Game Theory: The Tragedy of Minecraft's Sunken Tomb (The Drowned)

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Last episode we talked a lot about the many mysteries of Minecraft's underwater biome and I mentioned that I would need to bench our deep dive into The Drowned for another day. Well Theorists, today is that day! The Drowned are FASCINATING and have a pretty tragic past. What piece of lore will we unearth today? Watch to find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Marc Schneider, Josh Langman, Tyler Mascola, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

엘_다즐링 58 minutter siden
That is deep....deep below the sea if u know what i mean lol
Emily Clark
Emily Clark Time siden
“Seems like they’re more man made then fish made.” *now i’m thinking about laidcraft fishy mode*
Mark Ener
Mark Ener 2 timer siden
I have a therie, what if all of the undead mobs are the accent builders, i mean the mobs of the undead CAN HAVE AMOR AND WEAPONS,like us.
NoahVR 5 timer siden
My theory is why a zombie can turn into a drowned is because they were all people but now zombies
Mr. Noodlemin
Mr. Noodlemin 15 timer siden
Forget this theory. Stephanie crying broke me.
Rebecca Chalmers
Rebecca Chalmers 15 timer siden
Just one thing though, the guardians seem very much like they were built for the sea, so it seems like the buildings must have been built underwater, unless the drowned built them later?
Jane Smith
Jane Smith 16 timer siden
Hey can you make a theory about the destroyed nether Portls or the bones in the sole sand valy
Duchess gilian bacadon
Duchess gilian bacadon 19 timer siden
Maybe there were builders who died turned into zombies and got whashed up thet why the elder guardian let them through
Graveness 22 timer siden
This theory seems good but the one thing that bugs me is the guardians. Were they created while the temple was half submerged? Their design is not optimized for protecting land based structures.
Josiah Hunter
Josiah Hunter Dag siden
In minecraft tutorial worlds the 1.13 world has a sunken version of the tutorial world before
EasyGoingGremlin Dag siden
Do you think that they instead of drowning the zombie virus got ahold of the society and those zombies drowned when that water levels came up? It would explain why zombies turn into drowned
Preston Carter
Preston Carter Dag siden
I thought when I saw drowns that they were the pirates that drowned in the shipwreck
Asmi Shivnekar
Asmi Shivnekar Dag siden
I think u went wrong because in the wither vid u said they built these structures underground to be safe, and now you r saying there was a flood I think that's unlikely and they actually did built them underwater purposely and kept the sponges for 1 Keeping the Water out and 2 Building the Guardians and the gold structure in the middle doesn't rlly explain anything but the loot does because they were preserving these resources to survive, same thing with tthe shipwrecks they were sailing also the drowned drop the nautilus shellls possibly because the ancient builders were advanced enough to craft these shells for the conduits, helping them to survive underwater and that also explains why they built the guardians, for protection.
Tsvetelina Buyuklieva
Tsvetelina Buyuklieva 2 dager siden
I'm a gamer and a NOpost fan
Drazen Bristow
Drazen Bristow 2 dager siden
Why don’t they just move inland?
Hanwen Huang
Hanwen Huang 2 dager siden
Aka atlantis
Lilly Dougherty
Lilly Dougherty 2 dager siden
11:30 Bro thats not common!
Alexander Bertke
Alexander Bertke 2 dager siden
I still think that when the drowned hit you they should drag you a block downwards.
Matthew Naylor
Matthew Naylor 2 dager siden
an enderman theory: you said they can leave the end and go to the nether and the overworld, what if they were near the inactive portal and teleported and went into the overworld but they cant go back to the way they were
Matthew Naylor
Matthew Naylor 2 dager siden
maybe the ocean monuments was on top of the water and one day then fell into the water and naturally sunk into the ground, that could be why some pillars seem to sink in the ground more then other pillars
Amity Birbeck
Amity Birbeck 2 dager siden
That's really sad, you made me cry.
Baked potato1018
Baked potato1018 3 dager siden
A lot of Minecraft players found that pretty easily so basically they ruled they ruled the tides . Man have you seen Luke the notable? He has more than one conduit. Wait does that mean all famous Minecraft NOpostrs are god's???
Goferboy 237
Goferboy 237 3 dager siden
I think it would be cool if Steve was some sort of highly advanced drone sent down to investigate the planet, it would be interesting to think about
OmegaFX 3 dager siden
if you think about it the builders must have been really bad at fighting considering steve can solo armies of mobs, ancient dragons, and the beast that destroyed civilization all in less than one minecraft week lol
Nioc games
Nioc games 3 dager siden
and who puts the heart of the sea in a chest?
Mary Northern
Mary Northern 3 dager siden
Did you meet James from the odd ones out
Riley Kennell
Riley Kennell 3 dager siden
3rd of december.. *please get this reference*
Sophia Marie Gonzales
Sophia Marie Gonzales 4 dager siden
MatPat: *shows Picture of Ice Cream* MatPat: Common, boring stuff Me: excuse me Ice Cream is not boring
dinathor 123
dinathor 123 4 dager siden
I’m sad D:
Diamond Gaming
Diamond Gaming 4 dager siden
Molly 4 dager siden
Kinda sad that the conduit kills the drowned if they get too close ;-;
My trash can.
My trash can. 4 dager siden
The maximum size of a Nether Portal is 23x23
Runemaster Yi
Runemaster Yi 4 dager siden
Man all of this guys theories make minecraft sad and just the after math of a big Catastrophe
Sonny Cher
Sonny Cher 4 dager siden
I feel like this along with the old builders could be a movie
Joe Blake
Joe Blake 5 dager siden
A lot of creatures are hostile to baby turtles and all of the types of undead attack baby turtles so are you saying that the regular zombies are pirates too.
Eddie Perez
Eddie Perez 5 dager siden
These theories make me sad 😞
George Porras
George Porras 5 dager siden
Me whatching the beginning of this video 🤨 Me feather in this video 🤔 Me at the end of this video 😢
PenguinBoy32 5 dager siden
“There are 3 sorts of people those who are alive those who are dead and those who are at sea” well if there at sea they are ether dead or alive
Ayman Yashar
Ayman Yashar 5 dager siden
Ahh If they just used doors they would’ve survived
Ayman Yashar
Ayman Yashar 5 dager siden
9:51 Yh and there was PIRATE SHIPS IN THE WATER
4b8d 5 dager siden
I will say the night vision might be less to work around the clock and more possibly to well, see underwater since its harder for light to reach underwater especially the deeper underwater you go
Gabriel Poljak
Gabriel Poljak 5 dager siden
Bruh water lvl was like 20
Tygo Karsdorp
Tygo Karsdorp 5 dager siden
it is atlantis
BenBen Valiente
BenBen Valiente 6 dager siden
what if drowned were pirates, the way they got tridents is that mabye once they stole some tridents from the monument then there punishment was to REBUILD the monmument, sooner or after, the drown betrayed them, so the guardians kill the pirates with lazers and then a storm came sinking their boat, and now the drown are now drown and they still weild tridents stiil and theres you to find the remains of their ships when fishing or finding a sunken ship. and also mabye after they turned to drown they became immune to gardian attacks
aname 6 dager siden
mattpatt brings out the real genius of game creators and shows us what we never knew they were capable of and the amount of thought they actually put in,the waking hour of thought they put in they 90% of us over look.
Balance of The hill
Balance of The hill 6 dager siden
Enderman are alive Withers skeletons are dead Drowned are at sea
Lirian Gonzalez
Lirian Gonzalez 6 dager siden
It’s Atlantis
Chris Krigga
Chris Krigga 6 dager siden
M Bucket
M Bucket 6 dager siden
Matpat: the heart of the sea can only be found treasure chests Me: no the elder garden drops it correct me if I wrong ty
wiDOmAker04 4 dager siden
I have come to correct you
Campbell Tansley
Campbell Tansley 7 dager siden
Matpat: thanks for helping save children's lives 3 seconds later: ok so zombie pirates!
Garbage Player9
Garbage Player9 7 dager siden
No one: Matpat: let’s talk about pirates
Ghost Spartan
Ghost Spartan 7 dager siden
I have a theory the drowned took the gold from the piglens and decided that the best place to hide would be underwater so they stored there food and gold and hid from the piglens
Jason Bartshe
Jason Bartshe 7 dager siden
It makes sense the drowned are the VIPs because a small detail about them is they drop gold ingots sometimes.
Nopa Stoker
Nopa Stoker 7 dager siden
I really think MatPat should get his Mine craft lore book published!
AmyRoseFan 188
AmyRoseFan 188 7 dager siden
Theory: The reason why the Drowned attacks you is because they are filled with rage and envy. They’re jealous and angry because they see you, you the player alive and well. You are living a life they never could. And so they want to share the same sad fate they experienced hence why they attack. They want you to experience exactly what happened to them. You then became a drowned thus continuing the endless tragic cycle.
Ryan John Hernandez
Ryan John Hernandez 7 dager siden
*I can’t sleep today, and I’m up at 1AM watching this..*
TheElevenFirst 7 dager siden
Mattpat when are you going to do a theory on ghasts. There’s an achievement in minecraft where you bring a ghast to the overworld and kill it “and the achievement description says :*rescue a ghast and bring it home, then kill it* and has mechanical parts in the bestiary. Suggesting it originates from the overworld and perhaps is made by the old builders. It also drops a tear when it dies which also suggests this. And theres also an unused ghast sound called: ghast’s affection. Likely supposed to be used when you rescue one
Saadhana Nagaraj
Saadhana Nagaraj 7 dager siden
u can also prove that there were in fact pirates because in an update sunken pirate ships and buried treasure was added
Saadhana Nagaraj
Saadhana Nagaraj 7 dager siden
since the ocean monument was once on land and it got flooded, so ... what if the guardians were once land creatures (robot thingies) and when it got flooded...they adapted somehow to be marine robot things?
Saadhana Nagaraj
Saadhana Nagaraj 7 dager siden
and if this was all a result of global warming...why r There so many trees and animals...idk maybe thats a dumb question?
kokichi Ouma
kokichi Ouma 8 dager siden
Jibril Watson
Jibril Watson 8 dager siden
Is hairbrine a god?
Silver Star
Silver Star 8 dager siden
I know it's because I'm older, but he's more cringe now
Johnson Li
Johnson Li 8 dager siden
i am the new film theorist i think theonesout at the beginning at the location 1:06 is Mat Pat because they have the same sound in one of the odd ones outs videos he wrote game theorists and in this video hes shown the odd ones out.thats all you need to prove it.
TheMushroomBoy 082
TheMushroomBoy 082 8 dager siden
He sounds like my history teacher and it scares me
alex ram
alex ram 9 dager siden
its tragic
Wilde 9 dager siden
This Theory Reminds me of The Flood from the Bible
BenGAMING 9 dager siden
But why would the drowned make the guardian, a under water defense mechanism, if there society did not live under water at that time?
Coool turtle
Coool turtle 9 dager siden
10:08. I know We are lovely creatures
Liam Poe
Liam Poe 9 dager siden
heres a theory on zombies and monsters. Long before the player arrived there were many people (not villagers) they explored the world and built civilizations (these were the same people as the pirates but they werent pirates) the creator of that world had become furious of what they were doing. Overkilling animals when they only needed so many. Building on top of his creation. He became furious and decided to protect all he had left, given that the piglins had already taken over the nether, and creeated endermen to protect the end if they ever found their way in. Then one day an adventurer found rumors from villagers, a different race of human of different dimensions. They discovered the portal to the nether, knowing that the rumors said they would need an impportant resource from it to go to the end. They came out succesfull and discussed that they would create 2 strongholds with portals to the end throughout the world. The rumors explained that the end was empty and there was nothing but purpur ore and endstone, but when they arrived there had been endermen as well. With the netherite they had found in the nether while searching for blazes, taking care of the endermen was easy. They then continued to strip the end of every last purpur ore and transform it into end civilization. The creator of the world had beome even more furious then before so he flooded the lands, and killed every last of that human race, but left land and population for the villagers, because they didnt overkill or polute the world at all, they just lived life. so then he raised the ground burying the entrance to both strongholds and turned the dead humans into skeletons and zombies, and built the end pillars, destroyed all bridges to the outer rim of the end, and created the ender dragon. With the pirates failing to find the heart of the sea they then after starting worshiping the creator with temples built out of a material they had discovered, and made sacrafices to him. He was not pleased by just that but gave the drowned more of a human like brain than the zombies. After all of the dead were transformed he gave orders to them like an army, and threatened to wipe out all of life if they didnt follow his command. The drownds worshipping had awoken a god that they worshiped before everything happened, the god who killed them's brother, notch. Notch didnt like what the other god's way of punishment so he put notch to sleep. Notch then decided that he would create one more human and allow him to have infinite life, to respawn at the point he last slept every time he dies. Growing in anger the other god had ordered the zombies and skeletons to kill the last human at all costs. However because this was not enough and he always respawned he gave himself a mortal form alongside notch. The drownds called him their hero of theeir people for making them smart and decided to call the god, herobrine. In his mortal form, herobrine would watch to inspect the player and sometimes even get caught, but he kept doing this and to this day cant figure out how to stop the player's respawning. And that is the story of minecraft as well as how zombies, skeletons, and drownds were created in the first place. Heck i should make a book about this.
Liu Gigi
Liu Gigi 10 dager siden
"unlucky thirteen" was in the drowned gods video *13* M
Abdul Rehman Gamer
Abdul Rehman Gamer 10 dager siden
I think the sailor knew that he couldnt go back home and they put them in the burried tressure
Pawdy Furry 12
Pawdy Furry 12 10 dager siden
I just watched a theory about Minecraft yet I'm on the verge of tears because of how emotional Mat's narration is.
Ibrahim Jama
Ibrahim Jama 10 dager siden
since im watching this video i have to watch the whole series if i want to catch up
ordinary Oddball
ordinary Oddball 11 dager siden
I really liked that intro. Please do more like that.
Green Potato
Green Potato 11 dager siden
I think that the conduit attacks drowned as a way of punishing them for not finding the heart of the sea on time. When the conduit is activated by prismarine, the player gets the conduit power effect and the conduit makes these weird particles that chase after drowned and damage them.
Koopa Kobra
Koopa Kobra 11 dager siden
Fun fact: in the mobile versions of Minecraft, drowns will sometimes refuse to attack you or try to attack you, they’ll even look at you but refuse to attack, it’s kinda cute actually.
Pyronius 12 dager siden
Maybe the laser is a scanner and since the drowned are immune to it, the laser either just didn’t go off on them, or the guardians recognized them and decided not to harm them. The laser is probably in 2 parts. The harming laser and the scanning laser. They flash different colors so it could make sense.
Renata Blake
Renata Blake 12 dager siden
Renata Blake
Renata Blake 12 dager siden
Dev Suthar
Dev Suthar 13 dager siden
Also if someone noticed, there are real life underwater cities and towns.
benboydrop 13 dager siden
I accidentally found the heart of the sea accidentally without any maps xD
Jimmy John
Jimmy John 13 dager siden
The drowned should be friendly unless attacked dlike pigmen if u r in the area of a conduit it would make this even better
Fabian Ludwinski
Fabian Ludwinski 13 dager siden
Would explain the nether portal ruins at the bottom of the ocians
Elliot Hellyer
Elliot Hellyer 13 dager siden
1:48 watching those gears spin is disturbing in so many ways
Kasey Honeycheck
Kasey Honeycheck 13 dager siden
Nugget?!?! 4:54
PicklGum Productions
PicklGum Productions 13 dager siden
should have used pressure plates smh
Avatar_Minecraft 13 dager siden
“This was the best day in my NOpost career... NOW LETS TALK ABOUT PIRATES!!!”
Quinn Gusinow
Quinn Gusinow 14 dager siden
Definitely the best intro of the series
Lindsey Williams
Lindsey Williams 14 dager siden
Zombies drop iron cause people have iron in them irl
RamlichTv 14 dager siden
Oh...I found like 43 of those hearts, and I didn't know that those were that rare, that an entire civilization exterminated cause not founding them.
Jagadeesh Amarapuram
Jagadeesh Amarapuram 15 dager siden
Thete are three cats those that are alive those ate died because if dantdm and those are thst i adpot and kill by mistak
paddy harris
paddy harris 15 dager siden
... speechless... dude... that was deep.
Ray C
Ray C 15 dager siden
I think the zombies transform into drowned because they were humans who were given the curse of inmortality, thus cannot die, even when oxygen is absent
Alexis Wong
Alexis Wong 15 dager siden
Also, the guardian’s attacks apply mining fatigue. As if someone really didn’t want you to break a precious monument...
Purnima Cccc
Purnima Cccc 15 dager siden
This was soo sad now I will make 10 and 20 of conduits near the drownds for them doing something they died for😢
Jonathan Duffy
Jonathan Duffy 16 dager siden
why so dramatic
AppleSaurus 16 dager siden
I cracked up when it switched from tenderly thanking everyone for donating to "LETS TALK ABOUT PIRATES. YARR!!!"
K Watts
K Watts 16 dager siden
Bro honestly this should be set in stone this seems super legit ngl
Tbladx150 16 dager siden
The Ancient Builders Died Underwater Came Back As Zombies Then Couldn't Float/Swim Then Drowned And Turned Into Drowns
despacheeto 16 dager siden
There’s gotta be a connection between the Piglins and the Drowned then, especially with this obsession with gold. The Piglins seem to worship gold, which lines up pretty well with this religious aspect here.
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