Pokemon vs Fallout! Who's Getting PAID?| The SCIENCE of... Video Game Millionaires

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You wanted to know gamin's richest character and Austin is BACK to figure it out! Is a Pokemon Master richer than the Sims? Could Geralt from The Witch buy out all of Skyrim? That is the economic mystery we aim to figure out today!
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Chaddles Dag siden
Dude, please come back to this
אילון שחמון
אילון שחמון 3 dager siden
About the Minecraft, you can make SOOOO much more wheat, and why wheat anyway? You can farm iron for example, or carrots, or gold, or LITERALLY ANYTHING THAT YOU CAN TRADE FOR EMERALDS! In this way you can petty much get more than a hundred times more, and probably more than times 10000 if you know how to make farms, sooooooooooo...
Eagle wind
Eagle wind 4 dager siden
I am sad its oct/27/2020 and he this was the last video posted over a year ago
Apple Dinger
Apple Dinger 5 dager siden
Yeah he probably forgot that
Haalra24 7 dager siden
Watching this a full year after he promised this would be finished by the end of 2019, is pretty funny REEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Reishadowen 7 dager siden
Okay, so I just found this video, looked at the publish date, and thought, "Cool, it's been over a year since this came out. I wonder where I can find the second video?" ... Then I read the rest of the comments and realized that's what everyone else is wondering too. >,
Henry Clark
Henry Clark 7 dager siden
Austin: and I'm going to do the finaly before 2019 is over everyone: when did you say again
Zihan Zia
Zihan Zia 10 dager siden
oof I missed the one year anniversary of this video oh well, I'm sure I'll celebrate the next one before Austin drops the next video.
Rune Meltzer
Rune Meltzer 13 dager siden
Jun Gam
Jun Gam 14 dager siden
Idk why humans waste our time and resources to make coins
Joshua Mogle
Joshua Mogle 16 dager siden
over a year later, WHERE'S PART 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Johnny W
Johnny W 16 dager siden
For Steve, u can make a raid farm that gets u about 150000 emeralds per hour so u can get about $157,000,000 dollars if u use the old 0.11 cents Edit-with the VERY GOOD 1.16 farms and use the new rate you can EASILY get more than 10 billion dollars in 50 years
david goldrock
david goldrock 22 dager siden
did he finished yet?
Ismael 7 dager siden
I don't think so
Christopher Antone Boyd
Christopher Antone Boyd 22 dager siden
Happy Anniversary
Sean Venglar
Sean Venglar 23 dager siden
It's been a year! Where's part 3?
Choong Chee Wai
Choong Chee Wai 24 dager siden
I think that the biggest problem with this method is that you do not take into account the costs. So basically you are taking only the revenue.
DeAndre Glenn
DeAndre Glenn 25 dager siden
Dude 11 months later no 3rd part
beefjerkythesecond 25 dager siden
Corn meaning the predominant grain in that area, is still the correct British term and corn meaning maize is the American term, seeing as in Britain we don't tend to grow maize.
Kenneth Southard
Kenneth Southard 25 dager siden
Smorty 26 dager siden
What is the song that is played in the start?
Extra Timmyish
Extra Timmyish 26 dager siden
Said he'll have done part 3 by end of 2019, it's now October of 2020.
YouTube Gaming 20000
YouTube Gaming 20000 27 dager siden
I didn't notice that 11 months past from when this released. But still I beat its hard figuring out how much money some characters have
O zone
O zone 27 dager siden
5 days from now it will be a year since this was uploaded WHERE IS THE VIDEO AUSTIN
rock bands
rock bands 29 dager siden
so i guess no part 3
Skarj Imad
Skarj Imad 29 dager siden
I think he said "before 2021"...
Devika Weera
Devika Weera 29 dager siden
Comparing all the Luigi's Mansion games and any game that you get to play as Luigi would both make him and Mario billionaires
A.M. Måned siden
Still waiting...
Francytj :D
Francytj :D Måned siden
“...A lot actually it’s 520 pages long and has 131 thousand words” Me who has read 1.5M+ words alone this year: *pathetic*
Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson Måned siden
Watching at the end of 2020 wondering if it will still be released at the end of 2019
Cooleostarstash Plays
Cooleostarstash Plays Måned siden
If you think about it, link from Majora's Mask could easily beat out all of these guys because he can go back in time to constantly get more and more money.
fnaf pro
fnaf pro Måned siden
Purple is he purple guy
Clay D
Clay D Måned siden
Still waiting for the threequel... still excited... still sad it isn't here yet. ;-(
Hikari Takamatsu
Hikari Takamatsu Måned siden
“Dear whoever...” “Oh no!” “It’s me! Austin!” “No! Not him! Hide your video games and run!”
Mr.KokoPudgeFudge Måned siden
Austin: I'll finish it by the end of 2019 Me: It's almost the end of 2020 and I'm still waiting
Joe Lussagnet
Joe Lussagnet Måned siden
Still waiting for that finally XD
whitewesley6 Måned siden
will we ever get part 3?
JP Labs
JP Labs Måned siden
Austin: ‘I’ll calculate wealth by time spent farming!’ Me, a seasoned Minecraft player: “I have no such weaknesses.”
JP Labs
JP Labs Måned siden
Wilberator Måned siden
I never even realised crops in fallout 4 had a growth time. While playing survival mode it seemed like just leaving the area so it would reload made more tatos appear.
Ezel Leze
Ezel Leze Måned siden
He probably found that the ranking is screwed ans hoped the internet would just forget the other two videos existed. Sincerely not Austin
Joey Scarborough
Joey Scarborough Måned siden
Still hasn’t done it
The Science
The Science Måned siden
When you gonna do the next vid
littenger Måned siden
Dude where is part 3
Bassproofarmor Måned siden
They said they were gonna finish the series before the end of 2019, they said!
griffix Gaming
griffix Gaming Måned siden
so whens that next riches character videos Austin
RJ's view
RJ's view Måned siden
Austen you mist kerbals and they can build a rocket.
Leaderofthe00fkins - Peja
Leaderofthe00fkins - Peja Måned siden
When is the finale actually coming? Since it clearly didn't come before 2020
Buster04 Måned siden
Maybe he said before the end of 2020? He has 3 months left See you in a year when there are a million comments "who is watching in 2021"
The Glitched Gamer
The Glitched Gamer Måned siden
Huh, he must've meant the finale will be out by the end of 2020. *Looks like we have to wait a little bit longer.*
Meena Mathew
Meena Mathew Måned siden
no steve can make an automatic wheat farm link is nopost.info/throw/1K3DiKedy3-moZY/video&ab_channel=quinnybagz and you can make it faster with a bonemeal farm with dispensers and stuff SO AGAIN THEORY INVALID
Mr. McMemerMan
Mr. McMemerMan Måned siden
Schmackey Junior
Schmackey Junior Måned siden
when it comes to the money in pokemon things like selling randomly found items or harvesting and selling berries and mechanics like the poke-peligo never are mentioned. you could literally dig through a trash can for a couple of bent spoons and get 500 in game currency for each one.
Nate Shaffner
Nate Shaffner Måned siden
Where is the 3rd part
humeroouscat Måned siden
what is the most efficient way of obtaining emeralds(minecraft)? emerald mining isn't the best way but using iron and pumpkin/melon farms to trade can get much more.
Baconninja Måned siden
Either a melon farm or raid farm. I’m not sure and don’t really want to research it
48firebean Måned siden
Still no part 3?
Assassin TV
Assassin TV Måned siden
can we talk how its 2020 and im watching this and how he picos up the corn im fall out because IT takeshi to long why not fo IT to the another games farmers are not the same as the main carácter because in many games the main carácter pick up more that the farmers
Noland Nordberg
Noland Nordberg Måned siden
i hate austin lol
Lapiz Lazulk
Lapiz Lazulk Måned siden
“I promise to realeaee the finale before the end of 2019.” Me sittin in September 2020 like, *BRUH*
Jesse Bollen
Jesse Bollen 2 måneder siden
Finish this series!!!
Emmaunuel Velo
Emmaunuel Velo 2 måneder siden
Where is the third vid
Myles Covlin
Myles Covlin 2 måneder siden
Can’t you make billions in Minecraft with crazy red stone contraptions
Kieran Chapman
Kieran Chapman 2 måneder siden
If Austin is still reading these comments, please do Edward from AC4
Kevin Kelly
Kevin Kelly 2 måneder siden
What happened to your promise it's 2020
Harris Bennett
Harris Bennett 2 måneder siden
gamers guide to having a weird channel ?
gamers guide to having a weird channel ? 2 måneder siden
Austin: *promises to finish before 2019 ends * Me: *me waiting in 2020 when it's almost september *
Jens Arndt
Jens Arndt 2 måneder siden
well that promise didnt hold
Khai Nguyên Trần
Khai Nguyên Trần 2 måneder siden
Make the episode already! It been 10 month now
Sushaan Patel
Sushaan Patel 2 måneder siden
It's mid 2020 and ep. 3 is still not out
MikeThePotato 2 måneder siden
was this finale ever posted?
Justcallme Robb
Justcallme Robb 2 måneder siden
No but hopefully soon
R G 2 måneder siden
Still waiting for the last installment of this series
bubie 6126
bubie 6126 2 måneder siden
So if the labor theory of value values something on how much work it was to obtain gold in minecraft is worthless right?
Ryan Weinberg
Ryan Weinberg 2 måneder siden
in minecraft with a raid farm you can get popularity and make things cheaper so u can make up to 45,622,080,000$
Rudolf Viera
Rudolf Viera 2 måneder siden
no no no no no the value of a good has NOTHING to do with the labor invested in making it if that was the case a house in the center of new york will have the same value of that exact same house in the center of havana the amount of labor is the same but try to sell an havana house at new york prices no THE LABOR THEORY OF VALUE is debunked since the 19 century please reseatch the austrian teory of value that is the current one
SirLamps ALot
SirLamps ALot 2 måneder siden
Where is it??
Mad Hatter
Mad Hatter 2 måneder siden
Come on, were is the final episode. **Foot tapping intensifies**
W0lfi18 2 måneder siden
Yeah, so... It must be the longest NOpost video ever.
Cybat 101
Cybat 101 2 måneder siden
Where is the finalle! I want to know who is the mystery character band where sonic fits in the list!
Alexandria Clark
Alexandria Clark 2 måneder siden
Me watches video in august 2020 there’s gonna be another before the end of 2019 me YOU SURE ABOUT DAT MOOOOOOOOOOOOO
epic gamer
epic gamer 2 måneder siden
Adventure capitalist:*appears*
JustAnotherNerd 2 måneder siden
Austin: The length of time to make the 3rd video won't be THAT long The length of time to make the 3rd video: nopost.info/throw/qb3EfXuzypanacU/video
The Sparrow
The Sparrow 2 måneder siden
Being honest I think the payday gang might be number 1 or in the top 5 but the main factor is that some gives about 10 mil and some 100k every payday/heist.
Ronald Safi
Ronald Safi 2 måneder siden
What is a bushel
deathstarjacko 2 måneder siden
Sooo.... It has been 9 months... Did you gave birth to the third part yet Austin?
deathstarjacko 2 måneder siden
Sooo.... It has been 9 months... Did you gave birth to the third part yet Austin?
Ender Man
Ender Man 2 måneder siden
Oh wait I forgot the new barter system have them try to do gold in Minecraft too
Ender Man
Ender Man 2 måneder siden
Re estimate Minecraft emeralds now due to the new trading system plus matpat's way better than Austin
Kohan Clan
Kohan Clan 2 måneder siden
Batman, cased closed 🚶🏾‍♂️
Lemonent Limoan
Lemonent Limoan 3 måneder siden
Time and labor is NOT the best way to measure currency!!!! Belief is, a currency is only as valuable as the people who use it think it is. It's how someone working day and night for wheat doesn't get as much money as let's say a NOpostr who makes reaction videos. If people don't think that it's worth the money than it's not worth it. If what they've worked for is common, then no one's going to pay them for it. TIME AND LABOR DO NOT EQUAL MONEY so plz stop torturing me with this plz
Sanford Bassett
Sanford Bassett 2 måneder siden
It's better than just slapping dollar signs into weights of gold.
Maryam Adil
Maryam Adil 3 måneder siden
I’m super late I just started watching game theory have they made a 3rd vid for this
Jacen 1
Jacen 1 3 måneder siden
So, I must ask, Austin, Who was at number 20 again?
Real Name
Real Name 3 måneder siden
Austin = King of GT step out of the way Mat! XD
Ryuya S
Ryuya S 3 måneder siden
I see The Wriggler...his firgure is glorious!
dinoboy 2oo9
dinoboy 2oo9 3 måneder siden
My dad is a farmer and I am confused
Loyal Theorist Girl 101
Loyal Theorist Girl 101 3 måneder siden
So thats what they meant by *"Time is gold"*
[insert name Here]
[insert name Here] 3 måneder siden
Will we ever get the next part?
Alex_ 99
Alex_ 99 3 måneder siden
12:38:"Printing your own money does pay" Everyone: Well yes, but actually no
Isaac Lepischak
Isaac Lepischak 3 måneder siden
But uh... Steve is immortal
Piano Leg Pete
Piano Leg Pete 3 måneder siden
Considering the fact that Heavy Weapons Guy fires $400,000 worth of bullets every 12 seconds (or 2 million dollars a minute), I wouldn't be surprised if he was pretty high on the list.
Th4tOneGuy 3 måneder siden
Anyone see the left side at 17:33 what kinda drugs is that woman on
Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access
Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access 3 måneder siden
But Minecraft gold farms are INSANE! With just 4, you can make 25 _trillion dollars per 24 hours, while doing _*__Absolutely nothing._*
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