Game Theory: Cuphead's SINFUL SECRET Business!

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3 år siden

The Cuphead CONTROVERSY! ►
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Don’t deal with the devil… An introductory phrase like this makes Cuphead and Mugman seem like victims to a devilish scheme. However, what if they weren’t so pure themselves? What if this whole time we’ve been getting played? Cuphead and Mugman are into some shady things and today I’m going to expose their secret business!
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Sen 2 timer siden
The game designers were going to make a character like a Kappa so I think the water of life isn’t to far off
The The
The The 18 timer siden
I'm ok with other peoples opinions... But saying cuphead is better than breath of the wild is just WRONG.
Callie Maree
Callie Maree 20 timer siden
Wow this is so educational. I love learning about that right now. (Not sarcastic)
Iwan Webb
Iwan Webb 20 timer siden
matt i would just like to say that the American government wouldn't have helped a lot because of the policy known as Rugged individualism
Snowy Dag siden
most of your theories are good, but this one has a lot of holes in it, and is a bit far fetched.
Tomas Eriza
Tomas Eriza Dag siden
death among us
death among us Dag siden
The liquid in their head is milk A lot of people say it's milk
Crystal aka it’s alex
Crystal aka it’s alex Dag siden
Lol it’s milk
Fibb Dably
Fibb Dably Dag siden
You are the best guy. I love your stuff.
Frank G
Frank G 2 dager siden
The Devil gets people to sell their souls to him and is the Devil. Compared to him, Moonshiners are saints.
floop 2 dager siden
10 seconds into the video and I'm already dying at 'stay wope/remain conscious'. I love this channel.
Alyvia Esparza
Alyvia Esparza 4 dager siden
Omg that makes so much since!!!!!
DecipherThe Cipher
DecipherThe Cipher 5 dager siden
In a Kirby video about how Kirby is a cell it helped me on my test I hqd
David Delgado
David Delgado 5 dager siden
Can you do little nightmares 2
The Enoki mushroom
The Enoki mushroom 5 dager siden
Cuphead: So we made an innocent game with no story so the gameplay shines mo- MatPat: licks lips
Maribeth Wheat
Maribeth Wheat 7 dager siden
Beer Wine Rum Cigarettes Cigars Moonshine
Maribeth Wheat
Maribeth Wheat 7 dager siden
Poker Solitaire Gambling Go Fish Slots Eating Drinking Alcoholing Baccarat Craps Roulette
Maribeth Wheat
Maribeth Wheat 7 dager siden
Fried Chicken Soda Pop Biscuit Pizza Taco Nochos
DestroyerGaming 7 dager siden
What if cuphead Murmansk and tea kettle need that to keep them selves alive. Like its their life force
Mind Diamond
Mind Diamond 8 dager siden
Anyone: Makes anything MattPat: I smell *CRIMES*
Trash Panda
Trash Panda 8 dager siden
Studio MDHR: We made a simple yet difficult run-n-gun, boss rush game where you play as sentient cups who strike a deal with the devil in order to save their souls, absolutely no lore here MatPat: You make me laugh
ravid kling
ravid kling 8 dager siden
good job you just ruind cuphead to me way to go
Ultimate Warriors
Ultimate Warriors 8 dager siden
My my
Noquaplays 9 dager siden
Game designer : these are the nicest main characters to ever live MatPat : *HORRIBLE MONSTERS WHO ARE AS BAD AS THE DEVIL HIMSELF*
Animations In A Nutshell
Animations In A Nutshell 9 dager siden
The first part: LOL
eli afton :3
eli afton :3 9 dager siden
That intro made me really think yo a boomer
Alex Trinkle
Alex Trinkle 10 dager siden
Mat the pat
Ash Carso
Ash Carso 10 dager siden
Is it sad that I know exactly what he is saying when he talked with the millennial slang?
Tenisha H
Tenisha H 10 dager siden
Not to say if you give the devil the soul contracts you get a game over
mr egghead
mr egghead 11 dager siden
You forgot one crucial fact *They're 12*
Yashica Williams
Yashica Williams 12 dager siden
Cuphead explain yourself 😳
Nancy Hernández
Nancy Hernández 12 dager siden
Doesn't it sound like hello neighbor
Le Pie
Le Pie 12 dager siden
I think the game company actually planned this
Maddie GL
Maddie GL 13 dager siden
Ah yes. My favorite saying. Remain conscious.
Kevin Person
Kevin Person 11 dager siden
Just wait until "Become Unconscious".
Youtube Anime guy
Youtube Anime guy 13 dager siden
At 10 min and 51 secs there is thing kinda resembles a moonshine maker
Alek Wales
Alek Wales 14 dager siden
They missed the opportunity to say the sindustries.
Doc 15 dager siden
Rewatching this simply because I'm currently playing cuphead
Jigpaz 15 dager siden
Wait a minute... isn't inkwell isle a separate island? I'm not sure laws apply to them.
Quagsire 15 dager siden
What if it was just tea with too much creamer and that's why Mugman takes a drink of CAFFEINE.
ג'וני MANGA GEEK 16 dager siden
3:40 history to your face
Spaghetti 18 dager siden
Well, they did take a chance against the devil and by the odds won big Just a theory...
CheckerRose 19 dager siden
Imagine if someone made a game specifically to see if Game Theory can get the story right with their theories and drive them insane
THE ghost Sweeper
THE ghost Sweeper 19 dager siden
He’s the devil he doesn’t need to follow laws
Super Smiles
Super Smiles 20 dager siden
I love Matthew he’s just a man from heaven, he’s smart, funny, and he’s already mastered dad jokes so he was prepared for his kid
Blunder 21 dag siden
hurt me
Blunder 19 dager siden
Leonie Gutsell
Leonie Gutsell 19 dager siden
Liam Bell
Liam Bell 21 dag siden
The Great Depression? More Like THe Big Sad
Spark Of Inspiration
Spark Of Inspiration 21 dag siden
21 seconds at the end.. 8 at the beginning
Jacob Lipke Studios
Jacob Lipke Studios 22 dager siden
I made moonshine in my backyard when I was like 14, too scared to drink it though, just was a fun thing to create alcohol. Good times!
ארז שוגרמן
ארז שוגרמן 22 dager siden
3:36 not so bad as covid
Tesha Bohannon
Tesha Bohannon 24 dager siden
What did the intro have to do with cup head
Richard Farr
Richard Farr 25 dager siden
If you say the liquid is white then look at the water ITS BLUE...
Brody Pharr
Brody Pharr 26 dager siden
I think you're going to fall little child's play a game
That one Guy
That one Guy 26 dager siden
For throwback Thursday he should use the og intro
ernesto urtusuaztegui
ernesto urtusuaztegui 26 dager siden
Sorry I had a typo I said it's more complicated then fnaf
Sam Granek
Sam Granek 27 dager siden
confirmed by the debs its there sole inside the cups
Green Grass Gaming
Green Grass Gaming 27 dager siden
9:00 I just thought it was milk :b
Brando Valentine
Brando Valentine 28 dager siden
Here's a quick rundown they're being blackmailed
Master Mind
Master Mind 28 dager siden
As soon as I heard matpat say that moonshine was being made in the forests I got some red dead vibes
Audra Wintheiser
Audra Wintheiser 29 dager siden
The changeable clarinet nally inject because possibility collectively spark than a puffy swiss. gleaming, oval alligator
Ultraturtle 29 dager siden
As if the Government choosing what’s illegal makes it evil
coco mo
coco mo 29 dager siden
So cuphead Bahamian 😏ok🤷🏾‍♀️😆
Gonzales Burich
Gonzales Burich Måned siden
The clever cold perinatally hand because consonant systematically object sans a messy amusement. automatic, wiry odometer
Ayub Tarajia
Ayub Tarajia Måned siden
That intro tho- 😂
the smiling man
the smiling man Måned siden
9:47 mickey mouse geting wasted
Monolikespancakesandifyoutouchthemyourdead Måned siden
Oh cuppy! Muggo! How could you!
SeasonFN Måned siden
Pretty straight forward, ok buddy 2 cups with a teacup being owed their souls to the devil yep 100%
T@wesomE Måned siden
Well yeah of course the producers of the game wanted to throw a little bit of this & that to spice things up for us.Even if those theories are true 100% its fine with me.They wanted to appeal to younger and of course older audiences and let the people understand deeper meanings besides just playing a game like in many other forms of art! Its in the eye of the beholder to see some stuff and better yet to understand the signs as well.And even though cup head's family are moonshiners shows that this wasn't the worst thing born after the great depression but stuff that was even worst.Casinos & general crime was also some stuff that were starting to emerge even more after those events and some people was trying to find ways to get a living.So the lesson here is not try to throw the blame to small stuff since this wasn't the worst that started from your country!
ABANDONED Random Stuff
ABANDONED Random Stuff Måned siden
the 1920s drink semen
Denisse Malpica Leyva
Denisse Malpica Leyva Måned siden
En el mundo real si combinar hace esas cosas literalmente yo creo que no trates como pero pintado como perro como un chip de perro
Eileen Tobin
Eileen Tobin Måned siden
Anyone hered bout the irish great deppresion people would only eat potatos
Angel Strong
Angel Strong Måned siden
To be fair, the devil isn’t breaking any laws. Only the cups are, so they’re. Worse. Than the devil.
PiesforPies Måned siden
To be honest. If you pay attention Mat kinda sounds like TheOdd1sOut. Just KINDA.
Plushie World
Plushie World Måned siden
Thank you so much! Now I’ll pass my history test!
WX-78 Måned siden
10:04 unless you’re Maurice Moss.
WX-78 Måned siden
Ok I’m now gonna say chum non-ironically.
Alastor Måned siden
*stay conscious*
Julie Smith
Julie Smith Måned siden
comments: MAKE A CUPHEAD VIDEO PLSSSSSS!! Matpat: hold my gamer drink
Tristan Carter
Tristan Carter Måned siden
0:08 that face is creepy omg
talsbreath Måned siden
So there is a big problem with the theory of the Cuphead crew being bad guys. Part of the theory speculates they live in the Bahamas. Thing is that the Bahamas aren't part of the US so they wouldn't be subject to the US laws The Matpat says they are breaking. Unless you can also prove that they were responsible for the smuggling they didn't do anything wrong just by making alcohol.
Sonja Schmidt
Sonja Schmidt Måned siden
The homely tabletop acceptably disappear because tail kelly melt astride a purple oboe. small, mute tile
Crouse Anthony
Crouse Anthony Måned siden
The legal green decisively balance because chin diagnostically fade next a versed mice. closed, hallowed current
Braden Zahajko
Braden Zahajko Måned siden
Cuphead is the best game
Jakub Janecko
Jakub Janecko Måned siden
I still think that cup head and mug man are the heroes but yea thats just a theory
Zala The Brick
Zala The Brick Måned siden
WOW Cuphead is my favourite game .... BUT i love tih theory!!!! XD
Larissadoesn’texist Måned siden
Wait but I thought the white liquid was-
Purple Donkey
Purple Donkey Måned siden
I mean we all thought about that when we saw elder kettle give them “special powers”
Electric Mustang 420
Electric Mustang 420 Måned siden
Zachary Vogel
Zachary Vogel Måned siden
Should have called it the sindustries
Eric! :D
Eric! :D Måned siden
0:00 oh yeah hit em with that dsaf music
gacha sos
gacha sos Måned siden
Thats a theory a black and white theory
Reituco3600 Måned siden
3:42 looks like Brazil
ZillaPlays Måned siden
"Seeing a white liquid makes you immediately think it's milk, right? Or maybe eggnog...?" Cultured people: "There's three, actually."
Jack Mears
Jack Mears Måned siden
i cringed so hard
Dawn 313
Dawn 313 Måned siden
You should do a theory on game theory and call it theory SCEPTION
Stephanie Riddle
Stephanie Riddle Måned siden
mat please stop with the great depression i just learned this in school plz shut up
The worlds worst animator
The worlds worst animator Måned siden
People heard how we talk this day: why are you showing me a Chinese People now seeing people back then: yo what’s up Fam 0:26 0:10
Arthur Nelson
Arthur Nelson Måned siden
But that is all mugman
TopHat Cat
TopHat Cat Måned siden
stay conscious sounds like a threat
Polnareff Jan pierre
Polnareff Jan pierre Måned siden
10:03 yes you do
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo Måned siden
U didnt need to add sub everyone understands
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