Game Theory: You Give Them Life (Hello Puppets Scary VR Game)

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8 måneder siden

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As a fan of scary indie games, I like to investigate new ones that pop up. So today we are not talking even more FNAF, but making the switch from animatronics to puppets with the game Hello Puppets! This VR game has a lot hiding beneath the surface. Today, I want to discuss the bit twist involving your best puppet friend in the game, Scout. You see, Scout may just be the most dangerous thing for the player in the game. How? Well Theorists, sit back and enjoy the puppet show.
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FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! ►►
FNAF This Theory Changes Everything ►
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Writers: Stephanie Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Tyler Mascola, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Alexander Martens
Alexander Martens 8 måneder siden
"If I had a nickel for every time I've been doomed by a puppet, I'd have two nickels! Which isn't a lot but it's weird that it happened twice." - Heinz Doofenshmirtz,
Thomaswstt 14 dager siden
Nice avatar reference
* Måned siden
Let't play Roblox
Let't play Roblox 2 måneder siden
Michael ian Bandala
Michael ian Bandala 2 måneder siden
Hala papit
Plasma Bro Gaming
Plasma Bro Gaming 2 måneder siden
Lmao lmao lmao
SpideyYT 3 timer siden
What would happen if you played the game multiple times untill there wasnt a puppet you could choose? What would happen
Kilravok 5 timer siden
So, what happens after you finish the playthrough with the final puppet?
Sean McCarthy
Sean McCarthy 11 timer siden
What happens on your third play through Or your fifth
Lily Hanson
Lily Hanson 17 timer siden
Watching this after he recently played the game makes me appreciate this even more. :)
Atomica Dag siden
How many times can you play through? Does it go through all the puppets?
maximilian meladze
maximilian meladze Dag siden
the reason scout died was because she lost too much foam
WhyIs ThereASpace
WhyIs ThereASpace Dag siden
what if you keep on playing until u hav no puppets left
Pug Life
Pug Life Dag siden
13:33 why am i so happy that it's fallout 3?
Kathryn_ Gacha
Kathryn_ Gacha Dag siden
Wait, what will happen if you repeat until all the puppets are gone?
Unidentified Walking Tao
Unidentified Walking Tao Dag siden
Me: looking for MatPat videos Also me: I regret ever clicking on this video...
CleoLex Dag siden
I'm getting serious sister location vibes from that plan of theirs
Demonic Priest
Demonic Priest Dag siden
So I’m back since he just started this on got live and I’ve got a question. If you can’t use the same puppet twice then what happens if you use up all of them?
PotterFreak22 Dag siden
16:55 And I could've gotten this stuff for my birthday too! The joys of being broke in a pandemic. 🙄
PotterFreak22 Dag siden
1:40 Darn! I just got a Switch for Christmas! That case looked really cool! I was gonna ask that for Christmas too but I remembered you guys ran out MONTHS ago. Sucks sometimes with all the merch drops & I'm either broke or show up too late to the party. Yes, I am here from watching the new VR playthrough you guys posted today. I watched this video months ago and really wanted that switch case then too but I was broke AF so I waited. Then it was gone. Cue sad music. Oh well, gotta get them when I see them & have the money I guess! Those two things rarely happen together but I keep trying!
gacha girl392
gacha girl392 Dag siden
Can you do a live stream on this
Fastroboom Dag siden
Im just wondering what haappens if you beat the game 5 times
Dark Danker
Dark Danker 2 dager siden
What if you beat the game 5 times in a row without signing out and choosing every puppet, do they just regenerate? Or is there something else
Pepsi Can
Pepsi Can 2 dager siden
I may be a bit late and this topic might have been done to death before but what would happen if you beat the game untill all the puppets are gone?
Adrian Simonsen
Adrian Simonsen 2 dager siden
I just realized, if we did a final brain swap with scout, how are we still able to read the credits?
Rose Whipple
Rose Whipple 23 timer siden
The way I understand it, it’s actually Scout watching the credits.
Nintergo Studios
Nintergo Studios 2 dager siden
I do have a singular question, Matt. If the puppet you previously used goes away after you so called "Finish" the game, what would happen if you did it over and over until there are none left, what would happen then?
Lonley Slendy
Lonley Slendy 3 dager siden
Eyeless jack is Morty's puppeteer or what ever it is called
david thy rat
david thy rat 3 dager siden
Your theory has a major flaw you know when you brain swap and so does the puppet also you don't Brain swap you just take over the puppet like did you not even listen to the puppet when you first take over
Lathisa Valverde
Lathisa Valverde 3 dager siden
The stuffed bears were really all the puppets watching the credits
Ross Hoover
Ross Hoover 4 dager siden
now most people would get indoors kind of merch because of covid 19
hello 4 dager siden
YOU DARE ME TO SEE THE OLD VIDS? I'M ON IT BUD Edit: i know why it was a dare.. :[
PocketSpade 5 dager siden
Matpat should do a video on budget cuts its one of my favorite vr games and its pretty good
Symbiosis Hybrid
Symbiosis Hybrid 5 dager siden
Never in my life did I ever imagine Mat Pat saying "its none of my business"
Samantha Dyer
Samantha Dyer 5 dager siden
What would happen when you played it so many times that you've used all the puppets?
Ryan Leggett
Ryan Leggett 5 dager siden
this vid reminded me that i was terrified of Kermit the frog when I was 4 years old
MR.Marvelous 5 dager siden
So you both die you and the puppet together sure can say the puppet takes over your body but then you would be in the puppet body and she would be in your and your perspective would change so they both had to die
MR.Marvelous 5 dager siden
This theory doesn’t hold up at the end of the game you are still walking and then fade to white but if you swap before this you are in puppets body which means you both die
alphawolf 6 dager siden
“Theater filled with teddy bears” Uh Matt those are the scouts aka puppets
Kayla Jennings
Kayla Jennings 6 dager siden
wutif your pica a difrint pupit???
This isn’t me
This isn’t me 6 dager siden
What happens if you repeat the game for each puppet after it brings you back to the beginning and the old puppet disappears, until none are left?
Ayden O'Toole
Ayden O'Toole 6 dager siden
what if you play every puppet then play again
Vera Sundler
Vera Sundler 6 dager siden
Mat can’t you do a play through of the game, please?
intoxicated whore
intoxicated whore 7 dager siden
they storyline reminds me of the anime parasyte
Frisk Guides
Frisk Guides 7 dager siden
Wait but what if you do all of the puppets 👁👄👁🤔🤔🤔
coolkid675 7 dager siden
Quick question what would happen if you beat the game by using every single puppet. Will you just restart, get a secret puppet, or will you truely escape as a puppet and see society?
RHAPSODY SPENCER 7 dager siden
if i had a quarter for every time i have been grabbed by an animatronic than i would have 16 dollars
Jacob Joel Estrada
Jacob Joel Estrada 8 dager siden
oh god
Plation g
Plation g 8 dager siden
has anyone done the playthrough 5 times? meaning once with each puppet? If so what happens??
Foxy The Pirate Fox
Foxy The Pirate Fox 8 dager siden
13:07 I have a question: But why did she do it? I mean, at the end of the game we became friends! Why did she stole our body?
Athena Scroggins
Athena Scroggins 8 dager siden
This makes me wonder what would happen if you were to play it all again, up until the very last puppet. Or do the others just ‘respawn’? What happens if you play the very last puppet if it does eliminate them all?
Sara playsroblox
Sara playsroblox 8 dager siden
I wish I had a way to see him in person. That would change my life. Keep on making vids and making me laugh and smile -Saraplaysroblox
Samantha Lucas
Samantha Lucas 8 dager siden
Have you played through all the puppets? Maybe theres another ending?
Joshua McKay
Joshua McKay 8 dager siden
*fades to white* Mortimer: Hey, you. You're finally awake.
dream team
dream team 9 dager siden
Get mat pats merch it's really comfortable
Box boi
Box boi 9 dager siden
The background music is slightly distorted at the end
simple jack
simple jack 9 dager siden
what if you use all the puppets
Elle Rozier
Elle Rozier 10 dager siden
As a British citizen, putting the milk in first is a sin and anyone who does this should never even see a kettle or teapot ever again.
bron8130 bron8130
bron8130 bron8130 10 dager siden
wonder what happens once you finish all the puppets
DonelyWell 10 dager siden
Has anyone else noticed that Mortimer in the cutout art thing that the Game Theorists does, has no hair sometimes?
Scorpio 10 dager siden
Would anything happen once there's no puppets left?
TheGamingShark101 10 dager siden
Whats happens when you use up all the puppets?
Connor Barker
Connor Barker 11 dager siden
also think about the name, scout, as though scouting the outside world
Cookies Cookies
Cookies Cookies 11 dager siden
What would happen when you play until no puppets are left
Player Offline
Player Offline 11 dager siden
I know it would take forever but what if you play through with all the puppets
Frog 11 dager siden
I was just watching this again cuz it's cool, then I realized, "WHAT IF MAT PAT'S 'SPRITE' WAS A PUPPET!?"
Love_and Tea
Love_and Tea 11 dager siden
I don’t know if anyone else noticed this but I don’t think those are teddy bears in the theater. If you look really closely they look like the other puppets that you didn’t pick...
Andy_ JP
Andy_ JP 12 dager siden
ummm no. you dont put the milk in first
Phant0mHiv3d 12 dager siden
Why didn't you try and use up all the puppets available to you in the beginning and see what happens?
Daintyffany Isaac
Daintyffany Isaac 12 dager siden
Its a loop?
Myriam Cordova
Myriam Cordova 12 dager siden
I wonder what happens if you use all the puppets like you played the game again and you used all the puppets
Garrett Jerden
Garrett Jerden 13 dager siden
me looking at the name of the game: *sees hello neighbor but pupppets*
tonky chonky
tonky chonky 13 dager siden
well what happens when you use all of the puppets? When there’s no more puppets to posses you? New ending perhaps?
Jzombie 13 dager siden
so what happens if you do the game 5 times?
Supermangamer800 13 dager siden
3:18 "Or at least they did a better job at covering it up" lol
Garrett Ratliff
Garrett Ratliff 13 dager siden
Hold up, If you are the puppet at the end then why can you read the credits?
Queenie Dinsdale
Queenie Dinsdale 14 dager siden
I am going to explain that the milk comes after the tea .I am British and I don’t have any idea where that came from?!?!?
Oli Herold
Oli Herold 14 dager siden
4:05 puppet?
Sean Hoban
Sean Hoban 14 dager siden
What happend to the people that got possed by the pupets were did the souls go????
your average gamer
your average gamer 14 dager siden
this came to me when i was watching if the puppet is gone when you play with them what happens if you play until all of them are gone?
patrick skiba
patrick skiba 14 dager siden
game theory: A in game explanation me at the same time: A GAM- wait what
Josiah Boutte
Josiah Boutte 14 dager siden
Coryxkenshin x matpat make it happen!
TheChaliceDragon 15 dager siden
What happens if you play the game a second time, will another puppet be gone?if so what happens if you do it until the last puppet?
Mr. Pringle
Mr. Pringle 15 dager siden
What if you play the game 5 times and all the puppets are gone? Do they come back and the sixth time playing?
Garreth Tate
Garreth Tate 15 dager siden
But what happens when you use all the puppets
Funtime Crew
Funtime Crew 15 dager siden
Has anyone tried to use all of the puppets
Enchanted Starry Sky Unicorn
Enchanted Starry Sky Unicorn 15 dager siden
Hey mat pat why don’t you play hello puppets. Even though you know the ending of it.
Sophia Graziani
Sophia Graziani 16 dager siden
matpat was litterally giving a puppet advice on how to do better with his evil scheme can we just acknowledge that
Noah Angulo
Noah Angulo 16 dager siden
Hey the puppets have organs you literally take a piece of a pin from one, the puppets can die and bleed out
Brüh Hybrid
Brüh Hybrid 16 dager siden
What happens when you do a play through with every puppet option though? Would there be a different/secret or extended ending?
Brüh Hybrid
Brüh Hybrid 16 dager siden
It may include some extra lore or even confirm your theory.
C64 Striker
C64 Striker 16 dager siden
3:20 did you just reference Wilken’s Coffee?
the guy which is messing around
the guy which is messing around 16 dager siden
What if you use every puppet?
Maybe geimerLV
Maybe geimerLV 17 dager siden
and thats you take every detail very important thats is Psychopath in training
Bob The Bob
Bob The Bob 17 dager siden
What happens if you replay the game 5 times then?????????????????????????????????????????????
Mário Faria
Mário Faria 17 dager siden
what happens if we play the game 5 times in a row and there are no more puppets to choose from the 6th time ?
Ellamelon 2005
Ellamelon 2005 17 dager siden
Ok I want to know what if you play with all the scouts what would happen after the last scouts end
Aliana Denise Cruz
Aliana Denise Cruz 18 dager siden
Game theory, What if you use all the puppets Edit:like if you ask the same question
Ultranerd257 18 dager siden
What happens if you use all of the puppets?
bendy and the Protectionist studio
bendy and the Protectionist studio 20 dager siden
So freddy bendy then duck season makes a good way its like they mashed a little
AgentWuT 20 dager siden
Pinky: Yes.. this is a good plan I'll steal it and use it AND FAILED
Leigh Rowley
Leigh Rowley 20 dager siden
What would happen if you used all the puppets?
Bendy the Ink Demon
Bendy the Ink Demon 20 dager siden
The entire game in a nutshell: *hey bon bon*
Jacelyn Brown
Jacelyn Brown 20 dager siden
Wait, so are all the puppets girs!?
Delyla Weber
Delyla Weber 21 dag siden
Its not teddy bears its puppet heaven
shadow samurai
shadow samurai 21 dag siden
mat has a cat matcat
Nathan Womack
Nathan Womack 21 dag siden
So what if you play the game several times till all the puppets are gone? Seriously take this into mind
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