Donkey Kong is DOOMED! | The SCIENCE of... Donkey Kong Barrels

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13 dager siden

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Donkey Kong Country uses a lot of over the top antics in it's gameplay. One of the most iconic of those things being the classic Donkey Kong Barrel Cannon. Now when I look at something crazy in a video game, I want to know if that thing would really WORK! Today Austin is going to do just that! Will Donkey Kong and company blast off into adventure or will they fall short and fall to their DOOM? It's time to find out!
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theslayah123 7 timer siden
Why does this have less views than normal
Gogogamer11 12 timer siden
Why does Austin do this stuff? Matpat is WAY better
Yomsh Money
Yomsh Money 12 timer siden
dillweed362 13 timer siden
What is this song at the start
Nyperold 16 timer siden
Did... it bug anyone else a bit that the sprite he used to represent the cannon barrels was actually the barrel that contains DK/Diddy/Dixie/Tiny if you got hit earlier? I mean, it's the barrel with the branding, so I suppose it makes sense that he used it, but...
Philipp Maurer
Philipp Maurer 17 timer siden
i'm very sorry to tell you this my guy but you have your comma in the wrong spot. 1.77m over 0.667s equals to 2.652 m/s i plugged that number into the accelleration formula and got 2.344..... m/s^2. sooo reasonable accelleration i guess? i didn't continue the calculations because i was too lazy to do it. I love your videos, Austin. Please don't take this as a personal attack. Please don't hurt my papa Austin. Kind Regards from Austria :)
Donovan Art
Donovan Art 23 timer siden
I'd imagine the math is a bit off because Austin measured Mario's height starting the length from the toes instead of the heels
The Sans
The Sans Dag siden
I want some powered monke
LEODE1 Dag siden
I like when he screams
Sabrina C
Sabrina C 2 dager siden
could you do a video on the lava gun or morph-a-ray from Ratchet and Clank? it's one of my favorite games
jacob rankin
jacob rankin 2 dager siden
I’m sad we don’t live in the same city anymore
rolando figueroa
rolando figueroa 3 dager siden
this guy is annoying. you dont need the color letters you know is this guy when the views are low af
Gacha Bunny Bear2
Gacha Bunny Bear2 3 dager siden
I learn more from your videos then my science class
temik_ kemper
temik_ kemper 3 dager siden
Let's assume that gorilla is looking like a plane... I have no idea how to solve problem of no slowing down between barrows, but it can solve problem of high speed to not fall down )
Austin Bui
Austin Bui 4 dager siden
Thought I was crazy at 5:16 when Austin put 1.77m/0.667s = 26.52m/s then played back and he SAYS .0667 but the editors put 0.667 on the visuals. Good to know I’m not that tired yet
sid Lord of the flames
sid Lord of the flames 4 dager siden
I miss the rampant cursing, still love ya tho
Mr. Bones Tf2
Mr. Bones Tf2 4 dager siden
Austin is my favorite human
lyra ginne
lyra ginne 4 dager siden
1 week later when i saw the video..... Not the first time missing a mat and austin vid......... Still not pushing all notifications My last 2 braincells leaving
Udhdh Jihn
Udhdh Jihn 4 dager siden
How the hell does 2(1.5)=0.57s it should be 3
The Pokémon Master 57
The Pokémon Master 57 4 dager siden
chaosmastermind 4 dager siden
Monkeys? Monkeys broke. Understandable, have a great day.
chaosmastermind 4 dager siden
Well isn't that a barrel of monkeys.
Alexander Martens
Alexander Martens 5 dager siden
Austin is totally barking up the wrong banana tree here. The problem isn't that the barrels have no space to accelerate, it's that they have infinite storage capacity. They're clearly bigger on the inside than the outside because Donkey, Diddy, and Ramby can all fit in them at the same time, which is physically impossible, which means a bunch of completely different stuff for him to rant about.
WyvernSlayer 7
WyvernSlayer 7 5 dager siden
i love listing to austin completely destroy classic games.
Drake Hamilton
Drake Hamilton 5 dager siden
I'm soo sad you never continued your movie science series, you started with this incredible video on "Wanted" what seemed like sooo long ago but once you moved over to game theory that series was never mentioned again! I'm sure matpat wouldn't mind yeh putting some things on Film theory.... Plsss I need more Austin In meh life
Thickycheese 5 dager siden
What is the song he uses in the background?
Blake Chadd
Blake Chadd 6 dager siden
find out how strong sandy cheeks is??? and what kind of damage could she do if she lived above water!!!!!!!!! pls
Blake Chadd
Blake Chadd 6 dager siden
she pulled a yacht to the bottom of the ocean with no issue!!
Explosify 6 dager siden
Austin you did it, you killed donkey kong! congrats hope you feel good because donkey kong sure isnt feeling anything.
dragonator 101
dragonator 101 6 dager siden
ajay 6 dager siden
People playground never heard of it well it’s a gore simulator that has a Lot of secrets and if you ever look at it Play at midnight and see what’s on the tv idk if he’s going to see this why do I put the effort into making comments if nothing happens
ajay 6 dager siden
And why do I comment to if I just sit there what is the meaning of life lol
2 TONEDRIP Gaming 6 dager siden
It's Austin bcz the thumbnail is blue
Arashoon 6 dager siden
i'm kind of disappointed that you did not say what kind of durability would be required of a gorilla to not be turned into dust to see at which point its irrealist or if donkey kong could just be a super hero gorilla
Ralof 6 dager siden
this is my favorite episode by austin so far because of the amount of times he said monkey and gorilla
Matthew Laverde
Matthew Laverde 6 dager siden
Aww come on the world didn't explode in this one.
Vanilla YT
Vanilla YT 7 dager siden
HEY MATPAT! So I have an idea for your fourth channel (to complete the little circle thing in all of your channel logos, food theory being the third one). It could be Life Theory, involving things in the real world. Things like “why do people enjoy __ so much?” You could get I to more science and math stuff, because both science and math are part of real life. Personally, if you did make this, I would love for you to explain why schools teach us stuff we might not even need in the real world. I think that’s a question we all want the answer to. Well, I doubt you’ll actually be reading this comment, but I’m gonna do my best to get it in your sight.
jpguitaristcomposer 7 dager siden
I miss the old days when Austin could cuss more, lol and NOpost algorithm wasn't as smart lol. Love you Austin! SCIENCE RULES!!
Alex Qwertyuiop
Alex Qwertyuiop 7 dager siden
anyone else cant believe its been 6 years since the last game came out
Chris Bayus
Chris Bayus 7 dager siden
If the map is accurate, Welcome to Ohio! Sorry you had to experience our weasel of a Governor right now
yoshieatspizza :D
yoshieatspizza :D 7 dager siden
your speed was off by a factor of ten. 1.77/0.667 turns into 2.65m/s not 26.5
Stephen McPherson
Stephen McPherson 7 dager siden
Yeah, 1.77/.667 is 2.653. His math is mad wrong.
Preston The Ruler
Preston The Ruler 7 dager siden
This is mat pats channel not this random guy!!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
andrew lee
andrew lee 7 dager siden
Like Pewds used to say, barrels are evil ;D
Phoenix Fire
Phoenix Fire 7 dager siden
Claudio 7 dager siden
> 1,77/0.667=26.52 ... that not right, it should be 2.652 ... come on Austin, at least get the simple math right dammit !
General A-Wing
General A-Wing 7 dager siden
I moved from Florida to Oklahoma and back again in the span of 3 years so compared to how far I move you didn’t move that far.
Himiko Yumeno
Himiko Yumeno 7 dager siden
A suggestion for an episode: In Danganronpa 1, Mondo Owada is being executed for murder. For his execution, he is in a Motorcycle Death Cage spinning very fast. At the end, he is turned into butter. I was wondering if you could explain this, cause no one in the community is able to figure it out.
Dinopizzaman Productions
Dinopizzaman Productions 7 dager siden
I say i wonder how much force can K Rool counter with his belly... such as what is his max limit, how much he sends back, and how truly dangerous is it?
Zach Pipher
Zach Pipher 7 dager siden
Lol. Getting a new York book. Instant treasure.
Emerald Dragon
Emerald Dragon 7 dager siden
What is wrong with the NOpost notifications? I just got a notification for this video when it has been 4 days since the upload
NICKTHEAMAZING1 7 dager siden
I feel like when Austin is doing a theory video it's not nearly as interesting or as investing compared to MattPat. I just feel cheated when someone other than Matt makes a theory video on this channel. I almost feel like Austin should just make his own theory channel, that way when I see there is a new video from Game Theory, its always Matt, and not Austin. Its not like I hate Austin, it is just weird to know it isn't just Matt who does these videos. Its always a little disappointing when there is a new video, and its just Austin. No Matt in sight to actually make this video truly entertaining, just plain ol' newbie Austin. (Sorry for the rant.)
This World Is An Illusion
This World Is An Illusion 5 dager siden
You can tell if it's Austin doing the video by looking at the thumbnail's letters, if they are blur it's Austin. If they are green it's Mat Pat.
mike mitchell
mike mitchell 7 dager siden
Hey you live by me now. Never knew you were in ohio
Syphix Gaming
Syphix Gaming 7 dager siden
Who else didn’t get the notification for this awesome video?
xapha 7 dager siden
You just missed the perfect opportunity to use a banana for scale...
Cooleo Cash
Cooleo Cash 7 dager siden
Guy’s I just realized... Austin is trying to kill everyone. “HAHA I DID IT!” That’s all the evidence you need.
vivizwag 7 dager siden
Don't mind the fact that the barrels are all floating
Anbu 7 dager siden
im not really a fan of the this wouldnt work in real life theories im more of a fan of the theories where you discover something about a character or a games history
Milo Ward-Thomas
Milo Ward-Thomas 7 dager siden
Is it me or is his velocity a factor of 10 larger than it should be?
Jude Christenson
Jude Christenson 7 dager siden
Could you do something on the units of measurement for radiation. I could never understand it.
Saint nashiepooh The 3rd
Saint nashiepooh The 3rd 7 dager siden
Bro which opera is that background music
still chill
still chill 8 dager siden
oh... so this whole vid we don't see mattpat
still chill
still chill 7 dager siden
oh then that means i just didn't read the title
MelodyCrystel 7 dager siden
Seems you're new here? Videos titled "The Science" are usually without Mattpat.
Tony Zinine
Tony Zinine 8 dager siden
His dandruf desereves to be in r/mildlyinfuriating
Travis Vuong
Travis Vuong 8 dager siden
I wonder? what is the realationship between matpat and ostin???
Luis Santiago
Luis Santiago 8 dager siden
Awesome! Austin time
David Wells
David Wells 8 dager siden
Oh, thank goodness MatPat talked to Austin. The swearing wasn't so much of a problem, but THE SCREAMING! Austin screamed everything and it made me skip every video he was in. It was SO ANNOYING. Thank you MatPat.
Ben Duck
Ben Duck 8 dager siden
4:18 what about Yoshi?
Ben Duck
Ben Duck 8 dager siden
I forgot they “Shot” people out of canons
Man With A Hat
Man With A Hat 8 dager siden
Now I know why the barrels kill Mario. I,m gonna buy an donkey Kong one day (the arcade)
Maniac Myles
Maniac Myles 8 dager siden
And where is mat pat
Maniac Myles
Maniac Myles 8 dager siden
Please tell me who is narrating this
This World Is An Illusion
This World Is An Illusion 5 dager siden
Austin is the one narrating this video. Mat Pat still does videos but he presents the ones that have green letters in their thumbnails, while Austin presents the ones that have blue letters in their thumbnails.
Judah Porta
Judah Porta 8 dager siden
Hey Austin why don't you do a science video on the physics of flappy bird? I would enjoy seeing that.
dylan matthew
dylan matthew 8 dager siden
Tyler Crandall
Tyler Crandall 8 dager siden
I can feel Austin's rage to curse in the intro
mew SP_on23567
mew SP_on23567 8 dager siden
I am only going to say this once: For the sake of eardrums across the world, nobody tell Austin about the fast travel cannons in "secret of mana".
John MacNugget
John MacNugget 8 dager siden
Hey, uh... He’s shooting out of a barrel cannon, I don’t think they were considering the real life physics of doing such. (The barrels are also flying)
Collin Coon
Collin Coon 8 dager siden
umm...1.77/.667 is 2.65, not 26.5. They're going much slower
Josh Pelkie
Josh Pelkie 8 dager siden
Not liking the new host. He’s not very funny imo
This World Is An Illusion
This World Is An Illusion 5 dager siden
He is not new. But you can avoid his videos by paying attention to the thumbnail's letters. If they are blue, Austin presents them. If they are green, Mat Pat presents them.
toymangamer121 8 dager siden
he is not new
Mitja Kovač
Mitja Kovač 8 dager siden
Imagine the density of the Gun powder to be able to do such stuff
Tay Edwards
Tay Edwards 8 dager siden
Blue Camo
Blue Camo 8 dager siden
Can you please do a bloons tower defense, theory, it’s a really popular game, and even on the highest selling game against Minecraft. (On mobile at least)
Blue Camo
Blue Camo 8 dager siden
Can you please do a bloons tower defense, theory, it’s a really popular game, and even on the highest selling game against Minecraft. (On mobile at least)
TheMadBear 8 dager siden
Always appreciate you taking the time to slowly open a new document, it gives me just enough time to realize it isn't a true Game Theory episodes and click away before i have to listen to the awful screaming.
Cool Wolf
Cool Wolf 8 dager siden
Aagghhh great its him😂
The Extreme Revolution
The Extreme Revolution 8 dager siden
Imagine if on August 18th 2021,Matpat,Dawko and other youtubers will do an interview with Scott Cawthon,but they can only ask 10 questions..
Kallocarina 8 dager siden
Wait... LINK IS A CANON DONKEY KONG CHARACTER (no pun intended)?!?! WHAT TIMELINE DOES THAT PUT DK COUNTRY IN? Failed hero because Link loses to Yoshi? lol
Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor 8 dager siden
Make more of the quality of your video's a year ago.
Axel Castillo
Axel Castillo 8 dager siden
1.77m/0.667s ain’t 26.52m/s...
Miguel Mx7
Miguel Mx7 8 dager siden
Remind me of a side you remind me of my science teacher very boring
Cali Marasigan
Cali Marasigan 8 dager siden
Where is matpat
This World Is An Illusion
This World Is An Illusion 5 dager siden
Mat Pat still does videos, but his have green letters in their thumbnails. Austin videos have blue letters in theirs.
Septic Sam
Septic Sam 9 dager siden
We should use the barrels to launch our ballistic missiles
AlEcyler 9 dager siden
Wait. Did you just move to Youngstown? Why would you do that? I spent my whole life trying to get out of there.
chris jacobo
chris jacobo 9 dager siden
AUSTIN, make your own Chanel and I will totally follow you! The only reason I’m still with game theory is because of you!
toymangamer121 8 dager siden
he already has his own channel
Squid Boi
Squid Boi 9 dager siden
His name is matpat He's dead.
Candis 9 dager siden
Do you have someone checking your emails or do you do it yourself??? Either way you need to do a better job at responding. I have sent you two emails about a fundraising opportunity that have gone unanswered. I gotta say I am disappointed in the lack of communication regardless of interest on your part or not. From a professional standpoint you could at the very least respond. ijs
Amelia Bendle
Amelia Bendle 9 dager siden
Who knew that shooting monkeys out of barrels would be so infeasible? Literally everyone. Put the math down and clean your house.
LT Gaming
LT Gaming 9 dager siden
Is it Weird that donkey Kong’s name has donkey in it but he’s an ape... just kinda thought that’s was weird
Lunadron 9 dager siden
Visual error at 5:12, supposed to be 0.0667s not 0.667s But good video!
Sarah Moreyra
Sarah Moreyra 9 dager siden
Me to
Franklin Blocker
Franklin Blocker 9 dager siden
Why don't you have your own youtube channel and use matpats
The Squad Wiperz ASquadWiper
The Squad Wiperz ASquadWiper 9 dager siden
I can die happy now that this has been sorted out hahah❤️❤️❤️
superWTF64lol 9 dager siden
I never noticed how frequent and versitile barrels were in all sorts of Donkey Kong games until now If history were a bit different and barrels weren't used in arcade Donkey Kong/DKC, then I can't even imagine what Donkey Kong games would look like today I wonder what caused them to include barrels in the first place? Did they think of Barrel of Monkeys and associate the two? Or did they just need something for Donkey Kong to chuck at Jumpman?
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