Game Theory: FNAF Just Got A Reboot... (FNAF VR Help Wanted)

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FNAF is back... but not in the way you may be thinking. Oh, we are getting a new game alright. Scott has started teasing FNAF AR and it made me realize something. We've been fooled! I was trying to slot in FNAF VR into the timeline as we knew it but, in fact, this is a brand new timeline - the REAL timeline! You see, everything before FNAF VR has been a TRICK! Scott has been lying to us the whole time!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and BanditRants
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Anti Serenity
Anti Serenity År siden
Scott: *moves a finger* Matpat: write that down.
Liisbet Lasn
Liisbet Lasn 5 dager siden
That totally true UwU
Kirftic 9 dager siden
true lol
SpookyCartoonist 17 dager siden
Subway Surfers
Subway Surfers 20 dager siden
Anti Serenity scot create a game mat pat this is hard now “(
Banana National
Banana National Måned siden
I will find you
I will find you 5 timer siden
Longest Game Theory intro out there
AshleyTheFighter 15 timer siden
Longest intro by far from this show
Anthony Cruz
Anthony Cruz Dag siden
Can’t believe its been five yesrs since the poll between slenderman and fnaf so glad we voted fnaf
ally chaos
ally chaos Dag siden
i’m just now seeing this video and i yelled when the trophy showed up on FNAF WORLD LIKE- HUH ???!????
vintagedxisy 2 dager siden
Ok, the shear amount of work put into the intro alone is absolutely amazing! The explanations are so straight forward and made me understand the episode a lot better, as I sometimes get lost in the facts and theories along the video, but not this time!
Ronie red 0 games
Ronie red 0 games 2 dager siden
I love freddy
Astroid Mew
Astroid Mew 2 dager siden
is the link get the game a scam??? I´m very confused I can´t load it through...
『 ローレン 』
『 ローレン 』 Dag siden
no, it's on scottgames it wouldn't be a scam
derpyplayz_ roblox
derpyplayz_ roblox 2 dager siden
matpat:sapient pile of garbage over here... Me: why is matpat so mean :(
David Regalado
David Regalado 3 dager siden
Dont one of the transformations of glitch 8-bit freddbear looks like orville elephant?
krazyninjablue6 3 dager siden
When the title sequence takes 7 minutes Me: :O
Ded Sec
Ded Sec 3 dager siden
So the game "Fnaf: Special Delivery" will be an irl simulation of the animatronics coming to your house. Lemme get the mic. *The animatronics are the special delivery to your house* * drops mic *
Starlight Foxy
Starlight Foxy 3 dager siden
Can confirm i accidently did what mat did
Noname Man
Noname Man 3 dager siden
holy fricking god this is so confusing is William afton real is henry real what is real what is fake SCOTT YOU GOD DANG AS HOLE also did scott delete fnaf world because it told the real truth!?!?!?
Ishan Ray
Ishan Ray 3 dager siden
I just realised something.... MatPat was the one in the psychic friend Fredbear doll.....
SkyLark Gaming
SkyLark Gaming 3 dager siden
dang that was a long 7 minute intro but worth it !
Necromorph 3 dager siden
why is my ocd triggering so hard seeing matt's recycle bin in the wrong place? the proper order of icons should always start as recycle bin, then my computer, then the others
ImaginarySapphire 3 dager siden
19:00 "58" Could also mean "85". "1985" the murder scene from the fazbear fright books.
cleverlion007 3 dager siden
Holy crap. In the FNAF Help Wanted video game you get trapped behind a metal door with Glitchtrap sneaking off into the abyss. In The Twisted Ones, Charlie finds herself in front of a metal wall, or a metal door of sorts, feeling drawn to it, wanting to know what's on the other side. As though Sammy, her lost twin brother, is on the other side.
Sierra 117 Master Chief
Sierra 117 Master Chief 4 dager siden
i hope this is wrong, i really hope this theory is wrong
Sierra 117 Master Chief
Sierra 117 Master Chief 4 dager siden
Years of fnaf theory's wasted
Plad the gacha tuber
Plad the gacha tuber 4 dager siden
My favorite fnaf character is BonBon, he/she is not technically a animatronic but he/she is still a hunk of metal
Roland Rodriguez
Roland Rodriguez 4 dager siden
Sorry, but your theory about Mike being Henry's son is wrong. If you listen to the sounds of William suffering in heck you can hear "MIKE! MIIIIKE! HEEELP!" like a father talking to his son.
『 ローレン 』
『 ローレン 』 Dag siden
dude, he literally talked about it in this theory and played that clip. are you slow or did you just forget?
palmboom 76
palmboom 76 4 dager siden
Longest intro ever
CocoPlayzVR 4 dager siden
MatPat’s favourite word: “But”
Bowed MC
Bowed MC 4 dager siden
Me when I see scott "OMG" Me when I see scott working on a new fnaf game "no NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"
Bullyhunter XYZDragonCannon
Bullyhunter XYZDragonCannon 4 dager siden
What if the Indie Developer is actually MatPat? Now we know MatPat is not a game developer, but idk. That comment about the events being fabricated by the mind of a lunatic (lawsuit pending) just sounds like a jab at Matt
Lily Rider
Lily Rider 4 dager siden
16:51 Is it bad i've only just realized Glitchtraps waistcoat and tie are made from the same material as those curtains? *I know* im probably overthinking it but Scott doesn't do anything without a purpose when it comes to this franchise.
Kirby Star
Kirby Star 4 dager siden
i actually really liked fnaf world it was just a fun rpg i could play without getting jumpscared and losing a bunch. i also could still get cool easter eggs and fun stuff without being a pro at freddy's
Tan 5 dager siden
I was watching the 7mins thinking it was the end of the vid, and NOW HE HASNT EVEN STARTED
coolgames247 5 dager siden
My favorite animatronic might be nightmarrione (probably the claws he has)
Liisbet Lasn
Liisbet Lasn 5 dager siden
Ive played fnaf ar 😰 if animatronics leave me alone all id say is: SWEET ALBAMA!!!!!
ThePyroMage 5 dager siden
C.B. and Vanny (=) yes yes good
Derttela 5 dager siden
What if Scott is ACTUALLY trying to release the animatronics into the real world and we're just blindly following.
// Unforgiven \\
// Unforgiven \\ 5 dager siden
I feel like Scott is trying to worn us about what could happen if we take technology to far
Racseltab 6 dager siden
Is there anyone who has all of game theory's FNAF videos in chronological order? It's so fascinating, but oh God I keep watching them out of order and getting even more confused. Pls make a playlist, MatPat
『 ローレン 』
『 ローレン 』 Dag siden
he did
dshaynie 6 dager siden
somehow to this day an entire year later fanf AR has not been brought up on game theory
LeeZenLime 6 dager siden
''puke that sweet lore into my gullet'' Matpat 2019
Pezaermd 7 dager siden
21:26 that high pitched "he🏒🏒" tho
Robert Galvin
Robert Galvin 7 dager siden
5:11 My dad is a builder. Scotts Kids: My dad is an indie developer who screams into fans. LOL
Kronofex 7 dager siden
People may hate on it but honestly I liked FNAF World. When I played it I was intrigued and I wanted to see how the bright bubblegum plastic exterior would link in a dark way to the main series. Granted I wasn't one of those rabid fans who has to have "MY canon" I was willing to just take the info as Scott gave it to me.
ImmortalfyYourself 7 dager siden
John vic Alarcon fire
John vic Alarcon fire 7 dager siden
thank goodness this is a theory
landon amick
landon amick 7 dager siden
Spends 7:30 minutes before actually starting the important part
Snickerdoodle Pool noodle
Snickerdoodle Pool noodle 8 dager siden
Great we figure out all this lore only to be fake WTH
Kiely CandyCane
Kiely CandyCane 8 dager siden
Oh- thats why i got the trophy first time i booted the game-
gracedotpng 8 dager siden
DENDY GAMERINO 8 dager siden
largest intro ever
Julian Upshaw
Julian Upshaw 9 dager siden
Took ya seven minutes but the intros there
Misha Droid
Misha Droid 9 dager siden
My favorite animatronic...... nightmare foxy ( I love the teaser n.foxy with the tong , is just look so cool )
Pringle_B_ Gaming
Pringle_B_ Gaming 9 dager siden
omg i did the glitch and now i got a medal :D
UtterTrash 9 dager siden
I've noticed that these theories make equal amounts of sense played on shuffle
Valaria and Erick Champ
Valaria and Erick Champ 9 dager siden
i love it and i 13
callum jennings
callum jennings 9 dager siden
Shortest intro EVER
ItsDoug 10 dager siden
I feel like that intro was a little too drawn out.
Mask boys Official
Mask boys Official 10 dager siden
11:59 he hee]re he’s tehegwhsjwbwge he’s every where shnssbs shah you gonna calll ....
Mask boys Official
Mask boys Official 10 dager siden
Cool seven minute start I was waiting for a fnaf world theory
》Carmel - Teddy 《
》Carmel - Teddy 《 10 dager siden
Matpat: *saying theories* Scott : *Cough cough* s t o p s o l v i n g i t
Sparkleboots The Gamer
Sparkleboots The Gamer 10 dager siden
I think a lot of people forget that even though Scott Cawthon is embarrased by this game, it was initially MADE to be part of this series and probably part of the lore
Scott Cotton
Scott Cotton 10 dager siden
While he possibly intended for it to be canon originally, it’s most likely not anymore since the game was left unfinished and he’s always regretted making it. Plus fnaf world being canon would mean that Scott is canon, and scott has confirmed that he isn’t
Clarissa Smith
Clarissa Smith 10 dager siden
Watching FNAF content and playing an extremely delightful and wholesome video game is like taking a Valium and chugging an espresso.
Donovan Abbott
Donovan Abbott 10 dager siden
Drizzt536 gaming
Drizzt536 gaming 10 dager siden
intro rolls 7 minutes into the video
NURSHiK 10 dager siden
matpat go: theorytheorytheorytheory
J-P Johnson
J-P Johnson 11 dager siden
That was the worlds longest intro 😓😤🙃😑😅🤣
Coco Gacha
Coco Gacha 11 dager siden
What if just what if. These 3 people in the drowning ending are the puppet the crying child and Cassidy? Yeah that is based on his theory that the crying child is also in the Goldie you’ll know what I mean if you saw it. Or maybe not the puppet but Henry?
maw 11 dager siden
What if... MatPat made a game called Game theory:Help wanted And you were a theorist I'm trying to give an idea lol
Lachlan Hardy
Lachlan Hardy 11 dager siden
Gavin 11 dager siden
You know. He says towards the end the lines of fiction and reality are blurring. I think immediately to the Ballora story in one of the fazbears frights books with The augmented reality glasses and then Ballora kicking up leaves when the glasses are off
Chase Ashby
Chase Ashby 12 dager siden
Bidipad 12 dager siden
The Galantic
The Galantic 12 dager siden
holy crap it took 7 min just to make a start
tanya avvari
tanya avvari 12 dager siden
i think that glichtrap came to the real world and make Scott EVIL
Cutie Jess12
Cutie Jess12 12 dager siden
Me: what's the real story of FNAF??!!! mAh bro: *go watch matpat's theories, I swear it will burn your brain* Also me: *got mind blown on every episode*
idc_ ok55
idc_ ok55 13 dager siden
Dang, one long intro
Gerardo Ramirez
Gerardo Ramirez 13 dager siden
Fnaf 4: very spooky Fnaf 57: Freddy go pew pew
Jason L
Jason L 13 dager siden
Like how you had to what 7 min for the intro
Derpy Standards
Derpy Standards 13 dager siden
ft freddy and bonbno would be my fav with foxy hot on their tai
Luca Costantino
Luca Costantino 13 dager siden
"Sapient pile of Garbage" Matt I didn't know your mental state was in this game
Just A Wofie
Just A Wofie 14 dager siden
Mattjaden Cabalfin
Mattjaden Cabalfin 14 dager siden
Astrobot Gaming PH
Astrobot Gaming PH 14 dager siden
plants vs zombies so if it has a zombie apocalpes we can deafeat them easily!!!!!!!!!!
Astrobot Gaming PH
Astrobot Gaming PH 14 dager siden
Stop the fnaf go plants vs zombies
GoldenFreddy 14 dager siden
You ever think Scott may be lurking in the comments of these videos under a different name? Just to see what the community knows & speculates about? But hey, that's just a theory
Chace Albernaz
Chace Albernaz 14 dager siden
2:12 omg Scott put me in FNaF!!!1!1!
•ItzJustJocie• 14 dager siden
Mat: Says UCN is free Me: Excited goes to download it UCN: Free? Haha, well your wrong :)
Judah D. Buxton
Judah D. Buxton 15 dager siden
also, fun fact: Did you know that the retired letters you put for the og golden boys is from a JoJos bizarre adventure game? eyes of heaven, to be exact (possible stream suggestion...?)
Mr.SponsoredPlague 15 dager siden
Does this mean that fnaf was nothing but a dream?!
Maxime Khetsuriani
Maxime Khetsuriani 15 dager siden
Matt, I have a question, how do you download FNAF world?
Ttv_Bonne_bee Hh
Ttv_Bonne_bee Hh 15 dager siden
The dang intro was so long
Szymon Wróbel
Szymon Wróbel 16 dager siden
Andy Orco
Andy Orco 16 dager siden
Can we go back to the old days to when matpat would change his intro whenever he would make a fnaf video
Mavisyper Écrivaine
Mavisyper Écrivaine 16 dager siden
Here we are in another episode of Matpat losing his sanity! He is your host, as he loses his mind because gODDAMMIT FNAF YOUR LORE IS TOO MUCH- (No hate.)
Emily Grabow
Emily Grabow 16 dager siden
Scott didn’t break the fourth wall, he just never put one up
abaldsupergirl 16 dager siden
5:16 that gave me chills
Kitty Cat Cab
Kitty Cat Cab 16 dager siden
I have watched game theory so much I can lip sink to what mat pat said in the intro
Alison Snodgrass
Alison Snodgrass 17 dager siden
foxy he is cool
Mega Frost
Mega Frost 17 dager siden
You're kinda blowing my mind right now! 0_0
Julie Robert
Julie Robert 17 dager siden
Will the video on Petscop's ending ever be released? It's been a year since you said you were working on it lol
Qabra 16 dager siden
i think he said in a gtlive people didn't care that much, so probably not. A pity since i was intrigued to see his take on the ending and the overall themes
Goldenfreddy gamer
Goldenfreddy gamer 17 dager siden
Fnaf 58 poopets in space where there are a bunch of dawkos in space
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