Game Theory: Minecraft vs. League of Legends, The Battle for the Decade's BEST GAME!

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9 måneder siden

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Last episode I covered some of the most impactful games of the past decade and today we are topping off that list. You see, when I decided to do these episodes, I had ideas of what games would and wouldn't end up making the cut. There are SO MANY great games that came out in the past ten years but, no matter how much we love them, they did not shape the face of gaming culture as we know it today. These final games, I think, did just that. Let's go!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Edward Newton, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Bermam

super pug
super pug 15 timer siden
Matpat uh 2006 roboxl can out oru didn’t u rally take us forge can 2011 v 2006
T3nMiDGET5711 19 timer siden
League of Legends harasses people with ads so they shouldn’t be included
MattsLegoChannel Dag siden
I played Minecraft when there was in beta and when players had 2 old og blocks and when it was after the 0.9v of it.
SpoderManButHeCanThanosSnap 2 dager siden
If i was able to play only minecraft or only league I will rather waste my whole life on minecraft than waste my whole life on league.
Wyo Laskan
Wyo Laskan 2 dager siden
Minecraft even inspired a good punk song! “They Call Me Steve” by Teenage Bottlerocket
GamingTalePH 3 dager siden
Could you pls make a theory about Mobile Legends and Leauge of Legends? ML was accused of copying characters, artwork, map designs, and unit and monster designs in the early days.
Evangeline Morta
Evangeline Morta 4 dager siden
No one can minecrafy even lol cannot
Azim bin Noushad
Azim bin Noushad 6 dager siden
I think youtube is best means NOpost GIVE ME THE POWER GO TO SPACE yes now i wacth and study about space IM still studing for 19 years bois!
Stupid Things Productions
Stupid Things Productions 7 dager siden
Roblox is inspired by Minecraft Roblox: made in 2004 and idea is from the 90s.
Kalel 7 dager siden
15:47 what is the hextech crate doing there wtf
Zeø Gaming
Zeø Gaming 7 dager siden
Kiko 7 dager siden
Minecraft is beter in my opinion
TheWolfLeader500 8 dager siden
3:00 Roblox came out in *2006* ..
shotingstarr 79
shotingstarr 79 8 dager siden
I hope in the most important game of 2020's among is will dominate
oh yes, terraria takes insparation from minecraft, even though they were released in THE SAME YEAR also, terraria made a bunch of free updates, and terraria inspired thousands to start modding games, so i think it should get at least a honorable mention.
CXhris James
CXhris James 9 dager siden
2019 League of Legends: I AM THE KING OF TWITCH! 2020 Among Us: Hold my beer
Asidm 10 dager siden
Andrew Diamsntopoulos
Andrew Diamsntopoulos 11 dager siden
What about smash?
Stone Nugget
Stone Nugget 12 dager siden
Clash of clans
Jacob Michal
Jacob Michal 12 dager siden
wow this channel is older than my little sister...
Jack 0972
Jack 0972 13 dager siden
와 샌즈
Jack 0972
Jack 0972 13 dager siden
오ㅓㅏ 새ㅔㄴ즈
Jack 0972
Jack 0972 13 dager siden
오아ㅜ 샌즈
Nocturnal Gaming
Nocturnal Gaming 13 dager siden
The second he said roblox was as inspired by minecraft as TERRARIA i raged and disliked
Nicola Maffetti
Nicola Maffetti 14 dager siden
Christopher Yu
Christopher Yu 15 dager siden
Not anymore hehe
sonic605 15 dager siden
Ok I'm sorry to mention this but out of all people DID MATPAT SAY THAT ROBLOX TOOK INSPIRATION FROM MINECRAFT?!?! I'm just saying cause I expect him not to say that, cause roblox was made before roblox.
DragonSoup 15 dager siden
3:04 *Rage intensifies*
Cal MC
Cal MC 16 dager siden
You forgot pong, the litteral game that started EVERYTHING titled video game.
Disco Spider
Disco Spider 16 dager siden
In 2020, Among Us is in the top spot. (But we are not)
Star Da Narwhal
Star Da Narwhal 17 dager siden
Roblox was around before minecraft. Just saying.
Garrett Thacher
Garrett Thacher 17 dager siden
"Solid Balance". In Fortnite? IN. FORTNITE?!?
Joshua Barrett
Joshua Barrett 17 dager siden
Matpat you could have at least gave Halo an honorable mention! I mean Halo has been around for a long time. Halo helped form Microsoft and X-box into a big deal.
Nhung Hong
Nhung Hong 17 dager siden
Many say terraria was inspired by minecraft but both games were in development at the same time and terraria released a few weeks later so theyre basically twins Both games acknowledge eachother with minecraft having "also try terraria" as a splash text for example
Kawas Aki
Kawas Aki 18 dager siden
Wait... This is a question?
Beau Barker
Beau Barker 18 dager siden
Rtas Vadum
Rtas Vadum 19 dager siden
League of legends still on the top Among us waiting another year watching planning plotting and then kicking LoL off its throne also matpat screw you you forgot halo the gaming titan which made online gaming for xbox and defined Fps forever
Alexander Dean Garcia
Alexander Dean Garcia 19 dager siden
Nighbloo3 12:01
Alexander Dean Garcia
Alexander Dean Garcia 19 dager siden
League of Legends popularized ESport without that game, pro gamers and normal gamers will just be shut in wierdos playing games
senkor 19 dager siden
matpat roblox came out before minecraft terraria too
ARCAD3BLOOD 22 dager siden
well many fantastic games dies, like nosgoth or Tom clancy's ghost recon phantoms (ahh those times when you could play that game, it was simple and fun, and tricky, and very competetive, and also fills my need of progress AND veeery optimalized graphic was insane). I would like to renew them, but you need to wait 10 years after they died or wait for companies to reincarnate them.
Usui Doge Sama
Usui Doge Sama 22 dager siden
Hey matpat dont suppose you would have heard of a game called Lisa the Painful?
Rufus Beech
Rufus Beech 23 dager siden
Terraria was made before mincraft
Bruce Fuhrmann
Bruce Fuhrmann 23 dager siden
Bruce Fuhrmann
Bruce Fuhrmann 23 dager siden
Bruce Fuhrmann
Bruce Fuhrmann 23 dager siden
Alexander Scharfenberger
Alexander Scharfenberger 24 dager siden
legend of zelda
yummysaltysyrup 25 dager siden
VXtra 25 dager siden
Parker Turner
Parker Turner 25 dager siden
Roblox vs Minecraft 100hp vs 20 hp
Ery Almario
Ery Almario 27 dager siden
I'm league player but it's going to be Minecraft for me
KenzieLSM / KenzieTGM
KenzieLSM / KenzieTGM 27 dager siden
The games of the year of 2020 maybe: Fall guys Among us maybe Henry stickmin Fnaf security breach (If its this year its lauched)
utahraptor 27 dager siden
watching this endining 202 and just laughing at him
utahraptor 27 dager siden
Crazyoml 27 dager siden
roblox came out in 2005 terraria came out may 2011 Minecraft came out june 2011 roblox and terraria weren't inspired by minecraft
Crazyoml 18 dager siden
GZ Arham
GZ Arham 18 dager siden
May 2009 cave game
MrAndorex 28 dager siden
Wheres the classic game theory intro?
Dirtbag Utley90
Dirtbag Utley90 28 dager siden
Minecraft wins infinit wonders endless possibilities
Minecraft Top
Minecraft Top 28 dager siden
What about FNAF
Minecraft Top
Minecraft Top 18 dager siden
@GZ Arham thx
GZ Arham
GZ Arham 18 dager siden
Jacob Wentworth
Jacob Wentworth Måned siden
Red Egg
Red Egg Måned siden
3:02 Roblox is older than Minecraft
crunchyen1 Måned siden
Minecraft and League of legends are both legendary games and they’re definitely the 2 best games of the decade.
uRA STSA Måned siden
"But I haven't seen a lots of another game try to mimicked it or take inspiration from Undertale" me: I am the one here who was inspire by Undertale and creating game kind like this masterpiece.
Legend Måned siden
6:18 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Rubis Cubis
Rubis Cubis Måned siden
10:45 uuuuh.. whut?
Lucas Jiang
Lucas Jiang 24 dager siden
Live and online
mrdicster Måned siden
Before I watch anything I'm going to say minecraft because it's so deep and you could waste 10k hours on it and not get bored AT ALL
Zildjian Dela Cruz
Zildjian Dela Cruz Måned siden
Just want to point out that TF2 can make the cut for one of the best games in the history of gaming. Its effects on memes, its diehard players who are still willing to play or come back to play the game after so many years of its existence and even though the game have problems with hackers and add the cherry on top with how old this game is. Some might disagree but in my opinion, TF2 must be included in the Top 15 of this ranking at least.
Navneeth Krishna
Navneeth Krishna Måned siden
Even though Im a Minecraft gamer and i like minecraft more than league of legends i agree with this list
Nandan Srikrishna
Nandan Srikrishna Måned siden
great vid
Freckled Måned siden
Why is he talking more in the end about games that didn't make it, than the games that did make it on the list? speaking of which BATTLEFRONT II?!?!?! REALLY?! There is absolutely no battlefront game that deserves to be in a best games list. Yes it had an impact, but not a good one and I would rather see skyrim in that slot.
DarkSong Måned siden
I play ML and not League because my computer won't let me open it but I'm very interested in it, especially the lore ^^
Murti Show
Murti Show Måned siden
İt's a big oopsie to say roblox inspired from minecraft OH NO minecraft is 2011 THE GODLY ROBLOX is 2007 LOL
GZ Arham
GZ Arham 18 dager siden
May 2009 cave game
no_ ob
no_ ob Måned siden
wow among us
I-Gamingx Måned siden
roblox came out before minecraft,so its not inspired my minecraft,minecraft was somewhat inspired by roblox.
Marvelous Bali
Marvelous Bali Måned siden
Wait how is roblox "inspired" by mincraft'? It came before minecraft BETA
NewAlexGamer Måned siden
now imagine if the esports moves on to the vr section... that would be so cool
3d creeper
3d creeper Måned siden
Roblox is older then minecraft roblox begin in 1989 and published in 2006
Super Wolf Pup
Super Wolf Pup Måned siden
Did anyone else rewatch this and laugh at how enthusiastic MatPat sounded about 2020?
Tenchi Hikikomori
Tenchi Hikikomori Måned siden
Minecraft: “180,000,000 copies sold” Me: “Oh wow and that’s not including the people who pirate”
diamond stingwray
diamond stingwray Måned siden
Well now it's 200 million
jaime lacroix
jaime lacroix Måned siden
jaime lacroix
jaime lacroix Måned siden
wut no
Cube Review Specialist
Cube Review Specialist Måned siden
You don’t need a live audience take most Valorant tournaments or any tournament during Covid
Bilal Zahid
Bilal Zahid Måned siden
"gO pLaY mInEcRaFt" You know, I think I will.
ZaxBak Måned siden
Excuse me, but did I just hear that Terraria is a Minecraft imitator. Even Notch himself said that Terraria was a great game and on both title screens there's a chance for them to shoutout each other. Also Terraria's final update came out now which is extremely sad.
akshobhya Varma
akshobhya Varma Måned siden
Bro roblox is older than minecraft
Janek Dalli
Janek Dalli Måned siden
For me Last of Us part 1 should have really gotten a place. It sparked yhe whole 'are videoganes art' debate sooooo... yeah
Rayirth Sen
Rayirth Sen Måned siden
Just would like to point out League is only available on pc while minecraft is available on all platforms, yet they almost have the same amount of players.
A normal channel
A normal channel Måned siden
Is the first most use website google?
Sharks Tooth Animation
Sharks Tooth Animation Måned siden
Mine is definetly more impactful in the gaming industry than league of legends.
niva_f Måned siden
Roblox was released in 2007. Need I say more?
Lord Benpai
Lord Benpai Måned siden
If league makes a anime or netflix series, everyone would be happy
chimera 2 dager siden
They're making a show called Arcane, it focuses on Jinx and Vi I think. It was announced on the 10th year anniversary
Bojan Strugalovic
Bojan Strugalovic 26 dager siden
They are making an Anime
HyperBaskets 27 dager siden
I mean a couple NOpostrs made the "If LoL was an anime" pretty gud
dean non existent
dean non existent Måned siden
Bruhhhhh, roblox has been around since 2007.
Greninjasn Måned siden
3:04 Roblox was released in 2009, 2 years after Minecraft. All I'm saying is that Roblox did not rip off Minecraft MatPat
J’J Star Gaming
J’J Star Gaming Måned siden
Dear Matpat, Roblox came out before Minecraft Sincerely J’JStarGaming
Ese Syncnal
Ese Syncnal Måned siden
What about cod
SurrealistGamer Måned siden
i mean super mario bros for saving the industry
Maestrul Gamer
Maestrul Gamer Måned siden
Random player:I play league of legends for fun. Toxic lol players:Noooooo,you can't play lol for fun!!This is a competitive game!!If you are not as serious and angry as us UNINSTALL THIS GAME!!
Zombeebear Måned siden
Wasn’t the game of the decade frog fractions
Adam Brookens
Adam Brookens Måned siden
What about Splatoon!?
Bernales Francis
Bernales Francis Måned siden
Dota fans are sad
Tim Taber
Tim Taber Måned siden
MatPat:*talks about Minecraft and League of legends* Me:What about FNaF or any yandaleare...(idk how to spell it) simulator or doki doki lititure club.
L Måned siden
Pink Måned siden
Roblox never took any inspiration from Minecraft, rather taking it from LEGO, as roblox was made before minecraft was made
Wiell Nyan
Wiell Nyan Måned siden
League is better the end.
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