Game Theory: Ellie Is NOT Immune! (The Last of Us Part 2)

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3 måneder siden

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The Last of Us franchise is a story of humanity trying to survive in the face of a virus turning people into fungus creatures that are not quite zombies. We learn early on in the first game that Ellie is immune, perhaps even the only immune person there is. This makes her invaluable to those trying to find a cure. Except, I think she may not be immune. The second game shows a lot of evidence that something else may be going on with Ellie. Something that may tell us the future direction of this story and the future of Ellie.
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Writer: Stephanie Patrick
Researcher: Zach Stewart
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Koen Verhagen, and Josh Langman
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

SWIP3RGANG _ 8 timer siden
Wait but in the dlc raily her best friend was bit to and she turned
John Williams
John Williams 9 timer siden
I think it works like the immune people from 28 weeks later maybe? They are still infected but do not go crazy
Dragonain Jessen
Dragonain Jessen 16 timer siden
Landmine6894 Dag siden
7/23? What does that mean?
Landmine6894 Dag siden
OOOHHH, food theory.
Zach Myers
Zach Myers Dag siden
Then how did the person with the stuff turn into a zombie but not ellie
Capt Breezy
Capt Breezy Dag siden
oh god here we go again
DillthanosYT Dag siden
This is a good theroy but how dod she get the good fungus if she got a bite from a infected zombie? Or are you saying that she already had the good cordyceps if so then were did she get it from
LuckyCartoons Dag siden
So in the intro, you see a flash that says 7/23 So I thought of the date 7/23 (July 23) It only pulled up some stuff in history, and it also pulled up Coronavirus cases. If anyone knows more, please tell me. I could be reading to deep into this, but if this is something, please tell me
Aqsa Hussain
Aqsa Hussain Dag siden
Ellie: gets bitten twice and is absolutely fine. This video: Ellie isn’t immune.
I'm blue
I'm blue Dag siden
Ok hear me out guys ellie ain't immune the other fungus fights of the zombie one
Subscribe and you will become 1% Keanu Reeves
Subscribe and you will become 1% Keanu Reeves Dag siden
She’s immune.
Ashleigh Chute
Ashleigh Chute 2 dager siden
Okay but what about her best friend that got bit by the same zombie she did? She got infected and died but Ellie didn’t.
Bryce Edwards
Bryce Edwards 2 dager siden
So She Immune lol
haminta kurti
haminta kurti 2 dager siden
it works almost like the sickle cell disease against malaria. both are shitty but malaria is worse xD
Jirhu Perez
Jirhu Perez 2 dager siden
Its the same thing dude. She's immune. You just said how she's immune. That title was misleading. The cordyceps makes her immune. So yeah... she's still immune lol.
snap wratchersso
snap wratchersso 3 dager siden
So she's bassicly a zombie that's still human
Lucifer Morningstar
Lucifer Morningstar 3 dager siden
So if that’s the case you can expect more “immune” people on the sequels.
Crimson Cloaked Reaper
Crimson Cloaked Reaper 3 dager siden
This is like world war z. So lame
Luz Rebeca Galarza Neyra
Luz Rebeca Galarza Neyra 3 dager siden
When you fall asleep watching one of mats videos and you start dreaming of science 🧬 😂😂
Hesh Hesh
Hesh Hesh 3 dager siden
Okay so for this to be true, Ellie was infected with this strain of Cordyceps before she was initially bitten? So since this strain of Cordyceps does not cause the infected to turn into a zombie, she didnt get it from being bitten but from inhaling it? Also, didnt they do a temperature check to see if youre infected in the first last of us? So if her RBC is so low, her temperature would be low meaning she shouldnt also be detected during checks?
XandersLEGOpiece 3 dager siden
Science Teacher: why are you not doing your work? Me : i too smart Teacher: who so? Me: I watch game theory
Shubham Sagar Singh
Shubham Sagar Singh 3 dager siden
so she is immune
johnnie kotis
johnnie kotis 4 dager siden
Basically the docter said her cells gather and form a super strong shield
Ian Drsaurri
Ian Drsaurri 4 dager siden
This doesn't make sense because, wouldn't the government and doctors have figured out to use cyclosporine to prevent infection?
Stypip 4 dager siden
But u forgot Ellie got bite by a zombie????
Charlie Pearson
Charlie Pearson 4 dager siden
6:47 if you can fit a diet coke in your Vein I'll give you a replacement for the coke
The Chef
The Chef 4 dager siden
So, in theory Ellie is still immune lol
Vishay Nadar
Vishay Nadar 4 dager siden
So a virus pandemic is protecting host (Ellie) from evil virus pandemics... interesting
Eliza 4 dager siden
I guess this is like cowpox vs smallpox
Space Idiot
Space Idiot 4 dager siden
i hope you're still around when this does happen
COOL GAME PLAY94 4 dager siden
Immune idiot
Maya Gradberg
Maya Gradberg 5 dager siden
So she is having a reverse infection and she has the wrong infection and has a low immune system and she could die at any second. Ok then.......
Trash Kid
Trash Kid 5 dager siden
Dumbest thing I’ve heard today
Toy Bonnie
Toy Bonnie 5 dager siden
Well yes but no
Marissa Dukram
Marissa Dukram 5 dager siden
if sony says shes immune shes immune
Hados_RM 5 dager siden
Nother pointless video where the awnser is in a clip of the theory of the last of us 1
Yazeed Rehmath Ali
Yazeed Rehmath Ali 5 dager siden
I never thought this dude knew science..
Robert Mours
Robert Mours 6 dager siden
Lol shes immune this guys just looking for views.
Kyona Aidoneus
Kyona Aidoneus 6 dager siden
Weird question; but if Ellie bit someone, would they get infected by the type of fungus she has?
Slurpy Slides
Slurpy Slides 6 dager siden
Don’t hate me for saying this but I don’t like these videos because they try to solve myths that never existed and mess up the game for others by denying everything the game tells you
Night Lord 40K
Night Lord 40K 6 dager siden
😐 I couldn’t finish this long drawn out video. Obviously she is immune, she was bitten and it showed as much in the DLC of the first game. You are looking way to deep for some weird reason to make your case. You are WRONG!!
Bla gaming
Bla gaming 6 dager siden
Pretty sure the franchise is dead unless it's going to turn into cod
celerymuseum 6 dager siden
Yeah but how did the zombie who gave it to her, become a zombie, if it’s not the zombie one mushroom
Double Trouble
Double Trouble 6 dager siden
Ok so i have a question. You say that she was infected by a different type of cordyceps, how if the one that bit her was infected by the normal cordyceps we see in the game ???
Liam Rorke
Liam Rorke 6 dager siden
Brah there was literaly a add on where you see her get bit, she still lives. I think that means your IMMUNE. Maybe you should look it up on google
Mexican Boots2218
Mexican Boots2218 7 dager siden
So are we saying that Ellie was infected BEFORE getting bitten? Or that the one that bit her had that version of cordyceps?
Alicanto Xenica
Alicanto Xenica 7 dager siden
Then how did she get bitten in the first place? If the good cordyceps keeps you relatively sane, then whoever infected her with it shouldn't have been zombie-like enough to bite her.
Alan Navarro
Alan Navarro 8 dager siden
She just built different
Icekittens 8 dager siden
Isn't Abby or Zombies, Or anyone coming after her.... Its catching a cold Me:🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
unine bosman
unine bosman 8 dager siden
NBlasterAnimates 8 dager siden
Okay, but how was she bit if it wasn’t a zombie strain, someone WAS A ZOMBIE AND BIT HER. Why would a non-infected person act like a runner if they can’t be infected as well? Would this mean that if Ellie bit someone, THEY would be immune? Many things weren’t covered, PLEASE MAKE A PART 2!!!
Crazy Cletus
Crazy Cletus 4 dager siden
Who knows honestly she was bitten that's for sure, and there is fungal growth on her brain so it's not like nothing happens the virus affected her her body just produced idk so sort of antibodies that where able to fight of the part that turns you rabid, hopefully the growth stays fitment as well I'd hate for Ellie to die late in life after all shes done by the growth "growing" too much
Ana Caroline
Ana Caroline 8 dager siden
So she probably got infected by this other type of fungi before she gets bitten in the DLC, explaining why she wasn't affected by that. If there's a part 3, what do you think they're going to reveal?
RoseAnime100 9 dager siden
I listen while at work.
ZEED YT 9 dager siden
Ellie is immune you dont know the The last of us francise play the whole game starting from pt1 to pt2 and one more thing your a faker fan
Carson Pike
Carson Pike 9 dager siden
Well, if this theory is true, that’s exactly what the other form of cordyceps is. That’s why she’s still immune, because she practically has the vaccine in her, with the fact that the same type of fungi, is able to fight off the zombie version. My question is, how’d she get it when she was bitten by someone who did have it? Loophole
Alex Wing
Alex Wing 9 dager siden
So it’s kinda like how cow pox keeps you from getting small pox
Vitorxd12_ 9 dager siden
If she bite someone, would she infect the person that she bite with the good cordyceps?
holly grace
holly grace 9 dager siden
Oooh, interesting Matt. I like this one.
Soloman Grundy
Soloman Grundy 10 dager siden
De Todo Un Poco
De Todo Un Poco 10 dager siden
Why Abby did not turn when Ellie bit her?
TheGamerGeeza 10 dager siden
Breathes spores. Doesn't react. Not immune!!!
Ben R
Ben R 11 dager siden
All the analysis is pointing us to the conclusion that... this is all made up science for a video game. Also, vaccines aren't only for viruses.
Sami 12 dager siden
1:12 : Me: Sirius, get back to the Harry Potter fandom where chu belong >:( Sirius: :(
datgamingboy 12 dager siden
I like how inserted the meme at the end.
Taylor Williams
Taylor Williams 12 dager siden
So when did she get these other cordeceps first?
alexlewx 12 dager siden
this is.. big brain stuff
BeanBoy12 12 dager siden
so thats why she dies when actually bitten...i think???
TheWhispering 12 dager siden
Elle can breath the spores tho!?!
Анна Попова
Анна Попова 13 dager siden
Хороший видос, спасибо! Если смотреть прям реально на эту теорию - это прям как с бешенством. Фишка в предотвращении бешенства - если кто-то с бешенством укусил человека, нужно срочно колоть укольчики, которые содержат безопасный штамм бешенства, и "плохие" микроорганизмы просто не могут занять свое место в мозгу, потому что оно уже занято безопасными. УУУУУ!
Ellie Brady
Ellie Brady 13 dager siden
Im sorry but i dont believe that this is true :T
justerthought 13 dager siden
TGT what's your purpose in life. Why are you making sensationalist bullcrap like this. Ofcourse Ellie is immune. She was breathing spores with Joel in the first game and didn't turn. She was breathing spores with Nora in TLOU2 and didn't turn. In the rattler section of TLOU, she's bit on the wrist after being cut down from the trap. She didn't turn. Get a proper job because this is lame.
matthew stedeford
matthew stedeford 13 dager siden
Game theory: thanks to todays sponsor Me: next video
Donkey PuncHer5
Donkey PuncHer5 14 dager siden
Actually couldn’t Joel have just given Ellie to the military and they could’ve done the same thing. Considering that the military probably has more resources
Amber Hellyer
Amber Hellyer 14 dager siden
So she’s immune
Hanazawa Kana
Hanazawa Kana 15 dager siden
Are spores diferent too?
PASINIO EIMIN 15 dager siden
6:40 yes, you can get sick from pepsi...
Nuke 15 dager siden
*Inshort:* she is not born immune. The fungi that infected ellie gives her immunity against other virulant fungus. That's what the doctors said. They wanted the fungus that is in her brain so they could reverse engineer it.
Elijah Baksh
Elijah Baksh Dag siden
@Christian Thornton thats correct
Christian Thornton
Christian Thornton Dag siden
No all they had to do was realize that she’s infected with a different strain, figure out which strain and then use that strain in people.
Elijah Baksh
Elijah Baksh 2 dager siden
You do realize that you cant reverse engineer a fungus at all
SoundTrap Gaming
SoundTrap Gaming 5 dager siden
No not really they don’t need to grab the fungus from her brain
Andyfiv E
Andyfiv E 8 dager siden
So it cancels his previous theory
Kobie Quevedo
Kobie Quevedo 15 dager siden
If she's infected with another branch of the same family... Does that mean there's a lot like her? I mean, if you're bitten by an infected, you become infected as well. But why were she bitten by a person that's technically should not have been rabid at all - considering that she got another specie of the fungal virus.
jonathan 16 dager siden
So by the end of the game she got bit again on the hand so it just got killed by the other fungi
hallux20 16 dager siden
I mean ok... But why did she get infected by the good one by being bite by a "zombie"? She would have had to be infected prior to the bite!
wannabevulcan 15 dager siden
Who said she got the good fungus from the bite? She could have breathed in the spores somewhere way before that.
Zuhayr Syed
Zuhayr Syed 16 dager siden
This theory is incorrect as Ellie was bitten by an infected (shown in the dlc) her friend Riley was also bitten by the same infected yet she died later on due to turning infected. Clearly this theory makes no sense
wannabevulcan 15 dager siden
Clearly Ellie had already contracted the "good" version of the fungus before the bite.
Ingrid Galvan
Ingrid Galvan 16 dager siden
However... Ellie was bitten by assumingly the same infected that bit Riley... so the source of the cordyceps would've been the same... if it were true that she has another type of the fungus, then where did she get it from? According to this logic, the "good cordyceps " cannot coexist with the "zombie cordyceps" so it is just not possible.
Blue Grim
Blue Grim 16 dager siden
Lol I haven’t even watched the video yet but I will. but just how lol she was literally bit on 2 different occasions ok let’s see what he’s going to say
Samy Fayz
Samy Fayz 16 dager siden
the sad thing about this is that there would be more people actually immune for the same reason but resort to just killing themselves "before they turn" when they get bitten or accidentally breath spores so they would never know they could survive
Crazy Cletus
Crazy Cletus 4 dager siden
MxtokaC 16 dager siden
boy why you lying
Growmomma2020 16 dager siden
Ohhhh, Just like COVID LOL
WhoCares 17 dager siden
very click bait title
mmayo24 17 dager siden
Thanks for making this video! I disagree with your assessment, though, for a couple of reasons. First, the doctor/microbiologist from the recording mentions "cordyceps," but from what I recall, he doesn't mention which assay he used to detect it. In a global pandemic (like the one we're in right now), it's clear that assays would be quickly designed to distinguish between all the variants, and protocols for detecting it in serum / other body fluids would have been readily published (PCR assays were published very quickly for COVID-19). So it seems implausible to me that the doctor wouldn't have used the standard detection assay. Second, in my opinion it seems implausible that scientists wouldn't have already recommended treatments for the infected patients, which might include standard anti-inflammatory medicines. So I think any treatment that works won't be "low hanging fruit" of the medical world. Finally, I think it's clear from the game lore that breathing spores confers infection and (almost always) leads to the cordyceps disease. So we expect as players that Ellie breathing spores should give her the disease. In fact, this scenario is used as a turning point in the LOU2 storyline (see Ellie and Dina escaping the horde in Seattle). So I think that all of these examples taken together adds to the weight of evidence for her being "immune" versus her being susceptible to the cordyceps fungus.
lola 17 dager siden
so she wasnt immune but now she is? lolll
diafenix 17 dager siden
But Riley shouldn't have died then, as she got bit at the same time as Ellie.
wannabevulcan 15 dager siden
Ellie could have easily breathed in the spores from the "good" fungus at any point before that.
BorisWree 17 dager siden
She’s not immune, she’s just asymptomatic. She tested as infected in the first game. If there were another cordyceps infection then there would definitely be more people that are asymptomatic like her since it’d also be prevalent so, eh, I don’t like this theory.
Not Much
Not Much 17 dager siden
Buuuuuuuuulllllllll video!
Flora Merano
Flora Merano 17 dager siden
So inject everyone with the "Good Cordyceps". Problem solved.
Maxxraptor 17 dager siden
how did Ellie get the good kind from a normal zombie bite? the same bite that turned her friend. this is nonsense
Ransom Bauman
Ransom Bauman 18 dager siden
Your a duch, shut up.
K0ncursus 18 dager siden
Now this is a very plausible theory that I say is canon
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler 18 dager siden
David Nguyen
David Nguyen 18 dager siden
Explanation starts at 3:52
Beth Atkinson
Beth Atkinson 18 dager siden
Clickers are fungi's
Veronica Antonella
Veronica Antonella 19 dager siden
A lot of people seems to be confused over what immunity means. No, Ellie is not immune because she not getting sick is not a result of her own body. Basically she is lucky enough to have a parasite inside producing medicine instead of having to take pills.
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