Game Theory: You Give Them Life (Hello Puppets Scary VR Game)

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5 måneder siden

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As a fan of scary indie games, I like to investigate new ones that pop up. So today we are not talking even more FNAF, but making the switch from animatronics to puppets with the game Hello Puppets! This VR game has a lot hiding beneath the surface. Today, I want to discuss the bit twist involving your best puppet friend in the game, Scout. You see, Scout may just be the most dangerous thing for the player in the game. How? Well Theorists, sit back and enjoy the puppet show.
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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! ►►
FNAF This Theory Changes Everything ►
FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
FNAF 6, No More Secrets ►
Writers: Stephanie Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Tyler Mascola, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Alexander Martens
Alexander Martens 5 måneder siden
"If I had a nickel for every time I've been doomed by a puppet, I'd have two nickels! Which isn't a lot but it's weird that it happened twice." - Heinz Doofenshmirtz,
Zeyad Hariri
Zeyad Hariri 4 dager siden
The Computedcube 2
The Computedcube 2 10 dager siden
That's nice
Ggoo 12 dager siden
This was an very interesting
Ggoo 12 dager siden
Daylight Eclipse l
Ggoo 12 dager siden
sfc gamer I
Zeyad Hariri
Zeyad Hariri Time siden
0:17 me the whole video
Noobiemikguest 2.0
Noobiemikguest 2.0 5 timer siden
Wait would happen if you used all the puppets and play again???
green Canarie
green Canarie 8 timer siden
Also the puppets name: scout, kinda makes sense if we follow this theory
Meoc Mystic
Meoc Mystic 10 timer siden
Kody Samael
Kody Samael 10 timer siden
the single scariest thing in this video is that matpat thinks that us brits pour milk first,,, n o w a y mat,,, not on the queens grave, no way
Jeanette Giese
Jeanette Giese 15 timer siden
Theory man action figure🤩
Amelia Tuson
Amelia Tuson 19 timer siden
As a British person, you're disowned if you put the milk in first, you don't dare xD
Chloee Catherine Maki
Chloee Catherine Maki 21 time siden
I'm curious - Did you guys play this on GtLive ? If Not I would love to see you play through :O
Christian Patterson
Christian Patterson Dag siden
What happens if you use up all of the puppet spots? Does it just add new ones, or restart, or does something happen?
The Ink King
The Ink King Dag siden
Why can’t I find an GTLive videos on this?
Toy bonnie gamer
Toy bonnie gamer Dag siden
Fnaf puppet faster
yheet ok
yheet ok Dag siden
I am British we never pour milk first who told you that it is a lie
Brittany Wise
Brittany Wise 2 dager siden
So if each puppet gets eliminated as you play it each round, does anything special happen when all of the puppets get used?
Luke Macanlalay
Luke Macanlalay 2 dager siden
What will happen if you use all the puppets? Will the game still be playable? Or will the puppets refill?
Night-Zero 666
Night-Zero 666 3 dager siden
wait- first it was robots being cursed then a dancing demon being cursed then a dog being a crackhead AND being cursed NOW FRICKING PUPPETS?!??!?!?!?!? I SEE THE PATTERN NEXT IS PROBABLY GOING TO BE A FREAKING HAT
Sophia Christie
Sophia Christie 3 dager siden
Plz I need you to play hello puppet plz
Star60 3 dager siden
Has anyone tried playing though the game 5 times using all the puppets and getting to the point where there’s no puppets left? What happens if there’s no puppet
Bibor NoLastName
Bibor NoLastName 3 dager siden
Have you tried little nightmare yet? It's a REALLY good indie game. It's really scarey too.
Ree Kid
Ree Kid 3 dager siden
I love all your channels matpat
Toni Long
Toni Long 4 dager siden
This theory made me sad...
Anthony 4 dager siden
Qlowtaffy 4 dager siden
what happens if you play as all puppets
Qlowtaffy 4 dager siden
Miss Misery
Miss Misery 4 dager siden
An unannounced sequel is in the works.
the rat that got yeeted
the rat that got yeeted 4 dager siden
What happens when you use all the puppets tho?
TheGalaxyGamer -_-
TheGalaxyGamer -_- 4 dager siden
Matpat: (Mentioning about Coryxkenshin) Me: Now this is an avengers level threat.
Jan Rafael Arispe
Jan Rafael Arispe 5 dager siden
Everything about this dude is good
Joe Padilla
Joe Padilla 5 dager siden
i have a challenge you matpat to play hello puppet because you never did
Gabriel Bucarito
Gabriel Bucarito 5 dager siden
I'm rewatching this video after watching parasite the anime and I noticed alot of similarities : a failed taking over of a brain facing many challenges and developing a bond and at the end they part ways, it's pretty interesting to me honestly
Tiger Ox
Tiger Ox 5 dager siden
Hey can you tell me why the show started on October 11th because that’s the date of my birthday and I’m quite freaked out
Shonono Yeetus
Shonono Yeetus 5 dager siden
the order is: teabag, water, remove teabag, milk, sugar
Johnathan Valencia
Johnathan Valencia 6 dager siden
Hey Matt Patt, I know This is a bit late but, I just realized something. They plan to take over the world by loads of people, and then plan to use those brainwashed people as puppets for the puppets to be used as a army and then when they have taken over the world, they will use the puppets who brain swapped to reboot the show, the force the brainwashed people to watch it. How does that sound?
shuichi saihara
shuichi saihara 6 dager siden
Anybody realise those aren't teddy bears they are all the scouts
Mister Kutabare
Mister Kutabare 6 dager siden
says by june 1st but it says hune 5th onscreen
henry wisniewski
henry wisniewski 6 dager siden
What happens when you run out of puppets? And get all the puppets to take control of us
Cowabunga It is
Cowabunga It is 5 dager siden
The puppets are just a novel way to make savefiles, if you use all of them the only thing that happens is that you can't leave the first room anymore.
Lonely Little Wolfie
Lonely Little Wolfie 7 dager siden
Only 80's kids remember deadly pizza shops and murdures teddy bears.
Human Being you see sometimes
Human Being you see sometimes 7 dager siden
Hello puppet is my favourite game it should get more recognition
Chloe Lagarde
Chloe Lagarde 7 dager siden
Oi I still watch cable😭
Gamma Smash
Gamma Smash 7 dager siden
This game isn't available til October 22nd, but I see reviews as old as 7 months. Why is that?
Swaglord SirCumnuggets
Swaglord SirCumnuggets 8 dager siden
No no no no no never ever put the milk in tea first. Putting the milk in first is the work of rascals and vagabonds. Sincerely, A Brit
Alex Deleon
Alex Deleon 8 dager siden
the end to the game was sad it made me cry
AlexFailsDriving 8 dager siden
I am glad Cory got *THIS* popular!
yanna davis
yanna davis 8 dager siden
Aye, glad you mentioned my mans Cory
greg mitchell
greg mitchell 8 dager siden
OutragedJewel48 8 dager siden
What happens once you use the last puppet
MikalaD Adams
MikalaD Adams 9 dager siden
im late but MAT!!...the game is buggy like REALLY REALLY Buggy
Squidward Tortellini
Squidward Tortellini 9 dager siden
14:54 oh the irony
роман нету
роман нету 9 dager siden
Wait, what will happen if you run game 6 times in a row? If every time there is one puppet less, what will happen when there is no puppet?
Louis potato mans
Louis potato mans 9 dager siden
Mythicalives 10 dager siden
The Computedcube 2
The Computedcube 2 10 dager siden
Am I the only one who can see the fact that matpat knows who Coryxkenshin is
BDough 10 dager siden
your tiresome and overinflated merch commercials are exactly why i dont have any of your videos in any of my playlists. if they were short (30-60seconds) and comical or some way integrated than id put up with them. as it is your sales pitch does exactly the opposite of intended
Pineapples 11 dager siden
It’s always easier to stay asleep in the morning when you’re dreaming about getting ready and leaving the house
Noodle Noddle
Noodle Noddle 11 dager siden
try doing it so there are no more puppets left and see what happends
NintendoKid 94
NintendoKid 94 11 dager siden
Cruz my name is CoryXKenshin!!!!
Painfulldarksoul 11 dager siden
... I can hear lewd fanfiction to this game being written.
DevonMC 11 dager siden
Can I just say how happy I am that matpat mentioned Coryxkenshin?
Light Yagami
Light Yagami 11 dager siden
Hmm-.. Morty boy do he kinda sus..
meep gaming
meep gaming 11 dager siden
Well helo old bean
LazeySnakey 616
LazeySnakey 616 12 dager siden
MatPat: "The most deadly kids show" The Banana Splits: Am I a joke to you?
spongeintheshoe 12 dager siden
Have you ever heard of Yume Nikki?
Grant Armstrong
Grant Armstrong 12 dager siden
Ok, it’s a good theory, but why wouldn’t scout just immediately brain swap and get rid of you? It seems like a lot of effort to go through just to gain your trust, and for what? You brainswap before that moment, why doesn’t she kick you out then? Another thing, why on earth would she explain their secret plan for you in the first place? They have no need to take you through this entire adventure when you really have no feasible way of escape anyways. Furthermore, why would the puppet become lifeless? You could say this is due to the puppet draining the characters life force; however, there aren’t signs of the character growing weaker throughout the game, they just suddenly die without any indications of them growing weaker Another, another thing, why is it that every iteration has the arm become torn off? We can confirm that this isn’t accidental as it always happens, and there isn’t any reason for the arm to be ripped off, as Whether or not the puppet has an arm, they can still swap.
shrug emoji
shrug emoji 12 dager siden
i would just like to say that i don’t think those are teddy bears dancing in the credits?? it just looked like the puppets you can choose from at the beginning
Kristine Ganzon
Kristine Ganzon 12 dager siden
This is parasyte then?
LIL_J_HILL 12 dager siden
if one disappears in the 2nd playthrough then what happens if you play until none are left?
N1teN1te 12 dager siden
So you play the game 5 times what happens dies it just reset with all the puppets still there or do you end up being possessed by mortimier
JustAMultiverse 12 dager siden
what happens if you play as all as the muppet rejects
Ggoo 12 dager siden
Ian Rose
Ian Rose 12 dager siden
I will except your challenge I will watch the old vids
Llama Unicorn
Llama Unicorn 13 dager siden
“Where’s rick?”
GamingOver Yt
GamingOver Yt 13 dager siden
When t supposed to be creepy but matpat is not scared at all
That’s Just Dappou Rock Etiquette
That’s Just Dappou Rock Etiquette 13 dager siden
Has anyone played through the game with EVERY PUPPET? I know it sounds tedious going through the same thing over and over again, but there just might be a special ending if you run out of puppets to use since each puppet disappears after the playthrough ends. Improbable, but not impossible
Monroe Robbins
Monroe Robbins 13 dager siden
Are we sure that the paranormal investigator dude didn’t clip the article? And 8:28 ... why does Mortimer not have hair in this bit?
Tyler Parsons
Tyler Parsons 13 dager siden
The game tagged is fnaf
Josh Rainier
Josh Rainier 13 dager siden
1.7K Dislikes people who didn't get it :)
Josh Rainier
Josh Rainier 13 dager siden
we hab VODO spell on our wakanda land on africa
Angele Furr
Angele Furr 13 dager siden
I am a kid but I. Can. Not. Stop. Watching
Al B
Al B 13 dager siden
What happens if you play through using all the puppets??????
Screaming Cat
Screaming Cat 13 dager siden
Wait, wait, wait- what if you keep playing until there are no puppets? What happens then?
Tubular Tortoise
Tubular Tortoise 13 dager siden
So, do you still exist after the puppet takes over? Or are you just dead now?
Gabbi 14 dager siden
Please tell me ya'll will play this on the livestream channel!
friedchicken sandwich
friedchicken sandwich 14 dager siden
I've always wondered what would happen it you played through the game enough times that there's no more puppets to choose from..?
Marz _astronomy
Marz _astronomy 14 dager siden
If the game allows u to play the other characters, can you play them and see what happens at the end- like maybe there’s a secret ending 👀👀👀
Belle cipher
Belle cipher 14 dager siden
I'm a lauxesnap :)
Tobian Gort
Tobian Gort 14 dager siden
what happened when you play all puppets
Jenny Pineda
Jenny Pineda 15 dager siden
Jenny Pineda
Jenny Pineda 15 dager siden
Jenny Pineda
Jenny Pineda 15 dager siden
Heather Johnson
Heather Johnson 15 dager siden
My brother it’s me your head that do you like on my birthday I will get there this
Burger Girl
Burger Girl 15 dager siden
But what happens if all the puppets are gone ? You played with each one what would happen? Would the game just restart or something ..
ItsME_ Strawberry
ItsME_ Strawberry 15 dager siden
vHxpnøtic 15 dager siden
Cory not gon upload
The Egg
The Egg 15 dager siden
Alvi Revail
Alvi Revail 15 dager siden
I want song theory
Jordan Atkinson
Jordan Atkinson 16 dager siden
What happens if you beat it five times though if a puppet disappears every time you win what happens when all of them are gone?
thE PeRsOn 4 years ago
thE PeRsOn 4 years ago 13 dager siden
Nothing -_- they ALL are back
James 16 dager siden
"This took in place in 1985 which is apperently where horrific children content origionated from" ... MARIO WAS A HORROR GAME ALL ALONG!
yaritsa marroquin
yaritsa marroquin 16 dager siden
We demoed all about those dead bodies were actually fell after failure after failure and what do you spec to do you lie they have people alive people
yaritsa marroquin
yaritsa marroquin 16 dager siden
It’s because she used to all the studio but then Mormor took over but now she grown powerful and powerful and now taking over of Mortimer that’s YC died
Hierophant Bean
Hierophant Bean 16 dager siden
I don’t know how, but for a good five seconds I thought this was a flamingo video when I looked at the thumbnail
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