Proof the Legend of Zelda is Earth's Future! | The SCIENCE of... Zelda

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10 måneder siden

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We've done a LOT of theories on Legend of Zelda and it's many games. Today, Austin is figuring out something we have never tried to do - finding out the ORIGIN of the world of Zelda. You see, he's been collecting reading the stars and collecting the evidence to PROVE that Hyrule and the rest of the world of Zelda is actually on EARTH! Get ready to have your world ROCKED!
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empty 8 dager siden
Where is mat map ?
shinobi shinobi
shinobi shinobi 12 dager siden
6:03 ummmmmm it went from Mizar to Marak oops!
SuperKawaii64 15 dager siden
Does that make us the Sheikah then? Because they are shown to be very technicalogical?
Cherry Cat
Cherry Cat 19 dager siden
You forgot to mention the rubber helms description in botw
Peter Mattea
Peter Mattea 23 dager siden
I just got to the Lanayru region and the ancient robots just called me human. So this is 109% true
Brandon Moore
Brandon Moore 25 dager siden
2:30 Anyone else get Ophiocordyceps vibes?
『 M E K 1 』
『 M E K 1 』 27 dager siden
Me starting to do homework: 0:07
Riptide 2
Riptide 2 27 dager siden
And where is mat pat
Riptide 2
Riptide 2 27 dager siden
Cats will live forever because they are in a Zelda game
Savannah Colon
Savannah Colon 27 dager siden
10:10 I definitely hear SpongeBob music
failure Måned siden
From alpha Centauri it looks like a horse~
Sierra Guthrie
Sierra Guthrie Måned siden
The Legend of Zelda game series has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember ;w; Thank you, Matpat, for including possibly the best game series of all time in your game theory show
The Silent Shadow
The Silent Shadow Måned siden
Guys, I think it’s cool to think outside of the box, but the three golden goddesses created Hyrule and plus if BOTW was the only Zelda game MAYBE, but it doesent add up because there are so many games before it
JAPHY Does minecraft
JAPHY Does minecraft Måned siden
I theorized that the Legend of Zelda takes place on Earth, specifically in the United Kingdom during the Middle Ages because of the Middle Ages vibes and the United Kingdom because in Link Between Worlds, the characters sometimes speak like British people! Probably the best theory that I have ever come up with! P.s. Since the Big Dipper can be seen in the Southern Hemisphere. If my earlier theory about Hyrule being British is correct, then that means that the Legend of Zelda takes place in Australia! P.s.s or maybe, just maybe, the Legend of Zelda takes place not in the future, not in the past, but the present time!!! Crazy right? Also, it would take place in the year 2000 because that's when usb flash drives were invented!
Ras Måned siden
My head hurts-
Salami Selimbo
Salami Selimbo Måned siden
make a Lorule timeline parallel to hyrule timeline with differents outcome plzzzz
Dalton Wright
Dalton Wright Måned siden
Why does he look different than in other videos?????????????
ParaEwie Måned siden
Welp, we should prepare for when some idiot scientist at area 51 decides to not go with the smart scientists to build railguns and instead decides to create nanomachines, and accidentally creates Demise/Ganon.
Masar Cooper
Masar Cooper Måned siden
Not an angry comment but, astrology is part of a legitimate religion. And you should respect other beliefs .
Randy Joe
Randy Joe Måned siden
Ugh, THIS guy again?
Andrew Rivera
Andrew Rivera Måned siden
Waiting on Matpat's mental breakdown after the twist that was Age of Calamity 😂
LayneDa RoadRollerDa
LayneDa RoadRollerDa Måned siden
This vid was amazing
Emma jean May
Emma jean May 2 måneder siden
PowerBoy Plays
PowerBoy Plays 2 måneder siden
I just come here for the “But Hey that’s just a theory, A GAME THEORY”
Daniel Kimpton
Daniel Kimpton 2 måneder siden
0:05 This is me almost all the time
Brody Johnston
Brody Johnston 2 måneder siden
Jupiter in the background slaps
MechanoRealist 2 måneder siden
Oddly enough, this video where Austin is depressed ends on a high and positive note. 🤔
Kynan Aliyusuf
Kynan Aliyusuf 2 måneder siden
Oh yeah i remember the keese V I R U S
Aspen Stockton
Aspen Stockton 2 måneder siden
"She's even blue! I think... maybe she's purple." Good news, Austin! She's both! :D
Jason Beard
Jason Beard 2 måneder siden
There's no such thing as "real" constellations. They're all imaginary. It's just connected dots, and you can make those patterns from practically any point in space from whatever stars are available.
Andre The Great
Andre The Great 3 måneder siden
NObody: Austin: Beetle Juice... me: Betelgeuse?
Bookworm 3 måneder siden
Do a hyrule warriors age of calamity theoryyyy, prequel to BOTW, if you do im looking forward to it!! -Loyal Theorist
andrew ridley
andrew ridley 3 måneder siden
Would it be possible to calculate how much time in the future Zelda is using how much the stars have shifted?
Dimpal Aggarwal
Dimpal Aggarwal 3 måneder siden
I'm definitely is gonna be link
Nightmare 3 måneder siden
It’s weird knowing that link could be my descendant...
joshua campos
joshua campos 3 måneder siden
I want to see what your theory on what happened to the hero of time
Sunil Paul
Sunil Paul 3 måneder siden
“Fallout Studio Ghibli edition” Me playing Fallout New Vegas with this running in the background: *pauses*
The Fangirl Rachel
The Fangirl Rachel 3 måneder siden
Or it's just a game that developers put easter eggs from our world, BUT THAT'S JUST A THEORY... A GAME THEORY
Envy May
Envy May 3 måneder siden
okay but does mario come before or after zelda
Francytj :D
Francytj :D 4 måneder siden
The Big Dipper is more recognizable because the point you showed us has actually two stars, Mizar and Alcor
My name Is Jeff
My name Is Jeff 4 måneder siden
4:56 14yo girls: impossible
Adammrtl27 4 måneder siden
Explaining a cell phone to someone in the past: "It's a scrying mirror".. and you get burned at the stake.
Master kohga
Master kohga 4 måneder siden
Anyone realize that he could have just brought up the Zelda Mario connection and said Mario is on earth so legend of Zelda must be too
yeet penis
yeet penis 4 måneder siden
Heh heh seed
Memetastic 4 måneder siden
he pronounces betelgeuse as beetle juice
Dragonborn Express
Dragonborn Express 4 måneder siden
Imagine if this particular theory is true: you're wandering around Hyrule, maybe deep below the ground or something like that. You're fighting off monsters around cave environments and it's pretty standard for the most part, but then you fall into a hole that puts you even deeper underground. Once you recover from the impact, you realize that you fell on top of a metal object. Getting off of it to the weird floor reveals that it's a table of some kind, like the desks used in Hyrule Castle but made of purely metal instead of wood. You then realize that there are more strange objects scattered all over the room. In what looks like a broken chair, likely the one that belonged to the desk, lies a small device that is about the size of a Hylian hand. It looks like something the Sheikah would build over 10,000 years ago, but their trademark eye symbol isn't anywhere to be found, or really any symbol for that matter because the device is so rusty. You then get down some nearby stairs in order to continue exploring. On the floor below the one you landed in lies even more desks with rusty chairs that are either broken, tossed around, or just laying in a position right in front of the desks, likely one that they've been in for a long time. The place is dark, and there are no sign of torches around, indicating this place wasn't built with torches or present day lighting systems of any kind in mind, but instead they were built with something entirely different in mind. There appears to be a door on the far side of the room, but it's blocked off by what looks like a broken machine. However, said machine doesn't appear to be something akin to a Guardian or any Sheikah technology. Instead, it looks kinda like an elevator, but enclosed in solid metal. Right in front of it are a couple of skeletons, but they don't appear to be something that would create a Stalbokoblin or Stallizalfos. Instead, they're just motionless skeletons, likely killed by the elevator. This place is getting far too strange.
Dragonborn Express
Dragonborn Express 3 måneder siden
By now you're wandering past overgrown neighborhoods and shops. The area is coated in a thick gas, likely the one talked about on the machine. Because of this, you're forced to pick up a strange mask lying on a nearby machine and place it on your face. The mask somehow forms a barrier between your breath and the gas, shielding you from the toxic air. After a while, you're now walking on a long stretch of stone leading to some sort of tunnel made in the side of the rock. The area has more wrecked transport machines, and it is covered in bushes and trees, but is also covered in the thick gas like before. You then head into the tunnel. The gas is also inside the tunnel, but it is a bit more dispersed than usual. The tunnel ends at a pile of rubble and wrecked machines, but it appears to lead up to the surface through the miles of rock. Once you climb it enough, you notice an old ladder, likely placed here long ago, pinned into the side of the rock. This allows you to climb up and up before opening a rusty metal hatch to climb up to the surface.
Dragonborn Express
Dragonborn Express 3 måneder siden
On the floor below, there is once again nothing but skeletons, destroyed machines, and a gaping hole in the floor leading down to the next level, so you go down there as well. There is a rusty sign on a wall saying that this is the 5th floor, which finally gives some sort of measurement for just how many floors you've gone down since dropping in here. This 5th floor looks like another working space, but it's in far worse condition. An entire section of the western part of the room is completely ripped off from the rest of the floor, dropping down to the 4th floor. Various desks are scattered about, some even tipped over like makeshift barricades. More skeletons are strewn about the room, some of which are holding metal bars like clubs, others holding what looks like knives. It becomes clear these people were defending from something when they died, but the question is from what. Aside from all of this, there doesn't appear to be anything else on the 5th floor, so you then go down to the 4th floor using the gaping hole. The floor is a complete wreck with most of the room completely destroyed, so you're forced to use a long broken window area to make your way to some maintenance scaffolding. You make it to the level of the next floor down, but the room isn't even there aside from one space with a rusty desk. By this point, you see that the ground below you has stone and dirt placed in specific formations, and more abandoned machines lay on the ground floor of the cavern, although these are likely to be for transport similar to the elevator. You then make your way down to the 2nd floor, which appears to be a sort of exercise area. Strange machines line the walls, and their appear to be some sort of material on them. The lights on this floor aren't off, but they are flickering due to damage done to the structure. You then make your way down to the first floor by going down an elevator shaft into a broken elevator on the first floor. The floor is a complete maze of rubble from the building, desks, skeletons, and a crashed machine through the eastern wall. The light are completely on, but most have been destroyed. Near to the northern wall is a working machine surprisingly enough with an intact tapping device. When activating it, you must move a nearby tiny device, most likely made to navigate the interface of the machine, in order to access several messages from the distant past. Perhaps this can tell you more about what you're looking at and what this place is.
Dragonborn Express
Dragonborn Express 3 måneder siden
Once outside of the building, you immediately notice that the floor you're on is only one of many going down to the bottom of the cavern. Surrounding it are even more buildings, some of which go up to the cave ceiling and beyond. You then continue on, using hanging bits of metal and stone to traverse the outside of the building until you can reach a stable part of the floor. This part looks similar to a storage room, containing more machines, more handheld devices, and even containing more skeletons, one of which is dangling over the edge of the northern wall, which has long since collapsed. They appear to be holding books, but the books themselves have long decayed with only scraps of writing visible. There is a doorway to the west, but a tipped over storage shelf blocks the way. This forces you to use a collapsed part of the eastern part of the storage room to jump down to the next floor. There's nothing on this floor but some rusty desks and rotted away picture frames, so you then jump down to the next. This leads to a sort of dining area, although it doesn't have any signs of fancy decorations or architecture like the Dining Hall in Hyrule Castle. Instead, it appears far more barebones: metal tables with benches connected to them, some machines pushed up against a wall, a few rusty objects here and there, and some more objects on a nearby counter. These objects definitely have signs of there being liquid in them at some point judging by the color difference between two sections of it, indicating these were simple cups. At the tables sit more skeletons, some of which hold strange objects as if the objects once held something, although whatever they once held are long gone. Other clutch more cups, pushed up against what would be their mouths like they were drinking something when they died. Nearby is the door to what would presumably be the kitchen, but it's blocked off with rubble from the ceiling and some metal containers. This forces you to use a western staircase to get down to the next floor. This whole place is once again cranking up the strange factor beyond anything you can imagine.
Dragonborn Express
Dragonborn Express 3 måneder siden
You then continue on through the area. Parts of the structure are collapsed into rubble, so you need to carefully make your way through. In a nearby hallway, there appears to be yet another machine tipped over on the floor, although the design of it indicates it was made as a dispenser for some kind of small object rather than transportation like the elevator in the massive room before. The rest of the hallway has collapsed into the floor below, creating a ramp-like formation. You then head back to the main room and to your east lies another staircase, but it has long been filled in with rubble. This forces you to use the broken hallway floor to get down to the next level of the structure, which you then do. On this floor is yet another series of desks and chairs, although they appear to be in some sort of special area surrounded by low walls on all sides except the entrance. With this part now revealed, it becomes increasingly clear that this structure is built for some kind of job and not for recreation. These desks also have more machines, this time placed on the desks as if they were placed here for some form of work. These things have obviously been rusting away for a VERY long time, so they're practically useless, but they do have semi-intact devices in front of them. They kind of look like long slabs of metal or some kind of hard material that is extremely light. On them are strange symbols, though most seem to have faded a long time ago, but there are some with legible symbols. However, with the symbols revealed, they appear more like letters of the alphabet rather than just any symbol, but they're shaped completely different from any other alphabet letters in Hyrule. To your north lies another hallway, but it has long been blocked off with rubble. You then see a collapsed staircase to the west, leading outside of the building. With very little options, you head down there.
Danielle Haag
Danielle Haag 4 måneder siden
Austin: I’m depressed Let’s do this! Me: you just summarized my life
The nintendo freak 1998 Shit
The nintendo freak 1998 Shit 4 måneder siden
Ee what happend with pat?
Llama99 4 måneder siden
One of the video in the i button isn't even a game theory video. It is one criticizing it!!!
Anna Noble
Anna Noble 4 måneder siden
Here's an interesting fact - if you listen closely to the ambience in Breath of the Wild, you'll hear many bird songs. These songs are actually samples from real birds! Most intriguingly, a lot of these birds are native to North America. Also related to North America, the Voltfruits you can find in the Gerudo Desert look practically identical to Pitayas - fruit that grow from cacti - cacti native to North America. Hmmm.
Noble Six B-312
Noble Six B-312 4 måneder siden
Now I can't help but imagine Link is Master Chief being reincarnated.
SCREAMING 4 måneder siden
I am generally concerned for his mental health
The Smash Bros DM
The Smash Bros DM 4 måneder siden
So the universe is infinite right? does that mean that there's an infinite number of stars and planets? And if so, would that not mean that an infinite number of identical constellations exist? I genuinely am not sure, it's a weekend and I refuse to do research.
Rusty Blader
Rusty Blader 4 måneder siden
Or Nintendo just decided to put out stars in the sky there for no lore reason at all other than to look pretty an realistic
alexcies albano
alexcies albano 4 måneder siden
matpat pleas shut austin up
Catherine Weed
Catherine Weed 4 måneder siden
Those constellations would look identical if you were also on the opposite end (180 degrees) from the galactic center core. This may seem crazy, however, Elite Dangerous and its procedural interstellar map has been used to identify many celestial bodies somewhat accurately. And the game's engine predicts an earth-like planet, virtually identical to our own, at the exact opposite of the galaxy.
Jay Pop
Jay Pop 4 måneder siden
Oh yeah, The Planets Suite. Lets Go, JUPITERRRR
Medea Ferris
Medea Ferris 4 måneder siden
This makes me proud to be in the southern hemisphere
RichvonnMatthew Staines
RichvonnMatthew Staines 4 måneder siden
Maybe legend of Zelda takes place before the world slits up into continents
Dragonborn Express
Dragonborn Express 4 måneder siden
That doesn't make much sense considering that occurred before the dinosaurs even went extinct.
blazedxjan 4 måneder siden
this dude is on hella adderal
SemajPlayz 4 måneder siden
This Video:hyrule is on earth Me:there is a star named Beetlejuice?!
Cristian Rivera
Cristian Rivera 4 måneder siden
Why is everything post-apocalyptic?
Minecraft Animation And Gameplay Fan
Minecraft Animation And Gameplay Fan 4 måneder siden
Betleguse Was Long Gone And Turned Into Supernova
No one cares
No one cares 4 måneder siden
Austin: 0:50 Legend of Zelda EA: it’s okay he didn’t mean it
HotBox 20
HotBox 20 5 måneder siden
Why didn't you talk about continental drift? Why doesn't Link speak an evolved form of English?
CDX 5 måneder siden
5:11 cancer
CDX 5 måneder siden
well cool shekiah slate is iphone 5000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Archon demon
Archon demon 5 måneder siden
Austin you’re ok Fei is blue
Terry Lee
Terry Lee 5 måneder siden
How improbable… Totally forgetting the fact that the entire game series was created by human imagination based on human knowledge learned throughout human history. So of course it could have been any dreamed up night sky but the developer chose to go with our own night sky. That was an artistic decision and they had their reasons
Toxie Cookie
Toxie Cookie 5 måneder siden
Okay but then, what IS the Triforce?
Dragonborn Express
Dragonborn Express 4 måneder siden
Who knows. Technology at a certain point is likely to be indistinguishable from magic.
SnacAttack UwU
SnacAttack UwU 5 måneder siden
If Zelda is our future then I will FIND a way to live forever.
Marios Efthimiades
Marios Efthimiades 5 måneder siden
Dude I know it’s ur job but ur overthinking it
Sam Persell
Sam Persell 5 måneder siden
Your Depressed before March 12th? oh no. Oh No. OOOOOOOOOOOH NOOOOOOOOOOO
Joseph Evo
Joseph Evo 5 måneder siden
0:10 ocarina of Time?
Powling 5 måneder siden
She is blue-purple
Joseph Lagrelle
Joseph Lagrelle 5 måneder siden
You reference the north star but you say that Hyrule is on the southern hemisphere??? You can't see the north star from the southern hemisphere.
Dragonborn Express
Dragonborn Express 4 måneder siden
It was an easy mistake he made with that Wind Waker video.
Devin Ch
Devin Ch 5 måneder siden
Was thinking the same thing before I watched this. Nuclear war that nearly ended humanity, some became violent and mutated into monsters
SgtMaggi 5 måneder siden
7:45 So there is a chance
Michael James Lynch
Michael James Lynch 5 måneder siden
loved it. there could always be string theory... maybe higher and lower dimensions. Hyrule could also be a alternate timeline from this one. just want to say one of the world's oldest religions bearing similarities to the hyrule's trinity. like the holy fork or something. what a fantabulous video though.
Space Cowboy私愛
Space Cowboy私愛 5 måneder siden
Covid 19 is Malice... and so it begins!!! :O
Daniel West
Daniel West 5 måneder siden
Did you say "rock-Iron" or "Wrought-Iron"
Dany Pixelatu
Dany Pixelatu 5 måneder siden
Austin: in 50,000 years, if our society is able to make it. Covid-19: Hold my surgeon mask.
Sydney Cat
Sydney Cat 5 måneder siden
if this happens... DIBS ON LINK
Forest City
Forest City 5 måneder siden
Austin: HI, ITS ME AUSTIN Me: oh... *turns down volume*
Jack Avery
Jack Avery 5 måneder siden
What music is that?
Lucas Pena
Lucas Pena 5 måneder siden
10:35 left
Joey Wagers
Joey Wagers 5 måneder siden
Seems like The Legend of Zelda takes place in a world after World War III happened and reverted humanity all the way back to the Stone Age, and the surviving humans had to start all over again and leads up to the Second Middle Ages.
Drswag 007
Drswag 007 6 måneder siden
6:55 the names would be great for fictional countries.
Santiago Siliceo
Santiago Siliceo 6 måneder siden
*Proof The Legend of Zelda is Earth’s Future* Me who is a Zelda fan and a meme fan: Say sike right now!
BananAnka 6 måneder siden
It’s proven that hyrule has a gravity of the earth’s multiplied by 3. So that’s why it can’t be on earth.
BananAnka 4 måneder siden
Dragonborn Express well... thats true.
Dragonborn Express
Dragonborn Express 4 måneder siden
Only one problem: it has the exact same cheeky issues as the Mario series in that the gravity varies depending on which game you're talking about. The gravity from Link to the Past or Zelda 2 is completely different from the gravity in Twilight Princess and Breath of the Wild as an example. Nintendo for some reason really likes to play tricks on us when it comes to gravity.
a random comment
a random comment 6 måneder siden
1:31 *why do I somehow know this song*
Corey Levakis
Corey Levakis 6 måneder siden
Hey why is one of your Zelda theories on the playlist set to private?
ATB 6 måneder siden
Someone calculated the gravity in Breath of the Wild, and it was about double Earth’s gravity I think.
Macaroni and Cliches
Macaroni and Cliches 6 måneder siden
"She's BLUE! Or maybe she's purple" Oh buddy do I have some good news for you
Niall Jones
Niall Jones 6 måneder siden
SCIENCE!!!!!!! The true magic
lukky 6 måneder siden
Funny, I was just thinking about this the other day 😂
well then
well then 6 måneder siden
what about thee goddess'
Jonah Butler
Jonah Butler 6 måneder siden
Game thereorists' descendants: *watches this video on sheikah slate*
Hadrian Sandt
Hadrian Sandt 6 måneder siden
adventure time but as a game
Nadine Moolman
Nadine Moolman 6 måneder siden
The shield slate is basically a smart device and GPS.
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