Game Theory: FNAF, The Grave Robber (Five Nights At Freddy's)

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The Game Theorists

6 måneder siden

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With the release of the new FNAF book, it was time to dive back into the land of FNAF Theory! All FNAF, all the time! In all seriousness, this new set of stories could be a GAME CHANGER for what we know about the animatronics and how they were made. It looks like Purple Guy may have been CRAZIER than we thought - how is that even possible?! Get ready, Theorists! We are making FNAF even SCARIER!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Forrest Lee, Tyler Mascola, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Rockstar Sonic YT
Rockstar Sonic YT Minutt siden
To answer that guy's comment He's not stupid, you are, since you cannot speak, if you're a hardcore FNaF fan then how about you spend 6 years to make a series about robots possessed by children's make sense.
kennedy grant
kennedy grant 4 timer siden
you should not hate on people doing somthing they love thats mean like let the man let us understand the books i dont have the books so i like to hear them
CanniestTread6 13 timer siden
So what happened to the AR game. Was there no lore?? Matpat never talked about it. That I know
Scott Cotton
Scott Cotton 4 timer siden
The “lore” of fnaf ar is basically just a teaser for security breach. If you look up the fnaf ar emails you can find some of it, they’re essentially just about vanny behaving strangely and googling odd things, which seems to suggest that shes being controlled by William. It also confirms that she has rainbow streaks in her hair for some reason.
Pablo Raul Pereyra
Pablo Raul Pereyra 20 timer siden
Healing was a cannonical force power. Only it belong only to siths. Palpatine make it clear what siths can health
Brandon Woods
Brandon Woods 22 timer siden
"reys force healing in rise of skywalker is canon" George lucas : that's where you're wrong
Lincoln James
Lincoln James Dag siden
I really love that comment, and now I kinda want to leave a negative one so hopefully I get featured, heheh
『 ローレン 』
『 ローレン 』 Dag siden
yeah good luck but this is kinda an old video
Ash of Eden
Ash of Eden Dag siden
Hey Matt Pat so I was thinking what if the souls act like bullets when one is destroyed the other 1 reloads into its place that would explain why there is the possibility for multiple souls to exist but only 1 controls the body would be because only 1 soul was needed at the time and the rest are used as backups in case a soul is set free
Cute Cute
Cute Cute Dag siden
Love you're videos
Scott Cotton
Scott Cotton 23 timer siden
『 ローレン 』
『 ローレン 』 Dag siden
Kaufman Kid
Kaufman Kid Dag siden
You are fun to watch
Damien Allen
Damien Allen Dag siden
I get it but I think your theorys are accurate dont let them get to you for instance the golden freedy theory i think your right golden freedy theory has to different to characteristics
ShadeRunner Dag siden
You s u c k p e e n u s
Anthony Distefano
Anthony Distefano 2 dager siden
I used to think this game was just animatronics trying to get you from an office at a pizza place not all this stuff
Andrew Limb
Andrew Limb 2 dager siden
stopid thories edit: oswalds nose looks like a mouth
Shark Critical
Shark Critical 2 dager siden
The guys a dummy not matpat the other one he is like this is non fiction and blah blah blah blaaah well listen up this is fiction and the best fnaf channel
Siana Hika
Siana Hika 2 dager siden
If the haters hate the FNAF theory.. Don't watch it. Its simple just don't watch the video. U save ur time and spare mat pats feeling. The solution is just simple JUST DON'T WATCH IT i think the title and thumbnail tells you if it's FNAF theory
Pixelatør gacha
Pixelatør gacha 2 dager siden
to be real if baby can become human then why dose she need to use us to escape from the pizzeria
Maximilian Gamer
Maximilian Gamer 3 dager siden
100+ 200=300
Pixelatør gacha
Pixelatør gacha 2 dager siden
Marlon Feitosa
Marlon Feitosa 3 dager siden
i didnt understood mat's explanation at the start of the video exactly, so is like in the books Oswald actually travelled in time through the pit and saw the dead kids and all that stuff but in the games in the same time the same place happened the same thing but without the time travelling stuff, so the books were just telling us what happened in the games but in a different way?
Marlon Feitosa
Marlon Feitosa Dag siden
@Scott Cotton thanks
Scott Cotton
Scott Cotton Dag siden
He meant that because something happened in one continuity, then it COULD have happened in another. But it does not necessarily mean that it DID happen in both. So, using the example that you used, in the books canon oswald jumped into a time travelling ball pit and saw the murders. Meaning that in the game canon he could have done the same thing, but not necessarily.
Amna Ayman
Amna Ayman 3 dager siden
"hE sOuOKess" *still laughing**
you r right
Elite Vibxz
Elite Vibxz 3 dager siden
So, who else wants that slender theory we WERE going to get?
『 ローレン 』
『 ローレン 』 Dag siden
Elite Vibxz
Elite Vibxz 3 dager siden
Elite Vibxz
Elite Vibxz 3 dager siden
Please matpat we need tbsi
Dakota Poling
Dakota Poling 3 dager siden
Ok question, Willy A was said to be caught on camera stuffing a body in a suit and was brought to jail, as told to us in newspaper clipping in FNAF1. Here’s where my question is, how is he in FNAF 6 and then tormented in Ultimate custom Night. Did they catch the wrong person? Is FNAF 1 the last in the time line somehow (though that would raise more questions then answers, though in someways it would make sense) if he’s in jail, he can’t be in FNAF 6 unless he broke out, which I would find hard to believe. I haven’t herd anyone talk about this. Anyways, another great theory with awesome points and comedy!
Scott Cotton
Scott Cotton 3 dager siden
I don’t think the newspapers said he was caught on camera stuffing anything, but that makes no difference anyway. Honestly, the killer being sent to jail is a pretty likely contender for the one retcon Scott mentioned. It would definitely fit the bill of being very small and going unnoticed by the fandom. Assuming it was not retconned however, fnaf 6 takes place 30 years after fnaf 1. He could have just been in jail for less than 30 years. Or they could’ve simply caught the wrong person like you said. I once heard a theory (or it was more of a hypothesis really) that Henry was wrongly convinced of the murders and sent to jail for them, which would explain his absence during most of the timeline. There isn’t any real evidence for it, but I thought it was an interesting idea.
Marcus Di Cicco
Marcus Di Cicco 3 dager siden
Plot twist MatPat is the host of “The Game Theorists”!!!!!!!
Chris Jonely
Chris Jonely 3 dager siden
okay that comment on the therories really got me mad like does this person realize how much work goes into these theories honestly i hate what this world has changed into
QuietGrave 4 dager siden
pulling an onision with the beard, i see. im sure everyone will take you more seriously now, mat.
Kylie Ward
Kylie Ward 4 dager siden
And then scoot is like oooo lets make a new game to trow ppl of track!
Kylie Ward
Kylie Ward 4 dager siden
Imagine if ur dreams were like the whole "dream" theory and if u dont know what that is then it is a theory of what if the whole originals,FNaF2,ectra was a dream of the crying childs.
Neena Sanjay
Neena Sanjay 4 dager siden
Adam Kottelenberg
Adam Kottelenberg 4 dager siden
Angry comment man SUcks!
Wee stroodles Doodles
Wee stroodles Doodles 4 dager siden
I think that fnaf 3 and fnaf 6 location is the same place Actually nah.
Wee stroodles Doodles
Wee stroodles Doodles 3 dager siden
@Tiago Lionel Carballo Rios yeah it was just a odd connection
Tiago Lionel Carballo Rios
Tiago Lionel Carballo Rios 3 dager siden
@Wee stroodles Doodles yeah but if you use logic for 2 seconds it doesnt make cant burn down again an already burned down building.also they both burn down because thats how you destroy remnant
Wee stroodles Doodles
Wee stroodles Doodles 3 dager siden
@Tiago Lionel Carballo Rios no but i'm eleven
Wee stroodles Doodles
Wee stroodles Doodles 3 dager siden
@Tiago Lionel Carballo Rios also it was more just a random connection
Tiago Lionel Carballo Rios
Tiago Lionel Carballo Rios 3 dager siden
@Wee stroodles Doodles are you stupid or what?your 5 rigth?
Lily Rider
Lily Rider 4 dager siden
The intro is ACCURATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! The whole franchise is now just Scott playing a huge game of uno with the fanbase 😂😂
Ruby Cheetoz
Ruby Cheetoz 4 dager siden
Scott wants us to read alot
Ruby Cheetoz
Ruby Cheetoz 4 dager siden
The beginning though 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
BubblezwithaZ 4 dager siden
Just wanted to add to the positive comments as I know how it can be hard to see hate on hard work... I really enjoy all these game theories...I myself won't go thru digging up all these clues, I have so much other things in my life, but yet I'm still extremely interested in the lore behind the FNAF series. I really appreciate all the long hard work you put into figuring these mysteries out and making an entertaining video format that helps clarify this confusing, messy lore. Please don't stop because of the hate; just hope you know there's people who are really glad you make this video series!
GOBLIN MAN 4 dager siden
So... where did Mr. Skin suit spaghetti go... he's been absent for a while
RareBrockStar K
RareBrockStar K 4 dager siden
Was that actually Scott cawthon in the intro
Maxi Neko
Maxi Neko 4 dager siden
@The Game Theorists I don’t know if you have ever noticed, but after rewatching the series you have put out, playing the games myself, and having others point it out to me, in fnaf 4, before the crying child is told he will be “put back together” a headless foxy toy seams to disappear while the other three Bonnie,Freddy,and Chica stay in place as if never touched.I think it may fill some holes in your theories that still confuse all fnaf fans alike.It may seem like I’m trying to throw you off but in fact I’m trying to help you see and find what I did.I hope you find it without having to rework everything.It makes it easier to understand.I won’t say more yet...
Zachary Smith
Zachary Smith 4 dager siden
With the pins on baby. I really want to say that the pig tail girl sprite in fnaf 4 was baby as a passable human. Just a thought.
LaRouge 4 dager siden
For the haters: You don’t like this channel?- just leave. These videos are really fun to watch and you honestly learn a lot, I don’t understand how you could hate but it’s not my business- so far all of his theories do make sense to me but not all brains think a like. I’m still kinda confused with some fnaf mysteries but it’s coming together! Thank you for you time.
Wander Filho
Wander Filho 4 dager siden
Is that... is that...... ( shaking ) REAL SCOTT VOICE!!!!??? 00:01
kai Cole zane and jay and Lloyd
kai Cole zane and jay and Lloyd 4 dager siden
STOP BULLYING GUY WHO HAD BEN MEAN TO THE MAT OF THE PAT I believe everything you say madpat keep being Awesome
Space Foxy
Space Foxy 4 dager siden
You know You have a lot of Channels from foods all the way to games but still you have a create a book theory yet and You still read the fnaf books So could you create a book theory about books so yeah I hope you do
Toothless Dragon
Toothless Dragon 5 dager siden
that guy who said mat pat is not good is bad
Athenz 86
Athenz 86 5 dager siden
Gacha Afton fam peeps be like: No This Is Not True NightMare Is Not Made By William
John Byington
John Byington 5 dager siden
I love your theories I mean they scare me but that's the whole point
Andy Tavary
Andy Tavary 5 dager siden
0:03 the most intense game of Uno.
Trav YT
Trav YT 5 dager siden
I have never played fnaf and I watched his first vid on it. Then I skipped to this one and nothing makes sense
The cool kid five Nights at freddys
The cool kid five Nights at freddys 6 dager siden
Tiago Lionel Carballo Rios
Tiago Lionel Carballo Rios 3 dager siden
TheOnlyOneGamer 5 dager siden
Ayelle's Channel
Ayelle's Channel 6 dager siden
The comment in the beggining💀
shin godzilla legendary
shin godzilla legendary 6 dager siden
16:40 Me and the bois gona vote of our imposters
Bryan Bartolome
Bryan Bartolome 6 dager siden
preety good books and games are difernt but same thing
ZAK BROWN 6 dager siden
Plushtrap looks a lot like bun bun and could be the prototype for bu bun
Pumpkin Scarecrow Music
Pumpkin Scarecrow Music 6 dager siden
The Spring bonnie animatronic before he crushed William also had a child soul especially it was a female girl who was killed . And Scrap trap is the the future spring bonnie . Glitch trap is a normal rabbit suit with no body but Williams soul.
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 6 dager siden
The springbonnie suit was never possessed by anyone except for william
landon amick
landon amick 6 dager siden
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 6 dager siden
Kid get out
Lucas Flags
Lucas Flags 6 dager siden
MCFNAF Sounds Like Mcdonalds
shreds until 2030
shreds until 2030 6 dager siden
I like how matpat has to explain everything to his haters for like 4 minutes even though they just have to watch his videos to understando
Kronofex 6 dager siden
So about the technology discrepancy, we have an interesting situation. So the animatronic can interface with smart phones that shouldn't have existed when it was made at all, normally this would be a huge problem. However, we had a kid go back in time... so now time travel is canonical. Who says that its only one way? Who says that the kid was the only one to do it?
MilesMario 6 dager siden
this boi has 0 knowledge of the star wars legend comics lmao force healing is mega rare. also you cant heal a lightsaber through critical organs lol its more like a bandaid and also little miss princess is a skywalker. so she has force powers, so it fits in. he more than likely doesent know this stuff but it fits lol
Mr.Tomato Fresh
Mr.Tomato Fresh 6 dager siden
I had a stroke reading this
derpyplayz_ roblox
derpyplayz_ roblox 7 dager siden
feed angrycommentman to fetch please.
Berry Cat
Berry Cat 7 dager siden
Let me think 6 × 3/9 73_ 274? 1000100100010101? 5555 + 1000?! 200 29492 3826483873 92752975249729742592792?! HOW MANY THEORYS DOES MATPAT HANDLE?!
smahpah the computer virus
smahpah the computer virus 7 dager siden
00:00 xd
Scorpion Raden
Scorpion Raden 7 dager siden
Who ever wrote that mean comment (pulls out a belt) he/she is going to get it
Andy Minecraft
Andy Minecraft 8 dager siden
I’m a fan
Atl 5
Atl 5 8 dager siden
Can the card game at the begining of the video be a real thing
jshark 18
jshark 18 8 dager siden
Was that actually scott he was playing with in the beginning
Affan Anwari
Affan Anwari 8 dager siden
Ok I have a theory. I think that the story is about Michael Afton. Who do you play as in Fnaf 1? Michael Afton Who do you play as in Fnaf 2? Michael Afton Who do you play as in Fnaf 3? Michael Afton Who do you play as in Fnaf 4? Michael Afton Who do you play as in Sister Location? Michael Afton Who do you play as in Pizzeria Simulator? Michael Afton
Mark Pagan
Mark Pagan 8 dager siden
Well i thnk the thiorers make sence
Zoomer Playz
Zoomer Playz 8 dager siden
Im not trying to defend matpat as a stan, or just hating the haters, but I think them hating you is simple as this: They are just too dumb to understand the difference between continuity and canon, and take in your theories as a personal attack to their understanding, as they can not not understand things any greater to what they already know, or they are just thick-headed.
BUIJIN 8 dager siden
But who is balloon boy we don.t know hes identity yet and what is balloon boy back story' can you make a theory about it pls😭❤️🙏
『 ローレン 』
『 ローレン 』 Dag siden
@BUIJIN lol good luck
BUIJIN Dag siden
Ima search in wikipedia
BUIJIN Dag siden
Well i just wanna know the purpose and who is balloon boy welp
BUIJIN Dag siden
@『 ローレン 』 o -_-
『 ローレン 』
『 ローレン 』 Dag siden
we don't have enough info about it so he can't make a theory
Florette Culbert
Florette Culbert 8 dager siden
Hey matpat I'd like you to do a theory on concrete genie. I'm confused cause their is only 6 kids in a town no adults also each book as the same topic 1st book terrible life 4th family I think you should be aware
Wolfy Gamer
Wolfy Gamer 9 dager siden
This video was made on my birthday 🥳
Огњен Јаковљевић
Огњен Јаковљевић 9 dager siden
I wish to go back to ye olde fnaf
Ancha V
Ancha V 9 dager siden
I got lost in first 3 min like duuuuuuuuude🙄wha XD
Kythe Rome Lescano
Kythe Rome Lescano 9 dager siden
MatPat: I actually do like the franchise Me: Thats not the MatPat I remember... Flashback to other videos: AAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH
Chakra Nandika
Chakra Nandika 9 dager siden
LuCent Spacer
LuCent Spacer 9 dager siden
Anyone else watching at midnight
-Insert creative name-
-Insert creative name- 9 dager siden
I know this video is liek six months ago, but I’m having a podcast and I wanted to do it on Fnaf, is it okay if I credit you and use your videos for research?
Mug_Man 9 dager siden
i love ur vids
itzkeifa123 9 dager siden
The first half of this video is just Game Theory: Is game theory's assessment of fnaf WRONG?!
WillGamingGT 9 dager siden
I thought everyone was joking around when the Security Breach trailer was released saying "Gregory" and everyone was making fun of MatPat not knowing his identity because he had never appeared before, but he actually did, in this Fetch book.
Jennifer Perz
Jennifer Perz 9 dager siden
We should stop angrycommetman
Jordan Hudson
Jordan Hudson 9 dager siden
Even though sometimes his claims may sound absurd that doesn't mean it is facts he is just presenting an easy way for us to understand the games which is very remarkable!
Nadia Kisten
Nadia Kisten 10 dager siden
Thank you for debunking the mysteries of many unsolved games’ lore! 😌🤩✨
????? 10 dager siden
You’re awesome and I Gotta say you’re VIDS ARE GOOD!
Christian Wallace
Christian Wallace 10 dager siden
please make that intro into a real game, somebody
Lunchablez 10 dager siden
I get mad when it makes so much sense and then he says it’s just a theory
Zivden Chia
Zivden Chia 10 dager siden
XD thi s vid0es start is funny
Madwon Strickland
Madwon Strickland 10 dager siden
Dim 10 dager siden
Most of the fnaf books have bad endings, makes you thankful for some of the good endings in them, like with into the pit and out of stock, my two personal favorites.
Indominus moose
Indominus moose 10 dager siden
Let me get this straight. When William Afton got in the spring Bonnie suit it malfunctioned because of dripping water? So none of FNAF would have happened if not for a leaky pipe? A LEAKY PIPE
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 10 dager siden
Or william killed himself by other reason
James Drake
James Drake 11 dager siden
Why people being mean to Matpat?
Ayden Bradbury
Ayden Bradbury 11 dager siden
I have the Trilogy of Books, Game Theory.
Cohens Servil
Cohens Servil 11 dager siden
it's just a theory hater's
Cookie cutter x
Cookie cutter x 11 dager siden
dude i am really sorry they said that. you are a good theorists and i guess he just does not like opinions that don't fit with his, and don't take his opinion personally you matter more than his stay strong and healthy from a huge fan called cookie cutter XXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!
DIMITRI CLASS 11 dager siden
Ya know what fu** that guy with the name angry comment guy
FNAF Lolbit Fan
FNAF Lolbit Fan 11 dager siden
I have your neighbors if children sauce comes this animal Tronics were watching when I was at a control by and the skeletons in the end all the stars control they are trying to find a Kobe Tyme Charley
dragon slayer the true
dragon slayer the true 11 dager siden
Psychic friend Fredbear gave me soooo much nasaga
Marianne Genest
Marianne Genest 12 dager siden
Uh,hello!hello! If your reading this its because i love your theories and you make me look beyond what i first saw! So... Thank you so much!
Cannon Maglio
Cannon Maglio 12 dager siden
I solved the fnaf lore purple guy aka William ate to much purple shrimps. (flamingo purple guy song intensifies)
Geri RIos
Geri RIos 12 dager siden
Watch the five nights at Fred's movie
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 12 dager siden
Its not out yet
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