Game Theory's UNCENSORED Interview with YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki

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I was given the chance to interview NOpost Ceo Susan Wojcicki earlier this year. I was allowed to ask her ANY QUESTION I wanted and believe me I pulled no punches. I asked Susan all the things I've waited years to ask and today I wanted to share it with you. I am an advocate for Creators and our community, we deserve the answers to all the things going on the platform we all call home. Theorists, let's get into it!
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tapewormrage År siden
Takes notes 60-minutes, *THIS* is how you do an interview. Pat hit her hard with questions that were rough, but worded very fairly. He conducted himself with very friendly and inviting body language and didn't make her feel alienated. Fantastic work, Pat. Keep it up.
Tea Time
Tea Time Dag siden
This comment went from happy and wholesome to sad and angry within seconds.
Standard Yip
Standard Yip 9 dager siden
@John Arne Hansen fyck politicalness
John Arne Hansen
John Arne Hansen 9 dager siden
Give us The Trumps or the Clintons!
mr evil VA
mr evil VA 26 dager siden
Matpats not only logically amazing but socially fantastic
Standard Yip
Standard Yip 29 dager siden
(User Suspended)
(User Suspended) 5 dager siden
I came here to watch on TGT not susan lol
nickie Burke
nickie Burke 7 dager siden
*keep searchin' ,bois and gorls, we gotta find susan's answer to these questions*
Nugget 9 dager siden
dude you killed her
Maddox Spangler
Maddox Spangler 10 dager siden
Idk why but for some reason whenever I hear someone say gamer or like I’m a gamer it just sounds so cringe. Am I the only one that feels like that?
Equites 8 dager siden
I agree and I love video games. But the word "gamer" doesn't sound good in my ears lol
Adam Holland - Adz
Adam Holland - Adz 10 dager siden
*Read in a high pitched, sqeauky voice* "Immah gaimer gurl! >:3 I do GEEIMING!"
Mavisyper Écrivain
Mavisyper Écrivain 11 dager siden
If you jumble her answers, it'll actually answer one of Mat's questions.
SirSandman 11 dager siden
Susan be dodging questions like its the matrix
Future Scareactor
Future Scareactor 11 dager siden
Man, I CANNOT watch interviews, they make me tense because you can tell Susan is carefully treading on her words lol
MR RETARD 13 dager siden
I have made this silly video where susan makes fun of herself. Please watch it and you can dislike it if you didn't like it.
Amon 15 dager siden
It’s cool that she did this tho she doesn’t rly have to do this
Range Records
Range Records 16 dager siden
She made a big mistake
Union Army Gaming
Union Army Gaming 17 dager siden
Alternate title: 38 Minutes of Mat asking questions and getting no answers
j barnes
j barnes 17 dager siden
Jesus!! She's a vapid idiot! I'm stunned. Here I thought she'd be this lofty, megalomaniacal, ultra high brow super genius IQ. She's not even remotely formidable. What a heartbreaking disappointment. You can always spot a lottery winner a mile away, and deep down they always know they don't really belong in the slot. But true Marxism takes the LEAST qualified oppressed would-be victim minority and puts them in charge. It's the Laurie Lightfoot syndrome.
Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute 18 dager siden
As a resident fighting the man expert matpat you are amazing at it you should get into politics this is better than a Rachel Maddow interview
Prince Vegeta
Prince Vegeta 19 dager siden
MatPat: “There’s a problem with NOpost” Susan with every question: “No there’s not. You’re just taking it wrong”
oninja 1129
oninja 1129 19 dager siden
The music that plays during the final boss against Susan Wojcicki
Skorm 22 dager siden
Good lord you can zipline down that row of teeth if you tried hard enough.
A Starr Guy
A Starr Guy 24 dager siden
It's Susan Wabbajack
Piotr Czajkowski
Piotr Czajkowski 25 dager siden
Polish person: "Wojcicki" American person: "Wojcicki" Polish person: "You dare to opose me mortal?"
Fresh - Milk
Fresh - Milk 26 dager siden
MatPat : so why do you hate gaming Susan : no u
Kürsat Emekse
Kürsat Emekse 27 dager siden
Alternate title: Videogame nerd has a Conversation with the embodiment of evil
Benjamin Fogg
Benjamin Fogg 29 dager siden
Hm yes not the questions i would ask but hey good to see they only care about you if your at 10 million subs
It's Nugget
It's Nugget 29 dager siden
0:18 Wow, there's alot of creators.... wait is that smg4?
GoEasy Måned siden
they chose the best useful idiot to interview this republic sell out... hope all these good hearted people soon find out they are just being used.
Hamad Ahmed
Hamad Ahmed Måned siden
The plant and the cactus just watching the drama : 🌵🪴😦😯😲
Valeen 78
Valeen 78 Måned siden
A year later... channel suspension has gone through the roof. You say " is a disease", that's considered a "hate speech", and your account will be "terminated", and you are banned from NOpost "for life"!!! Now you see how evil this woman is?
sedef hates everyone
sedef hates everyone Måned siden
this was so fun to watch lol
Jerome Jordan
Jerome Jordan Måned siden
Aww no coryxkenshin,dashiegames, or theradbrad in the picture !!!!!
Gaiseric Måned siden
So basically the only reason she is the CEO is cause she lets some smart dudes use her garage. Cool.
Melvorgazh Måned siden
They need to change the NOpost dictator, otherwise YT is dead
TheGalaxyBunny Måned siden
So what happens when her kids make a channel, will she cut revenue from them too?
dino wubby
dino wubby Måned siden
what we are trying to say is is that we don't want you to say that you're a bad person we just want you to admit you're wrong and fix them I don't think that you're a bad person you just need a little bit of working on like a car
Connor Hobson
Connor Hobson Måned siden
I feel like i'm a gamer
Connor Hobson
Connor Hobson Måned siden
You're a gamer?
Vault Ceeper
Vault Ceeper Måned siden
Susan is the real villain
Brogdon Earey
Brogdon Earey Måned siden
The two thousand dislikes are youtube officials
Phunny Filosophy
Phunny Filosophy Måned siden
Kevin Kuriakose
Kevin Kuriakose Måned siden
PS:Those likes were for you not her
BeastBomber23 Måned siden
Its so weird to see lots of people without masks now
Fox Boi Named Ace
Fox Boi Named Ace Måned siden
Susan might have screwed NOpost, but ignoring that, I love the cactus table.
aj12 Måned siden
The only uncensored video on NOpost.
breadkrumbs Måned siden
Susan ‘White Noise’ Wabbajackakdafsdj
Breaccher Måned siden
I want to dislike, because, susan, but I, but, matpat...
Jayson Voorhees
Jayson Voorhees Måned siden
Mat Pat for NOpost CEO
Jayson Voorhees
Jayson Voorhees Måned siden
Mat Pat for NOpost CEO
stsddsod Måned siden
Alen Alic
Alen Alic Måned siden
This was painfully awkward.
The Shape
The Shape Måned siden
Casey Nystat asked her easy questions. MatPat asked some really good ones. MatPat is very intelligent and I'm proud to be subbed to Film and Game Theory
Tiyani Mlambo
Tiyani Mlambo Måned siden
Question: why isn’t Justin Y. verified?
Beebs _L33t
Beebs _L33t Måned siden
does anyone else see that minecraft cactus coffee table?
zevorich 3
zevorich 3 Måned siden
MatPat the entire video *Press X to doubt*
sub please
sub please Måned siden
“Getting the right results” Me: looks up splatoon NOpost: Do yUo lIkE ForTNiTE
sub please
sub please Måned siden
Matpat: Asks a good question Susan: I’m a god that can do no wrong
Chance The
Chance The Måned siden
Ask why is took Logan’s ads
Fayt Shadow
Fayt Shadow Måned siden
what happens when i stream and i make music? do i make two channels? ... sad...
Mr.NiceGuy !
Mr.NiceGuy ! Måned siden
Oh boy, she do likes to skip the question just to talk about her money cows (advertisers)
Mr.NiceGuy !
Mr.NiceGuy ! Måned siden
Blah blah blah
Jeilds Måned siden
Why was filthy Frank banned?
Nathan H
Nathan H Måned siden
Was I the only one who thought that she gave extremely direct answer?
Aaron Watanabe
Aaron Watanabe Måned siden
Random Person
Random Person Måned siden
1:55 - What's your history with gaming? 3:00 - Gamers feel like second class citizens on NOpost. What are your thoughts on that? 7:23 - Is NOpost still a platform for creators? Where do creators stand in the NOpost ecosystem? 10:17 - How will article 17 affect creators on NOpost? 17:25 - Where does virtual violence fall in NOpost's violence policy? 22:10 - In regards to violence levels, how do we help you help us? 23:29 - Are there hidden limits regarding mature content? Why can't we know the demonetization rules? 26:37 - Is the need for creators to cover trendy topics killing content diversity? (28:33 - Matpat points out GT can only do a variety of topics because the rules where different back then. ) 31:01 - Why would a creator choose NOpost over other platforms anymore? (35:41 - Matpat points out that celebrities do get verified easier while Susan insists it's equal.)
George Bryant
George Bryant Måned siden
Susan is the poster child for why a woman should never be made CEO. NOpost has tanked since she took the helm. What a disaster on 2 feet smh
Boomer Måned siden
“Feel cute today might demonitize some channels later idk”
Anarchy Shocker
Anarchy Shocker Måned siden
Susan is offical gamer Susan in the call of duty vc ; please stop swearing guys
MinerShark 533
MinerShark 533 Måned siden
Notice how hes on a Yellow chair? And the demonization symbol is...Yellow?
Resmi Unnikrishnan
Resmi Unnikrishnan Måned siden
35:56 This was THE moment
Dicko avacado
Dicko avacado Måned siden
Seeing for face makes me wanna rip it off 😡
Mee Too
Mee Too Måned siden
How many times can she say “that’s why we are having this summit”
Troveion Måned siden
she dodged so many questions yikes
IT_TE Måned siden
THE MEGA KNIGHT 2 måneder siden
His nose is red so Susan may have punched him after the interview
Reinhard Storm
Reinhard Storm 2 måneder siden
He didn't gave her a chance and most of the time he was giving facts not questions
COK Til You Drop
COK Til You Drop 2 måneder siden
15:58 The guy in the audiences me when Susan keeps avoiding the questions
COK Til You Drop
COK Til You Drop 2 måneder siden
This cvnt just deleted leafy is here...
Comrade JOJO
Comrade JOJO 2 måneder siden
so her history with gaming is just her children playing games wow a platform where 64 percent of it is gaming and she didnt even play a video game other than with her children because they probably asked her to play
Leony_HD - Minecraft and Music
Leony_HD - Minecraft and Music 2 måneder siden
I like how the little desk between the couches is a Minecraft cactus
Leony_HD - Minecraft and Music
Leony_HD - Minecraft and Music Måned siden
@Beebs _L33t yes
Beebs _L33t
Beebs _L33t Måned siden
i need it immediatley
santi dennis
santi dennis 2 måneder siden
Susan wabajack needs to quit her job
Toxic Butch
Toxic Butch 2 måneder siden
Why didn't you just punch her?
Live Drainer67
Live Drainer67 Måned siden
i like the circus circus i like the circus circus i like circus circus you like them move it i like the circus circus (3x) you like them move it Hiper Hyper Dances as a clown
OverRidingRiot66 2 måneder siden
The only reason I disliked the video was because of susan
Toby ze cat Cream ze cat
Toby ze cat Cream ze cat 2 måneder siden
Do you know that plant in the middle of the room... is that a cactus plant, on a...a...a Minecraft cactus?
Javi U.
Javi U. 2 måneder siden
I need you to know the truth behind NOpost, Susan Wojcicki is manipulating us to serve the workforce and leave behind our freedom of expression, they treat us as if we were employees, and Susan wants to turn NOpost into a multimedia marketing of our videos, I want convert a free expression page to a world multimedia controlled by only one person, they are dezmonetizing us to discard the money and not contribute anything, they discard the demonetized money in the trash and without any contribution to any company, and they dezmonetize not because they did something bad, but to discard it, and not only that, it keeps the money that needs to be allocated to us, we do not need to depend on money, please, repeat this comment to all NOpost channels, we want freedom, not suffer from censorship and money . #LibertyToNOpost #LTYT #FireSusan
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel 2 måneder siden
WOW. I just today found out that some of the craziest videos i managed to flag/report with success are JUST BACK. Holy Minecraft-Creeper, wow. Just wow. How the heck can deleted videos just come back later?!? I WAS SO PROUD i had these evil-doers stopped. And NOpost... bought them back later? Or something? I dont even know what's going on exactly, i only know it's bad and it has to be NOpost, i guess?! Before, i thought NOpost might get too much criticism but now i realize just how broken the System is. Guilty get free and Innocent get striked all the time - but now it reached a new level???? The Good will be reversed!?
Blue Aqua
Blue Aqua 2 måneder siden
This is how many people hate Susan WhackJob. One like= 500 people 👇
Jaiteg Samra
Jaiteg Samra 2 måneder siden
F Susan
Shreya Nair
Shreya Nair 2 måneder siden
I wish someone just stood up and yelled something like "But you didn't answer the question!"
BA_ YoshiFi
BA_ YoshiFi 2 måneder siden
SpUder_ P00L
SpUder_ P00L 2 måneder siden
susan wabbajack
ainayya kalyani
ainayya kalyani 2 måneder siden
MatPat: gamers fells like second-class citizens. what are your thoughts on that? susan: the answer is no 4:22
「MrWhoWasIt」 2 måneder siden
"why can't we know the demonetization rules?" "uh... you can't swear. that's one of them. we have a list of rules. uh. you get demonetized if you swear. uh."
CoolKid895- YT
CoolKid895- YT 2 måneder siden
I feel bad for Luke and Kevin from SMG4 in the nosebleeds
Torkuma Ugbah
Torkuma Ugbah 2 måneder siden
I feel that when she is saying that "oh games are important etc". She's basically faking what she said. She is just saying that so that she doesn't have to admit that she has been demonitizing game channels.
God 2 måneder siden
Bruh! Mat ur gonna pay for my medical bills. I just got an allergy for bullshit!
God 2 måneder siden
Someone send me a epipen!!! Im alergic to bullshit!
Moonlight 202
Moonlight 202 2 måneder siden
all i could focus on is how the wall looks like the outside of a crate XD
Super Novel
Super Novel 2 måneder siden
I don't enjoy newer Matpats videos as much as his old ones (partially the youtube algorithms fault) but he's still a pretty good guy and I don't understand why people hate him without a good reason
Devon Nelson
Devon Nelson 2 måneder siden
Man he got pissed fast
TrixxOptics 2 måneder siden
TrixxOptics 2 måneder siden
Takes notes 60-minutes, THIS is how you do an interview. Pat hit her hard with questions that were rough, but worded very fairly. He conducted himself with very friendly and inviting body language and didn't make her feel alienated. Fantastic work, Pat. Keep it up.
Thales Martell
Thales Martell 2 måneder siden
Susan wabbajack
Luvalus Sulavul
Luvalus Sulavul 2 måneder siden
My favorite part 17:28
NukeBoy 2 måneder siden
I'm building a BETTER Youtube.
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