Game Theory: Was Ninja Worth It? (The Ninja Mixer Deal)

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År siden

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There was a BIG shake up in the streaming world with Ninja leaving Twitch for Mixer. Mixer has invested a lot in Ninja to really jumpstart their platform. What I want to figure out is whether or not this was a good investment. Now, I'm not shading Ninja. I want to figure out if investing in one big creator is a smart move or not. Today Theorists, we are breaking down the Ninja / Mixer / Twitch situation!
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#Ninja #Mixer #Twitch #Controversy #Mistake #Livestreaming #Mistake #Meta #Fortnite #GameTheory
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Stephanie Patrick
Editors: BanditRants, Koen Verhagen, Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Kheaous Destra
Kheaous Destra År siden
I really do enjoy these kinds of videos 😊. As someone who has been trying to become a presence online these kinds of videos really help.
SWAG ΞDGAR Dag siden
@Zor EL im saying it just feels like a filler episode. the fact that the video end at around 20 feels like a money grab from youtube
Zor EL
Zor EL Dag siden
@SWAG ΞDGAR um no, manage your time instead of saying you want less content
Xenove rse
Xenove rse Måned siden
6 67
Kitan Balogun
Kitan Balogun 2 måneder siden
almost a year ago still no video
Mathias Nelson
Mathias Nelson 2 måneder siden
I love this channel to
Jason Beard
Jason Beard Dag siden
Spoiler Alert: No.
Ella Jones
Ella Jones 2 dager siden
Haha this is sad
FN POSSESSION 2 dager siden
1:28 right here you can see the logo with green: game theory, red: film theory, and yellow: food theory. This came out a year ago. Food theory wasn’t out yet.
Sushmit Ganguly
Sushmit Ganguly 6 dager siden
Mixer is gone
Tekarukikushi's Randomities
Tekarukikushi's Randomities 7 dager siden
Ah, I remember ninja, the face of my hatred because of Fortnite. If I remember correctly, he said something along the lines that Fortnite sucks. Heh, that crappy game is what got you famous in the first place. I hate Ninja and Fortnite around the same intensity.
RYA10928 7 dager siden
"Esports ready game" dont know bout that chief
Monster7Arena 11 dager siden
I actually thought it was ninja for a second
Train Fanatic
Train Fanatic 11 dager siden
How did you get ninja to act
WolveZFTN 12 dager siden
5:19 Hey look it’s James
Zwisted 14 dager siden
1 year and a couple months later he's back on twitch and better than ever lol sucks for mixes
midnight hunter
midnight hunter 17 dager siden
This day was the Worst day of my life and I remember watching this video just before it happened...
MadTak 18 dager siden
A year ahead. Mixer is shutting down and moving to facebook.
Jacob Michal
Jacob Michal 20 dager siden
I wonder what happens if you take the cash out of the fridge full of cash.........
Old PartyDave
Old PartyDave 22 dager siden
Everyone: The entire gaming community knows Ninja Me: I have no idea who is this guy.... Me again: ohhhh he is a fortnite player.... No wonder I don't care about who that guy is
Amita Rathod
Amita Rathod 21 dag siden
I forgot who he was too lol. Fortntie sucks. Everyone i meet in a game has been cranking 90's since they exited the womb. No they were aborted
Foxy 22 dager siden
Yeah, Mixer is gone now and Ninja and Shroud are both back on Twitch. Oh how times change. Also, Ninja is probably 30 million dollars richer. Lmao
Rohith Batchu
Rohith Batchu 23 dager siden
It took me a minute to realiaze its not really ninja
AmyX 28 dager siden
Vitamix can sponsor me any day. Lol.
Dark Green Crewmate
Dark Green Crewmate 29 dager siden
i just noticed how the FNAF series on this channel is so big that there is a plushtrap toy to the left of the game theory screen at the start of the intro.
Smiley Malachite
Smiley Malachite Måned siden
NOpost’s getting real comfortable with these 15 second unskipable ads
0RIG1N Måned siden
couldnt hold myself from laughing when he said mixer might be the next big thing
King ina
King ina Måned siden
Who edit this vids its great
Brian Ahedor
Brian Ahedor Måned siden
The intro is so cringy it’s entertaining to watch
James Talbot
James Talbot Måned siden
The new meme isn’t Audible it’s raid shadow legends
Bloons Tower Defence Player
Bloons Tower Defence Player Måned siden
masterlol 2009
masterlol 2009 Måned siden
funny thing you think i have friends
Max Sonnier
Max Sonnier Måned siden
nice cosplay
RDB Måned siden
Funky Surgeon
Funky Surgeon Måned siden
Watching this now and knowing that Mixer doesn’t exist anymore is really getting me have second thoughts
Eliza Andersen
Eliza Andersen Måned siden
1:28 low key jamming out
Leonardo Quadros
Leonardo Quadros Måned siden
Matpat has to be one of the only NOpostrs to actively discuss his Revenue.
LaneTheSavageHomie Måned siden
Squishy Squashy
Squishy Squashy Måned siden
"Yes, you with the face"
Bun Bun H
Bun Bun H Måned siden
Is it just me or did The funko pop springtrap move?
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Måned siden
God I love this Chanel’s intro
The Soggy Cake
The Soggy Cake Måned siden
This is just business theory at this point...
Tornado Twins
Tornado Twins Måned siden
I did not know who ninja was when I watched this
icantthinkstraight Måned siden
I love the fact that in the intro Sans and Ness and like right next to each other.
Guillaume Langelier
Guillaume Langelier Måned siden
Well well well. He's back on Twitch
Sam Stevens
Sam Stevens Måned siden
And now, once again, ninja returns to twitch as the prophet MatPat foretold...
Erky Tolentino
Erky Tolentino Måned siden
well dan is better
Mason Jar Gaming
Mason Jar Gaming Måned siden
I didn't hear about the until mixer was gone.
chris pellatt
chris pellatt Måned siden
You really think mixer will be the next big thing
Verge Rekc
Verge Rekc Måned siden
I finally saw the yellow
Belle Måned siden
Mixer? Yeah, sure. Like some streaming platforms barely anyone knows about is gonna surpass the biggest streaming platform 🙄
Belle Måned siden
I had no idea who Ninja was before this video.
Belle Måned siden
@Draconia Drawing I dunno, I just don't watch gaming a lot
Draconia Drawing
Draconia Drawing Måned siden
Dk496 Måned siden
It was a year ago?
OllieR Måned siden
It definitely wasn’t since mixer still died and they lost all the money they paid him
Michael Sayaki
Michael Sayaki Måned siden
We should call MatPat: The Prophet.
999 Cosmic
999 Cosmic Måned siden
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer Måned siden
HerobrineZombie 26 dager siden
doubledamn Måned siden
I'm watching this video a year late (we were with no internet for about 3 months, I'm still trying to catch up), and I have never heard of this guy person. Then again, I barely use Twitch and don't do online gaming at all, I've been a Playstation kid since I was about 7, I don't PC game, and I refuse to get a Playstation Plus account.
Shadow Fright 13
Shadow Fright 13 Måned siden
That interview scene is great
cris romero
cris romero Måned siden
Obviously mixer is no more
Flopper Pond Gaming
Flopper Pond Gaming Måned siden
The CrimsonFire
The CrimsonFire Måned siden
This made me realize how much attention this guy got. And it makes me disgusted in human beings
Jake Mitchell
Jake Mitchell 2 måneder siden
For some reason when I saw the google trend with mixer, twitch, and NOpost I felt competitively happy for NOpost because that’s the only one I watch 😂
Adam Eyal
Adam Eyal 2 måneder siden
oh come on my childhood has been destroyed a bit lol
-ω -
-ω - 2 måneder siden
This is weird. I'm watching this exactly a year after it has been released.
DiamondDolphin 2 måneder siden
I like how Ninja stole money from Microsoft and decided mixer sucks even though twitch got the whole problem with t h o t
Himanish Goel
Himanish Goel 2 måneder siden
Well I got introduced to mixer after this video 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Himanish Goel
Himanish Goel 2 måneder siden
Well I got introduced to mixer after this video 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Himanish Goel
Himanish Goel 2 måneder siden
Well I got introduced to mixer after this video 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nerv Mich
Nerv Mich 2 måneder siden
Spam it more
verndog 2 måneder siden
i ind no mahs dut eas
Tasty _Gold
Tasty _Gold 2 måneder siden
14:54 matpat Come on... ikr this is long time ago but man that color choose was stupid....
butter king
butter king 2 måneder siden
Every time fortnite comes up my step dad always says his last name is Blevins too
Terry Lee
Terry Lee 2 måneder siden
at 9:43 one thing we know, Mixer exists… Well that was fun… Correction, DID exist… lol
Honor D.
Honor D. 2 måneder siden
0:49 & 0:51: Hey! DanTDM & the Dab Police called! They want YOU DEAD!!! *Fires a gun with cool moves other than dabs at Ninja MatPat and Outdated Meme Guy*
Kyle The_Gamer
Kyle The_Gamer 2 måneder siden
Who's watching this in 2020 after mixer already shut down
Ethan Gulczynski
Ethan Gulczynski 2 måneder siden
Little did mat pat know that mixer would shut down a few months later
BoxHead doodles
BoxHead doodles 2 måneder siden
Stability eh matpat...hhmmm mixer is done what now?
Dyan Gamer
Dyan Gamer 2 måneder siden
In the intro I thought mat was a mop
Mark H
Mark H 2 måneder siden
Coming back when ninja gained 13 mil when mixer sold out (mat) MISTAKE (me) are you sure about that?
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment 2 måneder siden
Now that I think about it it was perfect timing once twitch and fortnite got extremely popular and he plays with drake when hes super popular with the gods plan single
Donkey Destroyer
Donkey Destroyer 2 måneder siden
Rip mixer
The Bois
The Bois 2 måneder siden
Lovevideos Collection
Lovevideos Collection 2 måneder siden
"Mixer did a stupid short sighted desicion" And now they dont exist no more xD
Bessorah Rubenstein-Vered
Bessorah Rubenstein-Vered 2 måneder siden
Am I the only one who thought "why is game theory doing a video about a food processor" when I saw the words "ninja" and "mixer"? Maybe I'm just too old now 🤣
German Social Nationalist
German Social Nationalist 2 måneder siden
Microsoft Rules!! Amazon Drools!!
German Social Nationalist
German Social Nationalist 2 måneder siden
Amazon is bad don't have them as a sponsor. They don't give money to the poor and they only care about money.
Forums 2 måneder siden
yea id say it was worth it for him
crazypotatoUK 2 måneder siden
Who is Ninja?
John Gabriel Victoria
John Gabriel Victoria 2 måneder siden
So this explains why jacksepticeye took a break for months Edit: the ad rate months explains it
Levil 2 måneder siden
Redroad Retr0
Redroad Retr0 2 måneder siden
Now fast forward and mixer is gone
the_only _pozzhengkh
the_only _pozzhengkh 2 måneder siden
I am the 3,748,969th viewer lol
Grimeslash 2 måneder siden
Ara Animates
Ara Animates 2 måneder siden
Great vid mat
spawq spawq
spawq spawq 2 måneder siden
esports ready btw
Brazilian YT
Brazilian YT 2 måneder siden
Mat said that it was a mistake, but he got sponsored by Audible, that is owned by Amazon. Something seems suspicious
jman 1
jman 1 2 måneder siden
When you accidentally make the Imperial flag of Japan in Your sponsorship 14:54
chtistopher medina
chtistopher medina 2 måneder siden
whos ninja?
vulcaire h
vulcaire h 2 måneder siden
hindsight 2020
Waylon Cull
Waylon Cull 2 måneder siden
Rewatching old theories and everytime I see food theory yellow I add a food theory to my queue lol
Games R Fun
Games R Fun 2 måneder siden
I legit forgot that mixer exists. I don’t think I ever really did though
Cameron J. Wallace
Cameron J. Wallace 2 måneder siden
This aged well
lenny jerry
lenny jerry 2 måneder siden
*ninja*:viewers I can explain- *Matpat*:your welcome
Jacob White
Jacob White 2 måneder siden
Little did we know mixer is now gone
Golden Master
Golden Master 2 måneder siden
this didn't age well....
TheOriginalGamer 2 måneder siden
He put the yellow for food theory before we even knew! 😮
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