They stole $1.7 million

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The Game Theorists

2 år siden

In November 2018, Defy Media shut down without any notice. They laid off their workers without warning and have held ransom the money earned by the NOpost Creators who were in their network. I was one of those Creators. Defy was my former employer and the multichannel network that represented Game Theory, Film Theory, and GTLive - EVERYTHING. We trusted them to help us and for that we and 49 other Creators in their network collectively lost 1.7 MILLION DOLLARS. Money that was owed to us, EARNED by us, and taken by DEFY. Today, the fate of that money rests in the hands of a bank, Ally Bank, who will decide the people who get their money back and those who are out of luck. After trying other methods of solving the situation, nothing has worked, so at this point we have no choice but to make our fight public. Steph and I have personally been going out of pocket to try and get everyone's money back, but to improve your chances, we need your help.
This is my story of what happened. And this is what we all can do to help ensure no other Creator, large or small, has their money stolen from them ever again.
#DEFYMedia #DEFY #scam #stolen #robbed #fraud #mcn #exposed #storytime #GameTheory #MatPat

sniperboyiii 6 timer siden
thegame theorists 2018 was the hardest year in my life: me no 2020 and 2021
Francisco Barron
Francisco Barron Dag siden
Mat pat: 2018 was the was worst year of my life me: oh boy you have not seen anything yet
The Nullifer
The Nullifer Dag siden
тera Dag siden
Wait till 2020...
Twopin2112 2 dager siden
so the mcn's are around the same thing to the south see bubble
Damian Frank
Damian Frank 2 dager siden
The stereotyped teacher ironically rhyme because newsstand inspiringly grin unto a cool sampan. defiant, gray greasy great lawyer
Makisig Malakas
Makisig Malakas 2 dager siden
Matpat 2018 is the hardets part of my life (i respect) 2020 Wait matpat im coming
Donovan Gonzalez
Donovan Gonzalez 2 dager siden
I have never seen may pat so mad
gaming TIME for good
gaming TIME for good 2 dager siden
now look at 2020
Demon_Wolfie 2 dager siden
But the fact that your house ALMOST burned down means that it was a high point because it DIDN’T. Also we have a lot of things to keep us entertained; if you need to take a break you’re always welcome to.
Aaron Caloza
Aaron Caloza 3 dager siden
whys this reverting to eng to filipino?
Elli UwU
Elli UwU 3 dager siden
nah nah 2020 is worse
bvd 3 dager siden
it's just not human to use u and go bankrupt
the warlock
the warlock 3 dager siden
well now your inspireing me and i like that
Maya E
Maya E 3 dager siden
I really get you. This happened to my mom, who had a horrible co owner for her company. He took advantage of us, and stole thousands of dollars, (I have 5 siblings by the way) Luckily, my mom was able to stop, sue him and kick him out of the company. Matt, I'm really sorry that this happened to you, and I hope your okay.
0ddSt0ff !!!
0ddSt0ff !!! 3 dager siden
damn 2019 sucked (Saying this during a pandemic)
Your Son Chris
Your Son Chris 4 dager siden
Roses are red, I trusted you, So how the hell, does Makarov know you
Villager 4 dager siden
i recomand buying sprinklers they might stop or at lest slow down any wild fires
Tom Shaw-jarred
Tom Shaw-jarred 4 dager siden
I feel so sorry for you alot
Galaxy Fox
Galaxy Fox 4 dager siden
1:25 Omg mats pregnant XD
YT RaZeD 4 dager siden
I did the math (going on google calculator) and if this money was spilt among all 48 creators, they would have all lost equally, $35,416. You can buy a tesla with that money.
Praveena Praveen
Praveena Praveen 4 dager siden
y are there dislikes I not understand
Oliver Gamer
Oliver Gamer 5 dager siden
Oliver is my name too *maybe im the matpat son*
Adam Roman
Adam Roman 6 dager siden
this bub is a good speaker
Heston Matthews
Heston Matthews 6 dager siden
Ohhh slightly younger matpat you have no knowledge of the 2020 problem
Directed by Robert B. Weide.
Directed by Robert B. Weide. 6 dager siden
Ok, at 21:00 watch for a bit, youll hear sirens, someones house is on fire
Koleby Bush
Koleby Bush 6 dager siden
Ali bank: well they will get there money eventually Matpat: WE WILL NOT BE LOOKED OVER Ali bank: GIVE THEM THE MONEY OUR WE MIGHT GET SUED
Sebastian Ibarra
Sebastian Ibarra 6 dager siden
Hey Matt pat if you ever need a break just say that we will be patient we know you have a son so does dantdm and it’s 2021 it’s alright man
Chris Afton
Chris Afton 6 dager siden
i watched this THE DAY after the saint jude livestream least year. i was scared.
Xxhot_garbagexX 6 dager siden
yeah i heard about these mcns on theodd1sout he posted a vid about how they scam you and say they will promote your yt channel its so sad man go check his vid out
RAIDIALFLAME 7 dager siden
I never trusted anyone in the first place.
FlamingArrow 7 dager siden
Matpat Evan figured out the lore of MCNs
treyowens 7 dager siden
libright matpat??//??/??/??
Idiotic Demon
Idiotic Demon 7 dager siden
Matpat: 2018 was the worst year of my li- 2020: *Hello*
Xxhot_garbagexX 6 dager siden
zeberhead 7 dager siden
I know this video is serious and all but, cmon 1:29.
Jacob Conyers
Jacob Conyers 7 dager siden
speaking of small channles
Bradley Pearce
Bradley Pearce 7 dager siden
Me watching this in 2021. Waot Matt Pat. Do you not realize this is what every single bank does to the common man? Lol
Mr Beast
Mr Beast 7 dager siden
0:00 oh bless his soul, how little did he know
José Ocampo
José Ocampo 7 dager siden
what has happened with this story? anyone know?
Austin Playz
Austin Playz 8 dager siden
He didn’t sigh and use eye drops WELL DONE
Myah Dobbins
Myah Dobbins 8 dager siden
matpat: “2018 was the hardest year of my life” me: *laughs in 2020*
theoddone 8 dager siden
1:25 seems as if Matt pat is somehow giving birth to Oliver
Mr.Lantern888 8 dager siden
Our house nearly burned down in a different fire. it's honestly a miracle that it's still standing. I know how you feel, Mat.
Tdawg 8 dager siden
2020 be like let me introduce my self
Leah Fenton
Leah Fenton 9 dager siden
The undesirable steam spectroscopically tug because algebra unusually slow atop a broken lyocell. rampant, brave zoo
Esteban Arazan
Esteban Arazan 9 dager siden
Huh just wait for 2020 it is much worse
Stella Sutton
Stella Sutton 9 dager siden
*Me watching this is 2021* wow i never knew this had happened to 50 creators i know that this was posted like 2 years ago but this was bad.
UltraBlitz 9 dager siden
"2018 was the hardest year of my life" put through google translate from matpat language to mine = "2020 was the hardest year of my life"
Mop's backup account
Mop's backup account 9 dager siden
2020: hi
Will Plays
Will Plays 10 dager siden
Yaqub Ali
Yaqub Ali 10 dager siden
"Sometimes The Person That You Would Take A Bullet For, Is Standing Behind The Trigger..."
Xxhot_garbagexX 6 dager siden
its sad it has to be that way
Ethanizer 10 dager siden
For the people who are looking to (or built) build a type of that company, if you didn't ask to make sure you got 100% of your money, they could just ask you if you were okay with them doing that. If you weren't, they should be fine with that and everyone would be on good terms. Unless that company did some wrong, or unfair to you or to the people who joined their company. In case if that did happen, you could always leave to company on no notice at all. You could go find another one which would either one, make sure you get 100% of your money, or two, ask you if it was okay for them to take some of your money.
ironspider 963
ironspider 963 10 dager siden
Hackers goodbye big corporations
DontKick 10 dager siden
Matpat looks more 25 then over 30. He is even entertaining and smart which makes him so much better.
ROXXON SNOWBALL 11 dager siden
2018 is my hardest life 2020:
KGB 11 dager siden
Money makes us mad.
shamoy brown
shamoy brown 11 dager siden
You have no idea what 2020 is going to bring
Steve Liu
Steve Liu 11 dager siden
We're here cos we love you and your team and your channel, we got you bro.
the yeet machine 2.0
the yeet machine 2.0 12 dager siden
Phoenix Davalos
Phoenix Davalos 13 dager siden
Martín Donikian
Martín Donikian 13 dager siden
And then 2020 came and like...... emmmmm, okay
Sapphire Gaming
Sapphire Gaming 13 dager siden
truly disgusting that some "people" would do this horrible thing
Austin the lord
Austin the lord 13 dager siden
202o: allow me to introduce myself
Hashim Hussain
Hashim Hussain 13 dager siden
Matpat:”Only now am i figuring this out. Also Matpat:-FIGURES OUT THE FNAF LORE-
Trevor Vanhoeck
Trevor Vanhoeck 13 dager siden
Bro, try growing up in Florida. You learn when you get your first dollar, someone will try to trick you for it. The thieves always win.
Alex Scott
Alex Scott 15 dager siden
2018 is bad for him he lost his friend and 1.7 million dollars people ignored him so he is allowed to rant as much as he likes
Pyro 15 dager siden
You know what is even sadder if you average it out each channel lost around $34000 some people barely make that in a year
Izak Sadowski
Izak Sadowski 15 dager siden
2018 is the worst year totaly 🔥2020🔥😥😣😥😭😭😭😭
Seth Martin
Seth Martin 16 dager siden
Little did he know... 2020 was a thing.
Guy Splunker
Guy Splunker 16 dager siden
Me watching in 2021, huh this Is normal
Cliche 2020
Cliche 2020 16 dager siden
Thank you Mat Pat for your great content
Oliver Evans
Oliver Evans 16 dager siden
I am also named Oliver
crazy_slow_cuber 13
crazy_slow_cuber 13 17 dager siden
Bro u should do one on 2020
SuperwarioIsaiah !
SuperwarioIsaiah ! 17 dager siden
MCN: Yeah you get money MATPAT: They took 1.7 million dollars
Caleb Anderson
Caleb Anderson 17 dager siden
Make your own MCN then let other You tubers use it and just let them have all their money
Joshua Quinn
Joshua Quinn 17 dager siden
you have my support
Malachi Fletcher
Malachi Fletcher 17 dager siden
im so sorry
Dilah HM
Dilah HM 17 dager siden
Nope 2020 is one of the years because covid-19 and many deaths black panther
Dilah HM
Dilah HM 17 dager siden
Hmm 2020 or 2018
San Hasan
San Hasan 17 dager siden
The Mage of Content
The Mage of Content 18 dager siden
i am so sorry matpat i am new to this thing :( and i am 8
thick legs
thick legs 18 dager siden
Austin Canik
Austin Canik 18 dager siden
"2018 was the worst year of my life" 2020= YOU UNDERESTIMATE MY POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Slayer
The Slayer 20 dager siden
thank you so much for stealing matpats money im crying in joy
that guy who says hi
that guy who says hi 5 dager siden
@The Slayer Loser? Really? You’re happy that a man who almost lost his home and his family, and lost his hard earned money is good, and he’s the loser?
The Slayer
The Slayer 8 dager siden
@TheCardboardCouch ok loser
TheCardboardCouch 8 dager siden
@The Slayer it's fine not to like a creator, maybe a bit controversial to leave hate comments, but fine even rude to send hate messages to them directly, but, whatever but to be happy if someone is stolen from, that's horrible.
The Slayer
The Slayer 18 dager siden
@Wolvz can't even spell creature right loser and I know you edited it to change that
Wolvz 18 dager siden
Disgusting creature
Naud van Dalen
Naud van Dalen 20 dager siden
"Cute little kid. Go get them buckaroo." That "little kid" now: The Game Theorists: 13.8M subscribers The Film Theorists: 9.45M subscribers The Food Theorists: 2.3M subscribers GTLive : 2.39M subscribers In total almost 28 million subscribers.
Carolina Cortes Martinez
Carolina Cortes Martinez 5 dager siden
Well some are shared, but you have a point
Legendary Blaze
Legendary Blaze 20 dager siden
+The Game Theorists you were so dumb giving your money away to a MCN, omg brainless move.
WierdnobZ playz
WierdnobZ playz 20 dager siden
This is crazy dirty how can NOpostrs live like this
Noah Derrick
Noah Derrick 20 dager siden
pause at 14:00
Noah Derrick
Noah Derrick 20 dager siden
this is actually sad
PEPPY BOBA 20 dager siden
laughs in 2021
frick 21 dag siden
wait this was 2 years ago?
The mlemmers
The mlemmers 22 dager siden
I understand a small bit I started watching on The squid or kid video in 2nd grade Now I am in 4th grade
Coyote Pup
Coyote Pup 23 dager siden
It made me sad how his voice broke a few times
Coyote Pup
Coyote Pup 23 dager siden
Why did a.m.done dislike t his????
Lewis Gabbitas
Lewis Gabbitas 23 dager siden
Me watching in 2021: pathetic
Walnut Python79
Walnut Python79 24 dager siden
yeah your very professional about this not only you angry and disguised never got in your way, but you also compromised and developed a plan to seek battle against DEFY media Well done matt your underrated at 13 mills you need 20 mills like logan Ksi and even Mr beast.
Butterpechernusschuessel. pexe
Butterpechernusschuessel. pexe 24 dager siden
why was this in my recommended 2 years after release???
Sheer Cold
Sheer Cold 16 dager siden
This video shows up in my recommendations at the beginning of every year without fail.
Dyanne Makavitage
Dyanne Makavitage 24 dager siden
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 24 dager siden
DEFY means mislead, it is in their name that they would mislead you or lie to you. This should be obvious
Scott Baldwin
Scott Baldwin 25 dager siden
Ally Bank, you are not my ally.
Sakura Riko
Sakura Riko 25 dager siden
Agghh I feel so bad for watching this in 2021, I wish I was there to help
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