Game Theory: FNAF, The Faceless Puppet Master

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In my previous FNAF episode that dived into the new Fazbear Frights book series, I said I was going to come back to one of the characters for a closer look. Today is that day! I am taking a hard look at the boy in the time traveling ball pit, Oswald. You see, I think we may have found the person making these FNAF games. No, I don't mean Scott and the games in our world, I mean the in cannon creator of the FNAF games that was mentioned in FNAF VR. Why Oswald? Watch to find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Tyler Mascola, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Target 2 timer siden
Heres the thing, you know when matpat said there was no other date that connected to the date :1985? If we look at the beginning of the silver eyes, we can see Charlie explain her horrifying past, and the murder she was involved in, in none other than 1985. With a victim, of the child Michael.
corpsechan 4 timer siden
so oswald is his persona basically?
UT6Gaming UT6Music
UT6Gaming UT6Music 10 timer siden
yo i was just thinking what if Mr. purple guy himself was infected by glitch trap....
music's side
music's side 10 timer siden
Scott:blinks Mattpat:if I deνide Scott's breath by four will Smith's I'll have a mass of 9 apples so if I take 69.000 and multiply it by Markiplier I'll finally have all the lore
Kitty Kit Kai
Kitty Kit Kai 19 timer siden
Me : *has green eyes* Me again : *has semi orange hair* Me one more time : *loves ice cream* :]
Katt Brown
Katt Brown Dag siden
im vandyyyyyyyyyyy
Katt Brown
Katt Brown Dag siden
butter vidddddddddddddd plisssssssss
Katt Brown
Katt Brown Dag siden
mack a vid for killer kids
Tabetha Alaniz
Tabetha Alaniz Dag siden
I think there not these games and I forgot this episode
Mir Baiyaan
Mir Baiyaan Dag siden
Akiya Santos
Akiya Santos Dag siden
I love how game theory trys to teach us how to solve and uncover lore but at the same time have some fun.😄
Calvin Hendrickson
Calvin Hendrickson Dag siden
If you pause it right here perfectly 1:47 You can see that at the bottom of the page Cassidy says What is your Name
Totally real Name
Totally real Name 2 dager siden
I really liked that intro music at the beginning!
Raiderex is OK
Raiderex is OK 2 dager siden
200% a stretch...
Addison Yt
Addison Yt 2 dager siden
tomorrow it will be exactly one year since this theory was uploaded ;-;
Thegamingboy93 2 dager siden
364 days old!
Hariken Studios
Hariken Studios 3 dager siden
Who else would actually watch a movie called Ball Pit Time Machine?
Dannin Matthews
Dannin Matthews 3 dager siden
To Be Beautiful could be a story of Ennard kicking out Baby. Ennard/Elenor abandons and leaves Baby/Sarah behind.
GAMING US 101 4 dager siden
I was the 500th dislike on this video
Aaron Thomas
Aaron Thomas 4 dager siden
My respect for Oswald when he read manga:📈📈📈📈
Tomor Shala
Tomor Shala 4 dager siden
Plot twist:Matpat is the villian
Cloe Grima
Cloe Grima 4 dager siden
I like the old fnaf theories this is too confusing for me now 🤧
diana jaipaul-saboo
diana jaipaul-saboo 4 dager siden
The fnaf lore is like those puzzles that have pictures on both sides with no ends (and corners) and five extra pieces
idk idk
idk idk 5 dager siden
I love how you dont say at the beggining: PLS LIKE!!!
Gluten Tag
Gluten Tag 5 dager siden
I think that the games we have played are real and have actually happened, and the games that this Mystery Game Designer have made are the mini games we’ve played in FNAF 2 and 3, also the new Princess Quest mini game from Help Wanted
Alex Airshadow
Alex Airshadow 5 dager siden
I just realized something in the happiest day mini game, there in the first seat a boy wearing an alligator mask.
tubbo _
tubbo _ 5 dager siden
Libby Goulet
Libby Goulet 5 dager siden
I know some thing that you don’t
Melissa Lauryn
Melissa Lauryn 6 dager siden
10:15 is that his nose or mouth ?
Joaquin Picazo
Joaquin Picazo 7 dager siden
Did anyone see that in the post saying he uses pictures of him and his family also said "My little boy, Jason, is the face of 'The One You Shouldn't Have Killed' in UCN" DID ANYONE SEE THAT?
Vulcano Boom
Vulcano Boom 7 dager siden
iu97t8rt90er9ntv89rv9rg90g90tigh90tnugv8ortgub89uhe8ovuergo;uonvfxcyh8nf907er90cbtuvbia-0nfjcvidn kfjdfk;sjvjrjfdofberbfvuiseufvbdf89fgvvbiaerufvuhnadubusiocb uiv
rolf eirik sørensen
rolf eirik sørensen 7 dager siden
I feel more creeped out my some of the models they use, than the stort itself. All of those that are used in Petscop is the same
Steven S
Steven S 8 dager siden
So nothing in the first 6 games matters?
Brody McGee
Brody McGee 8 dager siden
At least Scott did something good to the world
xMayBayx 8 dager siden
‘Ruining your childhood since 2011’ me: *sure, but where's Dora?*
Beatdropkilla 8 dager siden
does anyone know the name of the song at the start?
JrtWit 8 dager siden
Can we all just take a second and realize how insane this guy is at editing, keep up the great work dude.
AceFox gameing
AceFox gameing 8 dager siden
Matpat: on that ties back to the games ad: League of Legends me: whaaaaaatttttttttt??????????
veronix_ gaming
veronix_ gaming 9 dager siden
Okay so after all the dumb hate comments I've seen along with the comment Matt mentioned on the next video I've decided to step in. One (this is going towards the idiot saying time travel is unrealistic in the fnaf universe) I own the WHOLE and I mean WHOLE fnaf series, books, games, survival guide, EVERYTHING and I just want to say to the twat who said time travel is unrealistic in the fnaf universe.... READ THE F*CKING BOOK. IT SAYS SPACIFICALLY HE WENT INTO THE BALL PIT, WAITED A FEW MINUTES, CAME BACK TO THE SURFACE, AND WAS IN FREDDY FAZBEAR'S PIZZARIA FROM what was that? OH YEAH 1985 hmmm HOW TF DOES A KID GO FROM THE YEAR 20 SOMTHING TO 1985 FROM A BALLPIT. MAYBE CAUSE... OH I DONT KNOW... IT TIME TRAVELED. Also cut my man matt some slack he's been on this series for YEARS and every time he figures out the main truth Scott Cawthon hilariously says "Ha ha you figured out the truth eh?" Matt "YES YOU CANT HIDE FROM ME ANYMORE BUD!" Scott: HAHAHA FUNNIE NEW FNAF GAME GO BRRR!" Matt "NOOOOOOOOO" And don't sit in your moms basement typing that matt pat isn't smart because matt is a freaking genius. He figured out so much about fnaf on so little in a surprising amount of time. Whoever calls him dumb probably couldn't solve a children's riddle that fast. also how can you not spell a word correctly with auto correct or left clicking to correct it?
kieran gamez
kieran gamez 9 dager siden
15:35 I'm watching this during quarantine. I got to the point that's at the beginning of this comment. And immediately cringed at the meme. xD
Jeffrey Zapata
Jeffrey Zapata 9 dager siden
8:09 unrelated but i see the manga Beck there. I heard a lot of good things about it might check it out.
Underworld's Heiress
Underworld's Heiress 9 dager siden
Mat don't forget: The Jeff's pizza could also be a reference with the Pizzaria Simulator where the kid passes more time at the Pizzaria than with his family.
Zachary Hathaway
Zachary Hathaway 10 dager siden
It’s unfortunate to know the fnaf games are games in-universe,
Domenico Spagnuolo
Domenico Spagnuolo 12 dager siden
book theory
I'm not weird everyone else is weird and I'm normal
I'm not weird everyone else is weird and I'm normal 11 dager siden
Ross Hoover
Ross Hoover 12 dager siden
scott: *confirms a theory* everyone: wait that’s illegal
ph4nt0m 12 dager siden
13:19 i aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww hell no
Tyrell Gott
Tyrell Gott 12 dager siden
I know no one will see this but I have to ask, did FNAF Help Wanted happen before Pizzeria Simulator in the timeline? Because at the end of it, they say "Fazbear Entertainment is no longer a corporate entity". And help Wanted is about Fazbear Entertainment trying to fix bad PR
I'm not weird everyone else is weird and I'm normal
I'm not weird everyone else is weird and I'm normal 11 dager siden
I think yes
Hassan Sadeeq
Hassan Sadeeq 13 dager siden
swithwraith might look like it is ennard-- its in ultimate costume nights he is clearly not ennard hes not a human hes not ennard for sure beceause the teeth are not there i think i havnt seen him in a long time
Outside_moon 14 dager siden
He is like me!!!
BlzerDash 14 dager siden
Tokyo Japan
Tokyo Japan 15 dager siden
Mattpatt: “Dowls” me: dolls him: dowls me: ha no.
Name Go brrr
Name Go brrr 15 dager siden
Poor MatPat getting so much hate for sharing his opinion
Sneaky Snake
Sneaky Snake 15 dager siden
i like that he used the music for "we love to sing a song with you" from the fnaf musical :D
Sara Light
Sara Light 15 dager siden
What does the name and thumbnail have ANYTHING to do with this????
كان بيلا بيلا
كان بيلا بيلا 16 dager siden
F*** you
WVX 16
WVX 16 9 dager siden
lilly lees
lilly lees 16 dager siden
please make more DEATH NOTE vids!!!!!!!!!!
ColinCartoons 17 dager siden
The story of the intro: A kid is drawing freddy, gets stabbed by purple boi, and DIES. THE END.
Yozuker 18 dager siden
Events of 85 is the withered animatronics pizzeria, 5 get killed (Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy and maybe GF) but that’s just me thinking
Avks dr Fbrdju
Avks dr Fbrdju 18 dager siden
"HOLLY BALLORA." Just take that out of context
yiashu 18 dager siden
No one: Every single Game Theory Thumbnail: GOLDEN FREDDY
Linda Albert
Linda Albert 19 dager siden
Matpat and that’s it me: wait it ended something does not see right matpat: FOR M NOW me: much better
Maybe geimerLV
Maybe geimerLV 20 dager siden
and thats you take evry detail wery eportent thats is Psychopath in training (¬‿¬) (⊙_⊙;)
Maybe geimerLV
Maybe geimerLV 20 dager siden
or b its both
The YouTube Virus lauderdale
The YouTube Virus lauderdale 20 dager siden
i know im almost like a year late but, what if Oswald made the first fnaf game and fazzbear industry saw that people thought it was fake because it was a video game however fnaf 1 was not %100 accurate to what happened so fazzbear industry paid Oswald to make the next few game as accurate as he could get them so that people would think the events were fake. The reason i say this is because Scott thought that fnaf 1 was going to be his last game so he had no plan for such huge lore, so if Scott did this he could say fnaf 1 is not %100 cannon while it at the same time is a little cannon
Erwin Abella
Erwin Abella 20 dager siden
Idk what to say but I watch this everyday But I think it makes sense
Michele Goerke
Michele Goerke 21 dag siden
I have to get facts
chamaktatara 21 dag siden
u know at this point he is obbsessed with dabbing chica...i think he likes the pic
LunaFox 45
LunaFox 45 21 dag siden
Gods, how long ago was it since we had a normal Game Theory intro?
Ash_the_inky_boi :3
Ash_the_inky_boi :3 21 dag siden
what if Oswald somehow put glitchtrap into the game (to get rid of him)
Ash_the_inky_boi :3
Ash_the_inky_boi :3 21 dag siden
4:20 wheres the alarm for fnaf 6?
The King Of Jotunheim
The King Of Jotunheim 21 dag siden
The Ps of the ending words
Dawn Jordan
Dawn Jordan 21 dag siden
I have the FNAF book into the pit.
A_B742 PLAYS ROBLOX AND GAMES 21 dag siden
Wow good points, this is becoming pretty interesting, idk about each Scott cawthon breathe having a connection to the lore tho 👀
Andrea Toninato
Andrea Toninato 22 dager siden
The Chica segments also take a lot of inspiration from anime and manga, I mean the yandere archetype isn't really western, but it's very popular in Japan, so it makes sense for someone who likes manga to know this and reference it.
AA-SAN SimpsForDeku
AA-SAN SimpsForDeku 22 dager siden
Me: * holding the book mentioned * OH HECK NAAAA
Ayers Fritsche
Ayers Fritsche 22 dager siden
dabing chica and the fan are Matpats sleep paralysis demons
Lovin' Life
Lovin' Life 23 dager siden
MatPat: goes insane over a game about a serial killer Me: Ima double check the locks on my doors tonight
Emembam3 23 dager siden
Bonzo 23 dager siden
FNAF is crazy, but it also helped boost MatPat's NOpost career
I’m always Left
I’m always Left 24 dager siden
My favorite line in this video is “ you breathe and it becomes cannon”
That One Guy
That One Guy 24 dager siden
*YoU bReAtH AnD iT bEcOmEs CaNnOn*
Ezra Waybright
Ezra Waybright 25 dager siden
Wonder when or if the iconic intro music and scene starts again
*kpop* XxTrashxX
*kpop* XxTrashxX 26 dager siden
NoOoOoO not mah boi scott! He wants us to have a great time on the games! He can't be like that! This is a joke don't take it srly
G.S. Harrington
G.S. Harrington 26 dager siden
a random person
a random person 26 dager siden
if you look at Oswald closely it'll seem like his nose is his mouth. after reading this comment, go try it. i can promise you you won't regret it.
Johnny Siniscal
Johnny Siniscal 26 dager siden
well I'm confused I thought that the crying child was mikes little brother Chris and mike died from the scooper and bullyed Chris but you are saying mike was the crying child? im sorry i dont know much xd
ItsHypherplayz 27 dager siden
Ha Ha ha ha ha
gasterBlaster_ 27 dager siden
Timothy Dodd
Timothy Dodd 27 dager siden
Oswald: (Has blue jacket with white lining) Me: OSWALD IS NESS!
Epic adventures Of C.G and J.C
Epic adventures Of C.G and J.C 28 dager siden
Damit you scared me
hybrid 28 dager siden
Loosely base so that means that was a murder
Blayne C
Blayne C 29 dager siden
Scott:breaths matpat:L O R E
Bonnie X
Bonnie X 29 dager siden
I don’t think he made the actual games, however I do think he made the 8-bit mini games because in fnaf 6 the actual games in the video game machines are 8-bit and mostly events that happed in the whole of fnaf not just what the night guard sees include them and their kind of exposing their company of the crimes
Erin Madden
Erin Madden 29 dager siden
...I thought Ozzies nose was a mouth and he was just smiling like, “this is fine”
oisin 29 dager siden
loved the new video cant wait for the new one, love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu bad theory
Tina Jäger
Tina Jäger Måned siden
i think your not suposed to hold a pencil that way ( at the biginning ) its would destroy the pencil XD ( sorry for grammar )
Mason Moffitt
Mason Moffitt Måned siden
11:22 this is the best point matpat has ever made
steve Jones
steve Jones Måned siden
so more time travel because if fnaf 2 happpens in 1983 (as scene on the tv in the crying childs tv) that means fnf 2 is either before or after this extra place in 1985
Kapalish _405
Kapalish _405 Måned siden
Go to 11:18
Ander Bishai
Ander Bishai Måned siden
I think fazbear entertainment is evil, and created glitch trap to posses William to kill kids for experiments with life and death. they also created the nightmare animatronics to kill Micheal the crying child because he saw the missing children incident. also if William was possessed by glitch trap, that would explain why in the story the dad glitches between golden bonnie and himself. he's not just William afton, he's being controlled by glitch trap.
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