
He finally lost his mind...
Michał Zbirowski
Michał Zbirowski Måned siden
Christopher Hinkley
Christopher Hinkley Måned siden
I would lovingly watch Austin's Survival Guides. More please. Sooner rather than later.
Liam Cruikshank
Liam Cruikshank Måned siden
Use all the teachneak
Fnaf Pixel Gun 3D Community
Fnaf Pixel Gun 3D Community Måned siden
Me see the title : Also me : Just like the simulations
R m E
R m E Måned siden
Remember. Thou art mortal Also been there done that with the vapor. With scouting
Shikido San
Shikido San Måned siden
Survival is the most important!
FatheredPuma81 Måned siden
Was disappointed when it ended. Would probably watch a 2 hour version of this.
Stacie Lewis
Stacie Lewis Måned siden
Hey guys which Fallout game is better Fallout 4 Fallout New Vegas
Adrian lambert
Adrian lambert Måned siden
1.5l of water a day is what one NEEDS...
James Jackson
James Jackson Måned siden
stirling engine well. Start a fire under the engine, and it automatically pumps from the well.
Ivan Uriel Scd Flrs
Ivan Uriel Scd Flrs Måned siden
what he did with those robots with that powerfist was quite a sight
SavitarSpeed Måned siden
Im still waiting AUSTIN
Elizabeth Streit
Elizabeth Streit Måned siden
Moral of the video: do not survive a nuclear fallout
Douglas Smith
Douglas Smith Måned siden
At least you have a home Austin
jajabro4 Måned siden
Skip to 3:00 to actually start the video
the destiny birds
the destiny birds Måned siden
Honestly your hair looks pretty good
Jesse & Rebecca Kino
Jesse & Rebecca Kino Måned siden
Austin is awful
Tirsiak Ingolf
Tirsiak Ingolf Måned siden
* Opens the modification TXT file for smokeable cigarettes... * Animationduration, Animationinterruptionscript, AnimationContinueScript, Damage- Wait, damage? * Modifies that value to be 999999999999999999999999 * Plays game, the moment I light the cigarette, not even smoking it I die, of radiation damage with my body flattening against the ground "OH JESUS CHRIST WHAT HAVE I DONE? HAHAHAHAHA!!!"
Deaft_shot Måned siden
we want that ep
Super Enderman
Super Enderman Måned siden
Will we ever get a part two?
david rab
david rab Måned siden
1:36 “I won’t be mentioning New Vegas, but what I will be mentioning is New Vegas”
Perfect bot Greg
Perfect bot Greg Måned siden
Don’t worry Wen you get to the hundredth awkward phase it will be normal and it won’t be awkward eny mor
Moku Chikoko
Moku Chikoko Måned siden
Can we get to the food
tater anus
tater anus Måned siden
I was due for a hair cut in march and still haven't got one
CosmicVoid Måned siden
There is an awkward stage for every few inches to so until it goes past your shoulders or so than that's just as good as it's gonna get
Ariel Molina Delgado
Ariel Molina Delgado Måned siden
Does this guy have his own channel ? Bc he’s awesom
Gamesational Måned siden
Dirt is used to make clay xD
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Måned siden
... ever heard of a coffee still... it works for alcohol why not water
Spectral Anomaly
Spectral Anomaly Måned siden
it would be cool if this was an entire series
Papa Smirk
Papa Smirk Måned siden
Bruh cover the disease cure in fallout 76 literally can cure any disease on the planet
MrKezzerdrix Måned siden
Kind of need that clay and soap video my dude. Things are getting squirrelly.
useless human
useless human Måned siden
u can put glass over fire and it wont crack. also JUST MAKE A F**KING CAMPFIRE INSTEAD OF A F**KING CLAY POT
Daugirdas Švitrigaila
Daugirdas Švitrigaila Måned siden
I like Austin more than Mat pat. He is more entertaining and funny. He acts like me when he has a point.😁
Ethan Gale
Ethan Gale Måned siden
Teach us, O austin, who is wise in the ways of survival, of how to make a kiln, makes soap, and other survival things.
Turned Wheat
Turned Wheat Måned siden
Bring in the Microwave plasma wave, and the solar dish death ray!!!
Papi Thads
Papi Thads Måned siden
Damn Austin I really missed your “the science “ series , I absolutely loved them for the Bethesda games
Rodrigo Måned siden
Emmett Spitzer
Emmett Spitzer Måned siden
wait you need 2 liters of water a day i drink like a cup a day
Kyra Zimmer
Kyra Zimmer Måned siden
7:00 even with all our modern medicine and stuff i actually had that exact snowball effect a few years ago after a horrible gastrointestinal fuckuppery, i was so tired and dehydrated i literally couldn't stand up long enough to go to the kitchen to get something to eat before just falling over from exhaustion. took me a month or 2 of carefully planning every single move to get back to anything resembling a healthy state...
Rebecca Mumford
Rebecca Mumford 3 dager siden
Oh yeah once I had a gastro bug that had me vomiting so much I couldn't even take down water. I ended up in hospital totally dependant on IV fluid for 5 days. I'd have totally died.
AshleyTheFighter Måned siden
DetroitPerson Måned siden
I survived on ine bottle of water for an entire day one time...I almost passed out and got a really bad headache.
Alligator with an opioid addiction
Alligator with an opioid addiction Måned siden
I really dont like Austin's voice, like at all
•oikawa tooru's milk bread•
•oikawa tooru's milk bread• Måned siden
5:38 Well... Austin... that's just a LITTLE negative...
The galactic gaming Repuplic
The galactic gaming Repuplic Måned siden
The only one i have is fallout 4
Jason M
Jason M 2 måneder siden
1:12 start of video skipping bullshit babbling
Hosne Ara
Hosne Ara 2 måneder siden
His long hair looks like a Karen haircut
Thelonelygamer43 2 måneder siden
Who’s listening to this while playing fallout4
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