Game Theory: Spiderman is a CRIMINAL! (Spider Man PS4)

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2 år siden

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Peter Park is the everyman, the good guy turned hero. Our friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man. Right? Over on Film Theory I told you how Superman had been perpetuating LIES as a reporter. Well, what if I told you Spider-Man is WORSE? Today Theorists, I'm tearing away the mask of innocent reporter to show you the TRUTH!
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dascottman33 2 år siden
J. Jonah Jameson is one of the best characters in comics and this theory is a good example why. In most every representation of him whether it is the comics (though with such a deep history JJJ has done more villainous things in that medium but he's also done very good things not only for peter parker but many other people), the Sam Raimi movies, or this game he's always depicted has hating spider-man and spreading wild theories about him, but there's always more to him than that and a certain grain of truth in his words. JJJ is always shown to have enough integrity to stand up for others, wether it's not selling out peter parker when the green goblin is literally threatening his life in spider-man 1, or the many examples you've shown in this game, what makes Jonah so endearing is that behind the rough exterior he really does a good heart behind him when greed or his vendetta against spider-man doesn't get in the way. One of the better examples of Jonah's good side was his role in the Silk comics, where he was constantly supportive and cared about Cindy Moon.
Condad_Always_RAD 7 timer siden
So true
janae hardeman
janae hardeman 9 timer siden
Dude you hearted your own comment
J Jonah Jameson
J Jonah Jameson Dag siden
@1xccy tell me about it...
1xccy Dag siden
What I learned from this is that you have to write an SA to have Matt heart your comment
J Jonah Jameson
J Jonah Jameson 2 dager siden
@Stikbot Timmy technically didn’t Spider-Man and Iron-Fist create scorpion
TOAST GAMES Time siden
Just gonna say spider man nearly breaking someones back is better then the police just shooting them
Blake99 Playz games
Blake99 Playz games 7 timer siden
Does anyone notice how much game theory’s style changes after Ronnie passed away
Condad_Always_RAD 7 timer siden
Dude your videos are amazing they open a door to the truth. I wonder If you could do another to gravity falls
LORD MEAMCRAFT 8 timer siden
To all you who say that spider-man doesn't kill wrong spider-man DIDN'T kil -Slimecicle
Simon Brimhall
Simon Brimhall 9 timer siden
I’m gonna stop you right there. Spider man has a good heart. He did this gig for 8 years without back up. So it’s no surprise that he’ll make a lot of mistakes. But just because he “caused damage to a water tank”, doesn’t mean that he’s considered a criminal just for accidents like that. Yes we know that he has made mistakes that JJJ called out since the beginning. Were they fatal? Yes. Were they tragic? Yes. Did they almost cost innocent lives? Yes. And above all, do they involve Spider man’s friends in danger of dying or turning bad. YES. But what do you think being human means? We make mistakes and we learned from them. And sometimes out of those mistakes are the most amazing things. So yes. Spider man almost killed criminals, let his friends go bad, and even put some of his closest friends at risk. But the point about being Spider man is that you learn from your mistakes and you become greater. And as for the fatal blows he has dealt to his enemies, that was just the animation or a bug or something. Laws of Physics, people. Come on. So J. Jonah Jameson, you suck in my eyes, you are blinded by your rage (literally), and you are the real definition of, and I quote, “*A FECKLESS, TREACHEROUS, UNHOLY, UNHINGED, AND UNGRATEFUL MENACE!!!*” Thank you and Good Night!!
Pigen 9 timer siden
That quarantine line cut deep
janae hardeman
janae hardeman 9 timer siden
This is so dumb Spider-Man is a superhero not a criminal I hate the title and I hate the video I'm disliking it I don't care what anybody else opinion is but I hate you
F 13 timer siden
Game theory on spiderman x rainbow six siege operators..... Awesome choice
GhostPhillip 15 timer siden
Spiderman IS THIS OLD?? i thought it came out in 2020 oh god
Mirza26052007 Sarajevo2007
Mirza26052007 Sarajevo2007 16 timer siden
J.Jonah.Jameson: you can become a avenger with j jonah jameson juice,all american expect of that one that we imported from china Us:xD no thanks
RANDOMNESS 22 timer siden
Now since it was in the video I can’t stop hearing J. Jonah saying I WANT SPIDERMAAAAAN in my head
RANDOMNESS 22 timer siden
“Who watches the watchmen?”
Darth Nobody
Darth Nobody Dag siden
JJJ is the not the hero they deserved, but the hero they need
Cyclops 001
Cyclops 001 Dag siden
Why is the music so cool?
Person People
Person People Dag siden
Okay, but spider man didn’t know that his aunts boss was a villain, he was sick of Fisk, plus he is just trying to save the city, he is well educated, and he only turned that valve because he thought it would help. Spider man admits it’s his fault, an feels bad, it was all fixed in the end, so what is your point? Sorry, I love spider man, I like your vids
Polish Cow
Polish Cow Dag siden
Spider man: (breaks someone’s neck for mugging someone) Spider man: peese
R Reed
R Reed Dag siden
"You fools you've messed with natural order"
Bodie Boedecker
Bodie Boedecker Dag siden
That makes not ******* sense for real and spider man is not a bad guy he is a good guy
1xccy Dag siden
How is this not film theory?
none of your buisniuss
none of your buisniuss Dag siden
12:44 this is foreshadowing spiderman miles morales
blueinu26 Dag siden
i love the defunct spiderman u have, just amazing likeness u have captured of the webslinger!
the game kid
the game kid Dag siden
Y but y
Oziel Francisco
Oziel Francisco Dag siden
I just can’t take this theory seriously when one of the things I see at the end is JJJ making a ridiculous face while being presented as a hero, it’s so funny 17:06
- travisplaysvlogs -
- travisplaysvlogs - Dag siden
I like how I look to the description for the juice
CanO'Pro OGinsanitY
CanO'Pro OGinsanitY Dag siden
in 2020 we need JJJ
Laurentius Nielsen
Laurentius Nielsen Dag siden
and jackal
Laurentius Nielsen
Laurentius Nielsen Dag siden
Montange and lesion
Aspiring Animator
Aspiring Animator 2 dager siden
The thing is though Spider-Man only knocks them out in the game the way he fights them is just to make it more fun. How fun would the game be if you just punched a guy once and knocked him out (I don’t think the game would be very fun)
Prince Oyong
Prince Oyong 2 dager siden
You know he fight other member cause the are member from captain American team that probably he's job Spiderman Tony make a Tony stark fight Captain America cause captain American Said lest fight Spiderman is in Tony Starks team but there group so now captain america teams now team up with Tony Starks team you don't understand 😭
Muhammad Syauqi Muhtarul Asror Albaweany
Muhammad Syauqi Muhtarul Asror Albaweany 2 dager siden
That part was a joke......
Prince Oyong
Prince Oyong 2 dager siden
No he's not
ItsEcs 2 dager siden
The thing about this video is that he kind of cuts of what Jameson finishes saying. For example when he talks about getting treating and joining the police , he forgets that he talks about peters family being in danger. Jameson responds with saying he doubt Spider-Man has loved ones lol
Nawa Raj Awasthi
Nawa Raj Awasthi 2 dager siden
ironic that i got a xbox trailer
Mohammad Alhakeem
Mohammad Alhakeem 2 dager siden
Sir JJJ is the new Spider-Man
Captain Unlimited
Captain Unlimited 2 dager siden
How does spidey know when a web hits a building even though he's not looking at it?
Canadian Maple syrup
Canadian Maple syrup 2 dager siden
MatPat: being slammed forcefully into the pavement on your head and neck. Pretty sure that’s gonna be fatal Jackie Chan: I think not
Yin White
Yin White 2 dager siden
*war flashbacks to the climax of quarantine*
Till Eye
Till Eye 2 dager siden
makes comics games and movies about super heroes Matpat: THEY ARE NO HEROES
wolf vlogs
wolf vlogs 3 dager siden
The only thing I thought jameson was just anoying not someone trying to bring spider mAn down. Now he's a hero bruh I'm JUST gonna finish the DLCs man.
Biggie cheese Bastic
Biggie cheese Bastic 3 dager siden
Yeah just your point matpat but he's saved NYC several times
Anna Glorioso
Anna Glorioso 3 dager siden
covid 19???
A h h h
A h h h 3 dager siden
Lol but then in the next game he says that spiderman stole the toys, not helped save them. I have no idea how he would logically come to that conclusion.
Owl_Ten 3 dager siden
Anyone else watching this in 2020, this quarantine hits WAY to close to home
Matthew Partlow
Matthew Partlow 3 dager siden
Great, now I want Matpat as some version of JJJ in the MCU. Maybe in Multiverse of Madness and be from another universe
BloxyGaming 3 dager siden
Starting at 16:13 what he is saying could honestly relate to what is happening right now, New York is being pounded with this virus and it isnt letting up, and i can imagine Jonah saying these exact words to encourage people
Wooly Creeper
Wooly Creeper 3 dager siden
game theory you...... no..... YOU SUPORT J JHONAH JAMESON?! I... I CAN'T BELIVE IT....
ZackGames 3 dager siden
Spider-man is a criminal? This is where I lose faith in humanity.
Justin Laplante
Justin Laplante 3 dager siden
Jay Jonah Jameson says there's a web pervert Among Us wait among us
Linda Jasons
Linda Jasons 3 dager siden
OMG I'm so fast
Basketboy 3 dager siden
Where can i get that sweet joint juice
The Goat
The Goat 3 dager siden
Don’t you just hate when a jj podcast starts as soon as you get to a mission
Blue Hoodie
Blue Hoodie 3 dager siden
Miles Morales theory?
Maria Gil
Maria Gil 3 dager siden
Am I a joke to you
Maria Gil
Maria Gil 3 dager siden
Mattpat oH sPidEr mAn iS bAd Spider-Man who risks his life every day to keep the city safe
Shayaan Shahriar
Shayaan Shahriar 4 dager siden
Stop your making videogames look Bad pls pls stop making him sound bad I love spider man😭😭😭😭😭
DJ Gaming
DJ Gaming 4 dager siden
Yes I was right when I fist saw it!!!!
Harshaanvir Singh
Harshaanvir Singh 4 dager siden
But hold that thought when he is doing this does he get arested and it depends on how bad the bad the criminals crimes and he does this thousands of times saving people and you say "when he tries to solve the problem he makes more" but he solves the entire city's problems if that was true the whole town whould order him to leave this city try to beat that game theory and by the way I'm a huge fan don't stop making these amazing vids
cass with gas
cass with gas 4 dager siden
bu-bu-bu-i love spider man :(
Reset Xyz
Reset Xyz 4 dager siden
Hmmm 0.5x speed to Turkey heaar that speed through lol
Nate Animates
Nate Animates 4 dager siden
Unrelated, but there should be a spooderman suit in spider-man ps4
Richard Sheridan
Richard Sheridan 4 dager siden
Jake perolta
silaghi costi
silaghi costi 4 dager siden
Ahmad Alaama
Ahmad Alaama 4 dager siden
Hah, after far from home the dream sequence is great.
Clash Coolix
Clash Coolix 4 dager siden
Hi jjj
Reaper 4 dager siden
i think game theory is just going insane
Hashim Hussain
Hashim Hussain 4 dager siden
I want. Some J Jonah joint juice now lol 😂😂😂😂
Æ ÆŇÞŒŅ 4 dager siden
Spiderman 2018 predicted Cvirus
super bros waleed
super bros waleed 4 dager siden
How dare you
M. Rasya Dhia
M. Rasya Dhia 4 dager siden
Can anyone explain the weird pause at 13:35 ?
EliteToast810 4 dager siden
Not sure. Glitch in the editing process, I'm assuming
Maaz Shaikh
Maaz Shaikh 4 dager siden
And they all r finishers
Maaz Shaikh
Maaz Shaikh 4 dager siden
It’s just a game ok don’t need to add real physics and weight and everything it’s just a game man
Carmelia Frank
Carmelia Frank 5 dager siden
"And I am telling you now, do not violate the quarantine. Stay in your homes, take care of your families. I'll be right here, facing it with ya. We're New Yorkers, we can handle anything." It's surprising how relevant these lines are, if only we followed his advice and stayed in our homes, maybe we wouldn't be in the mess we are currently.
Sergei Sheetnikov
Sergei Sheetnikov 5 dager siden
"Emergencies do not permit the suspension of human rights" 15:25 J Jonah Jason for governor of New York 🇺🇸.
Minecraft Nuker
Minecraft Nuker 5 dager siden Tell this to people.
Pugzy memes
Pugzy memes 5 dager siden
matpat really
Syed Faizan
Syed Faizan 5 dager siden
Who else got this recommended 2 yrs later
HaadIsBest 6 dager siden
weeeeeeeeeeee clickbait
Rnex 6 dager siden
Sprite cranberry ad
CoolSuperCJ1 6 dager siden
Me thinking he is bad but now I think spiderman is...MY LIFE IS A LIE! A LIE I TELL U
Vinnie Kleiner
Vinnie Kleiner 6 dager siden
6:40 you can't forget the villans being thrown off buildings and hitting the ground
Lumberjack king the great
Lumberjack king the great 6 dager siden
I'm completely convinced I already was
WorldsofGamz 6 dager siden
THE ICONIC 6 dager siden
But........ I still like spooder man
dude gaming productions
dude gaming productions 4 dager siden
@Dhilipan Sankar ok
Dhilipan Sankar
Dhilipan Sankar 4 dager siden
@dude gaming productions me too but let's wait him to do a video on miles morales on the same concept
dude gaming productions
dude gaming productions 6 dager siden
Hahaha yes
Daisy Juntilla
Daisy Juntilla 7 dager siden
Huh feels familar hmmmmm aha among us hehehe
Big Daddy Chiefs fan
Big Daddy Chiefs fan 7 dager siden
You realize the cops were going for him too right
Nkiruka Anumba
Nkiruka Anumba 7 dager siden
Spider Man predicted the covid
Mj. Among us Mj
Mj. Among us Mj 7 dager siden
Film theory there’s one thing you forgot about Spiderman when the villains are falling there’s actually a Web to it that makes it attached to a building so they’re not really falling down to their death
Jeremiah Letts
Jeremiah Letts 7 dager siden
you should do a theory about the new ps5 miles moralis game
Abhinav Sharma Gaming
Abhinav Sharma Gaming 7 dager siden
Your a criminal for saying that spiderman is a criminal
Abood Jaber
Abood Jaber 7 dager siden
Among us King
Among us King 7 dager siden
Cool Spiderkid
Cool Spiderkid 7 dager siden
My god.. spider man predicted a giant virus and a quarantine
Breadloafer 7 dager siden
I love Jonah, he’s so funny
هشام الطويلعي
هشام الطويلعي 7 dager siden
Too real
Among us King
Among us King 8 dager siden
Dessie Atkinson
Dessie Atkinson 8 dager siden
Spider-Man: Saves lives MatPat: Send him to prison
Raymond Whtibty
Raymond Whtibty 8 dager siden
Man we need a J Jonah Jameson today.
Dark ness
Dark ness 8 dager siden
Atleast we see J Jonah Jameson is in Spider-Man miles morales hes Santa Jameson Lol
BindiPig 8 dager siden
That introductory bit was surprisingly accurate
Elvis Winkler
Elvis Winkler 8 dager siden
Well what's bad is that he is not here in the real world... he would make corona disappear in months
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