The Pokemon Move That Will END The World! | The SCIENCE... of Pokemon

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2 år siden

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If you've seen anything Pokemon, you know these pocket monsters have some CRAZY moves. Which of these moves is the most DANGEROUS? Today Theorists, Austin is going deep into the reality of the destruction caused by our favorite superpowered pals. What move will reign supreme? Let's find out!
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inf nightlock
inf nightlock 17 timer siden
Continental Crush is just a copy of the Chibaku Tensei
TBNREnder 3 dager siden
don't you have to do this again, including max and g-max moves from sword and sheild?
Fun With Yash
Fun With Yash 4 dager siden
Me looks at my cards: marshadow -GX move 1000 peerless blows, zygardes moves -earth’s wrath and land pulse, celesteela - MOON raker , yveltal - DOOM COUNT , ultra necrozma - light that burns the SKY, tynamo - aqua shock , ultra necrozma again - ummmm does that say photon GEYSER did that’s a freaking particle canon , lunala: lunar fal- WHAT ur gonna crash the moon into earth! Me : chuckle I’m in danger
awesomecat42 7 dager siden
I mean, we all knew that z-moves were overpowered, but *damn.*
Brooks L Piano Covers
Brooks L Piano Covers 8 dager siden
Austin has a layer of anger surrounding his body so dense he’s immune to all fictional attacks.
Green Impostor
Green Impostor 9 dager siden
Me: *stabs and kills Ratata* Ratata: The Ratata fainted.
evelyne tano
evelyne tano 10 dager siden
I like how Austin freaks out at the end
life hack god
life hack god 12 dager siden
Well thats alot of damage
RockYTPlays 12 dager siden
9:52 13:06 yeah u *SHOULD* calm down...yeaaaaaaa...*CALM THE #$@& DOWNNNNN*
RockYTPlays 12 dager siden
This guy knows way too much science and Pokémon 😂 😂 😂
[ Mazurome ZERO ]
[ Mazurome ZERO ] 14 dager siden
9:27 Aww yeah! It’s time! GET MAD!!! 9:50 Aww... :( 12:56 Do it! Do it! DO IT!!! DO IT!!! 13:10 *AAAA-*
Sim O
Sim O 15 dager siden
I love when Austin has his coffee
Eugene Pile
Eugene Pile 15 dager siden
Fact:a Pokémon cant use the skill continental crush because you need a z crystal for to get a z crystal you need to do the island trials Edit:and even if you had a z crystal if a Pokémon used that skill without doing the Island trials the z crystal will poof away
Stoic Bubble
Stoic Bubble 19 dager siden
10:10 thanks for my equal to reusable atom bombs
tree 21 dag siden
fun fact, tony starks arc reactor creates 7568640 giga joules of energy in 1 YEAR! In 78 years, it would make 594440985.6 giga joules.
tree 20 dager siden
if any one wants the math and reasioning, here it is! so baceing the calulation on the most reliable and consestent power out put on the mark 1 to 3, the avridge power out put it stated to create "around 3 gigajoules in a secoent."
tree 21 dag siden
also, it would have the power of a nuke in 1 FREAKING HOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CT-1409 Echo
CT-1409 Echo 22 dager siden
I showed this to my mom and told her “if I get a degree in science and mathematics this is what I’m doing as a hobby”
Smartypants Hellcat
Smartypants Hellcat 22 dager siden
*is distracted by Carmen playing in the background* Also, Austin when mad should be called "AggretsuAustin (like Aggretsuko but with Austin instead of a red panda named Retsuko). *crickets* No? Then I'll take back my stupid suggestion.....
megi bejko
megi bejko 22 dager siden
Austin don't try to give me a panic attack
ThisIsMadnessPeople 25 dager siden
TL:DR if you want to use pokemon as war weapons. USE THIS LIST
Mike Paez
Mike Paez 24 dager siden
Isaiah Edwards
Isaiah Edwards 25 dager siden
Metronome is the strongest move to me
Creative and funny name
Creative and funny name 25 dager siden
Creative and funny name
Creative and funny name 25 dager siden
Yes, moves that warp space and time can't possibly be more dangerous than a big rock.
Creative and funny name
Creative and funny name 25 dager siden
I love Austin's face on Zenyatta.
Mike Paez
Mike Paez 25 dager siden
@1:36 Austin is finnaly recagnized by pokamanz.
Lucius Deathcore
Lucius Deathcore 26 dager siden
Everyone Gangsta until Austin enters aggretsuko Mode
Nick Kline
Nick Kline 26 dager siden
At the start I literally thought “hey what about roar of time and spacial rend” so even though it wasn’t the ultimate most dangerous move I’m still happy
Winky Anooyed
Winky Anooyed 28 dager siden
Roar of time and Spacial rend could end space itself
Josephine Tejada
Josephine Tejada 28 dager siden
Kouki Bouharrat
Kouki Bouharrat 28 dager siden
This guy didn't see 10000000 volt thunderbolt cuz it makes a giant explosion
ZweMoe Nyan
ZweMoe Nyan 29 dager siden
Dude you missed ground z move
Abel Refasa
Abel Refasa Måned siden
The most powerful is payday inflates the price of the community think of the stonks
Ashley Knisley
Ashley Knisley Måned siden
It is splash
Axel Olander
Axel Olander Måned siden
Tayjo Oppong
Tayjo Oppong Måned siden
Well no need to check with your therapist anymore Z moves are no longer a thing is gen 8
John the herbalist G
John the herbalist G Måned siden
Still my favorite Austin video, after all this time
Rainbowappleslice Måned siden
I think Austin was watching aggretsuko before this episode
Brandon Baggaley
Brandon Baggaley Måned siden
There is one issue with this. Canonically, Pokémon were called magical creatures before the Poké ball was invented. The key word is MAGICAL. So magic is somehow involved in every single Pokémon move.
Raman Goel
Raman Goel Måned siden
Austin:And I have been through this whole video without losing it. 5mins later Me : So what I learned today is that the most devastating Pokemon move is Angry Austin
Pastel Dimension
Pastel Dimension Måned siden
But wait isn’t there a move that’s a one hit k.o
Josiah Brosius
Josiah Brosius Måned siden
1 person dead vs everyone dead
steve schmidt
steve schmidt Måned siden
not gonna lie man 7000 people dying from magnitude isn't that much infact it shouldn't of even been considered..
Francisco Camarena
Francisco Camarena Måned siden
He almost lost his cool there
Shiota Måned siden
who is this guy i want the other one back
Shiota Måned siden
@Josiah Brosius im joking bro ive said this in this channel atleast 12 times
Josiah Brosius
Josiah Brosius Måned siden
There are two game theory creators. Austin is the science dude who likes to find broken mechanics and impossible game design. If you don't like him, there's an excellent solution besides insulting him.
pikachu but still the inpostor
pikachu but still the inpostor Måned siden
This dude has never seen perish song
Super MTF Squad
Super MTF Squad Måned siden
13:13 *Doom Eternal Intensidies*
DDhruv3 Måned siden
Arceus' Judgment: *oh really?*
Sayyar Khan
Sayyar Khan Måned siden
Captain Polar
Captain Polar Måned siden
2:26 Oh you mean horn drill in gen 1 (x acc glitch)
Randy ChavezJr
Randy ChavezJr Måned siden
Austin evolved into....
Joseph Reagan
Joseph Reagan Måned siden
so... Splash is the most dangerous move. didn't see that coming.
Deon Denis
Deon Denis Måned siden
Who in the right mind gives a 10 year old access to blackholes capable of destroying the entire planet in one foul swoop?
Kenneth Southard
Kenneth Southard Måned siden
I like Angry Austin
Shrimp Sufette
Shrimp Sufette Måned siden
I'm sure Payday was part of the 34 moves
MintySoda Måned siden
one pokemon move can be the end of everyone....
Manan Joshi
Manan Joshi Måned siden
I wonder what your search history looked like to your FBI agent
Kevin Lol
Kevin Lol Måned siden
Where is mat pat? And does anybody think this guy sounds like olaf
Josiah Brosius
Josiah Brosius Måned siden
There are two different creators in game theory. Austin is the math and science dude who likes to find broken mechanics and impossible game design
Ishaan Agarwalla
Ishaan Agarwalla Måned siden
This the only time we see this form
Linus Lim
Linus Lim Måned siden
you forgot to calculate the amount of bedrock taken from earth ,thus changing the orbit of earth,smashing it into the sun
gallade samurai
gallade samurai 2 måneder siden
5:01 It literally took me 5 viewings of this video to notice the shiny lapras
jesus n
jesus n 2 måneder siden
Austin at start: i am not going to shout Austin at the end of the video: AAAAA AAAAA!!!!!! ¡
Alan Ramirez
Alan Ramirez 2 måneder siden
What about the ground Z move it's basically magnitude 10 but worse I MEAN IT DAMAGES THE CORE OF THE FREAKING EARTH
Akhmad Ali
Akhmad Ali 2 måneder siden
Have you ever heard of 1m volt thunder volt(electric z-move)
Emp Nucular
Emp Nucular 2 måneder siden
he is forgetting about radiation presure which would hold earth together for a little longer than what he is saying
Dagger Dagger
Dagger Dagger 2 måneder siden
It’s not THE SCIENCE without Austin screaming his head off
Aryeh Levine
Aryeh Levine 2 måneder siden
continental crush aka chibaku tensei
Yes Too
Yes Too 2 måneder siden
(For naruto fans) continental crush is basically chibaku-tensai or planetary destruction
Isabel Del Ponte
Isabel Del Ponte 2 måneder siden
no keep yelling it's entertaining
Vishnu vg
Vishnu vg 2 måneder siden
Judgment is the move that showers astroids he should have added that
Ikhwanzz1 2 måneder siden
They kinda ruined austin with the loli like costume
CoyotePicante 2 måneder siden
That was the most ultimate science rage I have ever heard.... and I'm a physicist.
Donovan Mckenzie
Donovan Mckenzie 2 måneder siden
nox the xelor
Animo Facts
Animo Facts 2 måneder siden
vincent heaton
vincent heaton 2 måneder siden
invader zim is one of the best show ever known to man
Dominic Hoover
Dominic Hoover 2 måneder siden
My god, that's gotta be the loudest that austin has yelled in the history of game theory as a channel.
AJ H 2 måneder siden
You're off by a couple orders of magnitude. The Sun can produce 4.4*10^26 J in under 12 seconds. A "quadrillion quadrillion" is 10^30, which is the correct order of magnitude, but you're still wrong by nearly two hours.
PandaHat 17
PandaHat 17 2 måneder siden
Sooo....... does this make my diglet the second strongest Pokémon in the game?
RaginGuns125 2 måneder siden
Please Austin can you please tell us what that metal song is at the end during the rage scene i have tried to find it for years to no avail Ps keep up the content entertaining as always sincerely Jake
Josiah Brosius
Josiah Brosius Måned siden
@RaginGuns125 "It's because your mask. I can't take this place. The great deception." Those are the lyrics I have so far.
Josiah Brosius
Josiah Brosius Måned siden
@RaginGuns125 that is rather unfortunate.
RaginGuns125 Måned siden
Josiah Brosius all ready watched it but the song is not there but the show is still worth a watch
Josiah Brosius
Josiah Brosius Måned siden
I've been searching for a week and have decided to watch the entirety of Aggretsuko due to the sheer number of commenters saying that's what it's from. I'm not positive that they're not simply talking about the eyes and mouth plus the symbol on his forehead, but I'm dedicated enough to watch it all
kitty kat
kitty kat 2 måneder siden
Aggresko and invader zim is new levels of rage.
Peri Uluırmak
Peri Uluırmak 2 måneder siden
14:19 ahhhhh he is back .... finnally :)
davi almeida
davi almeida 2 måneder siden
Did you noticid that lilipup, a little and weak dog, could make that blackhole and destroy the earth?
Just Playz
Just Playz 2 måneder siden
Don't rage or pick up 25 cards. Austin: *Picked up 25 cards.*
DevilboyLuffy 2 måneder siden
You haven't heard about judgment (arces's signature move)
Revenent 2 måneder siden
13:11 The word on his forehead means 'learn' btw.
Revenent 2 måneder siden
Its Chinese.
Bismuth 2 måneder siden
When bending space-time and breaking laws of physics is less dangerous than nukes: 👄
Jean Rémi
Jean Rémi 2 måneder siden
i dunno man, making a light apocalypse by a god that litteraly absorbed an entire dimension worth of light sounds kinda more dangerous also, warping freakin time and space seems kinda dangerous edit : please don't hurt me
Sara Moody
Sara Moody 2 måneder siden
As soon as he lost it I was like there it is
rosekillerchan 2 måneder siden
I wish Austin made more videos. He’s amusing,
DarkCats gaming fun
DarkCats gaming fun 2 måneder siden
2507 0849 5145
Meep Changeling
Meep Changeling 3 måneder siden
False, energy can be created. Else: 1. The Big Bang couldn't' have happened as stated. There was no universe, no energy, before it. IE it banged, energy was created. 2. If energy can't be created, the energy content of spacetime would drop as it causes the expansion of spacetime. But it does not. The value remains constant.
the man behind the slaughter
the man behind the slaughter 3 måneder siden
My god, I'm sure that Austin and Matt are on a few watch lists after calculating how to make somebody's organs collapse using air
Nerdy Foxes
Nerdy Foxes 3 måneder siden
Spacial Rend: Literally bends *s p a c e* Roar of Time: Literally bends *t i m e* Continental Crush: hehe, big rock go smash
aemama88 3 måneder siden
I like your glasses
Cinderquil 229
Cinderquil 229 3 måneder siden
Judgement... what about judgement
Izzy Vandenberg
Izzy Vandenberg 3 måneder siden
MatPat: * relatively calmly explains a depicts lore from games * Austin: * SCREAMS BLOODY MURDER ABOUT SCIENCE IN FICTIONAL WORLDS*
Josh Edmonds
Josh Edmonds 3 måneder siden
Why was the Chinese symbol for student on his forehead
redneckofgaming 20
redneckofgaming 20 3 måneder siden
The moab was made in my home town
Pokémon Researcher
Pokémon Researcher 3 måneder siden
Aidan Swaine
Aidan Swaine 3 måneder siden
me not seeing judgement o-o
Oliver Finnegan
Oliver Finnegan 3 måneder siden
The wobbufett that has a focus sash and knows counter "So you have chosen death"
Captain Thimble Plays
Captain Thimble Plays 3 måneder siden
Austin sorta sounded like morty during his rage
Shila Mawale
Shila Mawale 3 måneder siden
What Happened to light that burns the sky?
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