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This is the end my friends. Well, sort of the end. We are approaching the end of the Game Theorists ARG and with that, I want to fully reveal how I pulled this off. From start to finish, this has been a grand undertaking full of ups and downs, twists and turns, and many, MANY gates. If you still want to play, the game will stay up for you to take your time and solve your way through it. If you've gone on this journey with us, well, here is the pièce de résistance (on top of solving the final gate). Let's unlock my final secrets together!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: BanditRants, Dan "Cybert" Seibert , Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Stormstrike 2424
Stormstrike 2424 År siden
All I can say today Mat, is thank you. Thank you for making this stunning, complex, genius, rage-inducing, wonderful, incredible game. Thank you for giving me,and many others, one of the best years ever. It was such a good distraction from the stress of my first year of secondary school (I'm a Scot) and it was always something to look forwards to. Thank you for teaching me how to use hex and base64, binary and spectrographs, source codes and text editors, not only one, but TWO alien codes, coordinates, and teaching all of us to question what we're seeing, think about what we're being shown, and told and the information we're given. Thank you for fixing the sites when we broke the internet over and over again. Thank you for a game that brought together thousands of people, that united a community. Thank you MatPat, thank you. ❤️❤️
Brad lol
Brad lol 12 dager siden
✋ Watashi wa anata no katto G ga sukidesu
Evan Evan
Evan Evan Måned siden
WTF you have way too much time........
Extinction Countdown
Extinction Countdown 8 måneder siden
Red Dunkey
Red Dunkey 10 måneder siden
@xScitobor 123 because you are what you like
Red Dunkey
Red Dunkey 10 måneder siden
@xScitobor 123 your belive
Barbie & Breanna's Fun Zone
Barbie & Breanna's Fun Zone 5 dager siden
deeman131313 5 dager siden
please help me reach 50 subscribers with no video
please help me reach 50 subscribers with no video 8 dager siden
amigopuerco 15 dager siden
You should be a consultant for Activision. They love doing this stuff every year to build hype for the new cod game
mariam beshay
mariam beshay 19 dager siden
what is the blue part in the logo?
PanMation 25 dager siden
I feel like MatPat just gave us homework and we got a F
AYDAN MCGREGOR 27 dager siden
I got scared really quick
-Gacha cookie-
-Gacha cookie- Måned siden
I’m get’s in 2020
MsPennylane15 Måned siden
Freak Show Teal dino
Freak Show Teal dino Måned siden
Arandomcomic Måned siden
Thank you mat pat. I now see in code
The Brokage
The Brokage Måned siden
12:00 lol I thought he said "Las Vegas"
Pine Apple
Pine Apple Måned siden
Does anyone have any safe, free games like this they can send me? I’ve recently got into more puzzle games so I really would like some more like Matt pats!
Andrej Skopelja
Andrej Skopelja Måned siden
Dam we got food theory literally leaked here.And we know that now the last tile is blue nice.
William White
William White Måned siden
0.32 the best part
Depressed Squid
Depressed Squid Måned siden
I tried gate 2 I could not put in my answer (dang it iPad) But I liked trying ( but I can’t download the apps)
River Song
River Song Måned siden
I THOUGHT the unblurred image looked like a demogorgon-i was so excited to see that it said Halloween Horror Nights!! (Please do another Stranger Things theory on Film Theory!)
Dario Galiero
Dario Galiero Måned siden
What is your game called?
mason booh
mason booh Måned siden
How long did you have this planned?!?!?
Fexlz // Fxz
Fexlz // Fxz 2 måneder siden
14:17 BLUE NOW
thick legs
thick legs 2 måneder siden
Wait wut about gate 7? I can't play cuz I need to sign in.
Nebulaa 2 måneder siden
I joined team omega
Simonas Kriuka
Simonas Kriuka 2 måneder siden
I can't wait to see the part#3
Immy 2 måneder siden
14:04 Food theory
sami malik
sami malik 2 måneder siden
And go go pogo cat
sami malik
sami malik 2 måneder siden
The moble games battle cats Pokemon quest and more
Maayan Stern
Maayan Stern 2 måneder siden
I kept noticing the yellow quadrant in the Game Theory opening sequence. #FoodTheory
Poop King
Poop King 2 måneder siden
When I saw the title I thought there were no more games to theories
Blueberry Soda
Blueberry Soda 2 måneder siden
Name of the game?
Alexander Sulfridge
Alexander Sulfridge 2 måneder siden
If it helps, I didn't know about the Harry Potter thing until I watched that video.
Alexander Sulfridge
Alexander Sulfridge 2 måneder siden
Renato Barros
Renato Barros 2 måneder siden
Team omega could play that cicarra puzzle.
the challenge squad 101
the challenge squad 101 2 måneder siden
“No more games.... no more puzzles.......”
Anas Hany
Anas Hany 2 måneder siden
0:31 We've been tricked, we've been backstabbed and we've quite possibly rickrolled
Lia 2 måneder siden
Check the source code.
King of chaos
King of chaos 2 måneder siden
Do you see that his plans for food theory span this long
furret 2 måneder siden
august 31st is moi bithday
diselid 200
diselid 200 2 måneder siden
Mat pat u just Rick roll me XD
Hashbrown 2 måneder siden
I can't do this puzzle game and I am very sorry, I don't have an available computer or photopea, I don't have anything to turn sound into a spectogram, and I don't have a working printer, I wish you would talk about gate 7 on the channel..
Stupidy Idioty
Stupidy Idioty 2 måneder siden
August 31st Is Mah Birthday UwU
Jessica Duthie
Jessica Duthie 2 måneder siden
Back when everyone was still doing this I just remember doing gate four for a good 4 hours, then finally being so excited after completing it, I felt like I had just defeated a final boss of doom in Nightmare mode.
tetro niam
tetro niam 2 måneder siden
the rocks floating in the lava of the gate 7 thing are shaped like the 7 continents
Glitch_Glatch 2 måneder siden
for some reason this is like the cipher hunt
Drcat 2 måneder siden
wait a sec bottom gate 7 the world map i like that :)
Ivo Martinez
Ivo Martinez 2 måneder siden
How did people actually figure out the alien languages?
Cheryl SK
Cheryl SK 2 måneder siden
YoutuberFanGirl NamedEdyn
YoutuberFanGirl NamedEdyn 2 måneder siden
Mat Pat: “Gate 4 is a break” Me: *laughs in rage*
BAK Robert Johnston
BAK Robert Johnston 2 måneder siden
Mat no
TheTru3Goat 2 måneder siden
We were rickrolled.....
Linda mc guinness
Linda mc guinness 2 måneder siden
Quick!!! Use the heart symbol to make a companion cube!!!
the anonamoys kirby coder
the anonamoys kirby coder 2 måneder siden
i mean, it IS the rage gate...
Ashley Giles
Ashley Giles 2 måneder siden
What if Mat did a collaborative ARG with Scott? (I'd throw in Toby but I don't think Toby likes Mat)
william welch
william welch 2 måneder siden
some one please tell me how to put in the code for bl6m3 j45on it has been a year still stuck
william welch
william welch 2 måneder siden
please my hope is dimming and i might need to give up before i get consumed by darkness
Guenivere 2 måneder siden
Why did I start to feel sick while watching theese?
poptart2459 9
poptart2459 9 2 måneder siden
For a second there we all got Rick rolled lol
chewy O
chewy O 2 måneder siden
Ladies and gentlemen I present The cake theory
Eric Rudolph
Eric Rudolph 3 måneder siden
I think the riddle about fnaf should have been longer. Good job though
Sarah Smile
Sarah Smile 3 måneder siden
Anyone else from the top 200?? I was 136th!
Bullah shah gaming
Bullah shah gaming 3 måneder siden
why captions in koren
flynn Norton
flynn Norton 3 måneder siden
Phoenix 3 måneder siden
I got stuck on the rage game (not cause I couldn't beat it, but cause the code he gave me didn't work 😂)
The RadRadiation
The RadRadiation 3 måneder siden
13:30 "Don't call me Sam..." Get it...
Lunanotoriginal_YT 3 måneder siden
wait, there was something wrong with the capctions. one, it's in another languige, and two, it coppied one character over and over again and I'm starting to get scared
Lunanotoriginal_YT 3 måneder siden
Hay Mat, can we have more Bnha?
Maggie Thompson
Maggie Thompson 3 måneder siden
I don't like puzzles but I love the stuff I learn. I also love how much effort they put into there theory's and the community.
Monozhrome 4 måneder siden
MatPat be like you guys are awsome. I be like, we support ur job, you keep me sane.
Monozhrome 4 måneder siden
quarantine sucks
Monozhrome 4 måneder siden
Watching this while sipping da sweet sweet diet coke
José Ale O
José Ale O 4 måneder siden
Ethan Palado
Ethan Palado 4 måneder siden
im not gonna give up on gate 4
Ethan Palado
Ethan Palado 4 måneder siden
and no check point :/
Pineapple Mango Gravy
Pineapple Mango Gravy 4 måneder siden
“sHE beLIEveD”. Sbeve
Jeremydatliam 4 måneder siden
I just got rickrolled |: (
InkerJ 4 måneder siden
I still haven’t bothered to beat gate 4
Ka Boom
Ka Boom 4 måneder siden
DID ALL OF IT! me, chrispycoop... how?!
Posiepie 05
Posiepie 05 4 måneder siden
Why did my phone just recommend this again I completed it already
Schnu Me
Schnu Me 4 måneder siden
Tableton Usernamington
Tableton Usernamington 4 måneder siden
Ah yes: F I N E A S S
Ianiant 4 måneder siden
1 is not a prime number.
roblox gamer XD
roblox gamer XD 4 måneder siden
i am the 6,001 th comment
roblox gamer XD
roblox gamer XD 4 måneder siden
roblox gamer XD
roblox gamer XD 4 måneder siden
Eileen Vicknair
Eileen Vicknair 4 måneder siden
Wait a Fortnite oh no
Eileen Vicknair
Eileen Vicknair 4 måneder siden
Dandelion Dandylion
Dandelion Dandylion 4 måneder siden
*reads title and thumbnail* Please no. *sees the release date* *relieved sigh*
Sun Jara
Sun Jara 4 måneder siden
Why is there Korean auto-generated captions? XD NOpost sniffing crack again?
Ramond Smith
Ramond Smith 4 måneder siden
how long have you been planning this
The King of BACON
The King of BACON 4 måneder siden
Kingdom hearts 3 pls
ZeldaGamingPro 5 måneder siden
There is no way I could of solved this if Matpat didn’t spell it out in this video.
FGDX 5 måneder siden
Boi i wanna know how to make images that needs editing to find some text ?
Canadian Gamer
Canadian Gamer 5 måneder siden
whos drunk well watching because bord
chainfire 5 måneder siden
Team omega sounds like the bad guys from Ready Player One 🤔
Taran Caffarella
Taran Caffarella 5 måneder siden
I do still wonder what the ailen code even is, what font is it and how do you decode it?
thelol plays
thelol plays 5 måneder siden
13:27 bruh thats deep
Jay Strange
Jay Strange 5 måneder siden
I got an ad with matpat in it on this video.
Mr. Skerpentine
Mr. Skerpentine 6 måneder siden
Fine Asses At Freddie’s is my favorite indie game
The life of a Puppet
The life of a Puppet 6 måneder siden
The word nuggets has 7 letters not 6
(STUDENT)William Giles
(STUDENT)William Giles 6 måneder siden
| A L E X B A L E |
Not The Imposter
Not The Imposter 6 måneder siden
Angela Bergeron
Angela Bergeron 6 måneder siden
I think i just heard morse code.
T_ Dix
T_ Dix 6 måneder siden
MatPat: I’m stopping the channel Everyone: I’m gonna stop you right there Me: *Who has awakened the mortal*
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