Game Theory: FNAF 4, The Body Snatchers (Five Nights at Freddy's)

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6 måneder siden

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With all the pushes going on in media, like the MCU and James Bond, it's good to know that Five Nights at Freddy's is still going strong and coming out with new stories for me to theorize about. One of my favorite FNAF characters is the little plush monster himself, Psychic Friend Fredbear. He, and the other monster toys found throughout the FNAF franchise, are FULL of secrets. What are these toys and what do they have to do with stealing the forms of human children? Let's dive in!
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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
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FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Luis Cossio
Luis Cossio 4 timer siden
Imagine if Matt read scary stories out loud
ArshinV 7 timer siden
ok sooo i dont understand why in fnaf 1 it said 5 kids were lured back just to be killed buuuuut the games are telling us they were willed indiviually
The cool kid five Nights at freddys
The cool kid five Nights at freddys 9 timer siden
Nala Mahon
Nala Mahon 9 timer siden
You need to be put in a game
Faylynn Marsh
Faylynn Marsh 10 timer siden
The crying child’s name is actually Chris if you don’t believe me LOOK IT UP
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 4 timer siden
That name is fanmade
Mr.Drowzee TSNP Clan leader
Mr.Drowzee TSNP Clan leader 13 timer siden
All theories are open here eh? Henry banged toy chica.
Start The Awesomeness Brothers
Start The Awesomeness Brothers Dag siden
Is it just me or in Pizzeria Simulator, How is Henry alive?
Scott Cotton
Scott Cotton 5 timer siden
@Start The Awesomeness Brothers I don’t see how it doesn’t make sense. He’s just alive and very old
Start The Awesomeness Brothers
Start The Awesomeness Brothers 5 timer siden
@Scott Cotton Uh, what I mean is that if Fnaf 6 is set after FNaF 3 because of you know, Scraptrap, then Henry must be dead like he could not be literally alive in the time of events after FNaF SL but if fnaf 6 is set before fnaf 3 and after sl, then maybe it will make sense but Scraptrap? Afton? I just don't get it.
Scott Cotton
Scott Cotton 16 timer siden
Why wouldn’t he be alive?
bruh h
bruh h Dag siden
Plot twist:Scott juts wanted money
Lxnley Lovley
Lxnley Lovley Dag siden
1 second that's all it could take to be 20:00
Tristan Clarke
Tristan Clarke Dag siden
We all needed the expansion of the psychic friend Fred bear
gamergo 7
gamergo 7 Dag siden
So the book will name my Michael then Michael draw some of his brother nightmare and toys dead he miss him and wanted someone love and I will always his fault his brother my name Chris Afton when when he got big then turned to adult his name is Brian now Afton Brian asking
Scott Cotton
Scott Cotton 16 timer siden
So the book will name my Michael then Michael draw some of his brother nightmare and toys dead he miss him and wanted someone love and I will always fault his brother my name Chris Afton when when he got big then turned to adult his name is Brian now Afton Brian asking
Kat Buckland
Kat Buckland Dag siden
ik im very late but if the multiverse exists in the fnaf world then this theory is completely canon
Vicente Quinonez
Vicente Quinonez Dag siden
Its me i guess
Its me i guess Dag siden
I finally found out where my favorite song came from
random person c:
random person c: Dag siden
Best intro award goes to this video c:
Aoife. E. D.
Aoife. E. D. Dag siden
I’m almost certain that the one who says “I will put you back together” is the Fred Bear plush and not William, based on Nightmare Fred Bears death lines in UCN, two of which specifically call out ‘putting you back together’. Idk why he would say this if he never said it to begin with in fnaf 4, and it might be Scott’s way of clarifying it in his usual confusing kinda way. Just a though tho
Natalie Johnson
Natalie Johnson Dag siden
2:27 no
daan den Buurman
daan den Buurman 2 dager siden
I have a theorie: fnaf word is the happening of al the kids getting brainwashed and they got there revenge
S J 2 dager siden
17:24 I can’t be the only one reminded of Rick and Morty.
Paxton Douthit
Paxton Douthit 2 dager siden
can you do a theory about William aftons family
Christian Wallace
Christian Wallace 2 dager siden
Am I dumb or is the mask that the big brother wears not the missing foxy head
Foxy the gamer cool dude
Foxy the gamer cool dude 2 dager siden
He's here he's there he's everywhere who you going to call psychic friend fredbear
Yoj Samuel De Guzman
Yoj Samuel De Guzman 2 dager siden
Epic Mormon Brony
Epic Mormon Brony 2 dager siden
Not gonna lie, I came to this video for the disturbingly catchy theme song.
Lina O
Lina O 3 dager siden
"The eyes are a window to the soul" maybe thats why there so much focus on the eyes?
Best Buddy
Best Buddy 3 dager siden
Matpat: this is the final fnaf theory Scott: so I started developing-
Megan05 BR
Megan05 BR 3 dager siden
The next theory channel should be called FNAF theory
J-P Johnson
J-P Johnson 3 dager siden
J-P Johnson
J-P Johnson 3 dager siden
If Fred bear was a Pokémon he’d be a psychic type no wonder he’s called psychic friend Fred bear also what is your problem with the fan?
ValensBellator 3 dager siden
You know, I’d say those novels seem so weird and unexplained that they are overly silly, but I’ve read a few Stephen King novels... honestly, these stories make perfect sense by comparison 😂
Jacob Sings!
Jacob Sings! 3 dager siden
Best intro ever
Afonso Miguel S. Silva
Afonso Miguel S. Silva 3 dager siden
Loved the fredbear tv comercial at the begining. 😉
Floor 5 dager siden
IceBoy 5 dager siden
Furry alert
Cj.s colors
Cj.s colors 5 dager siden
Oh I have a theory *there isn’t really any lore and Scott just wants to drive us insane*
lynia sean
lynia sean 5 dager siden
wate crying childs brother took his foxy toys head off to make crying child cry
Alexandrea Hanson
Alexandrea Hanson 5 dager siden
This might not help but Elizabeth's hair is orange.
Bonnie bunny plays
Bonnie bunny plays 5 dager siden
Me: listen I’m in the game whatever it is I’ll understand Mat: is talking about golden Freddy Me: there’s nothing about this I understand
3 Spoons O' Sugar
3 Spoons O' Sugar 5 dager siden
Wait so Alec is like a fusion of the crying child and his older brother... Oh my god... So you know how in the fnaf book series, Charlie remembers a little brother named Sammy who was killed by spring bonnie? In the second book it was revealed that Sammy was Charlie, and her memory was altered when she was brought back by Henry. What if Michael Afton/Emily is both the crying child, and the older brother, and we are just seeing his altered memories? That's why the theories of Michael being the older brother and Michael being the crying child contradict each other. Maybe he treated Elizabeth the way the older brother treated the crying child, and now he is feeling the guilt as he is tortured by himself. Please tell me anything else this explains and anything that disproves it.
Guest666 YT
Guest666 YT 5 dager siden
Theory 2: lonely Freddy=freddle
Isabelle Hatherall
Isabelle Hatherall 6 dager siden
You know how foxy bros mask looks just like the head of foxy plushie I think foxy bro cut the head from the foxy plush and worn it
DARAS CHANNEL 6 dager siden
Hi game theory or mat pat but I just noticed that the shape of the eyes of animatronic in five nights at Freddys has a human in it inside the pupils you have to zoom in tho check it out
Luigi Fan998
Luigi Fan998 6 dager siden
What if Plushtrap also is a Lonely doll? I mean, it would make sense from a business standpoint if Freddy’s made Lonely Bonnies and Lonely Foxies, but only Lonely Freddies? That doesn’t make sense.
Princess Spook123
Princess Spook123 6 dager siden
Hey Matpat, I don't think the Freddles were explained of who they are. I think the Freddles are the Nightmarish Version of the Lonely Freddy's. And maybe there was 3 trying to body swap with Crying Child. But he avoids them and the Sound Delusion Discs make them his Nightmare that makes Nightmare Freddy.
Josey Strife
Josey Strife 6 dager siden
Funny how at 6:36 Hazel is frowning at the AI with Alec face despite the family being none the wiser I guess that was some creative interpretation
Delete This
Delete This 6 dager siden
2:35 Matpat: *vietnam flashbacks*
Andreas Grange
Andreas Grange 6 dager siden
You are so good at unlocking theses secrets dude!!! 👍 KEEP IT UP
Snoot Snoot
Snoot Snoot 6 dager siden
Hold on. Hold on. Hear me out. What if the Freddles from FNAF 4 are supposed to represent the Lonely Freddy’s? Like think about it. They’re the only miniature Freddy’s seen in any game (other than 8-bit psychic friend fredbear). And since the nightmares are just formed from the sound disk illusion device, that’s why the crying child sees the Freddles as what he sees them as? No..? Too dumb? Ok-
TheSourLemon 6 dager siden
That song is probably one of the best things in this series ever
Astro Geek
Astro Geek 7 dager siden
But lonely Freddy is a doll or a little robot?
Gamer Krill
Gamer Krill 7 dager siden
Luke Connell
Luke Connell 7 dager siden
The last fnaf will have you fighting a sans cult THE ULTIMATE BATTLE!!! 2:10
James Barrientos - SRM Student
James Barrientos - SRM Student 7 dager siden
Izabella Oeland
Izabella Oeland 7 dager siden
I was thinking the lonely Freddys would be the Freddles... but its just a theory *A Game Theory*
glazeddoυgнnυт 7 dager siden
Okay this is what I have to say: *that intro tho-*
Anime Joy
Anime Joy 8 dager siden
I feel like some of the employees would have to know about the lonely freddies. Why else would they just keep a bin full of discarded freddies? Maybe they're worried that they would have body snatching abilities too? I know that sounds crazy but... time traveling ball pit.
-E L A I N E-
-E L A I N E- 8 dager siden
what about the brothers mask?
Alien Girl
Alien Girl 8 dager siden
Awww what happened at the end of the Fred bear song he was just good but now I have the feeling he’s actually( evil ) 😮☹️😌😅
Hufflepuff gatchas
Hufflepuff gatchas 8 dager siden
Wait wait wait did you make this song?!???
Katie Altmann
Katie Altmann 8 dager siden
Me watching the begging of this video after the spring trap mpreg was written 👁👄👁
Caitlin Starling
Caitlin Starling 8 dager siden
Ok a big disclaimer for the foxy toy that belonged to Christopher(Crying child)His brother ripped it off of it infront of Chris and put it on himself to tell him that they are alive as a joke.Because Mike(Foxy boy) had the same nightmares just like chris!But he did not tell anyone cause he did not want to end up like Chris!And for there chis is scared of them most of the time from them being "Alive"Like his brother said to him!And Mike does not hate chris he is jealous cause he did not get as much attention as chris when he was younger!His father was neglect to him his mother Clara cared half of the time but not most.He was just as scared as chis when he was younger. And thank you and good bye from my Ted talk 😁👋
Roman GamerYT
Roman GamerYT 8 dager siden
I think all the parallels are just lazy writing because Scott is a coder not a writer.
bigmanwednesday 8 dager siden
My theory: Scott torturing Matthew tells us pp large uwuźer
Dope Gaming
Dope Gaming 8 dager siden
Matt Jones
Matt Jones 9 dager siden
Can you imagine if Scott just comes out saying: "Yeah none of this is connected. You all delved WAY too deep into this."
Kenzie Animation
Kenzie Animation 9 dager siden
That gacha tuber Sakura
That gacha tuber Sakura 9 dager siden
aye.. your throwing it out in the universe for us to FETCH
imsorrywhat 9 dager siden
me:hmm this video seems good me: *clicks on it* *HEARS THE FREDBEAR THEME AND SINGS ALONG*
Purple Guy
Purple Guy 9 dager siden
Just to say Elizabeth did not die when she got put in the Stomach she stored in there so she was still alive but when baby was scooped then Elizabeth
Chloe Kent
Chloe Kent 10 dager siden
Who remembers when people thought that ennard was the Endo skeleton in the back room in old fnaf games
DAVID BUTLER 10 dager siden
at 0:16 i have a toy of that creature thing and its called Alfie i think. Well its my mum's.
Nafie Mocanu
Nafie Mocanu 10 dager siden
Instead of calling pshicic friend fredbear lonely freddy call him lonely fredbear
DollfaceFashionista 10 dager siden
Of course the video starts with a music montage...
Ivy Kick
Ivy Kick 11 dager siden
Elizabeth has orange hair
Five nights at Freddy's SISTER LOCATION
Five nights at Freddy's SISTER LOCATION 11 dager siden
Theory idk what to call you bc of you're many theory channels but why is Fredbear with A.L.F!?
TheReadymona 11 dager siden
Yup Lonely freddy is a body snatcher *sorry if I spelt that wrong*
CrossedPawsGacha 11 dager siden
Oh my god Matt you killed me that song
Callis 12 dager siden
Best song I’ve heard all day
Hero_ Brian_123
Hero_ Brian_123 12 dager siden
Psychic friends bears or so racist
Cyber Dagger
Cyber Dagger 12 dager siden
You know. I kinda figured the lonely freddy's where the freddles. It makes sense. Minnie freddy's that know what your thinking yeah. But If you think about it. They are small. Free roaming and end up scaring you in fnaf4.
KingPluto 12 dager siden
I Made Some Of Those ''Adult Cuddling'' Comics
Pam Harper
Pam Harper 12 dager siden
Mystic 2010
Mystic 2010 12 dager siden
Its returns!The fedbear song returns...only to go creepy
Allen Samson
Allen Samson 12 dager siden
Here's a theory Maybe these things that you are theorizing are just games and books from those games But Hey!That's just a theory A GAME Theory.Thanks for listening And the edit is just a spelling error. Another edit Make book theory And this is old.This video is old.
ultra joci
ultra joci 13 dager siden
13:38 oh? Are you aproaching me?
SAMUEL HOHERZ 13 dager siden
The crying child is Chris Afton
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 13 dager siden
Just stop listing to Gacha kids
Let's go have fun with Ninya
Let's go have fun with Ninya 13 dager siden
Am I the only person who now thinks mat pat is colour blind. Elizabeth's hair is ginger
Boy Zack
Boy Zack 14 dager siden
2:09 SANS
VeryFluffyShark 14 dager siden
As someone named Freddie with few friends irl and has always been alienated by my peers for God knows why, I appreciate the representation
Cody Brown
Cody Brown 14 dager siden
What if the brothers wearing the head?
the xman show
the xman show 14 dager siden
Cookie Cas Ven Of The Boop Army
Cookie Cas Ven Of The Boop Army 14 dager siden
Mini Theory, Mat Pat IS Scott, and he created all the lore and Fnaf stuff
mr. gomez
mr. gomez 14 dager siden
Its kinda weird how the big brother who scares crying child is ONLY using a mask (not the rest of the costume) idk why this is a important detail or not
Ilanah The Kilr
Ilanah The Kilr 15 dager siden
I don’t understand why Matt dumped the Emily family household theory I think it is the true lore of fnaf 4
Scott Cotton
Scott Cotton 13 dager siden
It was debunked by the game files of sister location
Sineva Lilomaiava
Sineva Lilomaiava 15 dager siden
Pret Z
Pret Z 15 dager siden
Matpat AirPods charge in 15 minutes
Nathan Fitch
Nathan Fitch 15 dager siden
yea those fan fictions are as realistic as frick and are so fricking stupid with the "Aggressive cuddling"
Nathan Fitch
Nathan Fitch 15 dager siden
i commented this because I have experienced some fan fictions aka Percy Jackson and they are complete bull crap
Ghost Phrog
Ghost Phrog 15 dager siden
You have to remove an eye and arm to become a pirate
:\\ Hawks //:
:\\ Hawks //: 15 dager siden
10:40 Nobody: Absolutely Nobody: MatPat embodying Todoroki:
Project 365
Project 365 15 dager siden
Matpat: looks at details closely Also Matpat: ignores the fact that fetches mouth is the same as some of the nightmares
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