Game Theory: Halo Armor's FATAL Flaw!

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5 år siden

Thanks to Microsoft for loaning us the real life Halo Armor and for sponsoring the episode, allowing us to bring in an armor specialist.
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Halo Armor - Best protective suit ever or a walking death trap? If Mjolnir Armor is like having your body encased in a small tank, why exactly does it only take one to three punches to kill you? In this episode of Game Theory, I get to the bottom of one of the oldest Halo questions around. How can Master Chief have a super suit capable of surviving a fall from space, yet one little five finger strike can send him toppling over into his grave?
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cryztal 5 timer siden
The covenant :👀
Caco King
Caco King 10 timer siden
This video was better than halo 5
Blue jacket -Playx
Blue jacket -Playx 23 timer siden
But always remember this is a game and games they hella weird so yeah
Snatcher Dag siden
Seeing that this is the halo infinite armor, but was released in 2015, makes me really interested to how halo infinite will be.
Familia Oproiu
Familia Oproiu Dag siden
I want soul mate
Kai Kwon Do
Kai Kwon Do 2 dager siden
ngl this was actually really interesting
G. I. Joe Sergeant Marcus Stacker
G. I. Joe Sergeant Marcus Stacker 2 dager siden
You might be forgetting the fact that Spartans have the punching power of a freight train loaded with tanks going downhill
Carter Roush
Carter Roush 3 dager siden
Mjolnir Thor’s hammer which hela breaks... who’s going to break this mjolnir
bread Keeper
bread Keeper 3 dager siden
Plot twist: The halo guy is one punch man
Aperture Productions Studios
Aperture Productions Studios 3 dager siden
The problem with "Finding" the money is that you would legally have to return it to the bank But im pretty sure you can keep it if nobody claims it tho...
tristan carter
tristan carter 3 dager siden
I thought halo armor was weak to melee was because it had a shield that deflected bullets and the strength of the armor hitting you
Oyunsever Karya
Oyunsever Karya 3 dager siden
Carrie Cole
Carrie Cole 3 dager siden
Jees the memes are insane
Vickie Willingham
Vickie Willingham 4 dager siden
0:13 unfearken believable
xx bomba
xx bomba 6 dager siden
Does matpat know that in pvp your fighting your other spartans
Butter B
Butter B 6 dager siden
What about the genetic /robotics advancements tho
Hexocube Oh
Hexocube Oh 6 dager siden
can you do one for the DoomSlayer? the praetor suit
Jack Colson
Jack Colson 7 dager siden
We could just say that spartans punch other spartans with the same amount of force as a great white shark bite, at the speed of a cracked whip. So then odst's aren't punching with the same amount of force, hence the less melees it takes to kill.
William MacLeod
William MacLeod 7 dager siden
I want him to review the 40k space marine armor
jaxon's life and games
jaxon's life and games 7 dager siden
$10 million is what i want
Silent Shadow Operative
Silent Shadow Operative 7 dager siden
there are three problems with this theory: master cheif has energy sheilds witch would protect him AND not all spartans have an AI witch means if they were elbowed in the back of the head they would probably survive. one last thing the SPARTAN melee being OP is prob cause your being hit by a TITANIUM FIST!
JOE Garcia
JOE Garcia 8 dager siden
Fear The Humuhumunukunukuapua'a
Fear The Humuhumunukunukuapua'a 8 dager siden
Ah, yes. Let's analyze this weakness as if it isn't just a game mechanic. Not like there are other games were humans instakill pat each other on the backs XD
Your local Jason Voorhees
Your local Jason Voorhees 8 dager siden
I i I is he vigil if he is then he was in my blind spot
Angel Jimenez
Angel Jimenez 8 dager siden
Guys the death in the suit reminds me of the fnaf spring locks death
Nin Noah
Nin Noah 8 dager siden
2:09 cool, Death star plans
David Delariva
David Delariva 9 dager siden
If they were to both collide
David Delariva
David Delariva 9 dager siden
bc if they two of the same materials that are REALLY strong in (halo lore) would create alot of impact
garv goyal
garv goyal 9 dager siden
15:09 he is like what a nerd
Cedric Edora
Cedric Edora 9 dager siden
Why not have a hans device attached to the backplate and the helmet like the ones used in races to protect the driver's neck from snapping?
war robots guy
war robots guy 9 dager siden
What about the energy shield
DatCherry8 TV
DatCherry8 TV 9 dager siden
Everyone be gangsta till you see the number 117 come out the shadows
Dean 05291960
Dean 05291960 9 dager siden
Nice video!
OTTG Live 10 dager siden
Well he can flip a tank, so he can punch hard. That's what I always thought...
DAVID ZAREMBKA 10 dager siden
10 mill
Mr.Cheese 11 dager siden
When you realize halo5 was realized 5 years ago
Jason Souvannarath
Jason Souvannarath 11 dager siden
Duuuuude, you were so lucky to get to touch body armor! I've never gotten that chance, and we love playing with, for research purposes, military hardware..... Safety first, though.
Siana Hika
Siana Hika 11 dager siden
man in the suit:*looks left*,*looks rigth*,*looks down*,*looks up*,*poses for the camera*, *nods*,*Poses for camera again*
Rooster gamer
Rooster gamer 12 dager siden
I saw someone in school with a Game Theory backpack. It gave me a good nolgasta
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer 12 dager siden
haha im the strongest
Karin Propheter
Karin Propheter 13 dager siden
How many saw that intro and thought "really matpat you would really run away when you can block an attack like that"
Kalle Ogrizovich
Kalle Ogrizovich 14 dager siden
ooh, nice n' cozy in here
AirbrushRoyale JeremyHaltam fb CustomPaint
AirbrushRoyale JeremyHaltam fb CustomPaint 14 dager siden
If the empire from star wars sold their star ship in the halo universe they would have already killed off the jedi
FX MAKER 16 dager siden
Because the super soldiers have a super punch
gamer hole
gamer hole 16 dager siden
matpat made a guy who wasted 20 years of his life use his experience to answer his childhood question about a video game
Colten Harris
Colten Harris 16 dager siden
this body amour specialist is saying how materchiefs kevlar titanium alloy spots are weak points but idk if i would consider that a weak point
No. Just no.
No. Just no. 17 dager siden
6:08 Mat. Why? Why the Ferdinand? At least chief can move without instantly breaking his legs or getting lit on fire like he was just doused in napalm
Cody Uhl
Cody Uhl 17 dager siden
True love
Gaming_Prism 18 dager siden
If John was still getting ready Matpat: JOHN GET OUT HERE OR I WILL PUNCH YOUR NECK guy playing john: o h n o
CPT.GREENY BROWNツ 18 dager siden
Now I know why matpat is being bullied in schooll...
King Meow500
King Meow500 19 dager siden
About 13:38 just think of it as a bullet resistant kilt
King Meow500
King Meow500 19 dager siden
2:19 it’s 26th century
Alex Crazy
Alex Crazy 19 dager siden
He’s lik there’s no bulge proof armor 5minutes later that titanium makes it biker proof Me what
joog yang
joog yang 20 dager siden
space marines: you call that armor bruh
Rafi .s
Rafi .s 21 dag siden
Love the intro
Vickie Freeman
Vickie Freeman 21 dag siden
Young when you say one punch one punch man
Alaish Elamin
Alaish Elamin 22 dager siden
WOAH. You got an actual master chief suit from microsoft?!
suls is ready
suls is ready 24 dager siden
Why did matpat Sound so angry
Cash Weber
Cash Weber 24 dager siden
that “shower curtain” is called a cama
Koray Oruç
Koray Oruç 25 dager siden
This was great, I have been researching "how to make halo armor costume" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about - Cenackenzie Conspicuous Cure - (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? It is a good one of a kind product for discovering how to create an amazing Master Chief Halo or Iron Man suit costume minus the headache. Ive heard some super things about it and my work buddy got amazing results with it.
Bastion Robin
Bastion Robin 25 dager siden
Or maybe it is the fact that Spartan armor is strong enough to knock Chief out when he solutes
Pulse Blade
Pulse Blade 25 dager siden
Maybe because they're getting punched by ANOTHER titanium fist, pls think before you post
TheNotSoSavageOne 26 dager siden
Money because i don't want a soul mate
V3Nus Pepprz
V3Nus Pepprz 26 dager siden
Money. I'm aromantic
Noah Rabideau
Noah Rabideau 27 dager siden
One day I hope Halo armor will be real.🤔 I'm trying to find all the ways to make titanium still bullet proof but a whole lot lighter the only way is to have a thin covering of titanium for the shell and then underneath of that plate is to put dense aluminum,(also known as one of the lightest of metals), now aluminum when packed together in a very dense pattern, it becomes bullet proof. The aluminum is for any bullets that get through the titanium plate and I estimated that will be about 100-200 pound for the entire Halo suit.
Marco Carrillo
Marco Carrillo 27 dager siden
I love halo
Howard Creepers
Howard Creepers 3 dager siden
Lucid _xvi
Lucid _xvi 27 dager siden
this came out in 2015, who would have known 343 knew what design they were going to use for infinite
Audric Tapia
Audric Tapia 28 dager siden
Why does mat looks so small in the beginning
Troler 121
Troler 121 28 dager siden
1:54 Many you punch a critical part of said suit and it kills the person. But sometimes it takes more punches. To that I say it should depending on the state of the suit it is badly damaged then one punch because that fatal part might have been hit.
Troler 121
Troler 121 28 dager siden
Mayby not many on my God r/mildilyinfuriating
Troler 121
Troler 121 28 dager siden
Many not many I can't edit it this is going to bother me...
Ian The Unextraordinary
Ian The Unextraordinary 28 dager siden
This intro is og
Anthony Hurtado
Anthony Hurtado 29 dager siden
Dude just watch gameplay
Rumaysa -_-
Rumaysa -_- 29 dager siden
What’s the sound at 2:45?
Devin özer
Devin özer 29 dager siden
The green Beans
The green Beans 29 dager siden
Wait I have a theory the hit man is bald and master chief is bald The hit man has ( I think ) has an inplant as well as chief Chief has military training and hit man is very good at fighting Coincidence I think not
vargen1414 Måned siden
The Mjolnir Armor is heavy and powerfull but Masterchief is physicly strong and physicly durable enough to wear it while a regular person would die instantly
Gamer Man
Gamer Man Måned siden
Я не понимаю этого
Rachael Dugan
Rachael Dugan Måned siden
MechaCosi Måned siden
Doom is better
patricia sayre
patricia sayre Måned siden
editing the halo music was weird
Detroit Duffield
Detroit Duffield Måned siden
It takes a spartan, to break the link between the suit and wearer, you know that right pat? Its not a flaw as it is also well defended against bullets........
Detroit Duffield
Detroit Duffield Måned siden
Its not like you could just push it like a button and it kills chief, a Spartan can punch Close to a ton.
Lucky DeFox
Lucky DeFox Måned siden
Anne Myers
Anne Myers Måned siden
Please do a theory on the Nanosuit
Anne Myers
Anne Myers Måned siden
Thatartguy Måned siden
Mat: starts talking about neurolinks Anthony: N E R D
Sohan Naidoo
Sohan Naidoo Måned siden
I'm just thinking about how powerful you would feel using the halo suit.
Ben Ketchum
Ben Ketchum Måned siden
Also they person who hits him is also wearing a 1000 pound suit
james byrne
james byrne Måned siden
Don't endorse milk MatPat, you're better than that.
Kurd-Viper15 Måned siden
Oh wow he found a armor satchel
Al Måned siden
The fatal flaw is that it doesn't jack him off.
Brittany Dodson
Brittany Dodson Måned siden
sponge plays
sponge plays Måned siden
First 5sec: iron Vs netherite
Isaac Frand
Isaac Frand Måned siden
i know this comment is probably never going to get seen, but i've been playing halo 5 - and cross-referencing to halo 1, it seems like the Master Chief has strong feelings for his AI companion, Cortana, and she seems to show similar feelings for the master chief. also going to make this statement weird by saying that, as we (probably) all know, doctor Halsey is the Master Cheif's mother figure. and, conveniently, she also happens to be the creator of Cortana. so, essentially, Mater chief seems to have a crush on his... sister figure. but i would like you guys at The Game Theorists to look into this thought. i mean, its partially confirmed by the warden eternal: "if your beloved 117 fights you with the same fervor as his enemies, what then, Cortana?" so yeah, i would like you to look into my mini theory, please? and sorry if this was a lot to read.
Isaac Frand
Isaac Frand Måned siden
@Free 6ix9ine yeah i should probably delete that :/ but maybe cortana is - or rather, used to be - human?
Free 6ix9ine
Free 6ix9ine Måned siden
Everyone who played halo already knew this
Miquo Alexander Calma
Miquo Alexander Calma Måned siden
What’s a a i
Shadowmyth Måned siden
Something aswell is that Spartans are much stronger and that strength could be the win
GamingWolfxx57 and Benji 37
GamingWolfxx57 and Benji 37 Måned siden
The reason I think he dies from two basic belle attacks remember you are a sparton to
The BOIS Måned siden
The reason Master cheif can be killed by one melee attack, is because people are whering the exact same thing so they are hitting, lets say 50 pounds, onto lets say 100 pounds, also they are getting hit with buts of guns so we would have to add another 50 pounds the melee And one more thing ITS A FU*KING GAME!
Free 6ix9ine
Free 6ix9ine Måned siden
It's called game theory it's their job
melissajfaile Måned siden
0:11 he stole his nightstick XD
Cooper KND
Cooper KND Måned siden
If master chief is that tall what was the average height in there time?
Marcy Calhoun
Marcy Calhoun Måned siden
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