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It's crazy to think about how the world of the Fallout games came to be. People had to survive a nuclear apocalypse! How did they do that?! What resources and skills would YOU need to be able to survive in a wasteland? Today Austin is diving back into the Fallout universe to find out! Let's see if we can show YOU how to survive a nuclear apocalypse - or die trying!
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Exu 5 timer siden
looks like Austin sipped water from a certain trusty Vault canteen
The Yangem
The Yangem 10 timer siden
10:50 and even that is to scale. If a dust particle was 100 pixels wide and tall, the bacteria would be a single pixel. If the bacteria were 500 pixels wide and tall, the virus would be a pixel, and if a virus was 1000 pixels wide and tall, the water molecule would be a single pixel.
Labbit 35
Labbit 35 Dag siden
Time to prepare the Rad suit and recipie
Bread Scientist
Bread Scientist Dag siden
Using fire as heat source for the bottle distillery should produce enough water fast enough for several people, then you move up to clay when you get the time.
Bryce ross
Bryce ross Dag siden
Still waiting for the richest video game character
Theroaria Dag siden
2020 will probably have a nuclear apocalypse before the rest of the videos are released
Emily LaPrarie
Emily LaPrarie 2 dager siden
I want to hear austin talk about all of the niche survival tips
Lu the idiot on bedrock
Lu the idiot on bedrock 2 dager siden
I’m immortal till proven mortal
Ratchet4647 2 dager siden
The 2 bottle trick works well with a fire if you can make one, I've seen it on NightHawkLight
No way everyone can hold their breath for 3 minutes
Nixon Nublett
Nixon Nublett 3 dager siden
when i clicked on this video i was hit by deja vu for some reason
dudu dudu
dudu dudu 3 dager siden
Detroit/Michigan laughs hahahaha I have so much water
Thabang Kelebeng
Thabang Kelebeng 4 dager siden
I love 💝 you Austin.
TheChubbzCatz 4 dager siden
I want to know what he has to say about clay
Ordinary Galaxy
Ordinary Galaxy 4 dager siden
More plz
Grady Vaughn
Grady Vaughn 4 dager siden
Can you talk about fallout more I need to know the lore
EvilTomba42 4 dager siden
Hey, go full Dr Stone. Make a whole channel about this; id watch it.
Mr. Cookie
Mr. Cookie 4 dager siden
Austin: Were gonna be spending some time in the middle of the U.S. Me: A- Austin, Massachusetts is like, the farthest east state in the U.S.
Chris mallis
Chris mallis 4 dager siden
OR you can just you know... go to your local port with vessel ships.. container ships, tankers ships doesnt really matter... and just you know read the manuals there so you can learn to use the already usable FRESH WATER GENERATORS there, and you know just distilate you own fresh water at a 30 lt/day rate... P.S. Thankfully the creators of fresh water generators made them EAAAASY to use so yeah you dont need THAT much experience to use the generators. P.S. 2 OH and wouldnt you know the ships there are very good places to live protected from the harsh environment of reality.. have many accomodations there... and ye... much more P.S. 3 OH and probably the people that worked there already figured out that there would be the best place to live oh and wouldnt you know they already have the experience to work these machines...
Ash Ketchum
Ash Ketchum 4 dager siden
Make a part 2
Eugene Clayton
Eugene Clayton 5 dager siden
Wanna see the clay video
christopher fuller
christopher fuller 5 dager siden
I'd watch an Austin survival guide series!
DiscoChixify 6 dager siden
Could you put pee in that distiller to use evaporation and make drinkable water from it? I mean, if you didn’t have access to a body of water or other outside source. I think you’re going to want multiple options for collecting water or making drinkable water, that are going at the same time.
Apock 247
Apock 247 6 dager siden
Petition to have Austin get a go at more survival stuff.
Jessica Philpot
Jessica Philpot 6 dager siden
My mom became the nerdy ninja in fallout... LOL (She chose sneak, lockpick, and science)
Anonymous Alley
Anonymous Alley 5 dager siden
Your mom sounds pretty cool 👍
Shawn Ostrander
Shawn Ostrander 6 dager siden
Let us see the clay video!
ben mclean
ben mclean 7 dager siden
Kostynha 8 dager siden
2? bro until it covers at least your neck it's all awkward stages
Philip Brandow
Philip Brandow 10 dager siden
I'm not mortal till proven mortal
Blake Taylor
Blake Taylor 11 dager siden
If the water is full of ionizing radioactive material, wouldn't all the bacteria and other microbes be dead?
Jack Giese
Jack Giese 11 dager siden
sigh, Austin's going crazy again
00rphb 12 dager siden
The Fallout universe is extremely unrealistic. The most problematic part is the raiders. Raiders should have quickly evolved into warlords, and consolidated their powers into warrior kings. And under these kings, whose word is law there would be order. Order that would allow commerce to flow and regular subjects to travel
David Walker
David Walker 12 dager siden
Hey Austin my name is Austin
Gaming with Logan
Gaming with Logan 12 dager siden
UNPOPULAR OPINION: I like FO76 the best.
Welcomto5thavinue 12 dager siden
“You are gonna die, yes you” *is that a threat*
Daniela Velez
Daniela Velez 14 dager siden
Hey Austin I’m interested in hearing about the Clay making. Also is the rainwater really safe you know in a nuclear fallout could you please give me your input on that.
Sam S.
Sam S. 15 dager siden
me watching this after the brain eating stuff in the water happened
Lilly Rose
Lilly Rose 15 dager siden
More Austin!!!!!
Sam 16 dager siden
Talks too fast .75 speed is good
DarthRiley _07
DarthRiley _07 16 dager siden
I love fallout New Vegas
Andrew Vasquez
Andrew Vasquez 16 dager siden
4:48 Me doesn't drink 2 liters of water everyday: I think not!
Andrew Vasquez
Andrew Vasquez 5 dager siden
@Anonymous Alley ok
Anonymous Alley
Anonymous Alley 5 dager siden
Meanwhile, your kidneys:😭
Andrew Vasquez
Andrew Vasquez 16 dager siden
I would love more videos like this
Kosta Gray
Kosta Gray 16 dager siden
Where’s mat pat
Mr.Spooky 16 dager siden
the biggest problem here is that evaporated water will not contain any minerals meaning its clear Distilled water. Drinking clear Distilled water isn't the safest option. meaning drinking clear Distilled water will make you dyhadrate even quicker and more then not drinking any water. the good solution would to richen the water with some minerals. for example spruce needels or lemon, anything that contains vitamins and minerals will rich the water and make it much more worth drinking then drinking clear distilled water.
Banana Muffiin
Banana Muffiin 16 dager siden
Yaaaaaay Austin your hair looks bootaful!!!!🥳🥳✨🥳🌸☺️🌟💓☺️🌸☺️🌟💖⭐️🌸🌸✨👍👍👍👍👍
надежда ковтун
надежда ковтун 17 dager siden
Defense pyro
Defense pyro 17 dager siden
There gonna be 2 more pal
Clinton Elliott
Clinton Elliott 18 dager siden
Wil Egan
Wil Egan 18 dager siden
Austin has turned into DWIGHT
Andres Sartiaguin
Andres Sartiaguin 18 dager siden
I don't like it. It sounds terrible
Bibwit Heart
Bibwit Heart 19 dager siden
No one tell him about the third awkward hair phase
PurpleMagenta8 Yo
PurpleMagenta8 Yo 19 dager siden
Austin please continue this series
Jacob Alvarez
Jacob Alvarez 19 dager siden
If you like survival games you should play DayZ
X Music
X Music 19 dager siden
Please do a survival based series I subbed and hope to see it soon
Private Information
Private Information 20 dager siden
Taiylor Wallace
Taiylor Wallace 20 dager siden
I've rewatched this four times and I desperately want more. Austin's Fallout stuff is timeless.
ItsDopamine05 20 dager siden
"NO ONE TOLD ME THERE WERE GOING TO BE 2 AWKWARD STAGES!!!" Me with long hair: "There's 3 actually"
Jessica Hurlburt
Jessica Hurlburt 20 dager siden
Zabshdhejdj!akamkskslwk a$#@+3+8$+;=+#👹(=(=(+$=;*:\++
TheAlaskinKumquat224 20 dager siden
MrKezzerdrix 20 dager siden
So... More of this when? The way things are going, we could really, REALLY use those clay stills please. Starting to get a tiny bit worried...
Gabriel .A
Gabriel .A 20 dager siden
Yes please i would love more of this with austin
TheIceThorn 20 dager siden
you gonna last 3 seconds when exposed within 10 metres from the exhaust of a plane jet engine.
Logan Suprise
Logan Suprise 20 dager siden
A series made by Austin, on how to survive the apocalypse in Fallout, using materials found in the fallout universe. I for one would absolutely love to see how Austin would go about setting up a farm, defenses, proper bedding, teach us how to make soap, dishes, silverware, basic medical supplies, and how to make that water distillery. Eventually, once we get a proper base set up, and have all our immediate needs taken care of, season 2 could get more advanced. How to make a basic forge to make tools, parts, etc. What items would be most useful (and profitable) to trade to other survivors? Making basic weapons for self defense. How to make a backpack to carry all that loot you get. Crafting armor that could protect you from an attack. The list goes on, the possibilities are endless. Please make this a thing.
Willow Wolf - piggy :oD
Willow Wolf - piggy :oD 21 dag siden
Kreekcraft vibes.
mark wilson
mark wilson 21 dag siden
So how many comments for a part 2?
joe sheets
joe sheets 22 dager siden
Austin please continue this series I love this idea
UItraVice 22 dager siden
After watching Dr. Stone...I am becoming a survival guru 😂
Beckie Ann
Beckie Ann 22 dager siden
Did you know your bones are always wet but ... There will come a time when their not?
OdieRaptor 22 dager siden
“Go out to Lake Michigan and scoop some water into your mouth” I’ve actually done that :D
Naga Laxmi
Naga Laxmi 22 dager siden
Im mean you could break into a super market and drink bottled water if available
t'noD ekaF
t'noD ekaF 23 dager siden
Is it wrong that whenever i see a the science video my mind prepares itself like i am entering to teach a kindergarten
The Grill
The Grill 23 dager siden
where is you
Benjamin Garcia
Benjamin Garcia 23 dager siden
Me: wants to get my mind off of death Austin: “YOU ARE GOING TO DIE” Me: okay I think I’m gonna go cry in the corner again.
Crusader-Roy 23 dager siden
MOOOOOOORE!!!! ....please....
Kanosuki Gaming
Kanosuki Gaming 23 dager siden
Still waiting for the richest character
Alex Bechet
Alex Bechet 23 dager siden
But...but, Austin, I don't wanna die :( Oke, I MAY die to an abomination but I feel like what...5 mins of unbearable pain? Are a little better then 3 days of thirst. SAVE ME AUSTIN, I NEED CLEAN WATER!
Some Body
Some Body 23 dager siden
Two awkward stages? Uhh ok
Mitrash XD
Mitrash XD 23 dager siden
should totally try they are billions..... game is stupid hard lol
Mixels And Sonic Adventures
Mixels And Sonic Adventures 24 dager siden
dont worry it almost october
VisonaryAnime 24 dager siden
i miss swearing austin xD
Mari Morganez
Mari Morganez 24 dager siden
The very unexpected crossover between How to Make Everything and The SCIENCE
Hassina Benslimane
Hassina Benslimane 24 dager siden
The second I heard bum bum bum bum bum, I was like oh no
DeAtHaToMiC 24 dager siden
Someone needs to let this dude know that there is water purifiers in fallout now.
s.j.i.b 25 dager siden
2020 calls for more from this series. Please join. Never assume anything wont happen at this point 😓
ChikoWhat 25 dager siden
I've actually stop watching MatPat because these types of videos are the reason why I subscribed to Game Theorists in the first place. I really enjoy the format about applying actually science theory to video games. I'm so over seeing meme-y videos, bandwagoning and the self-aware arrogant humour. Thanks for keeping this format Austin.
Crafty Claws
Crafty Claws 25 dager siden
15:15 DO IT
Danilo Mitrovic
Danilo Mitrovic 25 dager siden
Sooo... How about nucleuses damaged by radiation that are less than water molecule? And during radiation many elements of lower energy can settle down to most stable state, ie bases,acids, etc... Sooo water today, in couple of weeks poison
Ethan Solano
Ethan Solano 25 dager siden
Please please austin, continue this series
Andrew Farley
Andrew Farley 25 dager siden
Some studies show that activated charcoal can filter radiation.
Magoshy Yem
Magoshy Yem 25 dager siden
Prospero Simms
Prospero Simms 25 dager siden
Any apocalypse where I can survive is not a very impressive one
Mansi 25 dager siden
Austin's long hair is sus
Neopolitan 25 dager siden
Woke up to this video. Nice way to start my day.
Angel-Axel Gaming
Angel-Axel Gaming 26 dager siden
I’m rewatching Austin’a videos and I love how I can mindlessly listen to this and understand it. I spent my whole school life being told by my teachers how dumb I was compared to everyone else there but Austin manages to dumb everything down just enough that I understand it, but not so much I feel like my genius best friend is being patronising again. This whole channel makes me feel smarter than I am XD
Rusty .Thebanite
Rusty .Thebanite 26 dager siden
Austin: "What does that say about me as a person." Me: "You....are suppressing a lot of anger at the world? But...there's no suppression going on here. How much MORE anger could you have?" XD
Minnie 26 dager siden
So basically if you had 30 dehumidifiers you'd be fine
Koolcraft 26 dager siden
Austin is possibly the best teacher of the century
Casual Henry K
Casual Henry K 26 dager siden
I actually used to have Fallout New Vegas, which is a game I really enjoyed especially with my AfterGlow Xbox Controller. Too bad both the disc I got at the K-Mart I used to frequent and the Xbox controller are gone... Sigh...
Mac Gal
Mac Gal 26 dager siden
this guy acts like 11 yo
Lucky115 _
Lucky115 _ 26 dager siden
A whole survival series would be INCREDIBLE
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