Game Theory: Fortnite is Stealing...AGAIN!?! (The Fortnite Dance Controversy)

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År siden

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When you're on top, everyone is aiming to take you down. And no game this year has been MORE on top than Fortnite. Fortnite, with the success of its Battle Royale mode, is the number one target for everyone trying to get a piece of its crown and today, it once AGAIN finds itself knee deep in hot water. I'm talking lawsuits! First it was PUBG claiming that Fortnite had stolen its gameplay, then it was concerned parents worried over Battle Royale causing their children to become violent. And now, it's Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air! That's right, Carlton, Backpack Kid, and others are suing Fortnite for stealing their iconic dance moves. Can they legally do that? Is Fortnite in trouble YET AGAIN? Or will they be able to skate by unscathed? Today Loyal Theorists, we are dancing our way to the TRUTH about the Fortnite Dance controversy!
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Editors: Dan Seibert, Daniel Keristoufi
Writer: Matthew Patrick
Legal Consult: Justin Petersen & friends

The Game Theorists
The Game Theorists År siden
Guys, I know Orange Shirt kid submitted the dance as a contest entry -- it was just a dramatic device for framing the episode around whether arguing if Orange Shirt owns the dance. Technically, all contest submissions would be owned by Epic. I just liked the hypothetical. Also, in case you missed it, I already had a note about Roy Purdy in the episode (along the bottom of the screen). But since it's "Orange Justice," I figured it'd make sense to give credit to him.
Asus Zenpad
Asus Zenpad 19 dager siden
Matpat ther was a contess for witch emotes will get to be number1
Hank Menzie
Hank Menzie 2 måneder siden
Wait but if a game like tf2 has made their own dances/taunts then wouldn’t they be able to sue them because some are so similar?
Kris Dawn
Kris Dawn 2 måneder siden
Orange shirt kid stole the dance from NOpost are named Roy Purdy
Australian pop corn
Australian pop corn 3 måneder siden
( °_ ° )
Flamgo Flamingo
Flamgo Flamingo 5 måneder siden
Trumpsney Productions Studios
Trumpsney Productions Studios Dag siden
Boneless is just Nathan Barnatt’s “No Bones” dance
Jackson Rigsby
Jackson Rigsby Dag siden
orange shirt kid entered a competition to get a player made emote in the game he wanted his dance in the game
Dhruba Dasgupta
Dhruba Dasgupta Dag siden
We tder juga
ReaperCode Playz
ReaperCode Playz 3 dager siden
The fortnite hoes are getting as mad as BTS hoes.
Jo Stewart
Jo Stewart 5 dager siden
‘The actor’ excUSE ME. Alfonso deserves the name
Gammerbot 9000
Gammerbot 9000 6 dager siden
orange shirt kid wanted that dance in during the boogie down contast
Matthew Cheung
Matthew Cheung 10 dager siden
"ART IS SO dumb." Me: Me too, kid.
Couch Potato Corner Corner
Couch Potato Corner Corner 12 dager siden
game theory sus
røşę_Płąýš 1628
røşę_Płąýš 1628 15 dager siden
Matpat: I fear no man but that thing Scott: oh hi matpat just made a new game! Matpat: it scares me...
David Fowles
David Fowles 16 dager siden
Mattew pattew
david rab
david rab 19 dager siden
Fortnite is the worst anime
Blind Reaper
Blind Reaper 21 dag siden
Is fnaf really that bad?
Lucius Owens
Lucius Owens 24 dager siden
Then how did roblox get away with it
Roman Zimin
Roman Zimin 29 dager siden
Its Blek
Its Blek Måned siden
6:12 im pretty sure that a 2 yearold could draw that
Fredcraft playz
Fredcraft playz Måned siden
If minecraft was made in 1995 i would be a minecraft kid
Donald Daimond
Donald Daimond Måned siden
Guys the 9 years old kids making fun of mayo at you are stupid why because you are playing a stupid game that is dying and it’s under some bunch of stupid company’s and I am 11 when I was ten I liked the game but not much then in the same age I realized the game is beginning to be trash and coping dances I am not playing this trash game I am happy that it got deleted on apple store many kids in the same age or smaller became Not respectful and shouting stealing their parents credit card you know the definition of caring about your players the guy who made flappy bird made the game so when you have a hard time you play it or when you are bored in a train station but people became addicted to the game I think a brother stapped his brother for the game then he removed it from apple store to protect the people playing it and not become crazy that guy is the true definition of caring about your community and protect them but also there are other ways to do that this game is meant for 16 years old or 18 I hope this game burn the next year and I hope it never get a the best game of the year award any 9 year old addicted to this game if you said anything bad to me I hope you get back to your normal self and go play outside with your friends when the COVID-19 thing ends and go play roblox or Minecraft. And thank you
El zain
El zain Måned siden
Hugo Virrueta
Hugo Virrueta Måned siden
You should do videos on rainbow six siege
Evan Moss
Evan Moss Måned siden
I don’t like fortnight don’t gauge me ok.
DOB Liming
DOB Liming Måned siden
But I never heard anything about copyright, therefore wouldn’t they just fall under fair use, besides, most of those are un copywritable.
Brick Review
Brick Review Måned siden
Orange shirt kid did the dance for it to be in the game
Samuele Libralato
Samuele Libralato Måned siden
fortnite employee watching this be like: BOSS, WE HAVE A PROBLEM, THEY FOUND OUT
gaming with daniel
gaming with daniel Måned siden
First emotes now apple
Gamer Boi
Gamer Boi 2 måneder siden
Sorry if I’m being toxic but epic did a boogie down contest then the orange shirt kid won the challenge
Mr boi
Mr boi 2 måneder siden
who relizes if your in 2020 right nok fnaf vr is real mat pat
Nics Vids
Nics Vids 2 måneder siden
I came from roblox andduring these times its hard but comeing from roblox and watching this fortnite video is way harderr than trying to wear a mask and not pass out
C413B_74N 2 måneder siden
there is an ad came up as music
LUCKYLUKEY456 2 måneder siden
so no one gonna talk about this guy's editing skills?
My Son Nathan's videos
My Son Nathan's videos 2 måneder siden
actually that beginning cutscene would be alligell,that would be like forceing someone to do drugs,sense digitil things are bad for everythings eyes
Bonger724 2 måneder siden
The i saw the thumbnail, and thought it was a lazarbeam vid
KingBenji 2 måneder siden
he couldn’t sue the orange justice he did a contest and got his emote in the game
Oro The golden king
Oro The golden king 2 måneder siden
Ya know bts yea they stole there dances they just took a bunch and merged them together
Иateorious_ 2 måneder siden
It’s sad to see jack sad
Dora Shum
Dora Shum 2 måneder siden
1:26 I play PUBG ;-;
Blox Subs
Blox Subs 2 måneder siden
3:38 : Hey, isn't that the host of Catch 21?
КотенокPRO 2 måneder siden
Breaking News: Roblox sues fortnite for having a creative mode
DESMOND CHUNG-FINGER 2 måneder siden
Average spent $85 EA: not bad, kids.
Izzuddin M Nasir
Izzuddin M Nasir 2 måneder siden
simple. you can copy and make it popular, buuuut when involves money could make millions this is why we need new copyright updated
Naitik Khalasi
Naitik Khalasi 2 måneder siden
He dumb orange Kid did that to try to get his own emote but he got 26 so everyone on Twitter want that emote in fortnite
jpandtami 2 måneder siden
SMASHFANX 2 måneder siden
10:21 THE MASH POTATO MAN VS EPIC GAMES. cmon, i know y'all want it
Gary Redfield
Gary Redfield 2 måneder siden
i actually ivented the nintendo switch on 2011 nintendo has spies everywere because i live in Mexico
Marcotron 2 måneder siden
I've seen kids out on the parking lot flossing" You know what to do MatPat
Shiny Charmander
Shiny Charmander 2 måneder siden
2:35 I can't help but notice that he says most of the v-bucks are spent on skins, and gliders but shows a free glider (umbrella)
Archer Ellis
Archer Ellis 2 måneder siden
Archer Ellis
Archer Ellis 2 måneder siden
@Eathan in overwatch Winston the monkey had a dance called the twist
Eathan 2 måneder siden
wth do you mean?
Emily Cunha
Emily Cunha 2 måneder siden
honestly i agree
Oscar Velazquez
Oscar Velazquez 2 måneder siden
At first i thought it was a lazarbeam vid, lets be honest, reanimated is the best emote ever
Yeet Boi
Yeet Boi 2 måneder siden
Its funny because now I watch back and hes saying that the orange shirt kid should sew, but he did the dance FOR the dance competition from fortnite back then lol
Shiba The Noob
Shiba The Noob 2 måneder siden
Ya know he summited the oj and everyone got mad so then they added it
Charlotte O’Connor
Charlotte O’Connor 2 måneder siden
Why is he speeking like a boomer
Eathan 2 måneder siden
? seriously just stop ok thats just a dead joke also he is using smart terms because he is a intelligent man who has a bright future in terms of using his mind to do great things
mega cringe gamer
mega cringe gamer 2 måneder siden
So fnaf plus matpat is a bad combo
Note 2 måneder siden
The floss exist 300,000 years ago
yeet squad81
yeet squad81 2 måneder siden
pls do make more FNAF VR content because i really loved the series and i would love it if you decided to go back and make more
Joy Devision
Joy Devision 2 måneder siden
I don’t care goth girl under a bridge is the creator of orange justice
Unus Annus Was beautiful
Unus Annus Was beautiful 2 måneder siden
HAHAAH FNAF VR HAHAHA WHEEZE William Afton gonna be torturing Matpat like cassidy tortured him
Xbox Bunny
Xbox Bunny 2 måneder siden
The floss isn't from backpack kid. A kid a few years ago before backpack kid posted a low quality of the floss, the backpack kid stole it for some clout and he got fame not the original maker.
Game Playz
Game Playz 2 måneder siden
Acctualy Orange justice attended the emote royal so he cant sew fortnite
Brandon Gonzalez
Brandon Gonzalez 2 måneder siden
Fun fact: Orange shirt kid didn’t crated orange justice
Richard Buttermore
Richard Buttermore 2 måneder siden
Na I play COFD/call of duty
Ribbit 2 måneder siden
2010: Do more digging..
lillbro64 2 måneder siden
3 DENTZ 2 måneder siden
There is no such thing as an original thought they are just remixes of preexisting thoughts
Joao Gabriel Gomes
Joao Gabriel Gomes 2 måneder siden
matpat when fnaf vr actually comes out
mad blendy
mad blendy 2 måneder siden
Can you do a video on fnaf ar?
CallMeEd 2 måneder siden
Mat U dont know how many dances fortnite stole from tf2
Asch Aura
Asch Aura 2 måneder siden
am I the only one who saw the avgn guy at 0:24 ? 😂😂😂
Borach McTeague
Borach McTeague 2 måneder siden
One minute in and I'm dying laughing at the intro!!!
Lazy Lizz 2020
Lazy Lizz 2020 2 måneder siden
What about the new TikTok dances? Should Addison, Charli, etc. and their original & stolen dances be quaking?
Somebullbutt 2 måneder siden
I bet u cant explain COD zombies lore
Erwin RileyV
Erwin RileyV 2 måneder siden
In the child rehab center where was Madden
Cihloun 2 måneder siden
They got him again
Jr plays
Jr plays 2 måneder siden
0:24 ahhh the AVGN NERD himself
Alexander Zumbrun
Alexander Zumbrun 3 måneder siden
Btw orange shirt kid didnt really make the orange justice dance somebody else did but people think that orange shirt kid made the dance because the emote is called orange justice
Alexander Zumbrun
Alexander Zumbrun 3 måneder siden
The Backpack Kid's mom sued Fortnite Not him
Eli C00L
Eli C00L 3 måneder siden
It backpack kid it’s his mom
MACHETE MANCAKE 3 måneder siden
I wish i could sue fortnite over stealing kids Brain cells
Blue Hoodie
Blue Hoodie 3 måneder siden
The thumbnail is the lazarbeam skin
Fatima Quamrunnahar
Fatima Quamrunnahar 3 måneder siden
Mind is software
Fatima Quamrunnahar
Fatima Quamrunnahar 3 måneder siden
Good luck.I Have TF2
Ultimate 17
Ultimate 17 3 måneder siden
this game still ha'nt dieeddd
Nobility Store
Nobility Store 3 måneder siden
Next thing you know fortnite copies tiktok dances
Bacon armyYT
Bacon armyYT 3 måneder siden
So he predicted the fnaf vr? Slow clap
alfred domingo
alfred domingo 3 måneder siden
The orange shirt kid asked if it can be in the game
420 ikea Birb
420 ikea Birb 3 måneder siden
I’m 14 and when I was like 8-10 I barely even had 3 hours of gameplay every week lol
Crazy Gaming
Crazy Gaming 3 måneder siden
So basically you're saying they can't win against Fortnite because Fortnite made it a common dance...
Senycal Astro
Senycal Astro 3 måneder siden
Matpat should take up law.
Kai Lycan
Kai Lycan 3 måneder siden
The orange shirt kid made it for fortnite because they were having an event for it
Tim Rissman
Tim Rissman 3 måneder siden
orange justice kid doesn't need justice because there was a fortnite dance competition and then he did orange justice for it
Lane Fosswell
Lane Fosswell 3 måneder siden
Hey! The thumbnail has Lazarbeams Fortnite skin
Grayson Harrington
Grayson Harrington 3 måneder siden
image if hey made when the apple lawsuit
Mr Zen
Mr Zen 3 måneder siden
Fortnite is trash
Joanna Venezia not
Joanna Venezia not 3 måneder siden
Maybe mojang did not say remove HEROBRIAN because they already had remove him and not because they could not remove him
James Penosky
James Penosky 3 måneder siden
Orange shirt kid was a part of the fortnite boogie Showdown
NoobsareNoobs 2
NoobsareNoobs 2 3 måneder siden
orange kid didn't win a competition but his dance was added because many people liked it
Richard Pointon
Richard Pointon 3 måneder siden
Alexander Regan
Alexander Regan 3 måneder siden
dat face doe :30
Alexander Regan
Alexander Regan 3 måneder siden
meant 0:30
Fountainblaze 3 måneder siden
Sooo.... same conclusion as last time?
Yay man plays Returned
Yay man plays Returned 3 måneder siden
*super sian*
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