Game Theory: Among Us, The 300 IQ Impostor Strategy That Wins EVERY TIME

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4 måneder siden

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Are you someone who is able to spot the Impostor in any game of Among Us or stay alive as long as possible AS the Imposter? Do you WANT to be? Loyal Theorists, I have developed the highest IQ winning strategy you will see out there. How? Well Among Us is a riff on the classic games of Mafia and Werewolf, which I've been playing for YEARS! It's time to dust off my detective skills to teach YOU how to win every game of Among Us!
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#AmongUs #Strategy #Impostor #ImpostorStrategy #MatPat #Theory #GameTheory
FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! ►►
FNAF This Theory Changes Everything ►
FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
FNAF 6, No More Secrets ►
Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Pedro Freitas, Tyler Mascola, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Gavin Roach-Poitras
Gavin Roach-Poitras 4 måneder siden
This helped me so much
Rubin_su 22
Rubin_su 22 7 dager siden
Someshver Bhakta
Someshver Bhakta 14 dager siden
Also me
Regina Lijoi
Regina Lijoi 22 dager siden
Congrats on the heart
It’s mylife
It’s mylife 23 dager siden
So true
Omotayo Satuyi
Omotayo Satuyi 27 dager siden
That’s good
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard 11 timer siden
The sad moat peroperativly irritate because debtor nearly paddle but a used composer. jealous, laughable silk
spod comix
spod comix Dag siden
best playz
best playz Dag siden
wow you read my mind by saying turn off the lights
C-28-Akshaj Vijil
C-28-Akshaj Vijil 2 dager siden
10:15 I'm eggz I can't believe I'm in a game theory vid
Jennifer Brannigan
Jennifer Brannigan 2 dager siden
Wanna know how to make a popular game? well, what do fall guys and among us have in common? ANIMATeD JELly BeAns
Atakan Korkut
Atakan Korkut 2 dager siden
( an easter egg ; name was among us is space mafia
Tristen X
Tristen X 3 dager siden
I’m honestly glad this isn’t clickbait and actually helpful
Ryan O’s
Ryan O’s 3 dager siden
Yay, I can kill more now
Night Wolf
Night Wolf 3 dager siden
The theoriest channels are probably my favourite thing on youtube
Itz_Pluto 4 dager siden
Out of all these comments, you found mine. Heres a cookie 🍪
MagicalBlueberry 4 dager siden
tip: turning off lights doesn’t eventually make crewmates die, it just give the impostor(s) a chance to kill in the open and not be seen
Kenji Yong
Kenji Yong 5 dager siden
My tatic is when ur alone in a room and a meeting is called then you ask the team who was with me and if someone said that they were there, they are most likely an imposter
NO 5 dager siden
if 2 imps NOT GROUP OF 2, 3 OR 4 group of five.
CrazyNaturekitty Live
CrazyNaturekitty Live 6 dager siden
Going to try to help my dad learn how to play using this video lol
Rogwr Lul
Rogwr Lul 6 dager siden
When your imposter and someone says to say on god
Pedro Joestar Mlg
Pedro Joestar Mlg 7 dager siden
Nunca mais perco de impostor :0
Alexplaysminc .-.
Alexplaysminc .-. 7 dager siden
MatPat : Plays the game strategically with a lot of pre- planning Markiplier : Plays the game strategically... on accident.
Rad Ranger
Rad Ranger 8 dager siden
Here is how to win: mod menus
raiden martinez the cool kid
raiden martinez the cool kid 8 dager siden
game theory is sus
Sasha Martinez
Sasha Martinez 8 dager siden
11:33 i just now saw foxy-
Zack Attack
Zack Attack 9 dager siden
Buy some believe him because it truly didn’t do it did n
Sidewinder117 9 dager siden
Mr. Depth Leviathan
Mr. Depth Leviathan 9 dager siden
among us died without anyone noticing lol
gabriel arganda
gabriel arganda 9 dager siden
this is cool!!!
Christian Hilaire
Christian Hilaire 9 dager siden
the camaras still work
Likhith Ramisetty
Likhith Ramisetty 10 dager siden
3:30 same less plug
YaGirlMya 10 dager siden
the ONLY bad thing about this my friend group and other friend groups HATE grouping because it makes it was to easy to find the killers so the Crew might think it's fair but what about the Imposters... and what about the Crew that doesn't think it's fair.
Manav Jindal
Manav Jindal 10 dager siden
Wait so if all of the noobs use 200-400 IQ strats, then why is the title of this video about a 300 IQ strat?
Kurt Punzalan
Kurt Punzalan 11 dager siden
Does he know that there’s a status bar thing so u can keep track of his wins
MannyBot -DEAF-
MannyBot -DEAF- 12 dager siden
Kill someone in the camera room and lock it so the body wont be discovered. Then run somewhere else and try to integrate into a group. Worked for me 😏
bilal asim
bilal asim 14 dager siden
Furious 6 dager siden
You should go on NOpost kids then...
bilal asim
bilal asim 14 dager siden
hman0987 14 dager siden
Do a yume nikki theory
Sanchez Kids
Sanchez Kids 14 dager siden
Just say "I found the body originally I was going to report the body but he came and reported the body so fast!
Cryosaurian 14 dager siden
Only just behind league of legends Uh on the podium it’s above league so idk what chu talking bout mat pat
Goutham Mahesh AP
Goutham Mahesh AP 15 dager siden
Matpat:"You merely adopted among us. I was born in it. Moulded by it. I did not see trust until I was a man. But by then it was nothing to me but blinding." I know I added in the last part but that would explain why he makes videos about good people actually being bad.
Nop Duangmanee
Nop Duangmanee 15 dager siden
MatPat's Data *Crewmembers Winning rate: 87%* *Impostors Winning rate: 13%* Google's Data *Crewmembers Winning rate: 42.31%* *Impostors Winning rate: 57.69%* Confuse Right?
Pearl DiLucchio
Pearl DiLucchio 16 dager siden
Every single ejection animation is connected first the airship ejection then the Mira HQ ejection then the Pollis ejection (I am not counting the outer space one)
from now on ill comment on every video i watch
from now on ill comment on every video i watch 16 dager siden
Jesus: i made a good children and i wont regret anything Among us: im about to end this man's career This is a joke i love jesus :> bless u
doggy fan 476
doggy fan 476 17 dager siden
If you are going to sabotage the lights close the door as well
Audrey G
Audrey G 17 dager siden
you should do a werewolf video too actually
ScrapsThePirate 17 dager siden
Shikido San
Shikido San 20 dager siden
Wow! Thank you for this! Now I can finally not be the first one to die.
Jayden Pp popo
Jayden Pp popo 20 dager siden
11:33 me: hey, look it’s foxy!
Rectangular Rice!
Rectangular Rice! 20 dager siden
I think it would be cool to see how you do it ☺️
Rectangular Rice!
Rectangular Rice! 20 dager siden
The game theory I think it would be great if we could see what order you do it in!
Rectangular Rice!
Rectangular Rice! 20 dager siden
Can you please play a game of Among Of with all of these tips and tricks?!?
Beth Williams
Beth Williams 20 dager siden
Matpat, how do the crewmates walk on skeld when they are in space?
Samantha Goltry
Samantha Goltry 21 dag siden
You said it yourself, the max IQ is 200
Redh3n productions and writing
Redh3n productions and writing 21 dag siden
ok great, now get me a strategy for people with no logic who randomly throw out people
Cheese dibblers Stephenson
Cheese dibblers Stephenson 21 dag siden
I’m already subscribed
Moto C
Moto C 22 dager siden
6:14 wrong color Purple and brown were thrown Then why is an x over boack
Consuelo Mago
Consuelo Mago 22 dager siden
Consuelo Mago
Consuelo Mago 22 dager siden
Consuelo Mago
Consuelo Mago 22 dager siden
Consuelo Mago
Consuelo Mago 22 dager siden
Shy'Ann Wisdom
Shy'Ann Wisdom 22 dager siden
this helped me so much thank u
Vini Chenzo
Vini Chenzo 22 dager siden
If you want I actually have an always win strat for discord calls. Get down to 9 without either of you being caught. Double kill with your partner, both of you blame each other and say you saw the other kill, as you will be on 7 the crew is forced to skip for now. Double kill again and once again blame each other plus one other person. This will make them split the vote which means both you and your imposter can skip to tie the vote. You now have an easy 2v3 win.
M Temuulen
M Temuulen 22 dager siden
Sometimes if i am the imposter and want to marinate someone the other imposter did the same.... they win by task....
Beth Williams
Beth Williams 23 dager siden
Also, when there is a lot of players still alive, do your tasks near the vents. When there is less players and you have tasks near the vents, it's easier for imposters to vent, kill you, and vent away, a hit and run. That makes you an easy target that has fast travel that doesnt shift the blame on the imposter. Do your tasks away from the vents when their is less people alive. Matpat reply if this is a good strategy!
Beth Williams
Beth Williams 23 dager siden
Like gravity falls told us, "trust nobody".
Beth Williams
Beth Williams 23 dager siden
What type of player are you? I'm the one who is bad at imposter and always tells the truth, but no one belives me. It's okay, I'm used to it. I have trust issues and no friends anyway.
Caspar Wenck
Caspar Wenck 23 dager siden
5:47 *Clears Throat*, Yellow
Scarlet Sings And Gachas
Scarlet Sings And Gachas 23 dager siden
oml, i main as Wggz with an egg on my head. i think i was in the vid...
RohanOf ElvenPower
RohanOf ElvenPower 23 dager siden
annoying 30 second intro dislike
Danny Liang
Danny Liang 23 dager siden
when you say someones a little sus in a meeting and right away another person says if not him vote you, 8/10 He is usually the impostor trying to get rid of another two crew mates plus most of the time I bet you all would never accuse people as impostor but let loose when your a crew mate bc you dont care. lets admit it, we all focus and take calculated moves as impostor
Miraculous Aly-bug
Miraculous Aly-bug 24 dager siden
I was playing all night and getting sloppy, so I came back for some review :) My favorite thing to do when you're the last imposter is to go to a relatively isolated corner and just sit there. Pretend to be afk. Then, turn one more corner, and kill someone. Don't self report, go to one of your fake tasks. If people ask, say you were afk, and then came back to start a task, but got interrupted by the meeting. I've only tried it like, twice, but it worked both times.
Karen Mahoney
Karen Mahoney 24 dager siden
What about 3 imposters
Ninji Inc.
Ninji Inc. 24 dager siden
0:00-4:00 filler 4:00-13:52 actual guide
Богдан Красновид
Богдан Красновид 24 dager siden
The most helpful uses of sabotage: 1. Sabotage air or reactor to take crewmates away from the body 2. Sabotage reactor when it's a few crewmates left so you can win by it or kill the last crewmate. 3. Sabotage light so you can sneaky kill someone in the dark and crewmates starts blame each other. 4. Sabotage comms and doors to slow crewmates. 5. Sabotage doors to make some crewmates suspicious or make some impostors less suspicious (like closing crewmates in the pairs or sending sabotage to yourself). 6. Closing doors to kill someone.
darline gay7
darline gay7 25 dager siden
I hate it when people vote with no evidence
Marian Munoz
Marian Munoz 25 dager siden
The thing is- my favorite color to be in among us is either red or lime, but when im lime, im most likely to get killed by yellow cause thats my luck, and when im red theres always a troller and says red vent but what they dont know, is that there being rasict, just because im red , doesnt mean im sus. Its facts.
Hunter Dwyer
Hunter Dwyer 25 dager siden
i have two stories in among us.i did the admin card swipe so fast that somebody mistaked me for faking it. and i was venting in and out somebody saw me so i killed him and got away with it. and the advice videos made me bacicaly unstopable in among us
Mandinee Jayawardena
Mandinee Jayawardena 25 dager siden
One time i got casted out even tho i wasn't the imposter. I kept telling them " you'll regret this " and sure they did. The person who mainly said it was me told everyone to vote him and the game was over. I guess everyone was sorry they cast me out with literary no proof.
Alcazar Family
Alcazar Family 26 dager siden
Please do not stop milking this.I love it.
Jacc Sater
Jacc Sater 27 dager siden
not just 50% but 100% and 30.5
Jovan Filipovic
Jovan Filipovic 28 dager siden
Red . My man . Us impostors are really cool.
Elena Banzon
Elena Banzon 28 dager siden
I always turn the lights off when i'm imposter
Mitchell Elven
Mitchell Elven 28 dager siden
Real name Among us space mafia you said mafia and in sapce mafia So i like the is game
Norma Florence
Norma Florence 29 dager siden
The happy salesman hooghly grab because william phylogentically fold than a uncovered profit. whole, safe debtor
Logan Yarrington
Logan Yarrington 29 dager siden
yeah but this technically means you could see who is the least sus is and they would probably be the the imposter so your gonna want to balance it out.
Fireincarnate24 29 dager siden
Have you considered making a theory about the toads' "vim" being sucked out by the trees in Partners in time? I noticed that next to some of the trees that some toads would be, there are just regular shrooms. Please make a theory about this!
Sandra Rose
Sandra Rose Måned siden
Hello. I liked the stream! 🤣 🤣 You need to put out more content. The scene at 20:25 is my favorite. You have to film with Bad Friends. They're the lit group of friends in the world and they legitly vlog all the time. Go check out their page out and give the group a like! 👉 #COVIDFreeBadFriends
Meredisu Måned siden
Among us. Fall guys. Gang Beasts. Hmm... Read more
Maridel Wilson
Maridel Wilson Måned siden
League legends sucks cocitballs
Maridel Wilson
Maridel Wilson Måned siden
F amung us
Maridel Wilson
Maridel Wilson Måned siden
Fortnite is the best game ever
Maridel Wilson
Maridel Wilson Måned siden
Fortnite teaches to fite til the end
Colelevel2 Måned siden
7:13 I'm printing that out onto a real poster
Juke Box Hero
Juke Box Hero Måned siden
There is something wrong with your theory. You assume Among Us players actually that sophisticated. Most of these guys are lonely teens looking for blob dates on chat.
dad martin
dad martin Måned siden
Wow not cool mat pat
сегей витязев
сегей витязев Måned siden
David Yates
David Yates Måned siden
game theroy inspired me to make my own youtube chanel like flime theroy & game theroy
Kara Viculin
Kara Viculin Måned siden
jana clark
jana clark Måned siden
That's My Boy beat him ups
Shahil Moonilall
Shahil Moonilall Måned siden
I like you matpat you are my favorite
Daniel fobiyun1
Daniel fobiyun1 Måned siden
Here's a tip if your an impostor but 2pll are susing you Say i have visual task guys so you can At least kill a more person
Daniel fobiyun1
Daniel fobiyun1 Måned siden
Theres a way to kill a person even if your a crewmate Guys how do i vent like red?
q.q Måned siden
clearly EVERYONE needs to watch this video. this moment is what i hate the most person: it was red everyone: votes red without asking info *_red wasnt the impostor_*
Krabapple _
Krabapple _ Måned siden
Here are some other tips and tricks: 1. Do what you would do as an innocent. If you go oxygen first, then go to oxygen when your imp or when your not. If you always check vitals, then always check vitals when or when not imp 2. Learn the map. A lot of random imps sabotage comms, whihc becomes very useless at a point. If you know where you're going, then you can basically take a tool out of the imps tool box 3. Keep everything short and simple. You don't have a lot of time, so skip out on grammatically correct. Yellow, turns to yello. Light green turns to lime, and dark green turns to green (same thing for blue). Don't turns to dont. Etc, etc. 4. Use sabotages as distractions. If you kill in specimen on Polus, then sabotage lights. Move people way from your murder. Also, use reactor when you have to take one more person out to win. You'd be surprised at how many people don't use this 5. Keep "notes". Make a mental check of who is innocent and who is sus. If yellow scanned, and they are cleared, then kill yellow. If red is sus, then let red live. This will even out the evidence 6. When you are a ghost, sabotage WHEN NEEDED. Do just sabotage all of the time, let the living imp do that. If there is a good window, you'll know it when you see it, then sabotage 7. Get a friend. This is what I do a lot with randoms, I just follow them. It's sus in the beginning, but as time goes on, you'll be more safe. If you go one long enough, you'll have a friend who won't snitch on you, so you will have a third imposter with you 8. One point I want to disprove, a little, is the rambling point Matpat brought up. This is very difficult, as everyone in a random lobby is just, going to vote who ever is more likely guilty, and if someone is rambling out a lot of evidence, then you're screwed, so instead, disprove points. 9. Know who you're playing with and what you're playing with. If you know that lime likes to sabotage, bring it up. If you know that blue follows people, and doesn't do tasks, bring it up. If you know that task bars only goes up when the meeting starts, brung it up. If you know that kill cooldown is 20 seconds, and the kill was 40 seconds ago, then you can use that as evidence. Hope this was helpful. You probably noticed, but I went into detail tips and tricks that will help in random lobbies, so do take this with a grain of salt when playing with your friends.
kieran gamez
kieran gamez Måned siden
10:16 He's playing with DanTDM!!!! The name in his first among us vid is Eggz and that is the name in the clip!!!! And the exact same hat too!!!!!!!! xD
something about an otter
something about an otter Måned siden
Ps3nd0ny Måned siden
I am always focusing on the facts,the authenticity of everyones testimonies and the distance of other crewmates from the body. But no one wants to have a well organized and informative meeting.Instead,everone who i come to play with just calls an Emergency Meeting then never talk for the rest of the meeting,keep accusing,and voting with no real and definitive datas collected.
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