Game Theory: Minecraft vs. League of Legends, The Battle for the Decade's BEST GAME!

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Last episode I covered some of the most impactful games of the past decade and today we are topping off that list. You see, when I decided to do these episodes, I had ideas of what games would and wouldn't end up making the cut. There are SO MANY great games that came out in the past ten years but, no matter how much we love them, they did not shape the face of gaming culture as we know it today. These final games, I think, did just that. Let's go!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Edward Newton, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Bermam

Njad Messi11
Njad Messi11 Dag siden
Lmao does league even stand a chance. Even fortnite or rocket league has a better chance then league. I didn’t even know what league was til 2019 and I thought it was rocket league.
Taylor L
Taylor L 3 dager siden
How we gonna forget Pong, literally the START of video games
Pincapybara 4 dager siden
No corona owns the world
Cash Rules35
Cash Rules35 7 dager siden
3:03 just to let you know roblox came out in 2006 5 years before minecraft
Taylor L
Taylor L 3 dager siden
Yes, but you can tell that Roblox is heavily inspired by minecraft
Jacob Eisenbeil
Jacob Eisenbeil 7 dager siden
You were right about all the good games..... Except League and Fortnite.
mm mm
mm mm 8 dager siden
I think five nights at freddy's is the #1 most important game of the decade.
Jacob Rod
Jacob Rod 12 dager siden
Fortnite battle royale
Cle Lin
Cle Lin 13 dager siden
1 year anniversary of this video! ^^
Jacob Martinez-Larsen
Jacob Martinez-Larsen 15 dager siden
matpat roblox was released before minecraft beta
Scarlet Sings And Gachas
Scarlet Sings And Gachas 16 dager siden
ok, i have a theory. the editor is a fan of dan. he is in more than one video, and some of the footage is from years ago. DONT TELL ME IM WRONG!
Clarke Percival JaeBlood
Clarke Percival JaeBlood 18 dager siden
Minecraft online classes ❤
Elias Kanaan
Elias Kanaan 20 dager siden
sworded 22 dager siden
lol Roblox didn’t take inspiration from Minecraft. Roblox is 5 years older
Juicy animations
Juicy animations 22 dager siden
Why is nobody talking about superhot? It made me realise how important original game mechanics are, I think it is a really underrated game and more people should be talking about it.
Juicy animations
Juicy animations 22 dager siden
Just got league of legends ad before the video started Edit: just got another one at 13:37
Steve BNL Plays
Steve BNL Plays 22 dager siden
U missed FNAF. So many people make fan games of fnaf.
Taylor L
Taylor L 3 dager siden
he said in the previous part that he couldv'e included it but it didn't make a huge ripple affect like the other games on this list
nerdhead Måned siden
All the dislikes are from kids who are mad Fortnite didn't make it to the top of the list
Cesar Olba
Cesar Olba Måned siden
The most selling video game ever- Minecraft Me in Dec. 2020, Wait isn't it among us-
Adham Abuirtaimeh
Adham Abuirtaimeh Måned siden
Call of duty changed gaming whether you like it or not without cod the universe as you now it would be dead no Halo No battlefield Without cod games would be dead gaming wouldn’t be serious I have never seen anyone say they didn’t play cod
William Moffett
William Moffett Måned siden
Which game do you guys like better? Minecraft or league of legends? ( I think Minecraft NGL)
Taylor L
Taylor L 3 dager siden
Even though I play both, I chose Minecraft
anotherfor abood
anotherfor abood Måned siden
matapat: Some games took direct insiration from minceraft such as Trove, teraria, roblox and dragon quest builders me: well actually roblox was made in 2006 while minecraft was made in 2009
Xeno 2006
Xeno 2006 Måned siden
Fun fact: Notch supported Terraria
ArshinV Måned siden
wait, but roblox came wayy before minecraft and its not inspired by minecraft
Taylor L
Taylor L 3 dager siden
some of the elements and games on there were inspired by minecraft
Ender Mine
Ender Mine Måned siden
Portal 2
Adgeifc Måned siden
If your a nerd like me you know alot of weeb play league like bruh sett the new champion is just a anime jojo reference also lux final spark touhou novel
Jeff Peter
Jeff Peter Måned siden
Breath of the wild should have made it to the list
TheRealSlimShady Måned siden
Mario galaxy
Fred Kurtz
Fred Kurtz Måned siden
Mat Pat is actually wrong in this video. Knack is actually the best game of the decade
mayra rojas
mayra rojas Måned siden
No mincraft is not everywhere
Dan Ferah
Dan Ferah Måned siden
League of legends: I'm the one of the most viewed game of Twich YES. Among us: I'm going to ruin this man whole courier.
SpaceHead 27 dager siden
For about 2 weeks. nice
sharmivim Måned siden
3:04 Not true roblox was released before Minecraft
James Wenzel
James Wenzel Måned siden
ya but no one plays roblox'
Pillager_XD Måned siden
aye man u forgot roblox roblox is the best game too
Isai Frenette
Isai Frenette Måned siden
Little does he know 2020 sucks
Alex gaming's
Alex gaming's Måned siden
And still youtube treats gamers like 2nd class
Mighty Night
Mighty Night Måned siden
Mighty Night
Mighty Night Dag siden
@Taylor L no they didnt
Taylor L
Taylor L 2 dager siden
@Mighty Night I know, but you can tell that they took some inspiration from Minecraft based on the games on there
Mighty Night
Mighty Night 2 dager siden
@Taylor L roblox was made before minecraft
Taylor L
Taylor L 3 dager siden
roblox took some inspiration from minecraft, i wouldn't say it became popular because of it tho
Dezmino Måned siden
color beans and space beans got the victory royale on the gaming industry
Im_not_emo Måned siden
onward to twenty twenty they said, but then the corona attacked
Lunar桜井 Måned siden
One word: Fallen Kingdom
Ababei Robert Petronel
Ababei Robert Petronel 2 måneder siden
what about super mario 64 which grew in this decade so fast the game got bounties, lots of competition, tournaments ;doesn't that count?
greek pro
greek pro 2 måneder siden
Well minecraft always win
Yemre 2 måneder siden
I mean smash could've been in the list but I don't think it deserves being in the list next to games like MINECRAFT, LEAGUE OF LEGENDS AND SARK SOULS
Jamal Mahamud
Jamal Mahamud 2 måneder siden
Everybody gangsta till a10 shows up
Volt Nik
Volt Nik 2 måneder siden
Saurav gg
Saurav gg 2 måneder siden
Until 2020,league of legends lie beneath the feet of Minecraft
Saurav gg
Saurav gg 27 dager siden
@SpaceHead Minecraft have 126 million players while Lol have 115 million
SpaceHead 27 dager siden
How so? LoL has always had more players
Da OG Rat
Da OG Rat 2 måneder siden
Honestly terraria is it’s own game it’s completely different besides crafting and sandbox it still might have Been inspired by Minecraft but still isn’t a copy I love both games
Da OG Rat
Da OG Rat 2 måneder siden
Eww turnbase🤢🤮🤮
Sisi Starlight
Sisi Starlight 2 måneder siden
I feel like Spider-Man PS4 would object to the claim that players aren't as interested in open world games
TheIceThorn 2 måneder siden
"Minecraft is the world larest lego set!" ...and you don't have to sell your faimly organs to buy a 50 pieces box.
Charles Dupee
Charles Dupee 2 måneder siden
because everyone owns minecraft, everyone forgets that it costs money
the convict
the convict 2 måneder siden
angry birds
Maciek Smolarz
Maciek Smolarz 2 måneder siden
Press f for a person who believed a 2020 would be nice yeare(exept cave update)
Derek Padilla
Derek Padilla 2 måneder siden
Minecraft is for Pacifist builders and light gamers ... While LoL is for bullies who likes to punch and shout at each other in the form of games
Derek Padilla
Derek Padilla 2 måneder siden
Minecraft blew up because of 8yr olds that heard it from their friends and asked their mom to buy it, hence the NOpost videos... Just me?
Taylor L
Taylor L 3 dager siden
probably that is one reason, but alot of adults gamers played it as well which made it even more popular
Kaushik Shiyani
Kaushik Shiyani 2 måneder siden
Courage the cowardly dog
Kyle 2 måneder siden
Pesty Lucas
Pesty Lucas 2 måneder siden
Yo-yo forgot undertale, you literally gave a copy to the pope
MW SN 18 dager siden
BottleCap Smiley
BottleCap Smiley 2 måneder siden
Pubg put the battle Royale genre in the spotlight, it's certainly not the first battle Royale game but it's the one that introduce battle Royale in mainstream gaming
The Game Challenger
The Game Challenger 2 måneder siden
|WARNING| MY OPINION | WARNING| (if you get offended easily do not read) league of legends actually had lore for their characters instead of pumping out characters just for the dough like Fortnite. Minecraft got boring after the second year of playing it. I installed a lot of mods, played online, but I got bored. the random generation wasn't a plus for me, that just meant scouring the internet looking for the best seeds, and after a point, there's no more you can do so I restart, and you only do that so many times before getting tired.) (but it was fun while it lasted) the only game which has caught up and beat Minecraft (for me) is botw I'm still playing it today. I would try to describe it but I can't explain it in words alone. (want to know? Arlo has a 3-hour long review on it)
Oofer Doofer
Oofer Doofer 2 måneder siden
3:08 Matt pat doesn’t know what roblox is Not a robloxer but I believe that is what is called “a big oof”
ashraf kamal
ashraf kamal 2 måneder siden
Wow matpat says Roblox copied Minecraft yet roblox was released first ik beta release but Roblox does copy a bit but Minecraft does the same
Taylor L
Taylor L 3 dager siden
he never had they copied, he said took inspiration
Nicolas Turnbough
Nicolas Turnbough 2 måneder siden
you should add closed captions.
Ashley Knisley
Ashley Knisley 2 måneder siden
Memecraft vs Log of Leagues
John Patrick Jamias
John Patrick Jamias 2 måneder siden
Mincraft pocket edtion vs leage of legends wild rift ;-;
Ghabriabdou 7 dager siden
That clearly goes to wild rift since it's easier on the hand and smoother.
Adam Many
Adam Many 2 måneder siden
Minecraft #1
super pug
super pug 2 måneder siden
Matpat uh 2006 roboxl can out oru didn’t u rally take us forge can 2011 v 2006
T3nMiDGET5711 2 måneder siden
League of Legends harasses people with ads so they shouldn’t be included
MattsLegoChannel 2 måneder siden
I played Minecraft when there was in beta and when players had 2 old og blocks and when it was after the 0.9v of it.
KingSpoderMan 3 måneder siden
If i was able to play only minecraft or only league I will rather waste my whole life on minecraft than waste my whole life on league.
Wyo Laskan
Wyo Laskan 3 måneder siden
Minecraft even inspired a good punk song! “They Call Me Steve” by Teenage Bottlerocket
GamingTalePH 3 måneder siden
Could you pls make a theory about Mobile Legends and Leauge of Legends? ML was accused of copying characters, artwork, map designs, and unit and monster designs in the early days.
Holly Carmona
Holly Carmona 2 måneder siden
What do you mean early days? ML still copies league and other games up until today
Dirks playz YT
Dirks playz YT 3 måneder siden
No one can minecrafy even lol cannot
Azim bin Noushad
Azim bin Noushad 3 måneder siden
I think youtube is best means NOpost GIVE ME THE POWER GO TO SPACE yes now i wacth and study about space IM still studing for 19 years bois!
Stupid Things Productions
Stupid Things Productions 3 måneder siden
Roblox is inspired by Minecraft Roblox: made in 2004 and idea is from the 90s.
Kalel 3 måneder siden
15:47 what is the hextech crate doing there wtf
Kalel 17 dager siden
@MW SN idk bro the fact that league is litterally one of the most opposite things to pay to win/play makes that a bit weird
MW SN 18 dager siden
idk might have to do with LoL being in this video
Zeø Gaming
Zeø Gaming 3 måneder siden
Kiko 3 måneder siden
Minecraft is beter in my opinion
TheWolfLeader500 3 måneder siden
3:00 Roblox came out in *2006* ..
Shotingstar 3 måneder siden
I hope in the most important game of 2020's among is will dominate
REDSTAINEDGLASS 3 måneder siden
oh yes, terraria takes insparation from minecraft, even though they were released in THE SAME YEAR also, terraria made a bunch of free updates, and terraria inspired thousands to start modding games, so i think it should get at least a honorable mention.
Scraya 2 måneder siden
i mean.. every minecraft update is free, too, and they update regularly still to this date
RedX James
RedX James 3 måneder siden
2019 League of Legends: I AM THE KING OF TWITCH! 2020 Among Us: Hold my beer
Asidm 3 måneder siden
Andrew Diamsntopoulos
Andrew Diamsntopoulos 3 måneder siden
What about smash?
Tuxedo Duck
Tuxedo Duck 3 måneder siden
Clash of clans
Jacob Michal
Jacob Michal 3 måneder siden
wow this channel is older than my little sister...
Jack 0972
Jack 0972 3 måneder siden
와 샌즈
Jack 0972
Jack 0972 3 måneder siden
오ㅓㅏ 새ㅔㄴ즈
Jack 0972
Jack 0972 3 måneder siden
오아ㅜ 샌즈
the generic human
the generic human 3 måneder siden
The second he said roblox was as inspired by minecraft as TERRARIA i raged and disliked
Nicola Maffetti
Nicola Maffetti 3 måneder siden
whoisthat 0
whoisthat 0 3 måneder siden
Not anymore hehe
sonic605 3 måneder siden
Ok I'm sorry to mention this but out of all people DID MATPAT SAY THAT ROBLOX TOOK INSPIRATION FROM MINECRAFT?!?! I'm just saying cause I expect him not to say that, cause roblox was made before roblox.
DragonSoup 3 måneder siden
3:04 *Rage intensifies*
Cal MC
Cal MC 3 måneder siden
You forgot pong, the litteral game that started EVERYTHING titled video game.
Disco Spider
Disco Spider 3 måneder siden
In 2020, Among Us is in the top spot. (But we are not)
Star Da Narwhal
Star Da Narwhal 3 måneder siden
Roblox was around before minecraft. Just saying.
Garrett Thacher
Garrett Thacher 3 måneder siden
"Solid Balance". In Fortnite? IN. FORTNITE?!?
Joshua Barrett
Joshua Barrett 3 måneder siden
Matpat you could have at least gave Halo an honorable mention! I mean Halo has been around for a long time. Halo helped form Microsoft and X-box into a big deal.
Nhung Hong
Nhung Hong 3 måneder siden
Many say terraria was inspired by minecraft but both games were in development at the same time and terraria released a few weeks later so theyre basically twins Both games acknowledge eachother with minecraft having "also try terraria" as a splash text for example
Beau Barker
Beau Barker 3 måneder siden
Rtas Vadum
Rtas Vadum 3 måneder siden
League of legends still on the top Among us waiting another year watching planning plotting and then kicking LoL off its throne also matpat screw you you forgot halo the gaming titan which made online gaming for xbox and defined Fps forever
Alexander Dean Garcia
Alexander Dean Garcia 3 måneder siden
Nighbloo3 12:01
Alexander Dean Garcia
Alexander Dean Garcia 3 måneder siden
League of Legends popularized ESport without that game, pro gamers and normal gamers will just be shut in wierdos playing games
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