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In November 2018, Defy Media shut down without any notice. They laid off their workers without warning and have held ransom the money earned by the NOpost Creators who were in their network. I was one of those Creators. Defy was my former employer and the multichannel network that represented Game Theory, Film Theory, and GTLive - EVERYTHING. We trusted them to help us and for that we and 49 other Creators in their network collectively lost 1.7 MILLION DOLLARS. Money that was owed to us, EARNED by us, and taken by DEFY. Today, the fate of that money rests in the hands of a bank, Ally Bank, who will decide the people who get their money back and those who are out of luck. After trying other methods of solving the situation, nothing has worked, so at this point we have no choice but to make our fight public. Steph and I have personally been going out of pocket to try and get everyone's money back, but to improve your chances, we need your help.
This is my story of what happened. And this is what we all can do to help ensure no other Creator, large or small, has their money stolen from them ever again.
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The catmaster Wu
The catmaster Wu 2 timer siden
Why does NOpost not see this were blinded by the empty promises mcn makes for there own greedy habits but sadly ther like ghosts onces they wisper in your ear it's a choice of lose or win I almost lost 1216$ thousand dollars to a scam and thank the heavens that I got it back but the process I went through was terrible don't be blinded by lies NOpost I understand the pain but we have to keep our anger controlled I just want to say it's been fun watching you fearless desire of never giving up thank you for all you've done
Theo Winthrop
Theo Winthrop 2 timer siden
2020 be like
Tyler Cai
Tyler Cai 3 timer siden
Poké Kid
Poké Kid 5 timer siden
Same thing happened to me. The fire was across the street, and even 3 feet from my house. I was lucky. And so where you.
LouisM 5 timer siden
You mean YOU stole the 1.7 million
Abagail Staton
Abagail Staton 5 timer siden
the people who wants to give map tat a hug, reply to me. no need to like :)
Presley Terch
Presley Terch 4 timer siden
Rubik’s kid
Rubik’s kid 6 timer siden
oh you thought 2018 was bad let me tell you a little secret. starts crying in 2020 tears
Exploding Creeper
Exploding Creeper 9 timer siden
Moussa Ayache
Moussa Ayache 9 timer siden
Oh boy did that opinion change in 2020
Francine Nicky
Francine Nicky 10 timer siden
Whose here during the st jude event
JAMsicle Gaming
JAMsicle Gaming 10 timer siden
wow. who's watching 2020 and thinking 2018 was a great.
marco borghi
marco borghi 14 timer siden
I will found a revolutionay MCN
Joku 16 timer siden
I had no idea this was happening this is basically backstab why must creators suffer
The Blue Slime
The Blue Slime 18 timer siden
MatPat:2018 has had some of the lowest lows People in 2020: he is so dramatic
James Hernandez
James Hernandez Dag siden
Eh, get a real job
James Hernandez
James Hernandez 10 timer siden
@Alpha 822 i don't think athletes or actors have real jobs either. Billions of dollars spent on nonsense
Alpha 822
Alpha 822 11 timer siden
Bruh MatPat does have a real job, but as an entertainer. He’s not much different than athletes or actors, he works hard to create good content that people will enjoy, so by saying he doesn’t have a real job, you’re saying actors and athletes and even musicians don’t have a “real” job (btw if ur just tryna be toxic, there are thousands of comments on this video, and probably nobody will even see this anyway)
James Hernandez
James Hernandez 13 timer siden
@Panzer Bear producing tangible products and services that are actually useful is a real job. There are too many "jobs" where their income relies heavily on advertising.
LouisM 17 timer siden
@Panzer Bear Making boring and shitty theories is not a real job
Panzer Bear
Panzer Bear 18 timer siden
This IS a real job, it’s one of the best actually. Pewdiepie has over 10 million dollars and he earned probably 90% of that from being a content creator.
Texting Master
Texting Master Dag siden
What about the oculus quest
N7 Titan
N7 Titan Dag siden
Didn't you already make this video???????????
Yah oo
Yah oo Dag siden
Umm when was this realeased
ThuanThien Nguyen
ThuanThien Nguyen Dag siden
It's a lot and I mean a lot harder in 2020. Ps may uncle's baby is names oliver.
Tembonnie Fazbear
Tembonnie Fazbear Dag siden
NOpost recommended me this, and i was scared until I saw the date of the video
Tije Tode
Tije Tode Dag siden
Wel 2020 ay am i richt boiisssss ?
LouisM Dag siden
No one cares
Redidaca Dag siden
Frosty The Gamer
Frosty The Gamer Dag siden
2020 watching this: OH SO 2018 SUCK HUH OK I CANGE THAT
Chillend Dag siden
ColeToonist Dag siden
Mat: 2018 was the hardest year of my life 2020: bet
TapSpy Dev
TapSpy Dev 2 dager siden
Is there updates? Typically a bank won't distribute money. They may file bankruptcy which you will become a creditor in.
Gamerplayz3 2 dager siden
I swear i will kill the 12k dislikers I am very sorry
Chris Singh
Chris Singh 2 dager siden
I hope this never happens again Who agrees?
Mental Monkey
Mental Monkey 2 dager siden
2020 Will be even worse
Mete44 _hd
Mete44 _hd 2 dager siden
The heist
Lazy brutality
Lazy brutality 2 dager siden
The 12k dislikes is the entire bank.
LangaLethu 21
LangaLethu 21 2 dager siden
Sometimes i just wonder why ppl dislike videos, like if u don't like the video, just go away
Scrap 258
Scrap 258 2 dager siden
I’m a small youtuber so I don’t think I need to know this but maybe I do??? Also if you can can you look at my channel
REETHETEE 3 dager siden
Why would people dislike this
REETHETEE 3 dager siden
I feel so bad for you your life is so bad I will hope but don’t worry
Definitely not Dead
Definitely not Dead 3 dager siden
Has 18mil
ian the conqueror
ian the conqueror 3 dager siden
0:01 well that's about to change
Kate Somel
Kate Somel 3 dager siden
Wait I’m so confused who stole all of that money
Pancake_ Paws
Pancake_ Paws 3 dager siden
He talked about it here 15:02
ThatOne Guy
ThatOne Guy 3 dager siden
At least it wasn't 2020
Sara Larrea
Sara Larrea 3 dager siden
sul6 سلط
sul6 سلط 3 dager siden
وش الهرجه
sul6 سلط
sul6 سلط 3 dager siden
تراك ماشفت المقطع كامل كمله وتعال
Ace’s Minecraft channel
Ace’s Minecraft channel 3 dager siden
His hair change
Albert Leigh V
Albert Leigh V 3 dager siden
2020 to 2018 ima bout to end this whole mans career
Ansarí 3 dager siden
Morgan Freeman has *approved this message*
minecraft steve
minecraft steve 4 dager siden
you have my and the entire Minecraft community s support on this matpat
Birdy Silverflint
Birdy Silverflint 4 dager siden
2018: 2018 is so hard! 2020: TIKTOK
Aries studios
Aries studios 4 dager siden
The people who disliked the video, deserve to pay the 50 who lost the money
Safwan Ahmed
Safwan Ahmed 4 dager siden
How about 2020 Is it worse
Milo Tainow
Milo Tainow 4 dager siden
Man your a legend I hope you can get past this your a great man and I hope you will get trough this
Anselm Gademann
Anselm Gademann 4 dager siden
who else searched for morgan freeman what does the fox say?
Pepperoni Pizza
Pepperoni Pizza 4 dager siden
Whoever dislikes this... SHAME ON YOU!!
Luke DeFranco
Luke DeFranco 4 dager siden
all I have to say is a big fat oof
cough playz
cough playz 4 dager siden
i didnt know that Mat was 32 already
Mlody Crispy
Mlody Crispy 5 dager siden
Matpat looks like Barry Allen from arrowverse
Sophia Annis
Sophia Annis 5 dager siden
matpat talks about 2018 me ohh boy you ever hear about 2020 ?
Enchanted Mirror Tarot
Enchanted Mirror Tarot 6 dager siden
I’m sorry you went through all of that.
EE- -OG 6 dager siden
I wonder if it changed for 2020
Xavier Hernandez
Xavier Hernandez 6 dager siden
The only MCN you can know trust is Vid IQ
Oofer Mate
Oofer Mate 6 dager siden
Baldi’s Favorite Student
Baldi’s Favorite Student 6 dager siden
Past: 2018 was the worst Future: you think you have it bad
Gabriele Narbutaite
Gabriele Narbutaite 6 dager siden
you should chek out 2020
Seif Zaki
Seif Zaki 7 dager siden
This is discussing it discuts me to see how people have hate a despair in them grow up
Depressed Dice
Depressed Dice 7 dager siden
the 1st year of game theory matpat doubted the power of science and math 2019 matpat: so, i never quite believed the power of science and math could bring me this far. noice
MILO QUINTERO 7 dager siden
im from 2020 looking back at this and this is just i mean i cant explain my feelings for this... but people that disliked this did not under stand the message he trying to send to us
josefaditya pl
josefaditya pl 7 dager siden
YOU know when the thumbnail is like that......some shiz is about to go down
Arthur K
Arthur K 7 dager siden
2018 was the worst yea of my life 2020: I am enevitable
Aayushma Pokhrel
Aayushma Pokhrel 7 dager siden
i just got recommend and that's soooooooooo old
SMASHFANX 7 dager siden
yt's automatic generated captions spelled "heel" instead of "hill"
andiagra AndiAgra
andiagra AndiAgra 7 dager siden
I don't even know just a bunch of people is greedy MCN why do you always steal and scam youtubers and sorry for you loss matpat
Rat Games!
Rat Games! 7 dager siden
and then 2020 comes along
BUB Life
BUB Life 7 dager siden
2018 was the hardest year if my life.... Wow
Gideon Enslin
Gideon Enslin 7 dager siden
We all know how you feel man.
CynicalArsalan 8 dager siden
not pog
Tarantulas Dudez
Tarantulas Dudez 8 dager siden
And now look at 2020😂😂
Zarfador 8 dager siden
J Legend
J Legend 9 dager siden
3M subs in 1 year wow!
Emily Ratzmann
Emily Ratzmann 9 dager siden
2020:hold my beer
Vin Vin
Vin Vin 9 dager siden
Mat: 2018 big poop 2020: Wanna see some real speed b!tch?
Adam Pizzi
Adam Pizzi 9 dager siden
Why did that one part act like adding more and more channels to an MCN isn't a 100% positive stat? Total views seem like a decent way to start a meeting when your cut is based on ad revenue from said views. Mat Pat seems off on this topic, as if he didn't know the deal when he signed up for it.
Bruce Taylor
Bruce Taylor 9 dager siden
LME is here yaaaaaaayyyyyy
Emerald Robot
Emerald Robot 9 dager siden
Sorry about your friend. U have my support
banana Studios
banana Studios 9 dager siden
Fill so bad for you pat. Having a kid at the same time must be so so hard.😱😥
Jessie Hughes
Jessie Hughes 9 dager siden
I have chills, chills!
Jillian Howard
Jillian Howard 9 dager siden
The advise for using MCNs starts at 20:30 if you ever come back here and need to see.
Justin Y the ninja
Justin Y the ninja 9 dager siden
“2018 was the hardest year in my life” 2020:allow us to introduce ourselves
Kirby Kirby
Kirby Kirby 9 dager siden
Liu Gigi
Liu Gigi 9 dager siden
This is terrible like like c’mon this cant be happening! I mean, well lets say you need to give support
Liu Gigi
Liu Gigi 9 dager siden
Dislikes are really suspicious, because we know who those might be 😩 its sad and a family man risking everything for the home AND wife with son get involved
agnes arzola
agnes arzola 10 dager siden
When he said 2018 was bad wait until 2020
Kaito Momota
Kaito Momota 10 dager siden
Matpat then: it’s my own channel this will be fun Matpat 2020: I AM THEORY AHHHH
Russian 101
Russian 101 10 dager siden
And I know your reading this right respond to me pls I want to hear you in your own words pls comment me i want to hear your words to tell the world that if you steal anything it will happen to you and you will regret life and death....matpat I'm so sorry I went deep
Mady Marquez
Mady Marquez 10 dager siden
imagine having a shitty as 2018 and then 2020 just happens...yikes
Ronn Harvey Nacario
Ronn Harvey Nacario 11 dager siden
Bruh did you even get the rest of the money from all of your years of youtube or was that all of them
Natasha Ferguson
Natasha Ferguson 11 dager siden
As i know a big youtuber i can confirm this. Theese people steal hours of hard work and just to use you then throw you away
Taurus J3
Taurus J3 11 dager siden
no 2020 is lowest of lows
DrDino 11 dager siden
already sent an assassin to his house
Arden James
Arden James 11 dager siden
Keep going matpat
BS Shelly
BS Shelly 11 dager siden
Reahjann 12 dager siden
What about 2020???
amazing guy
amazing guy 12 dager siden
i think mat at that time could have figured out what they were doing but did not want to cause it looked like a good successful buisness
Prestonator 11
Prestonator 11 12 dager siden
2018 was the worst year ever 2020:are you sure about that
Kimizu Offixal
Kimizu Offixal 13 dager siden
Wait, so who stole the money?
Maggie Moore
Maggie Moore 13 dager siden
I know this is a serious video but I have a kinda funny comment Matpat: 2018 was the worst year of my life... 2020: Hold my beer
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