Pokemon vs Fallout! Who's Getting PAID?| The SCIENCE of... Video Game Millionaires

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You wanted to know gamin's richest character and Austin is BACK to figure it out! Is a Pokemon Master richer than the Sims? Could Geralt from The Witch buy out all of Skyrim? That is the economic mystery we aim to figure out today!
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Mason Bixbyhedges
Mason Bixbyhedges 2 dager siden
"i promise to get this done before the end of 2019" me in 2021 still waiting
Patrick Gensch
Patrick Gensch 2 dager siden
It looks like there will ever be a part 3
BlueEngland 3 dager siden
"1.45 workers per farm" That moment when you're only 45% of yourself
Adam Alden
Adam Alden 3 dager siden
You promised to do the finale before 2019 is over you failed us Austin I'm ashamed of you get part 3 out as soon as possible
liam blanchard
liam blanchard 3 dager siden
so like. Its 2021
XoXo Drugstep
XoXo Drugstep 3 dager siden
Now in 2021 "I promise to have the ending done by the end of 2019" .....
Fire Monk
Fire Monk 3 dager siden
Me watching in 2021 yes definitely got it done before the end of 2019
Kevin Book
Kevin Book 3 dager siden
Robert 6 dager siden
2021 gang
Carmilla 7 dager siden
Meanwhile in 2021...
djzone 8 dager siden
So it's 2021 now...
Skamz 8 dager siden
Part 3!!!!!
eventyrer1 8 dager siden
Or in 2020
Buzzplant 9 dager siden
YOU NEED to do the Subway Suffer Characters!
Buster04 11 dager siden
Every single comment here is about him saying he would do the next video in 2019
Andrii Vedmid
Andrii Vedmid 11 dager siden
Dude this searies is dead(
Captainzach 007
Captainzach 007 14 dager siden
Still waiting In 2021
Aaron_GKV 14 dager siden
19:00 well gues we're still in 2019 instead 2021, my calendar must be wrong :C Jokes aside, i loved the enthusiasm in the corrections, was hilarious xD
José Gabriel Ancajima Loaiza
José Gabriel Ancajima Loaiza 14 dager siden
2021 and still no part 3
Oria Yacov
Oria Yacov 14 dager siden
Me Waiting ...... 2021
PedrowSama 17 dager siden
Is he still working on the mother of all episodes?
soup lord
soup lord 17 dager siden
Now 2021 still no video
the divel
the divel 18 dager siden
2021 anyone
Michael Renon
Michael Renon 18 dager siden
Looks like he didn’t do one before the end of 2020.XD
dio brando
dio brando 19 dager siden
Looks like he didn't do it by the end of 2020
Ellison Lord
Ellison Lord 21 dag siden
Austin, it is 2021 you said this would be out literally 2 years ago.
Qoushik Hassan
Qoushik Hassan 22 dager siden
And here I was looking through the whole video library of the channel to watch the 3rd part!
Hilja Gjelsvik
Hilja Gjelsvik 23 dager siden
It's 2021 and the last part still hasn't come out. 2019 my a#s
Jonah Norman1
Jonah Norman1 23 dager siden
When’s pt three coming out
Lovekittys123 24 dager siden
There is a new emerald farming style
LinkLoZ123 24 dager siden
Last day of 2020 and still no finale.
Destiny Karst
Destiny Karst 24 dager siden
Here in 2021. So umm.....where's the episode?
Cisco 25 dager siden
So it’s been a year now
Ptenarian 28 dager siden
I feel like in Minecraft you messed it up once more because you forgot to value it by the actual amount of work, for example if you valued chorus fruit by how long it takes you to get to the end and find it.
Cynical Nerd
Cynical Nerd Måned siden
Almost 2021, RIP
Flerffy Dusktoad
Flerffy Dusktoad Måned siden
Were is the next part
ertzu 78
ertzu 78 Måned siden
Mincraft is fake you can do those big raid farms and if you afk there you get so much more
Pamela Z
Pamela Z Måned siden
I want the episode NOW
CØLAB Måned siden
He said he will do another part in 2019.... Guess he was late by a year..oops I guess
Cooleostarstash Plays
Cooleostarstash Plays Måned siden
Judah Måned siden
When will Austin make part 3 of video game's richest character!?
Santiago C.
Santiago C. Måned siden
C'mon Austin, I need to know how much wario haves
Ark Bell
Ark Bell 2 måneder siden
Please do next episode.
Mani S.a
Mani S.a 2 måneder siden
You can make auto melon and pumpkin farms so emeralds are pretty much free
Juan Bautista
Juan Bautista 2 måneder siden
dawg its been a year
SolarEclipse Solar
SolarEclipse Solar 2 måneder siden
AUSTIN THE DESTROYER!!!!! Of all our hopes of the final part of this series. CURSE YOU AUSTIN, WE MUST KNOW WHO THE RICHEST IS!!!!
The7Deadly 2 måneder siden
where is are part 3
John Rollex
John Rollex 2 måneder siden
Bro, it's almost 2021. We're waiting.
andrew grasham
andrew grasham 2 måneder siden
Seriously the last part isn't out?
Itsnickford 2 måneder siden
I just realized, if gta and rdr go 1 hour a minute, does that mean they go really slow? 🤔
Helincore Saga
Helincore Saga 2 måneder siden
@Austin I don't suppose you have the sources for the Medieval wages and "days-of-work" cost sheet handy do you?
Jacob Shaw
Jacob Shaw 2 måneder siden
Hey! End of 2020 here....still no video
General Internet
General Internet 2 måneder siden
so... when is part 3?
David Dow
David Dow 2 måneder siden
19:00 We've been tricked we've been back stabbed and we've been quite possibly bamboozled
Creative and funny name
Creative and funny name 2 måneder siden
Camron Nilsen
Camron Nilsen 2 måneder siden
Here we are in November 2020 and no next part. I dont think it is gonna happen anytime soon XD
Yoham 2 måneder siden
Evan Champion
Evan Champion 2 måneder siden
I love how he said he was going to get to the third and final episode of this series yet he still hasn't gotten to it. It's been a year and close to an extra month on top of that. AUSTIN, WHERE IS THE THIRD/FINALE EPISODE OF THIS SERIES? Please get it out soon so we as a community can see it. MatPat, if you see this, pass the message along and give it to Austin and allow him a few days to do his research and post the video please. I'm not being rude, I'm just asking both of you. Btw, love the channel and all the videos you guys have posted. Keep up the good work and stay safe. Sincerely, Evan
Lost Spector
Lost Spector 2 måneder siden
So... a weapon of mass destruction, was worth HALF OF A SHIRT IN MEDIEVAL AGES!?
Chaddles 2 måneder siden
Dude, please come back to this
אילון שחמון
אילון שחמון 2 måneder siden
About the Minecraft, you can make SOOOO much more wheat, and why wheat anyway? You can farm iron for example, or carrots, or gold, or LITERALLY ANYTHING THAT YOU CAN TRADE FOR EMERALDS! In this way you can petty much get more than a hundred times more, and probably more than times 10000 if you know how to make farms, sooooooooooo...
Eagle wind
Eagle wind 2 måneder siden
I am sad its oct/27/2020 and he this was the last video posted over a year ago
Apple Dinger
Apple Dinger 3 måneder siden
Yeah he probably forgot that
Haalra24 3 måneder siden
Watching this a full year after he promised this would be finished by the end of 2019, is pretty funny REEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Reishadowen 3 måneder siden
Okay, so I just found this video, looked at the publish date, and thought, "Cool, it's been over a year since this came out. I wonder where I can find the second video?" ... Then I read the rest of the comments and realized that's what everyone else is wondering too. >,
Henry Clark
Henry Clark 3 måneder siden
Austin: and I'm going to do the finaly before 2019 is over everyone: when did you say again
Zihan Zia
Zihan Zia 3 måneder siden
oof I missed the one year anniversary of this video oh well, I'm sure I'll celebrate the next one before Austin drops the next video.
Rune Meltzer
Rune Meltzer 3 måneder siden
The Enchanter
The Enchanter 3 måneder siden
Idk why humans waste our time and resources to make coins
Joshua Mogle
Joshua Mogle 3 måneder siden
over a year later, WHERE'S PART 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Johnny W
Johnny W 3 måneder siden
For Steve, u can make a raid farm that gets u about 150000 emeralds per hour so u can get about $157,000,000 dollars if u use the old 0.11 cents Edit-with the VERY GOOD 1.16 farms and use the new rate you can EASILY get more than 10 billion dollars in 50 years
david goldrock
david goldrock 3 måneder siden
did he finished yet?
Ismael 3 måneder siden
I don't think so
Christopher Antone Boyd
Christopher Antone Boyd 3 måneder siden
Happy Anniversary
Sean Venglar
Sean Venglar 3 måneder siden
It's been a year! Where's part 3?
Choong Chee Wai
Choong Chee Wai 3 måneder siden
I think that the biggest problem with this method is that you do not take into account the costs. So basically you are taking only the revenue.
DeAndre Glenn
DeAndre Glenn 3 måneder siden
Dude 11 months later no 3rd part
beefjerkythesecond 3 måneder siden
Corn meaning the predominant grain in that area, is still the correct British term and corn meaning maize is the American term, seeing as in Britain we don't tend to grow maize.
Kenneth Southard
Kenneth Southard 3 måneder siden
Smorty 3 måneder siden
What is the song that is played in the start?
Extra Timmyish
Extra Timmyish 3 måneder siden
Said he'll have done part 3 by end of 2019, it's now October of 2020.
YouTube Gaming 20000
YouTube Gaming 20000 3 måneder siden
I didn't notice that 11 months past from when this released. But still I beat its hard figuring out how much money some characters have
O zone
O zone 3 måneder siden
5 days from now it will be a year since this was uploaded WHERE IS THE VIDEO AUSTIN
rock bands
rock bands 3 måneder siden
so i guess no part 3
Skarj Imad
Skarj Imad 3 måneder siden
I think he said "before 2021"...
Devika Weera
Devika Weera 3 måneder siden
Comparing all the Luigi's Mansion games and any game that you get to play as Luigi would both make him and Mario billionaires
A.M. 3 måneder siden
Still waiting...
Francytj :D
Francytj :D 3 måneder siden
“...A lot actually it’s 520 pages long and has 131 thousand words” Me who has read 1.5M+ words alone this year: *pathetic*
Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson 3 måneder siden
Watching at the end of 2020 wondering if it will still be released at the end of 2019
Cooleostarstash Plays
Cooleostarstash Plays 3 måneder siden
If you think about it, link from Majora's Mask could easily beat out all of these guys because he can go back in time to constantly get more and more money.
improvers 3 måneder siden
Purple is he purple guy
Clay D
Clay D 3 måneder siden
Still waiting for the threequel... still excited... still sad it isn't here yet. ;-(
Hikari Takamatsu
Hikari Takamatsu 4 måneder siden
“Dear whoever...” “Oh no!” “It’s me! Austin!” “No! Not him! Hide your video games and run!”
Mr.KokoPudgeFudge 4 måneder siden
Austin: I'll finish it by the end of 2019 Me: It's almost the end of 2020 and I'm still waiting
Joe Lussagnet
Joe Lussagnet 4 måneder siden
Still waiting for that finally XD
whitewesley6 4 måneder siden
will we ever get part 3?
JP Labs
JP Labs 4 måneder siden
Austin: ‘I’ll calculate wealth by time spent farming!’ Me, a seasoned Minecraft player: “I have no such weaknesses.”
JP Labs
JP Labs 4 måneder siden
Wilberator 4 måneder siden
I never even realised crops in fallout 4 had a growth time. While playing survival mode it seemed like just leaving the area so it would reload made more tatos appear.
Ezel Leze
Ezel Leze 4 måneder siden
He probably found that the ranking is screwed ans hoped the internet would just forget the other two videos existed. Sincerely not Austin
Joey Scarborough
Joey Scarborough 4 måneder siden
Still hasn’t done it
The Science
The Science 4 måneder siden
When you gonna do the next vid
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