Game Theory: Which Link Rules them All? (Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Warriors)

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6 år siden

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With the release of Hyrule Warriors, I got to thinking...clearly not all Legendary Heroes are created equally. So across all the various reincarnations of Link in the Legend of Zelda series, which Link would be the best, the one to rule them all? We analyze their strength, smarts, stealth, experience, and equipment to find out which Link is the best Link!
Special thanks to Drake for his help researching and capturing for this video:
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Adam Carmen
Adam Carmen 3 timer siden
People are really stupid, they think that BOTW link can beat MM Link... Did you guys forget about the stone mask?
Nocturnal EMAN
Nocturnal EMAN 16 timer siden
jack handy
jack handy 2 dager siden
did u forget that oot link is tp link teacher
jack handy
jack handy 2 dager siden
matt normal link is best at swiming zora link : am I a joke to you
jack handy
jack handy 2 dager siden
you did not caout majora's mask at all hero of time has a zora mask wich makes him a zora wut do zoras do swim dummy
Isaac Zabaglio
Isaac Zabaglio 2 dager siden
wat about BotW link And Terminalmontage link?????
Big Brain Man Chris
Big Brain Man Chris 6 dager siden
isnt the link from spirit tracks the hero of spirits?
Aärvid Smörgos
Aärvid Smörgos 7 dager siden
Everyone saying Botw link is the strongest. But tbh he got no chance against the Hero Of Time
Cool Bæns
Cool Bæns 8 dager siden
Disliked, no hero of CDI
Jamie Gaff13
Jamie Gaff13 9 dager siden
I remember when this was “the new intro”, time really does fly man 😪
Master Bust Cloud
Master Bust Cloud 9 dager siden
His Name is the hero of spirits
Joshua Klenczar
Joshua Klenczar 12 dager siden
Now it’s probably age of calamity link like have you seen his range and his op use of runes and weak spots it’s basically hourly warriors but you use runes
JamoCrazy 32767
JamoCrazy 32767 12 dager siden
This has reawakened by age of calamity
Hm Hm
Hm Hm 13 dager siden
"You are, quite litteraly, the weakest link"
Teufeldolch 18 dager siden
Hyrule Warriors Link: Am I joke to you?
Josh May
Josh May 19 dager siden
Oh boy, if botw was out...
Neumo100 20 dager siden
Twilight princess link is strongest. Kid link would lose a sword fight to twilight link Twilight link can wrestle a goron Twilight link has water bombs
Matt Gonzo
Matt Gonzo 21 dag siden
Botw link? No. Comments in 2020 are saying even though only the demo is out, and of calamity is the best link because it is Botw link with unbreakable weapons and infinite ammo also it is hyrule warriors so he has the awesome power of hyrule warriors link.
blanca camarillo
blanca camarillo 22 dager siden
Breath of the wild link : prepared to have your weapons stolen Literally every other link: wait wha* weapons are stolen* Breath of the wild link : now prepare to be killed by your own weapons
Narancia Ghirga
Narancia Ghirga 22 dager siden
What's the song at the very end
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith 24 dager siden
I choose hero of legend because as a child I only had the oracle games.
BOMBERANG 24 dager siden
I wonder what a tier list looks like with all of them
Ella Grace
Ella Grace 25 dager siden
Botw Link can stop a full sized lynel dead in its tracks without any repercussions when you use a perfect parry✨
Kabobete 25 dager siden
In the thumbnail he’s just making a vlog
oli games
oli games 26 dager siden
all of these link's are powerful except one and a chain is only as strong as its weakest LINK
MGG 26 dager siden
You should do this again, but with a different video game mascot. Some ideas: Mario Kirby Sonic Samus Mega Man (even though DB already did that)
Nobu Teoh
Nobu Teoh 26 dager siden
I get it about Brawl meta knight is too op
OmegaWolfy 27 dager siden
After Age of Calamity and Breath of the Wild 2 come out, can you do a redo to see which Link is more powerful now? (I have a hunch that BOTW Link win this time)
Daro The lazy cunt
Daro The lazy cunt 29 dager siden
*laughs in botw*
Lil Mcoy
Lil Mcoy 29 dager siden
Imagine link from hyrulle warriors age of calamity was here (BRO HES STAMINA. DUDE)
XantuAxol Gaming
XantuAxol Gaming Måned siden
Fierce Deity Link: *IT'S OVER 9000!!!*
Squallycellar 25
Squallycellar 25 Måned siden
U missed breath of the wild
M.J. Filho
M.J. Filho Måned siden
3:34 Top Gear???
Kynan Aliyusuf
Kynan Aliyusuf Måned siden
Meanwhile botw link : good thing I have a 102 attack damage savage lynel crusher
noobmaster69 Måned siden
guys the illuminati are after me go to the bavaria archives and say minecraft good fortnite bad there you'll get all the proof to expose the illuminati do it before they do hurryyyyyy
Piper W
Piper W Måned siden
I really want to see how BotW Link factors into all this
Dutch Van der linde
Dutch Van der linde Måned siden
Tell me that “seed shooter” doesn’t sound wrong
lolbity Måned siden
What about the zora mask? It's used to swim way faster than this small mermiad cosplyer.
Duncan Park
Duncan Park Måned siden
Legend of Zelda Link in the thumbnail so I was lying down in the back
Flay Måned siden
Anyone in 2020?
Caleb Hollis
Caleb Hollis Måned siden
Wow 2014 this channel old, and it's still amazing
Ari Dawson
Ari Dawson Måned siden
It really is breath of the wild link he has the sheka slate to use magnet, freeze people, freeze blocks of water, take selfie’s, rain chest down from above, and infinite bombs. Not to mention his ability to fly come back from the dead, summon lightning, block anything, have an education, ride one handed, run insanely quickly, and have up to fifty weapons, fifty shields, and about 30 to 50 bows and tons literally tons of arrows and then think about his cooking and ability to instantly change cloths also he has a motor cycle for dlc holders.
Ari Dawson
Ari Dawson Måned siden
And do flurry attacks
Ari Dawson
Ari Dawson Måned siden
Also he can swim
Gacha Master
Gacha Master Måned siden
Before I even clicked this video I am going to guess that either the hero of legend or hero of time is going to win
Alex Volkymore
Alex Volkymore Måned siden
Swordsmith??? You mean swordsman?
Jake the destroyer
Jake the destroyer Måned siden
BOTW link: Hold my arsenal of bows, swords, spears, hammers, wands, my armour, the divine beasts, sealing away the great calamity, traveling to every corner of the map completing hundreds of shrines and using leg day and arm day to climb up massive towers armour and my variety of "healthy" diets
Alexander Brigagao
Alexander Brigagao Måned siden
Aw man, I REALLY thought Tp would win this challenge, (in my opinion) is the possible best Link in the timeline, with as MatPat said, is buff.
Random Voice ie. Ian Tan
Random Voice ie. Ian Tan Måned siden
Link: Hyaaah!!! Me: Don't get smug with me, boy!
Jason Beard
Jason Beard Måned siden
Jason Beard
Jason Beard Måned siden
We have ourselves to blame?! WEEEEE didn't create the poll in the first place. 🙄😒
Daveeyy C.
Daveeyy C. Måned siden
Renew this
Katie Måned siden
what about the link from legand of zelda breath of the wild?
What the **** is the opining skit
Robyn Hutchins
Robyn Hutchins Måned siden
Dear game theory, do you know there will be a new fnaf game
Victor Vaughan
Victor Vaughan Måned siden
David Hernandez
David Hernandez Måned siden
Well sure Pegasus boots are cool but in wind waker ( hero of winds) you could item slide super swim slash hop etc
Morehu August
Morehu August Måned siden
but whers botw link?
Darkflame 1.0
Darkflame 1.0 Måned siden
Hero of spirits not hero of tracks
Lord vader
Lord vader Måned siden
hero of time with the mask wins ez he can controll time has the master sword hylian shield
Fairy Ninja202
Fairy Ninja202 Måned siden
Uh TP Link can use his sword underwater..
Quite Lightning
Quite Lightning Måned siden
WHOA WHOA WHOA! Best at swimming?! Are you forgetting the Zora Mask in MM? It turns him into an elbow blade power boosting torpedo. I think this beats armour with flippers Edit: haha, i should finish watching the video next time
King Potatoe
King Potatoe Måned siden
Majoras Mask is my favorite LoZ game!! 💛🤩
Mario & Luigi plush Productions
Mario & Luigi plush Productions 2 måneder siden
Don’t the gods technically bend fate for the hero of winds as in the end of wind waker and that sword stopping time and the youngest one to end Gannon
The.broom.closet. witch
The.broom.closet. witch 2 måneder siden
We definitely weren't ready for breath of the wild
Stolen Chant
Stolen Chant 2 måneder siden
When u left out the fierce deity and Zora mask I knew you'd mention it later but yeah hero of time is just a monster
Stolen Chant
Stolen Chant 2 måneder siden
Love your content and style of expression. Earned a new sub :)
I dunno Haah
I dunno Haah 2 måneder siden
Yea but seriously botw link is god
Beta Luigi
Beta Luigi 2 måneder siden
Link from Spirit Tracks isn't the Hero of Trains, he's the Hero of Spirits
Fusion ZW
Fusion ZW 2 måneder siden
People watch zeltik’s video on the strongest link and the strongest ganondorf.
LSWritings 2 måneder siden
Breath of the Wild Link: Alright, hold my milk
Brendan Corey
Brendan Corey 2 måneder siden
What about hyrule warriors link and botw link?
Cactisius 2 måneder siden
this is wrong, A link to the past Link beat ganon with the full triforce
Zap Films
Zap Films 2 måneder siden
Link is cooler than link
Erick Sanchez
Erick Sanchez Måned siden
What are you talking about link is way cooler than link
law1960 2 måneder siden
Strongest link: BOTW.
Matthew Lecompte
Matthew Lecompte 2 måneder siden
My favorite link is engineer dont judge me. I love trains
flanman20 2 måneder siden
age of calmity is coming out... another zelda pls?
Clonew07 Yt
Clonew07 Yt 2 måneder siden
now i think the strongest is the botw link
Joshua Hathaway
Joshua Hathaway 2 måneder siden
Actually he is the hero of spirits not trains but dose it really matter
Scribblz But no scribblz
Scribblz But no scribblz 2 måneder siden
The strongest link ever AAAAAAAAaaaAaaaaaaAAAAAAAAA! Link
Quantum's Web
Quantum's Web 2 måneder siden
Ok, i love your channel, but there is a better video:
sixtwentyfortynine 2 måneder siden
Common trends: TP link is the best without items, but he loses every time due to items. Skyward sword link seems to do well in most catagories, but there's one thing that stops him.
Harrison Seeber
Harrison Seeber 2 måneder siden
3:50 I see a strong bad.
Retro Gaming
Retro Gaming 3 måneder siden
You straight up got rid of Link between worlds Link immediately. He also learned from Link to a past Link
Joseph Dreher
Joseph Dreher 3 måneder siden
I mad
MJ’s Night Howler
MJ’s Night Howler 3 måneder siden
If breath of the wild was here it would be a massacre
LinkmasterGamingYT 3 måneder siden
"The ability to use a sword underwater trumps those bombs, so slight advantage: Hero of Legend." *Cough* morpheel boss fight *Cough*
God of the Cripples
God of the Cripples 3 måneder siden
Some mistakes here, sadly. The Hero of Legend isn't in the Oracle games, that's the Hero of Essence. Also, the child and adult versions of the Hero of Time aren't two different people. At the end of Ocarina of Time, Adult Link is sent back to his time as a child. Majora's Mask Link has all the memories of Adult Link.
The Something Leader
The Something Leader 3 måneder siden
SaltyLeaf 3 måneder siden
Clinton Moore
Clinton Moore 3 måneder siden
U forgot the botw link
Clinton Moore
Clinton Moore 2 måneder siden
I dum
Clinton Moore
Clinton Moore 2 måneder siden
O ye
Awab Fadl
Awab Fadl 2 måneder siden
The vid came out before botw
Clinton Moore
Clinton Moore 3 måneder siden
With 120 dungeons
APOLLo42q _
APOLLo42q _ 3 måneder siden
oAkarina of time
Abikazam 3 måneder siden
no matter how much you fight it everyone used to call link Zelda
Gordon Denny
Gordon Denny 3 måneder siden
weakest is Hero of the Wild since all his stuff will break when he get's hit by the train
devilkid1018 3 måneder siden
hero of spirits mat
Jassem alt Salim alt
Jassem alt Salim alt 3 måneder siden
The old intro schlaps
Goro Akechi
Goro Akechi 3 måneder siden
So, not counting Child Link, the hero of the Wilds takes the cake by a wide margin. 1. Strength Stasis makes moving any rock/human trivial 2. Smartest Still Twilight. Pass this one. 3. Agility BotW can backflip, jump and climb mountains. Winner winner. 4. Mounts Wild can also use a bow on his horse, and also has a GODDAMN MOTERCYCLE. winner winner, cucco dinner. 5. Items This ranks very high, as the Sheikah slate gives link Infinite bombs, time freezing, and magnesis. 6. Experience The case of 120 shrines could be made, but nah. 7. Underwater maneuverability Doesn’t go under the sea, so pass 8. Swordsmanship Botw wins easily. Not only does his master sword apply twice the damage of TP’s link, but he also slows time when he does a perfect dodge. Plus, he can parry lasers.
Green_Eyes_of_Demise 3 måneder siden
Please let the baby sleep 🥺
Adam Wesołowski
Adam Wesołowski 3 måneder siden
At least the hero of trains isn't as bad as the hero of koridai
Furby 3 måneder siden
OneJumpMan 3 måneder siden
Ok skyward sword links controls aren’t awkward people way over exaggerate the motion controls. Also have you noticed how fast skyward sword link can use his sword. Look at the demise fight and find out.
OneJumpMan 3 måneder siden
Links crossbow training isn’t cannon may sorry to break it to you
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