Game Theory: FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose (FNAF VR Help Wanted)

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FNAF is back with it's first official VR game "Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted". You know what that means Theorists - the story is not over yet! Well, mostly. I think this is the start of a whole new chapter of FNAF lore. The old story had its ending, William Afton trapped in limbo forever. The new story has a new villain, YOU... sort of. What do I mean? Get ready Theorists, FNAF is just getting started!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Marc Schneider and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Henry Hauser
Henry Hauser År siden
Everyone is here except one notable exception... Waluigi
iSuxkKid Måned siden
😡🎃 Halloween is cancelled
CyrusPlayz0 Måned siden
But it’s not cannon
Santo Caputo
Santo Caputo 2 måneder siden
It’s a cold and it’s a broken walaguia
Christy Howell
Christy Howell 2 måneder siden
Bradley Biggerstaff
Bradley Biggerstaff 2 måneder siden
Henry Hauser yeah
Cat_ninja 1019
Cat_ninja 1019 Time siden
4:11 I have that necklace, what a weird coincidence lol
Oureous 3 timer siden
What I would do as tape girl is make as many logs as possible so that glitchy boi can’t be reconstructed
yeezsleez manualgang
yeezsleez manualgang 5 timer siden
Everyone is here except one notable exception... Waluigi
SANTANA Is Bored 5 timer siden
Dalton Wright
Dalton Wright 7 timer siden
By socks for Austin and matpats sanity
Tman Jamz
Tman Jamz 14 timer siden
I watched alto of these fnaf help wanted game videos(like watching people play it) I got a great headset for my birthday and I got the game it’s ALOT SCARRIER IN PERSON
Tman Jamz
Tman Jamz 14 timer siden
Trust me
Tom Brady
Tom Brady 19 timer siden
Is Jeremy real
thanos patrick
thanos patrick Dag siden
MatPat: "...if you don't have a VR Headset" Me, having a headset but not the money to get it: That's not the problem, but that solution will work I guess
YEETUS Dag siden
ennard:gimme ur skin mike
Ander Bishai
Ander Bishai Dag siden
also fazbear knew about glitch trap and what he can do but they didn't do anything so maybe they created glitch trap.
Ander Bishai
Ander Bishai 9 timer siden
@Automatic Bomb 2 yeah but who created the circuit boards for spring bonnie, fazbear entertainment, also william cant be glitchtrap because hes burning in heck with cassidy, you don't just escape heck like that
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 Dag siden
They didnt create glitchtrap Glitchtrap was made when they scanned circuit boards from the remains of the springbonnie suit after Fnaf 6 ending allowing william to return once again
Ander Bishai
Ander Bishai Dag siden
hmmm jermy was fired because he saw some thing, hmmmm, maybe fazbear entertainment created glitch trap to control people, and jermy was getting suspicious.
Tammy Wilkins
Tammy Wilkins Dag siden
6:16 those are foxy arms not chica
KKpuffin Dag siden
Sarah Sibley
Sarah Sibley 2 dager siden
Either Jeremy is a second animatronic person, or the name is like a red shirt in Star Trek.
piradeultamite 2 dager siden
The purple guy is stuck in hell with golden freddy and mr hippo lol
Coelho Poco Loco
Coelho Poco Loco 2 dager siden
Jeremy cutting his face off...the Puppet came on my head, I don’t know why
WJ512 •
WJ512 • 2 dager siden
The binary code is Hero
RetroSSJ21 2 dager siden
1:02 Matpat is a prophet.
Purple Guy
Purple Guy 2 dager siden
Mat Pat: THE FINAL THEORY. S. Cawthons: I don't think so.. MUAHAHAHA
Walcott Girls
Walcott Girls 2 dager siden
This is terrifying to think about...
Charlie Ayres
Charlie Ayres 2 dager siden
My dad just peered round the door like foxy in fnaf 1
Yeet_YT 2 dager siden
What if, you dont collect the tapes? hi I said hi
Fahrudin Duratovic
Fahrudin Duratovic 3 dager siden
*1:11* this is *officially* now my wallpaper
•Louise Playz•
•Louise Playz• 3 dager siden
Is tape girl vanny?? Just asking.
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 2 dager siden
nonnt 3 dager siden
What ever happened to enard?
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 2 dager siden
Burned in Fnaf 6 ending
Kaillyn Galindo-Garcia
Kaillyn Galindo-Garcia 3 dager siden
Matpat have you noticed that on the title of fnaf Help Wanted all the animatronics head are stuck to each other by some sort of paste basically saying that no matter who the animatronics are in the title/picture they are all connected somehow
S OC 3 dager siden
Matpat: no it's taking over !! I won't let it THe th5r1ist: you MuST cReaTe MorE t1eoRy,s Matpat: NO I WONT LET YOU TAKE OVER !!!!!!!!
Wait what if glich took control over bonnie and since that was many years ago glich changed from bonnie to Jeremy human and tricked people to try the game and Jeremy never died. Pls like if he should talk to us about this
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 2 dager siden
Excuse me what?
Please sub to game theory incase I keep commenting and if you can get game theory to read thos pls do share this I want a answer
And what if Cassidy wanted to leave heck and told glich to control bonnie because glich did control william Afton to kill kids in the original game so if glich can control will he can control anybody. And then since bonnie already died he had to act like he died and since he died he did not need to breath he acted like he died so game theory if your reading this pls explain if this could be true. Ps I'm NOT going to play this game
Albert Claxton
Albert Claxton 3 dager siden
What if u just don’t play it instead
Andre kyle Base
Andre kyle Base 3 dager siden
Im tramatized😱
Ryo Stonewell
Ryo Stonewell 4 dager siden
What about trappin' Glitchtrap in plush Bonny?
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 3 dager siden
Thats not a real thing
MJ Mike H
MJ Mike H 4 dager siden
*got my big boi pants on today*
Jeremy Gentile
Jeremy Gentile 4 dager siden
My name is Jeremy *Glup*
Epic Gamr11
Epic Gamr11 4 dager siden
I dont know if im the only one who noticed this, but in the teaser that Scott took down due to copyright, there was a hidden text reading "remember jeremy?" And there is a person in the game called jeremy, who commited suicide. So the remember jeremy is refering to that jeremy, not the bite of 87 victim.
Blake Schrader
Blake Schrader 4 dager siden
i did not know that golden freddy was gone :(
Blake Schrader
Blake Schrader 4 dager siden
i did not know that!!! i now miss goldy
Oliver Lenz
Oliver Lenz 5 dager siden
the merch says "hero" also guess which brand this is in binary 01110011 01100001 01101101 01110011 01110101 01101110 01100111
ryann stinkyshima
ryann stinkyshima 5 dager siden
I’m still confused so did all for the events still actually happen?
GlassButterflies 3 dager siden
Oh sH!t I didn't even think about that. So for all we know, Scott could pull a 'found footage' and parts of the story could've been made up or embellished.
SK 5 dager siden
You made a chill go down my spine when you explained the part where we the player is a 7 y/o in the last mini game was lured,killed and stuffed in a suit,talk about a first person perspective of a child's death 😰😫
ganief hendricks
ganief hendricks 5 dager siden
hey game theory do you know that william isnt glichtrap glichtrap is hes brother controling him
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 4 dager siden
No william is glitchtrap William never had a brother
Katie Willoughby
Katie Willoughby 5 dager siden
Glichtraps real name is vinsent (idk how to spell sorry)
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 4 dager siden
Yong Hui Ling
Yong Hui Ling 6 dager siden
wait if Jeremy is the CHILD that died HOW WOULD HE BE WORKING IN FNAF 2 HE IS A CHILD
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 6 dager siden
They are different characters? Jeremy is the kid who possessed bonnie Jeremy Fitzgerald is the Fnaf nightguard Help wanted Jeremy is a guy who works at fazbear entertaiment game
LET'S GO gaming
LET'S GO gaming 7 dager siden
How do you do this
Hell No U
Hell No U 7 dager siden
not everyone is here.... wheres waluigi?
Violet Kitten
Violet Kitten 7 dager siden
Ey I know all le Animatronics but u r right I need to get more brain stuff instead of talking about someone named william afton and how the crunch of him dying is satisfying to me, and now 4 ppl in my school are afraid of me
Yasser Waleed
Yasser Waleed 7 dager siden
So william back from hell
LAYAN JASEM JAFER 7 dager siden
GAME THEORY I think all Jeremys are somehow connected - call them the Jeremy B I came up with this theory since Jeremy is told to have sliced his face. And in FNAF 2, Withered Bonnie has an appearance of a faceless animatronic - as in if someone removed it or the animatronic was eager to do it, again, exactly what happened to Jeremy. ( if forgot to put this in since i accidently cut this part out, but you may know the name Jeremy is on the grave stone referring to the kid who got suited in the original bonnie suit. ) Therefore, making a connection between those two. I believe the withered animatronic were the ones present at the FNAF restaurant during 1985, where the killing spree began. I'm sorry that am not putting this together, but what am trying to say is that the people as security guards are people with names that were present at the party -- Fritz and Jeremy. ( Fritz as the trapped soul of Freddy ) but why? this blows questions in my mind. why do security guards have the same name as the murdered kids? Were the graves for the kids or the security guard? is this so called tape girl Susie? since she is the only female worker we know. this could explain why Withered Chica's jaw was slid open and hands were decapitated. Tape girl/Susie was a loud mouth and probably angered "someone" since she was taping the secrets happening at Freddy Fazbear. Someone could've messed up her jaw or mouth ( honestly i haven't played FNAF since FNAF 2 came out so I don't know much) So tape girl wouldn't be able to speak or tell others what she saw/heard to others and the hands were ripped off leading bc she wouldn't be able to write a letter to someone leading to her death - whoever done it, was suffering through some physiologic problems or where the things that were creeping them actually a figure, a human or a glitch? * correct me if im wrong, but i remember that withered Chica and Bonnie were the only ones with tremendous changes during there appearance in FNAF 2. Although, i do believe everything is a dream by a kid or hallucinations. I wanted to point out how those stuff are connected. BUT HEY, that's just theory. A GAME THEORY
Christopher Ford
Christopher Ford 8 dager siden
Scott seeing that mat has made a new video about how he figured out this games lore. Scott: Hahahahaha, okay now time to release another game and then repeat. Im also gonna start making books
FlamingBunBun 8 dager siden
Just thought of something. What if vanny got merged with glitch trap, hence why they have to look up how to control victims. The last tape is made by glitch trap, or even after Vanny/tape girl (if they’re the same) was brainwashed but before “we” get to it.
Mac Falto
Mac Falto 8 dager siden
What about the first ending
Christina Zeniou
Christina Zeniou 8 dager siden
So glitch trap isn't William Afton and who is behind this? Maybe a virus in the game?
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 7 dager siden
William is glitchtrap
Hiro_444 8 dager siden
4:30 Really matpat, underwear😂🤣
Bepis Dog
Bepis Dog 9 dager siden
in fnaf 6 the building was meant to burn to free the souls but they sacrificed you
Bepis Dog
Bepis Dog 9 dager siden
Vanny is either the player (you when you play the vr game) or tape girl well what I believe is that the player is vanny cause he recruits vanny as his minion when she collects all the tapes
Ocean studios
Ocean studios 9 dager siden
Wait does that mean the tape girl could be vanny?!
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 8 dager siden
Kun _
Kun _ 9 dager siden
MaximumMemes 9 dager siden
I UNDERSTANDED fnaf. I started watching your theory’s at sister location. It was too much for my little brain.
Evelyn Slattery
Evelyn Slattery 9 dager siden
Ballora is my favorite character and he said she is not important 😭😡
WiffleWaffle -
WiffleWaffle - 9 dager siden
This is the first game in the series to be genuinely horrifying to me. The kid trapped on freddy, and the Guillotine paper cutter scenes are horrifying
Mustafa Hussain
Mustafa Hussain 9 dager siden
well i am not going to play or try fnaf VR now
kelly cozens
kelly cozens 9 dager siden
I have a theory so basically I think William had an abusive family thats why he's troubled and his brother and him could have got killed by a truck like pete in step closer there souls both got stuck in glitchtrap except Williams soul is also in springtrap they befriend vanny who kills their abusive parents and other kids let me know if u think its good 👍
Da _FoxHybridz
Da _FoxHybridz 9 dager siden
Plot twist: Scott keeps making more games to torture matpat with lore
Toby George
Toby George 9 dager siden
Theory: tape girl is Vanny, and she is controlled by William.
Jasjit Kaur
Jasjit Kaur 9 dager siden
the part where we share consciousness with glitchtrap gives me superhot vibes
Guy named Bryan
Guy named Bryan 10 dager siden
so is it just me or did anyone else see a face being resembled on 14:35
Jessy Brown
Jessy Brown 10 dager siden
"we'll get to that later" Which means in a completely different video
minka and Talon Owens
minka and Talon Owens 10 dager siden
There's one of the games where you get fired and I think your Jeremy and you get fired
Tanesha Barnes
Tanesha Barnes 10 dager siden
I’m scared I’m not playing another fnaf game
rainy 10 dager siden
Tho I am a year late, I think she was controlled and she was forsed to say that when in reality it was going to free him
The 14th User
The 14th User 10 dager siden
what if tape girl was possesed in tape 14 because she says to ASSEMBLE THE TAPES and fix the problem but what if that was glitchtrap talking? what if glitchtrap stole her body and made those tapes to get another person crazy and die but thats just a theory A GAME THEORY
aricabeast 10 dager siden
The reason nobody is wise to Golden Freddy is that like Glitchtrap, he doesn't belong- he's a soul who can break the rules of the game because Fazbear Ent scanned him.
Gabriel xtrickerseries
Gabriel xtrickerseries 10 dager siden
You're never gonna finish the fnaf theory
Turk is a stalker
Turk is a stalker 10 dager siden
2:49 Basically Scott insulting himself
Vince Sales
Vince Sales 11 dager siden
is there proof of glitchtrap being will's brother?
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 8 dager siden
Not anything
Potato Crusher
Potato Crusher 11 dager siden
Matpat: there has to be a good ending, right? Me who played hollow knight: well you see...
Wrbr1321_Wolfz 11 dager siden
the binary code puzzle is "hero"
Cyrusfe22 11 dager siden
Ha keyblade 18:32 WAIT........
Bigboy luis Hello
Bigboy luis Hello 11 dager siden
She is vanny
KADEN MCMULLIN 11 dager siden
you're suppose to listen to tape girl's advise to defeat glitchtrap to get the secret ending
good boi
good boi 11 dager siden
what he meant by i always come back is that there will always be another afton
Jakub Grono
Jakub Grono 11 dager siden
I think he mean that he always comd back but in differend from 1 purple guy 2 springtrap 3 scraptrap 4 and final glithtrap
Panther Soul
Panther Soul 11 dager siden
So basically the story is "16" bit
Nas Wall
Nas Wall 11 dager siden
The more I watch mattpat the more I can't sleep at night
POKEFAN 2240 11 dager siden
this game tell us that do not ..........DO NOT mess with children XD
POKEFAN 2240 11 dager siden
this game tell us that do not ..........DO NOT mess with children XD
POKEFAN 2240 11 dager siden
this game tell us that do not ..........DO NOT mess with children XD
Dearrasta 11 dager siden
Me in 5:44 to 5:48 Oof ballora*laughs as hard as I can*
SciFiBug 12 dager siden
I personally definitely like "FNAF: Matpat Insanity Simulator" the most.
syzjarr ahmetaj
syzjarr ahmetaj 12 dager siden
yeah you think so this is right evrything is wrong read my comment fot the details
Austyn Bieber
Austyn Bieber 12 dager siden
M’kay why does every Jeremy in this series have a face injury? 1. Missing kid Jeremy (Withered Bonnie) 2. Night guard Jeremy (Bite of 87) 3. Game tester Jeremy (Cut own face off) 🤔
Austyn Bieber
Austyn Bieber 12 dager siden
8:11 yeee he’s got them hypnotic purple eyes 👀
Stan Janssen
Stan Janssen 12 dager siden
glictrap is also mustered man😥😥😥
* B R E A D *
* B R E A D * 12 dager siden
1:03 ok I choose 1:10
DebaucheryKing 12 dager siden
I'm still convinced we played as Vanny in VR as the third beta tester. Glitch trap spoke directly to us
Luna GoldenTwinz
Luna GoldenTwinz 12 dager siden
Hey it said in fang one and 2 that you play as someone called Jeremy, Micheal and someone else
The Galactic Empire
The Galactic Empire 13 dager siden
The Cannon ending to Metro 2033 is also the bad ending.
0K4Y corn-lord
0K4Y corn-lord 13 dager siden
Let me out
0K4Y corn-lord
0K4Y corn-lord 13 dager siden
I always come back..... let me out
BBT 13 dager siden
Tyffhytufytufyftufrtyfrthhrft Pygtyjytfuyftuffyyfufgfuf
TTV_PUMP 16 13 dager siden
Wait is this real....
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