Game Theory: Ellie Is NOT Immune! (The Last of Us Part 2)

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6 måneder siden

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The Last of Us franchise is a story of humanity trying to survive in the face of a virus turning people into fungus creatures that are not quite zombies. We learn early on in the first game that Ellie is immune, perhaps even the only immune person there is. This makes her invaluable to those trying to find a cure. Except, I think she may not be immune. The second game shows a lot of evidence that something else may be going on with Ellie. Something that may tell us the future direction of this story and the future of Ellie.
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Writer: Stephanie Patrick
Researcher: Zach Stewart
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Koen Verhagen, and Josh Langman
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Jack Morgan
Jack Morgan 5 timer siden
Okay you think she is not immune yes so how come she breaths in spores and you see her get bit
Daniel Musat
Daniel Musat 6 timer siden
Ellie gangsta until corona virus comes.
Eddy Valdez
Eddy Valdez 17 timer siden
She is Immune. Shut up
Jason 18 timer siden
He's right, She's not "naturally" immune. She has something akin to a vaccination.
Shobha Joshi
Shobha Joshi Dag siden
Bruhhh it's just could be that do noy wanted it but they didn't removed it cmon
PotatoWasHere Dag siden
So.. Ellie just needs to bite everyone for humanity to strive? Sounds scandalous
milo lawson
milo lawson Dag siden
what about the growth in her brain?
kris collins
kris collins Dag siden
The last of us 3
Deacon Dank
Deacon Dank Dag siden
So if this is the case, then a "vaccine" already exist. The "Vaccine"/ Cure or whatever you wanna call it being another cordycep species that kills or suppresses the cordycep species they turns people into zombies with fungus sprouting outside their brains. That also means harvesting the infection from Ellie's brain was completely unnecessary. They could have identified the species there and found some of the fungal suppressing cordycep species. I don't think the would head in this direction. It would kind of void the actions of the characters in The Last of Us 2.
Sercroc 2 dager siden
So they say itin the first one, the cordiceps mutated, that's why she's immune. I wonder if her bites can make other people immune, thta would make abby immune, and we could see if she would make the right choice like she said
Axel Maldonado
Axel Maldonado 2 dager siden
so why didnt she turn but but her friend did. why did the zombie that bit her turned into a zombie? why... why????
The Prince
The Prince 2 dager siden
Didnt Ellies friend get bit by the same zombie and she turned
TraceguyRune 2 dager siden
Elie is a daughter of a mother alien who invented the infection. Her mother mated with a human, and had Ellie, but eventually broke up and infected the world out of spite
Mo 3 dager siden
So Ellie should running around biting people to spread her "version" of cordyceps.
WantedKiddo 2 dager siden
Zander Kommer
Zander Kommer 3 dager siden
If she was infected with the other cordyceps but was bitten by a runner with regular cordyceps, how did she get good fungus when she was injected with bad fungus? Uno reverse card Matt I put you into question.
Federico Prokopczuk
Federico Prokopczuk 3 dager siden
So then, she is essentially immune and she contains a vaccine. The first smallpox vaccines were people getting infected with cowpox. You have invalidated both of these videos. If the scientists would have taken that fungal species and given it to everyone they would have made a way of stopping others from getting infected.
Dylan Shepherd
Dylan Shepherd 3 dager siden
Sorry but you kinda disproved your own theory by saying that she’s immune due to that other Cordyceps infection blocking any other Cordyceps infection but due to her being bit with a zombie that must of had the version of cordyceps that zombify people whilst also having to have the peaceful infection due to it getting passed down within the bite by the zombie but didn’t you also say “you cannot have both infections at the same time” thereby potentially disproving your own theory
jaydizzle foshizzle
jaydizzle foshizzle 4 dager siden
What about the second bite?
0imus 4 dager siden
yea its not like you see her bite mark and she dosnt turn infected and also you dont see her breathe spors so yea shes not immune
Sven Veldman
Sven Veldman 5 dager siden
Why do you make so big point of this its a videogame its not that its real or something
Y u gotta disrespect bro ?
Y u gotta disrespect bro ? 5 dager siden
You just explained why shes immune not why she isn't
The Boy
The Boy 5 dager siden
*orders pizza with EXTRA mushroom*
Abraham Lugo
Abraham Lugo 5 dager siden
But wasn't she bit, so she would have it anyway
The R6S Shield Main
The R6S Shield Main 5 dager siden
I theorize she is super resistant to the virus.
Sanyam Malhan
Sanyam Malhan 5 dager siden
What about the infected who bit Ellie?
Raphael Kales
Raphael Kales 5 dager siden
The zombie who bite her made her friends to zombies But it doesn t make her to a zombie But it should be the same cordyseps
General Flip Flop
General Flip Flop 5 dager siden
Wait, but if a person infected with the zombie fungus bit her, and gave her the other version that does not zombify you, how did it have the other one in the first place, if the fungus that Ellie is infected with wards it off? Because if a zombie gave her the defensive fungus that wards away the zombie one, while also having the zombie virus. So how could the zombie that bit her hold both at the same time if one wards off the other? I don't know if anyone will see this, or maybe Matpat will but if you know, please tell me, I have no idea how it would work.
Farid Costanza
Farid Costanza 5 dager siden
So the point is fireflies should stop chasing ellie and start to look the good version of Cordyceps
ieatthestage 5 dager siden
If any the doctors would've thought to use an anti-fungal medication to fight a fungus....sounds like bs to me
Aesthetic Bitch
Aesthetic Bitch 5 dager siden
Wait so you’re saying she’s immune...
JEFFREY 4 dager siden
The Company and country of Tra
The Company and country of Tra 6 dager siden
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titanic facts 1912
titanic facts 1912 6 dager siden
but wait, ellie was bitten by an infected. how did a host infected with the cordyceps virus, how did she get the wrong strain?
Antti Vihavainen
Antti Vihavainen 6 dager siden
So...zombiemushroominfectiondude bite her and cave her a harmless infection..sure
Owen Duffy
Owen Duffy 6 dager siden
Yeah Idk that just sounds like immunity and vaccines with extra steps
Ryan Shamrock
Ryan Shamrock 6 dager siden
People hate the game because of the end
scribblez da5th
scribblez da5th 6 dager siden
She ain’t immune!!!?? I seent her kill a chick in a spore infested hospital wit no mask.. I SEENT IT!!!
Venom GamingZz
Venom GamingZz 6 dager siden
She's immune
Estrella Martinez
Estrella Martinez 7 dager siden
I have no clue what you've been saying to them tired video and even if it's true then every time Ellie die from part one in the snow what was the lines
Derpydevsters gaming
Derpydevsters gaming 7 dager siden
If she got attacked by one and then got bite then what about the person who gave her it because he had that fungi so then he would not have been zombiefide and then since he had that fungi he would not have turned and so then he would not inffect Ellie
Carlos Ramos
Carlos Ramos 7 dager siden
So is there a good covid?
Adrián Ťapák
Adrián Ťapák 8 dager siden
It makes no sense, what did she get bit by then.
CaptStraightEdge 8 dager siden
TL;DR "she's not immune, but she is immune"
Jean Moore
Jean Moore 8 dager siden
Wait zombies are REAL!! As ANTS?
Cdchasgotyou 8 dager siden
If ellie isn't immune to the zombifying version of the cordyceps unilateris fungi, then maybe if her white and red blood cell count is very low and it could be that the fungi inside her is keeping her alive and is acting as an extra organ system but made of cordyceps fungi that is keeping ellie alive. This may seem like a radical piece of heresy but I have made my explanation clear following the evidence from YOU gametheory.
Colin Mcneil
Colin Mcneil 8 dager siden
Since Ellie is infected and infected don't attack other infected why do they attack her
SpaCatti 9 dager siden
I’m starting to die of cringe
Objective Subjectivity
Objective Subjectivity 9 dager siden
So fighting fire with fire/fighting a virus with another virus..isn’t that the proposed solution for the zombie virus by Eugene in TWD
Emmabelly Ledcapp
Emmabelly Ledcapp 9 dager siden
Hay you stop it last of us 2 was a great game and also WHHHHHHHHY do I have to waste my time on this we all know the Creator of the game made ellie immune the wouldt hide it I'm sorry but this really gets on my nerve
Mia Woods
Mia Woods 9 dager siden
So ultimately the other version of cordeseps... is the vaccine?
Nathatn Dennis
Nathatn Dennis 9 dager siden
Yes she is immune. Period. End of story.
U1ltra Gaming
U1ltra Gaming 10 dager siden
She breathed spores
Ciro Mauricio de Cristo
Ciro Mauricio de Cristo 10 dager siden
I can't wait for TLoU3. Part 2 was such a dark and depressing masterpiece, I hope the third one brings more hope to this universe.
Leif Rausch
Leif Rausch 11 timer siden
Same 2 is still amazing tho
PTS 10 dager siden
So why did this girl from Left Behind DLC turn?
Shana Vaid
Shana Vaid 10 dager siden
How did Ellie get infected with the other version if she was bitten by a person infected with the zombie one, though? Her friend was also bitten and turned into a zombie.
Banana Man
Banana Man 7 dager siden
She must've sniffed the *other* strain of the virus beforehand. Otherwise, she would be just as dead as her friend.
American Bacon
American Bacon 10 dager siden
So you could theoretically turn this strain of fungus into a “vaccine” or medicine of some sorts by attempting to take out all of the bad side effects of it just leaving the part that kicks out any other fungus
exosteath 11 dager siden
Yeah but how dis she get infected in the first place? She got bitten by a clicker (as seen in Left Behind). According to this vid the cordyceps Ellie has fends off all other fungi. So how did Ellie get infected in the first place? The clicker couldn't have had both of them, soo
exosteath 11 dager siden
wait... but if her version of cordyceps can fight off the zombie version, the doctors might not have been that far off after all. They could have used this different cordyceps and inject it into other people to make them immune... Or am i missing something?
FlixAP's channel
FlixAP's channel 11 dager siden
does that means she passed her "immunity" to the crazy canibal guy in the first last of us game when she bit him since its a similar fungus to the "bad" ones but reacts differently????
yubullyme ree
yubullyme ree 11 dager siden
So the title is clickbait she is immune but he did say why she was immune hes just twisting the words part I'm disappointed in you
Artic Bass
Artic Bass 11 dager siden
I aprove
Nigel MT Productions
Nigel MT Productions 11 dager siden
So if she has the good fungus. That means she can bite a zombie and they will turn back?
Jackson Neuhart
Jackson Neuhart 11 dager siden
So she's... Immune. Okay?
Jay Ryan
Jay Ryan 11 dager siden
There's only one problem with this theory...... he states that because Ellie has one version of Cordyceps, she cannot get the other. In "Left Behind" both Ellie and Riley were bitten by a Runner. Runners, obviously, have the "bad" type of Cordyceps, hence why they turned into runners. Riley turned, but Ellie didn't. Therefore, she can't be infected with a different type of Cordyceps, she was infected with the same type that infected everybody else......... that is, if she wasn't already infected with a seperate strain of Cordyceps *before* she and Riley were bitten
Katlyn Callison
Katlyn Callison 11 dager siden
If that was true why didnt her friend riley live they were bit at the same time 🤔
Audrey Mele
Audrey Mele 12 dager siden
Correct me if I'm wrong but as of rewatching this video I just realized that in the intro matpat teased food theory and it's release date 0:27 for those two want to see it
Morgana Szalai
Morgana Szalai 12 dager siden
what about when she smooches other people who arent infected ? couldnt she be getting them infected / immune as well ?
Adal Marcial
Adal Marcial 12 dager siden
Bruh the creators said she’s immune why you gotta do this
blake wilson
blake wilson 12 dager siden
Wait, so why when you're playing Ellie does that veiny stuff rise from her skin?
Sophie Poynts
Sophie Poynts 12 dager siden
So basically this whole world that the last of us is in could just be solved by getting everyone cyclosporine
Sophie Poynts
Sophie Poynts 12 dager siden
And by getting other people infected by the good fungi. Those doctors are the real problem lol
Shokan 12 dager siden
Storyboard writers really mad at him now
edz ibasco
edz ibasco 12 dager siden
I realized that this hinted the food theory thing in the intro
Jake Muir
Jake Muir 12 dager siden
I hear what your saying, but if you think about it, when she isnt wearing a mask and other people have to, its the same fungus because the other people she is around are getting infected and she isnt.
BrandoRex10 12 dager siden
Ok i think shes immune but with a different virus i think because she got bit by a runner and runners go after her but i the tlou 1 she had bite this guy and he never got infected but dies by Ellie and also maybe there are other immunes they just died by a swarm of runners or clickers and also are accros the world but i think because of her rare blood type or not and maybe how the runner or zombie bite
Jack 12 dager siden
This man figured this out while the surgeons would have killed Ellie for the same reason Amazing
Mr_Kaliber84 13 dager siden
imagine making a theory even after neil the director himself said Ellie is immune
Ron LT
Ron LT 13 dager siden
If this is how school was I dont think anyone would fail
BooN Cabal
BooN Cabal 13 dager siden
I think Ellie's mother died not long after giving birth, maybe she was already infected with the good strain of fungus, passing that strain to Ellie in the womb. Her death could have been caused by the trauma of childbirth, although her infection showed no symptoms it obviously weakens the body to some degree. Ellie is still a carrier of the new zombie strain but it could be the infection she was born with that suppressed it. I know the game mentions she can't spread the infection through saliva, but there is no mention of blood. Her choice to spare Abby might not have been so merciful. Judging how screwed in the head Ellie had become, that choice seems more believable now. Abby could have sealed her own fate the moment she bit Ellie's fingers off. Cool theory and made the ending somewhat better for me.
William Black
William Black 13 dager siden
She gets bit by a clicker in california and she lives so.....
brandon 13 dager siden
But she was breathing in those spores
Angelina Reed
Angelina Reed 13 dager siden
to hide her bite mark i think she got a tattoo to cover it up or they poured something on her arm and people dont know she is immune only joel,dina,and tomy, oh and the people who where gonna kill her to make a cure of it
Kateřina Píbalová
Kateřina Píbalová 14 dager siden
but she got the infection from someone turned into a zombie so the mushroom in her body has to be the same kind - the zombie one. Please someone explain I am confused
Mr. Pineapple
Mr. Pineapple 14 dager siden
But she got bitten later in the game by a clicker ??????CONFUSION????????
Zay Linn Thant
Zay Linn Thant 14 dager siden
Ellie be like: i am choking arrrrrrrr
Unknown knower Of all
Unknown knower Of all 14 dager siden
It’s the year 2045 and you’re roaming through the waste land at once was America because no one would wear a mask And like 90% of the earths population died because people just assume that it would go away at 2021
Viraj Ghosh
Viraj Ghosh 15 dager siden
Blood donor?
Sora Shay
Sora Shay 15 dager siden
I have a question. So When Ellie got bit it was from on of the Cordycept Zombies so if it was a bad Cordycept fungus zombie that bit her how did she become infected with a different type of Cordycept?
Pablo_Escobear 15 dager siden
but how did the zombie who bit Ellie turn into a zombie if it had the good Cordyceps?
Napo 15 dager siden
He figured that out without needing to kill her lol...
Jacob Carrasco-iusethisplatform
Jacob Carrasco-iusethisplatform 15 dager siden
So... if the Fireflies had hired knowledgeable doctors in the end of Last of Us 1... then they’d know to just remake everyone take the “good” fungus
Alpha Panda
Alpha Panda 15 dager siden
Last of us 3: Ellie dies by a cold and abby takes over.
Sporticus Stanz
Sporticus Stanz 16 dager siden
how did you know i wasnt watching...
tk112190 16 dager siden
So why can’t they save the world with cyclosporine? I’m so confused by this conclusion. Cyclosporine is not in rare supply in the world. Am I missing something here? You can’t say “you have to be given it BEFORE infected”. Just doesn’t make any sense. Great video tho! Love the effort, so cool
Tiger Boom
Tiger Boom 17 dager siden
She isn't immune, she's vaccinated with another fungus
Ramona Popescu
Ramona Popescu 17 dager siden
She is immune
Ivan Exell
Ivan Exell 17 dager siden
She did bite Abby and she didn’t turn. But she didn’t turn into an infected when bitten those 3 weeks ago before Part I So confused...
CANNYX 17 dager siden
So your say she infected but not turning so she a toilet with no water
KingTehDaith 17 dager siden
Your a moron she is immune she walks through spores multiple times and gets bit so I think you need to stop looking for things that are not there
Jessie Perry
Jessie Perry 17 dager siden
Yeah she's immune I don't care what you say she is immune like how was she infected with the opeset cordyceps fungus the infected that bit her had the correct codyseps fungus that would cause fungus to grow out of your face
Mr. Turkey
Mr. Turkey 18 dager siden
How would she have gotten a different strand if she got bit by the same Zombie as another person who turned
levithedestroyer 18 dager siden
I'm listening with raycons in my ears
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