Addressing Game Theory's Biggest Problem

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Hey guys. I've thought about doing a video about this for a long time. Over the years of doing Game Theory, people have had one MAJOR problem with the series - the use of fanart. And since I'm covering the Scott Fan Art Issue as well, I figured what better day than today to address it. I've done my best to set rules in place to keep fanart out of Game Theory but accidents happen and things slip through the cracks. Today I am setting the record straight on Game Theory and fanart. Plus, hopefully giving you fan artists some advice on how to keep your fanart from being stolen.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Wyatt Petelle
Wyatt Petelle 2 dager siden
I love that mat didnt just use this video as a way to excuse the mistake. He is simply explaining what went wrong, and then, he is informing people on how to better protect their work
Orton Long Gaming
Orton Long Gaming 5 dager siden
MatPat: If I stole your art, put it on my reddit. His reddit: Sorry bro post removed not a valid theory like im trying to show you that you stole my art ofc its not a 3 page theory
ryann stinkyshima
ryann stinkyshima 5 dager siden
Matt doesn’t deserve any of this hate he does so much for everyone and people act like he is the bad guy doing this all on purpose
Raihan Gan
Raihan Gan 9 dager siden
this 2020 getting fast
let's have fun
let's have fun 9 dager siden
Matpat is very respectable person in my opinion so I try to support him
Liu Gigi
Liu Gigi 9 dager siden
Moral : everyone makes mistakes
Quantica V1
Quantica V1 14 dager siden
I almost thought he was gonna tell us that he’s quitting NOpost and then tell us it was all a joke because these video got posted in April fool day
ok let's go man
ok let's go man 16 dager siden
Finally the editing software revealed.after all these years
jun wang
jun wang 16 dager siden
Me sees the cover me an intellectual “the jokes”
Lily Hartle
Lily Hartle 17 dager siden
I mean... you definitely should always sign your art but... also it happens so often where people try to take credit for other people's art for money, for publicity, for the chance to work with companies. Honestly I dont think anybody really sees this as MatPat stealing the art from the creators but it also sucks if they dont get credit because they did work on it
Duskwave The Sandwing Nightwing hybrid
Duskwave The Sandwing Nightwing hybrid 18 dager siden
These meanos are really pissing me off
Lincoln James
Lincoln James 19 dager siden
I know that you are really busy already making these videos, but would you consider making a game theory podcast?
Meem Mahn
Meem Mahn 19 dager siden
"this was once a channel where we measured luigi's hoo-haw." i honestly thought about throwing my laptop out the window. *of a plane*
Damian Tran
Damian Tran 23 dager siden
You can’t win against the hater. This is the world we live in, the people who are genuinely kind and just want to be entertainers who make people happy are knocked down because they gain fame in a media where the hater are not. Or sometime hater just hate just because. Keep it up Mat, we fan are here for you.
Morgan 22 dager siden
I wouldn't consider them "haters" It's a legit complaint and problem BUT mat did the mature thing, admitting the mistake and doing his best to correct it.
Somewhatstrange1 23 dager siden
This is clickbait game theory has no problems
Itz_Ryan 27 dager siden
Me- reads title: Addressing Game Theory's Biggest Problem Checks date it was uploaded Thinks: Must be an April fools video Reads comments: Realises this might be serious
Keionta The king
Keionta The king 27 dager siden
It's not your fault map at its the fan artist fault for making too close to realistic art without having any Copyright symbol or watermark on it or anything on the art to make sure that if somebody come across the art online that they know that it's fanart not the real thing just a safe tip for fan artist
Histamine_Bean 29 dager siden
You can really hear the stress in his voice. Artists, please watermark your stuff, don't be careless and get upset later.
Raven Wing
Raven Wing Måned siden
The only complaint I ever have about film theory/game theory is that I can't focus on my studies when Matpat starts talking. XD
Josue Gomez
Josue Gomez Måned siden
Bright matpat
MASTER CHEESE89 Måned siden
Who else is here because of his FNAF vid
Sketch Måned siden
Yo, what’s next. Mr beast kicked a pebble and now he’s satan???
skunkcraftYT e
skunkcraftYT e Måned siden
This man needs to stop getting the hate.
Kiran Bharuka
Kiran Bharuka Måned siden
Not your fault
LEONARDO LAGUNES (Student) Måned siden
Me after listening to twenty-seven seconds of this: I TAKE YOUR IN-GAME THEORIES MORE SERIOUSLY THAN THE ONES ABOUT REAL LIFE. Oh, cool! I completed star allies!
Potato Tech
Potato Tech Måned siden
XD that outro tho
Tillie Cannon
Tillie Cannon Måned siden
Matpat, I'd just like to say that I would be honored to have my art in one of your videos, even if I don't get credit. 😁
Quyen Truong
Quyen Truong Måned siden
You’re a smart guy. I’m sure you’ll figure out how to brand it. “It’s a chat. A Chat with MatPat” sounds like a late night talk show where you bring in other NOpost celebs and just discuss theories or whatever with them on the couch. Lol it sounds kind of boring actually.
Lucas Cook
Lucas Cook Måned siden
Game theroys biggest problem is declining video quality
Morgan 21 dag siden
@Lucas Cook Well that's just the fnaf videos, and even then I think that's fair enough considering how confusing the lore gets...
Lucas Cook
Lucas Cook 21 dag siden
@Morgan longer vids and repeating himself and also it just doesn’t feel the same
Morgan 22 dager siden
What....? how...?
Jonas Black
Jonas Black Måned siden
*Game Theory has a Problem* Me, a loyal theorist: hold up
John Michael Fidler
John Michael Fidler 5 dager siden
Me as well
Kosovo mapping and Balkan friends
Kosovo mapping and Balkan friends Måned siden
dizzy Måned siden
SMIKE.... i’m a bit late i didn’t watch much youtube last year
ella barnes
ella barnes Måned siden
this was super helpful! its videos like this that im drawn to because i myself am worried about copyright and stuff like that
Amelia Sánchez
Amelia Sánchez Måned siden
As an artist let me just say this. It's really not your fault. If you need to do that much reaserch to figure out something is fanart its not your fault. It's clear to me that you are really trying to treat artists with respect. There's fan art out there that looks incredibly real. It can be confusing. There is a difference between intentionally using someone's fanart to gain something, and accidentally using it without giving credit because you couldn't find it or didn't know it was fan art.
jack carsen
jack carsen Måned siden
Player One
Player One 25 dager siden
No that was your fault you where the one that was on youtube that wasn't paying attention to school, to begin with so no not his fault it's yours
Jacob Mac
Jacob Mac Måned siden
Wow so angry
Cole Breuk
Cole Breuk Måned siden
Wait... So people don’t remember that it’s just a theory
k. blueshell
k. blueshell Måned siden
Why is nobody talking about this! I specificly remember game theory having an episode on herobrine but i cant find it anywhere. There is no reuploads or anything, but there is one priveted video on his channel. Im confused
Jacob Michal
Jacob Michal Måned siden
hmmmm... this is the day before april fools..... I wonder if he posted an april fools video discrediting everything he said in this one the day after he posted this one.... nah
Deirdre Måned siden
Matt there is no need for you to care I mean if idiots don't protect their creations it's not your fault
Khoi Nguyen
Khoi Nguyen Måned siden
Fan artists: (_lOwO)_l Oh shiet we f*cked up
ImOllie ThatsIt
ImOllie ThatsIt Måned siden
Love Star
Love Star Måned siden
You should call them couch convos.
Lemon Pie
Lemon Pie Måned siden
MatPat: I fear no man. But that thing, *points to Couch videos* , it scares me
5K with out any Videos
5K with out any Videos 2 måneder siden
I don’t understand why everyone’s so mad. Do you know how thrilled I would be if MatPat even mentioned a fanart I made?
anonaeonn 25 dager siden
He didn't credit the artist. I'd be mad too, but the tweet was an overreaction. You could sell that for actual money. He also made a profit off of it.
dioxitys 2 måneder siden
Zachary Dilworth
Zachary Dilworth 2 måneder siden
it takes alot to stand up for your mistakes even if they are not your fault personally they are too severe
Cmdr_Tom 2 måneder siden
Wow. Impressed from the msg. I am old school as well and if someone used my stuff I'd be honored. But as a creator also I greatly appreciate everything you are coming from here.
Danny Buenaventura
Danny Buenaventura 2 måneder siden
People who overreact to ANY theory vid (doesn't have to be in this channel), are a bunch of snowflakes.
Moon Goddess
Moon Goddess 2 måneder siden
If i made fan art and matpat used it without credit i really wouldn't care as i know he is a good person. And i think it would be really cool to be featured in a video anyways! WHY YALL COMPLAINING ABOUT NOT BEING CREDITED, WHY NOT BEING FEATURED IN A POPULAR NOpostR'S VIDEO?!?!?!?
Moon Goddess
Moon Goddess 25 dager siden
@anonaeonn its not mean to me.
anonaeonn 25 dager siden
@Moon Goddess Oh ok, I'm glad you understood it lol, I wasn't sure because I've tried talking to a lot of people and most don't actually learn something in a month. I feel like this sounds really rude, I don't mean it to be.
Moon Goddess
Moon Goddess 25 dager siden
@anonaeonn this was over a month ago. I already get why people were complaining. And yes i did have some of my work used without permission. The person was nice and credited the wrong person accidentally.
anonaeonn 25 dager siden
BECAUSE WE'RE GETTING OUR WORK MONETIZED ON BY SOMEONE ELSE Jeez no need to scream. You probably haven't had your work reposted/used without you ever knowing and without any credit.
WoodenCat 2 måneder siden
Some people don't want to be featured without permission or they want credit, and that's fair. But it's understandable that it's not always easy to spot
Judah D. Buxton
Judah D. Buxton 2 måneder siden
Yeah, my mindset as an artist would be similar to the "older" days, I was still making art then, and I too noticed a difference in my community. I have noticed many times that my dragon ball fanart appears on a cover (my vocabulary is pretty bad...) of a couple of videos, but I only dm them and say that I made that picture and that its cool that its there.
ChaoticPizza 2 måneder siden
this is just me but if i was an artist and my art was perceived as good enough to be featured on a show like this id be honored i dont even have to agree with the message of the video/series id just be happy at the fact that someone found it so good that theyd put it in a video where tons of people see it everyday
Charles Jones
Charles Jones 2 måneder siden
Editors of mat Pat's videos: *accidentally inserts fan art* The entire world: THEIF THEIF THEIF THEIF
Aaron Corley
Aaron Corley 2 måneder siden
I love how Mat handles every thing excellently. He's never defending things he finds wrong, but also explaining.
PurpleZombie 2 måneder siden
I remember Smike. I loved his videos and then he disappeared and I didn't understand what happened
PurpleZombie 2 måneder siden
I just takes forever to look for the original online since it's been copied on sites like pintrest and whatnot, and honestly, I'm just too lazy for that
MIDIS C 2 måneder siden
*bruh* Just bruh
GinNekoArts 2 måneder siden
The biggest problems are the 20 minute episodes and the fnaf theories.
Bucket Of Chicken
Bucket Of Chicken 2 måneder siden
I’m suing matpat on matpats behalf because he used his face without his permission
Action 2 måneder siden
ChatPat anyone? lol
Alexander Villareal
Alexander Villareal 2 måneder siden
so that’s what happened to smike
skott townzend
skott townzend 2 måneder siden
"That's just facts, MATT PATT FACTS"
yuvraj roopnarine
yuvraj roopnarine 2 måneder siden
Shouldn't fan artists be proud of someone using their fan art
Owlcat 2 måneder siden
Thank you for your honesty and transparency. Love it when youtubers actually open up. Respect.
Jade Rush
Jade Rush 2 måneder siden
This is a very serious topic, and I totally get it. These two videos have been very interesting and educational, actually. Copyright is yet another thing they should teach at school instead of PE or smth. But honestly, why do people have so much hate? I myself almost never use the dislike button (only when it's horrible clickbait or very very offensive towards anybody, really). Yet even the purest video of kittens playing has like 1K dislikes. Why? What exactly did you not like about these kittens so much, that you put extra effort into clicking the dislike button instead of just moving on with your day? In this instance specifically, why do people hate on MatPat? I enjoy everything he puts out, be it on the fandom I'm in or something completely alien to me. Mario? Don't know a thing about him, but hit me anyway! Batman? Totes yes, what's ma boy been up to? Because it's really not offensive to me in any way that something about the fandom I love is not scientifically accurate, or that there could potentially be darker undertones, or that smb drew parallels between Deadpool and Ernest Hemingway (that's one of my favourite episodes, actually). Why would somebody else taking interest in the thing you like be anything other than awesome? It's just so upsetting seeing this amazing team putting in hours upon hours of research and editing (holy musical Batman, that's a huge amount of pics for just one video!) only to get tons of poorly written accusations of god knows what. Smh. *TL;DR: People who hate on other people for no apparent reason are weird.*
Gabriel Gampong
Gabriel Gampong 2 måneder siden
Gives me 25
Gabriel Gampong
Gabriel Gampong 2 måneder siden
Of all my knowledge at school before i even learn it at school
Gabriel Gampong
Gabriel Gampong 2 måneder siden
He also
Gabriel Gampong
Gabriel Gampong 2 måneder siden
If i had 10 mill
Gabriel Gampong
Gabriel Gampong 2 måneder siden
Ill keep 2 mill 3 mill to mat pat rest to charity
Tee Jaxson
Tee Jaxson 2 måneder siden
“a WhOlE nEw LoW” bruh shut up
DianaCrystal 2 måneder siden
Awwww, don't worry Matpat!! We understand. You never mean to steal anything, it was all just an misunderstanding!! I'm so glad that you respect the rights and the fact that others had created the art, and that you credit them to the best of your ability. But even so, the internet is a vast space. Things slip through the cracks. So try not to stress yourself over this too much, okay? 🤗🤗🥰
Elisha ND
Elisha ND 2 måneder siden
Here’s what I go thru. 1. Feel terrible, just let it go. 2. Whoever tells you your bad, exsplain the issue. 3. If they don’t care, tell them to bugger off because now you know, they don’t care. They just want you to feel bad. 4. Either change the vid, say that a mistake occurred, or finally, just say that, hey, a video that gives credit helps the initial creator, and tell everyone who disagrees that they are wrong or just 5. Stop and let it GO
Cbiz 210
Cbiz 210 2 måneder siden
This type of video or series should be called "Theorist Side Chats" harkening back to broadcasts by FDR called "Fire Side Chats". It was during the great depression & before WWII that President Roosevelt used a burgeoning medium called radio to communicate with the masses. I'm not trying to compare you to FDR or anything of the sort. That said, you are using this new fangled technology called the interwebs to talk directly to the community in the hopes of providing a peak behind the curtain and to be as transparent as possible... MatPat, now that I think about it, have you ever thought about running for office. I think it might be a good fit for you. Give it some thought...
I am error
I am error 2 måneder siden
There is a part of the art community that's chill and the other that's mad about other people
Rocio Luci
Rocio Luci 2 måneder siden
love you matpat!!
Guillaume Globensky
Guillaume Globensky 2 måneder siden
Keep up the good work!
deku's little brother leo
deku's little brother leo 2 måneder siden
and its been cuosh talk with matpat !!! i think thats how( dont blast me for speeling errors i was just dignosed with a wrighting and reading condiction)
Master D
Master D 2 måneder siden
You think cancel culture is not going to take the chance to stabed you for doing something that they dont like?? Come on bro
Jamie 2 måneder siden
MatPat: “I ruin childhoods” No MatPat, you don’t ruin childhoods... you make them. Just like how you made mine a whole lot more interesting 💚
Chwie 2 måneder siden
This is what i call a double oh crap Artists would like to not put watermarks so people could see the art completely but it's hard not to accidentally not use fanart
Spooky Nea
Spooky Nea 2 måneder siden
I now this is old but I feel bad for Matpat
Genisay 2 måneder siden
Some times, guys who are getting mad about this stuff, it can be REALLY hard to tell the difference between a fan work, and official work. I don't think it's fair to say that anyone is stealing these fan works in this case, as much as simply not realizing they are fan-made. Get of your holier-than-thou high horses. I guarantee you are not perfect, flawless beings. I can't tell you how many times I've come across fan works I thought were official material only to find they were fan works years later, or even official material that I thought was a fan work, only to find out it was official but done by a different artist. Unless these things are clearly tagged and marked (usually in the image itself), it can be almost impossible to sort them out.
Valarey Dempsey
Valarey Dempsey 2 måneder siden
This was uploaded on my b-day
Hanson 2 måneder siden
People in the comments are completely missing the point.
Classic Tails The Fox
Classic Tails The Fox 2 måneder siden
16:10 - 16:21 Wait a second, did MatPat just say... *Wattpad!?*
Randomtube132 2 måneder siden
Matt dont worry people are dumb sometimes and its not your fault
Fuck You
Fuck You 3 måneder siden
As an artist I do not blame you for older content and the fact that you made this video taking accountability is good. A lot of artists, especially artists that are drawing fanart, are independent, and can't stand up for themselves much. There's people in the comments victim blaming when it's really not the victim's fault. I myself forget to watermark or sign my own work a lot of the time, something I wanna get better at. But just because an artist forgot doesn't mean they shouldn't be credited.
Miraculous Aly-bug
Miraculous Aly-bug 3 måneder siden
etodom 3 måneder siden
late but why people gotta be so rude about it? all they have to do is tell someone that they made a mistake, and ask for credit. its that simple??
Alyssa Richardson
Alyssa Richardson 3 måneder siden
I understand people being upset about their artwork being used without their consent, and yes some people willfully steal the art of others, but more often than not it's a simple mistake. Protect your art, but understand that accidents happen.
Gioacchino Sessa
Gioacchino Sessa 3 måneder siden
why are there only norwegian subtitles(lol)? i mean... i know that a lot of people from norway are subscribed to the gt but so are lots of other countries...
Lmao Bruh
Lmao Bruh 3 måneder siden
4:54 I just realized That's not the same model as the bonnie model you discussed
SuperRunagall 3 måneder siden
People who hit like button make me sick
Mountain man
Mountain man 2 måneder siden
Why so? Is something wrong about the video
crazy tornadoe
crazy tornadoe 3 måneder siden
Are people actually doing this.... Taking this seriously.... Really??? Do they not know how to read Game THEORY
MrError3000 3 måneder siden
Why is it published on Apr 1
DevingWithLowAndFlick 3 måneder siden
But hey... That's just a problem, a GAME problem!
Tinc 3 måneder siden
it feels like im binging matpats life.
Harley Kay
Harley Kay 3 måneder siden
Y'all need to be nicer to him
sebastianaraque354 3 måneder siden
Stop being full of filler matpat i mean come on stop being a greedy goose
Laureano Girandola
Laureano Girandola 3 måneder siden
Kiara St Onge
Kiara St Onge 3 måneder siden
What if Scott is just Matt’s alter ego
AJ Jones
AJ Jones 3 måneder siden
Sorry but that hair is 😬
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