Game Theory: The Secret Fortnite Agenda NO ONE Is Talking About!

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2 måneder siden

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Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, has come out swinging recently. First it was at the Google Play Store, now it's out for Apple's App Store too. Sure, Epic Games says it's about them banning Fortnite from their stores, but I think there is something much BIGGER going on. What exactly? Well, it's written plainly in their own legal documents - they want to open their OWN app store and to do so, they need to break down the monopolies already dominating the markets.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Woeflux 2 måneder siden
As a business student this was so interesting to watch please make more videos like this!!!
Sound Guy
Sound Guy 5 timer siden
@AstroNomia E... e... e... epic?
PharetMC Dag siden
i didnt understand most of these vids, but im still interested lmao.
jerod mccray
jerod mccray 3 dager siden
Soooo when is the next episode I’m pretty sure a lot of people want to watch it
PaytonVSmith Gaming
PaytonVSmith Gaming 6 dager siden
Apple Be Evil
Dog M
Dog M 10 dager siden
Wolfmobiletron Jackson
Wolfmobiletron Jackson 3 timer siden
I’ve been talking about this befor you posted the video
Sound Guy
Sound Guy 5 timer siden
But how can we google for epic games if epic games destroys google which helps us google for epic games which help us find epic games store which help us download epic games's epic games
sammy samson
sammy samson 7 timer siden
Yes interested
Keeyomi Lim
Keeyomi Lim 18 timer siden
Matpat:Basically uncovering big corporation’s secrets Me:Still trying to solve one math problem
Joshua Moore
Joshua Moore 21 time siden
probably not you
probably not you Dag siden
Me who what's fortnite to be removed and die
Bluethunder Dag siden
Yo this is actually big brain from epic
Tactical Twinkies
Tactical Twinkies Dag siden
I like how she's moving the remote without her hands
Andrew Forester
Andrew Forester Dag siden
More please
Jason Hernandez
Jason Hernandez Dag siden
Me like this idea
AhiruDuckling Dag siden
Jesus epic games is big BRAIN
Lord Tomyh
Lord Tomyh 2 dager siden
Disclaimer: Most of this information and 'research' comes from quick google searches of the event and from several online news websites. So grain of salt TLDR: In August-ish Australia wants Google and Facebook to pay for Australian news and content. Google and Facebook don't want to and tried to lie to their Australian users about the proposed law in order to get it hated on. This year (2020) the Australian government wanted to pass a law that forced Google and Facebook to pay Australian media companies (except for public broadcasters) for news, information, and content that came out of the country. This has been suggested as a means to provide a fairer environment and to protect Australian news companies, big and small, and Australian jobs and citizens. In response, Google put up a warning on their search engine and NOpost stating that if the law passes, Google (and Facebook) "be forced to provide you with a dramatically worse Google Search and NOpost, could lead to your data being handed over to big news businesses, and would put the free services you use at risk in Australia". The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) denied these claims, stating that there is no set amount for what Google has to pay, that news companies would be negatively affected by having the website promoting their content, and that user data is not being requested unless Google wishes to do so. I know Australia doesn't feature much in international news unless we're on fire (if you don't know, check out Australia's Covid numbers) but with this war between Epic, Apple, and Google, I thought it this should be brought up.
Cayden Swan
Cayden Swan 2 dager siden
Alien is baning Fortnite
Cayden Swan
Cayden Swan 2 dager siden
Apple is allies with a tech giant called alien
LEGO head 27
LEGO head 27 2 dager siden
Thank you so much for making this video! I had a project about the current ramifications of antitrust acts, and this video was a great help! I’m currently writing this the night of the due date so I gotta stop commenting but great work!
I’m officially interested
ROMEO MARABOLI 2 dager siden
Make it happen
Supremacy 3 dager siden
This is epic see what I did there?
Zoubiri Salah
Zoubiri Salah 3 dager siden
Yes pls do another one
Aman H
Aman H 3 dager siden
Pls do this whole epic thing
Al Salvador
Al Salvador 3 dager siden
Go on with the Series... We want More! Can’t wait for part 2
Daniel Noonan
Daniel Noonan 3 dager siden
I really enjoyed this video. Please make more!
Neiil Garg
Neiil Garg 3 dager siden
Please make more vids like this
Roblox Player
Roblox Player 3 dager siden
Fook yes epic game is winning
GastricGarlic57 3 dager siden
A Fortnite phone
Omletós 3 dager siden
Btw, how does the idea of Economics theory sound?
Omletós 3 dager siden
Mat Pat is really good at staying neutral and not picking a side.
Makai 3 dager siden
Epic story sounds good to me...
Ady daddy drummer
Ady daddy drummer 4 dager siden
who knew 9 yr olds googling free vbucks were soo smart
Ady daddy drummer
Ady daddy drummer 4 dager siden
as a business studies graduate from havard the definition of monpoly is , real-estate for two to eight players, in which the player's goal is to remain financially solvent while forcing opponents into bankruptcy by buying and developing pieces of property
Vuke! 4 dager siden
I know I'm late but this is by far my favorite sort of content from this channel. Breaking down real life business decisions, algorithm trends, etc, it's fascinating.
Tu Bo
Tu Bo 4 dager siden
Mat : fortnite is the biggest game in the planet right now! Among us : am I a joke to you?
Ayania Pushon
Ayania Pushon 4 dager siden
1:25 So funny
Sanana Show
Sanana Show 4 dager siden
I watched this on apple phone
Iivo Räisänen
Iivo Räisänen 4 dager siden
Andrew Poore
Andrew Poore 4 dager siden
I forgive epic for creating Fortnite. Also I’d love to see more vids like this
wolfpupxxx 4 dager siden
Absolutely interested! Please tell us more! :)
Pyro Maniak
Pyro Maniak 4 dager siden
I find it interesting that I just happened to find this video Nd watch it this is one of the most engaging "theories" I've watched in a while and it never even popped up on my feed. Gee I wonder how a theory about how a company wanting to publish a rival game store on a platform monopolized by google/apple seamed to get pushed back behind the curtain on a platform owned by Google. I guess its a mystery
thestuipidestguyontheplanet #gameplay
thestuipidestguyontheplanet #gameplay 4 dager siden
Mystic Grim
Mystic Grim 4 dager siden
In my opinion a epic apps/games store would be more interesting than google play store and apple play store personaly i trust google more than apple and I trust epic even more because epic isn't a tech giant.
Loop Lemon
Loop Lemon 5 dager siden
I love the part the first part
asma sohail
asma sohail 5 dager siden
I want more matpat love your Voice
Bob Hermendes
Bob Hermendes 5 dager siden
Annette Edwards
Annette Edwards 5 dager siden
How many times did he say tech giants
Marilyn Magtalas
Marilyn Magtalas 5 dager siden
fortnite: im the biggest game ever among us: imma end this whole mans career
Giraffe 5 dager siden
can you do a lore video
StarScreen Studio
StarScreen Studio 5 dager siden
epic games was gangsta until the the game company unites and make a game crossovers and not inviting epic games, and rpic started a hacking which can destroy all programs and the game company decide to put an avengers team using all game protagonist, and booom gameavengers: dawn of epic games
nick mcdonough
nick mcdonough 5 dager siden
Make more of these please and thanks.
Huong Thai
Huong Thai 5 dager siden
I knew Fortnite was EVIL
Huong Thai
Huong Thai 2 dager siden
A ya I did
Barrelr 2 dager siden
Apple is. I dont think u fully watched the video
Michael Camarillo
Michael Camarillo 5 dager siden
I'm interested
Dom Cam
Dom Cam 5 dager siden
Cough Cough october and september Among us
Odin Entertainment
Odin Entertainment 5 dager siden
Ah yes, a megacorporation trying to paint themselves as the little guy standing up to a megacorporation. Surely this won't backfire for Epic.
The _Comedy_Guy
The _Comedy_Guy 6 dager siden
Imagine if epic made their own phone
Jose Miguel
Jose Miguel 6 dager siden
WHY DIDNT HE DO IIIIIT?!?! or did he?
Theavesone 6 dager siden
wait a MINUTE THE BLUE PEICE- Im not sure- but is it- like- business like things? Idk-
Iyz Mehlily
Iyz Mehlily 6 dager siden
Me:New video Me:Ohh no Matpat old why Also me: I don't live fortnite
moniruzzaman shawon
moniruzzaman shawon 6 dager siden
Just give me a simple answer if you are staying someone’s house don’t you have to give the owner a rent .It’s the same .Apple build the platform by years of hard work and now earning money from it.It’s Epic who is being greedy😑.More importantly this system is present since the birth of app store.Epic didn’t had any problem now ,so what happened now😒.They used apple for years to build their fanbase and now backstabing them..
moniruzzaman shawon
moniruzzaman shawon 6 dager siden
Apple is right .It is Epic who is being greedy
Korben Dunlap
Korben Dunlap 6 dager siden
Yes mister man I'd like more on this whole ordeal
Xandre Asman
Xandre Asman 6 dager siden
Do it
King of Knossos
King of Knossos 6 dager siden
PaytonVSmith Gaming
PaytonVSmith Gaming 6 dager siden
Ender Dragon prince
Ender Dragon prince 6 dager siden
where is PART TWO ?!?!??!?!!?!
Jonathan Hanks
Jonathan Hanks 6 dager siden
Im perusing a career in Law so yeah this is dope
A M 6 dager siden
Yeshhhhhhh That would be so interesting to hear about
lastdon6585 7 dager siden
If Epic's charging an extra 12% where Steam is charging 30%, why are the games the same price on both platforms? Technically, they should be cheaper on Epic. 🤔
Roblox Streams!
Roblox Streams! 7 dager siden
#FreeFortnite Edit: Put #FreeFortnite in the comments if you like Fortnite
Radnny1980RTF Green Nunez
Radnny1980RTF Green Nunez 7 dager siden
I like Fortnite a lot
Dexter John
Dexter John 7 dager siden
I would love to see part 2
Dexter John
Dexter John 7 dager siden
Pls make more of epic and fortnite
Taylor Boyer
Taylor Boyer 7 dager siden
Yes pls, tell us more
Pixelater 7 dager siden
Boooo fortnight
Serena Martin
Serena Martin 7 dager siden
Yes I wanna see it
BeauBillionaire 7 dager siden
Yessssssss please I wanna see all theories on anything Epic related you made it sound super interesting. And I really clarified what is really going on in this legal battle
Richard Mullane
Richard Mullane 7 dager siden
Can you please talk about Naruto Susunod and how tall they are and how much power they have
Richard Mullane
Richard Mullane 7 dager siden
Yes yes yes
Zero Ara Two
Zero Ara Two 7 dager siden
So what's gonna happen is We get -Epic PC -Epic Phone -Epic Gamechair Huh that's big brain for a name
Azure Zebra
Azure Zebra 7 dager siden
History/Story Theorists? Yes.. I would Like that.
nathaniël cooreman
nathaniël cooreman 7 dager siden
So ww3 will be about epic store or app on phone well might aswell make it a good war cuz I'm gonne be defending steam with life I was grown up with steam steam is a beautiful place well looks like we'll be fighting for it
True Panda
True Panda 8 dager siden
Epic is my favorite company now
Sensei GD
Sensei GD 8 dager siden
Jeremiah Hirschi
Jeremiah Hirschi 8 dager siden
steam is better
Logan Graves
Logan Graves 8 dager siden
I liked this video
ranga 8 dager siden
So when's the Business Theory channel coming?
XenonAnimates YT
XenonAnimates YT 8 dager siden
Mat pat: google and apple are monopolies the world 1 month later: Wait oh shiz hes right
David Christophersen
David Christophersen 8 dager siden
Captain Sprinkles
Captain Sprinkles 8 dager siden
Mat pat raised his grandkids well.
Captain Sprinkles
Captain Sprinkles 8 dager siden
Comment on this comment if you still play fortnite.
Norman Vitancol
Norman Vitancol 8 dager siden
F**k epic i thot you were inosent.
Protocol Mizu
Protocol Mizu 8 dager siden
we need more like this love you man ive bean i subscriber for years we need more destiny lore vids
Vox _ Ratio
Vox _ Ratio 9 dager siden
I support EPIC. A little competition is great for the market. No one likes overlords.
Marcel b
Marcel b 9 dager siden
Wow I have a lot more respect for Epic Games now.
Andrew Thompson
Andrew Thompson 9 dager siden
Lmao! I loved the opening 😂
VGDude HQ 9 dager siden
you are right for calling to me #0megamanzer0 for calling me but it spelled Yu NaruKami you add the Ra with purpose and reasons... right #batjokerofra
0megamanzer0 9 dager siden
hello mattpat13 or i don't give a F--- about your true name because I am #0megamanzer0 with #Raidrazer0ne and #Batjokerofra... we don't troll like you do ABOUT #PERSONA4 I dislike you for saying that about Teddie Being "my SHADOW" it the other way around Teddie became real because of YU narakami the hero of PERSONA 4 aka ME #RUSSELLABORDO !!!!
NiteOfRa Stuff
NiteOfRa Stuff 9 dager siden
NiteOfRaStuff 9 dager siden
lightsoulslayer 9 dager siden
you are right Magical Swordsman We are here to Support the TRUE DUO SAKURA TREE OF LOS ANGELES CA!!!! Wii are here for you #BatJokerofRa
Magical Swordsman
Magical Swordsman 9 dager siden
you go to the dark side of the infinity zone I go in the #Raidrazer0 Zone... you are a puppet that I #0megamanzer0 used to learn what YOU think fornite is doing... I #BATJOKEROFRA am a digital SELF made BUSINESS MAN like my late mother before me!!!! #VGGalHQ my mother's player 2 account knows you don't know JACK S----- about Business.... Right my #persona6shifters!!!!
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