Game Theory: FNAF, The New Breed

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The original Five Nights at Freddy's spawned many sequels and sister games. Over the years I've played them all and through that stumbled upon the phenomena that is FNAF fan games. Games so loved by FNAF fans that those games have ALSO created their own universes - some linked to the original game and some all their own. These games have gotten so big that it's a wonder they haven't been struck down by the copyright powers that be - and there is a VERY specific reason they haven't. You see, Scott Cawthon has learned one thing that most game companies never have and likely never will - community.
Find the original game here ► Five Nights at Freddy's -
Find out more about the fan games here ►
Five Nights at Candy's 4 -
Popgoes Evergreen -
One Night at Flumpty's -
The Joy of Creation -
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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! ►►
FNAF This Theory Changes Everything ►
FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
FNAF 6, No More Secrets ►
Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Pedro Freitas, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

`Nighttime Roxy`
`Nighttime Roxy` 18 minutter siden
Can we just take a moment to appreciate how SMOOTH AND STUNNING the game theory intro is?
MaxDaDwarf 35 minutter siden
MATPAT, I ONLY JUST FOUND THIS OUT, you know what, I’m not gonna say anything, hit pitch shift glitchtraps noises in help wanted, the noises that he makes when he isn’t fully formed
Janet Taylor
Janet Taylor 36 minutter siden Come è già stato menzionato più di una volta, i partecipanti diretti al progresso tecnico aggiungono solo differenze di fazione e sono ugualmente lasciati a se stessi. Per il mondo moderno, il percorso innovativo che abbiamo scelto è un interessante esperimento per testare il progresso della comunità professionale.. Em nossa busca por melhorar a experiencia do usuario, sentimos falta do fato de que os representantes das reservas sociais modernas, independente de seu nivel, devem ser descritos com o maximo de detalhes possivel. O elevado nivel de envolvimento dos representantes do publico-alvo e uma prova clara de um simples facto: o novo modelo de actividade organizacional fixa de forma inequivoca a necessidade de um desenvolvimento faseado e consistente da sociedade.
YrUdUm2.0 manamjeff
YrUdUm2.0 manamjeff Time siden
But what mat pat didn't know is that there is another E it's it's e rush
Smike animates
Smike animates Time siden
Yanderedev: Doesnt suppport fangames* Scott:sorry we don't do that here Toby fox:same scott
Hailer Time siden
he didnt extinguish he used the extinguisher to extinguish copyrights existence
Draco C
Draco C 3 timer siden
I love the joy of creation it is my favorite out of all the fan games
Script _0
Script _0 3 timer siden
Oh, you love to see it
Odd Lebossboi
Odd Lebossboi 3 timer siden
We literally have FNAF 1-4 on Xbox
Gavinorox 4 timer siden
we will never forget you pixelmon...
Spicy ghost gamer jake
Spicy ghost gamer jake 6 timer siden
Umm matpat, in FNaF vr on the plush trap dark rooms level, I saw a minireena peeking out one of the doors, I think this might be a sign FNaF 4 and sister location take place at the same time
The drain Behind
The drain Behind 7 timer siden
I don’t know why but I like the theme song of game theory
Baby Guppy
Baby Guppy 7 timer siden
Tabitha Glenn
Tabitha Glenn 7 timer siden
joseph cenci
joseph cenci 8 timer siden
Whoever is here go check out the fnaf plus trailer and see how creepy and realistic it is
Angela Bickford
Angela Bickford 8 timer siden
Me and my sister found a secret animatronic in fnaf 1 at cam 2a
William gamer
William gamer 8 timer siden
nintendo: fan game oh its good. bang bang. what fan game?
LunchbagLoser 8 timer siden
Scott is just a great man.
Jose Carrillo
Jose Carrillo 8 timer siden
Lowkey I missed these creepy game Theories videos
Ledet Brothers
Ledet Brothers 9 timer siden
SEGA and Scott Cawthon are the only two game developers who treat fan games with respect and care.
GLICHTRAP IT'S ME 9 timer siden
When i saw golden freddy in the beggining i thought there was going to be a jumpscare. I wanted one.
Omar Gonzalez Guadarrama
Omar Gonzalez Guadarrama 10 timer siden
This might be a crazy theory but what if the fnaf franchise is just parallel universes which explains why some pieces seem to fit but don’t
Oh Sangwoo
Oh Sangwoo 10 timer siden
I watched every FNAF video in less than two days...
GreatYoutuberGamer95 11 timer siden
I like how it goes from fnaf to Amazon and Cinderella
NlCKSWAG1123 11 timer siden
It went to fnaf to Microsoft to Disney to Fnaf again I’m confused
brandyn couch
brandyn couch 11 timer siden
I want to make a FNAF fan game, but I don't know the first thing about game development. And I'm a minor. That too.
AKMH CS 11 timer siden
I remember eggbaby
Casey Reddington
Casey Reddington 12 timer siden
i saw springtrap at bottom left of the screen when you were zooming into the monitor for the intro >:D
Bumbumb dabumb
Bumbumb dabumb 13 timer siden
Watch him ask the creators of the spinoffs to add some reference of glitchtrap into their games. Making us, the players, followers of glitch trap.
ZakB0t 13 timer siden
Hey mat. I probably should’ve done this a while ago but I just wanted to thank you. It’s because of you that I got into this franchise and have had so much fun with it all. All my merch and love is all because of you so I would just like to thank you. Keep up the good work man!
gamesofnation _
gamesofnation _ 14 timer siden
I love how Scott just threw the extinguisher at Microsoft.LMAO
Sairus 323
Sairus 323 14 timer siden
I just found on FNAF wiki that there wil be movie based on FNAF and its creators using your theories to make it. Congratulations! Also again according to wiki, filming will start in spring 2021.
favorite1880 14 timer siden
O my God that's genius
Maslah 6000
Maslah 6000 14 timer siden
you did it again matpat the video finished right when i was done eating.
Zinnura Abduvohidova
Zinnura Abduvohidova 15 timer siden
Okay, listen, I was kinda shocked by my theory too. But look Micheal killed crying child right? I- so what if the crying child was the one you shouldn't have killed?? Look: Micheal is the night guard for every fnaf game (Well not fnaf4) Just because sl robots didn't recognize him, doesn't mean the others does too. Look, Afton Is there in UCN, so they should know that Micheal is the night guard, they KNEW and didn't mistake him, so they were talking about crying child, since he didnt kill anyone except for him. I'm sorry if this theory is very useless😩👌💀💀 But hey, *THATS JUST A THEORY*
Miss silly batミスシリーバット
Miss silly batミスシリーバット 15 timer siden
Doesnt scott look like glitchtrap
Zinnura Abduvohidova
Zinnura Abduvohidova 15 timer siden
joyray50 able
joyray50 able 15 timer siden
Dude Toby fox should totally join in on this imagine a undervese paided by Toby himself
Wireless gamer
Wireless gamer 15 timer siden
Yesssss joy of creation on xboxxxxxxxxx
eriq Herwin
eriq Herwin 17 timer siden
NOpost need the E.E.E
GAMING US 101 17 timer siden
Hahaha imagine him saying fnaf plys is only fnaf plus wait till matpat makes a theory on it go check fnaf pluses channel remaking fnaf 1 but way scarier
sorcmagiwizlv99 17 timer siden
Embrace. Extend. Encourage.
Noah Hullinger
Noah Hullinger 18 timer siden
i know this might be a lot to ask for but can you make a video on the current theory on fnaf because i went and watched the whole series and they is many times when you were wrong and im confused on very thing the books and the games :)
Emily Balderas
Emily Balderas 18 timer siden
@the game theorists have you seen the new fnaf character mr moon I think that’s his name when are you going to make a theory about it
Emily Balderas
Emily Balderas 18 timer siden
Or his name is moon face it’s either that of mr moon
Steven Diaz
Steven Diaz 18 timer siden
**here after fnaf plus trailer*
Kingfoot 25
Kingfoot 25 19 timer siden
"E" -Matpat 2020
BeziRoche Polska
BeziRoche Polska 21 time siden
MatPat I know, you like analise and make teories about games like Petscop. I recomend for you one of this games. When you make videos about "Catastrophe Crow! 64"? This game is like Petscop with huge, gigantic informations about history, secrets, coded texts and massive lore. Have fun with this game!!! Please, write when you make videos about "Catastrophe Crow! 64"! Did you hear about this game?!
BeziRoche Polska
BeziRoche Polska 21 time siden
Good point. I don't know, why Nintendo destroy his creative communities, using dirty Protective IP. Some fun-games had genius ideas. Makers of this fun-games do a lot of hard work and his work are exterminated. This is really dirty, unfair practise, what really f**ck the fandoms, communities of the Nintendo games. Bravo Nintendo, you should learn from Scott. This is how you should behave towards your communities.
AestheticBlu Dag siden
This became an ad real fast
No more Degeneracy
No more Degeneracy Dag siden
Stop the fnaf
apple care not found
apple care not found Dag siden
I'm pretty sure the bite victim of 83' possessed shadow freddy who you can find in parts and service in fnaf 2. I'm thinking this because the victim was nice and shadow freddy doesn't jump scare you or anything he just sits there.
Ghostra Dag siden
Scott is fanning the flames instead of extinguishing them
Mini Moon
Mini Moon Dag siden
Hey mat pat all of the fnaf fan base has decided that the crying child's name is CRISTOPHER AFTON I hope u see this
person h
person h Dag siden
idk if this matters but in the first night of the first fnaf phone guy says the animatronics were forced to sing the same songs for 20 years. maybe changing the timeline
mathew rivas
mathew rivas Dag siden
scotts not doing EEE hes doing EEI extend embrace and ignite
Suleiman Jatta
Suleiman Jatta Dag siden
Minitoon is doing the same thing
Maddy Russell
Maddy Russell Dag siden
If only game companies were like scott
Danny Devito
Danny Devito Dag siden
ok, idk if this is relevant anymore or if this was already covered, or maybe I'm just dumb and dont know what I'm talking about. But i have a theory that the crying child DIDNT die. in fnaf 4, the ending has a flatline at the end of it, which i assumed meant that the child died, but a few days ago i was playing fnaf 1 and something phone guy said was rather odd. this is what he said: "its amazing how a human body can survive without a frontal lobe.". Now, he did mention that it was the bite of 87, which i am not sure if that was the crying child or the nightguard. Now back to the flatline, most of us including me thought that was the child being dead, which is a possibility, but with what the phone guy said, it may not have been him dying, maybe he was taken off of the system.
Danny Devito
Danny Devito Dag siden
maybe im missing something, but who knows.
GlutzahnLP Dag siden
For a moment I thought I landed on the food theory I already saw xD
Darkened Daylight
Darkened Daylight Dag siden
Also did anyone see ONE NIGHT AT FLUMPTY'S 3?! @-@
Papyrus The skeleton
Papyrus The skeleton Dag siden
This video is actully a good point, remakes like undertale remakes or fandoms are putting the game out there more then it was being put out before
Meme Lord
Meme Lord Dag siden
Anyone wonder what happened to Mike Asfton’s mother, you know, someone that has never been questioned from every game and theory that I’ve seen......hmmmmmmm, guesses anyone? My guess is vanny from the new game coming one day
Dawn Russell
Dawn Russell Dag siden
brother accendently kills brother, father kills children stuffs them into suits, sister gets killed by baby/ brother gets scooped , brother used as a skin suit, ballora is a copy of the mother father was crushed when haunted by his victims and get crushed by springtrap suit. This family is crazy.
M0IRAFlit52 Dag siden
Halfway into the vid I forgot that he was talking about fnaf
Nova GD
Nova GD Dag siden
Imagine how cool it would be if Toby fox did this with undertale
pebble 64
pebble 64 Dag siden
Ok, so in fnaf 2 the originals are in pieces, but why? Well, I think that it's because afton took only some parts off of them which are shown in the cut sense of him disassembling then, he only take part of, if he didn't then why would he just leave the peices behind? Well, possible to make it seem like an employee was the one that cause it, with would make it less of a suspicion that afton did it, or to possibly to see if the souls can still live on even if there in peices and are missing part of there soul, which as we know they can. But that's just a theory, a game theory.
Kitty cat Bruce
Kitty cat Bruce Dag siden
Man but imagine if the Fnaf fan games like the ones we saw. But imagine there all connected in the same universe as Fnaf Mat Pat: WHAT there alll C O N N E C T ED
Little Schnitzel
Little Schnitzel Dag siden
I have a Theory, what if Glamrock freddy is possesed by the Crying Child?
Noah Ark
Noah Ark Dag siden
*coughs in tohou project*
PhantomGenix Dag siden
Disney and Microsoft: *"He's too dangerous to be kept alive!"*
Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith Dag siden
i found something in the new tralier for fnaf plus game
Llama Floof
Llama Floof Dag siden
I used to be really scared of fnaf but now I have a friend ONLY talks about to. I’m fine 🥲
0Zer0 Dag siden
Okay, there's jar of pickles. Where's my Exotic Butters?
jamal iyanda
jamal iyanda Dag siden
Never in my life have I played FNAF. Also never in my life have I not watched a FNAF lore Video.
Ercanbrack Masonry
Ercanbrack Masonry Dag siden
Have you seen security breach I think it’s called that and I have a theory about that location so let’s start! This little boy stays late at security breach because his parents couldn’t come in time the robots befriend the kid but glitchtrap wants this kid dead one day the he stayed all night the night Guard tried to get the kid out of the Building but the robots knew if he left there sight he would be murdered so the kid ran and the robots protect him so the game is the ROBOTS protect😧😧😧 and it’s not about the night guard that would be a great game changer
RCKless 7
RCKless 7 Dag siden
He a theory we can’t stop glitch why because we can get into his brain unless we are reluctant
SkatSketch '
SkatSketch ' Dag siden
For the people who waited for each video to release: WHERE IS THE NEXT ONE SJSIHZHSK For the people today cause fnaf theories kind of ended: I have watched all 41 videos oh my god Yes I watched all 46 in order in 3 weeks O_O
Amaegg Dag siden
This is an open letter to (mostly) Matpat, from a fan who was here during the beginning days and before your FNaF craze. Matpat, i miss it. I'll be honest, i don't hate your fnaf theories, but with every video, it's like beating a dead horse over and over and over again, i would love for you to take a look at different games, maybe look at more stuff from Valve's Library, maybe something from Nintendo, Cyberpunk, etc.. I don't hate you for wanting to well, make videos that make millions of views every day, and i understand that, during this pandemic, creators have to eat, after all. But the thing is that with each video about the same subject, it makes you look like you're focused on that *one* game, which doesn't make it such a theory, now is it. Please, Matpat, if you read this. Reconsider your options, it would be honestly nice to see more and more videos about different franchises, instead of milking the same cow that is Fnaf. Thank you, Loyal fan
Scott Cotton
Scott Cotton Dag siden
Over the past 6 months, he has made 43 videos. Out of these, only 6 have been fnaf related. Over the past year, he has made 78 videos. Out of these, only 12 have been fnaf related. In total, that means he’s uploaded 66 non-fnaf related videos that you could have been watching. And he is evidently not focused on only fnaf
sappy sama
sappy sama 2 dager siden
Scott Cawthon is an angel
Nicholas Minutella
Nicholas Minutella 2 dager siden
Its all a part of Scott's plan to "Always come back" o _ O
aizawa 2 dager siden
Here's a no lore fnaf episode idea how much pian would William death feel like?
aizawa 2 dager siden
Any one agree?
Mangled Mango
Mangled Mango 2 dager siden
MatPat: *does not list DSaF* Me Toy Foxy has never seen such bull[censored] before
AngelC28 2 dager siden
Not to down this vid, but Ghetto Demigod said this years ago. But maybe Nintendo will listen to Mat since he's a "bigger" NOpostr.
Sans Gaming
Sans Gaming 2 dager siden
Lol i like the joy of creation its an broken versions of the witherds
Tommy's House of Vlogs
Tommy's House of Vlogs 2 dager siden
You left out one company that you should recognize for it's scummy behavior. Like, if you thought Nintendo was mean, wait until you hear about... TAKE-TWO INTERATIVE!!! Here's an example of what they do:
DiegoGamerXD XD
DiegoGamerXD XD 2 dager siden
You should make a 21 year anniversary
-ramune- 2 dager siden
Panda 360 Animation and stuff
Panda 360 Animation and stuff 2 dager siden
Jaqon Mad Skillz Gameplays
Jaqon Mad Skillz Gameplays 2 dager siden
Umm youre wrong chris is not henrys son and also after all the afton family died and micheal was alive henry adopted him and the other little boy was henry son because henry had a daughter known as charlie but also a son who was a secret that not a lot of people knew
Stanly Ennis
Stanly Ennis 2 dager siden
MatPat i have a theory about the springlock suit mode what if it's possible that some of the robot is still in stage mode and the head of golden freddy went to suit mode as a form of error? And i think that when they are in suit mode they don't need the mouths to move so when in suit mode mouths stay shut permanently but if some of the robot is still in stage mode but the mouth of golden freddy then the engine will focus on the mouth to keep it shut more than rest of it? MatPat i hope you do some research on this theory it might be interesting for you?
Annette Mondeau
Annette Mondeau 2 dager siden
I kinda feel like I realized something. In FNAF 1 on the second night, the man sending you the telephone recording says "Oh yeah, I've had an idea. If you try to get stuffed into an animatronic suit, maybe try playin dead. They might think your just an empty suit. Well, accually they might try to stuff a metal spine into you." the first thing I thought of when i heard this was when william afton barfed up metal spaggetti. Then I thought of one of the endings of sister location where you get scooped the "converted" into an animatronic. Could it be that sister location comes earlier in the timeline than we thought?...
Annette Mondeau
Annette Mondeau 2 dager siden
I meant to say if the animatronics try to stuff you in a suit. hehehe
ITSLILLIME ._. 2 dager siden
Mat i think I figured something out about midnight motorist So William is rotten and decayed as purple guy tight? And so if William afton is orange now instead of purple that would mean that he's still alive he hasn't discovered remenent yet at this point he's still mortal BUT people will call out "y is he purple in fnaf 2's mini game" you've already figured this out its the atari style of those games William is depicted as a shadowy figure that kills that kid, Charlotte And then he drives off in his car to his house but now he's not a shadowy figure anymore because now we know who it is, William
Deswon_360 2 dager siden
So... Just like Valve? There are SO many portal mods out there that are now on steam. (Steam is owned by Valve, so Valve had to approve it.)
Annika The Night Goddess
Annika The Night Goddess 2 dager siden
Hey someone made a theory about if Cassidy is the Crying child (its a bit different to yours) i want you to see it!
Andy Jones
Andy Jones 2 dager siden
Hey pokeymon embraced and exstended what I did remember the Pokémon card game I made the years ago then they yours mine and because im just a no one they don’t care about me and made a copy of my game and are getting a bunch of money of of it I made the card game 5 years ago
Sammy 2 dager siden
Game is boring, but lore is epic
Riverlynn Boyd
Riverlynn Boyd 2 dager siden
Game theory who is the sad puppet I'm really curious to know?
Eric Sandstrom
Eric Sandstrom 2 dager siden
Scott Cawthon IS the Puppet... Give Gifts, Give Life... HE IS THE LORE! HE IS FNAF!!!!!!
Simon Ocelot
Simon Ocelot 2 dager siden
The return to freddy's would be good as a game in this initiative, but i don't think the devs want to make another entry in the series
Mr Gamer
Mr Gamer 2 dager siden
Blue theory law theory or book theory
Zaheer Abbas
Zaheer Abbas 2 dager siden
Fnaf was bad enough now here comes THE B I G B O Y (I think. I didn't watch the vid yet I just saw the title.)
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