Game Theory: The Mystery of Minecraft's Haunted Discs (Minecraft)

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Today Theorists, I aim to solve another one of the many mysteries of Minecraft. We've explored a lot already, but with a game this big, there is always more to find. Take the music discs, which are the objects you find randomly throughout the game when you do certain things. Except, there are two discs in particular that peaked my interest - Disc 11 and Disc 13. The two "corrupted" discs that, when you play them, sound like something from a horror game rather than Minecraft. What is going on with Discs 11 and 13? Let's find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: BanditRants, Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

gaydes69 År siden
and who would've known that the sweet tunes I was cranking in my epic base held so much hidden lore
Abigail Wolverton
Abigail Wolverton Dag siden
What do you mean?
M0X_Z Dag siden
Last time I heard that sound, I didn’t even flinch, I turned my xbox off and thought about how to sleep
G Turbo
G Turbo 5 dager siden
I'd just like to say, C418 helped make the cave noises. Ever heard 'em? They're terrifying.
shut up
shut up 7 dager siden
The mammon pfp lol
William Luna
William Luna 11 dager siden
I love matpats videos but me trying to cover Herobrine is really hard I watched 8 sightings of herobrine and I think I found the secret of minecraft if you take a pic of steve and paint the blue eyes white it steve looks like Herobrine so I think Herobrine was Steve's long lost twin or notchs brother a creepypasta said that a person was playing MINECRAFT and saw a man with white eyes she did not know what it was she looked at the footage and you guess it Herobrine was outside a villigers house and looked at the player thrue a window a MINECRAFT window but hey THATS JUST A THEORY A GAME THEORY thanks for reading my theory
Cdcrshguy YT
Cdcrshguy YT Time siden
The thing that’s crazy Minecraft just seems like a normal survival game with peaceful music but there is a very very darks secret about it idk how to explain it but Minecraft does not seem that scary but the stuff that’s in it makes it scary like herobrine and all this other glitch stuff and theory’s about it it’s just weird to think that Minecraft is a scary game like the game wants you to think it’s peaceful cause the music but really there are tons of dark secrets on it one thing endermen they are black tall slender man like creatures that does a weird scream when you look at them that sounds veryyyy scary and the music discs they fall out of a creeper when a skeleton shoots them but how did they get lost in the first place I feel like this Minecraft world is literally a whole glitch dimension that someone has been to and lost their music discs cause it’s random how they got lost also the broken one it has a weird sound I played it and it sounded scary like the owner of it got taken by a glitch or something and the cave sounds the cave sounds are probably part of this glitch dimension and we are probably a normal person that got sucked in too and now we have to kill the wonder dragon and the wither so my theory is that Minecraft is a game that got glitch and taken over by a glitch or maybe herobrine (srry for the whole essay😅)
Ayush Shelar
Ayush Shelar Time siden
Disk 11 is dream , because he is running from hunters manhunt 😂😂 no mystery remains
Mihai Nedelcu
Mihai Nedelcu 2 timer siden
Jam Mendoza
Jam Mendoza 4 timer siden
Small items but big secrates
Daneru456 4 timer siden
why cant anyone understand that at the end its not him running. its him breaking BLOCKS to get out of the cave. it the same sound effect when u destroy dirt. not walk on it
Emily Spencer
Emily Spencer 5 timer siden
Nobody: Me: Smiling while watching this video knowing that nothing can hurt me from the minecraft world except seeing my pet cat or wolf dying
Lauren Lovez Catz
Lauren Lovez Catz 6 timer siden
Mat Pat: "But that's just a theory!" Also Mat Pat: States Evolution as a fact.
Elijah Guetersloh
Elijah Guetersloh 6 timer siden
The cutoff at the end on disc 11 was probably beacause the disk was broken and we didn’t hear the whole disk
Henry Conley
Henry Conley 7 timer siden
I love how parrots dance to disc 11 and 13.
GamerNook films
GamerNook films 10 timer siden
Minecraft is getting scary now
Navajo Taco
Navajo Taco 10 timer siden
is This real
Jessica Leal
Jessica Leal 11 timer siden
My real name is Lucas
SpeakEvanese _
SpeakEvanese _ 12 timer siden
nicholas or whatever his name is is possibly herobrine?
Keros Arriola
Keros Arriola 13 timer siden
From a lore perspective, why would Disk 13 come before Disk 11?
Obamaspuebes 14 timer siden
Im pretty sure Steve is the most hostile mob in minecraft
Comixx 15 timer siden
13 is more scary than 11
idrank aporcupine
idrank aporcupine 15 timer siden
13 is my lucky number.
Algérie Deals
Algérie Deals 16 timer siden
and i played the two disc close to the voide i was so scared i stopped this challenge and it was just like the bloody mary challenge but yeah and i stopped this i got to an empty cave i didn't know why it was empty no hostile mobs not a single mob but i did not knew this and i say whater automaticly disapeire so i deleted this world cause i knew a lot of cursed things will happend i deleted my world as fast as posible i was so scared that i wanted to take a breake to play minecraft
Algérie Deals
Algérie Deals 16 timer siden
he the herobrine is not a mob he is not real and he also is becaus you can only see him if you install a virus so herobrine is a virus and maybe disc 11 and 13 are teling the story of minecraft viruses but yeah minecraft got a lots of mysteryes as endermans and temples and welp uhh death yeah
KWER Zack 16 timer siden
Maybe the is a sound for the Creepypasta fans?
Mackey Brown
Mackey Brown 17 timer siden
you can either get music discs by having a skeleton kill a creeper or loot in dungeons.
UltimateNeely 17 timer siden
Who was recording them tho
Tyler Martin
Tyler Martin 20 timer siden
The empty shock regionally fill because schedule pharmacokinetically pause apropos a easy shield. bent, flagrant market
yawn tube
yawn tube 22 timer siden
Maybe the discs are stuck inside the creepers?
Nicole Villanueva
Nicole Villanueva Dag siden
bruh 0:31 scared me lol, i thought it was my pc
K9 Strike
K9 Strike Dag siden
does anyone ever think why creepers even carry these discs?
Roderick Mesa
Roderick Mesa Dag siden
The disk 11 and 13 may be connected.
Chaosgamer TV
Chaosgamer TV Dag siden
What IF we are the Adventurer that got out of that cave... We just took a completely new Identity and are on our search for our friends but have to find out theyre turned to Endermans. I know they should be in thr end for centuries but what if the time in the end runs slower than in the overworld. So we abandoned our stuff and took on a new Identity.
MannyBot -DEAF-
MannyBot -DEAF- Dag siden
4:05 Well now I feel exposed 😂 First time I heard those discs was 9 years ago on very late Saturday night when I was supossed to... _ahem_ be sleeping 😜 Afterwords I always wondered what was on those discs. But two years later I started losing my hearing, so I never really got to investigate them myself. Thank you for not only sharing this with us, but subtitling it so I can enjoy it to the fullest! 🎮🦻💿
Abigail Wolverton
Abigail Wolverton Dag siden
Also what of you added both disk together to see what you get
Abigail Wolverton
Abigail Wolverton Dag siden
Also what about hero brine I mean I think he might be a dark side of Steve cause he looks like he him but has a feature of messing your game to the point where you delete it my brother has been though it
DEVICE 057plus
DEVICE 057plus Dag siden
Herobrine: * Exists* Me 7 years ago: That is creepy af. Me 5 years ago: There goes my sleep, why did I let my curiosity grow?! Me now: *Nostalgia*
LED_Fishy0 __
LED_Fishy0 __ Dag siden
Wait on disk 11 didn’t sound like he was about to turn into a ender man and give he’s secret or something to someone what if that disk11 is to the end
Sam Abraham
Sam Abraham Dag siden
The civilization of the past didn't just dissappear abruptly! Maybe they found themselves in the end and met the dragon. However, the dragon wasn't so friendly and it the stuff in its blasts hit the people. This stuff turned them into the endermen who try and communicate thru the weird sounds we hear them make. Some enderman escaped into the overworld and when they see you, another human, they desperately try and warn you but due to their intense fear, they can't control themselves and end up hurting you.
frogboy Dag siden
this video cements the channel's slogan; Ruining your childhood since 2011.
Mattie Allison
Mattie Allison Dag siden
Tristain Mangiafico
Tristain Mangiafico Dag siden
the pause in disk 13 is actually played through disk 11 if you play disc 11 in the space of the disc 13 soundtrack they are actually both in line so something happened to have one person stop that recording run and have that recording pick up then after that pick it up again.
Mattie Allison
Mattie Allison Dag siden
whats the wardens?
Max Ambler
Max Ambler Dag siden
Game Theory, this is important. READ THIS COMMENT. There is a video about disc 11 being played backwards. This could contribute to your Enderman Game Theory. Trust me. YOu don't want to miss this. It could have something to do with the Creepers mixed with the Endermen.
Mattie Allison
Mattie Allison Dag siden
why is it a black smashed disc
Mattie Allison
Mattie Allison Dag siden
Mattie Allison
Mattie Allison Dag siden
why is disc 11 about a man running and coffing and mining
Mattie Allison
Mattie Allison Dag siden
why is disc 11 broken
frogboy Dag siden
*spooky scary skeletons*
Eugene Aragon
Eugene Aragon Dag siden
Well since this is 1 year ago i think its a WARDEN chasing a player
Meghan Plott
Meghan Plott Dag siden
Mojang: Wright that down, wright that down!
John Hustler
John Hustler Dag siden
Maybe the explosion that injured the discs is the reason the noises sound different.
Aiman Mustafa
Aiman Mustafa Dag siden
The caption for your chanel makes sense now "Ruinig your childhood 2011 "
Ismaeel Ahmed
Ismaeel Ahmed Dag siden
more likely the person in disc 11 is being chased by the warden
Ucigasul Fara Nume
Ucigasul Fara Nume Dag siden
Ok , now if mojang approve this I'm gonna lose my mind , if Minecraft is more than just a sandbox .......
Bulletdozer 2 dager siden
when i was really young i'd play disc 11 and just started having a dance party in my base's disco room
ItsGirlCraft 2 dager siden
*_God, I must be so much more sleep-deprived than I thought._*_ I straight up just started laughing hysterically at that Herobrine "jumpscare" in the beginning. It's 11 at night. Why am I watching weirdly creepy Minecraft videos, and getting really, _really_ into them too
ItsGirlCraft 2 dager siden
W-wait. Why is it all italics. This is the second time it's glitched like this. NOpost EXPLAIN
Destiny Mays
Destiny Mays 2 dager siden
disk 11 and 13 played together gets disk12
Sam Butlig
Sam Butlig 2 dager siden
Zombie: not scary Skeleton: abit but no Disk 13:"pulls out cruxifix Disk 11: "scared screamin"
Viccy Boy
Viccy Boy 2 dager siden
I got cat in a world and 2 13's and so I got a jukebox and I put the 13 disc and it fricken scared me and my friend and I took it out before it could play 3 seconds. I think it's the cave noises
Lichi 2 dager siden
game theory:listen what i said me:huh what?
Renethegamer _347
Renethegamer _347 2 dager siden
So I found disk 13 in a dungeon, what do I do now. Also is finding disk 13 rare to find in a chest? (I'm new sorry)
Daphne Candleflower
Daphne Candleflower 2 dager siden
I wish that Minecraft added the journals for us to find in game adding more exploration to the game and also it would be amazing!
Axel De Avila
Axel De Avila 2 dager siden
Teacher:you can’t hear images Me: shows disc 11 Every Minecraft player:starts dying
Everything In A Nutshell
Everything In A Nutshell 2 dager siden
I once got my Art teacher to play the discs specifically 11 and 13. My friends who played it were hyped while everyone else was scared yet laughing
Xavier Torres
Xavier Torres 2 dager siden
Story of the gasts
JeffCheddar 2 dager siden
These theories are literally so well thought out and it’s so fun to listen/watch
Mista 2 dager siden
I want to know how the nether got in Minecraft
AWXwXAW 2 dager siden
i think you should make a theory on why withers can fly and launch explosive heads
Herobrine 2 dager siden
I am a legend, bitches 😤😤... DO NOT TREAT ME LIKE A GHOST!!
Victoria Solorzano
Victoria Solorzano 2 dager siden
Disc 11 actually has Enderman in it and if you play it backwards you can hear that they say something. They say don't do that. listen closely to 12:15. You can actually hear the ender man.
aden bedard
aden bedard 2 dager siden
i went to the link at 5:55 i got rick rolled
Aarko Guha
Aarko Guha 2 dager siden
The supposed embodiment of Herobrine Parrots:Wiggle Wiggle Motha fucka
dead!slayer56 2 dager siden
I still remember the disc 11
Aman Saad
Aman Saad 2 dager siden
Disc 11 : literally the word "horror" itself Parrots : this is music to my ears
staffan bridal
staffan bridal 2 dager siden
2010 first 20 then it is a 1 then it is a 0 but no one cares about 20 and zero and it was made 2010 and it was a 1 and the day it was made has a 3
Woolabee 2 dager siden
As a kid, I was smart and described disc 13 as a disc recording of the caves, and disc 11 as a glitchy result of the broken disc as the player just POURED the pieces of it in the jukebox.
Saurabh Shembekar
Saurabh Shembekar 3 dager siden
Bruh please stop milking this
D B 3 dager siden
I am a kid
shit ass
shit ass 3 dager siden
thanks this video for make me scare to test my new 13 Disc
Stich Glitch
Stich Glitch 3 dager siden
Minecraft needs a story mode
Onyx Gray
Onyx Gray 3 dager siden
I did indeed have a whole panic and shut minecraft off moment when hearing those discs.
Quentin Foerstner
Quentin Foerstner 3 dager siden
Is it bad every time one of the two disks played I got chills and shivered
Matthew 3 dager siden
I'm 14 and these disc's geniuely scare me
kgty17 leon
kgty17 leon 3 dager siden
He is running from mods tires to lit fire behind him write something then runs faster then running on dirt and that's it and at the end of running on dirt it sounds like a ender man
ashi bae
ashi bae 3 dager siden
Wait Disc 11 disc 13 what about 12
Charanya Rajan
Charanya Rajan 3 dager siden
Ta know, he probably used 13 13 times
Charanya Rajan
Charanya Rajan 3 dager siden
U know, if one of the songs was some heavy metal like a doom song, then my mom would turn that into a creepypasta in the community of mothers, heck, even dads. People like me on parents accounts:
Tracey Williams
Tracey Williams 3 dager siden
But why isn't disc 13 Broken..?
Jefferson Asa
Jefferson Asa 3 dager siden
what if the pillagers arent the bad guys but the the villagers are and thats why the pillagers are attacking them and creating steve restore peace?
Turb Maister
Turb Maister 3 dager siden
I know this is to late but maybe heroBrian had something to do with the enderperls
mahdi XD
mahdi XD 3 dager siden
I am not going to play the game in the same way for a week
Annisa Aquarius
Annisa Aquarius 3 dager siden
Nobody: Me: *wanting to ask why he didn’t talk about Pigstep Me: *reading when the video came out
Rachael Clark
Rachael Clark 3 dager siden
Is no one gonna talk about that jump scare at the start? I don't get scared easily but I actually flinched and looked behind me 0-0
Legaspi 21 time siden
Man ill probably play minecraft again in 10 months After i saw that jump scare,discs,cave ambience.
Sandra Keyzer
Sandra Keyzer 3 dager siden
Don't do that you can hear if you play it hackwords
Sandra Keyzer
Sandra Keyzer 3 dager siden
From disc 11#
Sandra Keyzer
Sandra Keyzer 3 dager siden
Back not hack
Bacon TV
Bacon TV 3 dager siden
MatPat: These have a lore behind it! Minecraft: nah I just wanted to mess with you. MatPat: oh. Minecraft: They released FNaF security breach MatPat: *runs to GameStop
Paul Tremel
Paul Tremel 3 dager siden
When I played it I was !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Myconid Friend
Myconid Friend 3 dager siden
I got 2 things to say. 1: Wow. Your job in all those videos is amazing. 2: The game designers are now probably sniping you, through the window, full of anger, because you reveal all of their secrets
LickyTM 3 dager siden
The other book you forgot was the Minecraft survival guide and in the beginning. It has a lot to tell.
Floofie 3 dager siden
Discs are very rare,and they could also start a flipping war like the minecart,the minecart also did a war
Rune Sleeuwaert
Rune Sleeuwaert 3 dager siden
12:13 that doesn't sound like running on dirt to me, more like someone towering up using dirt.
Rune Sleeuwaert
Rune Sleeuwaert 3 dager siden
or just placing dirt very fast
Late Night Insomnia
Late Night Insomnia 4 dager siden
Me who skips 11 & 13sounds because im too scared: ...ALLSOOO me who watches FNaF on the daily and has William being springlocked as my ring tone:
tugs uhaan
tugs uhaan 4 dager siden
i hate your murce
FatManPlays 4 dager siden
What if the enchanted book on rhe enchantment table is actually a giant journal written by the ancient builder
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