Game Theory: The Secret Fortnite Agenda NO ONE Is Talking About!

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4 måneder siden

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Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, has come out swinging recently. First it was at the Google Play Store, now it's out for Apple's App Store too. Sure, Epic Games says it's about them banning Fortnite from their stores, but I think there is something much BIGGER going on. What exactly? Well, it's written plainly in their own legal documents - they want to open their OWN app store and to do so, they need to break down the monopolies already dominating the markets.
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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! ►►
FNAF This Theory Changes Everything ►
FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
FNAF 6, No More Secrets ►
Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Woeflux 4 måneder siden
As a business student this was so interesting to watch please make more videos like this!!!
notone 20 dager siden
MrUnboxerMan 26 dager siden
Matpat truly is the best.
Person Who Exists
Person Who Exists 26 dager siden
@Cthulhu All-Spark yea I downloaded on my new computer and I am having a blast
tyler stults
tyler stults 28 dager siden
say that again
Edward Maher
Edward Maher Måned siden
yea pls make more vids about it
EnergyInnit Time siden
EnergyInnit Time siden
Theory: Epic games is doing this because there are a looot of stuff that were taken from other things and were added to fortnite. So they don’t get sued.
Finn Sheerin
Finn Sheerin 6 timer siden
This is honestly pretty interesting. I would like to see more of the actual lore of Fortnite, even if it's already been stated, but this is cool too!
John Keeley
John Keeley 6 timer siden
So epic is basically stealing apple’s googles and steams money and blaming them
Det er bare Christian
Det er bare Christian 7 timer siden
Make more plz
Mecha Team Leader
Mecha Team Leader 7 timer siden
Epic Games has some-what won the lawsuit a few weeks ago. If there's one thing Epic does better than produce games, it's win court cases.
Allan Jimenez
Allan Jimenez 14 timer siden
part 2
Xander Welch
Xander Welch 17 timer siden
why does he ruin stuff for us like he made my bro not like Fortnite you should be ashamed
Master 06
Master 06 Dag siden
but wait, wouldn't we get a monopoly situation with epic games there?
Master 06
Master 06 Dag siden
I personally don't like fortnite but I like this law file
Jan Dave Moreno
Jan Dave Moreno 2 dager siden
This was a great ep and you should continue it.
Rainbowpug675 2 dager siden
do more lore plz
Mr Troll
Mr Troll 2 dager siden
I would be very interested if you did your best to depict the lore of Fortnite because you seem to be very good at that kind of thing.
smexydave 777
smexydave 777 2 dager siden
I'd say epic games are the good guys
Dane Hollyoak
Dane Hollyoak 3 dager siden
Larry Fernandez
Larry Fernandez 3 dager siden
This is incredibly interesting and can't wait for more of these!
JubJub4 4 dager siden
MrMitchMotch 4 dager siden
I am
The Jurassic Chicken
The Jurassic Chicken 4 dager siden
This is absolutely FASCINATING please make more on them
Navalwardude 5 dager siden
I right now am so confused and surprised :O.
Not_fea4 6 dager siden
fortnite could of been in the apple store but, epic decided no so nobody else has to be charged more
S. Kuraja
S. Kuraja 6 dager siden
Geez after this im glad I dont use apple devices
K_DOG2023 6 dager siden
0:39 dipper and Mabel be like
MRCAT 6 dager siden
muhammad areeb
muhammad areeb 7 dager siden
Part2 !!!!!
RedTomato 7 dager siden
If matpat keeps doing these kind of videos, he might need a bodyguard to protect him from hitmen. (This is NOT a threat)
Bloxer Gaming
Bloxer Gaming 7 dager siden
You know now they make a deal with samsung because samsung hates Google and Google hates samsung
Cozy Chomps YT FORTNITE 8 dager siden
I’m fortnite cozy chomps
UltraBlitz 8 dager siden
recon dogexpert
recon dogexpert 8 dager siden
Huda Carlse
Huda Carlse 8 dager siden
Apple forever
URASS TLG 8 dager siden
Are you saying than Android can play Xbox game pass games
Google Trends
Google Trends 8 dager siden
"Biggest game in the world" That's easily arguable simply with the term "NOpost views"
Jamian Republic
Jamian Republic 9 dager siden
Whoa, that’s mind blowing. I have hated fortnight for, well I guess since it came out. My friends and cousins played it and they wouldn’t do anything else. It’s so surprising how subtle epic has been and that no one else has called them out. I’m a strategy guy, but this is way beyond me.
all I have and more . . .
all I have and more . . . 10 dager siden
Epic games store? Ohhh ohhh ohhh my god prob why they had rocket league
Arhaan Jain
Arhaan Jain 10 dager siden
Can anyone sent a link for this full lawsuit please
DoTheDarkoSwing 11 dager siden
people who say fortnite is dead: **dislike**
Cecil Morris
Cecil Morris 11 dager siden
bruh this dude need to move on from the emotes that was a long time ago
Blake Stidham
Blake Stidham 12 dager siden
Ive always disliked apple ,but thank you for even more reasons to now hate them.
Kenny of Robloxia
Kenny of Robloxia 12 dager siden
this is why i absolutely love epic games and everything they create
DT THE CHOSEN LOL 12 dager siden
I play fortnite on moblie and when i saw i can not open season 4 i was sad so i saw this vid now and im like “i hate u apple aaaaaaaaaah!” I play ps4 now
Destiny Karst
Destiny Karst 13 dager siden
I'm still waiting to find out how they're playing 6-dimensional chess. He made it sound like there was going to be a part 2. Was I wrong?
baby yodas fan
baby yodas fan 13 dager siden
Angelina Vald
Angelina Vald 13 dager siden
Hello matpat, probably won't see this but there's a game nobody can figure out! It has an incredible life even I can't understand, and Im wishing you could figure out! It's in roblox called : de pride isle sanitarium, if you want to see if it's actually good here's a video of the trailer!:
Instinct omega
Instinct omega 13 dager siden
Minecraft is better
Conner Kadlecik
Conner Kadlecik 13 dager siden
Did we ask?
Fortnite x Mincraft
Fortnite x Mincraft 14 dager siden
How dose apple 🍎 🍎 look like fortnite
Fortnite x Mincraft
Fortnite x Mincraft 14 dager siden
Mat im a big fan but how ?
Madhuvan Gupta
Madhuvan Gupta 14 dager siden
Baran Yassin
Baran Yassin 14 dager siden
Among us is better than stupid fortnight
Conner Kadlecik
Conner Kadlecik 13 dager siden
Did we ask for your opinion?
Baran Yassin
Baran Yassin 14 dager siden
Mongo’s better
KuteKarens World
KuteKarens World 15 dager siden
Hello. I am back with another theory for you. We have another season, Zero Point. And one of the battle pass items is the loading screen with a girl version of Midas. What if this is linked to the zero point? Do you all remember Season X/10 with the whole space galaxy thing and then the Chapter 2 with another galaxy and we could all see it. Also Chapter 2 season 4 when Galactus fell into the portal? What if this is all showing us something? Like another realm where Midas is a girl. Like a realm where everything is opposite. Also if we go back to the picture of the 'agency' in Chapter 2 Season 5 (this season) trailer, we can see it's different the one we are familiar with. And Agent Jones saying 'another snapshot of me inside the loop.' What if he had gone to that agency? What if he was the cause of that realm? If we talk to Bunker Jonsey, he says 'Don't you see it? We are all in one big loop.' We is the key word in that sentence. We meaning the different realms. But hey. That's my theory and I think I speak for all of us when I say we would love to hear your theory...
Saul Maria
Saul Maria 15 dager siden
im so interested
Dipper Pines
Dipper Pines 15 dager siden
Personally, I want epic games to win, I don’t really play any of epic’s games, but I want them to win because if they do, it would force more competition amongst other existing app stores resulting in lower prices for the us, the consumer
GameWave 15 dager siden
Matt Pat PLEASE do another one of the videos! It was so interesting!
daryn collins
daryn collins 15 dager siden
this is so interesting
Just Zseeo
Just Zseeo 16 dager siden
Some day apple will say that taxes are not fair
Nsikak Sunday Udo
Nsikak Sunday Udo 16 dager siden
PattieWarriors 16 dager siden
I just want to play fortnite mobile again
Alex CrǾss
Alex CrǾss 17 dager siden
wheres part 2-
XxJimmyZeGamerLolxX 17 dager siden
Adopt me on roblox has more visits than fortnite. Adopt me has 16.2 billion. More than double that of the entire world's population. I hate adopt me. And I hate fortnite. But hey. Just saying. Adopt me's visits are more than fortnites downloads + visits combined.
XxJimmyZeGamerLolxX 17 dager siden
Also, do a theory on why NOpost is pushing more ads because no-one is buying NOpost premium. They started making double ads happen a few months after the launch of NOpost premium. Yep. They also started making them mostly 15 second unskippable ads around that time as well.
mr streamer
mr streamer 17 dager siden
who else thinks epic payed mat to never do a fortnite lore theory because they know he would get it right and all would be reveled. I honeslty think he could figure it all out and spoil everything but who knows.
Johan Grotegut
Johan Grotegut 17 dager siden
Great video. The real world\ buisness side of gaming is really interesting
Alex olguin
Alex olguin 17 dager siden
idk y but i kinda wanna see a theory on fortnite lore 4 some reason
Gboy Gamer
Gboy Gamer 18 dager siden
If only business school was this interesting 😔
Ariel Shahurov
Ariel Shahurov 18 dager siden
Part 2 PLZ!
Caleb Hurst
Caleb Hurst 18 dager siden
More pls
Ali 18 dager siden
Make more vids about this
Hazza Gaming
Hazza Gaming 19 dager siden
This video was really interesting so pls do more😃😀😀
rumbbby tomb
rumbbby tomb 19 dager siden
If epic owns everything than I am not going to get a phone
Darons Beats
Darons Beats 19 dager siden
Fortnite is being smart
Fire 1190
Fire 1190 19 dager siden
More vids like this Mat Pat
Prabhdeep Sahdra
Prabhdeep Sahdra 20 dager siden
it is interesting
Ann Marie Watson
Ann Marie Watson 20 dager siden
my brain has imploded inside of my head
Ammo Knight
Ammo Knight 20 dager siden
You have become the very thing you swore to destroy
Paul Szymanski
Paul Szymanski 20 dager siden
lol my youtube recommendations in a nut shell
Ooofy Jimam
Ooofy Jimam 20 dager siden
Let's just appreciate how much editing this guy has to do so we can be satisfied
Jedi Anderson
Jedi Anderson 20 dager siden
This isn't a game theory anymore this is a political theory about a game
Astrothenix 20 dager siden
Theory: The hologram bunker Jonesy said he hit his head and his job was to get in to the zero point or something, maybe he was in the meteor at the end event and the seven was trying to make the meteor crash into the zero point so that bunker jonesy could see what was in there, and somehow it created a clone of himself and he is in a repeated traumatic event.
Naseem Ahmed
Naseem Ahmed 21 dag siden
iamniija 21 dag siden
iamniija 21 dag siden
BestGamer 5
BestGamer 5 21 dag siden
Christian Stoykov
Christian Stoykov 21 dag siden
So, basically, Epic games says that Apple and Google are EA. (I think.)
The Awake Christian
The Awake Christian 22 dager siden
You should make videos on fortnites actual lore, you don’t know how deep it goes with the multiverse.
Elizabeth Streit
Elizabeth Streit 22 dager siden
I'd love more episodes on this
Family Johnson
Family Johnson 22 dager siden
Yeah do a chapter series
Dmc _faternity
Dmc _faternity 22 dager siden
Who are this people
nando time
nando time 23 dager siden
Sunnex 23 dager siden
Why is the trial in may though?
asadel fadillah
asadel fadillah 24 dager siden
Let me just say this, when MatPat is over 70 and I'm in my 40s, I'm still going to watch him if he's still doin' youtube :v
AJ LAXAMANA 24 dager siden
Just a 200iq move it's Apple's fault that epic is now gonna be powerful
Dexter Bush
Dexter Bush 24 dager siden
you could be a lawyer or defended
Lil Tempted
Lil Tempted 24 dager siden
Idk if this is how it works most likely won’t win but for a console you pay around 500$ for the system.... you pay 10-60$ for games that you ALREADY own to pay 10$ just to play the game as I say again you ALREADY own...
Lil Tempted
Lil Tempted 24 dager siden
I don’t know much about businesses stuff but would that count as a monopoly
Review Ers
Review Ers 24 dager siden
So we’re is the lore video
quadraticAir 24 dager siden
I have a question for chapter 2 season 5 why does agent jonesy doesn't want anyone expecting the loop
Red Scout
Red Scout 24 dager siden
Why does the thumbnail look so weird Also how the "H E double hockey sticks" did i get here?
Leonora Lima
Leonora Lima 24 dager siden
YaGirlMya 24 dager siden
the people that disliked this video were the 8-14 year old kids that just said "But i love fOrTnItE" okay....
Tim T Rex
Tim T Rex 25 dager siden
It deals like either apple or epic games will become the real worlds "buy 'n large"
RHO / Right Hand Octoling
RHO / Right Hand Octoling 25 dager siden
Wow, never expected this, cool too!
Kimeng Long
Kimeng Long 26 dager siden
Minecraft still will be number 1
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