Game Theory: FNAF, The FINAL Timeline (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)

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2 år siden

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We've come a long way Theorists. Today, I am DETERMINED to put together the complete and FINAL timeline for Five Nights at Freddy's. From beginning to end, first bight to burning everything to dust - this is IT! Join me Theorists, as we finish FNAF once and for all!
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03:20 Credit to Squidetor for the use of his Fredbear Model:
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Eugene The gamer
Eugene The gamer Time siden
Did anyone else notice how matpat put Robbie rotten to number1?
Nightmare Time siden
Sir, it's been two years..where's the part two??? This is probably the longest time it's taken to make a part two 😺
SoBiteYourTongueAndChokeYourselfToSleep 2 timer siden
i refuse to believe this was 2 years ago👁👄👁
MOOSE 3 timer siden
Just rewatched this and got REAL confused. Because of Ballora, she doesn't make sense. Ok so we know that Elizabeth gets scooped day of circus baby's opening, same day it's shut down and Baby, Ballora, Foxy and others get put back into storage. But Ballora sings a song about william hiding out after that and being absent. BUT ballora and the woman she represents (Mrs.Afton) aren't present to see the absence and therefore: SCOTT YOU DAMN FOOL YOU DONE DID A GOOF!!! BALLORA WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO SING THAT SONG!!!! I'VE CAUGHT YOU NOW
Scott Cotton
Scott Cotton 20 minutter siden
Ballora isn’t mrs afton, and the song she sings was written by Ballora’s voice actress, not scott. There’s no meaning behind the song
Tommy Greyling
Tommy Greyling 3 timer siden
The next one is already came down and the update to come out 2
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez 3 timer siden
Its funny how he put chris martin frkm coldplay out of all celebirtys. Chris Martin is AWESOME!!!
Zeraphyre Trinity
Zeraphyre Trinity 4 timer siden
uh huh, been 6 years now
Im a ghost now ;-;
Im a ghost now ;-; 4 timer siden
Ik that mat worked on this very hard but I disagree with him when he said Micheal (sorry if I spelt that wrong) was the crying child because in sister location on the keypad the hand unit tells you to type in your name And your name is mike It’s shows the name mike in the corner of the keypad witch could be short for micheal please don’t take it the wrong way I appreciate the work effort you put into this keep doing what you do :D
Ryan M
Ryan M 5 timer siden
I thought this would be fun as a casual viewer of a few LPs that played this a few years ago with no background theory knowledge... Should taken FNAF1001: Intro to FNAF first because I was clearly not ready for FNAF4707: Advanced FNAF Theory and Applications
HeyItsRae 7 timer siden
Not Mat predicting the naming of Elon Musks kid in a fnaf video...
Creepy Pasta GANG
Creepy Pasta GANG 7 timer siden
He really had to use the fairy from Zelda-
watlat 9 timer siden
what if the phone guys' info was misinformation? That is why phone guy is a BIG conflict with the timeline.
Brayden Payne
Brayden Payne 10 timer siden
Brayden Payne
Brayden Payne 10 timer siden
Where is spring in that 4
Terri kim
Terri kim 10 timer siden
"It's me it's me" Makes sense "It's mne it's mne" Also makes sense
Betty Stewart
Betty Stewart 11 timer siden
Bruh this entire series is just Scott saying “Well, yes, but actually no.”
Pink Pears
Pink Pears 13 timer siden
15:40 among us font
the weirdo
the weirdo 15 timer siden
Imagine: you made a game thinking it would never be that big *time skip* you are very famous and there are tons of lore to the game, crazy fans, books, a lot of games, 100s of animitronics, fan made animitronics, AND fan made games
Yeetgamer09 :D
Yeetgamer09 :D 15 timer siden
Wrong about the crying child, the person who put the crying child in Fred bears mouth was Micheal the crying child is Afton’s youngest son names Chris or C.C
the weirdo
the weirdo 15 timer siden
Well I'm pretty sure that the crying childs name was not confirmed to be Christopher Afton/ Chris
Ruth Feild
Ruth Feild 16 timer siden
Matpat was in FNaF the musical!
Cristi337 17 timer siden
You blown my mind man
Loaf Toaster
Loaf Toaster 18 timer siden
The Crying Child's Name Is Not Michael, The Bigger Brothers Name Is Michael Because After Him Terrorising His Younger Brother (Crying Child) And Then Ended Up Killing Him, That Made Michael (The Bigger Brother) Snap Into Place, Then After The Incident That Happened Involving The Crying Child In Fredbear's Family Diner And Michael Was Able To Find A Job Listing For Freddy Fazbear's Pizza He Figured Out William Afton (Michael And The Crying Child's Father) Killed Children And Left Them In The Animatronic Suits, Michael Has To Follow Williams Footsteps And Clean Up The Mess And Tragedy That William Left Behind.
Caleigh Shurter
Caleigh Shurter 19 timer siden
Chris is the yongest cuz mike is eggs i love you all to
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 17 timer siden
Chris is a fan name
adam adam
adam adam 21 time siden
what if the game was just a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very long dream.
Vîxx The Alien
Vîxx The Alien 22 timer siden
Me: *goes to comments to see if anyone says c.c.’s name is cris and the big bro is Michel* Me: - 1 hour later - ends up liking every single comment and blowing up strangers phones from liking replies * Also me: hmmmm I wanna do a theory later... Me: - 10 seconds later - ughhh this is too much work I don’t get how people do this for a livingggg 4 hours later My mom: *comes on my room* My mom: +my name+ go to bed it’s 4 in the morning and I’ll I hear is annoying screams!! Me: but mom in trying to decipher what there saying My mom: how u don’t have anything to decipher it with Me: oh- uhhhh my ears? My mom: I’m ur dreams kid, ur ears aren’t smart enough for that! Me: at least I don’t get scared when I see someone crawl out from underneath the dining table! My mom: u where really quiet and it was 8 o’ clock at night! Me: but still I thought u saw me the whole time My mom: *walks out* Me POV: i hope she doesn’t yell at me tomorrow, then I won’t be able to read my Kpop fan focus 😓🥲 Me POV: welp imma go freak myself out some more and watch more FNaF game theories! 😁✨✨ Me 10 seconds later Me: I’m scared, is NM foxy gonna be in my closet 🥲 Fun Fact (prob not fun I just wanna ✨ bRaG ✨ I’ve always wanted a foxy plush so I can put it in my closet and play uno all night with nm foxy an my friend surprised me when she said she got me a foxy plush for Christmas and I never told her I wanted a plush or anything about the nightmares. I feel ✨ sPecIaL ✨ 👾👾 ok this is getting way too long 👾👾 🌫 Byeeee 🌫
Vîxx The Alien
Vîxx The Alien 21 time siden
Oh geez this is long... Ok all I wanted to say I’d srry if anything is spelled wrong, I’m only in 6th grade 🥲✌️ 🐰🐨🦄♥️🐻☁️🍪
Gãćhã_ Vâmpi
Gãćhã_ Vâmpi 22 timer siden
Who Else Got Triggered When He Kept Saying Michael Was Crying Child And Not Chris Afton??
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 17 timer siden
Because Chris is a freaking fanmade name
Stitched Leather
Stitched Leather Dag siden
19:37 sooooo what happened to his brother?????
To be honest, that smash trailer in the intro looks better than the actual game. I would buy it
America For fascism
America For fascism Dag siden
Little did he know that he would still be Trying to piece this whole entire thing together two years later
Michael Eli Guzman
Michael Eli Guzman Dag siden
That is actually Chris often not Michael often
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 17 timer siden
Nope because Chris is a fan name
songbird 64
songbird 64 Dag siden
I don’t play these games, as I’m terrible with jumpscares, but I think Mangle is still my favorite.
maddie singfield
maddie singfield Dag siden
11:31 puppet do be thicc do 💫
PotatoGamez Dag siden
Did ultimate seriously come out 2 years ago? Now I know how old my Nintendo switch is
Leon Pascal Bendlin
Leon Pascal Bendlin Dag siden
oh boy were we wrong!
PiereZ 804
PiereZ 804 Dag siden
I thought crying child was Chris Afton.
《KAMI 33 GAMING》 Dag siden
Oh my God idiot michalef afton is NOT THE CRYING CHILD!! michael afton is foxybro scoot said that
Scott Cotton
Scott Cotton 21 time siden
Nova h
Nova h Dag siden
Hey matt I dont know if you knew but william had 3 kids micheal chris and elizabeth if you look at the cutscene where "purple guy" aka the rotting corpse pukes out what looks like a robot. elizabeth is circus baby as we have confirmed. on night 5 of SL (Sister Location) that couldnt of been chris afton who got scooped because his body would be to small for ennard to fit in hence forth it has to be micheal afton who gets scooped and chris is the crying child micheal is the eldest child so if we line up the info in this order chris dies to the bite of 83 elizabeth goes near circus baby and dies then possess her then micheal is the SL nightguard on night 5 if you do the scooping room ending he gets scooped ennard uses him as a skin suit and if you look closely it couldnt of been chis because chris is too small at this point in time
Nova h
Nova h Dag siden
Continued: When bodys die they dont age so if micheal dies to the bite of 83 that couldnt of been him at SL taller then the crying child so if chris is the crying child where is micheal you might ask? well if you see the fnaf 4 bullys theres 4 of them one of which being micheal the bully with the foxy mask and chris died before elizabeth which means elizabeth witnessed the event and we know elizabeth is circus baby that would explain why circus baby wants to kill that specific night guard in SL if the night guard was mike it would make since. CB wants to escape from the underground and kill her brother for killing chris
Ahab Duennschitz
Ahab Duennschitz Dag siden
its videos like this why i use adblock
Will Kid
Will Kid Dag siden
I know I’m so late, but when golden Freddy jumpscares u for using a death coin, he sounds like he’s drowning, don’t you also see that in the old man consequences mini game from ultimate custom night?
Joseph Pomele
Joseph Pomele Dag siden
I'm So Confused. T_T
Effectivefox2 Dag siden
I thought it was michael afton that bullied the crying child and chris afton was the crying child
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 Dag siden
Chris is a fan name
Aeidan Charles B. Florante
Aeidan Charles B. Florante Dag siden
Matpat : and that concludes the jumbled messy fnaf timeline. Scott cawthon: *there is more*
princejullian consad
princejullian consad Dag siden
becusethe crying child is not michel
princejullian consad
princejullian consad Dag siden
your wrong the crying child is chris afton
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 Dag siden
Fan name
princejullian consad
princejullian consad Dag siden
i think sister location is built before the phantoms because the girl died bofore the purple guy because william is there and wlliam is the purple guy
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 Dag siden
Octo Daddy
Octo Daddy Dag siden
"FNAF is 4 years old" Me watching this 2 years later: "yeah..."
Chicookooo 2 dager siden
This is low-key 10/10 parenting advice imma take this to heart... :)
Elfy_ YTplays
Elfy_ YTplays 2 dager siden
Wait, isn’t William Afton the one that was controlling the bear to keep him away from the animatronics
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 Dag siden
No the plush is pretty much possessed
Lucy Campos
Lucy Campos 2 dager siden
Who else also try out to see if the word search did spell the name Cassidy
joey drew
joey drew 2 dager siden
Best intro ever
Space man
Space man 2 dager siden
I like how this series is just Scott just overusing the uno reverse card
deleted account
deleted account 2 dager siden
I always thought that ALL the restaurants were called 'Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria' Don't know why I didn't think that wierd....
Arnav Ganta
Arnav Ganta 2 dager siden
What are these people doing this video is still in 2018
Heather Siemsen
Heather Siemsen 2 dager siden
Because you dont play as micael in fnaf 6
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 2 dager siden
We do play as Michael in Fnaf 6
SusHi_YuMMy 2 dager siden
Think of this, if crying child died during the bite, where did foxy bro go?
Mary Peterson
Mary Peterson 2 dager siden
The crying child's name is Chris afton so Mike afton is his big brother so Mike works at sister location and gets scooped so Mike oofed Chris afton and I new this because of a gacha life video and I am better than matpat
Taz' Dag siden
@Automatic Bomb 2 one guy spreads a lie... The lie spreads and ppl Wana believe it no matter what and won't listen to others.....if the name Chris is a lie... Then he won't change his mind.. He has his own theory that he believes
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 2 dager siden
The crying child name isnt Chris
MAN University
MAN University 2 dager siden
Obi1 Ben
Obi1 Ben 3 dager siden
Me playing fnaf: Well, I believe that is the end with five nights at freddy's. Scott: 6:36
The Engineering person
The Engineering person 3 dager siden
Guys he lied I brighten up the image and there was no question mark
Lover Boy
Lover Boy 3 dager siden
Oh how golden Freddy theory has changed
Bryson Figueroa
Bryson Figueroa 3 dager siden
Barney Reject 😂
funtime foxy
funtime foxy 3 dager siden
At least the lore isn't as hard as the zelda games
Hlias Hlias
Hlias Hlias 3 dager siden
NO THAT'S WRONG the puppet is Williams wife. Williams daughter was dead at fnaf 4 the baby robot kidnapped and killed her
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 2 dager siden
No william wife isnt the puppet Freddy fazbear pizzeria simulator already confirmed that the puppet is possessed by Henry daughter
Hlias Hlias
Hlias Hlias 3 dager siden
Oh sorry fnaf 5
zhian Peng
zhian Peng 3 dager siden
LOL I do not play Five Nights at Freddys/fnaf
Connor the LEGO maker
Connor the LEGO maker 3 dager siden
“It really seems like fnaf is at its end” *a billion fnaf theories later* “fnaf will never end!”
Zachary Warner
Zachary Warner 3 dager siden
So golden freddy and fredbear are the same right?
ConnorHFishing 3 dager siden
So Micheal Afton isn’t Mike schmit in fnaf 1?
ConnorHFishing 3 dager siden
Wait how do we know the tapes found in fnaf three are for the fnaf 1 location
Me Me
Me Me 3 dager siden
Good video good lure
Engineer gaming
Engineer gaming 3 dager siden
Scott is the true improviser
q.q 3 dager siden
i thought the intro at the beginning was an ad for a second there
Batel Cipher
Batel Cipher 3 dager siden
132 Gaming
132 Gaming 3 dager siden
Maybe Circus Baby's was made before the closing of Fazbears, but just became popular after the closing of Fazbears, or was a 'Plan B' for Afton.
Cherrie Lyn Reyes
Cherrie Lyn Reyes 3 dager siden
Goldens freddys name is cassidy
liam louie
liam louie 3 dager siden
scoot:put night mare in the purple hat treaser. him do not notice night mare. me:sad super sad
Soru Dansa
Soru Dansa 3 dager siden
I've come here to tell you that william afton has 3 children micheal wasn't the one who was bitten his name is Chris and that's proven because someone says to micheal wow your brother is such a crybaby in the game
Papple40 3 dager siden
I just realized matpat pulled a jojo reference with the Retired form the jojo eyes of heaven game
stuff stuff
stuff stuff 4 dager siden
Scott: " *Hah. No.* "
Melon Meat
Melon Meat 4 dager siden
What is phone guy was being forced to give false information by purple guy.
Xipres Lockwood
Xipres Lockwood 4 dager siden
You should make a new timeline video based on all the new stuff you've discovered ad peiced togther! Especially with the new stuff released! I'd love to see a new timeline video with all the new and more recent content included and I'm sure others would as well! I love your videos!
Arlo Gonzales
Arlo Gonzales 4 dager siden
This was uploaded on my birthday 2 years ago not that it matters or anything
Ethyn K
Ethyn K 4 dager siden
Nice intro! ( Not sarcasm )
Violet_ Skies
Violet_ Skies 4 dager siden
Chris : crying child Mike: grape Elizabeth: pretty clown
Taylor John Wallace
Taylor John Wallace 2 dager siden
Chris is not a canon name😌
Violet_ Skies
Violet_ Skies 4 dager siden
Cassidys dad : *acts like he doesn’t care about Cassidy* Cassidy : aight, ima go to Freddy faz-bears to be hApPy............. Also her : dies “ at least it’s better then being with my dAd
Taylor John Wallace
Taylor John Wallace 2 dager siden
stupid Gacha tards
Violet_ Skies
Violet_ Skies 3 dager siden
@Blehbl Blehbl yUh
Blehbl Blehbl
Blehbl Blehbl 3 dager siden
Is this a headcanon since we know nothing about Cassidy other than the fact she's Golden Freddy
Mr Trickyfingers
Mr Trickyfingers 4 dager siden
I like nightmare gf in ultimate custom night
ZeWolferex 4 dager siden
If he only knew. Mor ehames were coming
devon reeder
devon reeder 4 dager siden
When we got the first phone call in fnaf 3 we see springtrap move i rembember being in priamry school freaking out seeing him moved with all my mates
Ronn Harvey Nacario
Ronn Harvey Nacario 4 dager siden
Wait didn't Chris afton die not michael? Michael was the one who put his head there trust me I googled it and that's why Michael is still alive at the games and why William is hunting him down that's the case in tjoc (the joy of creation fan made game)where Micheal acts like an guide to the family of the house he's currently staying in that burned down due to the animatronics but that isn't canon but what is is michael being in sister location and as the main protagonist but idk this is just a simple google search lol
Ronn Harvey Nacario
Ronn Harvey Nacario 4 dager siden
So basically it's Michael dying but not dying in a different time?idk
Frankie Smarz UuU
Frankie Smarz UuU 4 dager siden
waivii 5 dager siden
If matpat was in a SAW trap he probably would create a hole timeline how he was gonna get out
• Ashleigh's Corner •
• Ashleigh's Corner • 5 dager siden
Actually, Elizabeth is younger than micheal and they had another son named chris who died by the bite of '87. Micheal and his friends (fnaf 4 bullies) did a cruel prank on him and then he died.
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 2 dager siden
I27T I84
I27T I84 5 dager siden
lol, the longest? I just finished watching a storyline by a female theorist that was an hour and a half
- imapirate368
- imapirate368 5 dager siden
Scott why are you laughing?
sport diggs
sport diggs 5 dager siden
Isn’t there a new five nights at Freddy‘s game coming out
Fernanda Figueroa Campos
Fernanda Figueroa Campos 5 dager siden
But if the crying child is mike(micheal) then who is the oldest sibling?? Isn't chris the crying child, the youngest kid in the afton family???? Michael is the oldest am i right?? Why would michael be the crying child, the author even said it himself. I quote "Why michael afton has nightmares of animatronic stomach mouths" on 17:32 This is very confusing, it shows a picture of the room and the poor kid.. thought that michael was the oldest sibling, the first born in the afton family, with his other 2 siblings elizabeth afton and christopher afton, if michael WAS the crying child then how would he be the oldest, in the bite of 83 we see the bullis standing there and christ in fredbear's mouth, chris the crying child gets his head bitten by fredbear and the silence makes it just very awkward.. anyway, supposedly one of the bullis is michael which is the crying child's brother that at the moment is in fredbear's mouth, he puts his own brother in fredbear's mouth as a prank which we all know it has gone wrong.. This is very confusing for me because according to pretty much every afton family video i see is : Clara afton : ballora, the spooder mom in sister location, died of a car incident and soul has been transferred into ballora. Michael : walking corpse scooped in sister location by ennard, the oldest child in the afton family, the first born ever and last one to die. Christopher Afton : the crying child that had nightmares and had to survive each night at his room, last born in the afton family and first to die. Elizabeth afton : the pretty little innocent girl, that got killed and possessed by the animatronic circus baby in sister location. And last but not least we have our favorite child serial killed William afton (lol he always comes back) you know the whole story, he gets springlocked after trying to dismantle the animatronics bonnie foxy freddy and chica, lol he got spinglocked that must have hurt- UM CHILE ANYWAY SO-... that just got me really confused because there are 3 kids in the afton family elizabeth, michael and chris,, as far as i know michael is the employee that gets scooped by ennard, if he got scooped by ennard then how would he be the crying child??? Chris the youngest kid in the afton family is the one that is supposed to have the nightmares, michael afton had to get the job so that he could pay the bills of his house with money he didn't have because his whole family was dead. That is where our favorite spaghetti boi comes to shine (ennard) scoops every sister location animatronic and combines all into itself to one, that's when michael gets scooped. Sorry its just very confusing for me because pretty much everyone keeps making me think that this is the story of the afton family and what happened to them and how they died. Reply to this comment of what you think. And if you are reading this Matpat(the author of the video) let me know what you think or tell me if i am wrong with anything of my timeline. If you read all this you are a legend 😅
BlackXeno 5 dager siden
Yeah can you repeat that?
Extinct Gaming
Extinct Gaming 5 dager siden
Um can I get a refund on the super smash bro?
Daniel Woods
Daniel Woods 5 dager siden
Look hear this fnaf 5 sl make sense that there's five nights on every game
Ezequiel Villeda
Ezequiel Villeda 5 dager siden
Do a real one if you don't I'm going to unsubscribe
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