Game Theory: The Mystery of Minecraft's Haunted Discs (Minecraft)

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Today Theorists, I aim to solve another one of the many mysteries of Minecraft. We've explored a lot already, but with a game this big, there is always more to find. Take the music discs, which are the objects you find randomly throughout the game when you do certain things. Except, there are two discs in particular that peaked my interest - Disc 11 and Disc 13. The two "corrupted" discs that, when you play them, sound like something from a horror game rather than Minecraft. What is going on with Discs 11 and 13? Let's find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: BanditRants, Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

gaydes69 År siden
and who would've known that the sweet tunes I was cranking in my epic base held so much hidden lore
Bill Keelan
Bill Keelan 3 dager siden
You game him the one talking in my head when I watch these
craftsperts 1161
craftsperts 1161 17 dager siden
I did not hear any music from the music discs
GamingWith Eathan
GamingWith Eathan 20 dager siden
Wilbur Stan
Wilbur Stan 23 dager siden
I don’t play music disc I don’t want to talk about it i was scared for my life I will say that
Boom boy Lags
Boom boy Lags 23 dager siden
The blazes may have been created by the ancient builders because of the spawners in the builders old buildings the nether fortress made by the sorry this is my theory
Hannah E
Hannah E Time siden
Holy crap all these years I thought minecraft was a peaceful game but I’m glad I never found hero brine and disc 11and 13 now I realise why you put ruining your childhood since 2011
Bru Skidlz
Bru Skidlz Time siden
I accidentally experienced music disc 11 about four years ago when I was exploring all of Mine craft's items in creative mode. I actually had problems sleeping for a little bit after that. I know I was a baby of a child.
Mason Bienio
Mason Bienio 2 timer siden
Oh no 9:22
FOOT CURE 2 timer siden
what about herobrine in the beginning u didnt explain that
Justmart 2 timer siden
I’m waiting for someone to Rick roll with weird sounds
Sunny Ranch
Sunny Ranch 4 timer siden
on the 11 theory, there is a video based off of that, and the metal object was something that does not exist in minecraft
V-Rex 5 timer siden
Guys, notice this. There is a disc 11 and 13, but no disc 12. What if you played both discs at the exact same time, and that would create the missing audio, for disc 12.
Black Hat Studios
Black Hat Studios 10 timer siden
Man he was scary
Gacha. Rhonette Chats
Gacha. Rhonette Chats 11 timer siden
me: *reversed disc 11* *hears "Don't do it!" *
imbored Dag siden
when I was 7 I found one of these in a mineshaft and I listened to it and literally had nightmares for days and now I look back and laugh at my 7-year-old self for getting scared at this
sarah whitbread
sarah whitbread Dag siden
does he know Steve's friend Alex
José Vieira
José Vieira Dag siden
I read minecraft the island!The the main character found some books on a mineshaft.
Ba6 Gaming
Ba6 Gaming Dag siden
the clicking could also be shears because they make a similar sound in game
Rohn Gav
Rohn Gav Dag siden
Not even scary
Sam Sachnowitz
Sam Sachnowitz Dag siden
where's disc 12
Honk Dag siden
Question tho! Why is the music disc Stal the same color as 13? None of the others are alike
Hannah W
Hannah W Dag siden
ive seen a 13th floor in a hotel
Jonathan Getherall
Jonathan Getherall Dag siden
@The Game Theorists, I think i know something else that can be added. "The Crash Theory" is what people think cause these ambience sounds to play in the first place. Nearly to the end, a miner in a minecart kills other miners, and one is left, and I think that should be where disc 11 begins to pick up, since he is trying to get out of the cave and he is alone. *NOTE* This is NOT my theory. Link where I found the idea (to obviously give credit)
phoenixjklin Dag siden
I can’t remember the exact sound of walking on dirt right now, but I feel like what we hear on the discs are the sounds of MINING stone and PLACING dirt/gravel. As if the character we hear is cornered and desperately trying to mine away from whoever is chasing him. Placing dirt behind him as he goes to try and slow down his chaser.
DaWhoDoo 2 dager siden
Disc 11 and 13 is me JAM!!!
Arson Gaming53
Arson Gaming53 2 dager siden
I got disc 13 yesterday (28.10.20) and when i took it out of the jukebox it disappeared. Is this a glitch or something more serious?
Jiex Cabaluna
Jiex Cabaluna 2 dager siden
Endermen sounds were at the last second of one of those discs. Aggressive sounding ones.
spacecar 2 dager siden
i remember being petrified by disc 11 when i was younger
Bn Solucoes10
Bn Solucoes10 2 dager siden
when u ssaid herobrine it reminded me when i was playing minecraft with my friend she tired summoning him then we continued playing and then i found around the world a lake that looked like a skyblock i digged under it and found a sigh saying different types of numbers do u know?
Isaiah Hiari
Isaiah Hiari 2 dager siden
This almost makes me not play my survival world.Bye the way, how do you craft a jukebox?
IDI EXTRA 2 dager siden
Can i be music theory
Janemaria Roy
Janemaria Roy 2 dager siden
Today I foand disk number 13 in a tunnel neare mob sponer I
MountainDewrito 2 dager siden
Jeez the jump scares
Noob_doge 1234
Noob_doge 1234 2 dager siden
bru im creeped my name is nicholas
X Æ A-12
X Æ A-12 2 dager siden
This is not theory anymore, it is the answer.
James V. PH
James V. PH 2 dager siden
Have nooooo herobrine
James V. PH
James V. PH 2 dager siden
Have no herobrine
Red Death
Red Death 2 dager siden
3:52 I can answer your question, it was terrifying. I don't remember the specifics but I just remember being scared of disc 11 😂
Chris willett
Chris willett 2 dager siden
Matpat i feel like the paper is a book but it sounds like mining of stone and gravel
Asia The Person
Asia The Person 2 dager siden
Funny thing, I started playin Minecraft when I was 8 ( I’m 12) and disc 11 is the first disc I played I was traumatized
Asia The Person
Asia The Person 2 dager siden
Any body else planning to binge this until your eyes strain
acvisYT 3 dager siden
couldnt the explorer found a dungeon on disc 11?
Bill Keelan
Bill Keelan 3 dager siden
I have da book and I have da back pack and ok I will stop but I do have Minecraft and I already knew all this
- MarbleMann_YT -
- MarbleMann_YT - 3 dager siden
I made a texture pack that makes the disc 11 texture not look like its been smashed
Splat John
Splat John 3 dager siden
Games:exists Matpat:Yep let’s make creppy video
darkk 64
darkk 64 3 dager siden
*Tommy Innit want to know your location*
Dank Dazzlers
Dank Dazzlers 3 dager siden
with the new warden i have seen a lot of theories surrounding disk 11 and the warden and i can believe it
MCDONALDS union 3 dager siden
Nether more like netherlands
SkyLark Gaming
SkyLark Gaming 3 dager siden
oh god that link got me rickrolled 5:55
Elijah Tucker
Elijah Tucker 3 dager siden
Good job on the shameless plug
Prince Schwoop 52
Prince Schwoop 52 3 dager siden
But is the backpack bullet proof, as an American this is very important to me
Icy Daniel
Icy Daniel 3 dager siden
My legs hurt 😞
Captain Sauce
Captain Sauce 4 dager siden
Tobuscus reference...😢❤️❤️❤️
Tiff Notes
Tiff Notes 4 dager siden
Tiff Notes
Tiff Notes 4 dager siden
Tiff Notes
Tiff Notes 4 dager siden
11 and 13 🙀🙀😵😵😵😵😵🔪🔪🔪🪓🪓🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️
Tiff Notes
Tiff Notes 4 dager siden
Skorge _
Skorge _ 4 dager siden
Do not watch this at night. I REPEAT DO NOT
Xalish Daj
Xalish Daj 4 dager siden
What if the one who was breathing and coughing herobRine
Ghosty 9991
Ghosty 9991 4 dager siden
Before the neithe update i always play but now it ruined my childhood because of the cave sound
Riordojim 4 dager siden
What are your worst fears: Spiders Claustrophobia Cave sounds
MrYEET YEET 4 dager siden
Me after watching the beginning This is not DOKI DOKI
XxStarry_FexX 4 dager siden
May: spends the first five minute of every video just explaining what where watching as if we didn’t already read th friggin title
A̷_̴C̴o̵r̶r̶u̷p̸t̶e̵d̸ _̷F̴u̶r̴r̴y̴
A̷_̴C̴o̵r̶r̶u̷p̸t̶e̵d̸ _̷F̴u̶r̴r̴y̴ 4 dager siden
8:52 its "disc"
Will Cage
Will Cage 4 dager siden
My first and only music disc ive ever found was 13
GachazGamer Online
GachazGamer Online 4 dager siden
The Lost Journal Must Have Been Discovered here Just Like The Book Said In Name *"The Lost Journal"* Isn't It Weird? "The Lost Journal" They Must Have Been Referencing Disk 13/11 Reading And Scribbling So They Might Be Making A Journal Of What Have Happening And It Passed to The Book "The Lost Journal" Book That Release So That My Friend Might Have Connection To Disc 11 And 13 To The Lost Journal Of What We Have In The Real world What if Minecraft IS Real!?
Another thing worth noting is the grunt during the end of 11 which either suggest’s 2 things the creeper made a grunt before exploding or it was a nearby enderman angered by the explorer not to mention the other enderman sound in the middle of 11
PlipPlopFlip 4 dager siden
I think Steve in the cover is not afraid of the creeper, nor the disc, he is afraid of the creeper having arms.
Logan H
Logan H 4 dager siden
ummm your vidieo has a sin why does the thumbnail have a creeper holding a disc with arms????????????
CarNacho 15
CarNacho 15 5 dager siden
I still remember the mine crash theory 😂
CarNacho 15
CarNacho 15 5 dager siden
Wow and for my first time doing survival maybe in my first week I already got disc 13 after I was fighting a skeleton but a creeper came by so I just waited🙃
Emanuel Reed
Emanuel Reed 5 dager siden
I did find this as a kid and we were disturb by this
banana fruitcake
banana fruitcake 5 dager siden
Did anyone else used to think Herobrine was smiling? As a child I was so terrified of disc 11 and 13 and now people ripping themselves open because there's a robot bunny inside them doesn't even faze me
Flying38 5 dager siden
I've seen a theory that it's a warden in the discs
Davin lyryk
Davin lyryk 5 dager siden
Game theory pin me i actually found disc 13 in my minecraft world and it actually sucks i just want a NORMAL SERIES and i found this disc i was so suprised and after i looked at the name of the dusc and it had a name called C418-13
Hei Bk-201
Hei Bk-201 5 dager siden
Everybody gangsta until they release Disc 12...
ma ma ri
ma ma ri 5 dager siden
Dad: Are you winning son? Me: Yes Also me: Summoning herobrine from a NOpost tutorial in 2012
Jessica Buenrostro
Jessica Buenrostro 6 dager siden
tinystorm 6 dager siden
I remember finding disk 11 when I was a kid and me and my friend liked it, we jammed to the guy coughing.
IcingOnThe Cake
IcingOnThe Cake 6 dager siden
God! I love minecraft
FloppyYT 68.9
FloppyYT 68.9 6 dager siden
why im watching this alone on my bedroom lights off all asleep
Liam McMahon
Liam McMahon 6 dager siden
Wait so discs are created that way because its a nod to the whole 11 and 13 story?
kacper disaster
kacper disaster 6 dager siden
He spends a lot of time on this
Liam McMahon
Liam McMahon 6 dager siden
Theory: skeletons were created wgen the zombified players find remaining humans and somehow eating them without killing them. Or ya know, zombies rotting away
Liam McMahon
Liam McMahon 6 dager siden
I once got a disc by accident. I got 13 and i threw it away its too creepy
Liam McMahon
Liam McMahon 6 dager siden
Tho once I did get blocks my fave
Haoyang Li
Haoyang Li 6 dager siden
theorie:the orgin of the ender dragon
C00chie Man
C00chie Man 6 dager siden
This is literally the origin on why skeletons and creepers are op
13x 32
13x 32 6 dager siden
I just love how you put monika plus the glitches they just go ✨ t o g t h e r ✨
vvkittycat! 6 dager siden
I was just trying to jam to my horror music in my base one day and my friend came to my front door (in minecraft) and said: "why are you playing disc 13? Hey, I think I live next to a crazy person!" Then my other friend said "yeah, you didn't know she liked 13 and 11?" I laughed very hard.
Ari Torchia
Ari Torchia 6 dager siden
Am I the only person who didn’t think either of the disks were creepy?
lol z
lol z 6 dager siden
Music disc 11 and 13 are creepy af
CapitainSheep 6 dager siden
A game theory on Herobrine plz !
Littles_shlong 15
Littles_shlong 15 7 dager siden
Put down 2 jukeboxes and play them side by side and it’s terrifying
Erica Warmuth
Erica Warmuth 7 dager siden
i have a thery.mega eviloochin is atully growing
pogi Almira
pogi Almira 7 dager siden
The reason i clicked on this vid is cuz the creeper on the thumbnail hand A.R.M.S
Adam Mahmoud
Adam Mahmoud 7 dager siden
Wait.... maybe there was a creeper face because music discs can be dropped by creepers, and has anyone tried to play both music discs 11 and 13 at the same time?! Edit: I don't think I'm ever gonna play Minecraft single player ever again unless I'm in creative mode or something
angus80w 7 dager siden
I wasn't scared of disc 11 when I was a kid
Tabah Bhadrika
Tabah Bhadrika 7 dager siden
Game Theory don't play music disk 11 and 13 at the same time, it is scary
Luke GOWTY 7 dager siden
Minecraft developers : huh never thought of that
The pug
The pug 7 dager siden
The dinasour fossils why is no one mentioning dianasour fossils
The gheegur - Games
The gheegur - Games 8 dager siden
10:31 No no no this is cave5.ogg's sound
Minetem 8 dager siden
Kids: Fortnitmares is so scary. Me: remembering cave noises
Toxic Studios
Toxic Studios 8 dager siden
Cat has always been my favorite
Maps were introduced in my birthday
Zippy and Juemal
Zippy and Juemal 8 dager siden
My sister is paranoid because of this disk and is only 9
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LNH Insanity 8 dager siden
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