Game Theory: The Tragedy of Minecraft's Sunken Tomb (The Drowned)

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10 måneder siden

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Last episode we talked a lot about the many mysteries of Minecraft's underwater biome and I mentioned that I would need to bench our deep dive into The Drowned for another day. Well Theorists, today is that day! The Drowned are FASCINATING and have a pretty tragic past. What piece of lore will we unearth today? Watch to find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Marc Schneider, Josh Langman, Tyler Mascola, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Unstoppable end
Unstoppable end 9 timer siden
Ahh minecraft lore is so dark and sad
Red Death
Red Death 10 timer siden
So did the civilization that became the drowned come after the civilization that became the endermen? Either way, these are some unlucky groups of people 😂
Hopper Films: stream junkyard
Hopper Films: stream junkyard 20 timer siden
I need a theory about who the two gods are from the end credits and what is the warden guarding
Will Cage
Will Cage Dag siden
What if instead of the waters rising the land or islands they lived on were sinking? It would explain the gravel bed of the sea and also why there are still mineshafts to find underneath the seabed.
Nikoloz Parulava
Nikoloz Parulava 2 dager siden
4:53 Yes, he has returned. It all makes sense now Nugget is a god, and created gold and nuggets The other god is not god but devil and stopped nugget from adding nuggets in the game The game makes sense now
Nikoloz Parulava
Nikoloz Parulava 2 dager siden
3:20 But u said urself that zombies were humans so they could be!
Jayson B
Jayson B 3 dager siden
My personal statement : *I began this NOpost chat ghosting spree under the right of freedom of speech* *but as month after month, turned into 2 years of NOpost watching* I made my first comment and now almost jokingly not literally almost 8-9 years later, I am ghosting the chat under the basic premises*
Dude Cool
Dude Cool 4 dager siden
poseidon and neptune are the same thing ones just roman and the other greek
Veneta Dimitrova
Veneta Dimitrova 4 dager siden
His last name was a swear word :/
Crystal Guo
Crystal Guo 4 dager siden
waifu_png_pl 4 dager siden
around beta 1.8 the sea level dropped from y=64 to y=63. i like to think that this was the sea level going down after it flooded the drowned civilization
Jonathan Miller
Jonathan Miller 4 dager siden
Ahmed Maher
Ahmed Maher 4 dager siden
9:16 Poseidon and Neptune 🤔🤔
Katharine Hampton
Katharine Hampton 4 dager siden
Me: has watched more than half of the video MatPat: "This is the story of the drowned" Me: ;-; now. really?
Corey Donnelly
Corey Donnelly 5 dager siden
The gardens alder give you mining fertic so you carnt mine the gold blocks
Isabelle Borja
Isabelle Borja 5 dager siden
What about husk?
Pulular 5 dager siden
Hey Have you ever thought in using minecraft story mode in your teories? I mean, season 2 has a lore about sea temples.
Borach McTeague
Borach McTeague 6 dager siden
Your MC lore theories bring a level of artistry to the game that transcends programming, storyboarding, building, and redstone! Keep it up!
Jeremy247 6 dager siden
“The drowned are hostile to baby turtles and NO ONE NICE is hostile to baby turtles. “ Michal Reeves: *laughs in crackhead*
_. Faiha._
_. Faiha._ 7 dager siden
"But not for the reasons that you'd expect" Me: He said that in a FNaF theory! My brain: So what? Me:Nothing you stupid brain who can't remember things! My brain:Not my fault you can't sleep at night! Me: BECAUSE YOU FORGOT SOMETHING I HAD NO SLEEP AT NIGHT!! My brain:WELL YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO STAY UP! YOU COULD'VE SLEPT AND TRIED REMEMBERING ABOUT IT IN THE DAY!! Me:JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!! My brain:FINE. NEVER TALK TO ME AGAIN!!!! *An hour later* My brain:I'm sorry I got angry. Me: It’s okay. I'm sorry too. My brain:I forgive you. Me:We settled, now can we eat something? My hands: Yes
Jacob Mahaffey
Jacob Mahaffey 7 dager siden
And this is a nine year olds game? Make this less blocky and a horror movie and I would be scared to death!
RajaGamer08 7 dager siden
Question? Who put the heart of the seat there?
Lord TRex
Lord TRex 7 dager siden
T4zchi 7 dager siden
This channel would go perfectly with Vsauce music
Keybert Moncada
Keybert Moncada 7 dager siden
Ive been watching these minecraft theories and some reserch in the game and in minecraft the islands bium and some of these temples are found near so your right mat
Helen Smith
Helen Smith 8 dager siden
The heart of the sea looks like a closed eye and when you use it in a conduit it looks like an open eye to me. Apparently there's also an old texture for it thats an open eye
Icecream is good
Icecream is good 8 dager siden
Me:looks what inside of the chest Also me:GOSH IS THAT A CREWMATE FROM AMONG US
Isaac Frand
Isaac Frand 8 dager siden
imagine if drowned were no longer hostile if you had a conduit nearby
Noah Pritchett
Noah Pritchett 9 dager siden
basically Atlantis, But gradual and more subtle.
Maewyn Tindall
Maewyn Tindall 9 dager siden
Mind blown.
Nelson Delgado
Nelson Delgado 10 dager siden
The ballistic Tree
The ballistic Tree 10 dager siden
Everyone is making jokes in the comments and not caring about the charity live stream and how good it is
Ya-gurl Clarisse
Ya-gurl Clarisse 10 dager siden
Pixelater 10 dager siden
Pirates! I hate those
Brittany Foo
Brittany Foo 10 dager siden
Lol Neptune is Roman not Greek *The more you know*
Nerd’s Truly
Nerd’s Truly 11 dager siden
I don’t know about you guys but this is pretty... FISHY **cries of pain*
Lily Freeflow
Lily Freeflow 11 dager siden
That was DEEP. (Pun intended.)
Swordom 11 dager siden
If islam is connected to the drowned lore as you said in the theory there is a story in islam about the whole world being drown but a woman saved the world by burying the source of the water I don’t know if you can connect these two together but that is valuable info 😊
Carolyne Tapire
Carolyne Tapire 11 dager siden
interesting thought, what if there was the wither, the thing that wiped out the ancient builders, struck within the oceans, seeing the corpses of fishermen and pirates, hit them with a wither projectile, alas there was nothing that was the projectile could wither, so it only brought them back to life
Amaya Gillespie-McKoy
Amaya Gillespie-McKoy 11 dager siden
Omg your videos of Minecraft arreeeee sssoooooo ssaaaddddddd 😭😭😭😭😭 Every time I watch a video about a mob's past. IM COMING TO SAVE YYOOUUU ENDERMAN, DROWNED, PIGMAN, ALL OF YYOOUUUU I feel so sorry for all of them 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
oh holy temmie god
oh holy temmie god 11 dager siden
The hostility towards turtles backs up the pirate theory British sailor would stop at thd Galapagos islands to collect tortoises to EAT Im not even kidding
Caleb Serrano
Caleb Serrano 11 dager siden
I love your videos but what was the underwater monument's purpose. I'm saying this because if this is true that the underwater monument's weren't always underwater then why was it built, in another video it explained that the wither was killing a large portion of the ancient builders so they they hid in under ground mine shafts, desert temple's and underwater monument's wait if the underwater monument's weren't supposed to be underwater then what where they made for before it sunk.
Riley F.
Riley F. 11 dager siden
okay, when minecraft one day isnt know by the youth, in the year 2070, i think we all should tell our grandchildren these tales that are uncovered by gametheory.
Eevee Veelution
Eevee Veelution 11 dager siden
"There are three types of game theory watchers: Those who get nightmares, those who learn lore, and those who learn strategy." Oh wait, nevermind, I'm all of the above.
Cassandra Wrenn
Cassandra Wrenn 12 dager siden
I have a question? Can you do a theory on Judy Gatland? I think she committed su*cide, and a lot of evidence suggests she did (also, technically you can do a theory on her because of her documentary of part of her life called "Judy" and please do it on film theory) she had an overdose, a way to commit SUICIDE, she was depressed, she wasn't able to see her kids too.
FARION EAGLE 12 dager siden
i hpe you read it :) please plss plss plss plss plss plss plss plss plss plss
FARION EAGLE 12 dager siden
and "the ocean monument get hit by a tsunami and the half of human that go to the end they become enderman so ther is conections qbout drowned and enderman as the same human but transform into diffirent monster and make a evolutions
FARION EAGLE 12 dager siden
i think the start is "human make ocean monument and guardia and elder guardia and half of human go to the end and half of them become zombie and the zombie drown and then they become drowned"
loganarmand 12 dager siden
i found it !!
Reldaf Semaj
Reldaf Semaj 12 dager siden
I‘m surprised that Pewdiepie didn’t donate this seems like something he would do
Aju Susan
Aju Susan 12 dager siden
So matpat is saying that we are the most powerful person on that world just a single player is enough to do that ??????????????????????
Ender Pearl
Ender Pearl 12 dager siden
I have one word: Atlantis
Josiah Seaman
Josiah Seaman 12 dager siden
Your greatest accomplishment was to bring arrows and some health potions to fight the Ender Dragon. It's a good theory, but I wonder what threat could be so terrible? The lore is interesting to think about how much entropy you could have if a technological civilization had been around for a hundred thousands years. We've been gathering in cities for less than 10,000 years, so maybe we'd under estimate how much can be forgotten.
Guilda Lafontant
Guilda Lafontant 12 dager siden
Aden DesMornes
Aden DesMornes 13 dager siden
even if you find it they still atack you. theyr'e probably jealous
Akın Yaman Altın
Akın Yaman Altın 13 dager siden
There are 2 big plotholes in this theory. 1) İf the big floods took down this civilization, then why it didnt take all the other civilizations? The ancient humans, the villagers, the illagers? 2) if the ocean monuments were originally made in the surface, then why did the drowned made the guardians to protect them if the guardians only work properly in the sea? The drowned couldnt have build the guardians after their civilization sunk off because the drowned dont have the ability to pick up blocks or build. İ hope in a later video, you answer these questions.
Anton Ego
Anton Ego 13 dager siden
MatPat’s deciphering Minecraft series is so cool I’m getting chills while watching these videos
xXSmolbeanXx Yay
xXSmolbeanXx Yay 14 dager siden
But if the drowned were religious then wouldn’t it me unholy to be robbing pirates and hurting turtles? 😐 😅
Shonono Yeetus
Shonono Yeetus 14 dager siden
wrong, waves are measured in meters and centimeters
Wendy Heng
Wendy Heng 14 dager siden
How did you make me sad 😭😭😭😭
TheGamingCeratosaurus !
TheGamingCeratosaurus ! 14 dager siden
Does anyone else get overwhelmed with what this guy says Maybe not this episode but the others
noodle banana
noodle banana 14 dager siden
Drowned:gib sponges Player : i want some Guardians: no
vibe time :D
vibe time :D 15 dager siden
wait, the try guys were in the live stream?
quetrii 15 dager siden
u are a god
Bill Cipher Girl
Bill Cipher Girl 15 dager siden
Well this got dark and depressing...
Izzy St. John
Izzy St. John 15 dager siden
MatPat : gold in the form of nuggets : includes nugget the the kindergarten person Me : love it
TheMemeHub.premium 16 dager siden
Fun fact : you can find under water villages
Darcy Rieger
Darcy Rieger 16 dager siden
12:27 Or haste is for countering the slow mining speed when in water
OffBeatNightcore 16 dager siden
I think of you as Oreki Hotaro from Hyouka, piecing together an accurate backstory from a simple statement or observation.
Mike A
Mike A 16 dager siden
Hey can u see what effect this does to the drowns
a bad minecraft player
a bad minecraft player 17 dager siden
Poor drowned
Spiner_ Sorus
Spiner_ Sorus 17 dager siden
13:53 is the part where it got pretty sad for me
Johnathan Griffiths
Johnathan Griffiths 17 dager siden
ladies and gents we here got ourselfes some atlantic holy ruin
Midnight_rose667 17 dager siden
man minecraft is more depressing then i initially thought
Nukerane Vlogger
Nukerane Vlogger 17 dager siden
Here's something easier. people built towns that were near the coast for farm reasons. But then all the smoke from fires that they created caused global warming, which melted the glaciers, which rose the sea level. Then a huge wave came in on the towns which destroyed the towns. Then more waves spread out some of the ruins. Then the builders went out in search of new land for a new village. Then a giant zombie attack turned them all into zombies. However, they went to the old towns to get the leftover stuff. Then thet had such heavy things on their back that they drowned, which turned them into drowns. Then one of their souls went into a ruin which turned them into the guardian. They reproduced as they got older. Then they became elder guardians because they were really old. You, who was in a coma after the zombie attack woke up, which started the game. And YOU are the only survivor
Sour Lemonade
Sour Lemonade 18 dager siden
Imagine if they earned literally 2 dollars
Teddygamer 707
Teddygamer 707 18 dager siden
If the guardians sense heat to find enemies, then they could ignore the drowned because they are husks, and dont create any thermal energy
Steven Lapp
Steven Lapp 18 dager siden
Anyone else see that the conduit draw in and damages drowned
Sour Lemonade
Sour Lemonade 18 dager siden
Steven Lapp mhm!
Mr.Belles D
Mr.Belles D 18 dager siden
Just like the theory of the enderman being ancheint builders that got enderpearls before enderman exist how did the remaining villagers at 13:20 gather nautilus shells when drowned didn't exist yet?
Sour Lemonade
Sour Lemonade 16 dager siden
Mr.Belles D exactly, they didn’t need drowned to exist to find SHELLS which can most likely be found in sand and the sea as shells do
Mr.Belles D
Mr.Belles D 16 dager siden
@Sour Lemonade No I mean how did the villagers get shells if drowned didn't exist yet?
Sour Lemonade
Sour Lemonade 18 dager siden
Mr.Belles because they got the shells and became the drowned with them, it’s very obvious but there you go
David jr Sanchez
David jr Sanchez 19 dager siden
How hot is the nether
Addison Hancock
Addison Hancock 20 dager siden
Matpat you forgot to turn off the crosshairs in the scene just after you explain that their pirates
Petar Marjanović
Petar Marjanović 20 dager siden
What a man, he risked demonetisation for the whale lol
眠い用心棒 20 dager siden
Hey Yall, Quick Question: Does anyone know the name of the song used at the end of this video (or the composer, that works too)?
It's MuggyOutside
It's MuggyOutside 20 dager siden
Does anyone know the title of the Minecraft theme that plays at 0:17 ? Thank you.
Gonk 21 dag siden
There was one time I found a shipwreck that was in perfect condition, no holes, a full mast
Vasudha Joshi
Vasudha Joshi 21 dag siden
They should do a dog strem
H I ,.,
H I ,., 21 dag siden
Patrik Zajpt
Patrik Zajpt 21 dag siden
I have no idea how, but this theory made me tear up.
Oh ya you talk about muslim aka my kind
Well this seems like gold is the most riches ores to drowns and ein
Demonslayer 3245
Demonslayer 3245 21 dag siden
4:54 Golden Nugget theory
tahmidur rahman
tahmidur rahman 21 dag siden
i was sunk in sadness with your theory
Nicole Bollinger
Nicole Bollinger 21 dag siden
What if the drowneds and piglins are tied? They both worship gold
LostTribe TrueHero
LostTribe TrueHero 22 dager siden
i was rewatching this for fun, but it made me think of something, in the upcoming caves and cliffs update were supposed to get the expansive caves and towering mountains right? well captain sparkles in his video reviewing the update trailer he mentions how the new cave biome that has the warden is supposed to be deeper then we've ever explored before, or at least i think that's how he worded i, well if all these things are supposed to be done in caves then 65 blocks isn't enough right? so one of 2 things come to mind, expand the build limit or Raise Sea Level, and might i also mention how in another theory mat mentions how the "Builders" might have made ender pearls and the warden and that new block looks a lot like ender pearls coloration, IS MATPAT"S HEADCANNON CORRECT?
Julianne Mina
Julianne Mina 22 dager siden
This kind of sound like Noah's ark for some reason-
ShadowSquad 9
ShadowSquad 9 22 dager siden
Left this on the previous video but the guardians insides look like a command block lol
Edith Seiler
Edith Seiler 22 dager siden
Someone should prank their friends and build an ocean monument and instead of hold our sponges 🤣🤣🤣
Zephyr 22 dager siden
One thing that I find quite interesting, is how the monuments tie into the drowning of the civilization. Because they were sea faring, they must have had a sea god that they prayed too. Tying back into the last theories, maybe because these builders were toying with life and death, it angered the gods, which caused the mass flooding.
Halo Nothing
Halo Nothing 22 dager siden
I like to think that the Drowned are the undead remnants of The Esoteric Order of Dagon. :)
SpychoCesar007 23 dager siden
Everyone:Minecraft is a game for kids Mad pat: Oh u wish
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